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Yea! It’s MAC Chill day, and I stole a few minutes with the MAC artists at a counter out here to talk about the new collection.


I was a little disappointed to confirm that the mysterious lovely bronze shade from last week’s MAC Chill swatch adventure is, in fact, not a part of the collection (shoot!).

Chill looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m waiting until I get home (and relying upon your impressions in the comments) to really delve into the collection, but I picked up a few eye looks to try.

MAC Chill Eye Look #1: Smokey and Silver Holiday Party Eye

For a holiday party smokey look, begin by applying the new Mont Black (black with gold flecks) on the lid with a MAC 252 Flat Shader Brush. Next, add Apres-Ski into the crease with a MAC 217 Blending Brush, and then grab the 252 again to highlight the brow bone with Vellum. Finish the look by wetting a MAC 266 Small Angled Brush with a spritz of MAC Fix+ (to intensify the color) and applying Arctic Gray with it to the lower lash line.

MAC Chill Eye Look #2: Smokey and Silver Holiday Party Eye, Version 2.0

For a little fun with pink eyeshadow, try lining the lower lash line with a mix of Arctic Gray and Wintersky applied with a MAC 266 Small Angled Brush (wet with MAC Fix+). Then, apply Mont Black, Apres-Ski and Vellum (an opalescent white and purple, a duochrome) in the same way as Look #1.

MAC Chill Eye Look #3: Smokey and Silver Club Eye

Basically a super amplified version of Look #1. Start by applying Blackground Paintpot onto the lid and just barely into the crease. Then, pat Mont Black directly on top with a MAC 252 Flat Shader Brush. Next, apply Apres-Ski into the crease with a MAC 217 Blending Brush. After highlighting the brow bone with Vellum and a MAC 252 Brush, use the 217 again, this time to apply Reflects Transparent Teal directly on top of the Vellum. Finish with a pair of MAC 41 lashes on the upper lash line.

MAC Chill Eye Look #4: Black and Gray Day Eye

Apply Apres-Ski on the lid with a MAC 252 Flat Shader Brush. Then, using a MAC 217 with a light touch, apply a sheer layer of Mont Black into the crease. Next, apply Vellum on the brow bone with a 252. To complete the look, apply a thick black line on the upper lash line using Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapidblack.

MAC Chill Eye Look #5: Easy Gray Day Eye

With a MAC 217, apply Apres-Ski all over the entire lid. Then, with the same brush, apply Arctic Gray directly on top of it.


More MAC Chill Ideas

  • For a pale pink lip to go with each of the eye looks above, try layering Ice Scape Lipglass beneath Snowscene Lipglass.
  • If you prefer taupe lips, try a layer of Naked Frost Lipglass (a shimmery taupe) beneath Snowscene.
  • Reflects Glitters are a great way to ramp up your nail colors. They’re loose glitters, and the collection includes two different colors. To use ’em, dump a smidge of one of the Reflects Glitters onto a piece of paper, and then dip your wet nail polish brush into it before applying to nails. Try Reflects Transparent Teal with pink or clear shades and Reflects Antique Gold with browns.

I Made a New Friend

This morning I went to take a shower here at my in law’s and found a gecko chillin’ in a glass by the sink. It was both creepy and cool at the same time. They’re supposed to be good luck. I’m not so sure, LOL!

I hope you had a lovely Thursday. Friday, here we come!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Asta says:

    Any clues as to what the mystery lipglass color #6 was from the post with Chill swatches? I still really like that one!

  2. tali says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh so cute!! I always wanted a pet gecko when i was little!!

    Im going to use my chill haul today… we shall see what i come up with!!

  3. Karen B says:

    Awww ‘t is Cute!

    Karen B´s last blog post..Feel the love!!!! wheeee!

  4. YadiQ says:

    i checked out chill yesterday

    i am only loving the wintersky and snow scene

    i have a dior palette i bought in the spring that has the majority of the rest of the eye shadow colors

    but all in all the collection is way chic

    i am lovin your friend! remember weird is cool !

  5. Elle says:

    Maybe the gecko was just trying to get you a good rate on car insurance. If you find a caveman in your closet, though…

    You’re totally making me want to cave on “Chill”. I’m kind of afraid that the shadows are going to be chalky and look too light for my skin, so, as usual, I’m gonna wait for you to do some of these looks and then make my decision. 🙂

  6. Erin says:

    I got my Chill stuff yesterday. I got Wintersky, Arctic Grey, and Vellum e/s, and all 4 lipglasses. I think the lipglasses are sooo pretty! I can’t wait to play with it later! And it’s supposed to snow here, so it’ll be the perfect make-up look for that!

  7. Dao says:

    I’m checking out the collection this weekend and will let you know what I think. Lately, I have really low expectation on MAC LEs and I hope this one is better than the last. LOL at the gecko, it would creep me out as well!

    Dao´s last blog post..DIY Eye Makeup Remover: A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

  8. katee says:

    Awww I love Geckos!!

    katee´s last blog post..Sad Day In e-polisblogville

  9. cloudburst says:

    Where I live we don’t have many lizards, so I’m kind of fascinated by them. Good thing you didn’t try & take a drink!

    I picked up Apres Ski, Winter Sky & Artic Grey e/s and Snowscene, Naked Frost & Frozen Dream l/g. I might get Mont Black. I was surprized to really like Winter Sky, usually i don’t like pinks, but this one is beige-y and it suits yellow toned skin great. Also Snowscene l/g is super sparkley, I predict it will sell out quickly.

  10. Meaghan says:

    I picked this up yesterday and cant wait to try it out!!! Thanks for the combo suggestions!!

  11. I love Gecko’s. I would so have one now if my cats wouldn’t eat it! I was married in Hawaii a year and a half ago and on my honeymoon we had a really cute one hanging out on top of our cabana. I took a million pics of it, haha! I am into this Chill collection because I am fair and blonde and it’s right up my ally. I will definitely be checking it out!

    Vampy Varnish´s last blog post..Carolyn New York Swatches – The Blues

  12. Indian Girl says:

    I am super scared of Lizards…Did you freak out when you saw it ? I am sure I would have let out a small scream

    Indian Girl´s last blog post..STOCKING STUFFERS GALORE – PART SIX : E.L.F Cosmetics

  13. Tami says:

    I only picked up Vellum eyeshadow and Snowscene lipglass. I like how the gloss looks white in the tube but somehow reads pink on my lips (very pretty). I more than likely will pick up another tube and the Artic Gray shadow and now Karen you have me lemming the eyeliner 🙂

  14. Karen says:

    Hi Asta,

    Nope — still no clue. I won’t be able to find out until I get home next week and back to my regular counter. I still like it, too, so I’ll do some digging and let you know. 🙂

  15. Karen says:

    Hi Tali,

    Aww, I’m jealous because I want to play, too! You gotta let me know if you come up with any really fun combos so I can vicariously live through you.

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Karen B.,

    Yah! He had the cutest little hands… I couldn’t deal with picking him up, though! I’m a lizard wimp, for sure.

  17. Karen says:

    Hi Yadiq,

    Oh, which Dior palette did you get?

    I’m still lemming the Gaucho palette on the Nordstrom website:

    Dior Gaucho Palette

    Anyhoo, did you finish all your Christmas shopping?

  18. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    HA! Those Geico cavemen freak me out!

    🙂 If you do get the chance to play with the collection be sure to check out Vellum — it’ll look great on you!

  19. Karen says:

    Hi Erin,

    Pretty! I will probably cave on the shadows and get two of the Lipglasses when I get home. Have you tried out any looks yet?

  20. Karen says:

    Hi Dao,

    Hmm, do you guys ever get geckos in Florida?

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Katee,

    Yeah, they’re pretty cute!

  22. Karen says:

    Hi Cloudburst,

    Does Apres Ski show up with gold tones on you? I didn’t realize how much gold came through until I played with it again yesterday.

  23. Karen says:

    Hi Meaghan,

    Sweet! Let me know what looks you come up with and what you think of the eyeliner!

  24. Karen says:

    Hi Vampy Varnish,

    Yah, those little gecko guys are all over the place at my in-laws house!

    I have a feeling if I moved Tabs to Hawaii he’d become an expert gecko hunter, eek.

  25. Karen says:

    Hi Indian Girl,

    I wasn’t really awake when I found him so I was too out of it to scream! I don’t mind them as long as they don’t make sudden movements and they don’t climb up on me, ha!

  26. Karen says:

    Hi Tami,

    Girl, the eyeliner is interesting. It’s the first MAC penliner so I dunno if I’ll be coordinated enough to handle it, but we shall see.

    What do you think you’ll be pairing Vellum with? Isn’t it super pretty?

  27. Tami says:

    Same here Karen, I don’t know how it will work with my shaky hands but I will give it a shot lol.

    I lurve Vellum and right now I’m thinking of using it as a wash all over my lid paired with Macroviolet fluidline.

    Do u have any suggestion for other shadows or pigments to pair with it?

  28. Daya says:

    Hey Karen!

    I purchased Wintersky yesterday to wear with Copperplate/Knight Divine. If not for it being a lustre, I would have gotten the silver e/s. I hate how the colors are pretty but don’t tend to stay on 🙁

  29. Music_is_Freedom says:

    I picked up Snowscene lipglass–it’s so unusual and pretty, and I’m looking forward to pairing it with a dark lipstick.

  30. Karen says:

    Hi Tami,

    Me too! I need something usually that allows me lots of room for mistakes… I guess that’s why I love Fluidline so much.

    That Vellum and Macroviolet pairing sounds *perfect*. Do you have Vex lying around? You could prolly put that on the lid and then do Vellum on the brow bone. Or how about Vellum on the brow bone with Violet Pigment from the lid and just barely into the crease, with a fatty slice of Macroviolet on the top lash line (OoOOooo… and false lashes!).

  31. Karen says:

    Hi Daya,

    Oh no! Are you using a primer underneath? Or a Paint Pot?

  32. Karen says:

    Hi Music_is_Freedom,

    It’s really beautiful. Don’t you just love the sparkles?

    I have a feeling it’ll look really OTT with a hot pink lipstick like Girl About Town… WOOT!

  33. yadiq says:

    Hi k

    The Dior palette is the quint called sky glow that was released back in late march early April I hunted down that palette when it released like a mad woman LOL this mac collection reminds me very much of it. That Papeete you’ve been watching is super sexy!! Love the combo hope you have great weather we got rain snow and sleet today in ny send me a ray of sun girl LOL !!!!

  34. Tami says:

    Hey Karen,

    Vex? No. Violet pigment? Yes! And how did u know I have been wanting to try my hand at applying false eyelashes 🙂 I tried the combination on the back of my hand (only because it is too late to apply a full face of makeup) and it looks great. I can’t wait to try it!

  35. lexi says:

    i’m really feeling apres-ski and mont black – haven’t seen them in person yet. how’s the shimmer factor? i’m tryin to cut down on the shimmer – i want more matte finishes. i know mont black has gold shimmer in it but is it mellow or will the flecks that fall on my temples make me look like i’m working the lunch shift at the Hustler Club? hahaha not like i can speak from experience but i’ve heard some thangs….hahahaha

  36. Elle says:

    OK, I caved on Vellum (thanks for the tip, Karen–I love it!), Mont Black, and Arctic Grey, as well as Frozen Dream and the penultimate liner. So far I love everything–although Frozen Dream swatches much better on my hand than on my mouth (as in, it shows up a lot less on my lips, but it’ll look nice over a pink lipstick I’m sure). The liner is pretty great–I’m a klutz and I was able to draw a nice line on my first try! I also do like Mont Black a lot–really dark but got very little fallout, and it looks great with Arctic Grey.

    So much for saving up!! 🙂

  37. Dao says:

    There are a whole bunch o’ lizards but not geckos (or maybe I can’t distinguish them apart?!)

    I went to the mall to check out this collection and as usual, I’m not impressed with the e/s: they’re chalky and not so pigmented. The texture kind of feels cheap as well. The liner: I think you’d better off getting the one from Shiseido. The lip glasses: I have similar colors. The reflects: I’m really impressed! The gold as well as white ones are color-shifters and would look good on your skin and hair. I would not get them anywhere near my eyes though as they are not pigments. However, getting a jar of those is a big commitment. I would not see myself getting to the bottom of a reflects jar!

  38. Stephie says:

    OMGsh. I remember when I was in the Philippines there would be little lizards everywhere. It made me so paranoid. I was always afraid it would fall into my mouth or crawl on me when I was sleeping O_O.

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