MAC Unsung Heroes: Reflects Antique Gold Glitter

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MAC Reflects Antique Gold

Wearing MAC Reflects Antique Gold on my lids while trying to look sultry in my living room when in reality I’m thinking about a grilled cheese sandwich (no, seriously)

So let’s talk glitter — specifically MAC Reflects Antique Gold Glitter.

Oooh, girl!


Wait — before you put that palm up and say, “No, Karen [INSERT SASSY JENNY-FROM-THE-BLOCK HEAD TWITCH HERE]. I don’t do glitter,” let me just say that this glitter is one of the best afternoon pick-me-ups.

Better than green tea or coffee even. Scout’s honor. 🙂

MAC Reflects Antique Gold

Wearing MAC Mulch and Saddle Eyeshadows on my lids with MAC Reflects Antique Gold Glitter patted on top with a finger

Like, this afternoon, I was feeling really run down and kind of blah. I took this shimmery loose glitter out around 2 and patted a little on top of my lids. Yup, directly on top of the smokey brown eye makeup I was already wearing.

BOOM! I go from “meh” to “Vegas, b*tches!” in 2.5 seconds, thanks to this turbo-charged jar of sparkling happiness.

MAC Reflects Antique Gold

That’s MAC Warm Soul Blush on my cheeks and Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in Liar on my lips…

I mean, yeah, there’s a ton of loose glitter out there, but some of it is downright frightening! — at least I think so, especially when the chunks are gargantuan and the colors are straight-up cray.

Sure, there’s a time and place for makeup looks like that, but they aren’t exactly easy to regularly work into the average makeup routine.

MAC Reflects Antique Gold

MAC Reflects Antique Gold Glitter, $21

But with Reflects Antique Gold’s super pretty, taupe-y bronzed golden glitter, you totally can. The color itself, and the fantastically fine flecks, make it surprisingly refined.

I mean, it’s not every day you run into a taupe-y, shimmery, bronzy gold glitter you can pat on top of a neutral eye look and be like, “YES!” It looks really expensive, like what Cleopatra could have worn back in the day.

Seriously, these pictures do not do it justice (I tried though!). It’s so much sparklier in real life. You really have to see it shimmering and shining on your lids, and when you blink, it’s otherworldly.

MAC Reflects Antique Gold

MAC Reflects Antique Gold — it’s much sparklier in person!

I don’t do anything fancy when I wear it. Just pat it in the center of my lids on top of whatever (usually neutral) eye look I happen to be wearing. It’s that easy. A little on your finger, and pat, pat, pat directly on your lids. You could also use a glitter glue if you have trouble getting loose glitter to stay put (Too Faced makes one I like, but I’m usually too lazy and skip it).

As we move toward spring and summer, please keep Antique Gold in mind. It’s a blast to have around. When the weather warms up, I think that’s the best time to be adventurous with shinier, sparklier finishes. You could wear it on top of your favorite metallic gold, bronze or brown eyeshadow, too, and both cream or powders would work. Then do a couple coats of mascara and BAM! — sultry summer siren. Ooh-lah-lah! 🙂

Reflects Antique Gold Glitter is available now at MAC counters and online at

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


The MAC Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorite products from MAC’s permanent collection


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  1. Victoria says:

    This look is gorgeous on you! Love the makeup you’ve been doing lately.

  2. Agata says:

    Wow!! This look is stunning. I feel like running to the computer and ordering that glitter right away.

    P.S. what are you wearing on your lips?

  3. Gowthami says:

    Looks really expensive and you paired it very Karen! Love the shade 🙂
    Gowthami recently posted … L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Conditioner Review

  4. Eesha says:

    Definitely one of my fav glitters from MAC. I just love the bling that it brings in an otherwise softer look. Love it a lot.
    Eesha recently posted … Colorful Spring Make-up

  5. Alison M says:

    Love the way you styled this look…smoky eye, bling, and plain white T. I’m so on board. I was craving grilled cheese today too. But couldn’t settle on what kind of cheese to use. So my belly is still not satisfied.
    Alison M recently posted … NARS Matte Multiples in Laos and Siam Review and Swatches

  6. Mahnaz says:

    Wow Karen you are really rocking this look!!! Your foundation really looks phenomenal also!! So you mind if I ask what you are wearing for your base?Thank you !!

  7. Erin says:

    The whole look looks great!
    Erin recently posted … Kitchen Tips: Elevate The Everyday With Flavored Oils

  8. Babsi says:

    Wow, you look sooo great, J.Lo Style, and i love J.Lo Glow 🙂 amazing look, Karen! Xo Babsi

  9. Aysha says:

    Hi Karen,
    Hope you’re having an amazing Friday so far. I was wondering if you could please film a tutorial on this look…I’m curious to know how you get Mulch to show up with such intensity on your lids. Despite wearing the NARS primer underneath and being a similar skintone to yourself (but more olive) Mulch wears as a sort of sheer shadow not that much darker than my skintone.

    Thanks so much!

  10. Fancie says:

    Lmao your posts always make me hungry! You rock the hungry face very well lol. I love every bit of this look! You look like a golden goddess!
    Fancie recently posted … Boscia Tsubaki Oil Overload

  11. Martha Nelson says:

    You look A M A Z I N G!! well done Karen!!

  12. Danielle says:

    This is a product I have been hearing about for year, but I still haven’t tried! It looks absolutely gorgeous, though.
    Danielle recently posted … Best of Neutral Eye Shadow Palettes

  13. HK says:

    I love this look – so sexy (despite the grilled cheese thoughts! lol)

  14. Thincspot says:

    You look perfect.

  15. Majick says:

    I wish I looked that f’n good when I was thinking about a cheese sandwich! LMAO- I almost got close yesterday when the chef downstairs saved me a rueben. Long story but they sell out fast and I made a comment after missing one for the second time, “I guess it’s PEANUT BUTTER AGAIN!” THis cutie patootie pulled one out from the side yesterday and said,”I saved one for you, no PB today.” I think I’m in love…

  16. Trude says:

    So pretty! Love this look. I bet if you sprayed Fix + on the brush first, that would also help keep it in place (although I’d probably have to take up the glitter off my hand instead of dipping the brush and winding up with a ton of product!). 🙂

  17. Sylirael says:

    Hehe, if it glitters, I’m so there! 😀

    I love the colour of this gold – the antique feel makes it really elegant (as opposed to some true yellow golds, which can be a bit in your face for some applications).
    Sylirael recently posted … Beauty and the Geek – A Makeup Collaboration Inspired by Fantasy Water Creatures

  18. Jessica says:

    Got to try this!! Saddle and Mulch are my staples. This would makea great look for a night out during the sultry summer!!

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