Say Auf Wiedersehen to Boring With the Six 1920s Berlin-Inspired Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Moderncraft Collection Lip Tars

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OCC Sebastian Lip Tar

Uh…that’s Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Sebastian ($18)

Should you ever get the sudden urge to wear a plummy mauve matte lip on a Friday night, don’t over-think it. Just GO WITH IT!

Aw, come on! Why not? It’s only makeup. If it doesn’t work out, you can always wipe it off.


Heck, and you never know what’ll work out. Sometimes it’s the products you least expect that end up being holy grail. Maybe Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Sebastian ($18) will be a perfect fit for you.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I liked the swatch, so trying it on my lips seemed like the next logical step.

Granted, the reason I liked the swatch was because it reminded me of a rug I want to get for my office, but still… Details, details.

As soon as I tried it on, I was like, “Sweet! Not nearly as cray as I thought it would be.”

Well…it looks a little cray, but I actually expected it to look even more cray (crayer?).

It’ll be perfect for scaring my neighbors! πŸ™‚

Sebastian is one of six intriguing Lip Tars in the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Moderncraft collection for fall, the inspiration for which was 1920s Berlin.

Sounds a little like something Illamasqua might do, yeah? In fact, some of the colors even remind me of Illamasqua, which might be why I like them so much.

Four of the shades are in the regular Lip Tar formulation (so pigmented, and they last all day long), and two are Lip Tar Stained Glosses (sheer and lightweight, with a three-hour wear time). All of them have a lovely, light minty flavor and fragrance that fades fast.

Popping any one of these on your lips with cat eyes is a surefire way to kick your look into fall.

OCC Moderncraft Collection

From the left: Anita, Black Metal Dahlia, Dekadent, Mein Herr, Role Play and Sebastian

OCC Moderncraft Swatches

From the left; Mein Herr Stained Gloss, Dekadent Stained Gloss, Sebastian lip Tar, Anita Lip Tar, Black Metal Dahlia Lip Tar and Role Play Lip Tar

OCC Sebastian Lip Tar

Sebastian Lip Tar, a matte plummy mauve

OCC Role Play Lip Tar

Role Play Lip Tar, a deep, metallic maroon with red pearl


OCC Black Metal Dahlia Lip Tar

Black Metal Dahlia Lip Tar, a metallic blackened burgundy with red pearl

OCC Anita Lip Tar

Anita Lip Tar, a matte brown burgundy

OCC Mein Herr Lip Tar Stained Gloss

Mein Herr Lip Tar Stained Gloss, a glossy beige

OCC Dekadent Lip Tar Stained Gloss

Dekadent Lip Tar Stained Gloss, a glossy, translucent purple

Look for the Moderncraft Lip Tar collection online now and at Sephora stores. Each one is $18.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Barbie says:

    omg Anita looks amazing on you!

    same with black metal dahlia that color is on my top lip tar list that i wanna buy!

  2. The lip tars have super awesum pigmentation.. Loved the glossy beige and the vampy burgandy shade.. I didnt quite liked teh grey one but u pulled it off so well .. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Bella says:

    I say just step away from the Sebastian, and no-one will get hurt ;).

  4. Gowthami says:

    Lovely and pigmented well <3 πŸ™‚

  5. Charisma says:

    I love Role play and Black metal Dahlia from this collection. I love the formulation and pigmentation of the liptars from OCC in general.
    Charisma recently posted … Urban Decay Black Market 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Reviews, Photos w/ Swatches

  6. hanna says:

    I love the variety of lip colors!
    hanna recently posted … Menards Shopping and Grandparents Meeting

  7. Olive says:

    Black Dahlia looks fantastic on you. I just got Role Play and, while I’m more of a nude lip girl, I think the color is an easy red to wear because it has a bit of a metallic sheen. I also use it on tip of a little lip balm to sheer it out so it’s not so bold. Baby steps for me!
    Olive recently posted … Just Neem Clay Mask

  8. Ritu R says:

    you totally rocked the shade Sebastian! Also loved Anita… lovely pics Karen!
    Ritu R recently posted … Faces nail enamels- Diamond Frost (Hi- Shine) and Fire Stick (Matte)

  9. Shannon says:

    Wow… I like all of these way more than I expected to! Anita is STUNNING, but they’re all intriguing! Even Sebastian, lol!

  10. Sasha says:

    “It’ll be perfect for scaring my neighbors” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Karen, this is why I LOVE your blog! Your style of writing is always delightful!

    & Black Metal Dahlia looks amazing on you!

  11. Joanna says:

    Anita is perfect!

  12. Mahdi M says:

    I’ve been wanting to try lip tar! I don’t care for the Sebastion shade though. I usually stand up for puce, but I’m at a loss here. It’s not you, it’s the gloss! Haven’t you ever heard that song that goes, “Don’t bring me do-oooown, Puce!”

  13. Natalie says:

    Sebastian would be perfect for halloween! Scaring all the neighbors.

  14. Laure says:

    I love Sebastian and Anita on you. They suit you sooo well. Which I never would’ve expected out of Sebastian, but I guess that goes to show: if anyone can pull it off, it’s you, Karen. πŸ˜‰
    Laure recently posted … Press | Illamasqua’s Halloween

  15. Caitlyn says:

    Anita looks gorgeous on you!!!! I so wish I could pull that off with my fair skin…

  16. Obsessed with these colors! The deep red lipstick would go perfectly with my Fall Basics blog post, featuring a selection of beauty products that I use to achieve the sexy vamp look!

  17. Miranda says:

    I need a sample of EVERY lip tar! I’d have to get another job for that, though πŸ™

  18. Deanna says:

    How do you do it!? They ALL look AMAZING on you! *runs out to buy them all*

  19. EmJay says:

    They look great, especially Anita. She is very 20’s. If only lip tars didn’t contain peppermint oil. >_<

  20. Alison M says:

    Black Metal Dahlia almost came home with me from The Makeup Show this weekend. I went with the non-metallic version instead so I can add shimmer whenI want it. But the color, oh the color! It’s pure magic!

  21. Marisa says:

    Wow! Cool lip colors! The Role Play color looks stunning on you!
    Marisa recently posted … 5 Top Tips For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

  22. Joana says:

    What blush are you wearing here?? It’s so pretty in your skintone!!

  23. Kim says:

    These look great on you – esp Anita and Black Dahlia!

  24. Dekadent and Role Play are gorgeous!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … FOTD : Day to Night Red Lips

  25. Caitlin says:

    These swatches make me want to try OCC Lip Tar’s even more!!!

  26. Bee says:

    I just bought dekadent… Its super lovely :))
    I tried and loved black dahlia too but didnt dare to get it πŸ™‚
    Bee recently posted … MAC Lovecloud Blush Review & Swatches!

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