Cats “In Style” For Spring 2010

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In this guest post today, literary Lothario, Tabs, of Party With Tabs, waxes philosophic on a top spring 2010 fashion trend.

It's Tabs, B*tchezzzz!


Haaay, b*tchezzz.

Tabs here, reporting live from Novato, California. Blog cutbacks forced a change in plans, and I wasn’t able to cover Paris Fashion Week in person.

But I’ve still got the scoop, and it’s all about the runway at the Miu Miu Spring 2010 show. Did you see all those cats?


Cat silhouettes on skirts, shirts and shoes! Kitty appliques on purses and collars! Finally, felines are GETTING THEIRS. It’s about ‘effin time, yo.

My editor (I see her more as an assistant) canceled my credit cards, claiming something about “responsible spending.” Whatev. Good taste comes at a price.

Which reminds me — It’s time to update my kitty couture wardrobe for spring.

Kitty Cat Top by Heritage 1981 ($17, available at Forever 21)

Ooh la la…

Keyboard Cat Tee ($20, available at Threadless)

Le sigh… It ain’t Miuccia Prada, but it’s “affordable.” That’s a word my human captor/editor/assistant seems to like.

Peace out,


When he isn’t globetrotting, jet-setting or reporting for Makeup and Beauty Blog, Tabs can be found over at Party With Tabs. He knows he should post more updates and plans to in the near future (lacking opposable thumbs has made typing difficult). He loves gravy, things covered in rhinestones, and long pieces of ribbon. 🙂


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  1. Glosslizard says:

    I think I need that purse! I think that P-Lily will bite my ankles and shred my hems if I don’t get that purse! 😉

  2. heyhey says:

    LOL! That piano cats > wolf shirts > dogs playing poker.

    I’d never have the nerve to wear this, but am happy to know it exists.

  3. Kelly says:

    It’s about time cat fashion is shown on the runaways! Lovin’ the keyboard cat tee 🙂
    .-= Kelly’s last blog post… Vampy Varnish up for HLMN Hot 100 =-.

  4. Ringo says:

    Hi Karen,

    Speaking of cats, have you seen Shu Uemura’s Holiday 2009 collection? II HAS CATS! Sephora as some sneak peak and the product it’s already out in Taiwan @ @$sessionid$0JIVOPNGPQTUMCV0KRRQIGQ;jsessionid=0JIVOPNGPQTUMCV0KRRQIGQ?id=P249100&categoryId=A47#

    I am so excited!

  5. Susan says:

    Tabs is just such a gorgeous kitty 🙂

  6. Dao says:

    “human captor/editor/assistant” -> is that what he call you? O-o! Le Tabs has some fierce attitude! Please tell him his long lost brother Jack Belly said hi after he finished his breakfast this morning.
    .-= Dao’s last blog post… You Know You’re a Makeup and Beauty Addict When… =-.

  7. amy says:

    I guess I need to dig through my Kaboodles case to see if I have any cat accessories from my crazy cat lady days. Step back dogs! Cats are going to take over the world next year. My old girl Angel would be please, she is such a princess.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… LOTD Medusa’s Makeup Lipgloss Lip Swatches and Review Part 2 =-.

  8. those shoes are amazing
    .-= Blovet Beauty’s last blog post… NUDE, Deep RED & BLACK Lady Gaga Inspired Lips & Halloween Looks! =-.

  9. Karen,

    The photo is adorable – what a handsome boy! Does Tabs do what Charlie does – lust for the chewy packing popcorn in your boxes? It’s not good for jungle boy, so I am very careful to ensure that his “toys” are proper! Strings are good…so are catnip mousies – or the real ones he brings in off the screened porch.

    As for the credit cards, I didn’t need an assistant to cut mine up. I braved it myself. Now have only a few, and it’s so much easier not to overdo it.
    .-= Charlestongirl’s last blog post… BeautyTicket Love =-.

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