The MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Collection for Summer 2014: Sharon’s Eyes & Cheeks

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MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Collection

Wearing products from the new MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne collection on my eyes, lips and cheeks

MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne CollectionWell, you know what they say — mother knows best (says the girl who always argues with her mom!), and in the case of the new MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne collection for summer 2014, she even gets top billing.

I gotta be honest with you — I don’t know much about the Osbournes.


I mean, I know that Sharon has a TV talk show (I think), and I’ve seen Kelly commenting about fashion on a couple of style shows. I also know that the whole family had a reality TV show, although I never caught it.

And then there’s the whole thing about papa Ozzy, whom I know a little something about, like that he wore makeup when he performed (yay!) and, um, decapitated small winged mammals on stage (boo!).

MAC Sharon Osbourne collection

The MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Sharon sub-collection products (not including the two brushes)

But other than that, I was kind of in the dark about the Osbournes when I first heard about this release.

I just knew that I liked the idea of a mother-daughter MAC collection.

In fact, I actually think my mom, who is not a makeup person AT ALL (I’ve been slowly trying to show her the light…for the past 20 years), is going to really like the Sharon eye and cheek products (the collection is divided into two sub-collections with different limited edition packaging) in this post here.

Stay tuned for the Sharon lip products and Kelly half of the collection a little later today.

The MAC Sharon Osbourne Duchess Quad and Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bountiful Brown

If you love colors like MAC Teddy Eye Kohl, or like any sort of warm reddish brown or warm orangey brown, you’re gonna love this warmish neutral eyeshadow quad with its hints of golden and reddish brown and bronze.

As for the eye pencil, Bountiful Brown, it’s off the chain! If you buff out this bronzy golden brown you get golden sparkle — but here’s the thing: it’s not new. You can get it right meow because it resides in the permanent collection.

I’ll be wearing both of these with my MAC warm brown faves, like MAC Texture Eye Shadow, Soft Brown and Costa Riche Eye Kohl. 🙂

MAC Sharon Osbourne Duchess Quad

Duchess Quad, with Femme Fatale (a golden brown in a Satin finish), Embark (a dark reddish brown with a Matte finish), Sexy Eyes (a soft, warm bronze with a Veluxe Pearl finish) and Sweet Eyes (a light golden nude with a Veluxe Pearl finish), $44

MAC Sharon Osbourne Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bountiful Brown

Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bountiful Brown, a bronze-rinsed brown, $17.50

MAC Sharon Osbourne Duchess Quad Swatch

Duchess Quad

MAC Sharon Osbourne Bountiful Brown Swatch

Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bountiful Brown

MAC Sharon Osbourne collection: Duchess Quad on my lids and Power Point Eye Pencil in Bountiful Brown on my lower lash lines

Duchess Quad on my lids and Power Point Eye Pencil in Bountiful Brown along my lower lash lines

The MAC Sharon Osbourne Mineralize Skinfinish Duo in Refresh and Powder Blush in Peaches & Cream

I would seriously consider selling my husky tabby for an entire pan of the golden pink highlighter from the Mineralize Skinfinish Duo in Refresh.

Why is barely a third of the pan the highlighter!? It is so freaking beautiful!

Hello, warm buttery sunset light dancing on your face. Talk about flattering the upper cheekbones.

I like the peachy tan side, too. On my NC42 skin, it works as a subtle bronzer, and maybe also as an all-over face powder, but if you’re lighter than I am, it could be an epic summer bronzer (think NARS Laguna-caliber, but slightly peachier with less disco shimmer).

Ironically, the blush, Peaches & Cream, doesn’t really look peachy or creamy to me. I think it looks more opalescent rose.

I like it. The faint sheen gives it a complexity and life, but the first time I wore it, I think I went a little overboard, assuming that, ya know, since Sharon Osbourne has lighter skin than I do, I’d have to use more. So I piled it on, and I didn’t realize until I looked in the rearview mirror on the way to Starbucks that I had a sh*t ton of blush on, LOL!

Note to self: keep a blush brush in the car to buff out pigmented blushes, just in case. 🙂

MAC Sharon Osbourne Mineralize Skinfinish Duo in Refresh

Mineralize Skinfinish Duo in Refresh, a light and summery, peachy tan and a golden pink, $33

MAC Sharon Osbourne Powder Blush in Peach & Cream

Powder Blush in Peach & Cream, a satin mid-toned rose, $22

MAC Sharon Osbourne Peaches & Cream Powder Blush Swatch

Peaches & Cream Powder Blush

MAC Sharon Osbourne Refresh Mineralize Skinfinish Duo Swatch

Refresh Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Sharon Osbourne collection: Mineralize Skinfinish Duo in Refresh and Powder Blush in Peaches & Cream on my cheeks

Mineralize Skinfinish Duo in Refresh and Powder Blush in Peaches & Cream on my cheeks

MAC Sharon Osbourne: Lip Pencil in Cranberry and Lipglass in Bijou

Lips are also from the Sharon Osbourne collection (review coming soon): Lip Pencil in Cranberry and Lipglass in Bijou

The MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Sharon sub-collection includes…

  • Lipglass in Pussywillow, a light neutral gold, $16.50
  • Lipglass in Bijou, a soft rose, $16.50
  • Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Innocent, a nude beige, $21.50
  • Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Patentpink, a washed-out lilac, $21.50
  • Patentpolish Lip Pencil in French Kiss, a warm caramel, $21.50
  • Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Ruby, a mid-tone rose, $21.50
  • Lip Pencil in Cranberry, a soft yellow pink, $16.50
  • Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bountiful Brown, a brown rinsed with bronze, $17.50
  • Duchess Quad with Femme Fatale (a golden brown with a Satin finish), Embark (a dark reddish brown with a Matte finish), Sexy Eyes (a soft warm bronze with a Veluxe Pearl finish) and Sweet Eyes (a light golden nude with a Veluxe Pearl finish), $44
  • Mineralize Skinfinish Duo in Refresh, a light summer peach tan and a golden pink, $33
  • Powder Blush in Peach & Cream, a satin mid-tone rose, $22
  • Brush in 275SE, a medium angled shading brush, $27.50
  • Brush in 167SE, a face blending brush, $38.50
MAC Sharon Osbourne

Channeling Tabs’ smize (or, trying to)

Available online June 2 at, at all North American MAC locations June 12, 2014 through July 10, 2014, and internationally (except China) at select MAC locations August 2014.

Based on the Sharon eye and face products here, I’m liking what this mighty mother-daughter duo has come up with. Check back later today for reviews of the Sharon lip products and the Kelly sub-collection.


The whole shebang reminds me of the relationship between moms and daughters… The Sharon and Kelly products do stand on their own, but I can also see how they’re tied together. Just like you’ll always be your own person, but you’ll also always be tied to your mom.

You can’t escape her, mwahahahahaaa!

Just kidding, Mom. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Look, Mom! More MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne collection coverage…


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  1. Judith says:

    I really want the mineralize skin finish duo. It’s so beautiful!
    Judith recently posted … My favorite warm shades for the summer for eyes, lips and cheeks.

  2. Agata says:

    Ohh, I am so excited about this collection, not necessarily because I care about the Osbournes but because I love all the promo pictures. I cannot wait for your pictures and swatches of Kelly’s sub- collection!
    Agata recently posted … Maybelline’s Bleached Neons collection will take you right into the summer

  3. Danielle says:

    I am seriously loving that blush! And I really like the packaging here.
    Danielle recently posted … NOTD | Color Club Reign in Spain

  4. Tiffany says:

    I LOVE Sharon Osbourne and all of these colors are right up my alley! I want everything, especially that eyeshadow quad.
    Tiffany recently posted … Sunday Inspiration

  5. MAC Sharon Osbourne this incredible! our karen like to have an item for each of this collection I admire Sharon

    this blush this incredible!
    thatiane gomes recently posted … Dia dos namorados com muito amor é na Personal Buyers!

  6. That Peaches & Cream blush looks gooooood! And the eye pencil is just such a gorgeous warm creamy brown, very nice.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Brush your teeth effectively with the Oral B TriZone 1000 electric toothbrush

  7. Fancie says:

    I really like the way that MSF and blush looks on you! I’m sure I can skip the blush but I’m really lemming for that MSF. I think it’ll look gorgeous mixed together!
    Fancie recently posted … MAC By Request Haul & Swatches

  8. Let says:

    I like the look of the blush and the smaller part of the MSF. Ill probably skip them though.

    • Karen says:

      Maybe you’ll change your mind if you see them in person? 😉 Do you live near a MAC counter? Mine is literally a 10 minute drive away. It’s like my safe place, LOL.

      • Let says:

        Umm maybe? The prices kinda scare me even though I know it’s celebrity collab+special packaging. There are a MAC store 15 minutes away by bus from me. Heck, if the weather is nice, I can walk there in <20 minutes LOL

        • Karen says:

          Oh nice! I would walk 20 minutes to go play with MAC, LOL. One thing I love about your city is the bus system. It is so easy to navigate and you can go everywhere!

      • Let says:

        Whoops should be “there is”, though there’s also a Nordstrom counter 20 minutes away by bus :p

  9. shana says:

    So excited for Kelly’s half of the collection! I’ve been going back and forth on the blushes, but I will definitely be picking up at least 3/4 of Kelly’s lipsticks!

    I’ve always quite liked the Osbournes, they never shy away from saying how they feel! And while most of them became famous from the family reality show, Sharon and Kelly have both done very well for themselves with branching out and having their own careers!

  10. Katherine says:

    I love the look of the MSF duo, but I’ve also been coveting the new Clarins bronzer, so I’ll have to decide which I want more. The blush is a must-have, though.

    Powerpoint is my favourite MAC eye pencil formula, so I’ll definitely have to give Bountiful Brown a go, but only in the normal packaging.

  11. Leah says:

    Agh I didn’t know about this collection! How exciting! x

  12. Trisha says:

    I love ALL of these swatches. They’re super beautiful, just like the Osbourne women. 😀
    Trisha recently posted … Nyakio Hydrating Face Oil With Kola Nut Review

  13. CKG says:

    You look fabulous!

  14. Divya says:

    Mum knows best!! I just love Sharon’s share of the collection.. just love it!
    Divya recently posted … My Wedding in Pictures

  15. Erin says:

    Seems like it’s a great collection for warm tones ladies who like a classic look. I’m surprised she didn’t throw in something crazier but she usually has classic makeup and more wild hair. Same with Kelly these days!
    Erin recently posted … Outdoor Living Space Updates For Summer

  16. Ashley says:

    Will the MSF work well with nw45 skin?

  17. April says:

    Love the MSF..I really want that but can’t wait to see Kelly’s choices.

  18. Camila says:

    I need this collection. I need find someone in EUA to send to me, i don’t want ask to my cousin

  19. kitkatnef says:

    Love the Quad, Refresh duo and I might look into the brushes too! I already have 2 of the patentPolish. This whole line is right up my alley!^^

  20. I really like the blush from this lineup!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … FOTD : L’Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipsticks

  21. Mineralize Skin finish duo looks fab.. the eye pencils also looks prettyy nice.. 🙂
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Eye Makeup Tutorial – Orchid’s Garden

  22. Sylirael says:

    I think Peaches and Cream looks beautiful 🙂 Just like you in all your pics, Karen! *envious* 😉
    Sylirael recently posted … Rogue’s Comfort: A Glittering Purple Sequin Manicure with OPI Care to Danse? and Blush Hour!

  23. Emma says:

    AHHH! You look so gorgeous in the Sharon eye and cheek products!! I’m really liking the eyeshadow quad and blush from her collection 🙂
    Emma recently posted … The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty – Wrath

  24. ericca says:

    I am not buying this collection but I love both of your eyeshadow looks for each of them. It seems like the colors can be duped? what do you think?

  25. Remika says:

    Any idea what time this line goes live on MAC’s website? I litterally kept waking up every 2-3 hours when the Alluring Aquatic line launched (yes I’m ridiculous) only to discover it went live at 10am-ish or so the next morning. Probably gonna be the same deal I gather?

  26. suzana says:

    I’m really thinking on getting the MSF and the blush. What are your thoughts on the Sharon face brush? Do you think it’s worth getting?

  27. Kai says:

    Love this post I wanted to know how you think the Skinfinish would work on my nc45 skin? If it’s just mostly a highlighter or how it works? Thank you

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Kai. You could use it to add subtle warmth to the skin, like a bronzer, but probably not for real-deal contouring. You could also use it as a highlighter as well. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  28. Ellen says:

    Based on your review,I got the mineralize skinfinish and eyeshadow quad from the Sharon collection the morning they went on sale. I love the eyeshadows, perfect for my redhead coloring. I could have used a matte base color instead of the super shimmery light color they included, but I can use it for highlighting and use another color in my collection for a basecoat. Otherwise,the other colors are perfect. I wish they were permanent so I could repurchase. At least the dark one is, but my favorite is the third from lightest brown, I hope MAC has something similar, it is an amazing crease color for me, and peach is my favorite lid shade, this one is beautiful. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the mineralize skinfinish. I have never had luck with highlighters, but this peachy pink pale shade is perfect on me. The tan bronzer is not that exciting, although it is beautiful it is not that unique, but when paired with the light peachy highlighter, I don’t even need blush. I have no idea why they give you so little, I can barely fit a brush into the little space alloted for the highlighter. Does MAC make any color similar to this that can be repurchased when this is all gone. I am tempted to buy another one while it is still available, but I don’t need all that bronzer, and would rather spend the effort to find the perfect highlighter, now that I know what I am looking for. Thank you so much!!!

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