News – Goes Behind the Scenes with MAC Cosmetics at San Francisco Fashion Week, August 22-26, 2007

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I have a theory that every MAC makeup junkie has at least two moments where MAC comes along and changes your life. The day I discovered the 266 (December 20, 2004, LOL) saved me from a life of questionable brows. It was glorious (and honestly well overdue, because my brows were a hot mess.) And my buying my first Lipglass in 2001! Little did I know that countless tubes of Spite Lipglass would be on used my lips as my adult life started to take course: when I told my mom I was moving out of the house, as I struggled finding a job out of college, and as my heart broke and healed countless times until I met my wonderful husband.


Yesterday I was lucky enough to have yet another mega-MAC moment! I found out that I will be heading backstage to witness MAC in action at San Francisco Fashion Week next week. The powers-that-be at San Francisco Fashion Week and at MAC were kind enough to invite to cover the trends that MAC will be using on the runway models and to interview the two key MAC makeup artists, Victor C. and Louise Z. backstage.


To say that I’ve been bouncing off the walls is a major understatement. I can barely hold onto my 209 and my Blitz N’ Glitz Fluidline looks all shaky and crazy, ah ha ha!

I’ll be backstage for all of the shows on August 23, 24, and 25th, and I can’t wait to show you all of the MAC looks that will be featured during the shows. If you’re attending San Francisco Fashion Week shows please come by and say hello! I would love to meet your stylish self!

I am so glad that I’ll be able to share this opportunity with you!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. kia says:

    do it for us dear karen!

  2. NBLACK says:

    I totally love your eye makeup on that close up of just your eyes. Tell all the ladies their is nothing sexier than soft lips (of course you need some to start with) that look moist and tasty. Now if you follow that up with memorable eyes that captivate me to the point that I can’t look anywhere else you can take the world by storm, or at least me (pending other requirements). Karen your make up skills rock and have come so far. I wish I could say I taught you everything you know.

    You Rock

  3. Karen says:

    Kia, I will carry you and your mad crease building skills with me in spirit!

  4. Karen says:

    NBLACK you know you are already a rockstar on! I am so glad you stopped by. When are you gonna let me interview you so that you bestow upon the world your knowledge of squirrel hair brushes?!

    Anyway, thanks for your kind complements. Remember when I had those hot mess too dark brows circa 2004? OH GAWD …

  5. Apple Diva says:

    oooh Karen. I wish I could be there (maybe you can recommend that Kia and I come with you next year for SF’s Fashion Week.) LOL Maybe you could do a video post. Mamala, make us proud!!

  6. Karen says:

    Awww, you’ll be there with me in spirit, Apple Diva. I’m workin’ on the video post idea. SO much technology, so little time!

  7. Marisol says:

    Don’t you just love Victor? I met him and Louise at a seminar they did at the Macys on Union Square. He is fabulous!

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