The New Zoya Tickled Summer 2014 Collection, and a Quick Fashion Tip

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Zoya Tickled Collection, Summer 2014

Wearing the new Zoya Tickled summer 2014 collection with my favorite scarf…

Giddy-up, little darlin’! We’re living in the Wild West of the nail polish frontier, where anything goes when it comes to tips and toes.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, when the lacquer landscape was tamer territory, most gals stuck to one shade of polish at a time, and if you felt like pushing the envelope, maybe you’d get a French manicure or a small dangly charm for your pinky.


These days, we’re way more adventurous than that! Whether it’s nail art in your team’s colors, Skittles manis, accent nails, glitter gradients, bumpy textures or ombre effects, anything it goes.

You can even match your nails to your accessories, which is what I’m doing now with the new Zoya Tickled collection ($9 per bottle).

With the six-piece summer release of creamy shades, it kind of seem like Zoya’s channeling Essie (in a very good way). Here my multicolored mani matches my favorite scarf, which I picked up on sale at Anthropologie last summer. 🙂

Zoya Tickled Collection on my nails clockwise from my thumb: Rooney, Tilda, Ling, Rocha and Wendy; nail polish bottles clockwise from the blue bottle: Ling, Rooney and Wendy

On my nails clockwise from my thumb: Rooney, Tilda, Ling, Rocha and Wendy; nail polish bottles clockwise from the blue bottle: Ling, Rooney and Wendy

Zoya Tickled Collection, on my nails clockwise from my pinky: Kitridge, Tilda, Rooney, Wendy and Link

On my nails clockwise from my pinky: Kitridge, Tilda, Rooney, Wendy and Ling (two coats each); bottles clockwise from the green shade: Tilda, Rocha and Kitridge

I’m wearing two coats of each creamy, pigmented shade with Guerlain Le Gel topcoat (two words: shiny, sturdy) on top.

The smooth colors are packed with pigment (no streaks, BTW, not even with Kitridge, the pale pink polish), but a word of caution…

I’m just wearing them with a topcoat here (lazy girl says what now?), but you may want to go all out with these and also wear a base coat.

Then, in addition to that, you’ll probably also want Siri to remind you to reapply your top coat every other day.

Since I skipped the base coat this time around, I started seeing small chips around the edges of four fingernails by the end of the second day…

Wearing a multicolored mani with a matching scarf is one of the quickest fashion tips/conversation starters I know, and an easy way to gussy up a basic outfit like jeans and a tee, or a simple black dress (I do it all the time).

With multicolored manis, I get out of glancing down at my nails as I’m typing. Highly recommended if you spend a lot of time at a computer. 🙂

The Zoya Tickled summer collection arrives on Zoya counters and May 15 (bottles, $9 each).

The collection includes six creamy colors…

  • Rocha, a coral red
  • Wendy, a coral pink
  • Kitridge, a pale carnation pink
  • Rooney, a medium bright pink
  • Ling, a denim blue
  • Tilda, an avocado green

Zoya Ticked Collection Nails

Netflix binging BBC’s The Paradise

Netflix binging
I’ve been doing A LOT of Netflix binging lately…

So much binging that I think I might need a new hobby, lest my butt permanently attach itself to the couch.

One of the shows I’ve binged is BBC’s The Paradise, about a plucky girl (I love that word, “plucky”) who works as a sales associate at a large department store in 1875 England.

She has a knack for marketing but, because of the times, isn’t always taken seriously. She comes up with some very imaginative ways to get around Victorian conventions.


I didn’t expect to get sucked into this one (I eventually got a little burned out on Downton Abbey), but I did! I was hooked after the first episode.

I think it’s a little cheekier than Downton and moves at a good pace. Stick it on your list for possible Netflix marathon sessions.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Gina says:

    Totally agree on making typing more fun! I also used to get a fun pedi to motivate myself to go to yoga…way more fun doing a forward fold to admire my cute pedi 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hey Gina!

      That’s a great idea. I’ve been meaning to get back into yoga…maybe doing a fun pedi will be the push that I need. 🙂

      How have you been?

  2. Fancie says:

    I love those colors! I actually love them all together like that too! I think I’m going to have a Netflix night myself. Orange is the New Black will be back soon and I want to watch the first season over again. I love that show!
    Fancie recently posted … Revlon Fifth Ave Red Super Lustrous Lipstick Review

  3. Natalie says:

    Those polishes look so pretty! I love the multi colored mani. That tv show sounds great too, I love period shows. Thanks for the recommendation!
    Natalie recently posted … Travel Day Makeup

  4. Jennifer says:

    I love your scarf. PERFECT with the polishes. Sheer Genius using the scarf as a background! Now where can I get the scarf?

  5. Meegan says:

    I love The Paradise! I have been binge watching it too!

  6. Divya says:

    oh these look so cute on your hands! I had noticed your nails in the Sundays with Tabs post!
    Divya recently posted … Summer Skin Saviors : Part II

  7. I LOVE these nails, Karen! Skittles manis are so fun — I still don’t own enough bright polishes to put one together, but one of these days 😀
    Rae // theNotice recently posted … Benefit Always a Bridesmaid Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow review, swatches, photos

  8. Puri says:

    Love your nails, that shirt was perfect to pair with them! I love Zoya, happy to see some great summer colors from them 😀
    Puri recently posted … A Beauty Blogger Exchange- Canada style!

  9. Vanessa says:

    lol Lacquer landscape =love that alliteration!

  10. Such beautiful colors! And your scarf goes perfectly with a manicure like this 🙂
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … L’Oreal Paris Kajal Magique : Review, Swatches

  11. Sylirael says:

    LOVE period/historical shows! Thanks for mentioning it – I haven’t really watched television in about five years, so I’m a little rusty on the latest (but yes, I have seen Downton Abbey. Well, the first season…).

    Yay for colourful nails! They (and glitter nails) cheer me up when I’m having to work a lot on my thesis. If I’m gonna type a lot, I might as well have fun nails, right?
    Sylirael recently posted … Loot Alert! Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick Swatches

  12. Sunny says:

    SKITTLE NAILS! How fun 🙂 You’re right: mixing it up is much more fun than wearing one color on its own!
    Sunny recently posted … Dior Aventure & Pandore Vernis

  13. NeenaJ says:

    Zoya polishes are just my favorite. They have such a great formula. I will definitely check out The Paradise. The Bletchley Circle is really good, too (group of female British WWII code breakers trying to live normal lives after the war and end up solving crimes together).

  14. Rhea says:

    In love with all these colorful shades!
    Rhea recently posted … Silver Metalic Smokey Eye Tutorial

  15. Iris says:

    The Paradise sounds great. We don’t get BBC. I’ll have to see if any local stations carry it. 🙂

  16. MelodyJ says:

    I liked The Paradise. It was on PBS late last year. B&N had the companion book. Someone told me the story was French. I’ll have to check on that. On Downton Abbey I like Edith’s story line. But Mary’s story line with a bunch men chasing her once again is annoying.

    I love them Zoya’s colors. I only have two polishes from them. Both are dark Fall/Winter colors.

  17. Sherry says:

    I need to go get that Zoya polish in “Rooney”, just because that’s my last name!! I wonder if Ulta carries Zoya??

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