Two Ways to Win the Entire CoverGirl LashBlast Luxe Mascara Line

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covergirl lash blast luxe

Happy hump day, ladies! πŸ™‚ How was the first half of your week? Any cool makeup adventures to report?


Today I thought we’d scale the hump with a giveaway for members (and wannabe members) of Cult CoverGirl LashBlast. If you’ve been longing to try LashBlast Luxe, today could be your lucky day!

*All four* volumizing shades, with their lovely hints o’ shimmer, are looking for a new home this week. I hope someone gives ’em the love and attention they deserve.

The prize

One lucky lady will pump up her lash volume with all four of the CoverGirl LashBlash Luxe Mascaras in Black Platinum, Black Cabernet, Black Emerald and Black Royale (a $32 value).

covergirl lash blast luxe black platinum

covergirl lash blast luxe black emerald

covergirl lash blast luxe black cabernet

covergirl lash blast luxe black royale

covergirl lash blast luxe

How to enter…

2ways2enterEntering is easy. There are two different ways, and you can do both of them for two chances to win.

First, you can enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. In it, describe your end-all, be-all favorite mascara tip/trick. Spill the beans. Is it a favorite product, lash curler or a super secret technique?

This one’s simple but makes a *huge* difference for me: to prevent clumping and smudging, I swipe off any excess mascara from the mascara brush before application.

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Second, enter by following me on Twitter and retweeting (RT) the following message:

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  1. Enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, and don’t forget to use a valid email address so I can reach you if you win.
  2. Follow me on Twitter and retweet the following message:

    RT @karenmbb: RT to win the entire CoverGirl LashBlast Luxe line (a $32 Value)

IÒ€ℒll pick the winner at random from among the people who enter by 11:59 p.m. PST on Thursday, December 10.


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


  • The giveaway is now closed, and the winner is being contacted. Before you go, check the home page for ongoing giveaways.


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  1. Lisa says:

    Using a mascara comb after applying helps a ton with clumping!

  2. sandy says:

    Love Cover Girl stuff!!! Fav secret is to use a little extra loose powder under the eyes to catch any mistakes and then bruch it away after applying any eye make-up! Also RT’d

  3. Nina says:

    Take the time to slowly apply your mascara, the more you rush, the more your chances are at making a mess and clumps πŸ™‚

  4. marivel says:

    i wiggle the wand as I apply the mascara to separate my lashes & coat them evenly πŸ™‚

    twitter: mariivel

  5. Amber says:

    I use the good, old standby–Maybelline Great Lash and wipe the brush before I apply it. I’m also a fan of Clinique mascaras; they don’t seem to be so stuff after they’re dry.

  6. Jenny says:

    I use two different mascaras for false-looking lashes! I use one with a skinny thin wand and one with a fat wand ( like lashblast). The combo makes my lashes long and full!

  7. T says:

    Mine is a well known trick already. I heat the lash curler with the dryer real quick to curl my lashes and keep them curled.

  8. Morgan says:

    Definatly curl first (with the amazing ELF eyelash curler) then quickly add mascara to “set” the curl. Move on and do the second lash.
    .-= Morgan’s last blog post… Dear Glamour Magazine, =-.

  9. Miriam says:

    I found that curling my lashes both before and after I apply my mascara really helps to keep them nice and curled all day long.

  10. Kelly says:

    My best mascara tip is a common one – wiggle the wand back and forth a bit as you stroke it up your lashes.

  11. V says:

    Moving the brush really slowly to hold a curl!

  12. Halifax says:

    For me, waterproof mascaras hold my lashes up better (curves), so I opt for it most of the time

  13. Marcie says:

    I use a good old standby: wiggling the brush as I go up the lash to ensure full coverage and little clumping!

  14. Bloody Mary says:

    My trick would be using (clean) old mascara wand to seperate lashes after applying your regular mascara. It works great. πŸ™‚

  15. Lisa says:

    I use the cult favorite Great Lash in Very Black, wipe off any excess before applying, and then comb through with the Sephora Professional lash comb while it’s still wet. It works every time.

  16. Carolanne says:

    I love using two different mascaras (one specifically for lengthening, and one specifically for volumizing) to get that full, fake lash look. First I swipe on a coat of a lengthening mascara, then a coat of a volumizing mascara. If I really really want super huge lashes, I swipe on a another coat of each. Et voila! Fake lashes in a bottle! <3

  17. Kat says:

    I also wipe off the brush before I apply it – cuts down on mess for me.

    Another thing is that I try to open & close the container carefully and with a spiral motion, to try to keep from forcing air down inside the tube (which would dry it out faster).

  18. liz says:

    shu uemera eyelash curler! πŸ™‚

  19. Dorie says:

    I do the wiggle always, wipe off the excess, apply extra to the lashes at the sides of my eyes and comb through the lashes to get rid of any clumps. =) I have yet to find my to-go mascara (still new to this) so I’m hoping to win, just to try out some new mascara!

  20. Holly G says:

    My tip is to use a variety of mascaras to achieve the perfect look! I currently have Maybelline Full ‘n’ Soft, Maybelline The Colossal, several Clinique samples I’ve received with free gifts, and some Bare Escentuals mascara. They are all different formulas, from plumping to curling and everything in between, so I get new benefits with each coat I brush on! My friends tease me about my collection of mascaras, but trust me – IT WORKS!! Random people constantly ask me what I use.

  21. Tiffany says:

    I wiggle the wand at the base of my lashes and then swoop up!

  22. LauraJ says:

    To keep the clumps away, wipe excess of the wand before applying.

  23. Karen B says:

    swiping the mascara wand against a tissue before use helps most mascara troubles to go away πŸ™‚

  24. Sandy says:

    I keep an clean brush from a mascara I tossed, and use it to separate my lashes and smooth out any clumps.

  25. Lisha says:

    Eyelash primer, then Clinique mascara, applied while wiggling the brush.

  26. Fay. H. says:

    My secret? Heated lash curler! They curl lash like nobody’s buiness! Perferable the electrical ones because the curve is just ooooh sooo sexy! Heating up a normal lash curler with dryer also does the trick, but trust me the results are very different!

  27. Marci says:

    I used the lash blast mascara& the Lux both are good and I like it! I Happy Holidays!

  28. Kelly T says:

    I LOVE Koji’s Curving Eye Lash Curler!! It’s my HG product and it is amazing!

  29. Fay. H. says:

    Sorry do I make a 2nd post for the tweet link?

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  30. KellyR says:

    One thing I’ve found works best for me to ensure full coverage on the mascara brush is to fully re-insert AND close the tube then re-open. For some reason, this also helps get rid of those big gobs that pop up on the end of the brush when I just stick it in without twisting it all the way closed.

    Another tip is to always use waterproof mascara. I’m a lady and I have emotions and I tell you, I never know when a tear-fest could be on its way. Always using waterproof ensures no raccoon eyes should an emotional moment ever arise (and face it, they’re never planned!)

  31. karen c says:

    Hi there!

    My secret for eyelashes seems to be Shiseido mascara base. My lashes don’t hold a curl if I put on mascara, but with the mascara base, it stays lifted high almost all day! I curl my eyelashes with shu uemura eyelash curler, put on the shiseido mascara base, and then mascara for puuurrrrfect lashes!


  32. Megan says:

    I stick my tongue out a little as I apply mascara. You don’t blink as hard if your tongue is out. πŸ™‚

  33. Molly says:

    I love the double-sided brush on Rimmel Glam Eyes- ones short and fat for volume, and the other is long and spread out, for separating. Also, I use a trick I learned on Michelle Phan’s youtube- trim a business card to fit your lid (draw the lid shape on it w/ liner while holding it up to your eye for shape accuracy) Then, cut out the little half-eye shape you drew, and gently hold your lid up with it, so all the excess mascara can smear on the card, not your pretty lids!

  34. Tuhina says:

    I wiggle my mascara brush at the base of my lashes and then pull up. Depending on how dramatic I want, I layer two or three coats and finish with a swipe on the top side of my lashes as well. This gives them great volume as well as length!

  35. Lisa S. says:

    I use Lash Blast Length first on upper and lower lashes, and then I use the regular Lash
    Blast on upper lashes only. I also wiggle the wand back and forth as I apply. Annnnnd before doing all that I buff Mac Prep and Prime over my entire face, including my eyes and lashes. Rather than obscuring my shadow it seems to just melt it together and it adds a nice coating to my lashes so the mascara has something to grab onto and grow from.

  36. Jenn says:

    I also swipe off my mascara comb before application– I learned it in one of Kim Kardashian’s makeup videos!

  37. cecilee =) says:

    hmm, mine would definitely placing more mascara on the middle lashes on the top and bottom to make my eyes look more round. it does wonders!
    .-= cecilee =)’s last blog post… Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. II & EOTD =-.

  38. Carol L says:

    My secret is using the Shisedo mascara base. LOVE it, it’s my HG! Also to use a metal mascara comb.

  39. Sarah says:

    My favorite tip is from Rae, of the Notice. “Just push lightly on your lash tips as it dries, bending them, so that when it does set, it retains a curl. Makes them look long and glamorous, as you all know! ”

    I had to quote her because there’s really no other way to say it… (the link, because I’m kind of paranoid about not giving credit, and I love her blog!)

  40. CC says:

    I love DiorShow mascara!

  41. Sally says:

    My mascara routine is very time-consuming. I curl, do a coat of Smashbox Lash DNA, a coat of MAC ZoomLash, and then I use an old Lash Blast wand that I have washed to separate my lashes. Then, I do one more coat :]

  42. Janet says:

    My tip is to use the Shu Uemura eyelash curler…the only eyelash curler that works for my straight lashes!!

  43. kristen says:

    I wiggle the brush as I apply the mascara.

  44. veedee says:

    I use a lash moisturizer before applying regular mascara!

  45. Melia says:

    I use my favorite plastic wand from an old mascara to take out any clumps (I always clean it afterwards).
    Twitter: Kmelia

  46. Basak says:

    I love my Shu Uemura eyelash curler and also use Lash Blast. The first time I used this mascara it did not work for me. Wiggling the wand back and forth and applying quick 2-3 layers give good results for me.

  47. Nina says:

    I also wipe the excess mascara from the brush. To really prevent smudges I place my finger over my lashes to act as a shield between the lid and lashes.

  48. G says:

    shu uemera eyelash curler

  49. Spiff says:

    I use a business card to shield my lid – it helps curl my lashes and make sure they’re all coated!

  50. Heather says:

    I love using the product, and an eyelash curler always helps…but my secret trick or tip, if you will, is always fake eyelashes…..they make your eyes standout and with the mascara on them it’s even more of a wham! (be sure to get ones that are 100% human hair tho) and style away!! πŸ™‚

  51. Dior Iconic is my all time fav mascara and my shu eyelash curler is my trick, oh and Lancome oscalling Powerbooster is the bomb!

  52. Joanna says:

    I blink my eyes as I’m swiping the brush through my lashes. It makes them long and clump-free in just a swipe or two

  53. Erica says:

    One of the best tips I’ve picked up, is when your mascara starts getting dried out and clumpy, soak the tube in a cup of HOT water (obviously with the tmascara sealed shut). The heat will help make the mascara formula a little thinner and liquid-y and you can get a few more uses out of it.
    Another trick I heard recently that really works for me is instead of doing many layers really fast with mascara, to slow down and only do 2 or 3 coats going S L O W L Y through the lashes. It has really worked wonders for me, building a lot of volume in my fine lashes.

  54. Megan says:

    My trick is applying about 50 thin coats of mascara instead of clumping it on. I go back and forth between both eyes to allow each coat to slightly, but not completely, dry. Maybe I’m exaggeration on the 50 coats. More like 49. I get the brush right into the roots, wiggle it around, and then wiggle it as I coat the length of the lashes. I also like to add a bit extra on the outer corners to define the eye and get that cat-eye look. Really enhanced almond shaped eyes too.
    .-= Megan’s last blog post… A Challenge! =-.

  55. Rachel says:

    I lightly wipe my brush with a tissue to get rid of any clumps that would cling to my lashes

  56. inspersia says:

    I find that using a good eyelash brush after applying mascara helps to spread out and separate the lashes evenly.

  57. TerriB says:

    First coat wiggle from roots to tip; second coat tips only and hold a bit to curl. This makes “lengthening” mascaras thicken and “thickening” mascaras lengthen all in one. πŸ™‚

  58. Gina G says:

    I also do the wand wiggle, coats my lashes and helps prevents clumps!

  59. Georgia says:

    Apply extra coats while the mascara is still wet. Applying when dry tends to create clumps. Using the end of the wand in light, feathery strokes with the tip of the wand enhances the outer corners and creates a beautiful shape. Also, if some mascara gets on your skin, wait until it dries and use a cotton bud to gently wipe it away.

  60. tay says:

    Wiggle and swoop–never fails me!

  61. ann marie says:

    Clinique High Definition Lashes has the two-sided brush that I absolutely ADORE!

  62. Vanessa S says:

    I use a little powder on my lashes before I apply my mascara to make them look thicker.

  63. emily says:

    I wiggle the wand as I apply πŸ™‚

  64. Grace says:

    I like to use Covergirl All-in-one mascara, with a curved brush. I find the curved brush makes it easier to get all of your lashes. Also wiggling the brush as you apply ensures definition and volume.

  65. Kypris says:

    Curl, and immediately apply mascara before the curl disappears (I have stubborn eyelashes…. they like to straighten!). Brush through immediately afterwards with a lash comb to comb out any clumps.

  66. Sticking my tongue out a little helps.

  67. Jae says:

    I start out with Cover Girl Lash Blast (in the orange tube) and then finish off with a coat of the Lash Blast Lengthening (the yellow tube) to help get rid of clumps and get the thickness allllll the way out to the ends.

  68. Jenna says:

    I use the regular Cover Girl Lash Blast and my Shu curler. I love them both! However, I haven’t tried the Luxe mascara!

  69. I can’t live without my eyelash curler! My mom jokes about it and whenever I leave for a trip, she asks “do you have your eyelash curler?”….she knows if I don’t have anything else, my eyelash curler will keep me happy. =)
    .-= Kajal Couture’s last blog post… Smooth Legs for Santa…..Giveaway Time! =-.

  70. xtina says:

    I usually just scrape the wand on the side of my mascara bottle, and my favorite trick is to pump the eyelash curler a couple of times before i let go πŸ™‚ mad curl, yo!

  71. Jennifer says:

    Just recently, I started using a heated eye lash curler and love it. Easy and it doesn’t tug at the lashes like some of the regular eye lash curlers.

  72. Heather T says:

    if the mascaras not working for me, I bend the brush wand πŸ™‚

  73. Sarona says:

    I use the oldest trick in the book and that is wiggling the wand starting at the roots of my eye lashes and also applying the mascara slowly makes a different. My favorite mascara of all time is the Chanel Inimitable but I try other ones but always come back to the Inimitable.

  74. Patty says:

    She Uemura lash curler first, then Chanel mascara or Diorshow, wipe off brush, wiggle from base of lashes, a light coating of loose, translucent powder, another coat of mascara, finally Tweezerman lash comb. Done!

  75. Eileen says:

    favorite trick: definitely looking downward into the mirror when applying mascara. it allows me to see all my lashes and ensures that i dont hit my eyelid with the wand as im wiggling it from base to tip

  76. Gina says:

    lately i really like maybeline define a lash in the green tube. i think its better than alot of more expensive brands

  77. Shiny says:

    I use a thickening mascara first, and then run a rubber wand through it separate and lengthen, like Lash Exact. I also like to sweep my mascara towards the outer corners of my eyes to make my eyes seem a bit wider.

  78. Lara says:

    I think it’s important to try different mascaras to find the one that works for you!

    For example, everyone says wonders about Lancome Definicils, but for me it’s just ‘meh’.

    Experiment and find your special mascara!!!

  79. Celina says:

    I use a q-tip to wipe off any smudges on my lids immediately after applying mascara. It usually go away easily when the mascara is still wet.

  80. Ambika says:

    When I actually have the time – I use three different mascaras! I use LashBlast first for my upper lashes, then coat them again with Dior Show. Then I use a travel size clinique mascara (one I got for free with a purchase!) for my lower lashes.

  81. Mel says:

    I use an eyelash curler because my lashes are just too straight!

  82. Megan says:

    Well I love my Shu curler, but my absolute favorite Mascara trick would have to be layering – start with volumizing mascara and finish with lengthening. I find this gives the best results. One favorite pairing is NYX Doll Eye Volume and NYX Doll Eye Lengthening – and other is is Plush Lash and Clinique long pretty lashes.

    If all else fails and you need a dramatic eye glue some individuals on…

  83. Michelle says:

    I do the wiggle trick also — get the mascara wand close to the roots of my lashes, and wiggle back and forth. I also gold the brush up high on my lashes for about 5 seconds to hold the curl.

  84. Sherry B. says:

    Most of the above! LOL But I think the most important is wiggling the brush from bottom to top.

  85. Dana Cronin says:

    Ok so I just started doing this and I have never gotten so many complimnts on my lashes. I start by curling with shu uemura curler then add 1 coat of CoverGirl Last Blast Length to make em long, then add 1 coat of CoverGirl Last Blast original to make em fat and the more I brush the better they look. This como is amazing!!!!!

  86. Janine says:

    Wow, these comments get really elaborate, I had no clue what people do to perfect their mascara application! I just scrap off extra before applying…my comment is so not cool, lol

  87. Caitlin says:

    Hi Karen!

    I once had an eyelash curler from Asia that would curl my lashes and IT WOULD STAY.
    It was my favorite until it broke. πŸ™
    I absolutely love the Colossal mascara from Maybelline – even though I don’t wear mascara that much. I love to layer mascara, like black with blue or purple tips!

  88. Liza says:

    I swipe the brush outwards instead of up, gives sexy cat-eyed look πŸ™‚

  89. Kate & Zena says:

    definitely wiping excess off the brush!

  90. Natalie says:

    First off, I’m not really into those high end lash curlers like the Shu Umera–yeah their great, but I get the same result with my five dollar Revlon curler. And I tend to go through a curler a year, so it’s a lot more efficient this way. Unless you’ve got tons of $$$ then go right ahead, haha!

    My trick is that I use an old lash wand from a mascara that I really liked to brush through my curled lashes after my mascara has dried. This gives a really nice and full feathery lashes–natural, but thick because I hate the clumpy-caterpillar-lashes look. Right now I’m using the Diorshow Iconic mascara and the wand from my used up Smokey Eyes mascara from MUFE (its amazing!!!). Just be sure to wash the wand with soap before using it, and don’t brush your lashes too much because it’ll make the mascara flake a bit. I find that this works a lot better than a spooly or a comb. And I know, it sounds really complicated, but it really only takes a couple minutes and gives really nice lashes!!!

    And I tweeted!

    Thank you very much for the opportunity!

  91. Jennifer says:

    I curl my eyelashes two times before i apply my mascara for a better curl. And i use a clear mascara over my regular mascara.

  92. Breanna says:

    always use a q-tip after and collect fallout from your eyes.

  93. dip says:

    powder on the lashes and clear mascara over the normal mascara πŸ™‚

  94. Kerry says:

    I’m with almost everyone else:
    1. curl
    2. remove excess
    3. wiggle
    4. more than one coat

  95. Jane says:

    Oh how i wish i win πŸ™‚ I have always wanted to try this one !
    So my trick is to apply more than one coat from different brands. That defly gives big , huge lashes..Always works !

  96. Alli says:

    I curl, apply one coat, comb through it with a lash comb, and keep applying layers, combing between each layer. It makes a HUGE difference! No clumping at all! I also RTed

  97. Claire says:

    Oh my oh my, CG stuff is DA BEST.
    So I use it, then comb it with a spoolie, and that makes them look UH-MAZ-ING.

  98. sobia says:

    i like to apply vaseline on my lashes before bed, when i wake up they are soft ! and mascara applies a low better πŸ™‚

  99. Nadine says:

    I tilt the wand vertically to get at individual lashes. I also use an eyelash curler AFTER applying mascara — depsite expert admonitions not to do so because it might tear out your eyelashes.

  100. happybadfish says:

    I have two tips:
    1) keep an old mascara wand and wash it off. Use it after applying mascara to get rid of clumps.
    2) this tip I got from buxom mascara, after applying mascara to the top lashes – point the brush at a downward angle at the tip of the outer lashes and pull up. Gets the lashes in the corner and makes them wing out nicely.

  101. Jen says:

    I like layering different mascaras together. Diorshow Iconic + Diorshow is awesome, and so is Too Faced Lash Injection + Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint.

  102. martan says:

    I curl first my lashes and then apply the mascara.

  103. nina says:

    1) don’t load up on mascara when drawing the wand from the tube; REMOVE ALL CLUMPS!

    2) use a credit card beneath your lower lashes to get get them coated nice and good! haha

    3) hold down a she umera curler (my fave, sorry if i cant spell it!) firmly on the lash base for 20 seconds and slowly coat with your fave mascara; first sideways and then top to bottom!


  104. Lucy says:

    Please enter me in the giveaway. My favorite mascara is Lancome’s Hypnose. I curl my lashes first and then put on my first layer of mascara. I take my time and make sure I hit every lash. I go back and put on a second layer. Thank you.

  105. DiAni says:

    Wiggle the mascara wand back and forth to deposit more product on my lashes. And I use two different mascara for fuller lashes.

  106. Natalia says:

    First I curl, then wipe clean excess mascara off my wand and as I am going to start brushing it on my lashes I twirl my wand at the base to get a good coat there and keep on twirling the wand until I get to the very tip. The twirling also helps separate the lashes a whole lot =)

  107. vnssa906 says:

    my favorite mascara trick?! I tend to ALWAYS get mascara on my lid while applying it to my lashes. I learned this trick on youtube from MichellePhan. Use a flat face brush to hold down your upper lid in place. The brush will pick up any mascara that usually will end up on your lid.

  108. Candace says:

    When I apply mascara to my lashes I put a coat on both the underside (like most girls) AND on the top side of my lashes. Same goes for my lower lashes. Does volume wonders! (I RT’d as well)

  109. Lisa says:

    I am a mess with mascara, but using a lash comb gets the clumps out.

  110. Qwerty says:

    I love fiberwig! No tricks for me…

  111. Rae says:

    My favourite trick has to be the second spoolie — take a clean mascara wand (I picked up a bunch at Sephora, and yes, I asked first!) and pull it through your lashes as the mascara dries, rotating it slightly as you pull outwards. It keeps my lashes clump-free and feathery, just how I like ’em!
    .-= Rae’s last blog post… Luxe lip balm (for a not-so-luxe price!) =-.

  112. Jane says:

    Using a pre-mascara base really makes lashes “pop” Love Estee Lauder.

  113. Sindy says:

    My secret is to heat my eyelash curler with my hair dryer so that my lashes curl better and stay put! My asian lashes are so stubborn!
    I RT this on my Twitter (sindylicious)

    Have a nice day

  114. L says:

    When I accidentally get mascara on my eyelid, I wait for it to dry then just brush it off with a eyeshadow brush.

  115. Konnie says:

    Well nothing new here, but using a curler really makes a difference. I’ve always wondered though why the thing is so scary ( I guess it kinda looks like a torturing device…)

  116. pinksoysauce says:

    When curling the lashes, I find that one clamp all the way in and one clamp on the tips of the eyelashes gives full volume and a natural curl. Shu Uemura is the best (as you all probably have heard a million times over).

    Just curious, how does the packaging work on the LashBlast Luxe if the brush is out? Is there a seal on the tube to keep it from drying out? Interesting…

  117. onigiri says:

    I usually applied 2 coats of mascara then quickly comb my eyelashes. I used a zig-zag movement to separate the lashes better and get rid of the clump. Another thing I do to rid of the clumps is before I applied the mascara, I would wipe off the extra by touching the tips of the wand to the mascara bottle…or on a piece of paper towel.

  118. Ashley says:

    I loooooooooove CG LashBlast Luxe!! It was (not kidding here) my third mascara EVER & it was my first love!! And then I found something better… now it’s standing in third.
    My tips/tricks:
    I clean my mascara brush of clumps before I apply it on my lashes. I also use a mascara guard so I don’t get anything on my eyelids. The regular card trick is too hard to manuver so sometimes I just cut an outline of the eye & use that as my “guard”. It really helps separate my lashes too. I sometimes wiggle the brush through my lashes &/or roll the brush through. All of those tricks has worked for me so far πŸ™‚
    .-= Ashley’s last blog post… Almost December! =-.

  119. Shannon says:

    Ah! I neeeed this. I absolutely LOVE lashblast and JUST ran out. Le Sigh.

    P.S. LOVES the blog.

    Congrats to whoever wins!!

  120. Mary Thi says:

    My mascara trick is using it for eyeliner. I use an angle brush and pick up some product from the mascara wand.

  121. I cribbed my mascara trick from many beauty articles–i wiggle the wand back and forth as sweep upward. It lengthens and seperates my lashes.

    I also retweeted (@kikishoes)

  122. Apple says:

    I would love to own a Lashblast, even just one. πŸ™‚ My mascara trick: to get a doll-look, sometimes I only apply mascara on the lower lashes. The result is dramatic!

  123. lydia says:

    i coat my lashes with a layer of mascara, then a coat of baby powder, then mascara again, to have ultra volumous lashes
    .-= lydia’s last blog post… ttheobsessed: IM BACKKK! =-.

  124. Nada S says:

    Well I use my all time favorite mascara loreal voluminous which adds soooo much volume and I also apply mascara to the back of my lashes also. It can clump like crazy but with a lash comb they are perfect!

  125. My two favourite mascaras at the moment is Covergirl Lash Blast & Exceptionnel de Chanel. Love them both!

    My tip is to wiggle the mascara from base to tip and always always use a mascara comb! Does wonders πŸ™‚
    .-= XOVINTAGELOVE’s last blog post… Bathroom Renovations – DONE! =-.

  126. MichEllE says:

    Curl lashes then Maybeline great lash pink/green tube then curl again. Easy :o)

  127. AAJ83 says:

    i wipe the wand on a piece of tissue very well so the mascara doesn’t glop up on my lashes

    i follow u on twitter (aaj83) and tweeted

  128. Elaine R says:

    Try putting a little baby powder on your lashes first then a coat of mascara-gives you nice full lashes.

  129. Rita says:

    My secret to fuller-looking lashes: After giving your lashes two good sweeps of the mascara wand, hold the wand vertically to apply extra mascara to the outer lashes. Instant cat eyes!

  130. Marisol says:

    What I find that really impacts my lashes is the use of my Shu curler. Love it!

  131. Kim says:

    I love my regular LashBlast but I’d never buy these because I’d be afraid I might not love them. I’d love to win them though!

    (that was a lot of “love”s)
    .-= Kim’s last blog post… Hi Fi Cosmetics =-.

  132. Ash B says:

    I wipe and wiggle, but the most important part is wiggling a the base to really get between those lashes!

  133. Kim says:

    Oops! How did I forget my tip!?

    My simple but effective strategy is to use somewhat of an upward flicking motion to add an extra coat or two on JUST the outermost lashes. It helps your eyes to look more wide open.
    .-= Kim’s last blog post… Hi Fi Cosmetics =-.

  134. Tisa says:

    I also heat up the eyelash curler! ~ πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  135. La La says:

    My mascara tip is to wipe off the brush a bit on a tissue to avoid clumping when putting the mascara on…
    .-= La La’s last blog post… [Snob Haulin’:Big Lots] =-.

  136. La La says:

    twitter name: LaReinaDeFL
    .-= La La’s last blog post… [Snob Haulin’:Big Lots] =-.

  137. brittany says:

    wiggling! it helps, i swear!

  138. Courtney says:

    I use a metal lash comb to get rid of clumps – my favorite is the Sonia Kashuk folding comb.

  139. J says:

    I use a business card to gently pull back my upper lid, so the lashes are vertical and I can get at every single one πŸ™‚ and the business card also stops me getting mascara smudges all over my eyeshadow!

  140. Naghmeh says:

    I curl my lashes with a Revlon curler (a metal one) and it used to belong to my mom and is almost 20 years old but its a must before i apply my mascara. Also removing excess mascara off the brush like you said helps alot.
    .-= Naghmeh’s last blog post… LOOoongggg time no post! =-.

  141. Ellie says:

    Some of these suggestions are fantastic- I’d never heard the business card trick!
    The biggest difference for me is blotting the brush with tissue- no more clumps!

  142. Sydney Brougham says:

    Besides always having to curl my lashes with Mally Roncal’s Eyelash curler (yes I actually prefer it to my Shu Uemura that I always had used until Mally’s came out a few years back) I make sure to tile my head down and look up into the mirror to do the bottom lashes and then tile my head up and back to look down into the mirror to do the upper. That way the lashes are the furthest away from my skin. And then wiggle wiggle wiggle!

  143. Sarah V says:

    Using an eyelash curler prior to application makes suuuuch a huge difference. Also, I’d always read that blondes shouldn’t use black mascara, but I finally tried black a few years ago and I love it on me!

  144. Hailey says:

    I curl my lashes with the shu uemera eyelash curler. Then I apply 2 coats of mascara by rolling the macara wand forward and up. It really helps curl my lashes and stops them from sticking together and looking spidery. I also brush my lashes after with a spoolie to get rid of any clumps.

    Covergirl Lashblast is one of my favourite mascaras. I’ve never tried Lashblash Luxe but I’d love to try them. Is the giveaway open to people who live in Canada?

  145. Lauren says:

    Hey Karen! Your so generous for all the givaways πŸ™‚
    First I curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler, then if I need to hold the curl, I put on water proof mascara. Then put on regular mascara and wiggle the brush up as I go, creating a long lasting gorgeous curl πŸ™‚

  146. Brittany says:

    hmm…I am yet to become obsessed with mascara, but what I do is apply is w/a slight zig zag motion.

  147. Gracie says:

    I love cover girl lashblast!!! My fav tip is to take a lash comb and brush out all the clumps

  148. Kailey says:

    My trick is to layer masara’s ( a volume && a lengthening) for EXTREME falsie effect (:

  149. singrsling says:

    Hi Karen,
    I use the wiggly motion slowly from the base of my lashes upward, then if needed use a metal eyelash comb to separate the lashe.

  150. Sopher says:

    I never pump the mascara wand in and out of the tube!! it causes air to get in to tube and dry out the mascara!! Also when doin my lashes to prevent clumps I run my clean MAC mascara brush thru my lashes and then apply another coat πŸ™‚

  151. Genesis C says:

    Hey Karen,
    I always make sure my lashes are clean and have no mascara. I’ll use a curler but before I curl my lashes I’ll heat it up with a blow dryer for like 5 seconds and then curl my lashes two times. Then apply L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara or Maybelline Colossal mascara.. they are both a fave!

  152. jane says:

    i always use a metal lash comb to separate my lashes after i put mascara on them. πŸ˜€

  153. Nikki says:

    Omg I love this mascara. I clean the tip of the brush off and wiggle the wand back in forth while pulling it through my eyelashes. It adds huge volume and stops clumping!
    Hope your having an amazing week.
    .-= Nikki’s last blog post… Small Space Solutions =-.

  154. Nikki says:

    I love this mascara. I clean the tip of the wand and rotate the wand as I apply. Makes a huge differene.
    Hope your having a good week.
    .-= Nikki’s last blog post… Small Space Solutions =-.

  155. Melissa says:

    I apply using lots of quick, short strokes, kind of in a fluttery motion, and sort of blink my eyes at the same time. Sounds weird, but it really helps my lashes look separated and fluttery!

  156. styleezta says:

    a good eyelash curler like tweezerman does the trick for me!
    .-= styleezta’s last blog post… USA here I come!! =-.

  157. Ditte Karolussen says:

    The Shu Uemura eyelash curler makes almost any mascara I try at least 10 times better πŸ™‚

  158. Bonnie says:

    Wiggle the brush and comb through afterward!

  159. katie says:

    My best mascara trick is using prescriptives here to stay mascara. It doesn’t budge for anything! Perfect for oily eyelids. But it removes easily with MUFE Sens’eyes.

  160. Eunice says:

    my ‘trick’ is to just brush the wand really quickly a few times over the tip of my lashes after i’ve done a coat or two. it majorly lengthens even if the mascara is not a lengthening one.

  161. Lydia says:

    Mine is similar to what others have already said: I wiggle the wand to make sure that the lashes aren’t clumped together. I also always use a lash curler, it makes a huge difference. Cool giveaway!

  162. Jennifer says:

    I only buy small sizes of mascara so that I don’t feel bad when they get all dry and clumpy!
    .-= Jennifer’s last blog post… MSC Challenge Bonus: Applesauce Spice Cupcakes =-.

  163. Lydia says:

    I like to wiggle the brush when I am putting it on πŸ™‚

  164. GeekyMacBoy says:

    I recently been using Voluminous by Loreal. The only tip I really have is to get the one with the curled brush because that helps out a lot.

  165. Sammie says:

    I pull my eyelid back and put the mascara wand as close to the base of the lashes as possible. Then (really slowly!) I wiggle the brush, rotating it as I go along…this makes my wimpy lashes look really thick and curly!
    Twitter: 0037sammie

  166. Sammie says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say to catch the little lashes/ the ones at the outer edges I hold the brush vertically! HTH someone else x

  167. jessica says:

    my fav mascara is lancome oscillation–it makes them superlong I always get asked if they are fake! so often its annoying lol.

  168. Sarah says:

    My favorite mascara trick is to wiggle the wand all the way to the base of my lashes so it almost appears as though I have a touch of eyeliner on, dotted in between my lashes. Perfect when I don’t want the whole eyeliner shabam!!

  169. Tess says:

    I always use an eyelash curler and then I layer two types of mascara. The first layer is a lengthening formula and the second layer is a thickening formula. My lashes have never looked better!

  170. RLW says:

    Always, always start with the Shu! Then I use either L’Oreal HIP mascara or L’Oreal Voluminous; apply 1 coat, go through with a metal comb, 2nd coat, comb through again and it’s perfect. For super sexy lashes, go for 3-4 coats and keep combing!

  171. romina says:

    my tip is put two coats of different mascara on and curl your lashes before and after you put in the mascara
    and to open your eyes up a little put in some white eyeliner in your lower eyelid

  172. Olivia says:

    I heard that you should never pump the mascara tube because it introduces air bubbles and your mascara will dry out sooner. I also learned to put a drop of Coca Cola into a dried up tube of mascara to reinvigorate it, but I’ve never tried that one!

  173. Toni says:

    I wipe off the mascara wand as well to help prevent clumping. I also keep an old (but clean!) mascara wand handy and use it before the mascara dries to help separate the lashes if they do get clumpy.

  174. Crystal S. says:

    My favorite mascara tip is to use black mascara on the top lashes and brown mascara on the bottom lashes. It makes my eyes pop!

  175. Lucia Wu says:

    I find this trick works for straight lashes (like me). First, curl your lashes. Second, apply Clear mascara, and wait till lashes are dried. If lashes go straight again, curl the lashes again,. Third, apply black mascara. This procedure will give the best curling performance for those who have super straight lashes (like me). Sometimes after applying black mascara the lashes will go straight again, at this moment, use the curler tool to curl the lashes again. I know this method will cause flaking and uneven lashes. Use a lash comb to brush off the flakes if required.

  176. tousledkitten says:

    My mascara tip is to apply a coat of conditioning clear mascara to your lashes before your regular mascara. I find this acts as a primer for my lashes and over time they look longer and fuller.

  177. Melissa says:

    My tip is to just apply ONE coat of mascara instead of layering on a million coats. It takes a lot of restraint but it looks more natural and pretty in my opinion! =P

  178. Julie says:

    Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint mascara and a card behind the lashes so i dont get my lid covered in mascara. tease at the base of the lashes and go straight up.

  179. Cindy says:

    To keep your eyelashes super curly:
    use a heated eyelash curler after putting on mascara.
    The curls last all day!

  180. Vanessa H says:

    Happy almost Friday!

    I love lashblast! I put a little bit of face powder on my lashes before I apply mascara when I need a little more oomph πŸ™‚

  181. Lulee says:

    i do the mascara wiggle as well… i never knew it until about 5 years ago when my friend looked on with shock as i was putting on my mascara and she told me i was doing it all wrong. and hence i converted to wiggle-dom and havent looked back since πŸ˜€

  182. Siobhan says:

    Diorshow mascara! Works wonders every time.

  183. Jenn says:

    if you use a business card close to the upper lashline, it will lift your lashes, and keep you from getting mascara on your eyelids/browbone! plus you can go back and forth to remove any clumps with ease!

  184. Josay says:

    The trick is to use a lash curler before apply mascara (my favorite is all Lancôme), it’s make a huge difference !!!

  185. Josay says:

    The trick is to use a lash curler before apply mascara (my favorites is all Lancôme), it’s make a huge difference !!!

  186. Josay says:

    The trick is to use a lash curler before apply mascara (my favorites areall Lancôme), it makes a huge difference !!!

  187. Diana Kim says:

    My favorite mascara tip is to warm up my mascara by sitting on it while I put the rest of my eye makeup on during the winter time. All of the product is usually solidified due to the content of wax and the cold weather, but warming it up makes the mascara apply easier and you have less clump. The only down side of doing this trick? People sometimes may looks at you funny. =)

  188. Erica says:

    I like to heat up eyelash curler with blow dryer, curl lashes, and then add layers upon layers of mascara.

  189. Tuesday says:

    I know you shouldn’t apply a coat once it’s already dry, but that’s what I do — I don’t know, I think it works πŸ™‚

  190. Sha says:

    I use the maybeline XXXlash mascara 1st, than mac plush on top to create long think lashes

    tweeter: kettyny

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