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mac flesh lipglass mickey contractor

Yesterday you asked some great questions about the upcoming MAC Mickey Contractor Collection, which shakes, rattles and rolls onto counters next week, and made some interesting observations in the swatch post.


I’d like to highlight some of your questions and coments here and post a few more swatches to help the lighter lasses among us see what the products might look like on paler Bollywood beauties.

How do the Mickey Contractor products look on pale skin with cooler undertones (pinks, as opposed to warmer yellows)?

“Karen, thank you for posting these swatches and pictures! If you have a chance, I’d appreciate your answering this question: do you think the Oomph eyeshadow and the Fluidlines would work on someone who is ridiculously pale and cool-toned? Most of the other stuff looks like it’s not for my skin tone, but the shadow and Fluidlines did catch my fancy. Unfortunately it’s not going to be at my local MAC, so I’d have to order it online and would rather not do that if I know ahead of time they won’t work for me. Thanks!”

Hi Faye,

It looks like Oomph appears as a blackened green on cool-toned lighter skin. If you’re looking for a color to create, say, a dark greenish smokey eye, Oomph should do the trick.

As for the Fluidlines, I’m guessing you’ll be able to easily pull both of them off (Siahi and Ivy). 🙂

Here are a few swatches of Oomph, the Fluidlines and most of the collection on NW20 skin.

mac mickey contractor swatches on nw25 skin
Eyeshadows from left: Oomph, Saffron, Marvel and Rani

mac mickey contractor swatches on nw25 skin
Fluidline in Siahi (left) and Ivy (right)

mac mickey contractor swatches on nw25 skin
Swatches from left Eye Shadow X 4 Quad in Athma: Jaan, Folie, Vivah and Carbon

Blushes in Gana (left) and Sur (right)

mac mickey contractor swatches on nw25 skin
Lipstick in Yash, Lipstick in Mehr and Lipglass in Flesh

mac mickey contractor swatches on nw25 skin
Select Moisturecover in NC44, NC45.5, Coral Corrector and Yellow Corrector

What’s the deal with the Select Moisturecover Coral/Yellow Corrector?

“Does the color corrector work on all skin tones?! I’m NW 15.”

“Have you tried the coral [color] corrector for undereye circles? Would you?”

I scoured the Select Moisturecover box and MAC’s official PR material looking for instructions on how to use the color corrector but didn’t find any. But I’m guessing the yellow one could be used to offset redness (like around the nose and mouth), and the coral to offset purple or green tones (like under the eyes).

What else can you tell me about color correctors?

When a regular concealer just doesn’t get the job done (i.e. doesn’t provide enough coverage), these tinted creams and liquids can be worn beneath concealer, or mixed with it, to target and offset specific tones in the skin.

This afternoon I tried the Coral/Yellow Color Corrector beneath my eyes and around my nose and mouth.

First, the obligatory before pic… Please try to refrain from screaming because I’ve got nothing on here except brow filler, a coat of mascara and Yash Lipstick. 🙂

mac mickey contractor select moisturecover coral yellow corrector duo 1
Oh, gawd!

And here’s the coral blended beneath the eye on the left…

mac mickey contractor select moisturecover coral corrector
Pretty scary, eh?

You can’t really see the purple beneath my eye anymore, but the area still looks pretty dark, doesn’t it?

Next, just to see how they’d work together, I blended the yellow corrector directly on top of the coral, and around my nose and mouth.

mac mickey contractor select moisturecover coral yellow corrector duo final
The end result!

What’s Siahi Fluildline like?

Seems like a lot of us are excited about Siahi.

“I was hemming and hawing about getting the Siahi Fluidline because colored Fluidlines inevitably end up too sheer for me but this…this is BEAUTIFUL. Play with it and let us know how it goes when you use it in a look!”

In a word: AWESOMENESS! I’m really digging this Fluidline a lot. The intense pigmentation, smooth texture and light-catching shimmer give it incredible dimension. I wouldn’t be surprised if Siahi flies off the shelves.

I’m wearing here along with Folie (crease), Jaan (lid) and Carbon (waterlines) from the Mickey Contractor Eye Shadow X 4 Athma quad. Doesn’t it go well with brown eyes? 🙂

mac siahi swatch mickey contractor

mac ivy swatch mickey contractor
Ivy (just in case you wanted to see it, too!)

Last, but not least, lip pics!

mac flesh swatch mickey contractor
Lipglass in Flesh

mac yash swatch mickey contractor
Lipstick in Yash

mac mehr swatch mickey contractor
Lipstick in Mehr (Fun fact courtesy of reader Appu: “Mehr” means “Grace and Kindness” in Hindi)

mac yash lipstick mickey contractor
Yash lipstick on lips; Blush in Sur on cheeks; Blush in Gana on cheekbones, bridge of the nose and temples; Select Moisturecover Corrector in Coral/Yellow beneath eyes; Jaan (lid), Foile (crease) and Carbon (waterline) eyeshadow from the Eye Shadow X 4 Quad in Athma on eyes; Prep + Prime Powder all over face


mac mehr lipstick mickey contractor
Lipstick in Mehr

Lipglass in Flesh

Hope you guys found this helpful. If you have any more questions about Mickey, please let me know in the comments.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Maddy says:

    Siahi looks stunning on you! Do you think it would work on dark blue/grey eyes? Thanks for the swatches on pale skin, I found out today I’m NW20 😀 So easy to blow $ at MAC… ended up with Fast Response Eye Cream and MAC Select Cover Up. Now if I get Siahi, I should be set until Wonder Woman!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Maddy,

      I love Fast Response mixed with Select Coverup. When I was in my 20s I used that combo all the time! It looks flawless and is easy to apply and blend. 🙂

      And yes, I think you could pull of Siahi. 🙂

      • Maddy says:

        Yay, then I did well at MAC! Perhaps my genetic circles have met their match 😀

        • Karen says:

          When you’re ready for the BIG GUNS you’ll have to try their Pro Longwear Concealer. The pump is so annoying but it’s worth putting up with it for the product. It covers EVERYTHING and doesn’t move!

  2. elisabeth says:

    This isn’t even makeup related, but where oh where is that necklace from? I’m totally lusting over it.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Very helpful post! Thanks for the nw20 swatches!

    • Karen says:

      You’re welcome! Have the swatches changed your mind at all about the release? Gana would be really pretty on you!

      BTW, you better be playing with your Cham Pale loot!!

      • Tiffany says:

        I like ivy but won’t let myself buy it because I know I will never use it. I want gana, even though it looks similar to chez chez lame. I will probably buy it anyway since I can pop it in my blush palette 🙂 and this is a good excuse to finally buy the prep + prime powder. Question: do you always use this very last?

        Tomorrow I’m gonna play with my new goodies! I can’t wait!!!

        • Karen says:

          Do it! It has a really pretty hint of gold and it’s sooo smooth. It’s gonna look really nice on you esp. in the summer.

          Re: Prep+Prime. I usually do it after my foundation and before blush, but sometimes do it the other way around. Honestly for me it really depends on what’s closer, LOL!

          • Tiffany says:

            Well since you said so – I have to get it! Lol!

            Cool, I might have to experiment. I never use a translucent powder, and didn’t know whether to apply before or after blush or bronzer or highlighter

  4. Tracy says:

    That Sur blush is so pretty! Too bad it would look way too much on my NW15 face!
    Thanks for the lighter skin swatches!
    Tracy recently posted … Burberry Makeup Is The Only Iconic Burberry Plaid Ill Probably Ever Own

  5. vonnie says:

    omg, siahi looks AMAZING! i wasn’t even excited about it, but now i am seeing it on you. soooo pretty,
    vonnie recently posted … SOCIALITE APPROVED- The Best of 2010

  6. JillyB says:

    Thanks for all the full-face shots, it really helps to gauge the color, especially of the lipsticks. Still not sure if anything in this collection’s for me though. (Except the Fluidlines!)

  7. I’m lemming Gana and those gorgeous fluidlines, but am slightly disappointed with the lip products in this release (normally I go straight to those).

    • Rae says:

      Huge 2nd for this — the lip products look like a bit of a letdown for me, too :/ Mehr is cute, but the others… not really up my alley.

      Pity I can’t justify having another hilighter in my collection; all the swatches that I’ve seen of Gana look so gorgeous! 😛
      Rae recently posted … New year- new poll

  8. Appu says:

    Hey Karen,

    Great swatches! Makes it a lot easier since most of us have to order online! I HAVE to get Siahi and no Ivy for me 🙂 Btw, Sur means Melody and Mehr means Grace, Kindness:) I left a comment on the last post, sorry if it confused 😉
    Appu recently posted … MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline

  9. Sarah says:

    Hi Karen!

    Just wondering how you think Yash compares with peachstock??

  10. Arianna says:

    hey karen! thanks for the swatches! mehr does not mean melody its a punjabi (dialect of hindi) word meaning grace (as in grace of god)

  11. steph b says:

    You totally rock! Brave girl showing us the no makeup face. Love it. You’re gorgeous with or without the pretty, pretty colors.

    Thanks so much for the paler skin swatches. I’m a bit paler than that and thought these colors would be crazy on me. As much as I love those liners, I just don’t see myself having the courage to wear them.

    I did pick up Romp today (finally) and it is everything I’d hoped it would be. Gold and purple is my new favorite eye.

  12. megan says:

    hey karen,

    sorry if you answered this already….do you think Saihi fluidline is similaer to Delft Paintpot?

  13. snoopysteph says:

    You have great skin, Karen! Congrats for posting a “nudey” pic – not very many of us would be as brave. 😀

    I always appreciate seeing swatches on NW20 skin as that’s what I am. I really, really love the fluidlines but honestly I don’t see myself reaching for those colors often enough to buy them. I’m very “meat & potatoes” when it comes to eye color.

    On a side note, my Chanel order arrived today, whoopie!!!!!

  14. Meg says:

    Woooo I can’t believe you featured my question! I feel so “speshul” 🙂 Thanks so much for showing the color correctors. That coral definitely is dark on it’s own but covers the purple so well and looks great when layered with the yellow (or a regular concealer instead).

    I really appreciate you going to such lengths to answer our specific questions like this! It’s great how interactive you made this post.

    Yay for Karen!

  15. Vonvon says:

    Thanks for the lovely swatches, Karen! I wasn’t too hyped up about this collection, but your swatches have me lemming for quite a number of stuffs! 🙂

    Happy New Year, dear!
    Vonvon recently posted … Photos- More Jelly Pong Pong Haul – Shadow Taffy &amp Some Venuses

  16. Dhari says:

    hello karen,

    thank you for the swatches 🙂 I’m just wondering what is the difference between the nc45 and the nc45.5 moisturecover concealers

  17. angie says:

    i think i would use the corrector w/ your regular concealer..the yellow corrector on top isn’t bad, but a wee bit too yellow…but i think this product seems great…i will be purchasing!

  18. Bella says:

    Thank you so much. Now I know what I need! I love your last look. I want Gana highlighter too but with Peacocky coming out, I must limit myself!

  19. Silva says:

    I need those correctors. I love the fluidline!
    Silva recently posted … Pieces Soul Petrol

  20. Faye says:

    Thanks so much for answering my questions! I really appreciate it. I’ll definitely be picking up Oomph based on your review — I was looking for something a bit smoky. Probably the fluidlines too, if I can get to them in time. They can keep the several dozen other greens and blues in my collection company :).

  21. Nimmi says:

    Thanks so much for the pics! I’ve been anticipating this collection for while now! But, I have a question; is the quad pigmented? Or should I pass it?

  22. Samantha says:

    I love that this collection is using colors that really pop on brown beauties!

  23. Nina says:

    i want all of the stuff in this collection — esp after the pics!!!

  24. lexi says:

    I picked up Saffron from the Pro Store today – the MA told me it’s like if Arena and Texture had a baby it would be this color. I love that description. I tried the fucshia lipstick, Gulabi? It was a bit much for me.
    lexi recently posted … Coming soon!

  25. Megan W says:

    Thank you for doing some swatches on a lighter skin tone… it’s really helpful to see that! I love the Gana blush, but it looks more like a highlight color on the light skin. Would you agree?
    Megan W recently posted … Oh La La Grace Potter No relation to that other Potter- Harry

  26. Fieran says:

    You have beautiful skin 🙂 it’s very courageous of you to post a makeup free photo of yourself *tips imaginary hat in your direction*

  27. Maya says:

    Thanks Karen for doing the review..I’m interested in the color corrector duo, but do you think it’s worth getting in your opinion? I probably will be ordering online, so just wondering how this color corrector compares to other concealers or correctors (mac, bobbie brown..)

    Also are any of the lippies must haves in your opinion?


  28. Gina says:

    So excited for Mehr and Sur! They’re so pretty. I was pretty bummed that they’re only available online, so I was considering finding dupes and getting them at the store because I didn’t wanna pay for shipping. But they’re just too great to find dupes for 😀

  29. rani says:

    I luv mickey contractor and MAC. I googled his name and learnt so many beauty tips

    Please help, I am looking for a sparkly darkish blue eyeshadow to do a smokey eye look, do you have any suggestions??

    Thanks for your help x

  30. Pooja22 says:

    Karen. Is this collection limited? If so, do you know the exact launch and end dates ? Where are these products available? I heard the top 22 mac stores only ?
    You do a great job explaining how they all work!
    Will I be able to continue buying them online?

  31. Debbie Finn says:

    Hey I was just wondering how anyone in the UK can purchase these MAC products, I have looked on the website and it doesnt appear to be listed.. you look stunning in the shades and I have a similar skin tone to you so I’m dying for them! 😀

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