Two Ways to Win Korres Face Primer

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The giveaway is now closed to new entries, and the winners are being contacted. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!



What up, cuties?! My camera and I are en route to our local MAC counter to swatch the rest of the new Make-Up Art Cosmetics collection. If I happen upon any great palettes/blushes/lippies of can’t-live-without caliber, I’ll be sure to let you know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Before I bolt, how about another giveaway?

The prize

One lucky lady will take home one tube of Korres Silicone-Free Face Primer (a $28 value).

Korres created this light, lemon-scented primer for ladies with silicone-sensitive skin in mind. It preps skin for foundation and powder application and comes packed with vitamins and antioxidants (Korres claims 99% natural ingredients).

I’ve been singing the praises of this bad boy to my girlfriends all summer. With it my foundation and powder don’t settle into my fine lines, and I think it even makes my pores look smaller. LOVE!

How to enter…

Entering is easy. There are two different ways, and you can do both of them for two chances to win.

First, you can enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. In it, tell me something you love about your look. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love being expressive with my face. I think I’m easy to read — I wear my emotions on my sleeve face through my mouth and eyes.

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Second, enter by following me on Twitter and retweeting (RT) the following message:

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  1. Enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, and don’t forget to use a valid email address so I can reach you if you win.
  2. Follow me on Twitter and retweet the following message:

    RT @karenmbb: RT to Win Korres Face Primer

Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขll pick one winner at random from among the people who enter by 11:59 PM PST on Friday, August 21.

รŽยบรŽยฑรŽยปรŽยฎ รโ€žรยรโ€กรŽยท!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Also, don’t forget about the Bath and Body Works Signature Scent giveaway. It runs through 11:59 PM tonight, so there’s still time to enter!

The giveaway is now closed to new entries, and the winners are being contacted. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!


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  1. redhead says:

    I love how colorful I look naturally – thick, fiery red hair, rosy cheeks, big blue eyes, pigmented rosy lips. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Vanessa H says:

    I like my eyese, people say they can read me from just looking at my eyes….and I love them because they’re like my dad’s ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Vanessa H says:

    and by eyese, I mean eyes lol

  4. cutie_pie says:

    i love my eyelashes. every look i do is not complete without the thickest, longest, curviest lashes i can get (with the help of my bff’s max factor 2000 calorie and shu uemura ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Crystal says:

    I love my hair. It’s just so perfect for me, because I can change it up whenever I like. It expresses me really well, since I can put it up or leave it down. It always goes with me.

  6. Kelly says:

    I love my multiple dimples….cheeks, under my eyes, etc! They make me an individual

  7. Erika says:

    I love my cheeks. It brings happiness to myself and others when I smile, and cheeks are the important part of the face to show that. Also, it expresses the gentleness of the person by putting the right color on there.

  8. I love my smile. It’s really big and you can see a lot of teeth…hehe. There is just something about it that is unique and can really show the extent of my happiness.
    .-= Kajal Couture’s last blog post… Giveaway!!!! – The Sweet 15 Kit =-.

  9. emma says:

    i, too, love my eyelashes. when i was younger i hated them because i thought they were “too big”, like ostrich status haha. now i have learned that theres no such thing as eyelashes that are too big!
    .-= emma’s last blog post… Back in the Bay =-.

  10. Carol L says:

    Thanks for the give away! What I love about my look are my freckles.

  11. Pizzicata says:

    I love my eyes because when I make them up I can be as bold or as demure as I want and its fun.

  12. cady says:

    what i like about my look is my skin. it’s most of hte time zit-free and “porcelein”-esque, i get a lot of compliemtns on it!! this primer would help ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. giselle says:

    i love the look of my skin. i’m fair and its very unexpected from a hispanic girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Debbie says:

    I like my eyelashes. I will occasionally get asked if I wear fake eyelashes lol, and I usually don’t have to wear mascara, I just curl them and go!

  15. xtina says:

    Hmmm. My favorite thing of my look isn’t about my face, lol. I actually adore my legs. They’re toned and tan and gorgeous. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t dig this horrendous sock tanline I have going, but hey, beggers can’t be choosers.

  16. Sara says:

    Enter me! Thank you! I love my dark hair and skin tone. I feel like I can get away with almost any makeup combination. I can go from neutral to dramatic and still love my look!

    .-= Sara’s last blog post… Under Appreciated Brand Loving! Too Faced Cosmetics =-.

  17. Gail says:

    I love my lips. They are full and I can carry off most lip colors even though I’m paler than Casper!

  18. Paula says:

    I love my dimples. When I smile, my nose crinkles up and my dimples just sink in and just add to my cuteness. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for another great giveaway, Karen!

  19. brittany says:

    My eye color is something I LOVE.

  20. jane says:

    i love my eyes. they are quite big and a defining feature on my face :]

  21. Michelle Mattingly says:

    I love my eyes- they are deep green with gold and brown flecks- and so I can use a lot of shadows that compliment my eyes and then I can skip over doing lips and face…the eyes make my make-up easier to do!!!

    Love ya Karen!

  22. Misti says:

    I, too, love my expressive face. I talk with my whole body, my face, eyes, hands, body-motions. I’ve had friends say they love to just watch my face when I talk because everything is so animated. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Kim says:

    I love my thick eyebrows. Sometimes they’re a little wild, but that’s nothing a little brow gel or tweezing can’t fix!

    And some days, my usually medium-dark brown eyes turn into a very bright brown and sunflower-yellow/amber color! I love those days… it almost reminds me of Twilight! LOL.

  24. Sara says:

    O I love my eyebrows. That might sound weird, but they are almost straight across and I hardly need to pluck them at all. And they are a great dirty blonde color. And my nose it pretty nice too ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Trude says:

    Woot! This is totally on my list, would love to win!

    I most like my smile. It’s crazy and huge, like my laugh. Luckily, I’m big into laughing through life. ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Trude’s last blog post… Rest Peacefully =-.

  26. Kelly M says:

    I love my eyes, they are green with gold flecks in the center with a blue, gray turquoise outer ring. depending on the shadows I wear, I can make them look more blue or green. I also love my eye wrinkles, they show that I have lived!

  27. Joanne says:

    I love my big ol’ fat cheeks that make me look like a moon! They always make my SO laugh.

  28. Jaime says:

    I love how a little bit of makeup goes a long way with me… and how having a great primer (currently, I use NARS’ makeup primer) can make my skin glow.

    Oh, and how just a slight golden eyeshadow makes my hazel eyes pop!
    .-= Jaime’s last blog post… Bishop of Seventh Fall/Winter 2009 =-.

  29. Sherry B. says:

    I like the way my face has softened as I’ve gotten older. When I was younger, I always thought that I had a slightly tough look to my face. Sometimes, My “rocker-girl edge” seemed a little inappropriate to me.

  30. Heather says:

    I love that my look is always changing. Not dramatically, but just simple things. It can make me look completely different yet still the same

  31. Tatiana says:

    I love my lips best.I prefer to be known by lips and glasses.

  32. Luciana Lima says:

    I like my hazel eyes, and my brows ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Grace says:

    I love my freckles…they are very subtle until I go on vacation in the summer (I admit I sometimes wear slightly less sunscreen than I should just so I’ll get more freckles). Also, my dimples. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Tamara says:

    I tweeted (cherrycolors)!

    Hmm what do I like on my look. I think I like the most my eyes and my lips. Even if my lips are uneven I can always get what I want with a puppy face! But I also can look damn sexy ;)!
    .-= Tamara’s last blog post… EOTD: Purpled Bronze =-.

  35. Emily says:

    I love my hair! It’s fine but never greasy ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Shelly says:

    I love my hair–black with hints of brown in the sun, shiny, easy to style, grows well so I can change from short to long in about a year, and healthy! Never dyed or treated and it has paid off wonderfully ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Nicki says:

    I love my mamma! She always told me to wash my face and apply mositurizer. So thanks to her I love my skin. Whether I have makeup on or not.. I have a natural dewy glow… thanks mama!

  38. Ebru says:

    I definetely love to play up my eyes. I am blessed with long lashes and defined brows (thank god for them :))and green/hazel eyes so when I do eye makeup I get tons of compliments.

  39. Janet says:

    I love my long hair…straight, curly, in a pony tail!!

  40. Nina says:

    I hated my eyes before but I’ve grown to love how they look. They are of different shades, one is lighter and the other is significantly darker. Makes my face more interesting in pictures.

  41. gio says:

    I love my green eyes and pale skin ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= gio’s last blog post… QOTW: How often do you exfoliate your face? =-.

  42. Marina says:

    Ha. Interesting question:) I am lucky to like almost everything about myself. But I would say that I really like my toes ๐Ÿ™‚
    RT – LadiesBeauty
    .-= Marina’s last blog post… Fruttini Lime Mint Shower Sorbet With Cooling Effect. Review =-.

  43. Brianna says:

    My lips are naturally full and pouty. Not to big of course. I also have naturally white blonde hair that I do really love.

  44. imergo says:

    My smile, even if it DOES make crows feet!

  45. Mikki says:

    I love my skin, because I rarely have spots or incoloration or weird things… It’s egal. I’m very fair which I kind of hate sometimes, but love it too ๐Ÿ™‚ (weird relationship with my skin lol)

    And I have long eyelashes, people always ask me if they are fake ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Halifax says:

    I like to draw attention to my eyes (so that other parts of the face won’t be too noticeable), and I enjoy doing eyemakeup for that reason

  47. Carolin says:

    i love my eyes, they are almond-shaped, big and hazel-coloured.if i’m wearing smokey eyes i feel really sexy.

  48. Dao says:

    I love my eyes: they are small, deep-set, and look really good with smokey eyed makeup.

    I’ll RT as well ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Dao’s last blog post… Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Hairstyling Products: Hair Fabulous! =-.

  49. Lorraine says:

    I like my dark brown eyes, they can almost seem black in certain lights and that makes me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. anna says:

    I like how my eyes look after I’ve curled my eyelashes… it makes all the difference.

  51. Tay says:

    I love my crazy curly, thick hair…people are always asking if it’s real! And it’s great both because a ponytail is an instant updo and I can basically go incognito if I ever straighten it. It’s my signature!

  52. emma says:

    my mom always told me I have a “roman nose”…I’m not quite sure what it means but it rounds regal and special to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Corrine says:

    My eyes. They are green but can look blue too. I have done a thin black eye liner and then some very light/shimmery blue shadow and each time I do I get a ton of compliments! Makes my day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Cindyrella says:

    I like my blue eyes–they are often described by other people as being “sparkley”.

  55. Ames says:

    My smile! I love to laugh and smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Julie says:

    what I love about my look? because I’m still in high school, if I do put on makeup, its au naturale =]

  57. kristen says:

    i love my big brown eyes

  58. Sandy says:

    After all these years, I love that I’m a natural redhead and have the freckles and skin tone to go with it. I don’t know how many times people stop me and say “I just *love* your hair — I pay a fortune and I still can’t get mine to look like that!”

  59. Courtnie says:

    Like everyone else, I’m going with my eyes. They’re blue with a yellow ring around the pupil and it’s hard to find colors that don’t compliment them!

  60. April M. says:

    My beauty moles:] I used to hate them when I was younger (having brown dots on my face), but now I love them! They add to my look.

  61. Patti says:

    I love the shape of my eyes and my cheeks/cheekbones in particular-

  62. Brandy says:

    I love my little apple cheeks and short, curly hair. Think of a pixie and you get the picture!

  63. Diana Kim says:

    I feel like my look is unique. I am an Asian American, but with very un-Asian features. My eyes are hazel, I have very fair skin, and I have light brown hair naturally. I am one of a kind, and I love it.

  64. Tess says:

    I love my blue eyes. They are very dark blue like my father’s were.

  65. CC says:

    I love my pale skin. I used to be envious of people who could tan, but I am glad I always wore sunblock because my husband now calls me his ivory snow girl.

  66. Melissa says:

    I’m on the short side and I always hated it until college. My boyfriend is over a foot taller than I am, and being so small now makes me feel “cute”. My friends always describe me as being cute and I used to hate it, but now I just love it. Who doesn’t love being cute? LoL
    .-= Melissa’s last blog post… A Wardrobe Necessity =-.

  67. Marley says:

    I love my really high cheekbones! It makes it easy for me to pull off dramatic looks, or to just accentuate my cheeks and look “done” for the day!
    .-= Marley’s last blog post… Newest loves! =-.

  68. knr says:

    I love a simple look, which is what I normally wear. Totally boring I know!
    .-= knr’s last blog post… OPI On The Same Paige =-.

  69. Raha says:

    Love my eyes, they are my distinguishing feature

  70. Grace says:

    I like my eyes and if I could only play up one thing on my face it would be them. It completely changes my appearance if I change them from tired to bright and awake with makeup. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the color and the shape of them too.

  71. Dominique Lim says:

    I like my lips. My friends say that I always move my lips/mouth around when I make wacky expressions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. penelope says:

    i love my eyes…they are the center of attention

  73. Doll5 says:

    I can make a really innocent and sad face,which I mostly do,not intentionally.

  74. Babybubblz says:

    I’m love being very expressive with my face too! But it’s so bad for games like Poker haha, I can’t bluff!

  75. nikki says:

    ok i have 2 things i love ๐Ÿ˜€
    first i LOVE my skin, i have heavenly skin(quoting others). i rarely breakout and i never have to use any type of facewash to clear out my pores. i can forget to use a facewash for months and i’ll get maybe one zit. if that.

    the 2nd thing i love is my hair. i have naturally wavy hair and if i go to bed with it wet and wake up, it looks like i worked for hours to get that wavy beach type hair when all i did was shower then sleep

  76. Mercedes says:

    I am going to be different and say that I LOVE my dimples. They will keep me looking young forever. And they appear when I smile, which is important to do very often ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Laura F. says:

    I love my smile. I like that, even on no-makeup days, I can smile and people respond to it.

  78. Michelle says:

    I have to say I like my dark eyes. Growing up, almost all of my friends were blonde with blue eyes and I felt kinda ripped off. Now I love my dark hair/dark eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Kate & Zena says:

    I love my unusual brown-grey eyes. There original and very unique. I can make them look amber brown or a more subdued brown to let my grey stand out with shadows. I’m always complimented on my eyes. My optometrist has given me the nickname “fox eyes” as they remind him of a fox’s.

  80. onegreatsmile says:

    I can thank my mom for good genes. I have great teeth, so I’ve always been one to focus on accenting my mouth. I found a great natural lip liner, along with a very soft lipstick color and matching lip gloss… and take great care to make sure I’m never without my “Three Musketeers.” It works, because I get complimented on my mouth all the time, hence the nickname! Always open to new tricks and products to make the rest of my face as perfect as my lips!

  81. Jennifer K says:

    I love the combination of my skin and hair tone. I have olive skin and my hair is a dark auburn brown!

  82. Holly says:

    I love how my wild curly hair shows my personality

  83. Bre says:

    i love my eyes even though i wish they were gray or hazel instead of brown i love the way they sparkle in the sun. i always get compliments.
    .-= Bre’s last blog post… HOW TO : use a celebrity for inspiration [PART 1] =-.

  84. Joanna Smith says:

    What I love about my look is that I keep it ever changing and evolving. I have always enjoyed “making myself up” playing with cosmetics to create new looks for myself. I love to experiment with different colors, blending certain colors together to create one of a kind tones tailored for my face, so when people see me they never quite know what to expect. I am not flamboyant in any way, I keep my “look” very soft and natural, but I love to change things up all the time, so as to not get stuck in a rut or routine that makes me look the same everyday. I also love to change my hair color every couple of months. I may go lighter brown some months, and darker brown other months adding in highlights, back in April I had burgandy-ish brown hair. It is long, and one of my best assets and I love to play with color on it. But, I always encourage people to think outside the box in whatever you do in life, and the same is true for my beauty routine! Hey, thanks so much for the chance to enter! What a wonderful giveaway!

  85. Paula C says:

    I love my smile. It brightens my whole look and makes me approachable.

  86. Susan says:

    I have big, dark eyes – I like to keep them natural so I can be more expressive with them.

  87. Connie says:

    I love having blue eyes and making them pop with eyeshadow and some lipsticks.

  88. Joanne says:

    I love my long lashes and full lips
    .-= Joanne’s last blog post… Donรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt Blush, Just Keep This on the Hush =-.

  89. Dana says:

    I love my eyes and my smile. I love how smiling at someone can do so much for their day!

  90. jennifer says:

    I love my eyes..they are a yellow green..and my fair skin..i was get dolled i look like a porcelain doll
    .-= jennifer’s last blog post… What’s in your purse? =-.

  91. LauraJ says:

    I love that I’m natural…well…mostly. And that it doesn’t take me forever to get ready

  92. Lola says:

    I love my pale skin with just a touch of olive in it.
    Because of it, I can wear pretty much any hair/makeup/clothing color and make it look good ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. irma says:

    i love my smile and blue eyes ๐Ÿ™‚ that’s why i love to accentuate my eyes and lips with makeup ๐Ÿ˜€

    lovely giveaway again!
    thanks karen

    kind regards from croatia

  94. tracey says:

    i have a little beauty mark near my lip (a la cindy crawford :] ) and i LOVE it. when i was younger i used to be really self conscious about it but now i have grown to love it and it draws more attention to my lips. it makes me stand out a little :]

  95. Kelly says:

    I like my nose!

  96. LIsa says:

    I love my brown eyes. When I was younger I flirted with
    green contacts, until I came to my senses. I love how much depth my brown peepers have and how much I can change them with different shadow colors.

  97. Davina K. says:

    Hi Karen,

    I don’t want to brag, but it’s definately my eyes. They’re greyish blue with yellow and brown flecks in them, so they change colors with different outfits I wear.

  98. marisa says:

    i like that my features make me look slightly exotic and a bit racially-ambiguous… makes me feel unique!

  99. jessica says:

    i love my lashes, they are dark, long and luscious ^.^

  100. Lydia Joy says:

    I love that I can own my natural beauty. And it shows on the inside and out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. Shannon says:

    I love my lips! They’re pink, coated in MAC Pop Mode. I love that color, I love the look and I LOVE my lips!

  102. RobbyRaynebow says:

    I like my eyes and there ability to look happy or sad or angry.

  103. AshBash says:

    i love that my look is versatile and i never wear my colors the exact same way twice.

  104. Michelle says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my eyes!!!

  105. Tracey says:

    i love my smokey eyeliner ๐Ÿ˜€

    thanks for this giveaway!

  106. metric says:

    i love that i have a big nose! i’ve known a few (or more than a few) people with tiny noses who have complained that their noses were too huge and ended up with terrible nose jobs… but i’m one of the few who are totally satisfied with the size of my nose. i think the size of my nose fits in perfectly with my other features and i would never change it!

  107. Jenny says:

    I love my lips. They are not too thick, full to perfection sort of ;D

  108. Carolina says:

    I love my smile! It’s real and it’s me and it goes great with any outfit ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. Amanda says:

    i love my eyes! I have big blue peepers and great (long, thick) lashes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. Isabel says:

    Hm, I would definitely have to say my lips. I hated them when I was a kid because I thought they looked “puffy” and because my top lip is bigger than my bottom lip, but as I got older I came to love them. They’re definitely one of the first features you notice on my face.

  111. Marilyn says:

    I love my lips–they don’t need any plumping glosses, thank you very much!

    mmt9 (at) duke (dot) edu
    .-= Marilyn’s last blog post… The Monster Truck show was awesome! =-.

  112. Nazia says:

    I love smiling, because it makes me look and feel younger! ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. sylvia says:

    i love my brows – they thick and look quite natural.

  114. Denise says:

    I now appreciate my dark curly hair. I cant believe I used to get perms back in the 80’s…and only discovered when I was pregnant and didnt have the energy to do my hair that my hair was naturally curly. I cut it shorter and let it air dry and looked in the mirror and asked myself where in the world did these curls come from? And they are slightly loose, nonfrizzy curls too, the kind other women always say they wish they had. So, finally, at 40, I have come to realize there were things I should have loved about myself years ago and been appreciative of ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. styleezta says:

    I love my smile because people say that I look like I’m up to no GOOD! lol
    .-= styleezta’s last blog post… SOTD: Site of the Day =-.

  116. KyaLyn says:

    I love my skin, its so clear!

  117. Mel says:

    I love my eyes because even with no make-up on they stand out!

  118. Jessica says:

    The thing i love about my look would probably be my skin because taking care of your skin takes determination LOL and it shows. All the lazy nights i`ve had, and i get up just to do my face routine! And drinking lots of water = plenty of annoying visits to the bathroom haha ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Jessica’s last blog post… love yourself & everyone else. =-.

  119. Briana says:

    I have to say I’m also pretty easy to read. I think my favourite thing about my look is how versatile my face is. I can pull off almost any crazy color and it doesn’t take a lot of work to make myself look good when I want to. I love that it takes little to no effort to make myself look polished and classic if I want.
    .-= Briana’s last blog post… btรขโ‚ฌยฆ =-.

  120. angela says:

    i love my hair…i can roll out of bed and run out of the house without worrying about it and it’ll look fine!

  121. lucy says:

    Please include me in the giveaway. My favorite thing about my look is my smile. I’m a happy person and I always have a smile on my face. Makeup is wonderful but inner beauty is important. Thank you.

  122. Austrian_Babe says:

    Hmmmm I donร‚ยดt particularly love anything about my face. I love my naturally thin figure that allows me to eat all the bad stuff I want while still remaining slim

  123. ezzie says:

    I love my eyebrows and my hair, though my brows need a bit of tweezing, but when groomed a bit, they look fab, since they’re naturally very dark. also my hair, i can just hop out of the shower and let it air dry and not worry about it(:

  124. Elizabeth Natividad says:

    I love smiling because Im a fairly reserved person and it lets people know that Im friendly even though I may be quiet. i also love my eyebrows because they dont require much maintanence and have a natural arch.

  125. Tiffany says:

    I love my lips!

  126. Rhian says:

    Random one but I like that people say that I look cheeky in a cute way when I’m trying to supress a smile or laugh, my cheek muscles clench and I get a really random dimple :L It’s quite strange. I also like my eyes, they’re dark brown which is sometimes boring but the iris is rimed with a thick black line but the white part is ridiculously bright, and i have long black eyelashes which all contrast quite nicely ๐Ÿ˜€

  127. Catherine says:

    My smile is definitely my best feature. =)
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… NOTD, FOTD, MOTD ๐Ÿ˜€ =-.

  128. Cindy says:

    I love my dimples that appear when I smile WIDE!

  129. Smiley says:

    I love my long lashes. I’d love to win!
    .-= Smiley’s last blog post… I Actually Won Something! =-.

  130. Jenna says:

    I love my eyes, they are very big and dark, and I get complimented on them the most!

  131. Janelle says:

    First I love my momma! She always told me to moisturize moisturize .. .and so thanks to her I LOVE my skin. My face has a natural glow. And I don’t have to wear foundation all the time and still achieve the natural glow. I LOVE MY MOMMA!

  132. Tuhina Dayal says:

    I am told my smile lights up the room. It’s slightly crooked, but I think it shows that I’m friendly and easy to talk to.

  133. Allie says:

    I love my eyebrows…Finally! After an over plucking disaster in high school they have finally grown back. I thought this day would never come. Hope to win. I am so sick of my Smashbox primer.

  134. rebecca says:

    I love my eyebrows. They have a perfect natural arch, & frame my face.

  135. Mimi S says:

    I love that I look very young and fresh. I have a babydoll look but kind of sexy too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  136. Kelly says:

    The thing i love about my look is my eyes, I feel like the color of my eyes really describes me and I have never seen my shade of blue on anyone else. I feel like my eye color shows that at times i am shy and reserved however there is a subtle brightness to show my vivacious fun side! :]

  137. rex says:

    i love my eyes, they’re really big with really long lashes, people think they’re fake all the time!

  138. Glosslizard says:

    I love that I smile easily, I like to share my joy in life with everyone!

  139. Cindy says:

    I love how my skin is so dewy and glowy ^-^

  140. Spiff says:

    I love my eyes, both the shape and the color. I think my eyes are a bit bigger than the ‘typical’ asian eyes and they’re a light brown color.

  141. Marce says:

    The way my eyes shine and exude real happiness when I smile. Oh, and my hair…gotta love it! ๐Ÿ˜€
    .-= Marce’s last blog post… Alerta – Givenchy Dress Your Lips =-.

  142. Jo Anne says:

    I love my smile because it shows off my dimples! ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Dana says:

    I like how my smile lights up my face. Apparently, I look quite grouchy if I’m not smiling. The boyfriend says I’m really beautiful when I smile.

  144. *jen says:

    I also love my expressive face. It makes babies smile, and people always know where they stand. ๐Ÿ™‚

  145. Brittany says:

    I Love rockin my gold diamond eyebrow ring along with my hair and makeup done. I like having that touch of badass but being totally feminine at the same time.

  146. CC says:

    I love my smile – and I smile with my eyes every time!

  147. Hyzenthlay says:

    I love my smile . . . I smile a lot, and I love the responses I get from people. Just one person (stranger, even) smiling at you can change the course of your day!

  148. Lisa says:

    I like my nose because it’s my grandmother’s nose.

  149. nancy says:

    I love my eyelashes, I often get asked if they’re false lashes I guess because they’re so long, and my smile! Thanks mom and dad for braces!!

  150. Alli says:

    I love my hair color. I have never changed it dramatically and I hope it doesn’t ever leave me!

  151. Madeleine says:

    What do I love about my look?
    I love that I’m a little bit exotic looking. Nobody can ever quite pin down if I look like a certain ethnicity.
    It’s a good conversation piece–It allows me to tell a little about my family’s background and how my mother is Puerto Rican & Irish (heh, interesting, no?) and my dad is Swiss & French.

  152. Suri says:

    I love my smile..and people seem to love it too! It shows just how happy I really feel..

  153. Diana says:

    I love everything about me ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. angie says:

    my eyes are very big and expressive

  155. J_chicago says:

    I love my thick eyebrows.

  156. Ariana says:

    I love my super-curly hair. When I go out, people comment on it. It can be embarrassing sometimes, but i love it anyway!

  157. TerriB says:

    I like that my age shows in my face in a good way because I look content. No smile lines or frown lines, just a kind of contentment.

  158. Stephie says:

    I love my eyes and my teeth. From time to time, I will have friends or people I’m getting to know that will just stop in mid conversation and say ‘hey, you have really pretty eyes’ or ‘hey, your teeth are really straight, NICE’

    Random, I know.
    .-= Stephie’s last blog post… OOTD =-.

  159. Tricia D. says:

    I love my cheek bone structure and eyes. The way they work with my lips it’s like I almost look completely different with different make up looks natural, dramatic, colorful, with and without my glasses.

  160. Kimberly says:

    My eyes, I love the way my eyes look with makeup on. I have been told they are very beautiful when I add makeup to them. Somehow they become very alluring, & mysterious.

  161. Sarah says:

    I love my eyes, they’re emerald green w/ blue around the edges ๐Ÿ™‚

  162. Linda says:

    I love my smile and pouty lips. I love to laugh and try to think positive. =)

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway.
    .-= Linda’s last blog post… Custom Greeting Cards Giveaway =-.

  163. Leslie Presa says:

    i love my smile…its the best accessory because everyone looks good with it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  164. Arshia says:

    i love my eyes! they are bigg and brown and everyone else loves them too haha

  165. Nadine says:

    I love my lips and my straight, fuss-free hair!

  166. Beej says:

    I love how my brown eyes are light but not quite hazel

  167. Tiera says:

    I love making my eyes POP! Clean cut lines and vivid colors make me unique.
    .-= Tiera’s last blog post… Giveaways!! =-.

  168. Shivotra says:

    i love my smile.

  169. Kim says:

    I love my eyebrows! Ok, so maybe they are not identical and are more like sisters than twins but they are pretty prominent and I think they give my face character!

  170. Apple says:

    I love tightlining my eyes with black gel eyeliner. It makes my eyes twinkle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  171. thiamere says:

    i love my smile!
    people often say they like how i smile..
    it makes them feel happy…

    so for me, the best way to be beautiful is to smile

    thiamere_brea at yahoo dot com
    .-= thiamere’s last blog post… Review: Magic Hair Removal Wand =-.

  172. Maria says:

    Thanks for the giveaway Karen! What I love about my look is my skin tone and color. I think it is a healthy glowing color with golden/yellow undertones and I love to sweep a neutral pinky-coral blush on my cheeks because it makes me look like I have a natural rosy glow.

  173. Mercy says:

    I love my eyes,they show my real emotion.
    And I love my dimples,even though you can barely see them anymore,but they’re still cute.

  174. Grace Lee says:

    i like my eyes (:

  175. AAJ83 says:

    i like my eyebrows..and how expressive they can be sometimes ๐Ÿ˜€

    i tweeted as well

  176. Ling says:

    I love using color for that extra pop whether it’s on my eyes, cheeks or lips.

  177. Eunice says:

    i love the shape of my eyes and really, i can’t hide ANY of my emotions because of them ๐Ÿ˜›

  178. Kymberly says:

    I love my natural beachy, frizz-free waves. My friends use products to achieve this look and hate it that mine is simply wash and wear.

  179. Steph says:

    i love my eyes. they’re big and expressive. ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Steph’s last blog post… Finally, an update! =-.

  180. Pobeda says:

    Hi, dear Karen! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope I’m not late.
    I can’t express how much I’d like to win this primer. *sigh*

    1) re-tweeted about the giveaway with pleasure;

    2) I’m very demanding to my looks, but I definitely love the colour of my eyes. They’re are of some indescribable grey/green/blue gamma with dark black “smoky” edge. I haven’t seen anyone with such eye colour, so I’m glad there’s something unique about me. ^_^

    If I win, this is my e-mail:


    .-= Pobeda’s last blog post… Chic! =-.

  181. CG says:

    I like my smile. It brightens my face and my mood ๐Ÿ™‚

  182. Museumgal says:

    I love my nose, its small and slightly wider at the tip. My BF says it looks like a little rabbit’s nose, it fits my face perfectly and I really love it when I get a spattering of freckles on it during the summer!

  183. Amanda K says:

    I love my eyes because they are big, round and expressive.
    .-= Amanda K’s last blog post… Cafe Habana & Studs =-.

  184. Basak says:

    Hi Karen! I am quite happy with my hair. I have been lucky with hardly-ever splitting, thick and good behaving (most of the time) hair.

  185. Lulee says:

    i love my eyes too! they are kind when i want them to be and super intimidating when i dont feel like playing around.

  186. Rebecca says:

    I like my hair. I used to hate it because it got me attention (thick & red), but I’m starting to enjoy the compliments more now. I like my ears too, I’m not really sure why ๐Ÿ˜›

  187. Selena says:

    I only wear shadows that make my green eyes stand out ๐Ÿ™‚

  188. Shefali says:

    Hey Karen!

    What I love about my look is that I love my black hair and fair skin ๐Ÿ™‚ On their own they make a striking contrast so when I don’t want to wear makeup, I still feel purrty!!

  189. Charis says:

    I like my bright blue eyes and the way they pop out when I wear brown on my eyelids.

    So want to try this primer!!!!

  190. Belle says:

    I love my high cheekbones best! =)

  191. Nada says:

    i love my skintone. i always maintain a golden complexion throught the whole year :] with no tanning!

  192. Kelly says:

    I love how distinctive my face is. I have very high cheekbones, a tiny nose, fuller lips, and almond eyes with super pale, porcelain skin. It’s an unusual combination that I love.

  193. Aleksandra says:

    I love my bone structure and skin! I always get a lot of compliments on them ๐Ÿ™‚

  194. Julie says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this primer, love that it’s silicone free!

  195. Michel says:

    I love my eyes because they tell the world who I really am: how I feel, what I care about, when I don’t care at all, that I’m genuine, and when I mean every ounce of a smile, a tear or a hug. ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Michel’s last blog post… The Ultimate Beauty Question =-.

  196. vnssa906 says:

    What I love about my look is that it is very unique! I always experiment with different types of makeup — usually out of the box! U can never say; oh, you look just like yadayadayi… because Vanessa looks like… Vanessa! ๐Ÿ™‚

  197. Julia C. says:

    My eye color is something I love! Glad I have blue peepers!

  198. I love that even without makeup I have dramatic features.
    .-= It’s Called Maintenance’s last blog post… Tons of YT contests going on Go enter! =-.

  199. Shiny says:

    I like that my features are exotic enough that people can’t tell where I am from at first glance.

  200. Tracy says:

    my hair and youthful gene! (thanks Mom and Dad)

  201. Jennifer says:

    My blues eyes!
    .-= Jennifer’s last blog post… Martha Stewart Cupcakes August Challenge =-.

  202. Lisa says:

    I love my large, wide hazel eyes. Whether they’re “done” or not, they are my best feature!

  203. Kerry says:

    Wow – great giveaway!
    I like my lips most of all. They are really even and I have a perfect cupid’s bow shape. I usually just wear lip balm, but when I wear lipstick people always say how great it looks.

  204. barisaxyvet says:

    I love that I can do so much with my hair. It is longish (getting longer!) and textured (which I hated in junior high and high school), which means that I can braid it, twist it, tuck it, tie it, you name it. It is a lot of fun.

  205. Eve says:

    I love my curly eye lashes and long legs. Thanks for giveaway.
    .-= Eve’s last blog post… LI Kids Giveaways. =-.

  206. Jenna says:

    I love my smile

  207. Sylvia S says:

    I love my eyes and eyelashes. They are definitely the most expressive part of my face (and my personality!).

  208. Courtney says:

    I love my smile. I think it really expresses my cheerful personality and let’s everyone know about it.

  209. kit says:

    I like my balanced facial features.

  210. yourshar0na says:

    I think I love my lips the most…they look the perfect color without any lipstick/lip gloss, but I can still dress it up with a little red! =)

  211. maddie says:

    I love my naturally full and pouty lips. They’re also rosy so I don’t always have to wear lipstick.

  212. Mary says:

    I love my big eyes!

  213. mint says:

    I love the length of my lashes although it’s hidden under my eyelids
    .-= mint’s last blog post… Shiseido’s New Makeup Collection =-.

  214. karlenma says:

    i love it when people tell me i look like i’m really happy being a mom. ๐Ÿ™‚

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