Thanks to Deborah Lippmann, the Forecast Calls for Stormy Weather and Billionaire This Fall

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deborah lippmann fall 2011

Girlfriend, I think it’s time…


I fought fall’s relentless approach with every fiber of my being, but thanks to the new Deborah Lippmann polishes for Fall 2011 ($16 each), I think I’m finally ready to get with the program. I guess it’s about time, after all, seeing as the first official day of the season is just a single week away (on September 23).

Goodbye beaches, swimming pools, flip-flops and fro-yo (well…). Hello, knit hats, knee-high boots, scarves and sweaters.

Soon the last of the summer watermelons will disappear, only to be replaced by the first of fall’s pumpkins.

Don’t ask…

Easing the transition from summer to fall are the following four new nail polishes from Deborah Lippmann, which combine dark, moody colors with both cream and shimmer finishes, and a consistency that’s neither thick nor thin.

deborah lippmann fall 2011
From the left: Stormy Weather, Brick House, Billionaire and Single Ladies

The four of them dry reasonably quickly but do require patience, as I’ve had to use about three layers of each of them to achieve fully opaque coverage. And together, the three layers take about 45 minutes to dry (not including a base or top coat).

Two of the shades, Brick House and Single Ladies, apply a little streakier than I expected them to…

deborah lippmann fall 2011 brick house
Brick House

deborah lippmann fall 2011 single ladies
Single Ladies

But thankfully my two favorite shades of the bunch, Stormy Weather and Billionaire, don’t have any issues with streaks. 🙂

deborah lippmann fall 2011 stormy weather
Stormy Weather (doesn’t it really look like stormy weather?)

Creamy Billionaire, ironically enough, reminds me of one of my least favorite songs (“I wanna be a billionaire, so frickin’ bad!” — BLUH), but I sure dig the shade. If Ripley from Aliens attended a red carpet affair, I could see her wearing it on her nails. It’s got a real “tough girl in a ball gown” thing going.

deborah lippmann fall 2011 billionaire

It also looks quite a bit like the ocean up here in Northern California — murky greenish black. I remember surfing these waters a few years ago, something I still can’t believe my friend Cindy and I ever had the courage to do. Sitting on my surfboard, I’d look down into the water and couldn’t see my feet!


Good times…

Even though two of these colors have minor issues with streaks, I think the four of them on balance are great (especially Billionaire and Stormy Weather, fo’ sho!).

PRICE: $16 each
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Barneys, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom stores, and also online

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Erin says:

    Billionaire and Stormy Weather are SOOO up my alley :). I love dark colors all year round!
    Erin recently posted … SELLing the Stash Sunday (on a Monday!) – Blog Sale

  2. Alaina says:

    Ah, I love Brick House. 🙂 And I love the pumpkin picture, LOL!

  3. marisol says:

    Good bye to froyo? Uuum no!

    I like Brick House a lot.

    • Karen says:

      GURL, I’m craving some right now as a matter of fact. Mmmm, taro with toasted coconut flakes…

      Did you ever decide on one of the Chanel blues?

      • Marisol says:

        To be honest, I shouldn’t be spending the $$ when I don’t have a job. Sucks to be a grown up 🙁

        • Karen says:

          Yeah it does. I never thought I’d say this, but sometimes I miss the “in-between” realm of my college years.

          How has the search been going?

          • Marisol says:

            Sort of meh. I had an interview last week but haven’t heard back. It would be a job in the banking industry. At this point, I would take anything even though I really want to get out of that industry. Bit besides that not much else.

            May be easier to find a sugar daddy 😉

          • Karen says:

            Ideally a sugar daddy that looks like Vampire Eric, woo hoo!

            If I run into any I’ll be sure to drop your name, LOL!

            I remember you mentioning that you wanted to get out of banking. What other areas would you like to move into?

          • marisol says:

            Yeah buddy! Or Alcide… rawr!

            I like the tech industry a lot but I don’t have the background & I would have to decide if I want to go back to school for it you know. And also beauty. I’ve been applying to different customer service positions at companies that I like. I figure that way I can learn about the company and it’s easier to move up that way. But I would take a huge hit on my salary. Right now I have 13 years in banking which is a great thing to have when negotiating salary. But it isn’t all about the money but I want to make enough to be back to living on my own.

          • marisol says:

            Thank you though if you do find any opportunities you can pass along my way. I just want to enjoy what I do.

  4. Brittany says:

    You + pumpkin = EPIC. And ohmiwords…Brick House is amazing!
    Brittany recently posted … The Sweaty Betty Diaries: How a natural deodorant saved my pits.

  5. all are absolutely lovely! Brick House would be so perfect for Christmas! <3
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … NXY Cosmetics’ 10-Color Eyeshadow Palette In Velvet Rope Makes My Purple Loving Heart Happy

  6. Vijaya says:

    Billionaire looks right up my alley!
    Vijaya recently posted … Walking on Eggshells

  7. Jessi says:

    I don’t particularly care for the colors. 🙁 Well, I like them, but they’re a little ordinary for the price. If I’m going to be paying Deborah Lippmann prices I want something extraordinary!

    I love the picture of you holding the pumpkin! Too bad it doesn’t feel like anything close to fall here; the temperatures are still above 100 degrees most days!
    Jessi recently posted … Supernova Goes POP!

  8. Sarah says:

    It looks like you just won a pumpkin race. xD

  9. gio says:

    They are all lovely!
    gio recently posted … QOTW: What’s the best hair conditioner?

  10. jen. says:

    These do look pretty Essie-ish, but I like Billionaire a lot. Love the triumphant pumpkin photo!

  11. Stèphanie says:

    I love the polishes! Too bad the polishes are twice the price here in Europe.
    Stèphanie recently posted … China Glaze "Anchors Away" Collection

  12. Nina says:

    stormy weather pleaseeee! mostly because i love the name, and also because im a sucker for gray (or close to gray) nailpolishes!

  13. Kim says:

    Those colors are beautiful, but boo on the dry time and the streakiness.

    Hey, you’re excited about finding the perfect pumpkin – that’s totally understandable! 🙂

  14. Lilly says:

    I still haven’t moved on from Chanel Jade and Rivia like a really bad break-up. Is that bad?
    Re: your pumpkin pic, pumpkin latte is back at Starbucks!

  15. Shannon says:

    oh MAN do I want Stormy Weather and Billionaire. sexy sexy.

    So, I know you posted a while ago about how you clean up your nails (they always look so awesome and perfect!) but I can’t find it. Could you point me towards it, or maybe go over your process again?

  16. Amanda says:

    I really only like Brick House but the three coats and streaks turn me off big time. Too bad though. The others are just too dark for my tastes.
    Amanda recently posted … Birchbox – September 2011

  17. Karo says:

    Love this colours!
    Karo recently posted … Herbst Make Up mit Sigma & MAC

  18. I want to grow one of those thousand-pound pumpkins in my backyard. 8) Don’t say goodbye to fro-yo. Simply make the switch to fall flavors like pumpkin!

    As for the polishes, Brick House looks a lot like Zoya Chelsea to me! 🙂
    Soleil Doux @ Soleil Doux Blog recently posted … Urban Decay Giveaway!

  19. amy says:

    I was at Beauty Brands earlier this week and Deborah Lippmann polishes were there! Never seen them before at BB but I’m so glad because it’s so much more convenient for me than Nordies. Looks like they did the same thing as Essie and decided to “bring down” their brand a little by sharing it w/ the masses instead of only high end retailers. I like!

  20. Mariana says:

    Loving Billionaire! As much as I love the bright greens and blues (etc) on other people I’m a sucker for dark colors, this is an awesome shade of dark green!

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