New in Beauty, Mar. 2: Thierry Mugler Exclusive Perfumes, and Drugstore Bronzers Galore!

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New in Beauty

Rise and sine, morning glories. ๐Ÿ™‚ To steal and then paraphrase (LOL!) a line from, “I got a feeling…” about today. It’s going to be beautiful!


What’s your plan today? — which reminds me, do you keep a to-do list every day? I’m always looking for new organizational tips. I use lots of to-do lists, mostly on Post-It notes, but what do you do? How do you organize your time?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Tiffany says:

    That pixi bronzer palette is calling my name! It looks so cute!

    My plan today is to stay inside ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s snowing here which usually causes the city to all but shut down, lol.

    I use for my to-do list. I like that I can get to it from anywhere – any computer, my iphone, etc.

    • Karen says:

      For some reason snow + Atlanta seems weird to me. Does it normally get that cold down there?

      I have plans to stay inside too, which Tabs isn’t too thrilled about (he’s gotta have his morning walk). It’s pouring BUCKETS out here in the North Bay.

  2. Tiffany says:

    It is weird! Everyone here would agree with you. This winter has been unusually cold, which sucks. It usually snows like one time per winter, but I think this is our 3rd or 4th time now. I WANT SPRING!

    Poor Tabs… maybe the rain will stop soon and he can get a few minutes outside. My dog is really baffled by the snow…

    • Karen says:

      The rain makes Tabs NUTS. I know he wants to go outside, but if I take him out there he gets mad at me because he doesn’t like what he sees — like it’s my fault that it’s raining! I love the cat but he’s not exactly going to win Tabby Jeopardy any time soon with his little kitty brain. Good thing he’s so pretty, ha hah.

      Does your dog like playing in the snow? I know some dogs get totally into it!

      • Tiffany says:

        lol @ tabby jeopardy ๐Ÿ™‚

        I actually just took him out and he wasn’t that into it. It just confuses him. I think if we lived in a place that got snow frequently he would probably be used to it and want to play in it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Glosslizard says:

    LOL! The NP set is actually called Pretty Presto, but Tar-ghay has dubbed it Pretty Pesto (I checked it out because I thought it would have some good green shades)! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I put most things on my desk calendar (teNeues desk calendars rock!) but when little chores stack up I make lists! I used to use post-its, but recently I’ve switched over to the notepad function on my iPhone, so I never leave the list behind!

  4. lexi says:

    I keep hearing how awesome the Armani mascara is but I don’t know if I can throw down $30 for that!

  5. Katie says:

    The Sally Hanson nail polish pens are great and easy to use the first two times but after that they apply very streaky and tacky and its impossible to get a smooth finish because the nail polish dries to the brush

  6. NINA says:

    My work to do list is in a notebook that I keep on my desk. Its gotta be a Mead 5 subject notebook for me at work.

    My personal to do list — POST ITS! I love, love, love them, and makes errands a bit more fun – I make sure to get the fun and funky post its.

    Speaking of Caboodles – I do need to get a traincase because I have several out of town parties to go to in the summer that would require carting make up around. I only have relatively small make up bags … so I need a train case. I was eyeing the EcoTools traincase (from Holiday 2009) the other day but that purple Caboodles is calling out my name!!!

    • Karen says:

      I haven’t used one of those Mead 5 Subject notebooks in years! Now I’m kinda hankering for one to use for work. Do the different sections serve a specific purpose?

      Ya know, traincases are cool but they can be very heavy. I have to give Caboodles props for their travel friendly-ness!

  7. Eileen says:

    $50 for a tube of mascara is over the top–especially since you should discard mascara after two-three months. I know, I know. . . there are some of you who keep a mascara forever, but if you’ve ever had an eye infection, you’ll become more vigilant about tossing them out. The Armani Eyes to Kill is absolutely incredible, but as a daily wear mascara, $30 is also a bit much. Unfortunately, that seems to be the cost direction many of the better brands are taking.

  8. Josie says:

    Hi! I have nominated your site to receive the SAHM Project Sunshine Award. I feel your site offers great information and so I wanted to pass this on to you! Please go to to learn more about it and to pick up your award! Just follow the directions รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Thank you and Enjoy!
    .-= Josie’s last blog post… I Got A Sunshine Award! =-.

  9. sam Claxton says:

    Hi Karen,
    My Day started off great, I had a load of new skincare products to try including Liz Earle and Elemis! However by lunch the day turned into a bummer as went to the dreaded Dentist and got a Wisdom tooth removed :-(. I am reading your blogg with a frozen pack of peas on my face, you always cheer me up though so starting to look up again!

    Sam x
    .-= sam Claxton’s last blog post… =-.

  10. julie says:

    $50 for mascara? I haven’t even tried Armani’s for $30 yet! I’m liking MUFE’s Smoky Lash right now and it’s only $22!

    Oh and that NM cosmetic bag is pretty ugly, IMO.

  11. Sharon says:

    Years and years ago my mother bought me a purple Caboodle. I still use it today — it came in handy when I used to do community theatre makeup. My mom’s been gone for almost eighteen years, so it must have been the late 80s when she bought the Caboodle for me.

    • Karen says:

      Sorry to hear about your mom, Sharon. You must miss her very much.

      Did you do a lot of community theater shows? I did West Side Story waaaay back when (I was a misc. Jet girl).

  12. I usually make to-do lists for work and on weekends, when I have so many things going on that I need a list in order to not go insane!

    Today was just a normal work day. Tomorrow is a bit more hectic, with two morning phone conferences and a doctor’s appointment during lunch.

    BTW, I would absolutely never pay $50 for mascara!
    .-= Deconstruction’s last blog post… No More Purple Hair, Please: Part I =-.

  13. I love Napoleon Perdis but I am a little disappointed with the quality of the range available from Target. I would still prefer to pay more for the better quality range.
    .-= Cassandra Rae Ferguson’s last blog post… Cassandra Rae Ferguson – Professional Makeup Artist Sydney =-.

  14. marisol says:

    I am the worst at keeping an actual to do list. I have many Moleskine notebooks around my house & post its and I can never seem to get into the habit of a todo list.

    I do have an app on my iPhone (Awesome Note) which I use for grocery shopping. It works pretty well. I also have a list of different eye shadows and blushes that I have so that I don’t repurchase them. I am a MAC addict & I need help ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= marisol’s last blog post… Showing my Kindle some love =-.

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