What’s Your Earliest Makeup Memory?

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What’s your earliest makeup memory?

My very first makeup memory stars my mom, who, truth be told, has never really been a makeup kinda gal. She’s always had a few beauty bits and pieces sitting around, things she picked up at the occasional Mary Kay party, but makeup’s not really her thing.


I remember one time she brought a purple eyeshadow duo home from one of those parties. I was seven at the time, and she left it in the bathroom where it tempted me for DAYS.

I’d pad into the bathroom at 6:30 every morning and stare at it with sleepy eyes, fighting the urge to open the compact and stick my fingers into the pan.

I made it about a week before I just couldn’t take it anymore.

One morning I wandered in, grabbed the compact and stuffed it into the pocket of my pajamas, figuring I could take it to school with me and work some magic in the girl’s bathroom before class.

But I didn’t make it that far. On my way back to my room with the forbidden eyeshadow, I bumped into my mom, who coincidentally happened to be standing in front of an oversized picture of Jesus in the hallway. That’s when I dropped the eyeshadow and burst into tears.

My mom reached down, picked it up — thankfully it didn’t break — and then soothed me until I calmed down. 🙂

What happened to the purple shadow after that remains a mystery… I have no other memories of it. Maybe it’s still somewhere in my mom’s small makeup collection, lost for all eternity.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. what a vivid memory! I actually have no clue! I remember my mom wearing moisturizer all the time and me wanting to wear creme on my face too. I probably start paying attention to makeup when all the girls in middle school carried the cover girl compact powder with them and would stare at themselves in the mirror during class.
    .-= Kajal Couture’s last blog post… Makeup Breakdown – Asin Thottumkal on the Cover of Jade Magazine =-.

  2. Devs says:

    Wow! Your story is so much more interesting than mine! My mom actually never really wears makeup, or buys it, but I remember that I had a claires gift card and I found a eyeshadow pallatte and I bought it because the colors drew me in!

  3. Denise S says:

    I remember buying a children’s fake-makeup kit from the 99 cent store. It was a mystery to myself, as well as my parents, as to why I wanted it- up till that point, I was the ultimate tomboy. It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I started wearing makeup everyday, and then, actually playing with it and having fun.
    .-= Denise S’s last blog post… Sparkling Copper =-.

  4. Citrine says:

    I remember when I was around 4-5 and on my birthday, my mom would dot her red (It was Chanel) lipstick on my forehead (it’s kind of like bindi but it’s called differently in Chinese) and I felt so pretty…

    Another incident was when I was 8,I have a few of my girl friend come over and played dressed up…with my mom’s lipstick and I broke one of her Guerlain at the end, I never knew (ahem, I always do, actually) mom can be so scary…

    At least I got to find out wine is a very flattering color on my skintone…lol.

  5. Alex says:

    My mom use to put lipstick & eye liner on me for pictures when I was little. When I started putting on my own lipgloss & mascara she stopped. I also remember being 3 or 4 trying to pain my own toe nails & spilling polish everywhere.

  6. Calliope says:

    Fifth grade, the girls’ bathroom, clear glitter gel. Ah, the times when I didn’t know what I was doing. 🙂

  7. Katie says:

    My first encounter with makeup was when I was five. I loved red lipstick, so my aunts would put red lipstick on me when they babysat. My mom would get soooo mad! She didn’t like her little girl in makeup, but ever since I then I’ve been hooked. I finally bought my first makeup product in 5th grade. It was an Estee Lauder mascara.
    .-= Katie’s last blog post… 21st Birthday Tutorial =-.

  8. Jen says:

    I must’ve been about 11 or 12 (I was in sixth grade). I was a latch key kid; my dad would pick me up from school and I’d be home alone from 3 to about 5 or 6 when my mom came home. I used to watch TV in my mom’s room and sometimes I’d raid her makeup drawer and try on her eyeshadows and lipsticks. If I didn’t wash it all off in time, my mom would come home and catch me and scold me for it. She’d tell me that I was too young for that stuff.

    What’s funny is that throughout high school, I never really wore makeup. I had a few palettes and maybe two glosses, but it wasn’t really my thing… until about the third year of college. Now I can’t go back. Addicted for life.

    What’s even FUNNIER now, is that my mom isn’t much of makeup person anyway, so whenever I feel I have too much, I pass some along to either her or my younger sister (she’s going to be 21 and I’m trying to convert her, haha).

  9. Jessic says:

    I remember my mom putting makeup on me for picture day at school. She used to tell me to look in certain directions when she put on mascara because I was always afraid she’d poke me in the eye. She made sure to pack on the blush too, “so I’d have some color.” The thing I remember the most though was the smell, I thought I always smelled exactly like my mom.

  10. Early early? I used to take my mom’s perfume and talc and mix them up for a drink for my imaginary friend when I was 4. She must have been so mad!!! But my earliest personal memory is when we took a family vacation from the UK and my dad (weird, but so my dad cos he wants his kids to be “cool” and hipsters!) helped me track down urban decay and hard candy. I got a navy nail varnish. I’m still buying UD and wearing navy nail varnish to this day! 🙂
    .-= scarlettholly’s last blog post… Spring Color Forecast EOTD Gold Look =-.

  11. Solé says:

    That was such a cute story! One year for Christmas (I must have been about five), Santa Claus gave me a little Crayola brand makeup kit, since I had expressed fascination with the stuff since I was old enough to walk. I didn’t even know Crayola made makeup, but it was a red lipstick, the same color red as the crayon, and a light blue eye crayon (It was the early 80s).

    One day my mom told me to put my shoes on to go to the store with her. Well, at that moment it hit me that we were going out and I could show off my new makeup skills! I grabbed my little red crayon and ran to the bathroom. I climbed the little stool I used to use to wash my hands and then peered into the mirror as I carefully applied the fire-engine red waxy stick all over my mouth. Perfect! I put it back in my little purse and told my mom I was ready as I strutted towards the front door, preening.

    She didn’t notice at first, but as we were walking out the door, she turned and looked at me with an expression of absolute horror on her face! She gasped in that exaggerated, wide-eyed way that hispanic moms do, and yelled (in Spanish), “What is that???? Go wipe your face, NOW!” I remember crying, but then being secretly pleased that the crayon was so pigmented it left my lips stained red. After trying to wipe it off my mouth herself in that annoyed way that moms do when they grab your jaw (squeezing the life out of your cheeks) with one hand and rub your mouth with a towel in the other hand, she finally gave up and told me never to do that again. Of course I did. I started wearing full makeup on a daily basis by the seventh grade. Haven’t stopped since.

  12. Jenna says:

    I drew some scary brows with my mom’s black eyeliner. My mom and her friends couldn’t stop laughing.

  13. Sarah says:

    I have two – one is skin care and the other is make up.

    Mine’s not nearly as vivid as your but I do remember telling my best friend when I was 6 or so that we HAD to do a face mask because it would shrink our pores! Long story short, my mother walked by the bathroom only to see us with her Borghese face mask slathered on our faces playing Barbies and waiting for it to dry. I have a feeling I was a difficult child to tell “no” to…

    The other is when I was in 5th or so grade and I just HAD to get some eye shadow (I didnt even know what color, only that I wanted some). So my mom dutifully took me to Nordstrom and I told the women I wanted some eye shadow, but “nothing too dramatic. I like subtle eye make up.” I don’t even want to know what the clerk was thinking…

    I remember always going through my moms make up. I dont think I ever asked, I just went ahead and played with it. I don’t remember her getting angry, probably only encouraging me to be a bit more subtle with it!

  14. Denise says:

    Well, I used to watch my mother put her makeup on in her bathroom all the time…I would sit on the edge of the bathtub or on the toilet next to the sink (with the cover down of course:). We would talk about anything and everything, and I would ask her questions about her makeup routine, or she would offer some little tidbit of info. But, for the most part, I would just watch her technique and marvel at how beautiful she looked all the time. I was not allowed to wear any makeup whatsoever until I was about fourteen.

    One day I went outside to offer her and Dad a glass of tea while they were mowing/raking the lawn, and out of the blue she told me: Why dont you go into my bathroom and try putting on makeup on your own…you can use whatever you like and remember some of the things I have taught you. Come out and show me when you are done, and if you do a good job you can wear whatever you like from now on.

    Well, I have been a makeup lover since I can remember. I think back to those special times whatching my mother in the bathroom apply her makeup with such fondness.

  15. shivotra says:

    mine is so similar to yours. whenever i’d find an opportunity to find sometime with my mom’s make-up drawer alone, i’d just pick up a lipstick and start dribbling. one day my parents came back home earlier than anticipated and in order to conceal, i just closed my mom’s chanel lipstick without twisting it down and in turn ruining it. My mom was very sweet about it, though.
    .-= shivotra’s last blog post… This is so frustrating. =-.

  16. Beth says:

    My first beauty memory was of a tube of cream powder blue eyeshadow my mom had with a doe
    foot applicator. It was frosty, it was creamy, it was gorgeous! I wanted so bad
    to smear it on my lids (this was late 70’s) so bad I could hardly stand
    it. On occasion, my mom would relent and put a little on me. A couple of years later, she gave it to me. It started a tradition of her cleaning out her makeup drawer and gifting the contents to me, a tradition I carry on with my kids today!

  17. blu3 says:

    My earliest memory would be of my mom buying a pink lipstick to replace the one she had just used up. It was either Maybelline or Revlon, in a clear plastic case and she wore that colour every weekday for years. She was always one to get the most out of her makeup, I think she might even still have it lying around!

    I also remember the first and only time my mom got a silver eyeshadow as a gift. Neither she nor I had any idea how to use eyeshadow. I think I was in grade 7 or 8 and was sooo mesmerized by the pretty silver! I still remember the brand – it was Shiseido 🙂
    .-= blu3’s last blog post… Psyched that… =-.

  18. Glosslizard says:

    My mom didn’t use much makeup, but I remember once (it must have been in 6th grade), grabbing her mascara. I swiped some on my eyelashes and honestly couldn’t see much of a difference, so I went to school with it on. Once there, one boy (who I’d known since Kindergarten) looked at me and said “You’ve been playing monkey-do with Mom’s mascara!” I was mortified!
    It wasn’t until High school that I truly embraced makeup and created my signature look with charcoal gray eyes and fuscia lipgloss! 😀

  19. Karen says:

    Hey ladies,

    I’m enjoying reading all of your stories! Keep ’em coming. 🙂

  20. Steph B says:

    My mom has really graceful long fingers with long nails. When I was little, she almost always painted her nails some shade of red. When I was 4 we went on a family trip to Disney World and my mom had painted my nails too. I don’t remember this being a regular occurance or asking for her to do it special for the trip. I have only a few memories of that trip but one is of a woman at the parade asking to see my pretty nails. I was so proud as I held out my hands to show them off.

  21. Mira Torres says:

    A have a vivid memory of my mother when I was 5. She was in a red wrap dress with shoulder pads, emerald green Maybelline eyeshadow and powdered from head to toe in White Shoulders talcum powder – used with a puff. I remember being heart broken when the plastic container broke into pieces on the bathroom floor.
    As for the Maybelline emerald eyeshadow, My sister and I wore that eyeshadow well into high school. It’s probably still alive and well somewhere hidden in her closet.

    Years later, the beauty fanatic in my mother multiplied 50,000 times over when it came to my sister and I.

  22. wehkwas says:

    Such a good question. My first memory that involved makeup was when I was around 6 or 7 and me and my older sister shared a bedroom. She never wore much makeup herself, but I remember sneakingly opening her compact and very very lighting patting my cheeks hoping that I didn’t apply too much. And I also remember opening her mascara and not understanding why anyone would want this on their lashes. My own little collection of makeup started in 5th grade. I remember ritually wearing the same rose shimmer lip balm lip smacker and a tube of cream to powder silver eyeshadow everyday.

  23. Catherine says:

    My earliest memory of makeup is actually probably also my earliest memory LOL. I have no idea how old I was, but I must have been less than 4 years old. All I remember is that I got into my parents room into my mom’s makeup bag and smeared red lipstick all around my mouth before she caught me.
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… Last day to get 30% off on Konad at WowSoCool.com =-.

  24. Christa says:

    In first grade, I met up with some girlfriends in the bathroom. One brought her mom’s bright blue mascara, one brought red press on nails, and I brought the roll-on glitter.

    After we sufficiently tarted up and went back to class, we were immediately sent to the principal’s office and were forced to scrub down. LOL!

    That was the beginning of the end for me. 🙂

  25. mill says:

    i got lots of cheap, makeup- smelling, cheap glittters and barbie compacts when i was little. i also remember LOVING Lip Smackers- the brand- and all the different flavours and packages. i saw them in the advertisments and HAD to get them! they had the best flavours, like cotton candy, pink sugar, bubblegum, vanilla sundae……….. and then they had sours, gummy flavours, they are still in like pharmacies and stuff in australia, and in america, i think.

  26. Tiera says:

    I had to get my makeup done a lot because I danced hula, well, forever… But I do remember being in maybe 6th grade or so and thinking I could do my makeup myself for a hula competition. needless to say, it was HORRENDOUS!! My foundation was waaay to dark, my blush was hot fuchsia, and I had I had thick blue liner straight outta the ’80s! And I think no one wanted to hurt my feelings or something, ’cause it took a while for someone to finally call me out on it lol!

  27. Patty says:

    1. At 5, my mom bought me one of those crappy dollar store makeup kits for kids. The mascara was so bad, and of course I had no idea what I was doing, so I poked myself in the eye and cried for what seemed like ages. Needless to say, that experienced soured makeup in general for me.

    2. I don’t remember doing it when I was a kid, but I guess I used to sniff my mom’s L’Oreal/drugstore lipstick. When I bought one as a fully cognizant adult, I thought to myself, “This is what lipstick is supposed to smell like.” Waxy and artificial. Yum.

  28. Alison says:

    I don’t remember it cos I was around 3yrs old, my mum had got my Grandma to come babysit so she could have a well deserved break. She had had a lovely day until she came home to find her favourite (just discontinued!) Estee Lauder lipstick had been used by me to draw all over the glass panels running up the stairs! She has never found that perfect lipstick shade since!

  29. diane says:

    :))) That’s so funny
    My earliest memory is also with my mother, we were in vacation at the mountains and she had a very moisturizing lipstick in a shade of maroon, burgundy color and I used to wear in inside of the hotel all the time, cause she wouldn’t let me wear it outside! But I loved it anyway, cause it smelled so good!! I was about 7 at the time:)

    Have a fun Sunday!

    .-= diane’s last blog post… The Dolce and Gabbana hysteria! =-.

  30. Shannon Steele says:

    i was 6 or 7. mom used to enter me in beauty pageants. i recall standing on the top of atoilet in a girls bathroom in a gymnasium some where in northern alabama while she made me ” LOOK UP!” and put mascara on me. The reason it stands out so much? i blinked while she was doing it and ruined everything.

  31. Hmm I will have to say that lipstick that my mom made me wear for our graduation in kindergarten. I hated the taste.

  32. YadiQ says:

    Wow these stories are so awesome! My first one is When I was in 6th grade or so we were celebrating Xmas in puerto Rico at my grandmas house ( we travelled to pr every year for Xmas) and my uncle gave me a set of Mary Kay makeup in a mug everything was the lightest most neutral shade of light pink- blush shadow and lipstick I remember feeling like uggh this stuff doesn’t show!! My mom gladly let me use this on special ocassions.

    The next 2 are the funny ones both in hs I wasn’t allowed to use makeup in hs except that pink crap that didn’t show. All my friends were wearing this burnt chocolatey red by brucci iused to slather on the dark shade and then when I would go home I would wipe it off with tissue – stupid me I would leave the tissues in my pocket and mom would find them when she was doing laundry man was I in trouble – she eventually came to a compromise and I was allowed to wear lighter colors iopted for a brucci shade called cappucino and I aartfully blended it with a chocolate colored liner lol!!!

    The most vivid nail memory was in hs too it was another Xmas in pr and I was traumatized by my nails not growing – I tried everything and I still had stubby nails. My aunt saw the saddness in my face and took me to get acrylics – man I felt like I was walking on air from happiness. They were painted a bright coral color with a sliver of silver on the tip. I swear that started an acryillic addiction for me I quit the acrylics when I got to college 🙂

  33. Nina says:

    I LOLd at the part where your mom was standing in front of an oversized picture of Jesus! 😀

    Mine was fourth grade – late bloomer!!! My sister got some Revlon eyeshadow and eyeliner. Id get home from school around 3 and she would still be at work. I remember schmearing the eyeshadow (brown) all over my lids and under my lower lash line … I also kept on trying to put more where the “bone” was …

    She noticed I was playing with her make up after a few days and kept it where I couldnt find it!!!

    • Karen says:

      It was one of several super-sized religious decorations at my parent’s house. There was also a huge wooden rosary that hung in the hallway, and in their bedroom was a carved Jesus statue with a glowing red light in the heart. As a child it terrified me!

  34. Nina says:

    ps — enjoy the rest of your weekend! Im having Pecan coffee as I type! 😉

  35. Lucia says:

    ok, this is one to tell.
    At 14, my mother gave me permission to wear make up, so I bought 2 eyeshadows, blue and turquoise, shaped like lipstick and a mascara, solid, to wet and to apply with a tiny brow brush….Oh, memories!

  36. Michelle says:

    That story is so cute! My first makeup memory is when I was about 8. My older sister had this most awesome (well, awesome to an 8 year old) lipgloss compact. It looked like a chocolate chip cookie on the outside, and when you opened it up — it had a vanilla side and a chocolate side — and it smelled like vanilla and chocolate. I knew where she hid it — and I snuck into her drawer and got it out and used it. She totally found me out!

  37. Selena says:

    Oh my. At about age 4 or 5 my Aunt did a full face of makeup on me. Blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner, blush, red lipstick and even a fake mole. My father took a picture of me crying when I saw myself in the mirror.

  38. jen in Va says:

    Oviously it is with mom and her Clinique makeup, particularly cream blushes which were the rage in the ’80s and my own earliest makeup memory was with the disgusting blue eye shadows from WetnWild which was all anyone could afford back then.

  39. K says:

    When I was little, my sister and I would sneak into our grandmother’s bathroom and play with all of her weird makeup stuff. There were a lot of powders and things in odd little bottles. Still not sure what everything was, but we only got caught a couple times.
    .-= K’s last blog post… Giving Up on Love =-.

  40. Rachael says:

    Mine was my mum putting make up on me for a ballet recital when I was about 5. We were supposed to look like little lions. I get that it was stage makeup, but it was terrible. I had clown like bright pink cheeks, red lips and lots of liner. Needless to say, never doing that again. But it got better next year, I was one of the Lullaby League ballerinas. My costume looked like cotton candy exploded on me and my face look very similar: pink and way too much glitter. As a result, I had an aversion to glitter till I was about 18 and the club scenes were so intriguing, haha.

  41. lexi says:

    I remember as a five year old girl watching my mom get ready for work. I was in love from the start just by the packaging. I still miss the old Shiseido packaging – very Asian graphics on in and the eye shadows were oval almost egg shaped. I also remember a small terracotta clay pot which I think was bronzing type powder by Coty? I also remember her glamorous bottles of perfume – bottles of Chanel – #19 and some other number I can’t remember. I just remember thinking that one day I’d be a fancy and glamorous girl too. She did catch me wearing makeup to school one day when I was 12. She wasn’t pissed that I was wearing makeup – just that I was wearing it badly. So the next day she bought me my first palettle – Maybelline. It was pink and neutral and appropriate for her young newly beauty obsessed daughter!

  42. cady says:

    i was fascinated by mascara. i’d watch my mom put it on and ask her repeatedly what it was for and why she wore it. i think it became a habit because i remember her saying “you know why” when i kept asking the same questions. once she put mascara on one eye and said look, doesn’t this eye look more awake? she said mascara was to make your eyes look awake. i can’t say she was wrong!

  43. Shannon says:

    My mom NEVER wore makeup – she would only ever use an eyelash curler, which we called her “eye machine.”
    My first makeup memory doesn’t even involve actual makeup. When I was really young, maybe 5 or 6, my sister and I would play at our aunt’s house with these certain plastic blocks that she had (seriously, they were flattened, stackable plastic circles and squares and stuff). And that was our “makeup.” The red one was for your lips, the blue one was for your eyes, and the yellow one was for your face. We had it all figured out. My mom had no idea how we’d garnered such a fascination for makeup, lol! Apparently we also used to call eyeshadow “eye polish.” Good times.

    (btw – my sister and I have FINALLY convinced our mom to wear mascara! After 16 years, lol…)

  44. lolll karen you crack me up!! When I was 3, I wandered into my mom’s bathroom and found a couple of Lancome lipsticks sitting on the counter. I proceeded to *ahem* decorate her bed with them. I must’ve had some sense that I’d done something wrong, because I covered it up with a towel and told me mom not to go in her room. So of course she went and…let’s just say she wasn’t too happy. whoops 😀
    .-= Makeupmorsels’s last blog post… Pain Is Beauty (The Ankle Boots That Killed Me Toe By Toe) =-.

  45. Meghan says:

    my mom also never really wears too much makeup..but when she does it would either be mary kay or clinique. when i started getting some zits in middle school i remember my mom took me to the clinique counter at macy’s and had them match me for what skin products would be best for my skin. she bought me the skin care products and then a few years later took me back to the same makeup counter and bought me my first foundation.

    i recently found some bobbi brown blush and concealer, and eyeshadow in my moms makeup drawer so i guess she is expanding her horizons!

    i also vividly remember in high school the only eyeshadow i would use would be this white frosted eye shadow from rite aid (I forget the brand) and the lipgloss i would use was the lip smackers vanilla cake lip gloss because it smells so good. i still have 2 tubes of it in my lipstick/lipgloss makeup drawer 🙂

  46. Carol says:

    I remember watching my mom put on her makeup for Christmas parties. She owned Clinique eyeshadows, and the one I always remember her wearing is a bright, chalky sort of green, with brown mascara and dark red lipstick, lol! I loved the Clinique tubes of lipstick – pastel green with a ring of silver around the middle.

    My first makeup memories are those mini, tiny tubes of lipstick I would get as a child, but I don’t have any vivid makeup memories until I was about 14 or so, when I started wearing it myself! Clinique liquid foundation, brown mascara, brown eyeliner, and brown lipstick, oh lord!

  47. Jennifer D. says:

    OMG…I think I have mentioned this on my channel before, but it is still in my mind like last year. I am 34 years old now, but can remember so clearly the Mary Kay (which I still love and use in addition to MAC and the popular ones of today…MK has really stepped up its game) and Merle Norman. My Mom had just gone to Merle Norman, which was not inexpensive, and done quite a bit of shopping. I was about twelve and in love with everything she bought. She knew my love and always had to put me in check reminding me…no sticky fingers Jennifer Nichole.

    The next day our church youth group was going to Kings Dominion, a large amusement park like Sig Flags, in Virginia. Well, I just had to take this blush, eyeshadow and lipstick compact with me that day. My crush was going to be there and I had to look pretty….lol. So, I put the compact deep into my jeans pocket (the pockets those days were deep because of the high waists), but being upside down on a big boat was an ideal place for that compact.

    I was on that boat going over and over and feeling that compact coming closer to the surface of the pocket. I wasn’t worried about holding on to anything other than that compact. I was trying to put my elbow down there, lift my body up toward the bar holding me in hoping it would keep the compact in place…whew, it was finally over and the compact was safe. I lost my gum, I lost my ponytail holder, but the compact was safe as well as my telephone privileges (my mom’s most popular way of punishing me as she knew it would severely hurt my social life…lol.

    There are many memories, but most of them have to do with my beautiful mother and my Marilyn Monroesque grandmother that I miss so dearly as she was the one who always took me makeup shopping starting at the age of 5. We had to keep it at “Amma’s” house, but I loved those Saturday shopping days with her. Thanks to both of them for starting this obsession, because it is definitely my passion and I truly enjoy it:) It is the best putting cosmetics on someone and making them light up and seeing their self esteem just bolt. Love it:) Great question and thanks for jogging these great memories.

  48. Georgia says:

    Mine was stealing a frosty white eyeshadow from The Body Shop when I was 4. It’s the only occasion on which I’ve ever shoplifted and it felt oh sooo good. I also recall telling my “mummy” that Bobbi Brown was a silly name for the colour of a lipstick. I was under the impression lipsticks only came in red. Good times.

  49. There was this face powder that all the women in my family seemed to have. It was encased in such beautiful packaging. I was dying dying to apply that face powder all over my face. One day when I was six as my aunt was showering I grabbed it from her desk, and began applying, I was feeeling so wonderful because I had finally made my face up. Since I was about six shades darker than my aunt, and she was the color of a ghost, it looked as if I had applied white powder all over my face. When she saw me all she could do was laugh silly. I was incredibly happy. It was my first experience with makeup, and since then, I haven’t put it down.

  50. Karen F says:

    It must have been 4th or 5th grade. I helped myself to my mom’s Cover Girl Clean Makeup. The shade wasn’t right for me (surprise!) so my face was much darker than my neck. I thought I looked so cool.

  51. Kate & Zena says:

    I was three or four years old when I first remember seeing make-up. Everytime I went to see my grandma or she came to see us, my mom said it was okay if Grandma put a little blush and lipstick on me. I put make-up on my mom too for fun (needless to say, my application was horrifying). My grandma is very much a natural beauty so I learned a lot of my tricks from my grandma as my mom wasn’t (and still isn’t) a big make-up person.

  52. Sonja says:

    I was about 11 and mom bought some green lipstick- one of those that change colour on your lips, you know? So being a daredevil, I’ ve been eying it for a week and then one morning, when mom was on work and I had school in the afternoon, i decided to put it on. Of course, I decided to ”wear” it to school, so i put it on just minutes before catching a bus to school. And of course, I didn’t put it on my lips precisely, but all around as well. Needles to say, the colour turned bright red. I panicked and called my mom to come home and help me. She was so furious that she had to drive 2h from work, but at least I skipped school that day…

    Thanks for the question, I haven’t thought of that it years!

  53. Michele DiCola says:

    I would watch my aunt who was a performer. She used a brush to apply wax mascara then paint on large cat eyes.
    I was 60’s child so I wore white lips, cat yes, black hair, and this glossy lip from Estee Lauder. The most fabulous none color that just let your own lip color shine through.
    I hiked up my skirt as I walked to school.
    Changed my shoes and morphed into “Sandy ” from the end of “Grease”.
    My father hated it.
    He never said too much, but he hated the black hair and the blackened eyes as he put it.
    It was fun.

  54. Patrice says:

    My earliest makeup memory is locking myself in my Aunt Mary’s bathroom and playing with her light blue eye shadow that was in a lipstick tube applicator. It was like a big, thick crayon. I’d play with it in 3rd-4th grade. My first makeup purchase was an Aziza eyelash curler, Maybelline Kissing Potion clear lip gloss and Revlon single eye shadows in rust and gold. Hideous!

  55. c_u_o says:

    My mum leaving for work and planting huge smackers on our cheeks leaving behind red lip prints *sigh*

  56. sarah says:

    When we were going to vistim my baby brother in the hospital, (cancer) my mom put blush and lip gloss on my ans my sister? Why? Because I told her that I wanted my brohter to remember us as” the most pretty sisters of all” if he went to heaven. I was 5 and my sister was 3.

  57. reagen says:

    My earliest makeup memory was while standing in my moms high heels(maybe 7?),I was going thru her makeup vanity & spotted that beautiful pink & green tube by Maybelline. I was amazed how long my lashes were after playing with it! My mom walked in saw me& giggled!!!

  58. Cas says:

    I was a tomboy back then so I was never once bothered about makeup until I turned 17 or so. But of course I made the biggest mistake by wearing foundation colors that were too light for my tanned skin tone back then. Yikes!
    .-= Cas’s last blog post… PAW-fect Time At PAWS =-.

  59. Wendy says:

    My Grandmother applying Coty lipstick in ‘Watermelon’ in the bathroom mirror and me standing in the bottom drawer watching her. Years later after she passed I found a 1/2 used tube in an old drawer, it now resides in her favorite teacup, proudly displayed in my other Grandma Noni’s 250 year old family heirloom china hutch.

    For me that lipstick is as important as the hutch. Man I miss them both.

  60. Nicole says:

    Probably not until 6th grade, my mom was never into makeup, but she knew what the good stuff was. She bought my aunt a MAC lip palette, but it never got to her for various reasons, so it saw unused in hte bathroom drawer. When I was home alone, I would take it out and just stare at it, wouldnt dare touvh it!

  61. Enrica says:

    It was Maybelline Lash Discovery® Mini-Brush Washable Mascara. I got this when I was 15, that’s when I started to be girly, kinda late, isn’t it? I remember the next thing is Dior pencil liner. I took it from my mom, without asking, but not that she uses it anyway, muwahahahaha. I loved it. It stays on my waterline all day, no panda eyes.
    .-= Enrica’s last blog post… OOTD – Springish outfit =-.

  62. Aww– thank goodness moms and Jesus are so forgiving, lol! My earliest memory is watching my mom put her makeup on in the mornings while I would sit on the toilet or edge of the bathtub and talk to her about whatever was clever. I remember I felt very special when she put mascara on my long lashes and dusted me with a lavender sparkle powder she had for my preschool graduation. /hugs herself!

  63. Raven says:

    I remember kissing my mother goodbye on her way out the door and tasting her hazlenut-colored
    lipstick afterward. In grade five, I would take some sort of sparkly creme shadow and put it on my lips cuz I thought they were too red, swipe a bit of powder on my face and combe my bushy eyebrows, of course, out of my moms collection. In grade 6 my mom bought me three navy blue eyeliners with little rubber smudgers on the ends, and I’d sport the “Avril Lavigne” raccoon eyes sort of look :p
    I still have one of the smudgers…*Ponders*

  64. Shabby says:

    My Mum’s not that into make-up. If she feels like wearing, she’ll only put a blush-on and lipstick. The lipstick didn’t interest me, but the blush-on did. There were times I’d sneak into the parents’ bedroom to try it on. *lol* Eventually, she gave it to me… Along with some lipsticks. That was then my first make-up item. ^^
    .-= Shabby’s last blog post… What’s New on Joiz’s Desk =-.

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