CoverGirl-Olay Partnership Leads to New Simply Ageless Foundation

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Some partnerships just feel right from the start — bread and butter, sugar and spice, mornings and coffee — and, starting early next year, CoverGirl and Olay. Yup, with the help of comedienne and talk show hostess Ellen Degeneres, CoverGirl’s newest spokesperson, the two big brands are rolling out a new anti-aging makeup together.


Simply Ageless Foundation, $13.99 per shade (15 shades), debuted on Ellen’s TV show a couple weeks ago, and then showed up at select stores shortly thereafter.

Ellen cracks me up. She had this to say about the new line: “Inner beauty is important, but not nearly as important as outer beauty. That’s why I use CoverGirl Simply Ageless makeup with Olay Regenerist serum.” LOL!


Combining CoverGirl’s color cosmetics with Olay’s battle-tested Regenerist serum, the formulation boasts a new solid emulsion technology that reportedly suspends foundation over skin’s imperfections, meaning it’s designed to cover imperfections without gathering in wrinkles and making skin look older.

Time will tell how well it works. 🙂

Look for it to start appearing in stores nationwide early next year.

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  1. Karen4 says:

    Sounds like a product for me! I currently use CG Advanced Radiance foundation which I love. Not only does the Buff Beige match my skin tone perfectly, it’s moisturizing and doesn’t creep into fine lines. I’m eager to see what this product does!

    I hope you’re having a wonderful time with your family in Hawaii. It’s been snowing here in CT all day and all last night. We’ve got about 15 inches of snow on the ground–BRRR! As much as I like snow, it was a good day to stay indoors and finish decorating the house for Christmas and bake cookies.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your readers!

  2. katee says:

    I love that CG is using Ellen as their spokesmodel. She is the best! She rocks!

    katee´s last blog post..Unveiling My New Short Vampy Nails With Zoya Sloane

  3. Michele says:

    OK. So, I ran to my CVS and purchased the simply agless foundation.
    I was so exited, I had not purchased a new foundation in at least one month.
    I tell you Karen I twisted and turned and twisted and turned. I looked inside and i held it up to a bright light. But I could not open that sucker. No way no how. But I am the determend pesistent type.
    So I reach for my husbands screw driver and hacked away at the middle and I did open it.
    I also contacted CG & P& G ‘s 24 hotline. Sent them an email to let them know of my dilemma.
    Was it only me? Did i get a lemmon?
    Anyway, it is a great product.If you can open it.

    Merry Christmas! & Happy New Year to all.
    Karen my best to your mom,

  4. Tiera says:

    I LOVE Ellen! If I had to come up with it on my own, I don’t think I would’ve picked her as a cosmetics spokesmodel… but she’s perfect! She’s such a natural beauty, and glamorous without being so Hollywood-fussy!

    I keep telling myself I’m *too young* for any sort of anti-age-ish cosmetics! But I guess prevention never hurts!

    So after my dad’s UH-Manoa graduation this morning (yup, my DAD is FINALLY a college graduate, hehe!) I went to deliver some Christmas gifts in Waimanalo today, so I was on the Windward side. I made a pit-stop in Kaneohe and hit up Windward Mall for a bit, but nothing really grabbed my attention right away (except for the GIANT going-out-of-business sale at KB Toys)… The weather out there looked bleak, I hope it stays clear for you while you’re here!

    Maybe we’ll run into Barack Obama!

  5. Archelle says:

    I’m surprised Ellen is modeling for them, since both Olay and Cover Girl are Proctor and Gamble companies, with a long history of animal testing.

  6. Dao says:

    This stuff is already on sale at CVS and Walgreens. Ellen is full of energy, I dance when she dances on the show 🙂

    Dao´s last blog post..Friday Funny: Of Pets and Makeup

  7. sue says:

    You are not alone…..I bought some at walmart and could NOT get it open. Took it back to customer service – they could not get it open. Got another one and finally a BIG guy at the desk was able to open it…so I took that one home. I do not like the product. It make my skin look dry and powdery. I will stick with the Olay Tinted Moisturiser.

  8. Tanya says:

    Michelle: I got mine at CVS too and for the life of me can’t get it open either!!! I’ve tried prying it with everything I can fit into the sliver of space between the lid and the bottom and it won’t budge or break. I am actually about to go to CVS to see if I can exchange it for another one to see if it opens.

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t get the damn thing open!

  9. Michele says:

    Tanya I am glad or not glad for you, But what the heck is going on with that thing being so hard to open? I am telling you, I got my husband’s heavy duty screw driver and wheeziled into that small space to pry it open. I almost stabbed my self.
    Wrte a letter to P& G right now,

    Merry christmas, too!

  10. Michele says:

    I think we should tell Ellen!

  11. Michele says:

    I am using the simply ageless stuff every morning except i dont carry it around with me because i don’t know how to screw i back it together again. The stuff is neat. it disappears on my face!
    Merry christmas to all!

  12. Suzy says:

    I am 50 and thinking about trying this product b/c it “sits up on you fine lines” and doesnt sink into them. Does anyone know if this is true? I am currently using bare essentials but dont get the full coverage i would like. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!

  13. Karen4 says:

    Hey, Suzy!

    I wanted to respond to you b/c I’m approaching 47 years old with some fine lines and this new CG product sounds like a dream! However, with all of the people who’ve had difficulty with the product packaging, I’m hesitant to purchase it until they solve the problem (maybe!) Meanwhile, I’m loving CG Advanced Radiance Liquid Foundation. A little goes a long way, and it applies like a dream. It gives my face a perfect glow. I have red hair, golden fair skin and freckles, and this product in Buff Beige just evens me out perfectly without looking like a mask. I use that, and then hide my troublesome lines further with the magic that is Clarins Instant Perfecting Touch. With the cold weather and dry inside heat, the extra moisture by using both products doesn’t bother my complexion at all.

  14. barbara says:

    well I join the group who cannot open the product in fact i was so confident it would work i took it on a trip to china and now i am here without any makeup i can use and will probably have to buy some, oh ellen help

  15. jacki says:

    I too had trouble opening it. must be a manufacturers defect but i managed to get it open. i had to pry it a lil bit with the end of a barrett and it twists off jus put sum muscle into goes on like butta. i really like it i got it in creamy natural.

  16. Sandy says:

    This is not good, buy a new make-up and nearly kill yourself trying to open the darn thing… I am so angry, I didn’t need to start the new year 09 with this problem….If this problem is any indication of how good the make-up is, this company’s got a real problem… I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO I CAN’T GET IT OPEN…

  17. Michele says:

    Yesterday I received a free coupon from P & G, that’s Proctor & Gamble. For any free Cover GIrl item on the shelves. I went to a different CVS this time and bought the same simply Ageless item.( I had written an email about my complaint and they responded by sending me a coupon). I haven’t attempted to open it as of yet. I wanted to keep New Year’s day stress free.
    Will they attempt to fix the problem? Stay tuned to the next exiting adventure of ” The simply ageless unable to open caper”.

    By the way> Happy New Year to you all
    Beauty Addict

  18. Lisa says:

    I bought this product at my local Walmart & I absolutely love it! I used to use Advanced Radiance with a loose powder to set then touch up with my compact powder often during the day. Not anymore! The only thing I need my compact for now is to use the mirror. The makeup looks great all day long! I couldn’t believe it! I had no trouble opening the packaging once I noticed it opens on both ends; the bottom flips open to access the applicator sponge and the top screws off where the makeup is located. I thought it was neat! Try that, ladies, and see if it opens better for you! Good luck!

  19. Barbara says:

    I am also trying to get this open. I feel like the other ladies. This is unacceptable. I am thinking about taking it back and not trying it at all. A decent product should not be this difficult to use. If anyone out there has some ideas, other than a screw driver, please comment. Thank you.

  20. Candace says:

    I didn’t have a problem opening it either once I saw it opened on both top and bottom AND I peeled the sticker of the side! The product is wonderful. Goes on smooth and stays true all day.

  21. Martha inman says:

    After I FINALLY got it opened I must say it is the best foundation I have ever used…I am older so it is hard to get something that doesn’t show the fine lines. And this product doesn’t!

  22. Marion Giles says:

    Lisa is right.
    I nearly hurt myself with a kitchen sharp knife. My husband almost slipped his hand and jabbed it with a blade, as he pried. He finally twisted it, after I told him about this website and the advice.
    He has a strong grip and turned it counter-clock wise. He said it was exceptionally hard. Any prying off is simply dangerous and we both nearly got skewered. A lovely product.

  23. Karen4 says:

    I just purchased this product and had absolutely no problem opening it. You have to peel off the little sticker on the side that shows the shade color. Otherwise, it will prevent you from unscrewing the top easily. The top screws off, and the bottom flips open to hold the sponge. At first, I briefly tried to just unscrew the top while the sticker was on, and it wouldn’t budge.As soon as I peeled it off, simple! Perhaps everyone having a problem didn’t remove the sticker!

    As far as the product is concerned, I like it pretty well, but find that I like the Advance Radiance foundation a bit better–more luminosity. I don’t see a difference in minimizing appearance of fine lines. Again, the Advance Radiance is a bit better for me. I also find that the Simply Ageless’ sponge is too dense for applying. I use a wedge sponge for a sheerer application.

  24. Ronda Mikulovich says:

    OMG!! I just bought this product yesterday..While it is true that the packaging is not the simplest on the market..I did manage to finally get it open by turning the lid-not by lifting it up. The bottom compartment-where the sponge is stored-can be lifted open..but on the actual foundation the lid must be turned counter-clockwise.
    WOW…i do hope they paln to change their originalpackaging on this product, as it is a pain in the butt to open! Plus-they may see law suits popping up left and right-suing for injuries just from trying to pry the darn thing open!!
    I used it today for the first time..I do like the foundation-seems to work great..nice coverage..and smooth finish!

  25. Shelley says:

    I had an awful time getting the darned thing open. The bottom popped right open once I removed the sticker but then I spent about a half an hour trying to unscrew and pry off the top to get to the makeup. This is an issue the manufaturer needs to fix! I will have to see if I LOVE the makeup before going through that again.

  26. Carol says:

    Here’s how I got it open. This is just crazy, but it’s the only thing that worked. I went to the garage – to my husband’s workbench. I put the brown part containing the sponge in a vice. Be careful tightening it, so you don’t crack the plastic. Next, I used a Channellock wrench to unscrew the clear plastic top. Who’d have thought you’d need to do this to open make up!! Tomorrow I’ll get to try the foundation. Good luck.

  27. carla says:

    this is ridiculous i’ve been trying to open this darn covergirl make up and it’s impossible!!!!! my sister tried and pulled a muscle in her neck.

  28. Carol says:

    Today, I got the foundation and spent the whole day trying to open it. My 14 year old came home from school and opened it on his first try. All you have to do is put your palms on both sides of the container and twist. GOOD LUCK.

  29. Paula says:

    I totally agree about how difficult this is to open! I’ve never had such a problem opening anything, makeup or otherwise. It was so hard to unscrew, at first I was torn as to whether it was really a screwtop or a lift-off. Finally, I managed to wrench it open with my bare hands — but holy cow! I appreciate the idea of keeping the product safe and secure from contamination during production or delivery or in the stores (don’t you hate some of those products that anyone and everyone can open in the drugstore and put back on the shelf? Ugh! I won’t buy unpackaged things in the drugstore), but they need to come up with a different system — maybe screw it on less tightly, but add a gummed seal or plastic wrap that can be removed by the buyer, but that would show signs of tampering/sampling in the store.

  30. carol L says:

    I had such a hard time opening the thing that I decided others did too, so I went to my computer and typed in the question. Believe me, the sticker is not the problem. I took that off immediately. I saw that the bottom flipped open, and I could see by the threads that the top unscrewed……I am a very strong woman, and I could not open it with both palms correctly placed using all my might. After checking all of your comments, I realized I was doing it right and just kept twisting till my palms hurt. The thing finally twisted apart. I agree this is a ridiculous flaw. Those who were able to open theirs without a hitch just got the smooth easy ones. Now I will try the product….hmmmmmmmm

  31. Deb says:

    Funny! I’m physically fit and have a PhD to boot. It took me five minutes to open the darn thing. That’s what happens when 22-year-old male packaging engineers design products for 40-something women. Another flaw — there’s no mirror in here! You’d think with the massive infrastructure built around the makeup, someone would think to add a small mirror!

  32. MaryAlice Taylor says:

    I bought the product because I trust anything Ellen says and was ready to throw it at the first cosmetic counter I came upon. We tried everything to open it and was still trying while waiting for my Rhumatologist and he put his master strength behind it and he finally got it open.
    Now to see if it works.

  33. Amelia says:

    If you are having trouble opening the product, just give it a good, hard twist!!! Don’t try to pry it open, you have to twist it really hard to get it open the first time.

  34. Ruth says:

    OK…it is 2010 and I bought the Covergirl Ageless makeup and can’t get the darn thing open. I would think after a year they would get the packaging fixed! This is frustrating. Guess I will take it to work to see if one of the guys can open it!

  35. RaiW says:

    This is Day Two of not being able to open & use my new makeup!! Like many of you, I removed the sticker, could see that the container opened at both top & bottom, saw the grooves in the lid indicating the top should screw off…and nothing. It doesn’t budge. I was feeling embarrassed, so I came on line to see if it was just me – and here I am! I spent so much time trying to get the product open, I’m not running late for work, but tonight, I will try “palming” it while wearing plastic housecleaning gloves – maybe they’ll give me the grip I need! Nothing should be this hard to open; it’s definitely a design flaw if so many of us are having the same issue. At least I now know I’m not alone! LOL!

  36. Ms. Tony Fennelly says:

    I, too, had the devil’s own time getting the compact open. And why *isn’t* there a mirror? The product costs enough. I like the foundation, but I’m going to stick with Oriel True Match because that compact *does* have a mirror and it’s no trick to open.

  37. Clara says:

    Can’t open the darned thing. Taking it back tomorrow to get my money back and won’t use again .

  38. Hypnogal says:

    Ladies. There’s a sticker on the side that needs to be removed (it’s not easy to be removed at all but it can be done) before you SCREW the lid off. You couldn’t figure that out? I love the foundation but HATE how HEAVY this is to carry in my gym bag —- I mean do we really need a whole 1/2 pound of plastic surrounding the ittiest bittiest bit of foundation? Once you get it open (which isn’t THAT hard), the bottom portion is just completely useless and I always rip that off. I never put a sponge in there – anyone SANE would know to NEVER REUSE A SPONGE! Next is the NO MIRROR aspect. HUGE loser here. NEXT I hate how the top screws off (where did I set that down again?) ad so it’s a 3 hand operation to open, take the lid off/find the lid/ put it all back together again and CANNOT be done while doing anything else (like driving?) come on, don’t we all make the most of red lights when we can in the morning? I usually scoop out all the makeup and put it in a small plastic attached top container that my ear plugs came in. It’s about the size of a liter bottle cap / which is perfect for taking it anywhere. Then I bring my own sponges along. Pop the top, swipe with a clean sponge and fix the face. Who at Revlon is missing all this? Lighten up the container, add a mirror and make it a two handed operation / at most.

    But I do LOVE the foundation.

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