Two Ways to Win a $50 eGift Card from Sephora!

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  • WINNER: The giveaway is closed now, and the winner is Lindsay a.k.a. RVAfashionista! Congratulations, Lindsay! If you entered but didn’t win this time around, keep trying, and click here to enter any ongoing giveaways before you jet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Win a $50 Sephora eGift card from Makeup and Beauty Blog

Rise and shine, morning glory. It’s going to be a beautiful day. ๐Ÿ™‚


How was your night? I spent mine relaxing with the men in my life, a remote control and some leftover Chinese food. Speaking of remote controls, you know what movie I really enjoyed? Do you remember Mickey Blue Eyes — the Married to the Mob-type comedy with Hugh Grant, James Caan and Jeanne Tripplehorn (“Fuggedaboutit!”)? Tabs queued it up using Netflix online.

It was released in 1999, which was back before Robert Pattinson stole Hugh Grant’s foppish hair, but thanks to Netflix I’ve been seeing a lot of movies I missed the first time around.

Anywho, what are your plans for today? Are you doing anything fun? I’m hoping that after doing my chores around the house we can drive up to Napa for the day, but I don’t know about that… It’s awfully Hundred-Acre Wood right now. If the fog doesn’t clear, I may just visit Sephora instead, because that’s always fun.

And, ya know, it’s even MORE fun when you’ve got one of these in your pocket/purse (I think you know what time it is):

A Makeup and Beauty Blog Giveaway!

Win a $50 eGift card from Sephora

  • One (1) Sephora eGift card containing $50 sent to the winner by email (or $50 sent by PayPal instead).

  • There are two ways to enter, and you can do both of them for two chances to win. First, you can enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, a comment about anything at all. What’s the name of your favorite romantic comedy, where do you see yourself in five years, do you regularly wear eyeshadow primer — you get the idea.
  • Second, you can enter by following me on twitter Twitter @karenmbb and retweeting (RT) the following message:
    • Follow @karenmbb and RT to Win a $50 eGift Card from Sephora!

  • The deadline to enter is Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 11:59PM (PT).
  • Entrants must enter using a valid email address and/or Twitter account to win.
  • A maximum of two (2) entries per person — one within the comments at the bottom of this post, and a second entry via Twitter addressed to me @karenmbb.
  • Contest is open to individuals of any country who have reached the age of majority according to their local laws (18 in the United States with these exceptions: Alabama and Nebraska, 19; Mississippi, 21).
  • Sephora eGift Certificates can only be redeemed online and are not valid in stores or available for purchase or redemption in Canada. The winner may opt to substitute the Sephora eGift card prize for $50 sent directly to their email address by PayPal.
  • Tabs and I (heretofore referred to as “T-Money and K-Dawg”) will select one (1) winner at random from the entries either left in the comments at the bottom of this blog post or addressed to @karenmbb on Twitter.
  • The winner will be announced here within 48 hours of the deadline.
  • Void where prohibited by law.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


  • WINNER: The giveaway is closed now, and the winner is Lindsay a.k.a. RVAfashionista! Congratulations, Lindsay! If you entered but didn’t win this time around, keep trying, and click here to enter any ongoing giveaways before you jet. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Alex says:

    I always wear eyeshadow primer! I don’t know how I lived without it before
    Alex recently posted … Seductive Vampire

  2. Lexi says:

    One of my new years resolutions is to be more responsible with money/beauty purchases and this little ticket would help me do just that!
    Lexi recently posted … Beauty Favorites- Face

  3. Michelle says:

    The snow outside is crisp and white and dazzles softly in the bright light.

  4. Elin says:

    Oh i love primer too.

  5. Mindy says:

    It snowed a lot where I live and it’s still snowing! All my plans have to been changed to staying inside.
    retweeted via @mercurysmile

  6. Ellie says:

    I received my Urban Decay Naked palette yesterday in the mail! I’m super excited, it’s crazy versatile and just… amazing. If anyone wants to pick it up, I’ve heard that it’s on stock at Ulta online! Thanks for doing this contest!

  7. Sara says:

    i cannot live without primer

  8. Abby says:

    Waiting with baited breath for my UD Naked Palette. As it turns out, I still haven’t had to buy a full-sized UD Eye Ptimer because I keep getting sample-sized ones with other products. And I still can’t decide if I like UD or just a Mac Painterly paint pot better.

  9. Mrs. Kinne says:

    I am in love with Netflix Watch Instantly! Mr. Kinne and I are currently watching all the seasons of “Lost.”
    Mrs. Kinne recently posted … Back to School

  10. Meghan says:

    I rarely wear primer but I have a feeling I will when my UD naked palette comes on Tuesday!!! Finally! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend!

  11. Savannah says:

    I am currently avoiding my government study guide to enter this!
    Savannah recently posted … Snood-rific

  12. Kendall says:

    I could totally use this to buy that Givenchy lipgloss I’ve been coveting for like 2 yrs. It’d be amazing.

  13. Nika says:

    I get super frustrated when I try out a lipstick shade at a store and end up really liking it but then when I get home, I find out the shade’s actually MUCH darker than I thought. It’s happened to me twice! ๐Ÿ™

  14. Mel says:

    Ah my favorite romantic comedy is 10 Things I Love About You! I lhave always loved that movie LOL totally lame I know but you asked LOL
    Mel recently posted … MAC Cham-Pale Dupes- Mes alternatives petits budgets pour la coll Cham-Pale de MAC

  15. Ciara Foster says:

    Please enter me into the contest. I love love love eyeshadow primer and can’t live without it. I also LOVE sephora!:)

  16. Supriya says:

    My husband and I are going on our first date night tonight after we had our baby girl! Yay I can’t wait we so need this!

  17. Amy says:

    I’m listening to The Doors right now!

  18. Sarah says:

    I’d love to win this! I love Sephora!
    I’m also following & tweeted:

  19. Cyn says:

    I’ve been trying to find an eyeliner for the waterline that doesn’t just disappear after a few hours. Any recomendations?

  20. Sanna says:

    I looove the Clinique pore minimizer!
    My tweet:!/Sanna4444/status/23778744976019457

  21. Meg O. says:

    You know, I’ve actually never jumped on the eyeshadow primer train… maybe I will if I win the gift card!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Meg O. recently posted … Homemade Pizza Crust Recipe

  22. Lauren Sutherland says:

    I’m debating on whether or not to buy anything from the MAC Peacocky collection.

  23. I’ve just returned from a vacation to the island I grew up in (Very small island town) with my boyfriend (And my parents) and am feeling super blissed out. As much as the place is lacking in terms of entertainment, I really miss that place and the home I grew up in- and my old mongrel terrier mix dog who can’t move here because of ear problems and thus can’t take a flight. Can’t wait to go back when I can ๐Ÿ™‚
    Stephanie/Yukaeshi recently posted … Goodbye 2010!

  24. Rachel says:

    I love love love “When Harry Met Sally.” It’s a classic!

  25. Diana says:

    Nope, never used eyeshadow primer. However, I believe Urban Decay does a decent one!

  26. Melanie says:

    I’ve never entered one of your contests I’m so excited! ๐Ÿ™‚ you have the best beauty tips!

  27. Emily says:

    Not my greatest beauty moment… I just hard-core cleaned my kitchen sink and it was gross! I know I need a manicure now, but I just can’t wash my hands enough first!

  28. Chanelle says:

    Eyeshadow primer is most definately a must!

  29. Emily says:

    I loooooooove RomComs! I guess one of my all time favorites is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Nothing like spending QT with your favorite men!
    Emily recently posted … edbell- Follow @karenmbb and RT to Win a 50 eGift Card from Sephora! http-bitly-g9smZ5

  30. Emily says:

    I only wear primer when I am going out for the night, but usually not on a day to day basis ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Steph says:

    I’ve splurged on so much makeup buys recently that I’m on a shopping ban for the next 2 months!

  32. Neela says:

    Quiet day to myself. Tomorrow my parents are visiting and they’re bringing my wedding dress along. yay!

  33. Meghan says:

    One my new years resolutions is to start taking better care of myself. This would help :>)
    Meghan recently posted … Come on over &amp see me

  34. Crystal says:

    I can’t wait until the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary set comes out online at sephora! I’m totally going to splurge on that.

  35. Laura says:

    I’m slightly peeved that stylishly yours by mac is apparently web only in the UK. It’s not the same if you can’t play with the products before deciding what to purchase!

  36. Patty says:

    We’ve got an ice storm coming and I’m not even worried about the heat going out. I’m just worried about my polishes in the fridge.

  37. Banana Bread says:

    I love twilight. mmmm best romance ever!

  38. E.D. says:

    Snowing here, but it should stop soon.

  39. Lauren says:

    Don’t know where I’d be without primer! With some really nasty eye make up, that’s for sure! I’m currently conditioning my hair with Burt’s Bees Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment! Smells delicious…
    Lauren recently posted … OPI- Hollywood Blonde

  40. Michelle says:

    I’ve realized my 5 year plan seems so scary to me right now. My boyfriend wants to have at least his first child before he turns 30 and he’s turning 25 in two weeks. Both of us still have to figure out what we want to do with our lives before that. Eeesh.

  41. Stephanie says:

    Eyeshadow primer is a MUST as far as I’m concerned.

  42. Nujee says:

    I have on plum eyeliner right now with little sparkles in it! my first time trying this color..Me likes.

  43. Alyssa says:

    I’ve been following your blog for years now, but I’ve been pretty quiet. Just wanted to say hello!

  44. Tara C says:

    Soo I looove makeup and my 3 lil girls looove to play in mommies makeup therefor I could use some new makeup since mine gets used by a 1yr old a 2yr old and an 8th old!!! We are a very makeup friendly house lol!!!

  45. Jill D says:

    I should be working on my Master’s thesis… but instead, I’m reading your website! Ruh roh!

  46. nicole says:

    oh dear lord, romantic comedies are my guilty pleasure.
    i will forever love notting hill because i cannot get enough of hugh grant!
    nicole recently posted … markrepnicole- Follow @karenmbb and RT to Win a 50 eGift Card from Sephora! http-bitly-g9smZ5

  47. a foot of snow fell last night, and the kitten wants nothing more than to play in it…. ๐Ÿ™‚
    aquamarine565 recently posted … TINte Cosmetics Flavored Lip Shine

  48. Kaitie Tee says:

    I always always wear eyeshadow primer and I’m still shocked when I learn one of my friends doesn’t use any!

  49. Marina Oros says:

    I’m out of my Hope In a Jar from Philosophy & this would make my face so super happy if I could win it ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Ellie Yoon says:

    I love the time to wear blush everyday morning. I’m a blush lover~They make me be fresh and alive:)

  51. Julie L. says:

    So cool! I would love to win this so I can get the YSL Touche Eclat!!!

  52. Danielle says:

    My New Years resolution was to give up Starbucks. First couple days went okay but right now I. Really. Want. A. Latte!!!

  53. Tracy says:

    Great contest! I am not doing anything today-there’s a blizzard outside! 25 cm of snow is falling so I am having a pyjama day!
    Tracy recently posted … Do You Remember Your First MAC Product

  54. ilana kaplan says:

    i’ve tried primer but i dont use it often

  55. I’m in serious need of new bare minerals!

  56. Terri says:

    My sister is coming up today, and I can’t wait to get to spend some quality time with her. First thing on our agenda (weather permitting): brunch and shopping tomorrow!

  57. Katrina says:

    Also waiting for my UD Naked palette. OH man!! I’m so excited!

  58. Vicki says:

    Romantic comedies – I love them! So hard to choose my favourite. But recently re-watched The Holiday with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz and very much enjoyed it.

  59. Tahnee says:

    I use Urban Decay Primer Potion every. single. day!!!

  60. Elena says:

    Hugh Grant is much cuter than Robert Pattinson!

  61. Gail says:

    My favorite romantic comedy is Two For The Road with Audrey Hepburn & Albert Finney. Chemistry off the charts between those two !!!

  62. beth says:

    I am leaving for school again today (after a lovely winter break home with the family) and I know $50 to Sephora would drastically improve my stressed out mood!

  63. LC says:

    I need some majorly moisturizing hair conditioner, and this gift card would truly help!

  64. Michele R. says:

    Karen, you rule! You always have the best giveaways!
    I’m definitely a Sephora girl!

    Good luck to everyone!


  65. Dasha says:

    One of my new years resolutions was to be more organized and use my time wisely. However, i’m pretty sure i’ve already failed at this. Its in the high 70’s today here in Palm Beach, so I believe laying out by the pool would be better than doing work ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Lindsay says:

    The snow this morning delayed my Sephora trip….maybe for a reason ๐Ÿ˜‰ great contest Karen!!

  67. Ariel says:

    I got some goodies from the Chanel Spring Collection and I am hooked on Chanel already. Love the glossimers. It was my 1st Chanel purchase ever!
    Ariel recently posted … Makeup Ramble

  68. jenn says:

    My favorite romantic comedy is the wedding singer ๐Ÿ˜‰

  69. lindsay mizer says:

    my poor, housemommy face could totally use some Sephora love.

  70. Erin says:

    My husband says he wants me to win this. Silly boy thinks if I have a gift card I won’t spend our money. Haha, in his dreams :).

  71. amy says:

    i like baby-turtles they are so cute!!

  72. Trang Phan says:

    Viva la Juciy would be a great scent to start off 2011!

  73. Aneela says:

    I love Twilight ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Ashleigh says:

    I’ve been wanting to try MUFE foundation for a looonnggg time just haven’t been able to bring myself to shell out the money for it. So this would be perfect. Thanks so much for the chance!!

  75. Sunny says:

    I love UDPP! Thanks for the giveaway.

  76. Melissa says:

    Hi! I’m Melissa and I’m a Beauty product Addict ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Molly says:

    Mmmmm gingerbread tea… Would go GREAT with some new lippy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  78. Alison says:

    Eye shadow primer is a must for me. I have deep eyelid creases and kind of oily lids, so I like to make sure my shadow is locked in place! I usually use UDPP, but I recently got some NYX white eye shadow base. It’s supposed to make your eye shadow colors brighter, but I’m not sure how much of a difference I actually see…

  79. ANDREA says:

    We just got Netflix too…I’ve been making my husband catch up on the 80’s movies he missed…I think Labyrinth scarred him! ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Jennifer A. says:

    I’m still debating the UD Naked palette. Too frosty or no?

  81. Allison says:

    I am heading to Sephora today for a mommy day sans kids. I can’t wait to get lost in the rows of makeup and not have to worry about my daughter playing with all of the samples. She is already loving the make-up….what can I say the apple does not fall ffar from the tree.

  82. Lorena says:

    Hmmmm, my fav romantic comedy is definitely PS I Love You, but I don’t really know how funny it is lol. Eyeshadow primer? CHECK! But if I’m in a rush, I almost always forget! รฎยโ€ž. Oh and in five years I hope to be a supervising officer (I’m a probation officer =) ).
    My temptemental black cat Skelly, his frienemy, my little black chihuahua Misfit, and I are still trying to figure out how to make a rockin’ chai latte at home. HALP!

  83. Sara says:

    The sun is out! Yay!

  84. phuongk says:

    i hope to start running for my new year’s resolution. it would be nice to be fit.

  85. Sarah says:

    I really want the clarisonic plus face cleansing system from Sephora and this would help me get it lol.

  86. Amber says:

    yay for give aways!!

  87. Jun says:

    I’m listening to firework by katy perrry as of the moment. love it! i wanna try that kind of look, it looks so classy ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Joanna says:

    In five years I hope to be a pediatric oncology nurse, engaged & planning my dream wedding =)

    *btw thank you for the Zoya polish codes, I piced up Edyta, Nina & Raven =)

  89. Kaianne says:

    I am procrastinating going outside in the snow, a lot… It’s so pretty yet so inconvenient!! ๐Ÿ™
    Kaianne recently posted … fuckyeahidonteven-lame pun coonOh goodness- I have a cheap

  90. Jackie says:

    I love love love “You’ve got Mail” and it’s usually on during the holiday season but I never found it to watch ๐Ÿ™
    It’s so good!

  91. Katie says:

    I’ve got so many things on my to-try list, and this would help make a great dent in it!

  92. Joanna says:

    In five years I hope to be a pediatric oncology nurse, engaged & planning my dream wedding =)

    *btw thank you for the Zoya polish codes, I picked up Edyta, Nina & Raven =)

  93. cyra says:

    oooh there are soo many things I want from sephora…so…many….CHOICES

  94. Shirley says:

    This gift card would help me ring in the New Year! *Crosses fingers* =)

  95. Jenn says:

    Rarely wear eyeshadow primer, I always forget!

  96. Anna says:

    Yeah, Sephora shopping *^* That’s exactly what I’d need now, haha
    Anna recently posted … A shopaholic cant be tamed!

  97. Nina says:

    If I won this I’d definitely buy myself a Naked Palette!

  98. Corinna says:

    I wear primer every single day I wear eyeshadow. Donร‚ยดt know how I ever lived without it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  99. RubyMines says:

    lol. i love your comment about Robert P stealing Hugh grants hair lol! That just reminds me of how much I should watch Love Actually again. My current Netflix instant watch waste-away-the-winter pick is the Seasons 1 and 2 of Pushing Daisies. I love all the sundresses and the storybook style plot. Love your blog- crossing my fingers for the sephora gift card – there is a YSL berry lipstick that has been calling my name for-ev-er!
    Ruby Mines
    RubyMines recently posted … Style Icon- Georgina Chapman

  100. Virginia says:

    I’d love to win this to make the UD liner set more affordable. Thanks!

  101. Maggie says:

    Yesterday I had a non-stop klutz day. I dropped practically everything I touched, and the day ended with me stubbing my toe so hard on my bathroom door frame that I’m totally gimpy today. ๐Ÿ˜› Do not want!

  102. Liz! says:

    I had leftover chinese food last night too! Soooo yummy. Also, eyeshadow primer changed my life! I never do eye looks without it.

  103. Stephanie says:

    I’m actuallu trying to decide which new eye primer to buy! I was using one from Victoria’s Secret, but I’m almost out.

  104. Kickback says:

    My favorite Rom-Com is View From the Top starring Gwyneth Paltrow !

  105. Stacey says:

    I’m going through a serious Nars lemming phase. (Neeeeeeed those matte lipsticks.) Which is a problem because I should be buying art supplies. Darn.

  106. Aleatha says:

    My New Years resolution is to take control of my anxiety. ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. Kellygirl says:

    I have decided that I need a personal false eyelash applyer. I dream of wearing them everyday but the hassle can only be overcome by having a dedicated person in my makeup arsenal to apply them each morning. A girl can dream, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  108. Meghan says:

    I am obsessed with everything at Sephora!!
    Meghan recently posted … 3 Free Zoya Polish!

  109. Judy says:

    I’m spending the weekend with my parents and just built a snowman with my mom in the backyard <3

  110. LolaAM says:

    I have oily lids so I HAVE to wear eye shadow primer. No options! I usually wear a primer and base for extra coverage.

  111. Cindy says:

    I currently use the eye primer from bare escentuals and I love it! One tube will last you a long time ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. Shirley says:

    I can’t live without eyeshadow primer! If I have all of my make up with me except that, I prefer to go au naturale!

  113. Amanda says:

    If I win I can get the smashbox eye shadow palette you reviewed! Here’s hoping!

  114. I made banana pancakes today with a side of bacon ๐Ÿ™‚ YUM!

    alejandra [at]
    Alejandra – Imaginale recently posted … Spain- San Sebastian

  115. Kerry says:

    Your pictures always make me miss NorCal.. ๐Ÿ™

  116. Michelle says:

    I either use MAC paint pot or UD Primer Potion as a primer before eyeshadow. It helps my shadow stay put (but my eyeliner still seems to get a little smudgey in the inner corner — still working on a fix for that!).

  117. Gina says:

    I hope I win! I love your blog. You and Tabs are so interesting!

  118. Debra P says:

    I liked Serendipity! Thought it was cute. I tend to go for more dark films though like Pan’s Labyrinth or the Departed lol. I wonder what that means ;-).

    We just had a big family dinner for my mom’s b-day, everyone together. It was fun, but chaotic.

    Oh, and Sephora rocks my world! My favorite place to shop so ty for this awesome giveaway.

    Tweeted @MissingLynxx

    have a great weekend!
    Debra P recently posted … WELEDA WINNERS

  119. Brian McD says:

    I recently purchased the Nars Pro Prime and started using it. No word yet on its performance. I would lurve me some Sephora money OR some Paypal monies. Both are like heaven to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. mkdallas says:

    I love Tabs. That is all.

  121. Steph says:

    Sadly, I’ve never seen Mickey Blue Eyes. I do enjoy Hugh Grant so I’ll have to add it to my queue.
    Steph recently posted … How to conceal a red zit

  122. Delaney says:

    hi i love your site and ive been trying to win your contests every time..but never do ๐Ÿ™ but hopefull this time i will win!!

  123. loofah says:

    Love Actually is the best!

  124. Jessica says:

    My boyfriend’s band is playing at a casino in Oklahoma today, and I can’t wait to drive up there and meet him! Gambling is my secret white trash activity. Living in a state without legalized gambling is hard!

  125. Christine says:

    I LOVE Hugh Grant. I have yet to watch Mickey Blue Eyes. Love Actually is my ultimate favorite chick flick. =)

    I love your site btw!

  126. Monica says:

    It’s a chilly weekend, but I’ve got a sweet potato roasting in the oven — I can’t wait to cuddle up with that on the couch and look at the frost!

  127. Macha says:

    Good Morning Karen!
    It’s snowing here in Philly. I work for Starbucks and so I was out of the house by 4:30am. It was clear when I left and then I got to bike home in the snow around noon. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  128. Courtnie says:

    Favorite romantic comedy is The Proposal! I love Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.

  129. jess says:

    I wish I owned my own sephora!!

  130. Jane says:

    Its snowing here and I am wedging out on the couch watching the wedding planner ๐Ÿ˜‰

  131. Emma says:

    I’m moving out and taking on new responsibilities soon…I’ll miss my dogs and the loads of free time I reserve for beauty blogs and makeup.

  132. Glosslizard says:

    O generous girl
    I’m commenting in haiku
    And hope I am picked


  133. LG says:

    Thank god eyeshadow primer is no longer required in the winter – but it’s a must in the summer, must be that humidity!

  134. Lisa says:

    I really want to get Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Ore ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. Stephane says:

    i think i have a make-up shopping addiction! I continually buy it, but my routine rarely changes…haha

  136. Sabah says:

    I am dying to try all the Spring 2011 collections.

  137. Dawn M says:

    I love Sephora. Your blog is great! new follower.

  138. Jessica says:

    Thanks to one of the comments above I just ordered to naked palette from ulta. I am super excited!

  139. aclearcutsign says:

    One of my all-time favorite romantic comedies is You’ve Got Mail. It’s nice to be reminded how connecting to the Internet worked before, haha…

  140. SiSi says:

    Cool, thank you for the chance to win! :]
    I always use primer on my lids before I put on any eyeshadow!
    SiSi recently posted … The Stylish Blogger award

  141. kelly says:

    i would love to get some new eyeshadow & eyeliner!

  142. Claire says:

    I just recently started reading your blog and I love it! Also my fav rom com and probably movie is Sleepless in Seattle! ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Melanie says:

    I use the Two-faced primer!

  144. Ashley says:

    Handsdown best romantic comedy is The Proposal. Ryan Reynolds, need I say more??
    Ashley recently posted … Ive Got Mail!

  145. steph b says:

    Just re-watched Before Sunset and fell in love with it all over again.

  146. Joyce B says:

    My hubby and I are going to Charley’s Crab House for dinner, right on Palm Beach. Beautiful view of the ocean. Hope your day gets sunnier Karen!

  147. Rachel says:

    Lately i haven’t had time to watch the shows i like to watch at the time that they air, so i usually watch my shows on hulu which is free and convenient =)

  148. DalaLuz says:

    I am wearing an absolute glam smokey eye but am dressed in slouchy old sweats… Sometimes a gal hit by flu just has to enjoy making herself pretty, even if she is unlikely to leave couch and/or her blankey today ๐Ÿ˜‰ just don’t forget to disinfect after!

    And here’s my tweet ๐Ÿ™‚

  149. Cecille says: i would love to win and splurge at Sephora…

  150. Christine says:

    I have to wear an eyeshadow primer. My eyelids are pretty oily which sucks! Mac paint pots are the only thing that works well for me!

  151. rhondavancouver says:

    I’m going to the ‘body world and the brain’ expo at my local science world! I’m a little squeamish… but luckily I’ve got my hubby with me!

  152. Elizabeth says:

    Tabs is awesome! I love cats.

  153. Laurz says:

    I have turned into a nail polish snob who doesn’t like to wear the same colour twice!!! It’s a serious problem..

  154. estella miller says:

    Just adore Sephora! Thank you for the chance!

  155. Patricia says:

    I never win anything!

  156. Tina says:

    Just recently started using eyeshadow primer, I use Two Faced Shadow Insurance. I love it! I am a barista and sometimes work very long days and it helps my shadow stay on all day and sometimes all night! Have a great day and thanks for the awesome giveaways!!!

  157. “T-Money” and “K-Dawg” are awesome nicknames ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And I just bought the UD Naked Palette online last night… I can’t wait for it to get here!
    Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex recently posted … A few of my favorite things- Beauty Edition

  158. lo says:

    Ahhh, dumb. I typed out my comment, and then got distracted retweeting (@lpwelkey) and never submitted!

    Anyway, I’d def put this towards the UD 15th Anniversary set. It’s wayyyyy beyond my financial ability right now haha.

  159. Kellie Butler says:

    My favorite romantic comedy is Rushmore. It is a weird little Wes Anderson gem with Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman.

    And I love eyeshadow primer. I wear it daily. I normally go for UD. But recently I ran out and had to try the Loreal. Not bad. But if I won this contest I could buy myself more Urban Decay! Yay!

  160. Nicole Ahrendt says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Tweeting also (@nicolema83)

  161. Janene Scarborough says:

    My most favorite romantic comedy is You got mail! yes I know! it is old! but That was a great movie! also sleepless in Seattle! awesome! Forrest Gump was and is till my most favorite movie! can you tell I’m a huge Tom Hanks fan? lol

  162. Thanks for this giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

    In 5 years, I will have already graduated from University and I will be enrolled in Esthetics/Cosmetology school! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Tanisa Olivia Rossi recently posted … Review- Valana Minerals

  163. Kate Williamson says:

    I love Sephora!

  164. Debbie says:

    One of my favorite romantic comedies is While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock…it was early 90’s, I think? But def worth checking out!

  165. Jenn says:

    I’m not a fan of romantic comedies, but I surprisingly enjoyed “The Notebook”.

  166. Sephora is my favorite store for makeup!

    Love your blog BTW!

  167. Erin says:

    I watched Chaos Theory with your boy Ryan Reynolds last night! It was pretty good, a bit mor serious than I’m used to from him!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Erin recently posted … Polish of the Week- Nubar Indigo Illusion

  168. Holly says:

    Woo! I could really use this to buy an eyeshadow palette (Too Faced Romantic) I’ve had my eye on!!

  169. Carol L says:

    My fave romantic comedy is Love Actually, well maybe its not a comedy, but it is very heartwarming movie.

  170. Margherita says:

    I’d put this towards a nars blush and maybe a crease brush, since I don’t have one yet and i’m looking to recreate a lot of looks on here ๐Ÿ™‚

  171. Clara says:

    Bought my first Urban Decay eyeliner and love it!

  172. Tinna says:

    Snowboarding conditions are excellent today at Big Bear!

  173. Katrina says:

    It’s not necessarily eyelid primer but I start every day with Benefit creaseless cream shadow/liner in honey bunny. I just love it!

  174. Kris says:

    UD’s PP is totally a gold standard for eyeshadow bases!

  175. Bridget Straszheim says:

    Debbie is right “While You Were Sleeping” is a great romantic comedy! “The Holiday is another!

  176. Hetal Patel says:

    after 66 hr school nd work week…i finally got rest today!! =) eyeshadow primer is a MUST, it ALWAYS use to crease and fade away but ever since i started to use eyeshadow primer, everything just looks perfect!

  177. Jane says:

    love actually ๐Ÿ™‚

  178. Devon says:

    Ooooh. I love my primer! I also got my Mom hooked on using it as well.

  179. Cheryl says:

    I can’t believe I finally got my Naked palette on Monday!! Ive been waiting for it for so long. I love it!!!

  180. Charan says:

    I do like to watch the romantic comedies. But I cant seem to remember even one name right now ๐Ÿ™‚ . I do like Notting Hill and You’ve got mail. One fine day with george cloony.

    twitter : newtomakeup
    Charan recently posted … Review – Bag Balm

  181. Claudia says:

    I love cats. I have two, Logan and Sophie. ๐Ÿ™‚ I currently have no one to practice my makeup skills on, so…watch out cats.

  182. Lors says:

    Love Actually is one of the best movies ever!

  183. Katie says:

    Oh goody, more giveaways! My favorite romantic movie of all time is When Harry Met Sally…I’m not sure if it qualifies as a rom-com, but it is truly a classic ๐Ÿ™‚
    Katie recently posted … Yay snow!

  184. Kaoyee says:

    I love your blog. It’s a daily read!

  185. aliz says:

    my favorite movie is (500) Days of Summer! i have the dvd and i watch it over and over and over and over again<3

  186. Nalini says:

    I LOVE your picture of the day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  187. Tiffy says:

    I would love to try the new palette from Smashbox! Hope they have it at my Sephora ๐Ÿ™‚

  188. Jessica D says:

    I loved the quip about Robert vs. Hugh’s hair LOL good one!!
    Jessica D recently posted … Back to Reading

  189. Lisha says:

    Hoping to get my UD 15th anniversary pencil set soon…probably what I would put the gift card toward.

    Favorite romantic comedy will always be “The Princess Bride”

  190. LaToya says:

    Sitting on my couch on a dreary rainy Saturday afternoon reading beauty blogs.

  191. Janet says:

    I love Sephora!

  192. Jenn says:

    Karen!! I wanna see more youtube videos from you! especially eye tutorials!

  193. Linda says:

    I can’t believe I missed out on ordering UD Naked palette! Sigh, I will continue to wait patiently for it to become in stock again.

  194. hazel says:

    i love your blog! yey for giveaways! ๐Ÿ™‚

  195. Tiffany T says:

    I really need to restock my MUFE DUO MAT foundation and need a new mascara? suggestions?

  196. my favourite romcom is the wedding planner! there’s also one from the 80s called some kind of wonderful that came out when i was still a baby, so i’m not sure how i was even able to watch it :p. but unrequited love always gets to me…

    twitter handle: @callitbeauty_

  197. Amanda says:

    One of my new year’s resolutions was to revamp my beauty routine. Perfect for this giveaway!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  198. nabel says:

    i recently started using e.l.f cosmetics and i am in loooove!!! their stuff is so cheap, and i just love how great everything is. the eyeshadow primer is soo amazing!

  199. Kasiah says:

    I really need to go buy some paper towels, but I’m just to lazy to leave my apt! Lol :o)
    Kasiah recently posted … New Wet n Wild Trios!

  200. donna says:

    lol. speaking of Robert Pattinson… I’m watching Twilight while I clean my apartment. I just wanted something on in the background.

  201. Saffron says:

    Alright open post? My hair is driving me nuts. It won’t straighten without a direct edict from god but if I leave it curly it looks like one of those wigs you see on the top of a stand at the goodwill, with the curls poppin out all over the place. And we had a management change at work that is very concerned about Professional Appearance which frankly my hair is not physically capable of. For many reasons mentioned in the above passage, I’m totally ready to shave my head and move to a monastery, but I’m not sure I can make it without beer and nars…

    Thanks for the contest. And the open forum for me to vent a little crazy. ๐Ÿ˜›

  202. Mallory says:

    I’m crossing my fingers and making a sephora wish list! ๐Ÿ˜›

  203. Stacey says:

    I need this to justify purchase of a guerlain rouge G. ๐Ÿ™‚

  204. eve says:

    I just started using Urban Decay primer potion last month and I really love it.

  205. MariaC says:

    Karen, Thank you for your l/s recommendation from the MAC Mickey collection. I second more tutorials from U.

  206. Maggie says:

    I don’t work during the school year and my favorite eyeliners are nearly gone. This would certainly help me out!

  207. Katherine says:

    Man, now I want to watch Mickey Blue Eyes again. Last night I watched “An Education,” which I thought was a great movie.

  208. meredith M says:

    awesome idea! i can comment on anything! well my only thought right now is that i hope i feel better tomorrow and hope that my nose stops running! but great contest

  209. Nicole says:

    My favourite romantic comedy is probably either Love Actually. I know it’s something of a Christmas movie, but I happily watch it at any time of the year because it’s just so freaking cute.

  210. Jenny says:

    I cant seem to make my eyeshadow look right

  211. Kay says:

    I love love love romantic comedies! I just watched The Proposal this weekend and I laughed till I couldn’t laugh anymore. It had awesome comedy, especially that forest scene! And, not to mention, Ryan Reynolds was in it. How much more could you love it?

  212. Jenn says:

    I hope not to offend anyone with my comment, but I’ve always thought of Ryan Reynolds as a huge toolbag. I did just watch a movie of his in which I thought his character was slightly more redeeming, the movie was called “Chaos Theory”.

    Thanks for the giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jenn recently posted … Ouch!

  213. Stephanie says:

    I started to noticed that I’m developing some dark circles under my eyes, and am in need a good concealer. So, this giftcard would be amazing!!

  214. Debbie says:

    I have tried a number of different eyeshadow primers but haven’t found one I like – any suggestions?

  215. Giselle says:

    this is my chance to finally try a dior foundation!

  216. Katie Coleman says:

    Just took my little man out sledding and left him with his friends for the first time (he’s 7). As much as I want to go check up on him every 5 minutes, I have to give him some freedom ๐Ÿ™

  217. Amber says:

    I almost always use eyshadow primer, but I’ve found that MUFE’s full cover concealer works almost as well for me!
    Amber recently posted … Preparing for a sick day

  218. yiota says:

    I always wear eye primer!! Never again will i wear eyeshadow without it

  219. patrick says:

    its been a rough month with holiday spending, so i could totally use this to purchase some things on my wishlist.

  220. Catherine says:

    I’m watching Ghost Adventures and it’s scaring the crapola out of me.

  221. Nazih says:

    I’m a blush whore. There I said it.

  222. Stephanie! says:

    I’ve still got my eye on Chanel’s vitalumiere foundation. Somehow I’ve been wanting this for a long time, but I never got around to buying it…

    Maybe when my paycheck arrives??

  223. Taylor says:

    I went to CVS yesterday to check out their Beauty sale. I made out like a bandit! I got almost $70 worth of beauty products for $14. It was so exciting!
    Taylor recently posted … Review- Tantowel

  224. Amber says:

    We got a snow storm last night, so am I leaving my snuggly warm house today? Fuggedaboutit! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yay for internet shopping! Thanks Karen. xoxo

  225. Stephanie says:

    Hey Karen!
    My favorite romantic movie is Pride & Prejudice. I could watch it a million times, and it would never get old. Also, instead of primer I always use the MAC cream color bases. Have a good day ๐Ÿ™‚

  226. Iris says:

    Wanna win ๐Ÿ™‚

  227. gabby says:

    I have been with a cold all week and it is driving me crazy. Instead of feeling better, I am feeling worse and my voice is horrible:(

  228. Allegra says:

    About to go to the mall and check out Mickey Contractor for MAC!

  229. Tina T says:

    I can’t do without an eye primer! I’ve been using mac’s painterly but I kind of want to try something a little darker as a base. Any recs?

  230. Tanya says:

    Recently started using Too Faced Shadow Insurance and I love it! Not sure how I ever survived without it! I also just recently discovered the world of ‘colors other than brown’ eyeshadow. Now I find myself experimenting and doing my eye makeup ‘just because’!

    Thanks for doing this wonderful giveaway. Oh, the things I could buy with a $50 Sephora gift card!

  231. Amie F says:

    I like eyeshadow primer, but do not use it daily.

  232. Ellen says:

    And again i try to desperatly want to shop!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also tweet this with name EllenB84

  233. Maria Topete says:

    I wear Laura Mercier’s eye basics in wheat every time I wear eyeshadow. I love it!

  234. cindy says:

    love sephora!

  235. Wanda says:

    I love Madea’s Family Reunion as my favorite romance movie. You have to love Boris Kojoe! Thanks for this contest!!

  236. Kassi says:

    I love Netflix! Shutter Island just got put on, it’s a good watch.

  237. sarah says:

    i love your blog:)

  238. Jillian Cadenas says:

    I am sad today. I am sick and I had plans on spending my $80 Macy’s GC on makeup! I guess I’ll have to wait until I get better. I hope it is soon! I want new makeup! ๐Ÿ™‚

  239. Amy says:

    When Harry Met Sally- my favorite!

  240. Nicole D says:

    Love, Actually!! Can’t go wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

    New goal: beauty from the inside out. I’m going to try the alkalanizing diet. Want to try with me?

  241. Jess says:

    Another excuse to go to sephora(x

  242. brittany says:

    I’d love this! Have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  243. Lisa S. says:

    I’ve bought soooo much makeup lately! In fact I just got Too Faced’s new Romantic palette in the mail yesterday. I’m lemming for their new primer too. Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance is my HG of primers and I think the new Candlelight primer will be right up my alley.
    Lisa S. recently posted … Life gets in your eyyyyyes! sung to the tune Smoke gets in your eyes

  244. Altagracia says:

    I have to watch that movie again. It’s been so long I can barely remember the plot.

  245. Destiny says:

    Sephora Baabyyyy!!!! Yay~
    I like Johnny Depp and giveaways (like these :D)!!

  246. Essa says:

    Netflix Watch Instantly has me exploring all kinds of genres I’ve never, the most recent being anime!

  247. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  248. Tiffany says:

    It’s not my favorite rom-com, but right now I’m watching The Wedding Planner. ๐Ÿ™‚

  249. shelby says:

    i vowed not to go shopping (for myself) until my birthday (april 21) and today, i have to go to the mall to buy my friend a bridal shower gift, i’m going to get her, among other things, “the bridal party” set from philosophy aaand its going to take every bit of my willpower not to buy things for myeslf, especially since i got paid + bonus yesterday, ahhh help me

  250. Autumn garcia says:

    Sephora is my new addiction! I love the feeling when I feel like I’ve done a really good job on my makeup. ๐Ÿ™‚ I normally use brown, gray and gold but want to experiment with some different colors! ๐Ÿ™‚

  251. Davina says:

    it’s so cold outside

  252. Morgan says:

    I always wear eyeshadwo primer, b/c my oily eyelids… and my shadow still creases.. any tips? Do I need to try the primer with a paint pot or something?

  253. SDpfeiffy says:

    If I win, I’d buy the Illamasqua sealant so my brow cake would stop migrating!

  254. Cris says:

    i want ud’s naked palette but its not available here where i live and shipping from us to my place is pricey :((

  255. layla says:

    Eyeshadow primer! I’m probably going to be the only one here who hasn’t ever tried it before! I guess I’m not much of an eyeshadow wearer.. just once in a while.. am more of a black liner on the top lid and lots of coats of mascara type of girl.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now there’s a new year’s resolution for me! lol.. wear more eyeshadow and polish up my skills too!

  256. cheyenne says:

    i just bought urban decay’s lip primer potion and i swear its god’s gift.

  257. Tiffany says:

    Happy Saturday!

  258. Mary says:

    Karen, I think you and Tabs might enjoy Bringing up Baby, one of my favorite romantic comedies. XXOO

  259. Sara says:

    Romantic comedies- one of my favorites is Bridget Jones Diary- go Hugh Grant and Colin Firth-loves and one of my other faves is the Matchmaker it has Jaeneane Garafolo (sp?) it’s pretty good too!

  260. Shira says:

    my favorite romantic comedies are notting hill and easy a! hahahah i hope i win ๐Ÿ™‚

  261. Jennifer says:

    Pretty woman!

  262. I love 2 weeks notice as a romantic comedy! SO funny and such a great plot and characters! Thanks for this contest!
    Krista Nicolson recently posted … Peacocky Update and some swatches

  263. Kelly M says:

    I loved Mickey Blue Eyes with Hugh Grant, I laughed so hard when he tried to do an Italian American accent.

  264. Gina G says:

    I am watching my blind kitty mew at birds flying by the window, so cute!

  265. Elizabeth Natividad says:

    OMG! Gaby giffords was shot in the head point blank!! Sad:-/

  266. Anna says:

    I started wearing UDPP since I got the Book of Shadows 3 and I’ve never looked back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  267. veronica says:

    I always wear eye shadow primer. My favorite is shadow insurance bc it is so light and truly lasts for hours!

  268. Lindsay says:

    Another day another awesome giveaway! Just yesterday I gave into makeup temptation and bought the “Virgin Isle” cream color base from MAC. It’s excellent! But I can surely find a way to use $50 at Sephora still…
    Lindsay recently posted … Once Again I Am a Finisher of Things

  269. Cassie says:

    I’m glad we’ve gotten just a little snow in Chicago again–it didn’t seem normal for this time of year when it was all melted!

  270. Mai says:

    I see myself done with grad school in 5 years and hopefully working as an SLP ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mai recently posted … Urban Decay Celebrates 15 Years Sephora Event

  271. Mandy says:

    Surprised to find that Mac online does not have the Mickey C Foundations and some of the items were already sold out!

  272. Melodi says:

    Oh I believe there was a contest like this not too long ago! Here goes! I’m looking at a few tinted moisturizers so that’s what I’d probably use the gift card on.

  273. Jessica says:

    The Wedding Planner is my favorite romantic comedy.

  274. Marie says:

    I always use Urban Decay shadow primer

  275. Judy says:

    I’m at work.. Catching up on my beauty blogs.. =]

  276. vivian says:

    my favorite color is green

  277. Maria says:

    I’m SO excited! Next weekend i’m going to Seattle with my Mom, and i’m TOTALLY hitting up the Sephora there for some Illamasqua (can’t get it in Canada).
    Maria recently posted … Beauty Crazeds fantastic Make Up For Ever giveaway!

  278. BFB says:

    Yay for giveaways! Someday Alaska will get a Sephora and I won’t have to do most of my shopping on the Internet… or drag my fiance to every Sephora we pass when we travel!

  279. LISA says:

    Seeing all these spring colors make me look forward to spring. But I’ll still digging the Mac winter collections. Peacocky is fantastic. Thanks for hte giveaway!

  280. Caroline says:

    I love Hugh Grant!! He has this boyish charm that’s sooooo hot.

  281. Renee says:

    Most Romantic…The Notebook and Sunday’s at Tiffany’s .

  282. Camille says:

    i’m really into trying false lashes at the moment, but i wonder which ones are best for asian eyes.

  283. BeckBeck says:

    I am at home, doing nothing… well, I cleaned the bathroom… in a full face of makeup because I got a MAC order yesterday and couldn’t wait to try out Ladyblush blushcreme and Cosmo lipstick. (Which, btw, look nice together.)

  284. Basak says:

    Favorite romantic comedy: The Proposal

  285. Eileen says:

    I heart Sephora. Never been able to afford anything there, though.

  286. DonnaN says:

    I’m at home, stuck on bedrest after a baby scare on Thursday morning….and it SNOWED, both yesterday and today, so I’m laying on the couch, watching Netflix streaming through our PS3. Thank god for Netflix!!!

  287. Lindsey says:

    i wear the mini ud primer

  288. Rae says:

    It’s two in the afternoon and I JUST woke up! :s
    Rae recently posted … FOTD- Pop art meets pastels

  289. rose says:

    I wanted to catch the Macys one day sale, but it snowed this morning in my area. HA!

  290. auroragyps says:

    Today is my birthday and this would be an excellent gift. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The cat & I are chilling with a Chinese food feast, books to read, nails to do, and action movies to watch. Yay!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  291. Sarah B says:

    I love netflix too i got rid of my cable after getting it. I love the streaming stuff…tonight after i put my 4 month old to bed i am going to start watching the office which is a show my brother said i might like…

  292. Izzy says:

    I need a vacation….

  293. Joanna says:

    I got some MAC peacocky shadows, love them!

  294. Katie says:

    yay excited – love contests!
    Katie recently posted … Favorites of 2010 &lt3

  295. LJK says:

    Love the blog; love your cat. Mine is trying to catch the birds through the window at the moment. Hope your Saturday is great!

  296. Joanna says:

    It’s cold

  297. PS says:

    Happy Saturday! New product that I just started using & love…. Philosophy facial firming serum. Love it! Smells great and doesn’t make my skin break out. Great under make-up.

  298. Rosemary says:

    I hate Cedar trees!!

  299. Melissa says:

    Love your blog!

  300. Jessikitty says:

    Mickey Blue Eyes is awesome! I think we need more fun, yet action-y type movies like that nowadays.

  301. Marian says:

    In five years, I see myself as a slender and elegant old woman with a silvery white bun. : )

  302. Alexis says:

    I’m 23 weeks pregnant! Only 17 to go and I’m so excited to meet my little man :).

  303. Jody says:

    Yay! Thanks for the giveaway.

  304. Ana says:

    Hi Karen, thanks for making this giveaway available to international babes! It is so cold where I live right now, we have a snow storm coming in and it is -18 C :[ Keep warm!

  305. androgynes says:

    sephora should get bigger in the benelux

  306. Nina says:

    happy three kings! ๐Ÿ™‚

  307. Sam says:

    I had a crummy day that was made all better with my Naked palette waiting for me at my front door when I got home ๐Ÿ™‚

  308. Amanda says:

    Wow, so many generous Sephora giveaways! Karen, you’re the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  309. Nadine says:

    I want to see my girlfriend …. only a few hours though!

    PS Thanks for holding this giveaway, you’re the best Karen! <3

  310. Jessi says:

    Oh my goodness, for some reason leftover Chinese food sounds DIVINE right about now. Maybe I’m just hungry, haha. Karen, you are so sweet to your readers! I wish I could afford to buy you a fully stocked Sephora, just for you (and Tabs!).

  311. Deretta says:

    I’ve worn some type of shadow primer for (gulp) thirty years. Love Urban Decay!

  312. Lei says:

    I just tossed out a lot of old makeup/skincare and now I need replacements. Great timing! ๐Ÿ˜€

  313. Nina says:

    Tabs really reminds me of my own kitty, Tigger ๐Ÿ™‚

  314. Lili says:

    Hey Tabs and Karen a.k.a (T.Money and K.Dawg) My favorite romantic comedy is the Proposal and Date Night<3. Hope I win;)

  315. Jessica Davis says:

    I love Mickey Blue Eyes, my favorite part is the fortune cookie scene! I love Urban Decays eyeshadow primer, I saw it on one of your posts a while back and went to sephora to get it.

  316. Michelle says:

    Can you please enter me! Thanks:)
    Michelle recently posted … Eyeko Cosmetics

  317. Megan says:

    Every Christmas I hope for a Sephora gift card, and I never get it. *pouts*

  318. knownever says:

    loving winter at the moment. just snowed so i’m living in a winter wonderland

  319. glenda says:

    Today my favorite soccer team (PSG from Paris) won, so i’m happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  320. Merylynmagic says:

    Been crazy about all things Japanese lately: Japanese grocery stores are like Disneyland for me!!!

  321. Curlykye says:

    Your blog rocks!

    On another note….I’ve been having the meanest craving for sweet potato fries lately!

  322. Natalie says:

    You have the best competitions! Wish i could win one day lol
    Thanks for the opportunity

  323. Inez says:

    If i win then mamas gettin new lip glosses :p

  324. Jessica says:

    My favorite romantic comedy would have to be “Four Christmases.” It is hilarious! “The Proposal” is second, just because I love Sandra Bullock and of course, Ryan Reynolds.

  325. Jenn says:

    In five years, I see myself in grad school pursuing my dream career as a formulation chemist. ๐Ÿ™‚

  326. lostcausefoundeffect says:

    goooooooo saints!

  327. Amanda says:

    In five years, I will have my masters degree in biology and I will be married to my fiance and be living on an army port and be an army wife =]

  328. Heather says:

    I heart Netflix! The instant ques us the best!

  329. Barbara says:

    Another great contest!! Love it.
    PS – Despicable Me is a hilarious, adorable movie.

  330. Tori says:

    I went to sephora the other day and bought myself the too faced natural eye palette and I love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  331. ioanna says:

    great giveaway!

  332. Rita says:

    I always wear eyeshadow primer.

  333. Abby says:

    I’d love to win this ๐Ÿ˜€

  334. I would buy a benefit’s cream eyeshadows- they are realy great!

  335. Niki says:

    I love the urban decay naked paletteeee!! It wasss back on sephora online but it’s sold out now… I made sure to order it! ๐Ÿ™‚ so happy

  336. Kristy says:

    What’s worse – side swept bangs that are too long or side swept bangs that are too short? I never get them just right. I feel like Goldilocks and all I want are my bangs to be trimmed perfect.

  337. Allison says:

    Hugh Grant will always be my go to romantic comedy leading male.

  338. Kate & Zena says:

    It’s 4 PM and I woke up about an hour ago. Go me!

  339. Tasha says:

    I love the movie Dear John. It had me crying soooo bad at the end.

  340. Hedy says:

    I am in love with my Milani liqui-fy pencil. I’ve never been able to waterline before.

  341. Liz says:

    I don’t always wear primer, but I have been wearing cream shadows a lot, and they act in place of a primer for me. Current faves come from Bobbi Brown, Benefit, and Tarina Tanantino. I want to get a couple of the paint pots in the recent MAC Cham Pale release too – but it’s hard to justify when I have so many already.
    Liz recently posted … Bobbi Brown Choose Your Glam Holiday 2010- Smoldering Eye Palette

  342. T.Davis says:

    I would love to buy the Urban Decay Naked pallet

  343. Rachel says:

    i never use primer cuz i dont need it. my eyeshadow would stay for a week if i let it!!

  344. Simona says:

    I have to/need to make myself wake up earlier!
    How do you balance between liking to go to bed extremely late and liking to wake up early?

  345. Ruchita says:

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! It’s only 20 degrees out today, so I’m staying warm inside and watching some movies.

  346. Alix says:

    Where’s the snow we were promised here?

  347. Monika says:

    I’m taking a long, long break from makeup shopping to save up for a few spring items that I’ve been eyeing for awhile!

  348. Danielle Heebz says:

    I see myself in the future being a 2nd grade teacher

  349. Danielle says:

    As I type this, my toes are going numb from the cold… need to stick them in front of the heater! Anyhoo, I am super excited as I await for my Mickey Contractor haul to arrive in the mail!

  350. Lindsey Huber says:

    cant wait for the snow!

  351. Julbra says:

    I always wear a primer! Either UDPP, TFSI, or a paint pot. It’s a must!

  352. Jessica says:

    I wear eyeshadow primer everyday, it is a necessity. If i don’t wear it my eyeshadows don’t stay on as long and aren’t as vibrant. My favorite primer lately has been my MAC Paint Pot in Painterly i loveee it. It covers all of my discoloration on my eyelids and redness.

  353. s hawley says:

    In 5 years- probably back in the States, with a job in- I don’t know what! We’ll see!

  354. Christian says:

    I’m off to go to work now! thanks for this contest Karen!

  355. Jessica says:

    Love Actually is my go-to of romantic comedies!

  356. Bernice says:

    Wonderful giveaway ๐Ÿ˜€

  357. misha says:

    It is FREEZING!!! Stay warm everybody!!

  358. Michelle says:

    I wear e/s primer Mon-Fri so my eyeshadow stays put well into the end of my workday. Happy Saturday Karen!

  359. Kylie says:

    Thanks for the giveaway Karen:) Stay warm!

  360. HanaBerlin says:

    I’m looking forward to all the spring colors!

  361. Karen says:

    It’s starting to snow again =(

  362. Tavi says:

    Wore my new urban decay eyeshadow primer last night and it worked like a charm! ๐Ÿ™‚

  363. Kathryn says:

    Too Faced eye primer has been a life saver for me!

  364. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Saturday Karen!

  365. leetal says:

    i loved hugh grant in love actually! i’m thinking about watching some movies as well now that it snowed in philly and it’s too cold to be outside. have an awesome day!

  366. inycat says:

    Just had my first MAC haul…ever! Loving the brand so far!

  367. Angela says:

    Hi, I just started reading your blog and I love it! (yay, contests!)

  368. Saddy says:

    Have you seen Hugh Grant in “About a Boy”? He still has that befuddled British charm, but it is one of the more insightful roles he’s done. It’s an absolute gem of a film!

  369. Madelynn says:

    I look forward to spring makeup looks, without fail, every year.

  370. oscarelli says:

    happy saturday!

  371. Ana says:

    I need a new eyeshadow primer… I use the e.l.f mineral one but my shadows still crease. I have very dry skin but really oily lids.

  372. Andrea says:

    I’m going to a basketball game tonight. Should I flatiron my hair? I’m lazy.

  373. Katy says:

    UDPP is the best — but what I really want to splurge on, are false lashes. Loving the look, they make such a huge difference! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  374. Amanda says:

    I see myself in 5 years with a bachelor’s degree…not sure in what though!

  375. Sarah says:

    I wish sephora had estee lauder. I want to try daywear plus sheer tint.

  376. Tiffany says:

    I have a Maltese named Butters (name after the character from South Park).

  377. S says:

    Does Sleepless in Seattle count as a romcom? Kind of old, but I never get tired of watching it! Also love The Wedding Planner. Great giveaway, thanks!
    S recently posted … equinox nyc review

  378. mint says:

    I’m looking at getting another new fragrance. It’s hard finding one that smells great in all their notes.
    mint recently posted … Innisfree Mint Pore Clean &amp Up Pack

  379. Kianna says:

    I just took a shower! Lol

  380. Moosie says:

    Gift card — kaching!! Thanks for offer <3

  381. Jess Metz says:

    Message about anything – Ha!

  382. Cindy says:

    Have been sick for the past few days. Hope I win! Thanks for the giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  383. Gillian says:

    I ran across your blog because I am running out of BeneFit Bunny Hop and was looking to see what people thought of RSVP as a replacement. I’ve got birthday money to spend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  384. Izzy says:

    I am about to sneeze. Wait for it! Sneeze. I sneezed. Muahahaha. I love sneezing. Maybe it’s because my bedspread has a strawberry pattern. My old camp counselor was allergic to strawberries. But I like strawberries. And Sephora. And this blog. (:

  385. Natalie says:

    thanks for the giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  386. YadiQ says:

    It’s snowing here in NYC !!

  387. Tonya says:

    I always wear eyeshadow primer, MAC Painterly Pot is the best for me!!!

  388. Lily says:

    Thanks, Karen!

  389. Elaine says:

    Winter is in full force! BRRRR

  390. Cynthia says:

    I would say it’s a toss up between Harold and Maude, and Something Wild.

  391. Susan Young says:

    Audrey Hepburn Movies, Mad Men, and trolling Sephora on weekends are my favorite things!

  392. Tiffany H. says:

    I just saw Gulliver’s Travels and it was really cute!
    Tiffany H. recently posted … My Current Obsession-Viktor &amp Rolf Flowerbomb

  393. Hana says:

    I was down in the dumps big time this past month because I felt my novel was going nowhere. All I needed was a little self-confidence and motivation, but it seemed too hard to muster. Thankfully, through prayer and support from my awesome family, I feel amazing and ready to take on the world. This year I plan on finishing my novel and submitting it to an agent.

  394. Janelle says:

    I’m heading back to college for my last semester! EEEK!

  395. gwen says:

    i’m slowly learning about twitter

  396. Duckses says:

    When I’m feeling lazy with the makeup, I use only primer. Philosophy supernatural for the face and udpp on the eyes.

  397. jan says:

    i love cats.

  398. Stacey Fudge says:

    Long underwear is a Nebraska girl’s best friend!

  399. Noel says:

    I’ve always used UD primer but i think the next time I’m at Sephora i”m going to pick up the Too Faced shadow insurance, I don’t really love the UD primer packaging.

  400. Nicole says:

    I prime it up, but I’ve still been kind of a mess lately. What’s a girl to do? Oh well. Thanks for the contest.

  401. Mireya says:

    I’m soooo tireddddd. And I have a cold.

  402. Lucia says:

    One of my favorite romantic comedies lately is Easy A!! LOVE Emma Stone. Thanks for this giveaway!

  403. Katie says:

    happy caturday

  404. Bo says:

    This isn’t exactly a traditional rom com but I love “Step Brother” with Will Farrell!

  405. Yao says:

    Today’s been kind of a crappy day so far, mostly because of what’s just happened in Arizona. :/

  406. Just got a Mally TSV and it’s really great! A nice taupe creamy e/s stick, brow gel, mascara, a blush duo–one cream, one powder, eyeliner, gloss, brush & makeup bag for $50 scratch. Very nice!!
    Cindy (Prime Beauty) recently posted … Giveaway LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel!!

  407. Jessica says:

    It’s really cold…and it might snow tomorrow

  408. Grace vick says:

    I am in love with Sephora!

  409. Mellie says:

    Favorite romantic comedies:
    The Lady Eve
    The Palm Beach Story
    His Girl Friday
    The Philadelphia Story

  410. Vy says:

    I just woke up! Lol, had soju cocktails at this Korean restaurant and they are sooo good! Thanks for the giveaway!

  411. Jessica says:

    I really need some eye liner. I lost all of mine.

  412. Dea says:

    Another gift card? Yay! Thanks Karen ๐Ÿ™‚
    i am surprised you didn’t have anything related to Mr. Reynolds in your planner lol i don’t have anything awesome planned in particular but just have myy friends sleeping over and we were supposed to bake peanut butter fudge but the marshmallow creme was nowhere to be found *sigh*

    oh well..

  413. Amy says:

    I never wear primer. I might need it in the summer.

  414. Rebecca Fiore says:

    Thx. Karen 4 the giveaway! This would be my ticket to a new smokin’ hot lipstick or sexy perfume!

  415. Linda says:

    I’ve been hunting for an amazing mascara and I think I’ve finally found it – you should try Armani Eyes to Kill! It actually keeps my curl!!

  416. Phyrra says:

    I’m so glad it’s the weekend. I’ve been looking for the perfect nighttime moisturizer for me and I think I’ve finally found it. If only it wasn’t perfumed. I hate strong floral scents for moisturizer!
    Phyrra recently posted … Haircuts

  417. Amy says:

    My favorite romantic comedy in a movie is Love Actually…so sweet! I adore it ๐Ÿ™‚
    My favorite theater romantic comedy is An Ideal Husband…witty and satisfying!

  418. Natasha says:

    I always wear a primer. If I don’t my shadow creases in minutes. NARS’ is my favorite right now.

  419. alice.left says:

    Just watched the Black Swan and loved it. Man i hope i win!

  420. quimerula says:

    Thank you for doing this. <3<3<3

  421. Kimber Y. says:

    I’ve been watching Oddities on the Discovery Channel lately and I love it!

  422. Heidi says:

    Love the site, you are so sweet to have give-aways. I’m visiting Sephora in 2 weeks (yeah!) so of course extra spending money would be fabulous.

    It’s not a romantic comedy, but I never get tired of reading Pride & Prejudice, or of watching Colin Firth in the film version.

    Have a great night.

  423. Natalie says:

    The awesomeness of Tabs never fails to amaze me.

  424. Kelli says:

    I just bought MAC’s Raizin blush today. I passed on all the new collections- Peacocky, Cham Pale and Mickey. I have to use what I have for now. Thanks for the contest!!

  425. Joy says:

    Netflix is a godsend, especially when you’re sick and stuck in bed.

  426. Wendy says:

    I have hardly had time to do my make-up since having my 3rd baby!! This would be perfect to get back into it again!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  427. Sarah R says:

    Hi Karen – another great giveaway! I seriously NEED a trip to my local Sephora, I’m out of all my faves! Thanks for the chance:)

  428. Ashlyn says:

    what an awesome giveaway… I’ve never won anything before so maybe I’ll get lucky ๐Ÿ™‚

  429. Wendy says:

    Romantic comedy—27 dresses

  430. Alka says:

    I’m a total sucker for romantic comedies. Most eyelid primers tend to irritate my eyelids – I am extremely allergic to MAC paints and paint pots (boo hoo) so I just use a bit of foundation or concealer on my oily lids and watch things get wonky after a few hours. ๐Ÿ™ Yay for Sephora gift card giveaways!

  431. Went to Ulta today and bought my first Urban Decay product – Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Also bought Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Smoothing Serum…..hope it works good cause it sure was expensive!

  432. Lori Anne says:

    I LOVE MAC paint pots. I use them as primer and they hold all day. Chanel Glossimers are my go-to lipgloss. MAC blot powder is pretty amazing too. GOD I love makeup =).

  433. Danielle DiMercurio says:

    Hi Karen! Have you seen the jumbo sizes of the purity cleanser and microdelivery exfoliating wash at Sephora? I wonder how long it would take to use those up…?

  434. Amollie says:

    my favorite romatic comedy is definitely love actually! its the best movie ever!

  435. MG says:

    I’ve had a super long day…had class and ran errands for a couple of hours…just got home

  436. Orin says:

    I love NARS!

  437. Julie says:

    I cannot wait for the hello kitty make up collection!

  438. Gaby says:

    I took all of my Christmas decorations down today. I think there were more pine needles on my floor than on the tree itself! ๐Ÿ˜›

  439. Shveta says:

    I only wear eyeshadow primer (UD) when I go out, but for everyday use or shorter days, I just use some concealer, doesn’t last as long obviously but still works well!

  440. vnssa906 says:

    Today I have realized that I’m obsessed with my boyfriend. I broke down and cried when he was getting ready to leave to a paintball tournament for a few hours lol *embarrassed!

  441. Megan Petersen says:

    I use my Maybelline undereye corrector concealer as an eyelid primer, it makes my lids really smooth and covers up any darkness. I just bought a Revlon 3 barrel waver today and it caused a blackout in my entire house, so I’d like to win this so I can buy a different one.

    Love the blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ รขโ„ขยฅ ๐Ÿ™‚

  442. Jenn says:

    ooo $50 at sephora would be so fun! what would I get hmmm..

  443. Tiffany82 says:

    I have plans to buy Bobbi Brown Concealer + corrector w/ the gift card!

  444. Kari says:

    I tried a peeling pack for the first time yesterday. It was hell to remove, but hey, super-soft skin after!
    Kari recently posted … Review- Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge Lipstick

  445. Maguire says:

    i LOVE 500 days of summer. you should see it, if you haven’t. and joseph gordon-levitt is fiiiiiiine!

  446. Aileen says:

    I have to go on a makeup spending ban..seriously! This would be a great treat before I do that!

  447. oh na na, what’s my name?
    socialitedreams recently posted … Weekend Video Roundup

  448. martan says:

    It’s too cold outside just want to go in bed

  449. Lori says:

    Yay, another Sephora giveaway! I love Sephora!

  450. Pearl says:

    I don’t use primer specifically for eyes everyday but I use a concealer on my eyelids daily as a simple base!

  451. Amy says:

    Fantastic giveaway … wow! Thanks so much ๐Ÿ™‚
    Amy recently posted … Layout Musings

  452. saku says:

    I saw a cute cat the other day.

  453. Juie Greenwood says:

    Four Weddings and Funeral is still my all time favorite romantic comedy. Hugh Grant in glasses and floppy hair. So cute. Swoon.

    Still wearing and loving my Bobbi Brown Sultry eye palette from the 2010 Holiday Collection. Where would I be without MBB?

  454. Jamie Isaac says:

    You are awesome for doing these giveaways!

  455. Bearsmama says:

    Hi-I’m Bearsmama. And I’m a true beauty addict. ๐Ÿ™‚

  456. lexi says:

    I just started using Laura Mercier oil-free primer and tinted moisturizer in Caramel – it’s love!

    What took me so long??
    lexi recently posted … Shoe of the day and a guest shoe cameo!

  457. Holly G says:

    I love me some Lorac eyeshadow primer!!

  458. Julie says:

    Have you ever seen Amelie? Such a romantic and quirky movie! Oh, and I would love to be able to pick up some Benefit with a Sephora gift card. Can’t decide between Sugarbomb, Coralista, or Bella Bamba–they all look gorgeous!

  459. Tukta says:

    Have a Blossom Sunday

  460. theresa says:

    Yesterday was my birthday yesterday, and I got Woodwinked eyeshadow from my older sister. I wanted it for so long because I always hear about it on Youtube and in Blogs but it just DOES NOT look good on me. I dont know how ot wear it properly… I think it might just be too gold ..// ๐Ÿ™

  461. Christina says:

    As soon as I started typing every thought in my head just flew out lol!

  462. sharee says:

    best store ever ๐Ÿ™‚

  463. Solangel says:

    Yay giveaways! ๐Ÿ˜€ Today I baked my first cake of 2011…plan to decorate it with Disney colors (Mickey’s actually!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  464. Jordyn says:

    I wish that I knew whether or not everything in my life will be alright in the end. Because I don’t really know anymore.

  465. chibu74 says:

    Live, Love, Laugh….Keep Smiling ๐Ÿ™‚

  466. AshBash says:

    i bought this big bag of gummy worms from cvs and they dont even taste good ๐Ÿ™
    AshBash recently posted … Date Night FOTD

  467. Leah says:

    I think I have 32 cents left on a Sephora gift card. I would love to have 50!

  468. Hailey says:

    I just got a few thing from the MAC Cham pale collection, but the fludlines from Mickey contractor and glosses from Peacocky are so gorgeous! I really should stop reading your blog if I want to save up my money for my trip to Quebec. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  469. Missy M says:

    2011- So far, so good!

  470. Casey says:

    I would use this to feed my NARS addiction ๐Ÿ™‚

  471. monique knowles says:

    I am studying Psychology in College and in 5 years I see myself with my Master’s degree. I love helping people.

  472. monique says:

    I am studying Psychology in college and in 5 years I see myself with my Master’s degree and helping people. That is my passion.

  473. kamala says:

    I use eyeshadow primer most of the time (if not foundation and/or powder). I really like the one from Aromaleigh.

  474. Amber Joy says:

    I literally had a dream last night about a NARS blush, and that wasn’t the first time. That’s how obsessed I am with makeup.

  475. Esmi says:

    I <3 my Tarte eyeshadows

  476. Angelina says:

    Versace Versus perfume smells fantastic and lasts all day! A definite must have =)

  477. Tammy says:

    Jets just won!!! Bring on the Patriots!

  478. Grace says:

    This would be so awesome! Thanks, Karen!

  479. Halifax says:

    In 5 years, my Helmer/ Melmers will take over the house. I might have to put my bed on top of them cause there won’t be any space lol

  480. Bianca says:

    This is my first time commenting ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite romance movies are A walk in the clouds & The Notebook. I love blush & my favorites are Sugarbomb & Korres #15 natural! I’m a stay @ home mom… I love & adore my girls! BTW I’m part Philippina ๐Ÿ™‚

  481. Janelle says:

    Beauty is not only pain, but crazy expensive!! Thank you Karen for your giveaways!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  482. Kana says:

    “How to Loose a Guy in 10 days” Definitely is my all time favorite romantic comedy. I love Kate Hudson, she’s so beautiful.

  483. If I win, I’d get my Benefit Coralista and Bathina stash ๐Ÿ™‚
    My fave romantic comedy is still: How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.
    In 5 years, I see myself and my husband living in our dream home with another bundle of joy :P.
    Something Purple recently posted … Beauty and Health

  484. Sheila says:

    Grad classed begin this week!

  485. Briana says:

    I would love to win this. We dont have a Sephora where I live and I’ve never been to one.
    Briana recently posted … bee-are-eye- RT @NikkkittaaaaX- think im nocturnal

  486. Nikki says:

    You got mail. Love the movie.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  487. Helen says:

    I had spring rolls for dinner with PEANUT SAUCE!!! my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚

  488. Jamie says:

    We got 8″ of snow today. I hope everyone is staying warm!!

  489. Lauren says:

    my favorite romantic comedy is probably “when harry met sally.” eye primer is a must since my lids are so oily ๐Ÿ™‚

  490. J says:

    Can’t wait for UD naked palettes to be oficially in stores again..

  491. Rosie says:

    ooh, if i won this, i’d buy dior addict lipcolor in spotlight lilac!

  492. Melissa says:

    Never wear eyeshadow primer… as I rarely actually wear eyeshadow! I just don’t like the look of it on me.

  493. Janelle says:

    I hate that I’m such a procrastinator. Just stating for the record. Thanks for the giveaway, Karen!

  494. Shaylee says:

    I just made a beauty wishlist on my ipod – it was longer than expected ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Shaylee recently posted … Going Gadgety! – Zeno Acne Device

  495. Courtney L says:

    I wear eyeshadow primer whenever I wear eyeshadow!

  496. LeeAnn haley says:

    Not a big fan of udpp. Doesn’t keep my shadow from creasing.

  497. Jennifer says:

    I could definitely use that gc towards bobbi brown products!

  498. Amanda says:

    I can’t wait for my next beauty splurge – the Buxom City Slickers set.

  499. Grace says:

    Mickey Blue Eyes, I loved that movie!!
    And yes, I wear primer even when I don’t wear shadow because my lids are so oily v

  500. Uberblonde says:

    I love the movie “Two Weeks Notice”

  501. kate says:

    Oh man, I want to buy NARS Laguna with this.

  502. Megan W says:

    I did my little sisters hair and make-up for a work event she had tonight. She looked beautiful and I would love the GC to try some new Sephora products… I’ve been eyeing up those MFE lipglosses you reviewed! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Megan W recently posted … Make-up for a night on the town

  503. Holly says:

    I am sooo exhausted tonight!!

  504. Jenny says:

    when am i gonna winnnnn!! please let me be the winna winna!

  505. Stephanie says:

    Favorite Holiday Movie: Love Actually

  506. Lisa says:

    I was in Sephora today and bought an eyelash curler, bi facil and angelika lip gloss! ๐Ÿ™‚

  507. Apple says:

    I woke up lunch time and hurriedly eat – I was so hungry!

  508. Myr says:

    I just got my last purchase from Sephora in the mail yesterday. Always exciting to see the package on your doorstep. ๐Ÿ™‚

  509. Claire says:

    I’m so glad to see you back on the blogs!

  510. Becky says:


    I freaking love Sephora, and I want to try Benefit’s Bella Bamba, and find a tinted moisturizer…

    Fingers crossed!


  511. Claire says:

    Sorry, I had misspelled my email address!

  512. Jen says:

    i regularly wear either eyeshadow primer or a cream shadow as a base!

  513. pfefi says:

    I usually wear eyeshadow primer, if only because I have both UDPP and TFSI to get through, and when I skipped it yesterday I didn’t mind until I found horrible creases later! You bet I’ll be a daily user from now on. XD
    pfefi recently posted … Modge Podge 1 ELF Compact WIN!

  514. May says:

    i had nutella with bananas today – so satisfying!

  515. Joy P. says:

    I’m planning to go back to school this coming school year and take up accounting.
    I haven’t bought anything from Sephora yet, but this eGift Card surely wouldn’t stop me from making my very first purchase ๐Ÿ™‚

  516. Wendy says:

    I am so happy I stumbled onto your blog while googling a make-up product mentioned on Give Good Face Top 10 of 2010. Thank you for posting photos of swatches. Your skin tone is very close to mine.

  517. Nicolle says:

    My old fav is the Thomas Crown Affair

  518. piksie says:

    I’m watching Return of the King with my brother, loving the Milani Holographic polish I’m wearing on my tips, and enjoying my last night in my beloved Bay Area before I go back to school. Hope everyone’s weekends are luvverly!

  519. heidi says:

    My husband is singing “I’ve got a lovely bunch of cocoanuts” while I’m trying to leave a comment. It is very distracting.

  520. Sarah says:

    I am totally obsessed with the new Wet ‘n Wild palettes. So far I’ve only gotten my hands on the trios, but rest assured that I will get the 8-pans when they come out!

  521. Joyce says:

    With the money I would like to buy my mom a nice gift…and get myself a good eyelash curler

  522. Rachel says:

    I always wear too face shadow insurance underneath my eyeshadow!!!!..& I hope to win =)

  523. ShannoninBC says:

    I tweeted! Fingers crossed, hope to win ๐Ÿ™‚ lol good luck everyone!

  524. Zel says:

    I love your blog Karen!

  525. Shelly says:

    This is such a great giveaway. Thanks!!!

  526. Sandy says:

    Just discovered your blog today, I like it! I’m a Sephora addict too! Just got an amazing facial yesterday (through a Living Social special) and then a romantic day with husband today to celebrate my birthday. I hope I win ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sandy recently posted … SandynLos- Follow @karenmbb and RT to Win a 50 eGift Card from Sephora! http-bitly-g9smZ5

  527. Alicia says:

    I would love to win a Sephora gift card! ๐Ÿ™‚

  528. malkatz says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  529. malkatz says:


  530. Andrea says:

    I’d love to win!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  531. Hannah says:

    great give a way as usual!

  532. Nicole says:

    In 5 years: PhD program for immunology at UCSF! Cross fingers I get in!

  533. Sophia says:

    I haven’t bought makeup in so long D:

  534. Bonnie says:

    In 5 years, I hope to have a full-time teaching job (subbing is great and all, but I would like to have some stability in my career) as well as had my first child with my soon-to-be husband! ๐Ÿ˜€

  535. Nikki says:

    Whether I win or not it doesn’t really matter (although it would be nice)…but I should let you know that it’s so refreshing to see a fellow Filipina who loves and wear make-up to enhance her natural beauty NOT alter what was given…

  536. Eunice says:

    i’ve never really like rose-scented products buy oh my gosh, crabtree and evelyn’s rosewater hand therapy is the bomb!! been sniffing my hands all day cuz it smells so fabulous

  537. Paula Lee says:

    amazing! this would be perfect since i also got VIB at sephora!

  538. Catherine says:

    Super sweet!

  539. Diana says:

    I always use eyeshadow primer–Urban Decay and I are in a committed relationship.

  540. Rozae says:

    I can not wear eye shadow w/out some kind of base, my newest acquisition is NYX base in white!

  541. Swathi Narumanchi says:

    I stay in India and its winter here ( just about 10 or below 10 degrees actually )
    and I love this season . But what I love most is the clothes and make up opportunities this season. I can’t wait to get my hands on a few Chanel lipsticks !

  542. shusheshe says:

    The giftcard sounds lovely~

  543. Brianna says:

    Good luck to everyone. But not too much!

  544. JessL says:

    I can’t wait for new episodes of Gossip Girl!

  545. Rachel says:

    The King’s Speech is an awesome movie. HIghly recommended!

  546. Monica says:

    sigh.. some people are so rude. honestly!

  547. victoria says:

    I regularly wear eyeshadow primer, my favorite is UDPP

  548. Christy O says:

    I love finding great prices on flights. Off to
    Morocco in march!!

  549. phoebe says:

    I LOVE SEPHORA so this would be awesome!
    phoebe recently posted … Nieuwe blog!

  550. Etta says:

    yay another gift card!

  551. Jj says:

    Iร‚ยดm sooo tired today, last week was super exhausting.

  552. Dani says:

    If I win this, Iร‚ยดll share it with my daughter ๐Ÿ™‚

  553. Heather says:

    They were giving away free samples of Lancome Teint Idole at my local department store – it was like a mini post-holiday present for me and the rest of the shoppers ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks for holding this giveaway!

  554. Nicola says:

    In five years I’ll hopefully be practising law after completing my studies!

  555. Deanna G. says:

    Count me in! ๐Ÿ™‚

  556. Josie C. says:

    I use Lorac behind the scenes eye primer. It works fantastically for my oily lids. Thanks for all these wonderful giveaways!

  557. Tiffany S. says:

    Flying back East today eep!

  558. Karen B says:

    I need a bigger diary! 2011 is going to be so busy! I love it!

  559. Jasmine says:

    I sometimes hide my beauty products, because they are expensive and I only want to use them for special occasions.. but when I need them I cannot seem to find them. It is soo frustrating!

  560. Letty says:

    Last week I started working in a new job so that is very exciting! I have bought some new makeup to look good on my job ๐Ÿ˜‰

  561. Rachael W says:

    I finally got to order the Naked palette from Sephora! Waiting, waiting, waiting….

  562. LSJ92 says:

    Got stuck in a traffic jam because of all the people that are returning home from their ski vacations.

  563. Danie says:

    I can’t decide between Estee Lauder’s Double Wear and Double Matte. With a $50 Sephora card, I can bypass the EL decision entirely!

  564. Maureen says:

    This weekend is mostly about football.

  565. J says:

    Sephora is dangerous. Why do I have 9 different mascaras?

  566. Aida says:

    Ok, I can talk about movies all day long, so beware!
    Romantic comedies, my top ten has Sandra Bullock written all over it but, While you were sleeping, Hope floats and The proposal are 3 of my favourites, and then French Kiss, Love Actually, The wedding date and a classic Pretty Woman!

  567. diane says:

    Hy Karen, I’m so craving for some tangerines right now…


  568. Silva says:

    My sister and I are wearing matching manicures ๐Ÿ˜€
    She looked at my nails and said: I want that too. So I did her nails ๐Ÿ™‚
    Silva recently posted … Transdesign order

  569. Sarah says:

    My fav romantic comedy is definitely Love, Actually. Such a Christmas staple!
    Sarah recently posted … What I Got At The Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale

  570. Jasmine says:

    I love your site because you also review drugstore products and cheaper alternatives. thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  571. Kerry says:

    I love Sephora! I just received my latest purchase on Thursday — the Naked palette. Can’t wait to use the heck out of it.

  572. Jillian says:

    Hoping in 5 years I’m living in the Pacific NW. Portland, here I come!

  573. Francesca says:

    I love Sephora!

  574. Luciana Diniz Lima says:

    eyeshadow primer is a must!

  575. Allison says:

    yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

  576. Becky says:

    Thanks for this giveaway. I NEED this!

  577. Meezy says:

    I’m loving Loreal’s True Match foundation! It’s my new go-to drugstore foundation!

  578. Fatema says:

    I love my NARS sheer glow foundation as my tinted moisturizer!!! its stays longer as a tinted moisturizer!!

  579. annick says:

    I’d get the Naked Palette if it’s still available!

  580. Ms. E says:

    Goood moooorning! Lounging with the kitties then off to lunch with friends. What a great Sunday!

  581. Elisa says:

    Iwnnawiniwannawin !

    my favorite romantic comedies EVER are Love, Actually & Bridget Jones. Dunno, they both make my heart swell ๐Ÿ™‚ (and both feature Hugh Grant!)

  582. Ash B says:

    Oh Sephora! I got nothing but love for ya. And that post on fragrances that define your life has me itching for a new bottle of Dior Addict…

  583. Christina says:

    I’d like to get some guerlain goodies with this!

  584. Heidi Pederson says:

    I love your website! I read it at work and always share info wih my co-workers. I am a 911 dispatcher and your blog rocks my socks.

    BTW the best romantic movie: Love Actually!

  585. Brittany says:


  586. LauraA says:

    My husband and I have sent our Netflix queue through major upheaval lately, particularly with streaming. “Mickey Blue Eyes” was surprisingly good, and Jimmy Caan is one of my all-time favorite actors. Squeezing into the romcom category going back decades, I love “The Thin Man” with William Powell and Myrna Loy.

    Was just in Sephora yesterday (the in-laws came to town and had to make a MOA run to the Microsoft store), and picked up more of the Korres white tea cleanser and lip butter. Love the Mango color.

  587. courtney says:

    thank you fo the chance! i love your blog

  588. Deirdre says:

    This pregnant mama could totally use $50 for some lotion. My belly is so itchy.

  589. Brenda says:

    At htis moment, I’m enjoying the last hours of my Holiday…tomorrow back@work!

  590. Katherine says:

    I love sephora ๐Ÿ™‚
    Katherine recently posted … Product Review- Rosebud Lip Balm

  591. Atifa says:

    It’s only the second week of school (starting tomorrow) and I already have assignments due! But I’m gonna be good, and get it done today!
    P.S. I decided to jump and try the ph-so-creamy eyeliners from Aerie.. not your typical makeup store yes, but they were just too pretty to resist.. and on sale. The purple is a beautiful eggplant purple that when on, looks like a metallic brown. <3

  592. Nadya says:

    yeah prizes!

  593. Rachael H. says:

    My, How generous you are!!!!

  594. Lara says:

    2011 beauty resolution: become a fake eyelashes master.

    350+ days to go… How will it go??

  595. Michelle C. says:

    I’ve been dying to try some MUFE HD foundation, the price tag is what is holding me back!

  596. styleezta says:

    Have you seen the french film called Love me if you dare!! AMAZING!!

  597. Girl says:

    ^^^ I’ll watch it thanks!

  598. Danielle N says:

    Wow… last night I was in DC for a friend’s birthday party. She rented a stretch hummer limo and it was wild. I hope you’re having a good weekend Karen!
    Danielle N recently posted … Wordless Wednesday

  599. Josay says:

    Snowy Sunday in Canada ๐Ÿ™ Have a good weekend !

  600. Valentine says:

    I most absolutely does wear primer almost every time I wear eyeshadow. It takes a REALLY lazy/rushed morning for me to skip this step.

  601. Simply Simply S says:

    I hardly wear eye shadow primer!

  602. Sylvia says:

    ever since discovering tinted moisturizer this week, it has saved my life! i am currently using the korres one but would love to try other different versions

  603. Suji says:

    Ooh I want to get benefit’s Bella bamba!

  604. Brittany says:

    I just signed up for my college classes. Hopefully I can pass them…

  605. I totally remember seeing Mickey Blue Eyes back in the day! I think it was like a second or third date with my high school boyfriend.

    Mmm, Sephora!
    Lindsay a.k.a. RVAfashionista recently posted … elf Studio Mini-Haul

  606. Tiffany says:

    I really love Shu Uemura’s Mascara Basic!! =P It’s too bad they only sell it in one store here… and there isn’t even an official Canadian website that sells it

  607. Yuki says:

    I tried using the Urban Decay Primer Potion, and even that creases on me! I do use it, but it’s mostly for blending purposes.
    Yuki recently posted … Review- Kirkland Daily Facial Cleansing Towelettes

  608. glamrgal says:

    Karen, love these giveaways. Please count me in! I’d love to get a new Prada fragrance.

  609. Elysha says:

    D: !!!!!!!!!

  610. Jessica says:

    I want the MAC exxxhibitionist!

  611. Kristi says:

    In five years, I hope to be out of debt and to be a mommy. We haven’t had any luck with the baby, but our day will come!

  612. LauraJane says:

    Just went for a nice long walk/run with the hubby! It was hard to get motivated, but now that I’ve done it, I feel so good!

  613. Kasey says:

    I was just thinking about placing a Sephora order this week for skincare products. I’m almost out of my favorite Murad cleanser!

  614. Chris says:

    I love your blog! Thanks for all of the giveaways

  615. Ally says:

    I just watched Just Friends the other night I forgot how funny it was.

  616. Kelly says:

    I definitely need this for the upcoming Hello Kitty collection. It’s so adorable!

  617. MFS says:

    I love your pictures of tabs!

  618. ashley says:

    want to wiiiiin!

  619. Shannon says:

    favorite Romantic comedy *just might* be Kate and Leopold. SO CHEESY, but I love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  620. Stephanie says:

    I would love to use it to try out the Hourglass line. I use their primer, and it is amazing!!!

  621. Michelle McCausland says:

    Love sephora, and would totally appreciate this card. Love you Karen! :))

  622. Lacie says:

    I have a very long wishlist on Sephora’s website and this gift card would enable me to try out a few of those products that I’ve been eyeing!

  623. Melody says:

    I would love to win this (:

  624. cindy c says:

    Great giveaway! I LOVE sephora!!

  625. ANDREA says:

    nice contest. I would love to try nars bad education

  626. I’ve never watched Mickey Blue Eyes, can you believe it?? x
    Stavroula Plag recently posted … QOTW 14 – Pencil- liquid or cream-gel eyeliner

  627. peach_ says:

    Have you tried the restaurant Ad Hoc in Napa? ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s definitely a treat!

  628. mrsshukra says:

    Ate a lot of chocolate today!

  629. Promise says:

    I am getting married this year! My fiance and I are about to watch the movie “Death at a Funeral”…

  630. Jessy says:

    my daily makeup staples are tarte mascara (amazeballs), and benefit blush (bella bomba, coralista, or sugarbomb), and either sephora or nars lip gloss. this gift card would definitely fund my make-up obsession:)

  631. Caroline says:

    I am madly in loved with Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer as a contour!

  632. Grace says:

    I resolved this year to save money, which means laying off makeup spending ๐Ÿ˜›
    Gift cards would definitely help me out!
    Grace recently posted … Happy New Year!

  633. Leilani says:

    Every now and then I’ll use UDPP, but I find I still have problems with my eyeshadow migrating.

  634. natalie says:

    been watchin bridal plasty!

  635. Sterling Morgenstern says:

    My holy grail eyeshadow primer is Too Face Shadow Insurance topped by a dab of Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy – my mineral shadows (go indie!!) stay put all day, no sparkle fall-out, and it brings out the vibrancy of the pigments as well as showcases complex colours beautifully. However, I am in love with Makeup Forever’s Orange Aqua Cream for lips, that would be the first thing I would buy, though I must find some way to make it not dry up and settle into the cracks! Hmm…

  636. margaret says:

    i’m super hungry right now but i’m too cold and lazy to move and get some food.

  637. Colby says:

    Just hit up Sephora yesterday – walked out with Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million and NARS blush in Nico!

  638. Chae says:

    I always use a liquid concealer as an eyelid primer- it’s a 2 for 1 deal!

  639. Jenna says:

    I would love to win. Sephora is the best.

  640. Lela says:

    Love the blog!

  641. Julia C. says:

    I wear eyeshadow primer EVERY day!!

  642. amy says:

    I’m feeling a bit Hundred-Acre Woods myself. Need some sunshine to get rid of the gloom and doom!

  643. Mykeshia says:

    I have a dog named Harry. He is cray cray.

  644. yun shih says:

    My favorite romantic comedy is P.S I love you. =D

  645. K says:

    why do i like sheer, red lip glosses so much…? oh well. hope we all have a great week!

  646. AmyVA says:

    Woot! We are supposed to get snow here in Virginia on Tuesday – I am keeping my fingers crossed that the office will be closed so that I can catch up an all the blog posts I have missed lately. Hope you have a great week! ๐Ÿ™‚

  647. Verna says:

    Just started reading your blog… I’m in love! <3

  648. Chanel says:

    I use eyeshadow primer EVERY day. I never realized what a difference it could make. I work long hours (10-12) and I usually don’t have time to worry about whether or not my eyeshadow is creasing. Now thanks to Urban Decay primer potion….I don’t!
    Chanel recently posted … Poll- How often do you clean your Makeup brushes

  649. Katie says:

    I would definitely use this towards Nars ๐Ÿ™‚
    Katie recently posted … Shorts &amp Wedges in the Winter

  650. Sandy says:

    So many ways to spend this at Sephora! TY!!

  651. Luella says:

    I finally got my hands on the Urban Decay Naked Palette! It was a splurge for me. Now, I already have my eyes set on the Nars Lipgloss you just reviewed. Although the Dior Spring palette looks gorgeous too. I could definitely put that Sephora gift card to good use!

    And my favorite romantic comedy is 13 going on 30.

  652. Tran says:

    I can’t live without eyeshadow primer now!

  653. jasmine p says:

    i use elf’s eyelid primer….i love it and just saw the movie little fockers the other day….im not a comedy kinda gal but that movie is hilarious…lol..i loved it

  654. Alexis says:

    This would be perfect for my sad empty wallet!

  655. Jenny says:

    Something smells good.

  656. Airi Zombie says:

    As a struggling makeup artist, I could really use this gift card to get products to review and use on my youtube tutorial channel that I’m hoping will help me get a scholarship to makeup school which I otherwise would not be able to afford. It would be a great, optimistic start to this year.

  657. danny_bo says:

    I always come to your blog to find out whats new and interesting out there in the beauty world!!!

  658. Elsie says:

    I just found your blog today and it’s great!

  659. Kimberly says:

    Sephora is one of my favorite stores to shop, I desperately need a new moisturizing foundation.

    Tweeted, I’m iowagirl301.

  660. rona t. says:

    I am obsessed with gold lipgloss! =)

  661. Millicent says:

    I have insomnia and found this giveaway at 1:12am EST…I’m also entering via twitter.

    Great giveaway…and I use eyeshadow primer everyday…Love NARS Smudgeproof even though it’s expensive.

  662. Agnes says:

    my birthday is in FOUR dayssss! *yay* hehe im finally turning 21 and hopefully, will be heading to vegas with my gfs in feb ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  663. krystle says:

    It’s FREEZING!!!

  664. Andrea says:

    College starts again in a week..I’m excited but also nervous about all of the work :/

  665. Ana says:

    I need to update my Sephora account info! Today I had a hard time convincing a Sephora SA that my account was mine without my Beauty Insider card… told her my whole name (a very unique name that no one else shares) and she asked my zip code but I told her my home one when the account has my old dorm one… and I think my birthday was wrong because I never updated my birthday… finally offered to show her ID but she said that was ok… lol.

  666. Janet says:

    So sad I have to go back to school soon…

  667. mermadelove says:

    I love, love. LOVE your blog!! It’s my favorite one and I subscribe to quite a few!!
    You are so warm, personable and funny!
    I am also a Sephora junkie and giveaway is a fun treat!

  668. Kim says:

    OMG, Mickey Blue Eyes. The Hubs and I laughed so hard when Hugh was trying to imitate the “mob accent” that we thought we’d die. It was like Daffy Duck meets I-Don’t-Know-What, but we were rolling. We’ll always remember the movie for that part. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love When Harry Met Sally and French Kiss. I’m not a huge fan of the rom-com, but those are two that I’ll watch over and over again.

  669. Mimi says:

    I watched “the invention of lying” this weekend. it was more sappy than i thought it would be but it was pretty cute:)

  670. It was released in 1999, which was back before Robert Pattinson stole Hugh Grantรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs foppish hair,


    BrooklynShoeBabe recently posted … Promises- Promises

  671. Megan says:

    Just having a boring snowy day in Oklahoma.

  672. Lia says:

    my naked palette is supposedly coming on Wednesday!!! yayyy

  673. jasmine says:

    My favorite soap is Young and The Restless.

  674. G says:

    Love to win this baby

  675. G says:

    My Favorite soap is Days of Our Lives

  676. michaela says:

    my birthday is friday!

  677. Janet says:

    I just discovered that I did not qualify for Sephora’s VIB status for 2011. Darn. So I would love to win this instead.

  678. Anna says:

    I can’t wait till the sephora hello kitty comes out instores!

  679. Faith says:

    I used to *HAVE* to watch “Sleepless in Seattle” every time it came on TV until I finally broke down and bought it on DVD.

  680. Christina says:

    Make up makes me happy.

  681. Kimberly says:

    I am going to the Mall of america in march and i am going to spend all my money on makeup !

  682. o0Stacey0o says:

    When I sleep, I have to constantly flip over the pillow to the cool side. *sigh* LOVE the cool side. Not as much as Sephora though.

  683. geri says:

    I see myself as a trusted and sought after make up artist five years from now.

  684. Jackie says:

    my favorite store would have to be sephora ๐Ÿ™‚

  685. LindaP says:

    My favorite romantic movie is The Notebook.

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