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Don’t you love the internet? What did the legions of bored cubicle workers across the land do before there were things like blogs and e-mail and the rantings of crazy people of craigslist to make the time pass?

If you’re kickin’ it in a cube today then check out The Beauty Blog Network. Makeup and Beauty Blog is now a part of this fantastic round-up of beauty related sites and blogs. I hope you enjoy the sister sites just as much as I do!


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  1. kia says:

    karen! welcome to the BBN! i found your blog via specktra. glad you are apart of the network as i really enjoy your site! mac obsessed beauty bloggers we are ! woohoo! =)

    check out my blog sometime! (hyperlinked name)

  2. Karen says:

    KIA!!!! Thanks for the nice welcome. Yeah, I’m slowly but surely getting more and more addicted to specktra. All the ladies/gents on there really know there stuff! I’ll head on over to your blog and give you a holla …

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