Next Time You’re at the Mall and Need Makeup in a Pinch, There’s the New Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics Line

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Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics Review

Wearing a few things from the new Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics line

Have you heard the mall word? Forever 21 has a new Premium Cosmetics makeup line, and errr-thing in it is $18 or less.

Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics

Packaging for the new Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics line…

Exciting stuff, right? But after trying a few things from the line, I gotta say…I feel the same way about most of these pieces as I do when I see cute clothes in Forever 21 stores. I’m drawn in by the prices and how cute the clothes look from afar, but then I try some things on, and I’m like, “Eh, OK.”


Not to say that I haven’t found some winners in the new line. I have. I mean, if I ever lost my makeup bag on a trip and walked by a Forever 21 store at the mall, I know I’d be able to find something in there to get through the day.

I just don’t know if I’d seek out a Forever 21 store specifically for these new products — at least the few I’ve tried.

Here are some thoughts on five pieces from the line…

Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics Baked Bronzer ($4.80)

Like Goldilocks said when she tried the first bowl of porridge, “this one’s too hot!”

Or something like that. Too shimmery, in this case. I feel like this peachy golden bronze is a little too shimmery to use as a traditional bronzer. For contouring and adding warmth, I think it’s a tad too shiny, at least for me, but as a highlighter on the upper cheekbones, it’s, to quote Tony the Tiger, “Greaaaat!”

A little like a MAC MSF but harder, and not as silky smooth, it has very fine micro-shimmer, and the powder sits nicely on the skin.

Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics

Baked Bronzer ($4.80)

Frosted Eye Shadow in Sapphire ($7.80)

This blackened blue shimmery shadow avoids drama. Soft and silky, it easily buffs and blends, and the tiny flecks of glitter make it look muy expensive. I like…

Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics

Frosted Eye Shadow in Sapphire ($7.80)

Gel Eyeliner in Black ($8.80)

More like a grayish black than a true midnight, at least on my NC42 skin. I need several layers (from 4-5) to reach full opacity.

That’s kind of a pain…but the liner doesn’t smear or transfer into my crease, which is a plus.

Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics

Gel Eyeliner in Black ($8.80)

Volume & Length Mascara ($9.80)

This just slightly amplifies the length and volume of my lashes. The effect is noticeable but nothing to write home about.

Forever 21 Volume & Length Mascara

Volume & Length Mascara ($9.80)

Lip Gloss in Daquiri ($7.80)

Tastes like dish soap.

Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics

Lip Gloss in Daquiri ($7.80)

Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics swatches from the left: Lip Gloss in Daquiri, Frosted Eye Shadow in Sapphire, Baked Bronzer, Gel Eyeliner in Black and Volume and Length Mascara

Swatches from the left: Lip Gloss in Daquiri, Frosted Eye Shadow in Sapphire, Baked Bronzer, Gel Eyeliner in Black and Volume and Length Mascara

Wearing Lip Gloss in Daquiri on my lips, Frosted Eye Shadow in Sapphire on my lower lash lines, Baked Bronzer on my cheeks, Gel Eyeliner in Black on my upper lash lines and Volume and Length Mascara on my lashes

If you’re curious, the new Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics line is available now at Forever 21 stores and

“What’s the point? The cat will just ruin it anyway.”

Love this!

Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before, which is incredible seeing as how I’ve said almost everything else there is to say over the past zillion years, but I have a thing for maps. I think they’re super cool, especially old-timey vintage maps.

I’m telling you this because I saw this cute Tradewinds duvet set on

I looooove it! Love the colors, the map print, the matching pillows. LOVE IT!

Only thing is, I’d probably never get it for myself because I know that Tabs would either 1) leave niblets of poop on it, or 2) tear it apart with his wolverine-like death claws.



Because one of his favorite things is to run and jump across the bed at full speed, he’s already ruined our current duvet cover.

It’s a boring, faded solid lavender we’ve had for seven or eight years, though, so it’s not a huge loss…

I know I should probably replace it soon because it’s pretty ratty, but every time I think about getting a new one, I think, “What’s the point? The cat will just ruin it anyway.”


Haha! I’m sighing a lot today. 🙂


Do your pets keep their claws away from your nice home stuff, or do they have an appetite for destruction like Tabs?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



Gas, I haz it, yay!


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  1. Rachel says:

    My solution to “the cat will just ruin it” problem? IKEA! I’m obsessed with bedding in general, and their stuff is super cute and cheap, so it doesn’t matter if an animal ruins it or your tastes change! (I tend to change mine with the seasons)

    • Karen says:

      Hi Rachel,

      That’s a good idea. How soft are the beddings that you’ve tried? I’m very picky about how stuff feels against my skin.

      • Rachel says:

        The Ikea bedding is reasonably soft for the price I guess, although I’m not too picky about that kind of thing. (It’s certainly no Calvin Klein Bamboo Flowers from Sex and the City, but it works!) Also, if you really want that Anthro set, I would just keep my eye on it. Their bedding often goes 50% off or more, I think because its so overpriced to begin with nobody buys it!

  2. Was already planning on passing on this line. Will continue to do so!
    Rikki Poynter recently posted … SPRING MAKEUP: NEUTRAL EYES & DEWY SKIN | closed captioned

  3. Stephanie says:

    Sadly many items in our house have been destroyed by the cats. I got our duvet from Target, it’s washable and has held up well. I got the one for the spare bed off Amazon, it’s ok, nothing to write home about. We got a new dining room table, it’s got scratches on it and the chair pads are trashed. I don’t know what we were thinking…
    (I own a steam cleaner because of all the poop accidents. TMI…we have one that wipes his butt on the carpet)

    • kimmyyy says:

      OMG, same here!! I have a perma-fat cat who randomly started rubbing her booty on the carpet years ago and just never stopped…no matter how many times I yell, wave my hands or follow her around post-litterbox with a wet wipe. I cringe at the thought off all the skid marks I’ve probably missed in my apartment… My carpet color hides everything. 🙁

  4. fancie says:

    The bronzer looks really nice! I’m a little worried about the texture but for $5 I might just give it a try anyway
    fancie recently posted … Keep Your Kissers Flake Free With Philosophy Kiss Me

  5. Laura says:

    I always want to buy really nice sheets but then I remember how messed up mine are from the cats. Guppy especially loves sheets and she likes to claw and dig at them. Ah well one of the downsides to being a crazy cat lady.

  6. Chelsea says:

    I *LOVE* map items. I’ve had a couple different map-print purses that are my favorite – old worldy map images.

    I need a new bedset, but it hasn’t been high on the list of priorities.

  7. Gowthami says:

    Gel Eye liner looks wow! Lovely products
    Gowthami recently posted … L’Oréal Paris Presents 6 Oil Nourish

  8. Allison C says:

    As always, everything looks great on you, Karen! I always stroll through Forever 21 and over the years I’ve gotten several really good pieces there. But I don’t expect much from F21, most everything is really cheap. So, I think I will most likely pass on these. But someone, can’t remember who, liked their cream eye shadows from the “regular” F21 makeup line. I think I’ll stay with my go-to affordables: Milani and essence.
    Allison C recently posted … Maybelline Face Studio Master Glaze Blush Stick

  9. hanna says:

    I guess it is forever 21, but I was expecting so much more.
    hanna recently posted … Rain Boots & Half Price Pizza

  10. Deanna says:

    Hmmm…I will probably pass on the Forever 21 line. You look cute in the photos, but lip gloss that tastes life dish soap? No thanks lol.

    I love that duvet cover! My bedroom is the only place that my pets don’t destroy, because I usually keep the door closed. Otherwise, there would be drool all over the bed! Yuck!

  11. Deanna says:

    Hmmm…I will probably pass on the Forever 21 line. You look cute in the photos, but lip gloss that tastes life dish soap? No thanks lol.

    I love that duvet cover! My bedroom is the only place that my pets don’t destroy, because I usually keep the door closed. Otherwise, there would be drool all over the bed! Yuck!

  12. Chris25 says:

    The bronzer looks a little like MAC Comfort. I hope F21 releases a MAC Petticoat dupe. It would sell like hotcakes.
    Chris25 recently posted … For Sale: Estee Lauder Limited Edition Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette in Batik Sun

  13. Tasnia says:

    The bronzer actually looks like it would be really pretty used as an eyeshadow!

    I also love maps! That duvet set is so beautiful!!

  14. Karen, I’ve been following your blog since 2011 and I have to say, you just get more and more gorgeous!! Gorgeouser? *This* is what I want to look like on my wedding day! Thanks for the inspiration, babycakes! And good luck locating a Tabs-proof duvet! Maybe you could put tin foil on it and he’d stop power bombing it after a few aluminum foil surprises? If you do this, please set up a video camera! Lurves!

  15. Cindy says:

    hahaha..the lip gloss tastes like dish soap. SMH that doesn’t give a good look.

  16. Denise S says:

    Blaow isn’t allowed upstairs, he occasionally sneaks up there and starts meowing but usually he stays downstairs. Cats are super smart you have to train them.He’s allowed on the furniture downstairs. And he has lots of scratching boards and posts so he doesn’t scratch our furniture.We’ve had him close to 10 years and he always uses his liter box. I’m a light sleeper and couldn’t sleep with pets or even babies(when they were young) in my bed.

  17. Daanielle says:

    I’ve been really lucky so far! My cat has scratched a couple of handbags, but aside from the occasional clothing snag and marking his territory pre-neuter, he’s been pretty gentle with my apartment. My legs are another story, but i did find trimming the claws helps A LOT. Rando can knead my blankets and jump on tables without doing any real damage. My vet showed me how, and if you can get Tabs to sit still it may help.

  18. Erin says:

    I actually find higher end bedding stands up better to my pets. They have fights on my bed. My dog is 75 pounds! I have several duvets from Pottery Barn (400 thread count) and a 600+ one from Restoration Hardware. Velvet and silk accent pillows are fine. They did however destroy a silk and cotton voile comforter (we helped and it took 2 years). I shouldn’t have bough a channel stitched one. With the stitching only one way, it’s easy to break!

    Is that Mascara sparkly or am I hallucinating pre-caffeine?
    Erin recently posted … Le Creuset Signature Marseille Round Wide French Oven Review

  19. Sylirael says:

    I love map-related things too! 😀 Especially if they have treasure marked on them, just saying…

    I love how your sole comment on the lipgloss was ‘tastes like dish soap’ – pretty much sums it up, right there!
    Sylirael recently posted … Rainbow Milk? Etude House Play Nail Polish in #113

  20. Lindsay says:

    We just replaced our old duvet and and insert because of the mega-barf-athon they had on it with their salmon canned food dinner. Even after washing it with vinegar twice it still smelled like the ocean. It also had small holes in it from their claws. The previous duvet I had was a heavy and expensive silk one from Waterford. Somehow they never destroyed it. I think the fabric was too thick for their claws to get thru and the shininess made it easy to dust the litter and hairs off. The cotton duvet they destroyed seemed to soak in the litter and hair. Stupid cats, you’re lucky you just have one to destroy your home. Our crapbags destroy our stuff together 🙂

  21. Kim says:

    The bronzer looks like it’d make a lovely eyeshadow. What do you think? 🙂

  22. GlamKitty says:

    Okay, so I’m NOT gonna be racing out to F21 to sample their makeups… despite the fact that you look FAB in it! (See, I’m convinced it’s a matter of you having great genes and awesome photographic skillz, combined with that red top–srsly your color!–making you look so eternally youthful and radiant, rather than the makeup. 😉 )

    No problem with our boycat and bedding–at the moment we’re using an apple-green down comforter (not the highest thread count, only about 300, but really good quality, and silky-soft) from The Company Store, and it’s gone through two winters with no issues. Our problem is with rugs; he canNOT leave a plushy wool rug alone… so our cool Klimt-inspired wool area rug has been rolled up for the last seven years. :/ Oh, well, right?

  23. Iris says:

    Yay for the heat coming back on!

    When we had birds, we kept the upstairs bedroom doors closed so they wouldn’t go in and eat the bedding or get injured.
    One bird did try to eat my gloves and got a few nibbles in before I shooed him away.

  24. Majick says:

    OMG – Ihave to laugh at everyones stories. Pets can be endearing and well sometimes ya just want to pummel ’em. LOL It totally amazes me how you can have several cats and they ALL have their different “quirks” to say the least.
    My Caliboosh doesn’t go in the bedroom unless it’s empty. SHe likes to sleep on this cheesy brown acrylic blanket that we got for free during the power out during “Sandy”. Truly I would never have purchased this blanket but to be honest? It’s REALLY soft and warm and washes up easily. So, while it doesn’t look that great, it’s fine for most of the time – Summer will be a different story and I’ll worry about that when it gets here.
    FUnny thing that the Boosh likes to do (and she’s consistent) is after she used the litter box she pounces across the living room to the matte that I have inside the front door and proceeds to “tear it up”. It’s one of those rubber doormattes for outside but I have them inside to catch the wetness from shoes. SHe loves them but I have to say the colors and pictures on them never last. LOL

  25. Majick says:

    HOLY CHIT – my spelling is/was atrocious! MATTE? I kill me – I’ve been spending too much time reading about eyeshadow textures. haha
    ANyway, please forgive the spelling errors and a few grammar ones too.

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