The Day in Beauty, Vol. 10: Flamingos, Polka Dots, Deborah Lippmann Spring 2016, and The Pleasure Principle

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Um…if this teal rash guard (complete with rollerskating flamingos) and matching ruffled polka-dot bikini bottoms are designed for babies, why do I want them so much for myself? 🙂


They’re from Carters, which, coincidentally, is having a 50%-off sale online now.

Obviously, I had to get them for BG (along with matching sun hat).


And, um…here’s to hoping that Baby Girl will actually like to splash around in the water. Yup, I really hope that she’s a water baby (*crosses fingers and monkey toes*).

Jeez, she’s not even born yet, and I’m already researching and plotting different ways to get her to fall in love with the water, haha.

For now I’m indulging El Hub, who thinks that BG is going to grow up to be an Olympic soccer star, but I wouldn’t protest if she said that she wanted to be a pro surfer instead. Because then I’d be able to hang out with her at the beach all the time.

Deep thoughts…

Speaking of beaches, here’s an important (OK, not really) question for you: do you believe that there’s an age after which one should stop wearing a two-piece? (See, I said it was important, LOL!)

My mom-in-law believes that nobody should wear a bikini after the age of 40, but I feel that if you’ve got the swagger, why not? #deepthoughts

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Spring 2016 Afternoon Delight Collection

All this talk of beaches is making me think of another tidbit of paramount importance, and that’s pretty pedicure colors. I love wearing boots, but oh! — I love sandals, flip-flops and wedges at least as much, if not more, because…


I’m so looking forward to warm weather footwear. 🙂

I always like to have my toes painted when they’re gonna be out and about because, I kid you not, my toes are freakishly long. Fo’ reals! They’re like little monkey paws…

I’m going to keep these new Deborah Lippman Pro Gel Lab Nail Colors ($20 each) close by so I can paint my toes with them just as soon as I can actually, ya know, reach my feet…

The four here are from the Deborah Lippman Afternoon Delight collection for spring 2016, available now at Nordstrom stores, Sephora and online.

Wearing Deborah Lippmann's Spring 2016 collection on my nails; the purse is by Jetoy USA

Wearing the Deborah Lippmann Spring 2016 collection on my nails (the purse is by Jetoy USA)

“Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Color features a dual-patented formula infused with 10 active ingredients that help deliver health, wear and shine while giving you the gloss and cushion of a gel manicure without the nail damage. Evening primrose is an omega-6 fatty acid that reduces moisture loss; biotin is a vitamin that stimulates keratin production; keratin is a protein and the main building block of your nails; and nonychosine F delivers strength and resilience to fortify weak and brittle nails. Green tea extract protects nails from damage by free radicals; aucumea deters ridges from forming; platinum powder resists wear; and epoxy resin fuses the lacquer to bind layers together. Additionally, silk fibers produced by silkworms even out the nail plate for a smooth finish.”

I did this Skittles mani with all four of the colors last night, but last week I wore the light purple one, The Pleasure Principle, all by itself.

Clockwise from the blue nail: Get Lucky, Dirty Little Secret, Peaches & Cream and The Pleasure Principle

Clockwise from the blue nail, that’s Get Lucky, Dirty Little Secret, Peaches & Cream and The Pleasure Principle

I kinda rushed through that mani because, apparently, that’s what I’m all about these days (rushing). I did my usual Sally Hansen Green Tea + Bamboo base coat, then two coats of The Pleasure Principle, but I skipped the top coat.

Turned out that I really didn’t need one, though, because The Pleasure Principle held up well, and through tougher-than-usual circumstances. Despite being pretty tough on my nails last week (I had to mail out some packages, so I was opening and taping boxes, and I also had to put together some baby furniture), Gel Pro was a champ.

deborah lippmann spring 2016

I didn’t see any chips until day three (and even those were tiny). My nails looked fresh and shiny all the way till day five, and I bet I could’ve made it to day six or seven had I actually been careful.

They’re pretty pricey at $20 a pop…but they’re sturdy and dry quickly (within about 10 minutes). The mani I’m rocking here took me about half an hour to do, from start to finish, and my nails were basically dry by the time I finished.

It’s the principle of pleasure!

Shout out to you, by the way, if you got the reference to the Janet Jackson song…

So, Deborah Lippmann likes to name her polishes after songs, and this one’s from Janet Jackson’s epic Control album, which includes some of my favorite Janet songs of all time, like When I Think of You. Another Janet classic, Nasty, is on the album as well, and if you ever happen to watch the video, keep an eye out for Paula Abdul’s cameo as one of Janet’s backup singers.

OK! Now I’m off to go listen to some Janet. 🙂 I hope your Monday has gone fabulously well.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Chris25 says:

    I’m definitely with you on the bikini debacle. If you like how it looks, then that’s all that matters. 🙂
    Chris25 recently posted … Current Favorites: Beauty and Life Vol. 19

  2. Chelsea says:

    You look so cute in that dress!

    I can’t wait for sandal season! I pretty much wear boots or sandals, depending on the season, and only own a few pairs of actual shoes. I haven’t painted my toenails in ages since it’s winter, but when I’m practicing splits, it reminds me to take better care if them because they’re right in front of me!

    And wear a bikini if you want, regardless of your age or body type, if it makes you happy! Haters gonna hate.

    Oh, and BTW, I have really long toes too.

  3. Vijaya says:

    There’s no age when you should stop wearing the bathing suit that makes you happy. It is, after all, a primarily a functional garment!
    Vijaya recently posted … The Sakura Frappuccino, Galentine’s Day at Noa Cafe & I Was A Valentine’s Kitty at Raul

  4. Catherine says:

    I’m a very firm believer in wearing whatever makes you feel the most fabulous when it comes to clothing and swimwear. Life is too short to worry about what other people may think about your bathing suit! That being said, I ended up buying a super cute vintage style one piece for my Jamaican vacation last month. haha

  5. Ohhh peaches and cream yaaaas. And I fully support people of all ages and sizes wearing 2-pieces, 1-pieces, 50-pieces. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.
    Meg @ Pinch of Nutmeg recently posted … Buttermilk Pound Cake with Sweet Cream Glaze

  6. Nicole says:

    I’m really glad you proposed that question because I always thought I would wear a 2 piece as long as I wore a swimsuit because up until a few years ago I felt very confident in one. There are various levels of bikinis. I mean I was not sporing a thong or anything! But, I had always been very athletic (since the age of 12) and taken care of my body and the such. But, I became chronically ill a little over 3 years ago and while I’ve not put on weight I just don’t feel very comfortable in a suit at all now since I stopped working out completely. Then to top it off, I moved a little north , closer to my sister. She told me that since I was close to 40 ( I am now actually 40 as of last Tues. , that I shouldn’t go to the family pool in a bikini). It really was deflating and makes me feel so not myself. There is nothing wrong with one piece suits and there are some really sexy one pieces out there. But, I just feel less myself in one. I just don’t see why they care what I am wearing. It’s true this pool is just all these women who look alike and who seem to have given up their selves for their children. Well, I think I’ll be buying a 2 piece again this year! 😀

    • I think you should wear whatever you feel like. If you no longer feel like a bikini, wear a one piece, no matter if you are 20 or 40.
      But if you feel like wearing a two-piece, go for it, no matter the age. I was unsure if I wanted to wear one after I had my daughter, but when the beach holiday actually came up, I felt most comfortable in my trusted bikini, so I went for it.
      LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Long, healthy hair – Discover what you really need

  7. Anita says:

    The idea that there could be an age restriction on clothing is ridiculous. If you like it, wear it!
    Women’s bodies should not be policed my onlookers at the pool, beach, or anywhere. Also, 40 is an arbitrary number someone decided would be considered old – for women. No one is out there telling men they need to wear a T-shirt to the beach now that they’ve turned 40 ( or 50 or 60 or any age because society doesn’t feel the need to patrol their bodies or decide they are worth much less after a certain age).
    If you like it, and you feel good in it then wear it for you.
    Besides, who wants fashion advice from random judgey perfectionist onlookers at the beach?
    Not me! I get my fashio (well, makeup) ideas right here from cool bloggers who could rock any look she wanted to, and at age! Wear one when you’re 90 if it makes you feel good!,

  8. Ricky says:


    I rest my case.

  9. My mother is 66 and had four children and still rocks the bikini whenever she is at the beach (very often), and I don’t see anything wrong with that. She is very athletic as well, so in my opinion she wears it better than many 20 year olds out there. Better than I would at the moment for sure.
    Age restriction for womens clothing is ridiculous.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Long, healthy hair – Discover what you really need

  10. Rachel R. says:

    I love the cat purse and the manicure!

    I don’t think there is a cut-off date for wearing a bikini. I think someone is happy in it, they should wear it. Helen Mirren still rocks bikinis and looks beautiful doing it.

  11. I love the multi-colored mani! And that cat purse is just too cool, hehe. As for your bikini question, no, I don’t think women have a bikini sell by date. I think it’s all about feeling comfortable.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | W.Lab Water Holic Lipstick (Real Red + Pure Red)

  12. Stephanie Smith says:

    If you feel good in a bikini, wear the bikini, no matter if you’re 5 or 95! For reals! And introduce your daughter to water early and she’ll be a water baby. That’s what I did and I have two mermaids for kids, ages 10 and 13. These polishes are lovely, plenty of pigment but not totally in your face because sometimes I don’t want that. Love!

  13. Fran says:

    That flamingo outfit is so cute!

    There is no magical cut-off age after which “No one should wear ______” fill in the blank. Those rules are beyond stupid, made up by people who are afraid of older women and want them (in my case, us) to be invisible. If you like it, wear it! For myself, the only two-pieces that look good on me are the kind that completely cover my midsection (but I can buy a size 6 top and size 2 bottom, so the thing actually fits). But I still look good in very short skirts, and wear them.

    It’s funny, I wore ‘Get Lucky’ last week along with Deborah Lippman’s ‘Gel Pro’ base and top coat. My nails are really weak, get weakened more by remover, and I’m really hard on manicures. So I don’t do my nails that often. But, since I’m going to be going to esthetician school, I was thinking it would be nice to paint my nails, make my hands look extra-good. The products sure do dry fast, which is wonderful, and last longer than other products I’ve tried. I think I could make a mani last half a week with these. Now if only I can find a remover that doesn’t strip my nails — acetone is out — non-acetone removers somewhat better, but not actually good — going to try Josie Maran Bear Naked nail wipes next. I want to try the colors Dirty Little Secret and Pleasure Principle… chips might not be as noticeable on me if I’m wearing Dirty Little Secret…

  14. Your post actually made me want to go to the beach!!! I am defo a water baby 😉 My name means “the sea” in fact.
    Marina (Makeup4all) recently posted … GIVEAWAY: Makeup4all Turns 7

  15. Ruchita says:

    That flamingo and polka dot outfit is so cute! I remember my mom taking my little brother to baby swim classes to help him get used to the water.

    As far as bikinis, I think they can be worn at any age!

    February feels like it’s dragging, so I can’t wait for warmer weather. Mingus is bummed to. He’s missing all the fresh, green grass to eat. 🙂

  16. Amanda says:

    Oh my gawd, I wanted to be Janet Jackson in this video. This was the ’80s version of SLAY. It’s one of my favorite all-time songs.

    • Karen says:

      Me too! Especially the part where she does the jump off the chair. I tried to do that when I was a kid, and um, it never quite worked out the way I wanted it to, LOL! I fell a LOT.

      Was it just me, or was her t-shirt in that video the coolest thing ever? I still want it!

  17. Lorraine says:

    Love me some LIppmann polish and love me some vintage Janet Jackson videos! Back when music videos were all about the actual music- style and dancing – no branding or hidden messages. All fun! Janet’s shows are still bringing the great dancing, from what I have heard. Her Rhythm Nation tour is one of my favorite memories of concert going years.

    and Deborah? Miss Lippmann, if you’re nasty… is really onto something with her Dirty Little Secret. Scattered holo from LIppmann? Yes, please! I am hoping for some more of this magic from the brand that brought groundbreaking glitter and trendy finishes to the mainstream. I am defintely onboard to try this one.

  18. Steph says:

    I don’t think there’s an age limit for bikinis. If you are comfortable in it, rock it no matter your age!

    Those Deborah Lippmann polishes look nice! Seems like everyone brand has lampless gel polishes now, huh? And I still haven’t tried any!
    Steph recently posted … Beauty Infinitum Turns 4 + Giveaway! (International)

  19. Iris says:

    I’m with you. If a woman wants to wear a bikini past 40 and it makes her feel good, all the more power to her!

    I’d so get that flamingo sweater if it was available in adult sizes.

  20. Tatiana says:

    OMgosh! That is the cutest rash guard and bikini bottom evah! My girl hated water at first. Bathing her was so frustrating. Then we moved back to CA from Holland and she loved the water. I think it was the fact that it always felt so cold in Holland. We tried baby swim lessons around one year of age, but those didn’t work out too well. (I think the teacher wasn’t right. She seemed burned out and on auto-pilot). We tried a different swim school when my daughter was in preschool and she loved it. We kept going back every summer so she could learn more and more. She now surfs, white water rafts and basically loves the water!
    I say if you got the body for it, flaunt it and wear a two piece.
    I’m loving Dirty Little Secret and The Pleasure Principle. Nail polish rarely lasts more than 24 to 48 hours before chipping on my nails. I wonder if this formula will fare better for me. I tried the newly reformulated Chanel Le Vernis in Organdi and Gel Coat topcoat. (Available on the Chanel website now) It lasted about 48 to 60 hours before chipping. Better than my usual, but not what I hoped for.

  21. Erin says:

    Baby swimsuits are always the cutest!

    As for bathing suits, wear whatever makes you happy. There is so much shame around our bodies, I say F*CK IT! I really hate the term bikini body. If you have a body and put on a bikini, you have one. I’m overweight and if I found a comfortable bikini and I though it looked good and fit well, I’d rock it. Other people can be uncomfortable with my Kim K right after birth style bod… I don’t care! I do find one pieces nicer sometimes because I have big assets on both ends so if I’m actually swimming a one piece makes more sense. If I’m lounging and I found that unicorn level two piece, I’m down to wear it.
    Erin recently posted … Derma E Purifying 2 in 1 Charcoal Mask

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