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Makeup and Beauty Blog is currently featured in the latest Beauty Blog Carnival. Beauty bloggers from around the world submit their articles to a blogger that serves at the carnival host. Each host sifts through the submitted articles and then decides which ones will make it into the carnival! Check it out and let me know whatcha think.


I was really hoping this week would be less busy than last week but it’s turning out to be quite frantic. I’m in the midst of doing several interviews for a travel story I’m writing. One interview involves the following key words: surfers, firefighters, hotness. You do the math. Ha ha ha, I love my job. Today I’ve got to make some phone calls and line up a few more. Some writers hate the interviewing part – I actually love it. I think research is the most fun part of the story. But at some point you have to actually sit your ass down, turn off iTunes (which of course is playing that stupid R. Kelly song, “I’m a Flirt”, on repeat … arrrrggghhh) and start writing.


Tonight I’m heading over to my parent’s house ’cause it’s my dad’s birthday dinner. I’m hoping we go to an Italian restaurant because I’m craving linguine and clams something fierce.

Woo hoo, tomorrow’s Friday! Let’s all try to hold on to our sanity until then, okay?

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Karen – the Beauty Carnival is what the writers, as in people like you make it. I find it very interesting to see what kind of articles can be featured around a topic such as beauty. Thanks for your submission.

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Michelle! Thank you for hosting the Beauty Carnival. It’s really a great opportunity for Beauty Bloggers to come together as a community.

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