Color Me Intrigued by the New Elizabeth Arden Bronze in Bloom Eyeshadow Quads

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Oh, fudge! Where’d I put my white gloves? They’re the only things that go with my Chanel tweed suit. What’s that, you say? They’re on the bureau by my Elizabeth Arden makeup? If I show up to lunch at the country club without my white gloves, Bunny MacDougal will throw a fit!


I don’t know, but I’ve always kind of thought of Elizabeth Arden as a line for mature ladies who lunch. I never would have expected some of the edgier products and colors I’ve been seeing in their new Bronze in Bloom Collection. First the Smokey Eyes Powder Pencil in Black Violet, and now this? With the Color Intrigue Eyeshadow Quads in Golden Lilac and Bronze in Bloom ($30 each), it’s almost like EA is trying to channel her inner MAC or NARS.

Inside each of the palettes live four coordinating colors in shades I typically expect to see in fall, not summer. And a couple of the shadows have a bit of an edge, which I like.

Take the yellowish beige pan in the Golden Lilac Quad. Looks like just another boring beige, right? Not even. It’s actually a duochrome with tiny bits of golden glitter, and it flashes from pink to purple. Then there’s the shimmery navy blue in the Blue Breeze Quad. It has a hint of sultry, smokey black.

Performance-wise, the shadows remind me of a stepped-up Clinique. Similar medium pigmentation and powdery texture, except in both cases turned up a notch. When paired with a good eye primer like Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (THE BEST!), they last all day long on my combination skin without fading or creasing.

Golden Lilac

Blue Breeze

Swatches of Golden Lilac on the left and Blue Breeze on the right

Right now I’m deep into summery golds, bronzes and teals, but I plan to reach for the colors in Bronze in Bloom when I’m ready for a break. It’s nice to see an established brand try to break from their mold.

PRICE: $30 each
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Elizabeth Arden counters and also online

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Whew! What a crazy afternoon. I’ve been trying to wrap some things up before leaving for Vancouver tomorrow, but my to-do list does not appear to be getting any shorter.


Even though I’ll be on the road for the next few days, I’ll still be checking in. You know me — I don’t go anywhere without the Internet. 🙂

I can’t remember the last time El Hub and I took an actual vacation together. I’m just really looking forward to spending some quality time with him.

Hope you had a great hump day. Doing anything fun tonight?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. vonnie says:

    the blue breeze one is pretty, i’d rock it
    vonnie recently posted … Hump Day Hotties – EyeCandy Wednesdays Soccer Studs

  2. Heidi says:

    Have a great time, Karen!

    I’m just hanging out in front of the t.v. Finishing up watching So You Think You Can Dance, then it’s time for Top Chef Masters. Gotta get my reality show fix!

    Those shadows look very nice.

  3. Jessi says:

    Poor Tabs! He’s going to miss you! And I lol’d at Bunny McDougal. 🙂
    Jessi recently posted … Bright Summery Nails with LOreals Summer Siren Nail Polishes! Wth Swatches!

  4. ohhh, how GORGEOUS! i love blue breeze!
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … My Summer Scents

  5. Wendy says:

    They look pretty for someone with fair skin. I think the quads are pretty minus the light lilac and light blue shades.

    This week has been busy! Didn’t have time to comment in the Monday poll because I was reading The Game of Thrones: A Song of Fire and Ice. Sadly, my husband and I hardly know anyone else watching it.

    Oh! I finally got the nerve to try out my Gigi Brazilian Hard Wax Kit I purchased from Amazon. It was sooooo much better than going to the salon. The salon uses hard wax too. I don’t know if the esthetician works too fast or what. Although, it took me longer, it was way less painful waxing at home! I was also smoother without the broken hairs I get when I go to the salon.

  6. Eesha says:

    I liked the golden lilac one 😀
    Eesha recently posted … Pink &amp Brown eyelook

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I love that you always take pictures of Tabs checking out the products.

  8. Ada says:

    This kit actually reminds me of Tarte’s NeutralEYES palette, very soft and wearable.

    As for fun, I’m playing Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii <.<
    Ada recently posted … Cool baby is too cool for you

  9. gio says:

    The Golden Lilac one is very pretty!
    gio recently posted … Do you like lip palettes

  10. Vesna says:

    I’m not sure what to think about these colors, they look kinda dull to me. :/

  11. Soo says:

    enjoy yourself in Vancouver, Karen!

    I don’t know how I feel about these. the packaging is pretty but the colors don’t seem like anything to pounce on :/
    Soo recently posted … Sugarpill ChromaLusts

  12. nidhi says:

    I love EA lipsticks..never tried eye-shadows from it..defenatily worth trying it
    nidhi recently posted … LOTD-Aqua eye look

  13. Liz says:

    Have a great time on your vacation! Canada has always seemed like a beautiful place. It’s nice your husband gets to go too. Too bad no tabs!

    I saw in some other comments about the Stanely Cup Finals in Vancoucer. I love hockey, so that would be really cool to be in a huge hockey country and watch them play to win it. Have fun!
    Liz recently posted … Essie- Cute As A Button

  14. Nina says:

    happy birthday, karen! 🙂

  15. Tracy says:

    Have a great Birthday Trip Karen!
    These look great! I’ve always thought EA was a mature line as well, but they are changing. Will need to look closer!
    Tracy recently posted … LOreal Color Infallible 24 HR Eyeshadow-New At The Drugstore

  16. BeckBeck says:

    How do you get Tabs to let you pose him with the compacts?? Those pictures make me laugh every time because I have a cat – who kind of looks like a mini-Tabs, even – and she’d have NONE of me balancing things on her. Is he just a very chill kitty, or did you train him somehow?

  17. Christine says:

    Tabs looks so content & cuddly in these pictures! I just want to squeeze him. Although I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate that…

    Happy Birthday :D! Hope you have a great day!

  18. Kim says:

    Blue Breeze reminds me of a couple of the nail polish collections that came out this spring. Very nautically themed, and the navy is really pretty! 🙂

    I hope you guys are having a great time in Vancouver. It’ll be crazy there with all the hockey fans (though they might be a little grumpy). And, Happy Birthday! 🙂

  19. Instant Karma says:

    These look so pretty! I love Tabs in the background 🙂

  20. Jade says:

    These are gorgeous!

  21. larie says:

    The Blue Breeze palette looks great!
    larie recently posted … The Thursday Post

  22. Lol! I think of EA as being for ladies who lunch as well!
    productdoctor recently posted … Jet Setting in June with Birchbox!

  23. Neetha says:

    Happy Birthday Karen 🙂

  24. Melissa says:

    LOVIN’ the pic of Tabs! He’s so patient! Good kitty. 🙂
    Melissa recently posted … Exciting new half moon manicure pics later!!!!

  25. Fariah says:

    How do you get your cat to stay so still? my cat would just run off in two seconds if i came near her.. unless she was sleepy or sleeping… she is quite fast

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