June 4-6, 20007: Comments For a Cancer Cure at the Beauty Blog Network!

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June 4-6 are Comments for a Cancer Cure Days at the Beauty Blog Network. Here’s what you can do to raise money for cancer awareness and prevention: Visit one of the Beauty Blog Network participating sites. Leave a comment. It’s that easy!

Based on the number of blog comments they receive on their posts during those three days, blog owners will donate a pre-determined amount per comment to a cancer organization of their choice, like the Susan G. Komen Foundation. There’s also a Cafe Press store with plenty of cute items featuring the logo above (all Cafe Press proceeds will go to The Brain Tumor Foundation) and an Ebay Auction with goody bags filled with fantastic beauty products. Visit, comment, make a difference in the fight against cancer!


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  1. Toya says:

    Thanks for publicizing our effort!

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