Two Ways to Win MAC Fabulous Felines Eyeshadow Quad in Palace Pedigreed

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  • The giveaway is now closed, and the winner is being contacted. Before you go, check the home page for ongoing giveaways.

Meow! I hope you’re feeling fabulously feline on this terrific Tuesday, friend.


Certified cat lady or not, if you can’t get enough of the MAC Fabulous Felines collection, you might want to pounce on today’s giveaway.

The Prize

One lucky lady will win a MAC Fabulous Felines Palace Pedigreed Eyeshadow X 4 quad (a $36 value), a powder shadow quad with light pink, berry, mauve and grayish blue shades.

mac fabulous felines palace pedigreed fotd
Wearing Palace Pedigreed Eyeshadow X 4 quad on my eyes

How To Enter…

2ways2enterEntering is easy. There are two different ways, and you can do both of them for two chances to win.

  1. First, you can enter by retweeting (RT) the following message:

    Follow @karenmbb and RT to win a MAC Fabulous Felines Eyeshadow Quad in Palace Pedigreed

  2. Second, enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, a comment about anything at all! — tell me about your favorite real life fab feline, describe where you see yourself in 10 years, or wax philosophic on why you’d like to win this quad.

    My fave fabulous feline? Oh, I think you know the answer to that one already. πŸ™‚

  • Oh, yeah. International folks and readers living overseas, please feel free to enter. The giveaway is also open to y’all. Entrants everywhere, however, must be at least 18 years of age or older.


  1. Enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, and don’t forget to use a valid email address so I can reach you if you win.
  2. Retweet the following message on twitter:

    Follow @karenmbb and RT to win a MAC Fabulous Felines Eyeshadow Quad in Palace Pedigreed

IÒ€ℒll pick the winner at random from among the people who enter by 11:59 p.m. PST on Thursday, September 9.

Veľa őÅΒ₯astia!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


  • The giveaway is now closed, and the winner is being contacted. Before you go, check the home page for ongoing giveaways.


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  1. Purity says:

    I love the colour combo in this quad, neutral but edgy at the same time!
    Purity recently posted … MAC Venomous Villains – produktbilder

  2. Marinka says:

    Would love to win this, think it will look good with my eye color and my skin tone.

  3. Jywoi says:

    Feline? Well, I’m allergic to them but I have a plush doll of a tiger, Mr. Furry Boots (I put boots on him when I was a kid^^)

  4. Elin Lopez says:

    I want it bad!

  5. Danielle F. says:

    Soo pretty for fall! Can’t wait to rock this with a cat eye! πŸ™‚

  6. Bruna Louise says:

    mac dollymix or my e.l.f. berry merry!!
    Bruna Louise recently posted … brunalouise- @LucasAbate te invejei @JoJoistheway

  7. Ashley says:

    Class starts in an hour. I’m actually excited, what’s wrong with me??

  8. Oeh I would love to win that pretty quad! My favourite feline is Smokey, our cute housepuss, she’s crazy! ^_^

  9. Hanne says:

    I just loved your Feline looks! It came up when I was google-ing and they’re really pretty πŸ™‚ I love love love make-up and MAC and you would make me so happy with this quad πŸ™‚
    Hanne recently posted … MAC Holiday Collectie!

  10. Michelle says:

    This quad was actually the only thing in the entire collection I was interested in, thanks!

  11. fani says:

    i love this pallette i hope to win it fantastic colours…

  12. Hannah says:

    Right now I’ve got a cat named Percy and a kitten named Roxy! Percy’s gone missing but my family and I are hoping to find him ASAP πŸ™

  13. Chiara says:

    So, I’ve had feral cats all my life and two of them I couldn’t touch for the past 10 years. Unfortunately, one of the sisters passed away in June. Since then the other sister has come around! She’s a lap kitty, she lets me hold her and give her antibiotics! She’s amazing! And the best cat I have ever had!

  14. sonia says:

    I feel a feline now!!! I’m awsome!!! tks tks!!!

  15. Masi says:

    I have 2 kitties that are my WORLD! Paxie and Luna πŸ™‚

  16. Margaret 44 says:

    I LOVE Colour!!! Thanks for this amazing opportunity! πŸ™‚

  17. Joke says:

    I tweeted:

    I would like to win, because 4 months ago I lost everything (even my make up) in a fire! And it’s SOOOOOO expensive to buy everything new!

  18. evo says:

    i know the long weekend just passed but i need another one! why must it go by so quickly?

  19. Stephanie says:

    I have two fabulous tortie felines. πŸ˜›

  20. kellie wilson says:

    my fave feline is my pretty orange and white kitty..dexter..and yes he was named for “that” dexter!!

  21. Priya says:

    I would LOVE to own this palette..I can already think of so many looks I’d do with it…mauve smokey eye being the first!!

  22. Nina says:

    My fave real life fabulous feline is the little kitten which lives in the garden of a nearby hospital. I don’t know if it’s a he or she, but it was just so adorable that I couldn’t stop smooching it (I’ve met it 2 weeks ago) =) it is tall, has black-striped legs and one long stripe of white hair coming from each ear, so it looks like a tiny Gandalf to me πŸ˜€

  23. Caitlyn says:

    This is so beautiful! I would wear it everyday! It actually makes me think of my lovely kitty, Izzy. It matches her sophisticated and refined personality perfectly. (:

  24. Andreia Malta says:

    Perfect squad!!!!


  25. Brooke says:

    I have two fave fabulous felines (don’t make me choose!). Baby is a 14 year old black kitty who loves being brushed and rolling in catnip (thankfully, never at the same time), and Bella is a 4 year old midget silver tabby who loves meeting new people and “hunting” hummingbirds from her windowsill and has a weakness for hummus.

  26. Kari says:

    Now, while I don’t have a fabulous feline, I have a pampered puppy whom I love dearly. πŸ™‚

  27. marisol says:

    In 10 years I see myself living in SF and working at a fabulous job.

  28. sherrie says:

    I have to say my favorite real life fab feline, would have to be my 2 pussy cats Molly & Maisy sisters. They are my babies apart from my 2 beautiful children of course!! lol

    The quad looks beautiful and nothing like I have in my collection, so it would be very much loved and looked after if I was lucky enough to win.

    I RT aswell πŸ™‚

    many Thanks Sher x
    sherrie recently posted … Winner of Get it first

  29. Margaret 44 says:

    I Follow & tweeted as @margaretimecs

  30. P. Cruz says:

    I miss my 4-5 month old kitty at home. πŸ™

  31. nihan says:

    I’ve been eyeing on this since it came out πŸ™‚ i hope i can win yay!

  32. My favorite Fab Feline is the illustrious Piglet! She don’t take no crap off nooooobody! : )
    Principessa Grassa recently posted … Kids These Days

  33. Cindy says:

    My fave fab felines are my 2 cats Misty en Villo.

    At the moment Misty is recovering from a surgery, she has FORL, and had a lot of pain in her mouth. Now 3/4 part of her teeth are gone, the vet has removed them to avoid pain in future.

    But she’s doing better now, with good care and a lot of hugs πŸ™‚

  34. Kristen says:

    Great giveaway! My kitty just had babies this weekend! Anyone in need of a fabulous feline? Please enter me!

  35. Annie says:

    I like my cat, Tom Tom. He was named after a sat-nav!

  36. Kerstin says:

    We have a new kitty, the most beautiful cat in the world, she’s called Luna and she’s wild, chaotic and won’t listen… I hope, that gets better, when she’s older ^^.

  37. Brenda says:

    I’d love to win this quad because the nearest Mac store is 100 km away, and Mac is not available online in my country!

  38. marisel says:

    i love that pallette! purples are great for any eye color. check out they made me an amazing website and im sure they can make u one including your blog on it.. Check them out!

  39. Ariana says:

    My favourite fabulous feline is my boyfriends tired old kitty named Domino. 16 years old and still a diva!

  40. Jana says:

    I love the feline Collection. My favorite product so far is definitely Pet me, the mineral blush. The color is amazing. I would love to make a beautiful eyemakeup with this quad! the colours are fabulous!!

  41. Jae says:

    My favorite feline is my all-white kitty with David Bowie eyes. She eats cornbread, yowls in the morning, and licks our faces. We’d be lost without her goofy self. πŸ™‚

  42. Neela says:

    I love my 3 girls, but I wish Honor would stop picking on Elena! Bel just ignores the fighting for the most part, but I see her picking on Elena too. I want a bigger place so they have more room to run around and get high on catnip.

  43. saku says:

    I love black cats and tabbies.

  44. Laetitia says:

    My 3 boys..they are all that beautiful in the world..Thx Karen forr this giveaway <3

  45. lo says:

    I’m too allergic to felines, fabulous or not πŸ™

  46. Christy O says:

    I am tired of eternal roadwork. I need to move to a city with metro – Rome would be lovely.

  47. Marie says:

    Colors in this quad are wonderful ! Thanks for the giveaway. πŸ™‚

  48. Kim says:

    We are the house of gray, female cats… all of whom are lovable in their own way! Emma is 12. She has some calico in her, is mentally unstable and likes to puke up hairballs regularly. However, she was the only other little soul in the house when the Hub was doing shift work, so we bonded. Harriet is 3 and was living out of a trash can at an interstate rest area; she’s wonderful and sweet, but still a little skittish. Sophie is 7 months and was abandoned on a back road. She is the friendliest, most mellow kitten I’ve ever seen… she actually has more of a dog personality than a cat. We’re very lucky to have all of them (but I think 3 will be our limit!). πŸ™‚

  49. Jessica says:

    My fave feline actually belongs to my brother-in-law. Her name is Oreo (yeah like the cookie) because she is all black except for her paws, like she was dunked in milk.

  50. Nicki says:

    Love Love Love these colors! πŸ™‚
    Nicki recently posted … Goals for the Week

  51. wanncha says:

    Enter me please!

    I love felinies, and I love this quad, I would love to win this πŸ™‚

    My retweet:

    Bye Bye
    XXX Wanncha from the Netherlands

  52. Kerry says:

    I love the colors in this quad — would love to win it!

  53. Radhika says:

    TABS TABS AND TABS….love Tabs πŸ˜€

  54. Elaine C says:

    Gotta love the palette! And also Tabs, of course!
    Thank you, Karen, for this giveaway.

  55. Michelle says:

    The Palace Pedigreed part of the collection has the most wearable colors for me. Gorgeous!

  56. celine says:

    i’m eating a lollipop;D
    and loveee those colours!


  57. Katherine says:

    My favorite feline is my cat, Leo.

  58. Liliana says:

    My cat is a 13 yo rescue and I love him- he is the best cat I ever had.

  59. Kerry says:

    I have two fabulous felines.. Cheeto (he’s orange in case you were curious) and Binx.. my Halloween kitties!! πŸ™‚ That palette looks gorgeous on you! πŸ™‚

  60. Ann says:

    IN 10 years, I hope to be the doctor that I have been aspiring to be for the last 5 years!

  61. Shannon says:

    My favorite kitty is the one my in-laws have. My hubby refuses to get another cat, even though it’s states away – he claims it would be “cheating.”

  62. hlitsab says:

    In 10 years, I’ll rule the world! Puahaha! J/K. It’s too much work.

    Hope to win though!! πŸ™‚

  63. nabel haro says:

    i love your blog, hope i win πŸ™‚

  64. Abril says:

    I’m actually scared of felines! Haha! Childhool trauma! So this is the only feline thing I’ll ever have near me! LOL!

  65. I love all furry felines! haha. I really want to win this! Would love it try it out and blog it out.
    Jamie shuttleworth recently posted … Should you be sponging

  66. Lisa S. says:

    My favorite feline was my cat Sam who passed away almost 10 years ago. We’ve had dogs ever since, but Sam was the best. She was a hand me down cat from some friends who moved into a condo that didn’t allow pets. Before we acquired Sam we couldn’t figure out why she drooled so much. After she came home with us, we found out that she was missing most of her teeth. Not only that but she was declawed. Needless to say, Sam was NOT allowed outside. She was so lovey and loved nothing better than to sleep on top of your head, or to curl up in your lap for hours. She also wanted OUT so bad! We had to constantly watch to make sure she never made it out the door. I would love to have another kitty someday, but it wouldn’t be fair to our dogs or whatever cat right now. Not only that, but I don’t think I could find a cat as wonderful as Sam was.

  67. michelle says:

    college is awesome but way to much work

  68. Julbra says:

    I’d love to win this palette because it has some gorgeous colors that I normally don’t incorporate into my makeup routine.

  69. in 10 years, i hope to be married with at least 2 children. and i hope to be doing what i absolutely love for a living. πŸ™‚
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … Collection Spotlight- Emanuel Ungaro – Fall 2010

  70. ritadebora says:

    I’m making arrangements to get my own apartment, yeah

  71. meiske says:

    I love mac, I love my two fabulous felines, I love your blog, I adore the colors in this quad and I feel lucky today…. Reasons enough =^_^=

    My Twitter name is meiske_
    I hope I win πŸ™‚

  72. Cassi says:

    My favorite fab feline was my cat Morgan. He was really a great cat. He was very affectionate and loving, he came when he was called (most of the time), he loved to snuggle on my lap while watching TV, and he loved to play fetch with hair bands. I used to have to buy him his own hair bands when he would lose all of his or he would go up on my vanity and start to steal the ones I accidentally left out. It was really funny and very cute.

    Morgan had to be put down in January after going through various cancer treatments for 6 months. I am 33 and had him for 13 years which is my entire adult life. I still miss him every day. Give Tabs a hug and kiss for me. πŸ™‚

    • Stephanie! says:

      Thats really sad Cassi πŸ™

      Hopefully you have been able to give his life a nice large space in your hart to cherish! πŸ™‚

  73. Traci says:

    I love this quad and love the look you did using it! Looks so pretty!

  74. Kymberlee says:

    Pretty colors …I like!

    In 10 years I will be 38 with teenagers so I’m just hoping to survive! LOL

  75. Dhini says:

    I want this win cos I dont have yet MAC make up
    Dhini recently posted … Djess 25 weeks

  76. Vanessa H says:

    Happy Tuesday, Karen!

    I hope to win this quad because it would be the first mac quad I’ve ever had and it would be too fun to play with!
    Vanessa H recently posted … Stormy Eyes and a Mini Haul

  77. Kelly M says:

    I am saving money and waiting for the tartan collection or maybe the disney one….Oh, I spend too much money on makeup but it sure is fun!

  78. Stephanie! says:

    My favorite cat is B.A.
    This purrrrrfect hansome black heartbreaker has been in my life for 2 years now! I couldn’t do without his sweet meows. I love how he tries to beat his muchos larger ‘brother’ Murdock πŸ™‚

  79. Sarah says:

    No cats for me, im pretty sure im allergic. Dog person for sure. I have a migrane that carried over the night which means doctor appointment tomorrow and possible spinal tap.. lucky number 11

  80. MAUI says:

    my beautiful black lesbian cat named Anya, loL! i had to give it to my EXbf since it was ours and i dind’t wanna be angered by the sight of the cat, grrrr. i love love this collection!

  81. Jane says:

    hopefully in 10 years, I will have a stable career and married, starting a family! until then.. it feels like I’m going to be in school for the rest of my life.

  82. Lucia says:

    I love to win this quad, I tested it in the MAC counter and love it, but I could not buy it, buuuu. I am a mammalogist, so believe me I love mammals, and felines are the most beautiful mammals of all. Unfortunately, I don’t have a cat pet, I have a chinchilla – Penélope – she is the prettiest and happiest thing. Do you think some day one of the beauty companies will be inspired by a rodent??? I am waiting for that day, imagine a palette inspired by a chinchilla….
    Thanks for posting this!

  83. Rinnie says:

    I only (sniff) have one cat at the moment as I lost 2 others to illnesses last year, so yeah he is my fab feline at the moment. And not to mention that he is a total mama’s boy, needs a lot of cuddles and attention and he is now an old man.

  84. Amy M says:

    I have two cats. Louie is black and white with a pink nose. I caught him in my husband’s dip net when he was a kitten living in a barn. He was wild. It took years for him to trust us and to let us hold him. He is now a nine year old baby. He loves to lie in my lap and be petted. He is still afraid of strangers. Petey is a dilute orange tabby wtih a salmon colored nose. He is six years old. He and Louie are good brothers to each other. Petey is not afraid of strangers at all.

  85. Katy M says:

    I follow you on Twitter and just Tweeted about this giveaway here:

    Thanks!!! πŸ™‚
    Katy M recently posted … My First Day of Training!

  86. Katy M says:

    Well, I have to say that although I DO love Tabs, MY Fab Fave Feline is my nineteen year old tortoise shell kitty, Sodie. She’s just the sweetest and is aging gracefully! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! πŸ™‚
    Katy M recently posted … My First Day of Training!

  87. Jenn says:

    This looks so pretty, hope I win:)

  88. Amanda says:

    oh! would love to win. all i picked up from this collection was best of breed lipgloss, and i think this quad would go great with it. As for my favorite feline it is of course our Ms. Rubi, who is a 12 year tabby that greatly resembles Tabs! same coloring and stripes, but I think rubi is way, way smaller than your hunk.

  89. Nina says:

    My fave fab felines would be my furkids – Linus and Anja. I must admit though that I have a huge crush on Tabs. πŸ˜€

  90. Shiny says:

    I’m going to make a stop at MAC this afternoon to check out this collection in person!

  91. Corrine says:

    I would love to win this, since it’s holidays here in Israel, and it will be a great holiday present for me πŸ™‚

  92. Sylvie says:

    I adopted a leopard on WWF. They sent me a plushie and even though I’m waaaay too old for this, I sleep with it every night. Oops. I actually love cheetahs more than I love leopards but I really disliked the photo of the cheetah in their adoption package. I once saw a one-of-a-kind print from National Geographic of a cheetah that I fell in love with and will always remember, it cost $200+ at the gallery and I really would have bought it in a heartbeat but my mum who was with me at the time forbade it because she thought it was going to sow discord in the family having such a fierce cat as a decoration piece.

  93. courtnie says:

    My favvv feline is my tabby, Roxie. I swear shes the female Tabs, such a diva!

  94. Basak says:

    These are perfect fall colors, well done MAC πŸ™‚

  95. Jane says:

    Haven’t had a kitty for a long time, but White Sox used to climb up the chimney and jump onto my screen to scratch to let her in. Then she’d climb down and meet me at the door.

  96. Danielle says:

    I think your cat is adorable!

  97. Morgan says:

    OOOO I am in love with this palette. It’s so pretty for fall, and makes me want to throw on tweed and cashmere!

  98. Milena says:

    I love the colors on this palette!
    And my favorite feline is Simba, from Lion King πŸ™‚

  99. kirsty says:

    My bf and I have decided that we’d like to adopt a cat! We’re both very excited, but we need to ask permission from our landlord. I hope he doesn’t say no πŸ™

  100. Maggie says:

    Going back to school tomorrow!
    Maggie recently posted … My Favorite Everyday Eye Palettes

  101. Marijke says:

    I love love love this pallete, but it was already soldout :(!
    This collection is good for me instead of a real cat because i’m allergic πŸ™‚

  102. Nadine says:

    My friends cat is just adorable! He’s 6, but acts like a kitten, jumping and doing flips πŸ˜›

  103. Shannon Mackey says:

    I wanna win, pick me, pick me.

  104. Sydney says:

    OOh I LOVE this!! All the colors are great! I don’t have any MAC products right now, but after reading your blog I’m thinking I definately need to try. Who knows, it could be my new fave!

    I don’t have a favorite fabulous feline at the moment… But I do have a fabulous Bunny!! His name is Bowser, & you can’t tell from his name, but he is actually quite the diva. He thinks these colors will go great with his spots ; ) lol

  105. Janet says:

    Would love to be in Barcelona right now wearing my lovely quad and looking fabulous!!

  106. RonyaLii says:

    Im goin to sleep now , got some cute warm socks and a cat .
    Thanks for giveaway chance

  107. Molly says:

    My meow is Sunshine. If Tabs is feeling up for a road trip, I’ll making them both kittykat burgers., and obviously, Nutella for the humanoids.

  108. Veronique says:

    My two chartreux cats approve this quad with the marvellous grey color!

  109. Lala says:

    I would like to win this quad because I think that the colors would make my brown eyes pop!

  110. megan says:

    my fav. cats are my own tony & panda! πŸ™‚

  111. Simone Richards says:

    I don’t have a cat right now.. but I plan to adopt one soon… my mom hates cats and it will keep her out of my house…LOL

  112. Brenda says:

    I would love to win this quad because these colors look the best on me.

  113. Davina says:

    I don’t have any of these colors, would love to have them πŸ™‚

  114. Lucia says:

    I only have one mac shadow so far, and this quad would be a nice addition since I don’t have pink shadows either =)

  115. Roxanne says:

    I just love all the catty fashion and cosmetics that are coming out! It’s so stylish and elegant, yet timeless and classic!

    On another note, my favorite feline is my cat that passed away two years ago at the respectable age of… 20! Amazing, isn’t it? He was such a rockin’ cat! He had this totally punk attitude! Plus, he had a chipped tooth and kinda looked like a kitty version of Keith Richards… πŸ™‚ I miss him…

  116. Madelynn says:

    My fav fabulous feline is Catwoman. πŸ˜€

  117. I just got back from seeing wild cats in Tanzania! I don’t know what can be more ‘pure bred’ cat than that! πŸ˜€ (Thanks for such wonderful contests!)
    Krista Nicolson recently posted … Im Back! With Reallllly Bad Jet Lag

  118. Stephanie S. says:

    Hi Karen! In ten years, I see my self as a college graduate with a nice job and a loving family πŸ™‚

  119. lesley says:

    i have two fab felines in my life! namely my salsa and alex <3 love those two!! <3

  120. Tessa says:

    I think it’s so funny how this line fits you; make up and cats! I would really love to win and my favorite cat is my best friend’s, she is so arrogant! And she has a really pretty white fluffy fur.

  121. Zenouskah says:

    I remember the “Top Cat” cartoons from my childhood – *sigh*…… that spunk ol’ fellow! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!

  122. Myranda says:

    I love that you started writing ‘Good Luck’ in different languages every giveaway. This time it is in Slovak!

  123. Steph B says:

    I’ve been told I have cat eyes (green with gold flecks) so it only makes sense that I get one of these feline quads!

  124. I’d love to win this because I am addicted for cosmetics and I wish I was a billionaire to be able to buy everything I want to try! πŸ™‚
    And I would also love to do a review on it on my Blog!

  125. Anna says:

    My favorite feline is my own kitty, Penny Pancakes! It’s a boy, btw, but we didn’t knew when we found him. So it stayed Penny πŸ˜‰

  126. PinkFairy says:

    In 10 years I’m succesfull, rich, married and have kids… eeeehm, yeah… and still looove make-up!
    This quad is toooo prettyg! All my favourite colours in it!!!
    PinkFairy recently posted … Lash battle- Benefit vs Dior

  127. nita says:

    Haven’t visited your blog for weeks, and when I decide to, I see this giveaway post, so why not trying πŸ˜€
    nita recently posted … She-he will always loves you

  128. Stephanie says:

    Wow, I would absolutely love to win this. I tried it out at the MAC counter and it’s so pretty!
    I’d have to say my favorite feline is my cat Turbo. Tabs is pretty sweet himself, though. πŸ™‚
    Stephanie recently posted … OOTD- First Day of Class

  129. Alex says:

    The long weekend made it feel like if it was summer again :/ Maybe those pretty eyeshadows would make me feel better XD

  130. Natasha says:

    My fave feline is my cat Smithy. We named her after a soccer player πŸ™‚

  131. mylinda says:

    Tabs looks amazing in pictures!

  132. teresa says:

    I don’t have any felines of my own, but my friend’s aunt has a bunch, she recently rescued three kittens, and I’ve grown quite attached to one of them, my favorite Tiger Lily! πŸ˜€ Shes a bit catty at times (har har) but when you purr at her she nuzzles you. <3 SO ADORABLE!!

  133. Liz Diaz says:

    I did have a fave feline but discovered I was allergic :(, his name was Gizmo….he looked like a little Gremlin! LOL
    Those colors are the “Cats, MEEOW”!

  134. indoorkitty says:

    I can’t stop saying “MOAR” lately; I think it’s because of all the LE fall makeup.

    My favorite Feline is a little lady by the name of Phi (short for Pheidippides); she’s got gorgeous eyes and is very pettable. Love her!

    If Tabs needs a leading lady, give me a holla. We can set them up on the internet or something, as she lives much further north on the West Coast.

  135. amynaree says:

    I have a cute little black cat in my life but I really want to get a russian blue, they are gorgeous!
    amynaree recently posted … FOTD Review – Stila Travel Girl Palette in Pretty in Paris

  136. Kate & Zena says:


  137. Trisha says:

    Currently kittyless for the first time in my life and its weird!

  138. JustMe says:

    Oh would love to try this palette! Have a nice day!
    Greetings from Germany :o)
    JustMe recently posted … AMu Chanel Magic Night

  139. Kia says:

    Love the colours!
    Can’t wait!

  140. Kathrin says:


    Γ’β„’Β₯ Γ’β„’Β₯ Γ’β„’Β₯ These 4 colours are just perfect for my eyes. I wish I had them!!! Γ’β„’Β₯ Γ’β„’Β₯ Γ’β„’Β₯

  141. Gen says:

    i used to have a fat old orange cat when i was a kid. i remember wishing that i had his eye colour — a gorgeous green, kinda like Tabs’!

  142. Tiffany says:

    My fave fab feline is tabs, of course!

  143. Sherri says:

    I’m in lab waiting for some DNA to digest.
    Sherri recently posted … I found Hidden Treasure!!!!

  144. K says:

    i’m not gonna lie, the colors in this quad don’t exactly make me think of kitties, but it’s pretty nonetheless πŸ™‚ my college-student-budget thanks you for your nice giveaways <3

  145. May says:

    i have like 540935 tests coming up. Okay, maybe that was an over exaggeration, but I’m looking forward to well deserved shopping spree after all of them.

  146. Diana K. says:

    The hot weather is back. I cant wait for fall to arrive…

  147. Jessica says:

    So, I have a cat that thinks she’s a dog. Perhaps she was a dog in a past life. I don’t know. Her favorite activities include fetching and getting her tummy rubbed. She also *always* comes when called. We’re not sure how to break it to her that cats don’t generally do all of that…

    Btw, I <3 this quad.

  148. Amber says:

    I love the colors in this quad, I think these colors would look good on me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  149. Terri says:

    My cat lives with my brother (my apartment doesn’t allow cats). However, as soon as I’m done with my degree and I move to a different apartment, I’m getting him back πŸ™‚

  150. ela says:

    the colors are awesome

  151. Nicole says:

    Iv been eyeing this for a really long time now. Hope i get to have it as we don ave it here yet πŸ™‚

  152. Tiffany H says:

    I really want the new Chanel nail lacquer in Khaki Vert!
    Tiffany H recently posted … Face Of The Day-Blue Brown Pigment

  153. Tamara says:

    Reading your blog always brightens my day. Thank you! I also really want to win this quad haha! πŸ™‚

  154. elizabeth says:

    My favorite cat is my almost 4 year old calico, joey. She’s basically the devil, but she’s my devil.

  155. Kerry says:

    Oooh, I’m super keen to get my hands on this quad!
    My fab feline technically belongs to my parents. Her name is Lulu and she is a few sandwhiches short of a picnic! For example; if you click your fingers above her head, she’ll stand up on her hind legs to nuzzle your hand and then EVERYTIME she loses her balance and falls on her back! Love that crazy cat!

  156. Tonni says:

    I just had the most awful morning. Bad luck everywhere!

  157. Erin says:

    This colors are great! I’m crossing my fingers that I’m the big winner!

  158. Sharon says:

    Gorgeous quad!!

  159. yiota says:

    oh wow..i’d love to win this!

  160. dessert says:

    These colors are amazing, I wish I could win!!!!
    dessert recently posted … Stop ou encore Les manucures bicolores

  161. Jody says:

    I think my makeup habit is getting worse. I spent close to $100 on one trip to Target and Ulta. :/ Time to do a 10 pan?

  162. Christa says:

    I love the colors on this MAC palette. They have an elegancy.

  163. Tran says:

    My favorite feline would have to be Tabs too! No other felines in my life than him!

  164. linna says:

    waahhh! i have to win it or i’ll just die. i love the palace pedigreed squad and it’s sold out here! have mercy karen! πŸ˜‰

  165. Danielle says:

    My favorite felines are my own! Mochi and Mena! My adorable 2 adopted kittens πŸ˜€

  166. qchesq says:

    my favorite feline is one named scraps. she’s fearless.

  167. Taffy says:

    I’ve a few MAC poducts but I haven’t tried their eyeshadows yet. Those colours are sooooo tempting!
    Taffy recently posted … The Colour to Watch By OPI

  168. Jennifer says:

    My two favorite felines are my cats Simba and Brandy, they are both cats I rescued from a shelter and I am so glad that I did πŸ™‚ I love all the photoshop work you do with your cat tabs, it is a fun addition to the site.

  169. Elysha says:

    *GASP*!!!! I feel like this is JUST WHAT I NEED!

    I went to mac today and bought myself a 219 brush. I’ve been wanting it for so long! I couldn’t bring myself to buy any new shadows, simply because of the price hahaha.

    Also, thank-you for having more and more givaways open to people outside the USA πŸ™‚ I’m in Canada and it’s just really awesome to qaulify!

  170. Cindy says:

    My favorite feline was this neighborhood cat who was suchhh an attention wh*re. she would come out and greet the kids as they got out of the middle school. so cutee

  171. Samantha says:

    i still need to add MAC to my collection

  172. Lynnette says:

    AWESOME color scheme on that MAC palette! Hope I win it! Oh and without a doubt, my favorite feline is my baby Pellet =) He’s VERY soft, calm, playful but never claws you (only paws at you) and VERY talkative.
    Here’s a recent picture *ahem* crazy cat lady moment. Anyways that’s all ^_^. Good luck everyone!

    PS- Twitter post:

  173. Alison says:

    My favorite cats are my two kitties here at home: Rorschach (siamese mix) and Bowie (white shorthair). Rorschach is a big scaredy, and Bowie is always causing mischief!

  174. yvonne says:

    i would love to win thank you

  175. Heather says:

    My favorite felines are ones like Tabs…gorgeous eyes, silky sheen to their fur, and a mind of their own πŸ˜‰ lol. Although I used to raise chicks, and sad to say I think one of Tab’s cousins nabbed three of them for dinner!

  176. kypris says:

    Gorgeous colour combo! And you make it work so well πŸ™‚

  177. Renate says:

    Where do I see myself in 10 years? I think I’ll have a diploma to start my own restaurant and I’m hoping that it will get a michelin-star! That will be a dream coming true….

  178. Julia says:

    I don’t really have a favorite cat. I was scratched by a cat once when I was little so I’ve always been a little afraid of them. Sorry!

  179. JillyB says:

    I just got back from biking 7 miles, which is a lot for me. A guy rode by me and told me I looked good. Haha, I didn’t think so, but i appreciated the compliment. And then I saw a rainbow and that made it all worthwhile.

  180. Grace Vick says:

    I am building my MAC collection and this would be a GREAT addition!!! Love love Mac makeup, and love your blogs! Very helpful and informative πŸ™‚

  181. Melodi says:

    Ooh I’d love to win this quad because: 1. I’ve never actually tried any Mac eyeshadows! They’re not readily available around here and I don’t do much shopping online.. and 2. I just (drastically!!) colored my hair from blonde to brown..these colors would look nice with my brown eyes and hair!

  182. Lauren says:

    Too many fav felines to count! They’re all so wonderful in their own way
    Lauren recently posted … China Glaze- Classic Camel NOTD

  183. Tahnee says:

    going to Dallas in 3 days with my girlfriends!! Can’t wait!! πŸ˜€

  184. Beatrice says:

    I don’t have any fab felines but I do have a few kissable k-9’s :3 they be mah babies <3
    Beatrice recently posted … Mini Ulta Haul!

  185. Kate says:

    I wish I could afford every single eyeshadow quad I see ever.

  186. Anna says:

    I’d love to win this quad! I just started with makeup so I don’t have any MAC products yet. I really want to try some so this would be perfect!

  187. Lisa says:

    This color combo looks so pretty. I would love to win!

  188. Sandy says:

    First day at the new job went very well…..back for more tomorrow!

  189. Grace says:

    Today was a crazy one for me… supposed to arrive for clinical at 7:00 am but alarm was accidentally set for 6:30, which is when I’m supposed to leave the house! So frantic morning!
    Grace recently posted … Updated Skin Routinue

  190. Ria says:

    I would love to won this because I went to MAC store here in the Philippines yesterday and the MUA said it has not been out yet. πŸ™

    Thank you for hosting this contest. πŸ˜‰
    Ria recently posted … Whats cookin

  191. Cori Pohrer says:

    This quad is gorgeous and versatile! I think it can be worn in spring, fall and winter, depending on the lip and blush you pair with it! All the shades complement each other so nicely and create an effortless look!

  192. Sarah says:

    Tomorrow I start my fourth and last year at university! AHHH!

  193. Supriya says:

    I made chickpeas for dinner!! πŸ™‚

  194. Hanna says:

    this quad is so pretty!
    thank you! πŸ™‚

  195. Ling says:

    The BF and I were in the MAC store and he said some of the big kitties looked pretty scary.

  196. Megan says:

    Awesome palette! I’ve been wanting to try the Faboulous Felines pigment in Old Gold ever since it was featured on your blog! πŸ™‚

  197. Kasey says:

    This post makes me want to go and play with my cat, Maude. Too bad she’s napping!

  198. Jenn says:

    I’ve always wanted a kitten, but can’t due to my dad’s allergies. Oh well.
    Jenn recently posted … Skin Foods Fresh Aloe Pack

  199. Liana says:

    Awesome give-away, would love this palette!!!

  200. Kristy says:

    Lately my favorite lip combination has been MAC’s cherish lipstick with florabundence on top. It would look beautiful with this palette!

  201. Paula says:

    My favorite felines are my two cats, Molly and Tommy. Thanks for the giveaways!

  202. Monie Lim says:

    I love purples and this palette is puuuuurfect =P Great for a smokey eye so I would love to win this!!

  203. sharee says:

    this is the one i want πŸ™‚

  204. Lego says:

    So gorg! Totally reminds me of something Pam would wear πŸ˜‰

  205. Kim says:

    My fab feline is a my baby Sushi… yes.. I named my cat sushi πŸ™‚ She is beautiful!!

  206. Scifi says:

    I ‘borrow’ my sisters cats, Maryle & Felix! They look just alike even though they’re not related and have a seven year age difference.

  207. Jane says:

    Oh my , they look gorgeous..i need to get a mac palette soon !!

  208. Dawn says:

    This palette woould be gorgeous with the ‘Marked for Glamour’ liner that I got from the collection.

  209. Jayme says:

    I’m such a cat lady, I Need this eyeshadow in my life! MEOW!
    Jayme recently posted … oh Chasquido!

  210. Josay says:

    I love to have this quad !!!! Perfect for my hazels eyes πŸ™‚

  211. Lucy says:

    Please include me in the giveaway. My favorite cat was Melissa. We were very close. The day she had her kittens she wouldn’t let me leave to go to work. I had to sit with her the entire time while she had her kittens. I tried to sneak away to go out the door for work and she got up and followed me with the kitten half born. I couldn’t believe how she wanted me there. The kitten was hanging half out of her and she ran right after me twice. I had to call in work and tell them I was sick. She always slept with me. When I tried to read a book she would knock it out of my hands so I’d pay attention to her. I miss her. Thank you.

  212. Melody says:

    Love my best friend’s ragdoll … they’re so placid and gorgeous looking!

  213. I don’t have a feline myself but I love my friends little kitty! He is absolutely adorable =)
    I retweeted here:

    Thank you for this great giveaway!

  214. Jules says:

    Ok, sad confession moment: I adore cats – I even have the Cheshire Cat tattooed on my shoulder – but I’m super allergic to them πŸ™ My inner cat lady is going crazy!

    At least there are some fabulous felines I’m not allergic to πŸ™‚

  215. mrsshukra says:

    Karen, love your photo today!

  216. Baba says:

    Regarding winning MAC Fabulous Felines Eyeshadow Quad in Palace Pedigreed – I had a wonderful best girlfriend who had 2 Siamese cats. Her cats were the most independent felines!! Yet, she would play hide-and-seek with them — she would catch one in a big hug and would cover its face with her hand and pull back to its ears to smooth their face and let them know she was in control at that moment. Then she would let them go — and she’d pounce on them and roll around which the cats loved! I am not a cat person, but my dearest friend Anna really connected with her cats. She acknowledged their independence yet played with them as an equal. The cats scared me but with Anna there I had no fear;. They’d jump on me and push into me with their paws, catching my clothes. Anna explained they were just being friendly and shoo them off me. She was so comfortable around them, almost as their sister. My friend Anna is not around anymore, sadly, but the vision of her playing with her cats is one of the many memories I cherish of her.

  217. Melessa says:

    have you ever used Lancome’s Sensation Totale Continuous-C Perfecting Complex??
    It’s a serum that had tiny shimmers in it and made my skin soooooo baby butt soft. I havent spoiled myself in a while and lancome was having a gift with purchase and they told me they discontinued it a few years ago. ;-(
    this makes me very sad. i was hoping you could tell me something that worked similar to that product (if you tried it) or maybe something with similar ingredients?
    stupid lancome! that couldve made some money lol

    oh and my fav fab feline would be my kitty jables. jabes. jack etc…hes a prince, if you didnt know lol. i think our kittys have very similar attitudes (tabs is a cutie too but i dont know him personally lol)

  218. Meg says:

    I’ll confess I never used to like cats (my neighbour’s cat attacked me once so that put me off) but lately they’ve been growing on me and now I’d love a ragdoll or persian kitten to cuddle πŸ˜€ But my favourite fab feline is my godfather’s adorable burmese, who is the most playful cat I’ve ever seen!

  219. Yuki says:

    Oooh, beautiful plummy quad. This collection makes me wish I had a cat ;D so I have an excuse to go buy cat-related stuff.
    Yuki recently posted … Swatches- More Maybelline ColorSensational Lipsticks

  220. Jamie says:

    ah i just want this quad!
    Jamie recently posted … Winner of the Orglamix Giveaway!!

  221. andie says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those colors!!!!

  222. Alyce says:

    I admit….I want to buy something from the Fabulous Felines collection just because it features cats! LOVE them!

  223. Jahneel says:

    This quad is so pretty! I need it! Lol

  224. I have a snuggly calico named Button. πŸ™‚
    Beale Street Chick recently posted … What is OnSugar

  225. Gina says:

    I actually have TWO fabulous felines in my life! Both of them have turned me from a normal cat-owner to a future (proud!) crazy cat lady!

  226. Rachael says:

    I may have put a bow on my little Indie that matches this section of the collection. She’s loving it, and we aren’t above dressing mommy and kitty alike lol.
    Rachael recently posted … Time for Cuteness

  227. Myrlene says:

    In 10 years I’ll be chilling in my villa in Spain(LOL)

  228. Ariel says:

    my kitty is a 5 yr old maine coon…but she acts like a kitten! >^-^<

  229. Christina says:

    I would love to win this eyeshadow quad! Paying more attention to my makeup and beauty is a resolution for this year…. and this would help me get crackin’ on that!

  230. Nanci says:

    Love this color set…

  231. Tukta says:

    I would like to win this because I have followed your blog for awhile. Have I mentioned that I am from Thailand? πŸ™‚

    So every time that you open for international readers, I join it! same as this time!

    I never had MAC products in my life so I want to try this

    Fingers cross

  232. Alexandra says:

    Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

  233. val says:

    my boyfriend got me a spa package for christmas! I finally got to go a week ago! It was amazing! Full day of pampering is what every girl needs and deserves!!! <3

  234. val says:

    my boyfriend got me a spa package for christmas! I finally got to go last week. It was amazing!!! A full day of pampering is what every gal needs and deserves!!! <3

  235. Alana says:

    My fav real life fab felines are my own two furry babies Ninja and Gussy! The are a year old and I love them to pieces! I don’t know what they are though, we adopted them from a local shelter. They’re a mix of something and they’re the best <3

  236. chibu74 says:

    wow, love that look!! gorg…i wanna so win this pallette to look as beautiful πŸ™‚

  237. Kat says:

    eeee! I want this so badly!

  238. Julia C. says:

    In 10 years? Yikes! Hopefully I’ll have a few kids and a lot of fabulous makeup!

  239. Jasmine says:

    Perfect for Fall!

  240. Alexandra says:

    My favourite fab feline is my kitten Vince. I just adore my little black and white guy. He is so loving,always on my lap πŸ™‚

    I would love to win this quad,it would be the best birthday present ever πŸ™‚

  241. Elsie Myers says:

    I would love to have this! I bought a few items from the collection but did not purchase any quads so this would be great to add to my collection!

  242. Hannah says:

    I’m crazy about that slate-ish color – it’s gorgeous!

  243. chibicheeks says:

    My fave feline is my friend’s cat, Euri. His a big black tubby thing ^_^ and soooooooooo soft!!!

  244. Rachel says:

    My favorite felines are my Cindi-Loo and Tonks, but I bet they’d love Tabs. πŸ™‚ They like boy cats. πŸ™‚

  245. chibicheeks says:

    My fave feline is my friend’s cat, Euri. He’s a big black tubby thing ^_^ and soooooooooo soft!!!

  246. Steph says:

    I’ve been waiting for this collection for such a long time! I love the colors and I think they’re completely to die for!
    Steph recently posted … CherryCulture Sale &amp New Sigma Kabuki

  247. kamala says:

    that is THE most perfect quad. ever. need.

  248. loofah says:

    Love the Fabulous Felines line!

  249. Nicole says:

    Love this quad! It is one of the items I want from the collection!

  250. Regina says:

    I can’t pick my favorite feline out of my three lovely girls. One is a sweet and snuggly long-haired tiger, one is a cute and quirky grey girl and the other is a independent but loving tiger. I can’t imagine my life without them!

  251. Styrch says:

    I have two favorite fabulous felines: Cicero and Oberon. Cicero is the “cute one” who gets away with everything because he’s cute. Oberon is the big dumb and handsome one who love everyone and everything (except for Cicero). They are the perfect kitties for me. They are fabulous and Cicero knows it – I don’t think Oberon’s figured it out yet. πŸ˜‰
    Styrch recently posted … China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection – Cats Meow Set

  252. Sara says:

    I love nerds. Both the people and the candy.

  253. Daniela says:

    I have two of the cutest cat boys ever…..Maxi and Gizmo! I’m sure they would love it if I won this eyeshadow quad!
    thank you Karen!

  254. Sus says:

    Today and tomorrow are such strange days!

    In the morning, both are/will be very cool and pleasant, but in the afternoon, the temperature just spikes up to near 90 O________O!!!

  255. Tricia says:

    I really love these colors!!!

  256. Lisa says:

    This quad looks so lovely! I almost bought it…

  257. flora says:

    i have been eyeing this quad and ive never bought a mac quad EVER — this would be great!

  258. Katrina says:

    Oooou I would LOVE to win this! <3 <3

    My favorite feline is my Ako. And I think she's got a crush on Tabs πŸ˜›

  259. Abby says:

    I have my beautiful kittah-kittah Daisy whom I love to pieces. She hides all day till I get home; occasionally coming out of hiding to attack her poor brother. But then when I arrive she runs up to me and tells me about her day (or so I pretend when I reply with “oh baby is that so”). I just love her and could quite frankly ramble my crazy cat lady ramble about how much I love her. My iPhone is 3 days old and has 80 pictures of her, rather embarrassing to be honest. I’ve retweeted on my account hxppxe πŸ™‚

  260. Christine says:

    I hope I win! I never win anything… πŸ™ this is very pretty! <3 it!
    Christine recently posted … Nissan Sentra Print Ad

  261. Elaine says:

    Wow! I love it! I love MAC!!!!!

  262. JenA says:

    Okay I’m allergic to felines πŸ˜€ but it doesn’t completely stop me from enjoying the company of my cuz’s fab tabby Tobby just have to remember those darn claritan pills πŸ˜€ If Mac’s Fabulous Feline is the closet thing i can have to actually owning a feline i guess i’ll just have to settle πŸ˜€ lol *fist pump* for sneezing for family love πŸ˜€

  263. Ana says:

    First day back at school today. I am learning CAD! I feel like such a nerd!

  264. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  265. Rozae says:

    Same here I’m allergic to feline. I think this is the closest thing I can get to a feline before I have my eyes & nose watery. But for this feline my tears would be for the pretty colors, would wear this everyday, drool.

  266. yun shih says:

    I’m allergic to cats but i love them! =D

  267. Hailey says:

    Not so much a cat person myself πŸ™‚ I do love my dog though!

  268. Sharmen says:

    My favorite real life cat is my kitten Shadow. She is so mischeivious, but soooo cute!

  269. Katelyn says:

    I’m in love with the colors in this quad and I feel like it would be the most awesome thing to get for my first mac eye product.

  270. Natalie says:

    wow … the colors look amazing on you!

  271. Wendy says:

    Had a cat named Garfield when I was a kid and yes he was orange & white =)

  272. JoTan says:

    Here in the Philippines, we have plenty of stray cats.
    But there was this one particular cat who just won’t go away.
    Whenever my dad comes out from the gate of our house, this stray cat just follows him around.
    My dad got so used to it that he began to look forward into seeing the cat everyday.

    When my dad passed away, the cat seemed to know because one time, I went outside and it just stared at me…for a long time. It was as if ‘my dad’s cat’ was also saying goodbye. After that, I never saw the cat again.

    JoTan recently posted … CONTEST- Win This BABY SHOE SOCK!

  273. Cindy says:

    love the eyeliners from this collection. Makes lining my eyes so much easier! πŸ™‚

  274. buckycatt says:

    Any self respecting cat knows that this quad is the purrfect item for fall!

  275. knownever says:

    Such a busy day…glad i’m getting a moment to relax and catch up on my beauty tidbits!
    knownever recently posted … Warrior Culture- Ch 4- Halo Reach

  276. Maria says:

    Bed time for me!
    Maria recently posted … Rainbow jungle

  277. Melissa says:

    My favorite feline is the tiger. Me-ow. πŸ™‚

    good luck everyone!

  278. Fay. H. says:

    My sister has a cat that’s turning 7 yrs old. The cat loves to lay on our chest when we lay down but for some reason she drools when she purrs.

  279. Rachel says:

    My neighbor’s cat might be the sweetest cat ever born. I either want to kidnap him or get a new cat ASAP.

  280. Brittany says:

    My fave fab feline is my orange/yellow cat Ollie. I adopted him from my local shelter last June. He’s an absolute doll!
    Brittany recently posted … Urban Decay Naked Palette!

  281. Diane says:

    I love eyeshadow and beauty blogs

  282. Amanda says:

    Sorry but I don’t have a fave fab feline…cats make me sneeze!

  283. paige says:

    i never win anything and my 20th birthday is coming up (sept 13th) so this would be kind of a nice birthday present :]

  284. Victoria says:

    I got my Sassy Grass eyeshadow in the mail today! Thank you Karen!

  285. Tiffany says:

    I hope I win! I’ve never really won anything except for a transformers mousepad lol…

  286. Angela says:

    Just went for sushi! Spicy tuna makes me happy inside.
    Angela recently posted … full list of tags

  287. Jeannette says:

    I must win this, I must! Gorgeous!

  288. Shannon says:

    My favorite feline is my 9 year old kitty who passed away 5 years ago from cancer πŸ™ He was a beautiful silvery grey color, very stoic and cattitude galore! His coloring would have gone perfectly with this quad which is why it would be awesome to win it! So everytime I wear it, it would remind me of my beloved and much missed Flower <3 (yes, my kiddo name the cat hence the feminine name for a male cat LOL)

    Also, I retweeted, too πŸ™‚ Good luck everyone πŸ™‚

  289. Lauren Sutherland says:

    My fave cat I ever had was a Bengal named scooter. He was absolutely beautiful!

  290. Tiffany S. says:

    Well I’ve got two favourite fab felines – my two beautiful cats Tom and Jerry πŸ˜€

  291. Maple says:

    ooh pretty colors!

  292. Kim says:

    Hey Karen!! I wasn’t sure about this palette at first for me, but your look with it completely convinced me! I just started getting into makeup this summer so I’m still learning and it’s great to see your recommendations! Shoutout for NC35 girls!! I also enjoy your occasional musical throwback! It lets out the inner fly-girl in me!

    I’m writing this as I watch Rachel Zoe Project episodes On Demand! I’m living the life! All i need is SOME chocolate! πŸ˜‰ Who am I kidding? Tons of chocolate, please!

    My favorite feline is Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Too much of a throwback?! He was always so sassy!

  293. Amy says:

    My favourite feline is my giant orange kitty named Pippin πŸ™‚

  294. Candice says:

    I hope I can finally finish medical school and start helping people! Your blog has been getting me through boards studying!
    Candice recently posted … Black dots on the soles of my feet

  295. Honey says:

    I’m allergic to cats πŸ™

    But I see myself being successful in my profession as a nurse 10 years from now- that and with a great husband + kids and never succumbing to the ugly practicality of belt bags & drawstring pants. And still visiting your blog hoping to win something amazing πŸ™‚ LOL.

    Why I wanna win this quad? Because I love MAC as much as I love reading your blog. I’m a newbie when it comes to make-up and I learn a lot just by reading your blog. I almost gave up on finding the perfect mascara but when I read about Chanel’s Inimitable Intense Mascara on your blog, I went ahead and got one for myself.. All these reasons plus I’ve never really won any online contests yet so winning this one would be AWESOME. πŸ˜€

  296. Sarah says:

    I have two fab felines πŸ™‚ Carson and Stoli are the two boys who will never let me down!!

  297. Clare says:

    I just love following your blog – it is great to find a fellow cat and makeup lover like me! I have 2 fabulous felines – both Tabby (like your Tabs) called Kilmouski and Meisha. I couldn’t live without them! Hurray to MAC for this purrfect collection πŸ™‚

  298. Rita says:

    My favorite real life fab feline is liger! I once even belonged to a Liger Club, and just recently I read from a paper that a liger was born somewhere in the world. It looked so cute!

  299. Paula Lee says:

    I wish I had a cat πŸ™ I’m allergic!

  300. I’m actually looking after a Bengal cat at the moment, she’s gorgeous! Really weird and hyper though XD
    SilhouetteScreams recently posted … Tranny Doll

  301. Anna says:

    The quad is stunning, it won’t be released in my city though, which really annoys me.
    Anna recently posted … ch 14- How Heatheresque

  302. layla says:

    Oooh! I definitely have to write about my fav fab feline! Its my neighbour’s cat from when I used to live in NZ. Her name is Mickey and though the neighbour’s fed her and took her to the vet, Mickey lived in our home. (An all-expense paid free cat!) She slept on my bed at night and was the most cutest (sorry tabs) chubbiest cat around! She’s the really jealous type and couldn’t stand it if my sis and I gave any other cat the slightest bit of attention.. hehe.. Mickey’s now 19 years old! How awesome is that? She’s still in NZ and is still guarding our old home jealously!

  303. Mirela says:

    those colours look amazing; i’m sure they will look perfect in my makeup collection πŸ™‚
    Mirela recently posted … Concurs make-over mireasa votare

  304. Sugar says:

    I’m currently in the process of searching for a kitten – I’ve got to say, boo, your blog surely pushed me into those deep waters πŸ˜›

  305. Melodyy says:

    I love kittens. But I’m a hugeeee dog person.

  306. Manuela says:

    Yay, love this new quad!!!
    To die for! <3

  307. crystal says:

    I’m allergic to cats but will forever love and remember my beautiful black lab Midnite who passed away right before Christmas.She was 13 years old and the best dog in the entire world.Everyone loved her and she loved everyone.She’s my angel

  308. Dina (XYYan) says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Dina (XYYan) recently posted … A Piece of Me in September 2010

  309. Victoria says:

    I’m studying medicine and I see myself in 10 years working in a hospital πŸ˜€

  310. Caroline says:

    My favorite feline is the cheetah.

  311. Sarah Bokhari says:

    Me and my hubby have two wonderful german shepherd and we bought this land in KY where will be building a farm house full of pets .:)

    tweeted here

  312. Hobbit84 says:

    I love your giveaways πŸ˜‰
    Hobbit84 recently posted … Prova in corso- LOreal Perfect Slim Pro

  313. Yanna says:

    My favorite feline is my chubby, gorgeous, yelloweyed, black cat “zorro”‘, he suffers from water in his longs and can’t do a lot of excercise (well, not that he did this in the first place:p-
    )the vet said he would die soon, and this was about three years ago..*sigh* I just Love him to pieces:) can u tell?
    Oh and about MAC..haha;) It was just yesterday when I wanted to buy something in the MACstore but realized that my budget wouldn’t allow it (I’m just a poor student:p) winning something would be freakin’ awesome!
    Now I’m starting to save for the Disney Collection..MAC here I come!

    Grtz from Belgium

  314. Aneela says:

    I really love these colors!!!

  315. Sarah says:

    ooh pretty colors!

  316. Lisa says:

    I was too late and now it’s sold out everywhere here πŸ™
    I’m crossing my fingers now πŸ™‚

  317. smiley says:

    I love these colors and I love your blog πŸ™‚

  318. hetty says:


  319. Sadi says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  320. Anna says:

    I love those colors and cats, too. Not necessarily in that order πŸ™‚ I prefer black or gray cats with stripes. They always manage to look so mysteriously and whimsically at the same time.

  321. PeggyM says:

    You give away the coolest things! Would love to try this! Gonna tweet as well. (havewrench2)

  322. Jenny says:

    Hi I am Chiara’s mother and I am happy because she married next year!!!

  323. marci says:

    Meow! I have been eyeing these palettes at my Nordstrom and can’t figure out which one to get. Guess I’ll take a chance at winning one here. RT already!

  324. Fieran says:

    Those colours are gorgeous!
    Fieran recently posted … The Make Up Palette that Impressed Men Too

  325. irini says:

    i enter like 5 competitions and day,and never win.WHY?

  326. dip says:

    anything at all? i have almost reached 500 blog posts on my blog πŸ˜€ so excited
    dip recently posted … Not Just an Accessory

  327. Biba says:

    Trying my luck here! Hope my furry friend will do some magic and win me this one πŸ˜€

  328. Kristin says:

    My favorite is my sweet grey longhaired Mookey:)

  329. Cath says:

    I have two favourite fabulous felines, Ziggy and Stardust. Ziggy is a little over 1 and Stardust is 3 months old. They love each other very much and seem to watch out for each other. However, I’m convinced they have a scheme going on to con me out of giving them extra food!

  330. Eleonora says:

    This is awesome! MAC cosmetics are really amazing but also pretty expensive for me. So far I’ve only had a couple of lipsticks, but I went to a make-up session a few months back and the eye-shadows they used on me were spectacular! <3

    PS: nice picture! You're pretty!

  331. Jessie says:

    My fav feline would be my cat. He’s a black and white Garfield

  332. Halifax says:

    I have 2 favorite feline creatures at home already lol

  333. Mel says:

    My fav. feline is sadly not with us anymore. He was the best cat in the world and we miss him dearly. His name was Grisou.
    I Rt’ed as well (macbella2)

  334. mandy says:

    This Quad has gotta be Cats are some very regal and beautiful creatures it puzzles me why some people hate them so much πŸ™

  335. Carina says:

    I have to keep a huge distance to my favorite feline (sooo cute), because I’m allergic to cats. πŸ™ I hate that.

  336. Ana Belén says:

    I love MAC products. They are the best cosmetics.

  337. Stephanie Moore says:

    I want this simply because I have an extreme addiction to all things makeup and this is too gorgeous not to own!

  338. Lexie says:

    my favorite feline would have to be salem for sabrina the teenage witch! who doesn’t love a wise-cracking animatron? πŸ˜‰

  339. I want this because I tried purchasing at my new local store in South Jersey (yes, I left CA for South Jersey….darn husband’s job…) and they were sold out! in 3 days! Who in South Jersey is buying all the MAC?
    Kajal Couture recently posted … Two Unexpected New Faves For My Nails

  340. Robella says:

    Weeee! Its cool.

  341. Lizbeth says:

    Awesome Quad! If i win it will be my first MAC quad ever… LOVE MAC!!!!

  342. Paola says:

    OOOH, so wishing for this palette, can’t find any Mac product here in Italy!!

  343. virginia says:

    This is gorgeous. Thanks for brightening my morning!

  344. Romi says:

    I wish a had a Fabulous Feline..MEOW!!

  345. Jane says:

    I’ve always wanted a Siamese kitty!

  346. Brittany says:

    That quad is soo pretty. I wonder how u pick your winners…. pick me πŸ™‚

  347. HautePJ says:

    I would love to win this palette to release my inner Catwoman ( a la Eartha Kitt, the best Catwoman evah!).

  348. Daniela says:

    This quad is fantastic. I love Mac Collections, the colors are so beautiful.

    And this,a bout cats its pure love. i have a white cat in my house, she is so calm and soft sometimes I think maybe se can be a rabbit,

    Thank for all your lessons

    Ah Im from Brazil and the most of your rewiens i try to copy and use

  349. Lala says:

    Aww~ I’ve always wanted cats but sadly, I’m allergic to them. πŸ™

  350. Gail says:

    Been a cat lady all my life – got my 1st kittie when I was 3 – almost 60 & have had kitties ever since. Love this quad – picked up Burmese but not this one – would love to win. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  351. Anna says:

    Hello! I live sweden and I love your site. Have you ever been to sweden? if not I think you should, it’s beautiful in the early summer and when it’s snowing! I’d love to be a make up artist for real, and that’s why I’d like to win this palette. πŸ™‚

  352. jane says:

    my birthday is tomorrow! πŸ˜€

  353. Ilene says:

    I have three favorite kitties- Tequila, Honey and Biscuit.

  354. Liana says:

    Addicted to MAC!

  355. Kristi says:

    My three favorite fabulous felines are of course my kitties. I’m a CCL for sure! πŸ˜‰ I would love to win this quad, it’s so pretty. Thanks!

  356. MimiG323 says:

    I havent bought any fab felines yet! i need some!

  357. ari says:

    i REALLY want to try the fabulous felines line!! proably because of my cat named puma..he is black with green eyes (he know hes gorgeous)

    also, i LOVE the name Don Corleone for a cat but i also love the name: mufassa (CHYEA!! from the lion king)

  358. Eve says:

    I want this quad because its so gorgeous!!!

  359. evilcharity says:

    Can I have two fabulous felines? I have two cats and I can’t play favorites.

  360. Mari says:

    I would love to win something from MAC! I have just “found” MAC, and I happen to LOVE cats! My love is my 17 year old brown tabby, Oliver! He’s the most loving cat ever!

  361. stacy schnettler says:

    SO pretty! I NEED this quad! Would love to have pretty eyes to bat!

  362. Thom says:

    Thanks for the giveaway Karen. It’s such a gloomy day in california. No Sun!!!

  363. Ranyah says:

    dang it, so badly want to win this quad! MAC isn’t available in our city. boohoo!

  364. Lauren says:

    I don’t have a kitty since my parents won’t let me have any pets. But a couple weeks ago, when it was pretty warm out, my mom had the backdoor to the backyard open to let some air circulate. I was sitting with my mom and sister watching TV, when my mom starts freaking out because an orange tabby had poked its head through the screen of my screen door! The kitty then preceded to run around my house like a mad cat until it finally ran back out the way it came!

  365. Romina says:

    awesome giveaway! i saw the quad online and loved it, but im so broke i cant buy it πŸ™

  366. Lori says:

    i really love college so far! Going into my second day!

  367. Kelli says:

    I love the Bloodline pigment from the Fabulous Felines collection. Thanks for this great contest!

  368. Monica says:

    Mine would be my ex-cat, Louis. My parents gave him away 5 years ago… πŸ™

  369. aneeqa says:

    love this quad…but recently unemployed so can’t spend the money on it! but love the colors, love mac, love everything about it! πŸ™‚

  370. I love this collection, its so gorgeous! I would be overjoyed to have one of those!

  371. Erin says:

    I think my fav feline is my cat Blue. He has the most beautiful eyes!

  372. Destiny says:

    White tigers rock!!!!

  373. Crystal says:

    Those colors look really pretty. I can’t wait to get it.

  374. Altagracia says:

    Karen your the best. I love your blog!!!

  375. Christina says:

    The more swatches I see of this quad the more I love it. Unfortunately I already bought the other two and thats all my wallet will allow ;(

  376. brittany says:

    im into catwoman, myself!

  377. Bethany says:

    love this!

  378. ilaybalilay says:

    i used to have a cat named weewee. i called her that because she peed on my shirt on our 1st night together.

  379. lizard says:

    Today in cosmetology class we learned about the history of cosmetology and I thought of you πŸ™‚ before you said something about the chinese they would stain their nails black

  380. Tuhina says:

    Back to work after a week off – the only thing getting me through the day is looking forward to a trip to Sephora tonight.

  381. Julie-Kim says:

    Yesterday I had a dance class at school and today every part of my body aches !!

  382. Tanya says:

    Never use self tan on your hair… doesn’t work:) It just turns your hair orange with green undertone(poop)lolz:)

  383. Courtney says:

    We have two blue point himalayan persians and I think they are one of the most wonderful breeds! So sweet and playful. Dogs can be man’s best friend, but cat’s are definitely mine πŸ™‚

  384. Christy O says:

    What a beautiful, romantic gray day.

  385. Zeni says:

    I’m most definitely more of a dog person, but I adored this collection!!

  386. Liz says:

    Buck is licking my hair. This means he wants me to try these!

  387. Ellen says:

    I started a new job yesterday…and I think I love it! My favorite cat is my very own tabby, Dinah. She looks like she could be Tabs’s little sis. πŸ˜›

  388. Alicia says:

    I have two fave felines,my boys Leo and Gizmo! Leo’s a Russian Blue, so he matches the palette!

  389. Tiffany says:

    I’m going to the Estee Lauder warehouse sale this friday!!!

    I hope going there won’t make me broke =(

  390. Kirstie says:

    I love my feline, Tigris, and this collection by MAC!!!!

  391. Liz says:

    Asking me to pick a favorite cat is like asking to choose which kid you like best! I love all my kitties: Matilda, Figgi, Chuy, and Abigail. Each brings a different personality to my home, and I adore them all.
    Liz recently posted … Chanel Ombre Contraste- Rubis-Marine

  392. Anu says:

    My favourite felines are the three absolutely adorable white tigers cubs in the Chennai zoo. They’ve been only recently introduced to the public and they’re very sulky about it πŸ™‚ but they’re gorgeous little balls of fur.

  393. Mel says:

    This is a pretty palette!

  394. My fav fab feline is my 6-year-old calico Patches, who lets sleep in my own bed at night, but is always happy to see me when I come home from work πŸ™‚
    BrooklynShoeBabe recently posted … I Created a Fall Clothing Database

  395. Crissy says:

    I love that Russian blue cat shadow!

  396. Maddie says:

    Cats rule and dogs drool!

  397. shelly says:

    I wish I could have a cat, but my hunny is allergic! I love the feline collection tho!!

  398. pranita says:

    Love the colours on the quad!

  399. claudia says:

    the best part of my day was being able to schedule a hair appointment for next Wednesday; how awesome is that? Especially considering my other usual places are booked AT LEAST a month out!

  400. Elena says:

    I love so much eyeshadows, but I don’t own anything with these wonderful colours, it would be perfect for my collection!

  401. Julia says:

    I LOVE this pallette – and my favorite fabulous feline is my friend’s cat Castro. I also love the regular updates on Tabs!

    Thanks for the great “contest”!

  402. marjen says:

    i’m more of a dog person, but this feline quad is awesome!

  403. Petra says:

    My favourite felines are my two cats. They are brothers, both look kinda like a carthusian cat. They are soft warm and loving. One wakes me by washing my hair with it’s tongue(brrr, dislike the feeling but lovely gesture), the other stares at me and puts its paw on my face. Yes, I’m a carzy cat lady in the making, it only gets worse. πŸ™‚

  404. Steph K says:

    This was my favorite out of the quads you used. I’ve always been a fan of purples!

  405. Kelly says:

    Cool, this palette looks very nice.
    Did you hear about the new line MAC is putting out based on the Disney villains? It looks pretty awesome…!

  406. michlle harris says:

    Looks awesome!

  407. Shelly V says:

    I have a fabulous feline, and he’s a Disney one!!! LOL…a lovely Maine Coon mix named Simba πŸ™‚ Would love to win this one, colors are perfect!

  408. Cinthia says:

    My favorite feline is the lynx, but since it´s not the best idea to have one in the house, I have to settle for a siamese cat, which is also adorable.

  409. Grace says:

    My favorite feline is my cat Smudge!

  410. Jai says:

    My furry baby is named Danielle.I named her that after the crazy woman on Real Housewives of New Jersey,b/c she is crazy as well.She likes everyone in the house but me,but I love her regardless.The only time she shows me any kind of attention is when I am de-potting my MAC eyeshadows.Weird,but true.I did some last night,and she sat in my lap the whole time.As soon as I was done,she jumped up,and hissed at me.Oh well,at least we have MAC….

  411. In ten years, I to be in a great marriage with wonderful children.
    Γ’Λœβ€ Lola AÒℒ Γ’Λœβ€¦ recently posted … LolaAM- Follow @karenmbb and RT to win a MAC Fabulous Felines Eyeshadow Quad in Palace Pedigreed http-bitly-bJTOHx

  412. Joe says:

    Love to win for my wife

  413. Kylie says:

    I have 4 real life fabulous felines, but none of them live with me πŸ™ Alice, who is the OG fab feline lives with my parents. And then Sebastian, Bingley, and Oliver, who I adopted with my sister live at her place for now. Although if I won this quad, I would give it to my friend Melissa, because she has a Russian Blue named Bowman, so I know this would be very fitting for her!

  414. Fie says:

    I didn’t manage to get this quad, somehow it didn’t appeal to me at that time. But looking at swatches and FOTDs using it makes me wanna have it! πŸ™‚ You’re such an enabler, Karen.

  415. Candice says:

    Oh my friend just came back from a safari in Namibia…..she loved the lions! They’re so regal and definitely the king and queens of the jungle.

  416. Robin says:

    This is a gorgeous quad! So versitile! I love how they paired such different colors with one another – it surprising how well they work with one another. very beautiful

  417. Vero says:

    I love Lilith, my cat! She’s the best feline in the world!

  418. Love the colors on you Karen!! πŸ™‚
    Stavroula Plag recently posted … Random Tip of the Day 11092010

  419. Irina says:

    This is very beautiful quad!

  420. quimerula says:

    I have two furry little beings: a black male called Azazel and a grey tabby female called Sibila.

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