The New Benefit Hoola Spring 2016 Collection

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Benefit Hoola Spring 2016

It’s official! You can now literally smother Benefit Hoola all over your bod without going through an entire pan of bronzer.


You haven’t done that? Oh, just me?

They’ve expanded on the crazy popular Hoola bronzer by adding a liquid bronzer called “Dew The Hoola”. Aw, super cute! They’ve also come out with an all-over body bronzer called “Zero Tan Lines”. Last, but most definitely not least, the cutest bronzing brush with blue hairs on a handle made of golden bamboo. The collection officially releases on February 26th.

This release was an answer to my prayers because this has to be my palest winter yet. I have to (get to) look at my Hawaiian husband and son’s golden tans year round, and I start to feel pretty bad for myself come February, so I slathered myself in all things Hoola in a desperate attempt to pretend that I just came back from Hawaii.

Let me tell you what I thought.

Dew The Hoola is meant to be a liquid version of the famous Hoola powder bronzer, which is a beautiful cool brown shade that looks like an actual tan on your face. I think that’s why it’s been so popular, because it looks so natural compared to so many of its orange competitors.

I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed the first time I pumped out the bright orange liquid, because it wasn’t at all what I expected. But still, I pressed onward and applied it to the hollows of my cheeks, around the perimeter of my face, and on my nose and chin. Then I blended it in with a damp Beauty Blender. I also tried it with a fluffy face brush, but it didn’t blend out nearly as well. 

As soon as it was all blended in, it ended up looking…not too bad. I really like the consistency and workability of the liquid, but I think the color is off for me.

Benefit Hoola Spring 2016

Benefit Hoola Spring 2016

Many makeup addicts, like you and I, have gone through 1 or 2 or 12 boxes of the original Hoola Matte Bronzer, and if you haven’t, run, don’t walk, to pick one up. It’s the bomb diggity. The color is like laying on the beach for two weeks. 

I also used the bronzer along with the new brush to set Dew the Hoola, and it went really well, because it helped to correct the orange in the liquid, making everything look a little more natural.

And speaking of the brush, I really, really like it! It’s the perfect shape to fit right into the contours of your cheek to softly chisel out your cheekbones.

It’s not a contour brush though. It’s a lot fluffier, which is great because it does double duty to softly sweep the color over the rest of your face. I see it as a 2-in-1 deal.

Benefit Hoola Spring 2016

Benefit Hoola Spring 2016

Hoola Zero Tanlines is an all-over body bronzer meant to last up to 12 hours without transferring onto your clothes. It comes with a sponge built right into the packaging, so you wont get gross, dirty-looking hands. Now, this isn’t a self-tanner that you put on, and it develops and lasts for a week or so. It’s a completely temporary tan that showers right off.

Benefit Hoola Spring 2016

Benefit Hoola Spring 2016


My thoughts? Um, I’m not exactly sure what to think of this one. The color is very sheer, but it is buildable. I added two coats on my arm but didn’t see a huge difference, and I also found it a little hard to blend out completely. As soon as I’d get one section blended, it seemed like another part started to bunch and chunk. I think that with a little time you could get it looking pretty good, but let’s be honest — with a two-year-old trying to climb my leg and pulling down my pants begging to watch “fwee panda” (Kung Fu Panda), I just don’t have the patience to make this one work.

Benefit Hoola Spring 2016

Overall, the new releases in this collection are in a word, meh. It hurts a little in my heart saying that because I had such high hopes! The original Hoola bronzer is always worth a purchase, but I would take a look at these, do a little swatchy swatch, and see what you think for yourself.

What do you think? How do you feel about these new Hoolas?

Jen Clark

Hi, beautiful! I’m Jen from Jen Leigh Beauty. Now, rather than just talking to myself about makeup, I write it down in a blog. Besides being madly in love with anything I can smear on my face (and sharing pics on Instagram), I’m more in love with my hunky husband, my sweet 2-year-old, and my fluffy fur baby. Thank goodness they put up with the madness, because I love chatting about my favorite things with people who understand the addiction.


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  1. Yelena says:

    Welcome to MBB Jen 🙂

    I enjoyed reading your first guest post. I’m not into liquid bronzers so I wouldn’t be buying the product, but it was informative and the pictures were great.

  2. Raeanne says:

    Do you think the brush would double up as a foundation brush?

    • Jen Clark says:

      Hi RaeAnne! I think this brush is definitely to be used for powder products. I think it could work pretty well used with a powder foundation if you wanted a really sheer coverage, but with liquid foundation i’m afraid it would turn into a huge mess!
      Jen Clark recently posted … All About Eyeshadow Palettes

  3. breyerchic04 says:

    I don’t think I’m into these, but I do have a gel bronzer that I love to use on my face, it’s the Josie Maran coconut gel blush in honey, so pretty!

  4. Holly says:

    Hi Jen! Welcome & thanks for your review. I look forward to seeing more! I’m a newer convert to higher end makeup & Benefit is definitely on my list to try. I’ll probably steer clear of the liquid bronzer; I’m fair skinned & cool toned, but the original Hoola seems like it might work for me. Plus, loving that brush! I’m a sucker for cosmetic brushes!

  5. Peggy says:

    That was a great review Jen! The liquid Hoola seems like a redo of Glamazon. That stuff was really great.

  6. Kwmechelle says:

    I’m so slow. I read half of this post thinking, “I didn’t know Karen’s husband had a son. And how come she has swatches/pictures of someone else wearing the bronzer she’s writing about?!” Yeah, what I lack in brains I (hope) I possess in beauty. Lol! Great review. And your brows are to die for. Total brow envy 🙂

  7. India says:

    I think I am the only person on the planet who detested the hoola bronzer, all of my friends love it but it pulls so orange on my skin. I swear I look like an oompa loompa
    India recently posted … New Arrivals At Costco Beauty!

  8. Erin says:


    I agree with your assessment the color is a little off. Being pale but cool toned most bronzers look terrible on me. I’ve never tried Hula in the pan. I tend to plump for Guerlain and Chanel Les Beige for a hint of very sheer color that looks mildly believable. I have some BB which works ok on my cheeks with the lightest of hands but in more of a blush capacity than true bronzing. Almost every bronze pulls way to orange. As for liquids, Perricone’s No Bronzer Bronzer looks great on my body but not on my face. I’d like to try Prtty Peaushun for body coloring. For reference I’m NW 5 – 10 in the winter and NW15 at best in the summer.
    Erin recently posted … Korres Black Pine Firming Lifting Antiwrinkle Night Cream

    • Jen Clark says:

      Hi Erin! I think you would really like Hoola! I’ve got super pale and cool toned skin as well, and with a light hand, it adds the perfect amount of color! I also checked out your blog and I love it! That pasta with the panko crumbs looks TO DIE FOR! You need to post to recipe! 🙂
      Jen Clark recently posted … All About Eyeshadow Palettes

  9. Chelsea says:

    I got a deluxe sample of this from Sephora last week! I’m not a bronzer person typically, but it worked nicely for some glamorous stage makeup I did!

  10. Rachel R. says:

    Pass for this pale girl, but I might have to try the original Hoola powder. Great first post!

  11. Awesome job! 🙂 The original Hoola is great(I believe it was my first high-end bronzer and I even repurchased it a couple of times), but these two don’t sound too appealing…
    Carolina Braina recently posted … The MAC Velvetease Lip Pencil in Lover’s Lane and My Season-Detecting ‘Superpowers’

  12. Tatiana says:

    Welcome to MBB.
    I have neutral undertones and I’m about a NW13 or NC10-15 in lightness and I have never used a bronzer. They’re either too orange or look like dirt on my skin. Then again, I’ve never looked at Hoola. I guess I need to go check it out.

  13. Welcome!
    I have to admit I haven’t tired the original Hoola bronzer (and sadly I can´t run to the nearest store to fix that, as I am highly pregnant and can barely waddle), but I have heard several people say they weren’t as impressed with this release. I also heard that it transfers throughout the day when you touch your face, did that happen to you as well?
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – The downsides of traveling

  14. Lauren says:

    Welcome, Jen! Great review!

  15. Mary says:

    Welcome to the blog! I read your review with interest. I just buy the Jergens tanning lotion every spring, but will look into the powder you mentioned. Doesn’t the product end up staining clothes though? I thought you look good, above, after applying the bronzer. Looking forward to more of your reviews!

    • Jen Clark says:

      Thanks Mary! I have tried the Jergens lotion as well and I really liked it! The Benefit Zero Tanlines did transfer a tiny bit onto the white shirt I was wearing, that may have been my fault though, I think I my have accidentally rubbed it before it dried completely.
      Jen Clark recently posted … All About Eyeshadow Palettes

  16. Kim says:

    Hi Jen! I didn’t realize you weren’t Karen until I read “Hawaiian husband AND SON” (about 4 times). 🙂 Bummer about the new Hoola items but I’m with you. Being light complected, and not a great blender, I can see this being very orange and unnatural on me. And I definitely wouldn’t make time for an all-over body tanner. Looks like I’ll be waiting for real sun, which should be in about four months in this neck of the woods. 😉

    • Jen Clark says:

      Oh my goodness it sounds like you might live in Antarctica! Here in Utah it is finally starting to get a little bit warmer which makes me soo happy! 🙂 Hopefully you warm up soon!
      Jen Clark recently posted … All About Eyeshadow Palettes

      • Kim says:

        Almost! HAHA! Northeastern NY on the Canadian/Vermont border. How has the skiing been for you guys? We’ve had the strangest winter (one day it’s 40 degrees and the next is 3). It’s been a struggle to keep snow, particularly for the smaller mountains. Thanks – looking forward to some sun! 🙂

  17. kellly says:

    I have no interest in using bronzers but wanted to say welcome to you!

  18. Sakura says:

    How cool you too have a Hawaiian husband! Thanks for the review. Now I know to definitely not invest in this product. I currently use L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze and I am happy with that.

  19. Michele DiCola says:

    Welcome baby !

  20. Great post! And a shout out to Honolulu, nice place to be! *if on can afford it, ha!*
    TravelingBlush recently posted … MAC Ellie Goulding Halcyon Palette: Review and Swatches

  21. Cathy says:

    I loved your post! Can’t wait to read more. I totally agree with you about the liquid bronzer. I got the small size a few months ago in a Benefit Hoola kit from Sephora. I was so excited to try it that I brought it with me on vacation and I was not liking the color. It was very orangey on me. I’m not going to buy the large size. I do love the Hoola powder though-one of my favorites.

  22. Efrain says:

    I wonder if it pulls orange in my tan skin tone because two years ago a friend sent me the tinted version of L’Orèal sunscreen because in her pale skin pulled orange and in mine worked as a “bonne mine” effect.
    Efrain recently posted … Review: Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion

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