What’s Your Most Treasured Makeup Possession?

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Your most treasured makeup possession

Yargh! I don’t think I can narrow it down to just one… It’s probably a tossup between my lucky bottle of Chanel Jade Nail Polish and the pieces I’ve held on to from the Barbie Loves MAC release back in 2007, the subjects of my very first post on Makeup and Beauty Blog.


OH! And then there’s that first tube of MAC Evolution Revolution Lipglass, since it represents one of the happiest moments of my life. πŸ™‚

How about you? What’s your most treasured makeup possession?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Kelsey says:

    MAC Spaced Out blush
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  2. My Kiss Me lipgloss from Benefit! I must have 3 bottles laying around everywhere!!
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  3. Alyssa says:

    They’re not glamourous but I love Seche Vite Dry Fat Top Coat or Evian spray.

    • Salvinia says:

      I agree with you about Seche Vite, except I live in Australia and had to order mine online which makes it extra precious to me!

  4. Megan says:

    Urban Decay lipstick in Naked.
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  5. eight says:

    My first Lancome palette holds a special place in my heart (from Holiday 2005 or so).

    Also the Smashbox quad from their blue eyes set — it was a gift from a friend and also what I wore on my wedding day!
    eight recently posted … NOTD: Midnight Hallucination

  6. marie says:

    MAC Avenue fluidline and I’m so mad I only bought one!

  7. Shannon says:

    Does a compact mirror count? I have the most adorable one with a retro cat design on it that I got at a little boutique in Seattle. I would be so devastated if I lost it!

  8. Marieke says:

    my Paul & Joe lipstick. it’s very hard to find one in the Netherlands! and it’s just a gorgeous lipstick πŸ™‚

  9. MM Curator says:

    Ack, I can’t decide. Probably my Chanel Byzantine palette – not sure if it’s the most treasured, but it’s the most expensive in my collection! Also some Stila Japan (RIP) palettes.

  10. Maria says:

    My new LV and Gucci Authentic bags! and the Tiffany jewelry my husband’s been getting me. He’s very meticulous about what he picks and I love that he does that!

  11. Let says:

    Shiro Cosmetics’ The Complete Super Effective Collection (before they changed names and discontinued some colors). Even though I only bought them in sample sizes, I’ll probably never use up one or two colors from it either.

  12. Ljana says:

    I used to have an opaque ruby red Dior Addict lipgloss that I purchased about ten years ago. That particular formula has since been discontinued. It was actually the very start of my makeup addiction – I was 18 and I’d been looking for a dress to wear for a family occasion, but couldn’t find one I liked. Tired and upset, I marched into a makeup store, picked out what seemed to me the most glamorous lip product in there and decided I’d wear an old dress but would have a stunning red lippie. I felt so glamorous wearing it and had a really tough time bringing myself to throw it away when I used it up.

  13. Twyla says:

    Eyelash curler… without adding mascara doesn’t matter, with it, my eyes open up and I don’t look pale & pasty even though I’m not wearing any other makeup……. and thanks to Karen, I’m in love with Sonia Kashuk’s Eyelash Curler!!! Muah!

  14. Dominique says:

    Oh Karen it’s really impossible to give an answer.. Maybe the Liquid Powder from M.A.C, I say maybe lol !

  15. Nina says:

    i dont know if i can just name one item. i tie value to the amount of work it took to obtain something.

    my first chanel blush will always be precious to me, since it represented 2 weeks of bringing my lunch to work. the sense of achievement i got when i ordered it always makes me smile.

    my mac brushes – same deal. i bought one each payday in order to build a decent collection … i look forward to using these brushes for a very long time.

  16. Dior Coquette palette, hands down! It’s so hard to find it these days, and it’s just perfect.

  17. I’ll have to go with Naked 1. I started getting makeup way late (yeah, the Naked 1 kind of late), but I had been following some beauty blogs (MBB was definitely one of the first) for fun. When I saw Naked 1 I was really wowed, and despite how difficult it was to get it I knew I needed one! I finally ordered it on a UK site, and a friend who was coming over picked it up for me. I loved loved loved playing with it, and my interested in makeup really started from there! I still use it all the time nowadays, if not for the entire eye look than at least part of it!

  18. Cindy says:

    Benefit Hello Flawless powder. Love this one very much!


  19. Anitacska says:

    My entire Guerlain Meteorites and Voyage Powder collection. Or my Chantecaille powder and palette collection. πŸ™‚ My Mac MSFs including Pleasureflush. Γ’β„’Β₯
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  20. Fieran says:

    I have a couple of treasured makeup items mainly because the bf got them for me: Guerlain Les Gris quad, Chanel Tentations Cuivree quad, Guerlain Les Ombres de Nuit quad, and Les Perles de Chanel quint.

  21. Brandy says:

    I have a Chanel product called “Lumiere Platine Platinum Face Powder” that is the treasure of my collection. It was from a launch in 2000.

    It was bought in Banff (Rocky Mountains, Canada) after my mom randomly woke me up at 4 am one morning and said, “Let’s go to Banff for breakfast!” (This tells you a lot about my mom.) We hopped in the car and drove four hours up to the mountains. Breakfast was great, and we wandered the main street a little before heading home. One of the stores had this hard-to-find collection and I stopped to admire it. On a whim my mother bought me both the powder and the matching silver glossimer. It was my first high end makeup ever. It was bought indulgently and laughingly, and we tried the new treasures on as soon as we were back in the car.

    The lip gloss is long gone, but I still have the powder. My mom passed away three years ago this March, and this little palette is precious for the memory it carries with it.

    • Tracey says:

      That was a beautiful story. I lost my mother 2 years ago and we have silly memories like this also πŸ™‚

    • Liz! says:

      What a wonderful, beautiful memory with your Mom. Thanks for sharing that πŸ™‚

    • AK says:

      Okay now I’m going to cry.

      how sweet of you to share such a warm memory. I have many like that with my own mother where we’ve shopped for makeup together. This story so much reminds me of one of the times we spent together ^-^

    • Cass says:

      Thank you for sharing this story. It brought a tear to my eye but in a good way. πŸ™‚

    • Megan says:

      Your story just made me smile…what an amazing personality your mom must have had! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Cristy says:

    My Chanel makeup!! It’s hard to remember the names because I cant speak french, but I have a blush, one eyeshadow quad, two palettes for eyes, lips & cheeks, a face powder that mi esposo gave me, a lip gloss scintillance. Oh and my two Dior quads that my esposo also gave me! πŸ˜‰ i think You said one! He he! Sorry

  23. steph b says:

    Right now it is my Flaunting It kissable lip color from MAC. Besides loving the texture and feel of it, it is a color I’ve been searching for for years. It is very similar to a discontinued favorite that I even tried to re-create through 3 Custom Color. Back up has been ordered.

  24. Chris25 says:

    Hmm, I suppose my vintage Richard Hudnut 1930s rouge compact, my Fetish makeup (my beloved cosmetics of my junior high days) and my tube of MAC EvoRevo.

    Can I cheat and say my three storage carts are the most treasured? LOL.

  25. Ana says:

    My MAC Warmth of Coral Blush, my VIVA GLAM GAGA 1 Lipstick (wondering if viva glam nicki would replace it haha) and my Naked Palette (it took me about a year to buy it)

  26. Katrina says:

    All my Chanel! Recently the spring pallet, love love!

  27. Marian says:

    My Besame cosmetics. The packaging is so pretty that I always slip them into my bag for special occasions. They have the best red lipstick and the powder compact is to die for!

  28. Soo says:

    my compact of Guerlain’s Parure de Nuit. I really want to save enough money and get a backup before it becomes even harder to find. I love it so much, I use it so much that the center peacock eye is almost done fading away.
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  29. Katherine G says:

    I have a few makeup treasured possessions: Nars the Multiple in Orgasm (very flattering color on me, and people always comment that I look well-rested and energetic – even if I’m totally not feeling that way!), Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Bourbon (you got me hooked on it through this blog, Karen!), Urban Decay 24/7 eye crayon in Midnight Cowboy (great color that really brightens up tired eyes and stays put all day with or without a primer), and Physician’s Formula Pearl Glow pans in Light skin tone or Medium skin tone (really gives skin a nice glow, great setting powder, and works well on non-tan skin as well as tan/dark skin. Can be used alone for a low-maintenance makeup look or to brighten up a matte foundation.).

  30. Chelsea says:

    Most likely it would be my MAC Mighty Aphrodite blush from the Wonder Woman collection. I broke the blush when I was in Cannes last summer, so now it’s in a sifter jar as a loose powder blush. It’s such a perfect color for me, peachy-coral.

    I also love the Chanel perfume I just got (Chance Eau Tendre), and there’s the now-discontinued Dior Addict Shine I bought in the airport on my way home from my first trip to Paris.

  31. nia says:

    Guerlain Meteorites!

  32. Definitely my most coveted item is Clarins 230 (aka Unicorn Pee). It’s the most beautiful multichromatic nail polish that I’m grateful to have found for a good price on eBay.
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  33. I really love MAC Petticoat MSF blush! I’m almost out and can’t stand to finish it… I picked up the Blond MSF recently and it’s almost as good πŸ™‚
    Gotham Polish recently posted … Top 5 Spring 2012 Nail Polish Trends and NYC Events

  34. AK says:

    Bobbi Brown Beach scent lotion. My mom and sister and I discovered it together, and it reminds me of them whenever I catch a whiff of it. Kinda reminds me they’re always with me, and memories of when we would go to the beach every year.

    Also Bobbi Brown Papaya lipstick. Momma and I both got tubes bc they looked so good on both of us! It is our signature mother/daughter duo color πŸ™‚

  35. Chryztyners says:

    My NARS blushes. and I plan to build a collection, too.

  36. Lisa S. says:

    My most treasured makeup possession? A horrendously cheap, no-name eyeshadow palette.
    I bought it in May of 1985, to wear to marry my dear sweet husband. We were so broke! We were married in our living room by one of my husbands co-workers who was also a minister. For a reception we had a barbecue and my husbands mom made the cake.
    This palette was awful, not much pigment and what pigment it had wouldn’t blend for anything. I have it sealed in plastic and its in the bottom drawer of my dresser and every once in awhile I take it out and just think about how young DH and I were and how lucky we were to have found each other.

    • Cass says:

      I have a horrible, old Revlon nail color that has a similar sentimental value to me. I keep it around even though it has become almost a solid at this point. (We have been married almost 12 years.)

  37. corinne says:

    probably my MAC Manish Aurora items since it was the first (and only) time i stayed up all night for it to hit the website. was able to score the palette and lipgloss. also my MAC Ripe Peach bc it is still saught after and I have 2 of em….

  38. Marisa Payne says:

    Hmmmm. I think I will have to say my MAC Ripe Peach Blush Ombré; and not because it was so sought after, but because it looks awesome on and it was what I was wearing when I had my daughter πŸ™‚

  39. Leah says:

    Probably my Maybelline Full N’ Soft mascara, simply because I wear it everyday, and I love how natural it looks on me. I currently live abroad, and I for whatever reason can’t buy that particular mascara from Maybelline here. πŸ™

  40. Thea says:

    So hard to choose just one! I think either my MAC Fluidline in Dipdown, which I wear almost every day, or Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sin, a flattering champagne shimmer πŸ™‚

  41. Megan says:

    My collection of Le Metier de Beaute kaleidoscopes…I worked hard/tracked down some vintage ones, and they’re in the “grab in case of house fire” basket!

  42. Stephanie86NL says:

    My Soleil Tan de Chanel (cream bronzer) I have not found any other product like it. Its so unique and gives such a beautiful natural finish. Excellent for both contouring and all-over-bronzing. And its buildable. I don’t really like using pouders because of my dessert-dry skin and this is the holy grail for me πŸ™‚

    And to think that I really wore bronzer before this beauty came along. Now I wear it every day!

  43. Kim says:

    My Clinique Just Gorgeous lipstick. It’s a discontinued color and I’ve never found a color I like better on me. The search continues but until then, I’m holding onto that tube like grim death. πŸ™‚

  44. Bluevelvet says:

    2 bottles of Clarins 230, aka Unicorn Pee

  45. cncx says:

    My two guerlain meteroties compacts (the 2007 Gold Temptation, heavily used, and the Midnight Diamond from 2004 which I hesitate whether or not to ebay or swap)

    As well as my Guerlain Poudre d’Orient which has been used daily since I got it, stored in pristine conditions, only touched with the cleanest of brushes.

  46. UD’s BOS 3, Tarte blush in Blissful (not available here!), MAC lipglass in Hot House (limited edition) and Justin Bieber’s someday perfume. Love these products to death! πŸ˜€

  47. Maya says:

    I love reading everyone’s responses! For me, it’s my bottle of Chanel Morning Rose nail polish, in terms of limited edition items. As for permanent members of my collection, I love my Chanel products and NARS blush collection

  48. Neeraj says:

    2 things I treasure the most are : Chanel Tweed fuchsia blush and MAC marine life highlighting powder

  49. Caroline says:

    I wanted to tell you, Karen – I’m a huge makeup junkie and a daily reader of your blog, but despite that, I owned ZERO Mac. Shocking, I know. Your post when you told us about your Evolution Revolution lipglass has made me cry each time I read it, it’s so touching. This post finally convinced me to go for it, and the Evolution Revolution lipglass is now one of my prized makeup possessions and my first piece of MAC (and I think I’m hooked). I love the color and how you described its inspiration and birth, and it will continue to be a treasured piece of makeup in my collection, one with a near-emotional attachment. Thank you for it.

  50. Marinshe says:

    My Cargo eyeshadow palette in Tahiti

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