Touch Up After You Touch Down: Benefit Introduces New Automatic Kiosks at 25 Airports This Fall

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“This way to baggage claim…and this way to Benefit!”

Ever your find yourself in Austin wishing you had Dallas?

If Benefit is your jam — as it is mine, says the girl who went BAT SH*T CRAZY when she saw this pink Benefit vending machine at the airport! — now you can get glam on the go with Benefit’s glorious new Glam Up & Away automatic kiosks.


I’m serious, seeing one of these right when you step off the plane is like being greeted by an old friend. “Ahh…” ๐Ÿ™‚

These luxe new kiosks are landing at 25 airports this fall, including Austin, Houston, Savannah, Cleveland, Raleigh and yes, Vegas, baby!

As you can see, against a backdrop of uninspiring airport design, the cute kiosks are hard to miss.

Like little cosmetics candy stores, each one is stocked with 30 Benefit bestsellers, and you can even get tips and suggestions on the user-friendly touchscreen while you peruse.

There’s even a mirror



They’re Real Mascara…

Fake Up and liquid blushes…

The Porefessional, with some other Benefit goodies

Boxed blushes and more (yay, my favorite Hoola bronzer is there!)



Looks like they even have a good return policy…

Vegas, baby!

Um…yes, please. I’ll take a vending machine that dispenses Benefit and makeup and beauty advice over one that dispenses stale Corn Nuts any day. ๐Ÿ™‚

El Hub practically had to drag me away from this thing. I kept going, “Toot-toot!” I was like a kid with a toy truck.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Rachel P says:

    This is pretty much the coolest, cutest, most necessary thing I have seen in… forever. I am so looking for these next time I fly!

  2. Ava says:

    I just saw one at Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport in the D terminal. I had no time to take a lot of photos as I ran for my flight, but had to take just one for Instagram. It’s a brilliant idea – Sephora or Nordstrom ought to have these at airports filled with travel-sized cleansers, cleansing water, mascaras, hair spray, polish and polish remover, and…and…ohhh, my poor wallet! I’d have to schedule a longer layover in Dallas! LOL!
    Ava recently posted … Chanel Healthy Glow Sheer Color (Les Beiges) in #40

  3. Erin says:

    I spent a lot of time in airports this summer, and definitely got to thinking about how I wished there were more beauty stores around. The vending machine is a nice solution!
    Erin recently posted … The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Japan

  4. Laure says:

    That’s so cool! I would probably be staring at it for half an hour. My friends would also have to drag me away. ;D

    I wish we had it here… :/ And maybe at a bit of a discount seeing as they don’t have to rent a store and staff? ๐Ÿ˜‰ *hint, hint*
    Laure recently posted … Personal | Blog about Prague: Day 3

  5. No way! If someone had just told me that I would have asked for pics, because I wouldn’t have believed it ๐Ÿ˜€
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Inika Liquid Foundation, Mineral Blush & Mineral Eye Shadow

  6. hanna says:

    I love the look of this truck so much!
    hanna recently posted … Making a Tower and Drawing a Pony

  7. Liz says:

    That’s cute. However, Benefit is probably one of my least favorite brands of makeup.

  8. Amy says:

    This is the coolest thing ever! Such a good idea!

  9. So cool!! I’ve wanted to run into one of these nifty makeup vending machines since they were first announced, but so far, no luck ๐Ÿ˜›

    Have a great time in Vegas, Karen! I hope you’re having a blast at the Photoshop conference ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rae // theNotice recently posted … LUSH Sun Review, Photos (Gorilla Perfumes Vol. 2) | A bitter orange splash to end the summer

  10. This is the most amazing and cutest thing I’ve EVER seen!!! I hope the ATL airport gets one near me! Benefit is truly one of my fave beauty brands. The pink outside makes it.

  11. Natalye says:

    This is so AMAZING! They need to have more of these around in case I need a makeup fix lol

  12. This is SUCH a brilliant idea!!!
    Gotham Polish recently posted … New from Revlon’s Evening Opulence Collection: “Elusive”

  13. Julia says:

    I love this machine! I’ve seen one of these at the George Bush Intercontinental airport in Houston. I think it was C terminal. The last time I was there I sat just down the hall from the machine, and I noticed that almost every woman who walked by did a double take when they saw it. And a lot of people were taking pictures. I haven’t tried buying anything from it yet, but I’m sure I will eventually during a long layover.

  14. Charisma says:

    OMG! How I wished we do have it in our airport here.
    Charisma recently posted … YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Rose Baby Doll Glossy Stain Review, Photos w/ Swatches

  15. Nikita says:

    I live in Austin and flew back into town this weekend after visiting family, and I saw the Benefit machine right as I stepped into the airport. I was wondering about that – so cool!

  16. Danielle says:

    Someone sent me a picture of this the other day! So cute!
    Danielle recently posted … MAC Face & Body in White: A Pale Person’s Best Friend

  17. Ashley says:

    Wow, those look so cute! But also could be a little dangerous while bored at the airport!
    Ashley recently posted … Taste the Rainbow: Purple Edition

  18. Julia says:

    Karen, do you know if there will be one at Boston’s Logan Airport?

  19. Iris says:

    That is so cool and cute! I wish this was around when I was in Vegas.

  20. Oh my Gosh!!! I love this kiosk idea *-*!

  21. Dalal says:

    I search for make up vending machine
    And i see this makeup vending machine is good for my
    Who mach the makeup vending machine???

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