MAC Trip Collection: Travel Exclusives for Spring and Summer 2009

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mac trip

I love to travel…


Even if it’s just a quick day trip up to the Napa Valley or down to Fisherman’s Wharf, El Hub and I will try to swing a small vacation every few months if we have the time and moolah.

No matter where we go, I’m always on the lookout for makeup and beauty because you never know what you’ll find, particularly at airports. Totally nerdy, I know, but I actually like getting to the airport early so I have time to hunt for products. Sometimes I’ll find limited edition items special to airports (they call ’em travel exclusives) from big lines like Estee Lauder, Clinique and MAC that aren’t available at their regular stores and counters.

This spring and summer, MAC has a special travel exclusive collection called MAC Trip. It features nine limited edition eye, cheek and lip palette products on sale at various airports and travel hubs around the world.

If you have an hour to kill at the airport before your next flight, keep your eyes peeled for MAC Trip. Some of the palettes take me back to other limited editions like Barbie Loves MAC and Strange Hybrid.

Pricing and availability will vary from airport to airport, but the approximate US prices are $35 for the eye, $22 for the lip and $30 for the lip and cheek palettes.

MAC Trip Eye Palettes

5 Cool Eyes

mac cosmetics cool eyes palette

  • Prismique: A creamy white with pearl
  • Springtime Skipper: A yellow green with golden pearl
  • Water Nymph: A blueish green with golden pearl
  • Flashtrack: A frosted dirty navy
  • Knight Divine: A charcoal with silvery pearl

5 Warm Eyes

mac cosmetics warm eye palette

  • Whistle: A pastel pink
  • Da Bling: A bright pink with golden reflects
  • Parfait Amour: A vivid blueish violet with pearl
  • Leisuretime: A cranberry plum with pearl
  • Cassette: A blackened eggplant

5 Neutral Eyes

mac cosmetics neutral eyes palette

  • Bisque: A soft muted beige
  • Mineralism: A frosted light taupe
  • Say, Yeah: A pinkish coral with golden pearl
  • Sable: A muted bronze with golden pearl
  • Bateau: A dirty midtown brown

mac cosmetics eye palettes

MAC Trip Eye and Cheek Palettes

4 Classic Eye and Cheek

mac cosmetics classic eye and cheek palette

  • Sweetness Beauty Powder Blush: A clean pink
  • Lightfully Eyeshadow: A pale icy pink with silvery pearl
  • Idol Eyes Eyeshadow: An icy gray violet with golden pearl
  • Print Eyeshadow: A muted gray

4 Neutral Eye and Cheek

mac cosmetics neutral eye and cheek palette

  • Shy Beauty Powder Blush: A nude pink
  • Sunday Best Eyeshadow: A frosted golden cream
  • Girlie Eyeshadow: A muted soft pink with pearl
  • Agate: A blackened brick red with reddish pearl

4 Bronze Eye and Cheek

mac cosmetics bronze eye and cheek palette

  • Eversun Beauty Powder Blush: A gilded peach with pearl
  • Magic Dust Eyeshadow: A soft white gold
  • Elite Eyeshadow: A gilded copper with golden pearl
  • Smut Eyeshadow: A deep blackened brown with reddish pearl

mac cosmetics eye and cheek palette

MAC Trip Lip Palettes

3 Cool Lips

mac cosmetics cool lips palette

  • Mlle Lipstick: A sheer white pink
  • Pink Maribu Lipstick: A frosted mid-tone pink
  • Sprightly Lipgloss: A pale pink with golden pearl

3 Warm Lips

mac cosmetics warm lips palette

  • Strange Hybrid Lipstick: A frosted yellow-pink
  • Tempt Me Lipstick: A creamy mid-tone brownish pink
  • En Pointe Lipgloss: A peachy pink with multi-dimensional pearl

3 Neutral Lips

mac cosmetics neutral lips palette

  • Expensivo Lipstick: A pale beige with pearl
  • Plastique Lipstick: A soft peachy bronze with pearl
  • Poetic License Lipgloss: A creamy mid-tone peach

mac cosmetics lip palette

Don’t these sound cute?

The trick is finding a way into the gate area at the airport where all the shops are without having to buy a ticket… but I almost want to take a trip just to hunt these down, LOL!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Shiny says:

    Wow those are really nice… I don’t think I’m going anywhere till next fall though. Boooo.

  2. Jessica says:

    I LOVE travel palettes! Im so excited for these!! I want the neutral eyes and the bronze eye/cheek palette 😀

    Jessica´s last blog post..The World’s Most Amazing Cosmetic Pads

  3. Karen B says:

    Lol. I can so see you sneak into a gate to get your hands on these. You could always do a new rambo-offensive like with El Hub for the Fafi collection.

    Speaking of offensives, I went to two MAC counters here in Stockholm today. Like a kid in a candystore, and I gave Nina the virus as well. I think I spent more than her though…
    I got the 15 pro palette (for like 11 euros, crazy, I didn’t expect anything to be cheaper than in Belgium), vanilla e/s, technakohl liner in brownborder (I was going to get fluidline but the jar is heavy and I need to try and stay within my kilos for luggage). Also the Grand Duos collection was out so I got Hot Planet (looks a-ma-zing on me!) and the 188 (LOVE, it was calling out to me). Then I the MUA had to check with another counter because she was out of brush cleanser and mineralize skinfinish in light medium. So I went there to pick those up.

    I think I might go back tomorrow because the MUA at the second counter showed me some of the scents and I wanted to test the white one on my skin and let it dry down to see if I liked it completely and guess what: I really really like it. Also I really really need mascara and I totally forgot to buy some. Quite funny because that was my initial thing: I’m going to try some MAC mascara, so I might pick up some other stuff… lol

    • Karen says:

      Hi Karen B.,

      LOL! I do that all the time. I go in for one thing and then I end up with a whole mess of other stuff. 🙂 I am *loving* your haul. Brownborder is a really great pencil. You could easily use it every day. Plus, you’re so right about it weighing less.

      Hmm, I’m still iffy about the Grand Duos but maybe I’ll give them another try. Does Hot Planet look very frosty on you?

      Oh! Would you believe I don’t own any MAC scents? I will have to smell the white one. I remember trying Turquotic (?) a long time ago and thinking it was pretty.

      What mascara are you thinking of getting?

  4. Karen B says:

    Wow that was a long comment. But I have to add one thing: we also got a free pouch of the christmas collection and we could choose one free lipstick! I got Racy 🙂

  5. Glosslizard says:

    Ooooh, I wish I was going somewhere! I love the 5 Cool Eyes!!! The Classic face set is lovely too, I already have Sweetness BP Blush and it is wonderful!

    I guess the only option for us stay-at-homes is Evil-Bay!
    *Le Sigh*

  6. Tracy says:

    Awww – I so want these – I’m not flying anytime soon though 🙁 I’d love to have them before I DRIVE to Busch Gardens and DRIVE to the beach this summer – not fair!! I’m still traveling!!!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tracy,

      On a bright side, at least you don’t have to wait in crazy long lines or pay extra for checking your bags in (that still makes me grumpy). 🙂

      Busch Gardens sounds fun — it’s a theme park, yes?

  7. Shana T says:

    OOOOOOOOH! I love these palettes! I think I would buy them all if I could get my hands on them! My hubby and I are going to Korea in August I wonder if they’ll sell them at airports here in Asia??? Thanks for sharing now I’ll know what to look for!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Shana T.,

      Hmm, I think it depends on the airport. I hope you find them, though! Keep your eyes peeled. If you get a palette you’ll have to send me a pic. 🙂

  8. blu3 says:

    Oh I love the Cool and Warm eyes palettes…man maybe I should reconsider taking my vacation this year just for that 😛

    blu3´s last blog post..Jill Stuart Mix Blush compact, T’estimo Grande Shine Eyes

  9. Charm says:

    Oh wow I never knew about this!! I’ll have to keep a lookout

    Charm´s last blog post..L’Oreal Hip Crayon Vs. MAC Shadesticks

  10. Dao says:

    They look pretty indeed! I love that MAC put together some beauty powder blush/eyeshadow palettes. Do you have any ideas of the price?

    Dao´s last blog post..Eyeko Cream: When Multitasking Looks so Good!

  11. Liliana says:

    ohhhh i hope they have this in the international terminal at O’hare!!! I’m going to London in June and this would be a perfect addition to my MAC collection!

  12. Tracy says:

    Yes – Busch Gardens is a theme park in Virginia. We’re going with my parents, and my daughter is taking a friend. So.. Family Fun for everyone. I’m looking more forward to the beach vacation – nothing exotic – just the Maryland seashore – but relaxing nonetheless! I love the beach!

    Hmm – my hubby may be traveling for work – he may just have to bring me back a souvenir from the airport!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tracy,

      You guys are cool parents! My mom and dad would always let me take a friend along on vacation and I loved that. Sounds like it’s going to be fun!

      There’s nothing better than a relaxing beach vacation. A book, some sunscreen, a margarita (or five)… that’s good stuff.

  13. sammie says:

    A blush palette would sound even cuter! =)

  14. Torrie says:

    Hey Jaren…thanks for posting this! So, are you telling me these won’t be available at any counter, freestanding store, or Just wanna know if I should start crying now or later, lol. 😀

  15. Torrie says:

    Sorry for spelling Karen like Jaren. These palettes have me typing crazy =P

  16. lesley says:

    Oh, these are so pretty!! I’m such a sucker for travel exclusives that I always have to budget my money for the Duty/Tax Free shopping at airports. Do you know when these will come out? I’m planning on going to Europe and the Philippines this summer… I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes out for these. I’ve been dying to try Eversun as well!

    *sigh* Why can’t travel exclusives make their way to department stores and counters 🙁

  17. Dao says:

    The prices are not so bad, I reckon! Jack the cat has not been around as much, I think he’s mad at me for not feeding him. Also, it’s been raining for almost a week so he would probably be stuck in his place.

    Dao´s last blog post..Eyeko Cream: When Multitasking Looks so Good!

  18. Alexandra says:

    Awwww im only going on a cruise to norway this year :(.
    No chance of decent duty free lol.

  19. Shiny says:

    It’s likely I’ll go to India… and I have an annual conference in Wisconsin in October. I have never seen MAC in the Toronto aiport though so I have my doubts about finding it. Oh well 🙂

  20. H. says:

    omg. next time dad goes on a trip from work (which should be coming up in a few months), im going to print out pictures and send him into one of those duty free shops to get me these lovely palettes!!! i won’t be flying anywhere till this december, so i can’t get them myself 🙁

  21. Karen B says:

    I wasn’t expecting to like the Grand Duos at all but I like Hot Planet. It looked really orange on my hand but when I tried it on my face it’s cute. A bit frosty but nothing too much. In daylight it’s just like I’m glowing 🙂

    I love the technakohls! I think it’s perfect for everyday. Blacktrack is just really a bit too hard on me I think so I think this is great for everyday for me.

    You don’t? Tss :p It’s the white one. We’ll see tomorrow.

    I’m thinking about mascara X as I heard it’s oftalmologically (however you spell it) tested and that would be great with my contacts. Do you have any experience with it? Which mascara would you recommend?

    And we just had dinner at this fabulous restaurant here in Stockholm called Grill. They have a website (also in English) and it’s just so so good!

  22. Camellia says:

    I SOOOOO WANT THEM ALL! I’ve been wanting palettes more and more after I got my first one from the holiday collection :[ ahh.. i should’ve gotten all of the holiday palettes too sigh* -________-” do you think these are available at the SF airport? i’ve never seen MAC there

  23. Shivotra says:

    me wants!

  24. Sanayhs says:

    I loooved the first set of Trip palettes (December 2004, I believe), even though I only have one. Some of the repromotes in these are INCREDIBLE! Leisuretime, for example – I’ve been absolutely infatuated with that lately!

    I NEED to find out how to get my hands on at least 5 cool eyes!

    Sanayhs´s last blog post..Moxy’s lip products!

  25. Liz! says:

    Hot damn! I love ’em all! Normally, palettes don’t work for my complexion (I’m a blonde, blue-eyed NC15, and sooo many colors seem to clash with my hair-eye combo – you brown-eyed, brown haired girls don’t KNOW how lucky you are!) but these are allll good. I’m flying to Michigan on the 30th – think they’ll be at Oakland or Detroit?

  26. Stef says:

    What does MAC have against my savings account?!

    Stef´s last blog post..Weekly love list – 4.4.09

  27. wenvers says:

    Hi Karen,

    Do you know if there is a list with sellings points?

    Thank you and have a lovely day

  28. Wendy says:

    OMG Karen!! I absolutely love the Warm Eyes! I love purples and that palette looks perfect. I want it so bad but I’m not going anywhere anytime, drat my poor student status. Do you know if they will be at the San Francisco Airport, SFO? When do they come out?

  29. Marisol says:

    There could eventually end up at the CCO’s. I have gotten some great deals at the Duty Free shops.

    Marisol´s last blog post..Back to Counting…

  30. lexi says:

    damn it – my sister and i just came back from spain – we could have used these!!!

  31. Fair says:

    So these won’t be available in stores at all? Ugh! All of these palettes are gorgeous

  32. LayLa says:

    oH!! the color especially the purple
    violet ones, soo cute can wait to
    see them in person !!!

  33. Jenny says:

    Hi Karen! Whoaaaaaa! My hungry eyes just devoured every pic in this post! The last purchase I made from MAC was from the Neo-SciFi collection. I just haven’t been digging the collections MAC has been shooting out.. until now! I’ll be heading out to the Bay Area (East bay to be exact!) from Hawaii for my sister-in-law’s baby shower in June, hopefully I can get my grubby hands on these palettes! I’m really digging ALL the eyeshadow palettes! Thank you for the eye candy!

  34. Paris B says:

    I actually saw these this weekend at Hong Kong International Airport! I was drawn to the Classic Eye and Cheek – its super gorgeous in real life. But not being a MAC fan I skipped it. If you are a MAC fan and like cool toned shades, grab this if you can – its beautiful!

    Paris B´s last blog post..Review: Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Top Blush Brush

  35. Vero says:

    I’d like to buy the Neutral eyes palette and the Neutral eye and Cheek. But sadly I’m not from the USA…

    Enjoy it!

  36. suzie says:

    thanks for sharing
    I just managed to get my friend who was traveling from London Heathrow Terminal 3 to get this for me! and she just rang and said she have got the classic palette! ^^
    So girls.. if you do travel in London.. Terminal 3 has a MAC counter. = )

  37. Fay.H. says:

    WOW the colors looks amazing! Good thing I have a friend going on a trip soon. I can ask her to take a look for me! Thanks for sharing!

  38. lauren says:

    I recently looked for this on my way to san fran, but didn’t see it in the jet blue term at JFK or san fran!

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