Sundays with Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Feb. 8

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Tabs is freakin’ OBSESSED with Hello Kitty and can’t wait for MAC’s Hello Kitty collection to go on sale this Thursday.


Earlier today I even caught him pre-ordering the Lucky Tom eyeshadow palette ($38) from Nordstrom.

I pre-ordered the Beauty Powders last week, but Tabs will have to get his own.

Are you excited about the collection? Do you know what you want yet?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. lesley says:

    I love Hello Kitty, so I’m very excited as well, but oddly enough I was able to restrain myself from pre-ordering. I want to see it in person and then buy what I want from there. I think I’ll probably buy some lippies and probably one of the creme blushes 🙂 It’s great, my friends and I are going this Friday after we get our paychecks 😉

    Hope you had a good weekend!! =)

  2. Miss QQ says:

    Hi Karen. Hello Tabby looks good! I’m excited about Hello Kitty, which will be launched here on 6th March. I look forward to hearing about the BPs from you. 😉

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Lesley,

    How fun! Are your friends makeup junkies too?

    My weekend was pretty good. It went by way too fast. I could use another three days off. 🙂

    How was yours?

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Miss QQ,

    March is just around the corner so you won’t have to wait too long.

    I am *dying* for the BP’s! They are my major MAC weakness.

    Do you know what you want yet?

  5. Camellia says:

    HI karen (:

    Hello Tabby is cute (=

    I`m super excited about the collection release! I’m a serious hello kitty fan (= I pre-ordered some stuff already. I want the brush set, both beauty powders, too dolly eye palette, she loves candy and fast friends lipglass, popster tinted lip conditioner, fun &games blush, and most popular lipstick(:

  6. Karen says:

    Hi Camellia,

    Tabs says, “Thanks!” 🙂

    Your haul sounds great. We’ll have to swap notes about the Beauty Powders, for sure!

  7. lesley says:

    Yeah, my friends and I (who were all coincidentally members of Makeupalley prior to us all meeting) are total makeup junkies. We’re off to do a Filipino Ethno-tour for class on Friday around the Financial District-Downtown-SOMA area so we figured in light of pay day and MAC Hello Kitty we’d make it out there before the tour and do some shopping together 🙂

    The weekend was okay, I’ve been sick so I stayed in, but Hubby has been an amazing care taker…. so I really can’t complain. It did go by fast though! Now it’s raining cats and dogs again. Oh well, the Bay could use the water.

  8. Anna says:

    Awwwww, Hello Tabby looks eve better than Hello Kitty, Karen !

    I’m excited about the Kitty brushes and holder….I have the beauty powders alreadty from another collection ! The blushers look cute though, I’ll be getting those and the glosses.

  9. tanya says:

    Wow, Tabs has good taste–you’ll have to borrow it when it comes in to do some different looks for us! Yay! I love Hello Kitty. (My husband just read my comment and rolled his eyes).

    tanya´s last blog post..getaway

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Lesley,

    I love Makeup Alley. I don’t really post on there but I do enjoy reading the reviews. When I had a corporate gig a few years ago I spent waaaay too much time on that website. It was a miracle I didn’t get fired, LOL!

    That’s cool that you’ll be able to check out HK with fellow junkies. Most of my close friends aren’t nearly obsessed with makeup as I am so I have to get my kicks by making friends at the MAC counter. 🙂

    Anyway, I hope you are feeling better today! Happy Monday!

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Anna,

    Oh, nice haul! I may end up getting the blushes, too, if I fall in love with them in person. 🙂

  12. Karen says:

    Hi Tanya,

    Hee! I think Tabs ordered the palette because he loves to do smokey cat eyes, LOL!

    But yeah, the more I think about Lucky Tom the more I’m kinda crushing on it, too. I will probably end up “adopting” that palette as well.

    Aww, hubby needs to get with the HK program! 😉

  13. Elle says:

    Hey Karen!

    I was close to pre-ordering a few things at Nordstrom this weekend, but I think I’m just gonna go on Thursday to check it out a bit more…I didn’t take a good enough look at everything, so I’m not sure what I want yet. I know at least one lipstick and one gloss are calling out to me, but I’m kinda so-so on the brush set. I really wanted it for the brush holder, but it’s awfully small in person…

  14. Kim says:

    I’m always excited when a new line of products comes out, but I can’t seem to get myself too excited over the MAC Hello Kitty line. I was slightly disturbed by the Smurf line over at Too Faced. I’ve noticed the trend of linking into your inner little girl and playing with Barbies, Hello Kitty, and watching the Smurfs… but still. I want to look like an adult! lol.

    I love the cute new MaBB mascot though! ZOMG SO CUTE.

  15. I want the Tom Palette too and the blush powder! I am too old to be a kitty, but this collection will bring out my inner cougar!

  16. Brittnie says:

    Hey there!

    I pre-ordered both beauty powders (my weakness too!) and the Too Dolly eyeshadow set. It was so tough to narrow everything down!

  17. Lucky says:

    I love your Tabs-style Hello Kitty…he’s brown, like me!

    Lucky´s last blog post..Grammys and the Pistons

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