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Yes, ma’am, you’ll find me in the front row at a Sephora beauty class, taking notes like the nerd I am. 🙂 I’ll be the girl with the glittery purple notebook and the noisy four-color click pen, click-click-click-click!


I’ve mentioned these classes a few times on the blog since I started going to them this summer, and I’ve gotten quite a few questions. Long story short, they’re free, fun and highly recommended.

Picture a college classroom, except instead of learning about chair versus boat conformations of cyclohexane (which is about the only thing I remember from O-Chem), you learn about skin care and makeup. There’s a long list of different classes available, too (now in all U.S. stores). So far I’ve taken the Correcting and Concealing, Perfectly Paired Lips and Cheeks, and Daytime Smoky Eyes classes, and I learned some good stuff in each one.

sephora beauty class 1

The classes take place right inside the stores, like right in the middle of the sales floor, usually with 12-30 students seated lecture style, with an instructor at the front of the class working with a model. After the instructor finishes demonstrating the lesson, the class breaks up into smaller groups, and you get the chance to try the look or technique on yourself, so it’s very hands-on.

At the Sephora I go to in Novato, California, they usually host the classes at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings before the store opens. The classes start at 8 and run till about 9:30, and after they’re done, they let you shop around the store or just hang out and ask the instructors or beauty coaches questions.

sephora beauty class 2

I usually go by myself, but I see groups of girlfriends go together all the time. Maybe meet your best beauty buddy early for breakfast, and then head to the class together? That would be fun!

From the classes I’ve been to, I didn’t get the impression that you have to be a hardcore makeup professional to enjoy them. They’re geared toward casual makeup enthusiasts.

sephora beauty class 3


And did I mention that the classes are free?? Yes, totally free. And they don’t feel “salesy” at all. There’s no pressure to buy stuff (although you might still be tempted to!). The coaches and instructors use products that are available at the store, and they talk about the things they love and use on themselves and on their clients all the time. That’s another reason I like going — the product recommendations.

Lots more info in the video at the top, including tips on how to sign up (hint: forget about doing it online).

As always, thank you again for watching!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Katie says:

    I want to try this! I always love getting opinions from many different people on how to do my makeup because I never know when I’ll learn something new, but I hate how pushy sales associates can be so I rarely ask for advice. This might be a great opportunity to learn more!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katie,

      Definitely! Maybe sign up for a class in something you’ve been wanting to learn more about? You can always jot down specific questions beforehand and ask the instructor or coaches after the class portion is done. That’s what I do. 🙂

  2. Holly says:

    I’ve really been pushing myself to get out of my (introverted) comfort zone & try new things, especially if they’re free, so these classes sounds ideal. I spent 45 minutes in Ulta last night checking out new products & chatting with one of the salespeople & really enjoyed it. Admission time: I’ve never been in a Sephora as the closest one is at a mall about 30 minutes away & I tend to get overwhelmed at malls. An early morning class is quite appealing!

  3. Shreya says:

    I want to attend these classes too…
    btw enjoyed watching your video 🙂
    Shreya recently posted … Lakme Absolute Lip Pout in Pink Fantasy Review, Swatches

  4. Whut, they’re free? That’s so awesome! And I love that you say that there’s no pressure to buy afterwards. I’d hate that.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick + NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

  5. Kim says:

    It sounds like a ton of fun but my closest Sephora is a 3 hour drive so that would be an EARLY morning. HAHA!

  6. Agata says:

    Ohh, thanks for talking about these classes. I really want to go but with my work schedule it might be difficult…I always work on Saturdays. But they do sound like fun!
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  7. Have I mentioned before that it is a shame that there is no Sephora in Germany? Because it really is!
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  8. Fancie says:

    This is so cool! I had no idea Sephora offered classes like this. I’m gonna have to check for some here in Michigan. Thanks for the heads up!
    Fancie recently posted … Dior Couture Palettes & Sets for Holiday 2015

  9. Ann Marie says:

    Oh how I love Sephora! I go to these classes all the time, they are awesome and the ladies all know me I go so often. best of all totally free and get great one on one time. I go to the one in Pleasanton.

  10. Pamela Haddad says:

    I have a question, do you go completely sans make-up or just depending on what the class is about?

  11. kellly says:

    I got a smile over your recollections from O-Chem class! I remember mine pretty well — the class, that is – not the contents! I agree, makeup class would be infinitely more fun! And more applicable to life in the real world, unless you end up employed as a chemist, that is!

  12. denise S says:

    I was curious about these classes. Sound like fun except for getting up early on a Saturday, lol. I’m a night owl. I’ll check what clases they offer at my Sephora store. Maybe I can take my 23 year old daughter who won’t wear hardly any makeup. And heaven knows I’ve tried to help her, she’s naturally pretty but could use a few tips.

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