MAC The Simpsons Collection: Coming Soon to the Springfield and Shelbyville Malls

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MAC Simpsons Collection

Wearing the new MAC The Simpsons Collection while on vacation in Springfield

“Excellent…” she said maniacally, her fingers steepled in front of her, Mr. Burns-style.

The Simpsons! πŸ™‚


Twenty-five years and still “doh!”-ing strong (LOL! Ooh, bad pun.)

You knew it was bound to happen sooner or later — that MAC would eventually collaborate with Team Springfield. It was just a matter of time before MAC would accumulate the requisite amount of bright pigments for the products and packaging. I mean, seriously — that red, yellow and blue, and the lacquered black edges? It’s so very MAC!

I should say here before we really get into this that I’m a kid at heart and a lifelong cartoon and comics fan, so I’m a sucker for silly things and makeup that doesn’t take itself too seriously (or really anything that doesn’t take itself too seriously).

To quote the great Bart Simpson, “Don’t have a cow, man, it’s makeup!”

OK, well, I added that last part…

MAC Simpsons Collection

MAC The Simpsons Collection

I can see how this particular collaborative pairing may have worried fervent MAC fiends, considering the preponderance of primary colors like bright yellow and blue in The Simpsons. I wondered if the makeup colors were going to look too cartoony or costume. Who knew, right? I swore I’d seen packaging like this at Party City next to the sexy clown costume.

Well, fear not, fabulous reader, because this collection does not channel The Simpsons literally. It’s whimsical, yes, but it’s also bold and pretty. While trying everything on, I had many more “Ooh!” moments than “Eww…”

MAC Simpsons Collection

MAC The Simpsons Collection

MAC That Trillion Dollar Look Quad

Take That Trillion Dollar Look, the green quad, and one of two quads in the collection (my favorite one!), for instance.

Hello, how am I supposed to say no to a bright lime green eyeshadow? Answer me that. How?

Talk about fun, especially if you dig that classic MAC girl look.

You know the one I’m talking about — the bold eyes with a dash of drag queen fabulousness.

The shadows in That Trillion Dollar Look are all rich, intense and shimmery. In other words, catwalk ready.

MAC Simpsons That Trillion Dollar Look Quad on my lids, Powder Blush in Sideshow You on my cheeks and Lipglass in Grand Pumpkin on my lips

Wearing that Trillion Dollar Look Quad on my lids, 7 Lash on my upper lashes, Powder Blush in Sideshow You on my cheeks and Lipglass in Grand Pumpkin on my lips

Pop a pair of spiky 7 Lashes (a re-promote from the permanent line decked out in special Springfield packaging) on your eyes and don MAC black from head to toe, and you’ll fit right in with the makeup artists at your favorite MAC counter.

MAC Powder Blush in Sideshow You

That Trillion Dollar Look Quad, by the way, looks awfully epic with Sideshow You, the satin light peachy coral Powder Blush.

I think the greens in the quad go really well with the peachy coral. Plus, there’s something about this blush that simulates a youthful flush. I swear, when I wear this, I look like a wee lass of 29. I wore it out to dinner with a girlfriend this week, and the waitress actually carded me. πŸ™‚

So pigmented, this blush, so use a delicate hand.

If Sideshow You catches your eye, remember this date: September 4. That’s when the collection launches in stores and online, and Sideshow You is an online exclusive.


MAC Lipglass in Grand Pumpkin

While we’re at it, I think Sideshow You looks as tasty as a Homer-style doughnut when paired with Grand Pumpkin, a bright creamy orange Lipglass.

It’s kind of a holdover, I guess, from summer’s orange lip trend, so if you aren’t ready to bid farewell to orange lip colors, now’s your chance to grab one more before it’s “Full steam ahead to fall!”

MAC 7 Lash false lashes

Why have I not tried these before?? They’re re-promotes from the permanent line, but they’ve got that special edition packaging.

They’re so nice, long, lightweight and great. I love these.

The lashes are in spiky bundles (spiky like Marge’s lashes or Lisa’s hair), and they bring bad-@ss drama without heavyweight lash noise. Just be careful if you intend to clean and reuse them because they’re very delicate (but fab!).

MAC Simpsons That Trillion Dollar Look Quad

That Trillion Dollar Look Quad; Eye Shadows from the left in Lisa’s Spikes, Apple Squishee, 2 Dozen and One Greyhounds, and Chalkboard Dreams ($44 U.S./$53 CAD)

MAC Simpsons Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad

Marge’s Extra Ingredients Quad, Eye Shadows from the left in Harpooned Heart, Sexy PB & J, Beehive Blue, and Vivacious Vacuum Cleaner ($44 U.S./$53 CAD)

MAC Simpsons Powder Blush in Sideshow You (online exclusive; $24 U.S.;$28.50 CAD)

Powder Blush in Sideshow You (online exclusive; $24 U.S./$28.50 CAD)

MAC Simpsons Powder Blush in Pink Sprinkles ($24 U.S.;$28.50 CAD)

Powder Blush in Pink Sprinkles ($24 U.S./$28.50 CAD)

MAC Simpsons Lipglasses from the let: Grand Pumpkin, Nacho Cheese Explosion, Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy and Red Blazer

Lipglasses from the left in Grand Pumpkin, Nacho Cheese Explosion, Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy and Red Blazer ($16.50 each U.S./$20 CAD)

MAC Simpsons Lipglasses from the let: Red Blazer, Grand Pumpkin, Nacho Cheese Explosion and Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy

Lipglasses from the left in Red Blazer, Grand Pumpkin, Nacho Cheese Explosion, and Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy ($16.50 each U.S./$20 CAD)

MAC Nail Stickers in Marge Simpson's Cutie-cles

Nail Stickers in Marge Simpson’s Cutie-cles, ($16.50 U.S./$19 CAD)

MAC Simpsons Lash in 7 Lash

Lash in 7 Lash ($18.50 U.S./$22 CAD)

MAC Simpsons Lash in 7 Lash

Lash in 7 Lash ($18.50 U.S./$22 CAD)

MAC The Simpsons That Trillion Dollar Look Quad Swatches

Swatches of That Trillion Dollar Look Quad Eye Shadows from the left: Lisa’s Spikes, Apple Squishee, 2 Dozen and One Greyhounds, and Chalkboard Dreams

MAC The Simpsons Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad swatches

Swatches of Marge’s Extra Ingredients Quad Eye Shadows from the left: Harpooned Heart, Sexy PB&J, Beehive Blue and Vivacious Vacuum Cleaner

MAC Powder Blush in Pink Sprinkles (left) and Sideshow You (right)

Powder Blush in Pink Sprinkles (left) and Sideshow You (right) swatches

MAC The Simpsons Lipglasses from the left: Red Blazer, Grand Pumpkin, Nacho Cheese Explosion, Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy

Lipglass swatches from the left: Red Blazer, Grand Pumpkin, Nacho Cheese Explosion, Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy

MAC Lipglass in Nacho Cheese Explosion

A couple things in this collection are misses for me, like neon lime yellow Nacho Cheese Explosion (despite the super cool name).

I thought it would be something I’d like, but it turned out kind of gross and weird on my lips. Sort of milky and patchy, and I dunno… Green? Just not cute.

MAC Simpsons Collection Lipglass in Nacho Cheese Explosion

Lipglass in Nacho Cheese Explosion

MAC Nail Stickers in Marge Simpson’s Cutie-cles

And then there are the nail stickers… No, this isn’t 2009. πŸ™‚

But seriously, remember when everyone was going ga-ga over Minx nails? Yeah, these feel a few years late to me, but they’ll still be fun, I guess, for Halloween.

Or maybe as a gift for the gal pal in your life who loves The Simpsons so much that she quotes the show all the time and named all three of her cats Snowball I, Snowball II and Snowball III.

MAC Simpsons Collection Lipglass in Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy

Lipglass in Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy

Good old-fashioned fun

If you aren’t a Simpsons fan, these are still MAC products. Behind the cartoony packaging, primary colors and wacky names are some great MAC colors, and you can definitely achieve that classic MAC girl look.

MAC Simpsons Collection Lipglass in Red Blazer

Lipglass in Red Blazer

When/where can you find it?

The 10-piece limited edition collection debuts at all MAC locations and online September 4 through October 2 (and internationally some time in September).

The 10-piece MAC Simpsons Collection includes…

LIPGLASS, $16.50 U.S./$20 CAD

  • Nacho Cheese Explosion, a bright neon lime yellow
  • Grand Pumpkin, a bright creamy orange
  • Red Blazer, a bright fucshia
  • Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy, an electric blue violet


  • Lisa’s Spikes, a lime green with a Frost finish
  • Apple Squishee, a mid-tone Kelly green with a Frost finish
  • 2 Dozen and One Greyhounds, a dirty olive green with a Veluxe Pearl finish
  • Chalkboard Dreams, a deep blackened teak with a Velvet finish


  • Harpooned Heart, a light baby pink with a Lustre finish
  • Sexy PB&J, a mid-tone bright violet with a Veluxe Pearl finish
  • Beehive Blue, a mid-tone bright blue with a Veluxe Pearl finish
  • Vivacious Vacuum Cleaner Bag, a deep navy with a Frost finish

LASH, $18.50 U.S./$22 CAD

  • 7 Lash

POWDER BLUSH, $24 U.S./$28.50 CAD

  • Pink Sprinkles, a cute blueish pink with a Satin finish
  • Sideshow You, a light peachy coral with a Satin finish (online exclusive)


  • Marge Simpson’s Cutie-cles

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Since we’re on the topic of Springfield, do you have any Simpsons-related stories? They have been on TV since…the dawn of time, after all.

Mine is from back in high school, sophomore year. My best friend Jen had a pair of Bart Simpson jeans. They were regular blue jeans but had a huge Bart Simpson picture on the left thigh, and because I sat next to her in biology, I had to look at that Bart Simpson all year long… πŸ™‚


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  1. So, this collection is surprisingly gorgeous…most of the lip glasses and that Trillion Dollar palette are what really catch my eye. As always your pictures are just amazing…BTW did you do something to your hair? It looks fab πŸ˜‰
    Kristina Vieweg recently posted … This or That: pH Reactive Lip Balms

  2. Julia says:

    Karen, you really outdid yourself with this review! It’s fantastic!

  3. Divya says:

    Red blazer is so intense! Love the packaging on these!!
    Divya recently posted … Too Much Too Soon

  4. Erin says:

    I really like red blazer!
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  5. Hah, you look good with a Marge do, Karen! πŸ™‚ I definitely see some things that I like but the theme just really doesn’t appeal to me.

  6. Agata says:

    I’m not a big Simpson fan but the packaging is really cute. I love your story as always. Great job!
    Agata recently posted … My Makeup Story

  7. Alison M says:

    I am not a Simpsons fan, but I do like the way Marge was embossed into the powders.
    Alison M recently posted … NARS Audacious Lipstick in Fanny and Raquel

    • Karen says:

      Hi Alison,

      I think it helps to be a fan of the show…but you don’t need to be in order to love the colors! I want to see you in a bright green eye someday!

  8. sarahc says:

    Oh, I love The Simpsons. I do believe this is going to be my next big haul from MAC. I’m fawning over both of the quads and Sideshow You.

  9. Laarni says:

    Laarni recently posted … Dovie Sunnies by Sunnies Studio

  10. gio says:

    I’m not a fan of the Simpson, but I love this collection! Everything looks so pretty and fun, especially the Trillion Dollar palette and the face powders.

    Love the Marge do. You look great!
    gio recently posted … QOTW: How Often Do You Get A Pedicure In Summer?

  11. Kwmechelle says:

    I was wondering how in the world you were going to review this collection. Per usual, you knocked it outta the park. Great review. And Red Blazer looks smashing!

  12. Meg says:

    Do you think Sideshow You wold be to warm for a fair cool-toned girl to pull off? I want to get one of the blushes, but I am having a hard time picking between the two. How do they compare to each in formula? I have been waiting for bloggers to start reviewing this collection because I am going to get a couple things and I will have to order it online.

  13. Debra says:


    And you look fabulous in these colors. Don’t think I’d bite on any of them but they are for the expressive in makeup!

    You with the blue Tower of Pisa hair reminded me immediately of the vet tech who was dressed as Marge one Halloween. She made that vet visit memorable. (Looked good with the hair too.)

    So it’s not Dior, but it is fun!

  14. Fancie says:

    Lol only you can rock Marge’s beehive and still look fabulous! I’m so glad Slideshow You turned out to be darker than I thought. It looks like it should work great with brown skin. I think it’ll be the only piece I grab from this collection. The glosses are pretty but I rarely wear gloss I hate they skipped lipsticks but I guess it saves me money
    Fancie recently posted … Look What’s Coming to Milani this Fall!

  15. Jules says:

    When I was but a wee one, I was not allowed to watch “The Simpsons”, as my mother felt the language was inappropriate and the humour moreso. My brother and I promptly stayed up late and snuck into the living room to watch it! Of course, we did get caught when my mother put her hand on the back of the television and realized how warm it was…

    I’ve got to say, you’ve got quite the talent, m’dear. Whenever I’m having a bad day or need a pick me up, I can count on your awesome posts to pep me up!

    I think I’d like to try “Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy”. I have quite the weakness for purple!

  16. Leticia says:

    This is the most amazing review on the internets!

  17. Fieran says:

    Looking good, Karen πŸ™‚

    The eyeshadow quads look quite nice actually – I kind of like both but only the darker shades. Not too sure what to do with the lighter shades. Shall swatch them when I get the chance.

    Hope your week is going well.

  18. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    The one Simpsons item I didn’t think of! You really lifted my spirits today with this one. Great review.

  19. meredith says:

    You had me at “carded me” lol. What a fun collection.

  20. Charlotte says:

    Eggsellent themed layout!

  21. Ashleigh says:

    Wow, what fun! I love the cartoonified Karan! And Tabs is looking mighty fab too… if a bit thinner!

  22. Jess says:

    Question for you darling:

    Are we able to get the Mac Pro discount on this lovely collection? Please say yes!!!


  23. Majick says:

    OMG – LOVE THE cat – LOVE the beehive! THis really made me smile today. Your eyes look great in the green palette. all the shadows look stunning. THe lippies are ok, the yellow one definitely leaves something to be desired. I don’t think I’ll be picking these up because I have way too many colors I don’t use already and I now have a new car payment. YEA! πŸ˜‰

  24. Megan Joy says:

    I love this! The Beehive Blue eyshadow is so pretty and perfectly named. I went to Universal Studios last month and the Simpsons ride was the most fun one I went on! πŸ™‚

  25. Allison C says:

    What a fun post you put together (as always) for this iconic LE! To me, the lip glasses seem the most Simpsons-ish, maybe the blue shadow but I would’ve expected matte (as in Matt Groening?) and maybe the blush shades coz they’re so bright. But for fans, the packaging sure is cute! A nice remembrance of this milestone
    Allison C recently posted … City Lips Lip Plumper

  26. Ariel says:

    Hold on Red Blazer lipglass. I’m comin’ for ya. BTW Karen you have simply outdone yourself with this post. I have to say in my best comic book guy voice…”best pictures and swatches ever”

  27. Cordelia Pratt says:

    Such a fantastic review and pics!! Really tempted by Sideshow You (mostly for the name, ngl!!) and will hopefully get the nail stickers for my Simpsons-loving sister, but generally really disappointed in the collection. Not a fan of shimmers to be honest and for a cartoon collection was hoping for some mattes – at the very least more yellows!?! That lipglass is pitiful. Such a shame as (I know this is weird but) been wanting a pigmented yellow liploss for a while. (Got Shoot by Illamasqua mostly because of your review tbh and one of my favourite lip products!)
    They all look fantastic on you though. I love the boxes though the actual packaging looks a bit cheap. I suppose it’s a good thing I won’t be spending all my money on this but still disappointed! Wasted opportunity imo.

  28. Love love love the packaging and u look super-adorable as simpson lady..:-*

    I kinda loved the palettes and blushes and that damn colorful outer cases.. <3

    Green gloss could have been replaced with a nail shade but still it is prettyy impressive collection!! πŸ™‚
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Brighten up your skin with Jafra Brightening range

  29. What a fun post Karen! You outdo yourself everything time! I have my eyes on Sideshow You blush, what a gorgeous color!
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  30. Kim says:

    I knew this was coming (when you mentioned your hair being up the other day) but for the entirely wrong reason. I’ve seen a bunch of ads for the Simpson’s marathon on Fx but, of course, had no clue about the MAC collection. I love everything about your post and could quote 1000 Simpsons lines. Just seeing Marge in the blush pan made me squee with delight. πŸ™‚ Totally bummed about Nacho Cheese Explosion because I loved the name, too. Anyway, you did a phenomenal job with this review. Congrats! Oh, and happy Friday!

  31. Talia says:

    I am a big Simpsons fans but to be honest only 1 max 2 products caught my eye in this collection; maybe my expectations were high but I kind of like the idea of nail stickers!
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  32. Super fun pictures I must say! Love it!

    The collection on the other hand doesΒ΄n make me that exited though even if I really like the blush in Sideshow You and the pink and purple lipglosses. But hey, you look amazing as always! πŸ™‚

  33. ashly says:

    When the episode that aired when Santa’s little helper went to obedience school & at the end the instructor says “you son of a bitch!” My mom & dad were shocked they had said the B word. Me & my sis were cracking up!

  34. janet says:

    I love how you did your makeup using that trillion dollar look quad can you please tell me how u applied and in what order? Thanks πŸ˜€

  35. I love your creativity, Karen!!! And the collection looks cool.
    Marina(Makeup4all) recently posted … My Favourite Sun Protection Products for Summer Holidays

  36. Faye says:

    I love how you combined each look with your fun Marge graphic!

  37. Hannah says:

    I remember when i was a kid in school, must have been 7 at the time. We all heard that our new teacher was going to be called Mrs Simpson. I genuinely thought she would have blue hair and me and all the other kids were getting excited about seeing her. I can remember my disappointment to find she looked normal. I remember me saying to someone else – I thought she had blue hair.

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