For Minimal Coverage in This Universe and Others: Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer

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I like to think that right now in an alternate universe “Alternate Universe Karen” is sitting and typing at her desk with a cup of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies next to her keyboard.


hourglass hidden corrective concealer (2)

And, also on that parallel plane, Alternate Universe Karen is having a kick-@ss hair day, and she does NOT have a chocolate stain on the left thigh of her stretchy pants. While we’re at it, let’s dial down the intensity of her dark circles a few notches, ya know? Just because we can. 🙂

Here in this universe, however, earlier today, I did have a cup of Annie’s bunnies next to my keyboard. In fact, I planned to eat them after finishing this post, but then a cat (let’s call him Tabs) covertly consumed most of them before I could intervene.

Here in this universe today, my hair is also frizzy, and I do have a chocolate stain on my stretchy pants. Thankfully, it’s from See’s, and not some nasty, two-bit, bottom-of-the-barrel chocolate, because if I’m gonna be walking around the house with chocolate on my pants, at the very least it should be good.

Oh, and per usual, my dark under-eye circles are the deep hue of a ripe eggplant.

Alternate Universe Karen has had it much better today…

She eats her cup of Cheddar Bunnies and whips her Victoria’s Secret hair while her well-behaved cat marvels at her pristine, chocolate-free pants.

And since her dark circles only require minimal coverage, she uses Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer ($32) and sees spectacular results.

Previously only available in three shades, Hourglass recently added three more for spring (in Fair, Natural and Tan).

Alternate Universe Karen wears the one called Sand.

Swatch of Sand

hourglass hidden corrective concealer (3)

Creamy and moisturizing, these cover-up sticks are designed to conceal minor blemishes and under-eye discoloration, and they have a faint sheen that I think makes them look lively and natural on the skin (versus dull and flat).

And they’re a cinch to use. Just swipe on the culprit or area to be covered, and blend out the edges with a finger.

That’s it. Good for 4-5 hours.

Since Alternate Universe Karen only needs minimal coverage for her barely-there dark circles, she only uses one, or sometimes two layers at the most…which she applies before buying a winning multi-million-dollar lottery ticket tonight. 🙂

PRICE: $32
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Sephora stores and also online

Tuesday cravings!

The other night when I had Vietnamese food for dinner, I had it with an avocado shake with tapioca pearls.

I wish I would’ve taken a picture of it because it was a very pretty shade of light green, but I downed it before it occurred to me (hate it when that happens).

Have you ever had a tapioca pearl drink before? I like ’em, but only when the tapioca pearls are just slightly sweet and a little chewy.

I’m tempted to stop by and get another one tonight after hatha yoga. Mmm…


Which reminds me, in my class last Saturday, I touched my toes for the very first time (you know what I mean)!

I’m hoping it wasn’t just a freak accident or a one-shot deal, but I guess I’ll find out soon.

What are you up to tonight? I hope you had a good day.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Hourglass just has the prettiest packaging ever!

    Alternate Universe Emi spent today doing her homework, and is going to have a glass of wine and spend some time this evening blogging.

    Read Emi spent today blogging and procrastinating on her homework, and is going to spend this evening doing her homework. Sad!
    Emi at Project Swatch recently posted … Why I love Sleek Pout Paints: Review & Swatches

  2. Jessica says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the review, I unfortunately have really dark circles, I remember a previous post about puffiness (using teabags etc…) but I was wondering if you have come across a good concealer for darker under eye circles!

    Thanks a lot

    ps. do not always comment but I visit everyday! love your website!

  3. Bonnie says:

    I loves me some tapioca drinks! In Southern California (the San Gabriel Valley, to be exact), there’s a small franchise called Half & Half that makes the BEST pearls. I hope they set one up in the South Bay soon. Ten Ren and Tea Station also have good boba. A lot of the time, though, I’ll get a passion fruit green tea with lychee jelly; if you haven’t had a fruit tea with jelly, I recommend trying it. Hooray for tea drinks!

  4. I seriously can’t get enough of your blog. You could sell ice to an Eskimo I tell ya 😉 I have tried this concealer and love it for me but I find the colors are a bit off depending on my client (deeper skin-tones). As you can see, sand is pretty light. I must take a look at tan however. I’m also liking this picture side action in the post as well. You inspire me to improve my blog daily. BTW, who designed your website? I love the layout. I’m trying to find a designer but no luck 🙁

    • Adrienne says:

      You know, some day I want to meet one of he product designers or whathaveyou for one of these companies and just be like “what’s with all the pale shades?? Is it really so much harder to develop dark shades than light ones? You’ve got 20 shades of Caucasian, and nothing else?” For example, I love Clarins to their skin care, and I’m very fair so it’s not a problem for me personally, but their darkest powder could be called “Snow White with a tan” Ugh

      • Fieran says:

        I hear you. I’m medium dark and it really sucks that a lot of brands don’t cater for my skin tone. Even if they do, where I live (Scandinavia), they don’t import those shades. Most of the foundation shades for Chanel, Estee Lauder and Lancome here stop at the first 6 shades. After that, you’re on your own.

        Thank goodness MAC does have my shade, but it would be nice to try out some other brands from time to time.

        • Lola says:

          Though I am fair, none of Hourglass cosmetics shades in their foundation or concealer match my complexion. Their first shade is too dark & yellow for me, but I have found good luck with Becca Cosmetics. Though they are a bit pricey, I find they have the best selection of foundations & concealers in various shades ranging from the very fairest to very deep brown. On their site they have a color matching guide which is very useful since most likely you will have to purchase it online. I was able to pick a good match based on their guide. Same for my friend whose complexion is on the way opposite end of the spectrum from me. She found a perfect match too. Again, their line is expensive, but I think overall it is worth it for the quality & for the amount you get. Check out their site or Zuneta. Too bad Sephora doesn’t carry their line anymore ;'(

  5. FadBurger says:

    I’m totally over the bubble drinks…now when I get my milk tea at TapEx I get it with PUDDING instead. The best stuff ever. For something REALLY decadent I get my new favorite drink, Taro Milk Tea with Pudding. Got that tonight for myself for the first time (birthday treat) and I am *HOOKED*.

    Ps. If I get a fruity/juicy drink I get the “rainbow jelly” on the bottom instead :). Good stuff.
    FadBurger recently posted … Burberry Rosewood Eyeshadow Single

  6. peach_ says:

    lol alternate universe Karen! I must give it to California for having awesome tapioca teas, and I’ve had the “real deal” in China and Taiwan! I like them chewy and sweet, too, but just with slightly sweetened jasmine green tea. Is an avocado shake just…avocado?! Is it sweet?
    peach_ recently posted … Julep Nail Vernis Hayden (2012 Resort Collection)

  7. Adrienne says:

    Alternate universe Adrienne doesn’t need to spend $30 on a tube on concealer because, hey, she doesn’t need it! She also has a cat who doesn’t think her laundry drying rack is a jungle gym which must be conquered. Seriously, regular universe Adrienne’s cat seems to be a full on gymnast, minus her ability to dismount the jungle gym 😛

    Regular universe Adrienne also loves Clarins instant Light Eye Perfecting Base as an undereye concealer (tho not as an eyeshadow base, ironically!)

    I’ve had bubble tea, is that similar to the tapioca drink you’re talking about? Bubble tea is my new obsession, because it’s so fun to drink!! And the people at the bubble tea place in my mall are superfriendly and cool! I like it with both the tapioca and the fruity bubbles

  8. Melli says:

    If I didn’t have dark circles, I would pick this up. 😛 I haven’t drank bubble tea in foreverrr, I used to drink it every day in high school, but haven’t since. Congrats on touching your toes! I can’t do it lol. Have a good one Karen!

  9. Advah says:

    Oh boy. I’m in the middle of bad PMS, my colleagues are annoying the heck out of me and it’s only 9.30am and I can’t handle the cold weather anyone. Not to mention the under eye dark circles that are worse than usual – I could really use that concealer!

    Thanks for the review, I’ll check them out if I can find them in the UK. I love my Laura Mercier concealer but it’s a bit tricky to apply; the idea of a stick I could carry around in my purse sounds very appealing.

    And yay for yoga touching your toes! 🙂 One thing I found really helpful to gain flexibility is ensuring you always bend at the waist with a flat back (instead of just leaning forwards). Somehow it helps to create extra space with your tummy tucked in. Err does that make sense? :/

  10. I looks like really high coverage concealer, is good to have one of those, I never try this brand but it looks great! thanks for sharing

  11. Marina says:

    Right,who doesn’t want to look perfect like in our ‘alternative Universe’? Now I really want to see the photo of that green you are talking about.
    As for the product in the post, haven’t tried it but sounds like a great one!

  12. Tabs ate your Cheddar bunnies? BAD BOY!

    I just received my NARS concealer stick in the mail today, and I’m going to test it out soon. Heard it’s more for post-acne pigmentation spots than for dark circles though, so in case I need another one I might look into this.

    Have I had tapioca pearl drinks? Hell yeah! They’re from Taiwan, and I’m from Taiwan lol. My favorite (a local favorite actually) is tea with milk and tapioca pearls. Yum yum… I actually got some in Chinatown in New York when I went last November. Here in Belgium sadly they don’t exist yet (business opportunity for me? hmm)!

  13. Nina says:

    i almost wanted to dance a jig the first time i touched my toes during yoga. i miss it … and am anxiously awaiting for the opening of a gym 5 minutes away from my work. im going to switch out of my current one.

    we have a bunch of tapioca places around here and my fave add on is the baby tapioca … imagine your regular tapioca pearl made tiny and cute. i love it! the newest thing is popping tapioca – like a thin film of tapioca with fruit juice inside that pops in your mouth — so fun!!!

    im going to need more coverage than that concealer … pro longwear is still it for me. 😀

  14. Katrina says:

    I love tapioca pearl drinks. Here we generally call it ‘bubble tea’. It is pretty darn delicious!

    I have not tried any Hourglass products, but the line is intriguing me now. This concealer probably would not be enough for me. I have super dark circles. I’ve been using Time Balm which is pretty good, but I feel like I might need a color corrector too. Yes, my circles are that bad!

  15. Rola says:

    Hi, Karen, how does this compared to Cle de Peau? I’d love to repurchase CLP, but want to know if this is anywhere near the quality and look. Thanks.

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