Two Ways to Win a $50 eGift Card from Sephora!

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  • WINNER: The giveaway is closed now, and the winner is Kristi! Congratulations, Kristi! If you entered but didn’t win this time around, keep trying, and click here to enter any ongoing giveaways before you jet. πŸ™‚

A Makeup and Beauty Blog Giveaway!

Up and at ’em, home skillet. Good morning to ya!


I’m in a great mood right now. Must be the leftover high from my yoga class last night. That, and I slept surprisingly well. My body is like, “WHOA! A good night’s sleep, Karen? Uh, yeah, let’s do that again.”

How are things on your end of the keyboard? What do you have on your plate today? I hope it’s something fun. There are a few things I should be doing around the house right now (like laundry, for one), but I’d much rather check in with you and sneak in a run. πŸ™‚

A little later today I’m meeting my friends Jen and Cindy in San Francisco for brunch. Last time we got together was at Jen’s baby’s baptism a couple months ago, so it’ll be nice to catch up.

We’re going to this place called Absinthe Brasserie & Bar because, rumor has it, they make a mean french fry, and Cindy’s been on a mission to find the best fries in the city. For a mission like that, I’m happy to assist.

Just think… Imagine being that first person who decided to fry a potato. Talk about “Eureka!” moments, am I right?

Before I hit the treadmill, why don’t we have a giveaway?

Win a $50 gift card from Sephora

  • One (1) Sephora eGift card containing $50 sent to the winner by email (international readers, you may opt to receive $50 sent by PayPal instead).

  • There are two ways to enter, and you can do both of them for two chances to win. First, you can enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, a comment about anything at all, like, who makes your favorite french fry? Funniest name for a yoga pose? What’s the last skincare product you applied? Getting as specific as possible, how would you describe the color of your hair? What mascara have you been liking lately? — you get the idea.
  • Second, you can enter by following me on twitter Twitter @karenmbb and retweeting (RT) the following message:
    • Follow @karenmbb and RT to Win a $50 eGift Card from Sephora!

  • The deadline to enter is Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 11:59PM (PT).
  • Entrants must enter using a valid email address and/or Twitter account to win.
  • A maximum of two (2) entries per person — one within the comments at the bottom of this post, and a second entry via Twitter addressed to me @karenmbb.
  • Contest is open to individuals of any country who have reached the age of majority according to their local laws (18 in the United States with these exceptions: Alabama and Nebraska, 19; Mississippi, 21).
  • Sephora eGift Certificates can only be redeemed online and are not valid in stores or available for purchase or redemption in Canada. International winners may opt to substitute the Sephora eGift card prize for $50 sent directly to their email address by PayPal instead.
  • Tabs and I (heretofore referred to as “T-Money and K-Dawg”) will select one (1) winner at random from the entries either left in the comments at the bottom of this blog post or addressed to @karenmbb on Twitter.
  • The winner will be announced here within 48 hours of the deadline.
  • Void where prohibited by law.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


  • WINNER: The giveaway is closed now, and the winner is Kristi! Congratulations, Kristi! If you entered but didn’t win this time around, keep trying, and click here to enter any ongoing giveaways before you jet. πŸ™‚


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  1. Kelly says:

    I have been loving the hourglass mascara and wearing a coat of fairy drops on top, it literally made a difference. My eyes looked bigger and awake. It looked like I had false lashes.

  2. Heather says:

    My favorite fries are from Sonic, which I haven’t had in a really long time…

  3. Anne-Sophie says:

    My hair is light brown and curly (naturally ^^)

  4. Erin says:

    Best french fries: Thrasher’s at the Ocean City MD boardwalk. The only condiment they serve is apple cider vinegar (ask for ketchup and they will laugh at you), and it is now my favorite way to have french fries. YUM!

  5. Terry M says:

    Thanks for the giveaway I love Sephora.

  6. Jenn Staz says:

    OMG I have to agree with Erin on best french fries – I totally forgot about those!! They’re amazing. OCMD Thrashers for life.
    Jenn Staz recently posted … How to clear acne naturally with common pantry foods

  7. Deanna G. says:

    My hair(naturally) is light brown w/just a hint of blonde.

  8. Laura Royal says:

    My sister got me Tarte Mascara for Christmas and it’s my new favorite mascara. I don’t leave the house without putting it on:)

  9. Leslie says:

    Hi There! I recently tried Purity Made Simple by Philosophy and I have fallen madly in love with it. I love the way it melts any and all make-up off my face and does not leave my skin dry at all. There is no iverwhelming smell and it really gets the job done.

  10. Stephanie says:

    I used to love McDonalds french fries before they stopped using beef fat to fry them. They don’t taste the same now. πŸ™

  11. Crystal says:

    I always use Loreal Full Definition Voluminous mascara. No matter what I try I always go back to it!

  12. Lindsey says:

    I cannot leave the house without my Tarte mascara. I started with Eco Lash, and currently use Light,s Camera, Lashes, but I’m interested i trying their new clay mascara.

  13. Caroline says:

    McDonalds are the best! You can’t just have one fry. I think instead of salt on the fries it is crack. Remeber when they had the bucket o’ fries? I ordered those all the time!

  14. Emilee says:

    I’m not picky about french fries… as long as they are crunchy! Nothing worse than a soggy fry :-/ lol

  15. Cyn says:

    I’m still on the hunt for a good mascara, but so far I’m loving the Buxom mascara and imju Fiberwig. I also just started trying out kajal liners and the one by Shahnaz Husain is pretty good (and lead free).

  16. Ashley says:

    My favorite mascara has definitely been the Hourglass Film Noir! It makes a huge difference. Because of the cost, instead of layering the Film Noir on top of itself, I apply a layer of CoverGirl Lash Blast, then follow it with a later of Film Noir! Looks great and makes the product last longer!

    And, my favorite fries are Smashburger’s. πŸ˜‰

  17. Natalie says:

    I try not to eat French Fries but gosh, they always get me! One day I will be able to resist them!! πŸ˜‰

  18. Christie says:

    In n’ Out fries are always delicious! Especially with a little bit of lemon squirted onto them πŸ™‚

  19. Lauren Bailey says:

    I just got the new physicians formula organic mascara I’m super excited to try. And I got it for $4 πŸ™‚ thanks for the giveaway. Happy new year!!!

  20. Julie says:

    My favourite funny sounding yoga pose has to be ‘Half Lord of the Fishes’ pose….why you would want to be the lord of the fishes is anyone’s guess. And curiously, I’ve never heard of Full Lord of the Fishes pose…maybe that’s just too much power for any one person to wield!

  21. Tahnee says:

    I’ve been liking the Maybelline Falsies mascara

  22. Emily C says:

    Love crunchy, crispy, perfectly salted french fries. Few things make me upset than getting soggy/cold fries. Have a great weekend KMoney! Loves to tabs!

  23. aubrie says:

    My favorite fries are from my hometown Missoula, Montana at a place called Hoagieville. Yummy…I want some now.

  24. Maggie says:

    My hair is mostly black, but the top layer is hot pink-to-purple gradient, and the back right around my neck is hot pink πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Melodyy says:

    I lovelovelovelovelove Benefit’s BadGal Lash!

  26. Camille says:

    Good day! I’ve been searching for a great under eye concealer, but the closest thing that covers up the dark circles is Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach. (I have a light olive skin tone). Bobbi Brown rocks!!!!

  27. Yukari says:

    My favoutites are McDonald fries. I also loved the fries at the country club I used to serve at because it came with curry mayo (best dipping sauce ever!) oh and the spicy yogurt dip from cactus club is amazing with fries too! Mmm

  28. Larie says:

    Erm, my hair is dark brown with natural red highlights from the sun!
    Larie recently posted … Cartoon EOTD: Tinkerbell

  29. Nicole says:

    I like MAC zoom fast black but am always looking for a new/better mascara. Someone mentioned the Hourglass mascara, which has gotten great reviews and has piqued my curiosity. Last skincare produc usedt: Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel on face (if you count body skincare, then vasaline on my hands and feet to protect against dry winter weather!).

  30. Flora Novak says:

    Love ur blog! Xoxo

  31. Megan says:

    I’m listening to a CD of Big Band favorites right now. Moonlight Serenade makes me want to slow dance with someone. πŸ˜€

  32. Denise says:

    My hair is wavy (I’m getting it rebonded tomorrow though D:) and black, though I have it colored a warm red-brown. πŸ™‚

  33. Janet says:

    Waiting anxiously for my UD Naked 2 palette to arrive! Eeeeeee!!!!! Btw, lurve the new haircut, Karen! πŸ˜€

  34. Breann says:

    My hair color is strawberry blonde with scattered golden blonde highlights.

  35. Judy says:

    It’s past noon and I just woke up, makin’ a cup of coffee and the only goal for today is to be lazy hahaha <3 saturdays!

  36. Catherine Hannon says:

    My natural hair color is red! But I do dye it a brighter shade to give it that extra pop.

  37. Jessa says:

    You’re so sweet to do so many giveaways!

    My favorite mascara of the moment is Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes. They keep my lashes so soft!

  38. Nia says:

    Love Yoga but hate “crocodile” pose.

  39. Natalie Martinez says:

    I have recently tried the Revlon 3D mascara which has the same wand as Benefit’s they’re real, and it’s doing a good job, but Benefit wins….lol I was hoping to find a good dupe for half the price….no such luck yet….

  40. Hannah says:

    I’ve been using Maybelline’s The Falsies for a couple of months now, I really like it!

  41. Mariee says:

    The last skincare product I applied was Lumene Vitamin C + protecting Day Cream.

  42. Maggie says:

    I love Five Guys’ fries. Those are amazing.

  43. Melissa says:

    Good morning! My current favorite mascara is fairy drops. Love the cute brush and the way it makes my lashes look (longer, thicker, darker)!

  44. Carolyn says:

    with the exception of some poorly made (read-inedible) wasabi mashed potatoes, there is pretty much nothing you can do to a potato that i won’t love. it is such a reliable base for culinary satiation.

  45. Maria Lara says:

    i will enjoy this beautiful day with my family. I will do a look using the naked 2 pallette!

  46. Stephanie says:

    Just working round the clock to get some work done!
    Stephanie recently posted … Belated Sephora Friends and Family Haul

  47. Tried great lash earlier and didn’t have very high expectations but it’s actually not bad. πŸ™‚

  48. Jessica says:

    It would be totally awesome if I won!!

  49. sindhu says:

    happy to be in d giveway!!!im toooo lazy to do yoga πŸ˜›
    my hair colour is naturally black πŸ™‚ love using lancome πŸ™‚

  50. Katrina says:

    My favorite all time mascara is still Maybelline’s full and soft waterproof. My lashes love it!

  51. Ingrid says:

    i am watching Enchanted with my kids – they woke me up WAY too early and ts raining so i figured a movie would be a fun start to the day (and a way to stop me being too grumpy at the early start!)

  52. Delaney says:

    in n out hands down best fry!!

  53. Katherine says:

    I have black hair that’s slightly wavy!

  54. Lindsay says:

    My favorite french fry is from McDonalds. I’m going to have a nice day today too- going to my husband’s family Christmas party- with all his extended cousins and aunts and uncles.

  55. Wendy says:

    I LOVE Tommy’s and Fat Burger’s chilli cheese fries- they are so yummy!
    Wendy recently posted … Ringing in the New Year with Sparkle

  56. Nika says:

    I’m seriously addicted to french fries so I’m really not picky at all, I basically eat any and all kinds of fries. πŸ˜‰ Now you got me all hungry! Hihi

  57. Jody says:

    McDonald’s makes my favorite french fry. I also dig the curly fry.

  58. Aly says:

    I LOVE Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara. I’m a mascara junkie and it is my current favorite when I want to dram-up my eyes.

  59. Annette says:

    My favorite fries are from Miami Subs.

  60. Y. says:

    ummm…color? dark chestnut brown with LOTS Of red/copper

  61. Zach says:

    I’ve been using a combination of MAC studio boldblack lash and Covergirl lashblast volume and I have absolutely no complaints.

  62. Kim says:

    My favorite french fries are from a place called Holy Cow. They are extra crispy.

  63. Joyce says:

    I’ve been testing out a lot of drugstore mascaras lately, and I’m liking Maybelline Falsies and L’oreal Million Lashes mascara but they clump when I apply the second coat and I have to separate them using my metal lash comb by Royal & Langnickel.
    Joyce recently posted … Collective Haul (Lancome, Burberry, Shu Uemura, Mac, Clinique, Japonesque + Drugstore)

  64. Mary W says:

    I feel like a total slug after reading your post about yoga and a run. Time to step away from the computer and get moving!

  65. Jenny says:

    I can’t seem to wear much anything besides CG Lashblast. It’s just about the only mascara that doesn’t smudge on me. I like Loreal Voluminous right after applying, but I look like a not-so-cute panda by the end of the day. =(

  66. ashley h says:

    i am envious of your good nights sleep & great mood! i believe i pulled a muscle yesterday (in my collarbone? at the top of my rib cage?). i don’t know where this muscle is but the pain prevents me from doing things with my right arm (of course, i’m right handed) & i can’t cough without the pain.

    but hey, i woke up this morning, i’m grateful for that! (:

  67. Melissa says:

    Just bought some new Wet N Wild Megalast salon nail color last night – love, love, love the color (like a creme finish – purple jellybean color)! Hope it really does “megalast” because at $2.00, I’ll go back and buy all the colors!
    Melissa recently posted … Birchbox – October

  68. Victoria says:

    My local diner has delicious cajun fries. I’m drooling just thinking about them.

  69. Lauren Daaku says:

    After reading make-up and beauty blogs over my winter break from classes, I decided to subscribe to Birchbox! Can’t wait to receive my first box! πŸ™‚

  70. Jennifer A. says:

    There’s a local bar in Mpls. called Barbette that does a mean steak frites with garlic aioli!

  71. Janet says:

    I rarely wear any foundation for longer than a few months but have fallen hard for MUFE Face and Body. Looks like skin but easily buildable. True love at last.

  72. b.s. says:

    The last skincare product I applied was clinique DDMG.

    thanx for the giveaway.

  73. Laura says:


  74. Sunny says:

    Do you know French fries were actually invented by the Belgians? I think anglophones call them French fries because 40% of the Belgian population is actually francophone, and there must have been a mistake about who really invented them. We have GOOD fries in Belgium! I am so spoiled that I find fries anywhere else a bit disappointing (I mean in general. I’m sure if you look around you can find good fries anywhere else). Almost every Belgian family has a deep fryer, because fries are a common form of carbohydrates on the dinner table!

  75. Joy says:

    There are some specific local places that have awesome fries, but I do love McDonald fries that most, followed by Culvers.

  76. Michelle says:

    i’ve been trying to cut out parabens and other ickies… so the last thing I put on my face was Skin & Bones organic facial oil!! It’s awesome. Seriously.

  77. VictoriaJane says:

    Sonic tater tots! Guilty pleasure! Loving tubing mascaras right now- no more raccoon eyes. Got any suggestions anyone for ones to try?

  78. Anna says:

    Hair color: Dark, dark brown. Best fries: Five Guys. Ok, I’ll eat any fries, really. Yoga pose: What are those? I need to get active. Mascara: I’ll use any of the fifty little GWP tubes that I have collected. After all, you’re supposed to toss an opened tube after 3 months… So really, I have no need to buy a full-sized tube as long as my stash stays current!

  79. Mary Catherine Allen says:

    Five Guys has the best fries!!! BUT, Sonic does have the best tater tots.

  80. Lydia says:

    My favorite fries are from this place by my house called Sams Rib Shack!

  81. Claire says:

    Mmm! Love Absinthe! I’ve never had their fries (that I remember?), but I’m a pretzel fiend and they have an awesome pretzel appetizer.

    As for the best fries in the city, try the fry-fecta at Roam burger on Union street. Delicious russet fries, sweet potato fries, and zucchini-onion strings all in the same bowl.Yum:) Added bonus: it’s right around the corner from the best nail salon in the city, Sydney’s., which serves bottomless mimosas;)

  82. Cindy G says:

    Ahhh, I really want to win!

    Lately, I’ve really been using Covergirl’s Lash Perfection mascara, I switched over from Diorshow Iconic to this one and I’m loving it.

  83. Mindy M. says:

    Maybelline lash stilleto!

  84. donna says:

    I’m car shopping right now. so far I’ve run into pretty cool salesmen. I really dread this process. ugh.

  85. Louise says:

    I go back and forth between YSL Effet Faux Cils Waterproof and Diorshow Waterproof… my faves <3

  86. Krista says:

    Mcdonald’s fries and a Sprite. One of my favorite combos πŸ˜€

  87. Christina says:

    I’m still searching for my HG foundation and mascara…

  88. Alison says:

    My favorite fries are from a barbecue restaurant in my town called Black Dog. They are always golden and crispy. (And they do a mean sweet potato fry too!)

  89. Ana says:

    I have been testing out the mascaras that I got in my sephora lashstash and so far I have been loving Hourglass Film Noir! Actually latley I have been asking my family exactly what color my hair is and I have been getting a lot of chestnut.

  90. Susan P. says:

    I have won a lot of different samples from various sweeps and get to try all kinds of products. I’ve found some I like which is the whole point – to get you to try their products and then hopefully buy them!

  91. Kylee says:

    i love sephora so much! if i could only shop one place for the rest of my life i would shop there!

  92. Monika says:

    I got a DevaCurl style cut recently, and it was awesome! I finally met someone who knows how to handle my hair instead of manhandling it into a shape that is better suited for straighter, thinner hair. I got a chance to really check out my hair color while I was there, and I have black hair that leans toward the red/brown end of the spectrum instead of true/blue black. I’ve always liked my hair color the way it is, but I’ve been wanting to add some funky highlights/streaks a la Karen for a long, long time. It’s hard for me to take the plunge since I need to be mindful of job prospects, though.

  93. Xero says:

    I like KFC’s fries.

  94. Jessica Leigh says:

    I am going to a yoga 101 class today, so I will probably know by this afternoon! Haha!

  95. patricia caradonna says:

    I started Weight Watchers so I am trying not to eat fries this week. For some reason McDonalds’ french fries are my favorite. I even like them better then Burger King. I am concentrating on eating fruit and vegetables. Thank you!

  96. Michelle says:

    On a hunt for an oil free foundation that leaves my skin less shiny and looks great in pictures!

  97. Astrid says:

    I live in Norway, and it is really hard to get “new” products (new to me, like Urban Decay and stuff), so I order most online πŸ™‚ Thank god for the internet πŸ˜€

  98. Stephanie Y says:

    i had the best fries yesterday from a local joint.

  99. aclearcutsign says:

    Maybelline Great Lash

  100. Margeaux says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with half moon pose.
    My favorite fries are from Red Robin dipped in their chipotle mayo.

  101. Candace says:

    I’m hungry, I think its time for me to get my tush up and make some lunch!!!

  102. Mary says:

    I use Lancôme Definicils for length and CG Lash Blast for volume and so far I’m loving the combo!

  103. I really like Maybelline’s Falsies, Urban Decays’s SuperCurl, and L’oreal’s Voluminous Million lashes. Ive rotating between the 3.

  104. ichi says:

    I’m using Cover Girl Lash Blast Length! πŸ™‚

  105. Mitzie L says:

    So my hair is like Angeline Jolie’s but in a Chinese black. Haha! & yes that also means silky & straight! Can’t do much with it. I love the humidity because it kinks it up a bit & gives it a slight wave. πŸ™‚ matching eyelashes & full brows. I wear lancôme mascara. Hypnose & Anastasia eyebrow gel to tame those suckers!

  106. katelyn says:

    I would love to get a new set of make up brushes that don’t shead.

  107. Christin says:

    My favorite mascara is 2000 calories by Max Factor <3

  108. Amber says:

    My hair color is a little more reddish than I would prefer thanks to a dye job I gave myself :/

  109. Erin says:

    My favorite mascara is Maybelline Full n Soft :).
    Erin recently posted … Faves, Fails, & Finishes – December 2011

  110. Olivia Wilder says:

    I love sunny winter days, and typewriters πŸ˜‰
    I would also love to win a Sephora gift card.

  111. Caitlin says:

    I’ve been using Almay’s “Get up and Grow” mascara, which is actually really great. My lashes are SUPER long and voluminous (I hear that it is very similar to DiorShow mascara). I usually use a rubber brush-ed mascara – so this is very out of the ordinary for me. I think the combination of the two might be amazing!

  112. Marian says:

    The last skincare product I applied was Alpha Hydrox 12% Souffle. I don’t like fries. I think I may be the only person in the world who doesn’t. They taste like nothing to me…like cardboard.

  113. Julia says:

    The Urban Decay Naked 2 palette will be in Sephora soon! Im super excited to try it on!

  114. Amber says:

    My hair is a coppery brown as of a few weeks ago. It’s nice but too subtle!

  115. Khristine says:

    Yay! Thanks for having yet another awesome giveaway! (;

  116. Anna says:

    I’d love to win, its my birthday weekend =D

  117. jeanie says:

    My favorite product right now is Philosophy Hope in Tinted Moisturizer.

  118. Michelle says:

    Right now I’m really loving Buxom Mascara!

  119. Sandra says:

    My hair is brown and when I’m in the sun it looks reddish with blonde, I need to definantly dye my hair.

  120. angela says:

    Making beignets today!

  121. Meha says:

    lately i’ve been obsessed with anything oatmeal

  122. Zharlynne says:

    I love In&Out fries! I always ask them to make them extra crispy- they’re also good animal style. Just one of the many great things about living in SoCal =)

  123. Kassie says:

    My mani is China Glaze Lubu Heels πŸ˜€ Gorgeous black jelly with red sparkle!

  124. Malaka says:

    My hair color is a really dark brown. I’m not really a fan. I think there maybe a new color on the horizon very soon.

  125. Candee says:

    Lash wig is by far my favorite mascara

  126. Denise says:

    I have a never ending pile of laundry to get to. And yet here I am, browsing the internet, reading beauty blogs. lol

  127. DalaLuz says:

    I am feeling great! I am just released from the hospital today and everything went just the way it was supposed to go, and I am soooooo relieved! I was positively nervous that I might have inherited my moms painful karma with hospitals, so many mistakes and accidents have happened to her throughout her life, one surgical mistake after another, but pfoei, all is well with me so far. Well, it’s still painful of course, but not nearly as bad as I had been preparing myself for. And I am home safe πŸ™‚ She Who Has Survived Her First Surgery πŸ™‚

  128. Kas says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, McDonalds fries are the best!

  129. Lisa says:

    I live in LA and although these aren’t the traditional type of fries, Bottega Louie makes THE best portobello fries! They sound strange but they are oh so good!

  130. Cynthia says:

    No I like Wendy’s french fries instead. πŸ™‚

  131. Christine says:

    i love sweet potato fries!!

  132. Torrie says:

    I have been loving Lancome’s Hypnose Drama mascara.

  133. Eva says:

    I have black hair. Don’t remember the natural color anymore. πŸ˜€

  134. Julia says:

    I’ve been wearing a Chanel mascara that looks great on m, but it smears just a little too easily.

  135. Shaylee Anne says:

    I am waiting for about 6 beauty parcels in the mail and am getting very impatient! haha I’m not cut out for online shopping…

  136. Connie K. says:

    I recently bought some new skincare items from DDF and I am so excited to try them/see results!!:)

  137. gabby says:

    I am a potato girl so I am not picky at all with french fries but I can never say no to McDonalds french fries.

  138. Katherine says:

    I have dark blond hair… almost a mousy brown at the bottom but I get a lot of light blond natural highlights on top so it’s a whole mix of colors.

  139. Cinthya says:

    Best French fries ever are from my home country of Peru, made with yellow potatoes…Mascara of the moment is Buxom or Benefit’s They’re Real…

  140. Andrea B says:

    I am so loving the Sephora nail stickers! I want one in every pattern!

  141. tiffany c says:

    I like the seasoned fries.

  142. Alix says:

    Sel de la Terre in Boston serves fries with just a hint of salt and rosemary. Heavenly!

  143. April says:

    Oh my goodness…POUTINE! I’ll never look at french fries the same way again. Also, Potato Corner from the Philippines. I crave those fries all the time!

  144. Marilyn says:

    My hair bright red!!!!!!! And I LOVE It!!!!

  145. Piscolabis says:

    awww Christmas is gone T_T

  146. Nancy C says:

    Downward dog all the way! Makeup and yoga go hand in hand like two peas in a pod.

  147. kelly m. says:

    just had burger king’s new fries today, they are really yummy, pretty much like their old fries but bigger.

  148. Joanna says:

    My hair was originally black and curly before I permed it.

  149. Heather says:

    I’ve tried so many mascaras this year, and I still haven’t found a mascara I love. I tried the Hourglass Superficial, which is nice, but it really doesn’t do much for me. I tried a Revlon mascara, which gravitated down below my eyes within a few hours – ugh! I tried Benefit’s Bad Gal mascara in the waterproof version, which is the best of the bunch (it really lengthens and thickens my lashes! they look so pretty with this mascara on!), but which still manages to leave black crap below my eyes by the end of the day. Lastly, I tried an Estee Lauder waterproof mascara, which doesn’t really smudge much, but, like the Hourglass mascara, this one doesn’t really make my lashes look pretty at all. I think I’ll check out the Dior Diorshow mascara sometime soon – it seems to get a lot of really good reviews.

  150. Becky says:

    Just discovered Benefit products and would love to go to Sephora and get some. πŸ™‚

  151. Julie says:

    I won’t go anywhere without my Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint! Joy is my favorite shade!

  152. Maureen says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. Celia Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚ I’m lemming Benefit’s They’re Real mascara. It’s been on my lashes everyday since I bought it. Have a great weekend!

  154. Erin says:

    Hmmm… last skincare product I applied was last night, and it was Clinique’s Dramatically Different moisturizer. Simple, but it works.

  155. cassi teague says:

    A run sounds nice but I’m doing laundry and things around the house also. And for some reason, I’m in the mood to organize and declutter. Ill take myself up on that opportunity since it doesn’t come around everyday! And its rainy where I live… So to it I go! πŸ™‚

  156. Cass says:

    I love your red streaks. I did some purple extensions last year and was considering doing red now.

  157. Anastasia says:

    Just ordered the NAKED palette:))))

  158. I’ve been waking up at 5:30am on the dot with no prompting lately. While my brain says “Noo! It’s way too early to wake up!” I’m just totally awake. On the bright side, it means that I have a lot more hours in my day!.
    Stargirl Heuser recently posted … Playing with Polish

  159. Nancy says:

    Yummmm…french fries πŸ™‚

  160. Inday says:

    My weekend plans come down to an acronym and two words: NFL playoffs. Laundry. Hee hee

  161. Chris25 says:

    We might get a 3rd cat. Or a dog. Rocky & Jazz are going to be so pissed….

  162. Melessa says:

    oh no why did you say that? my favorite french fries WERE from this little hamburger joint called naners and they were sooooo good. they were fresh cut fries, but the shape/size of mcdonalds, and they were amazing! i miss them so much!!! theyve been closed for about a year or so now πŸ™ omg i want them now!!

  163. Kate & Zena says:

    I like to call Downward Facing Dog (the one where you go down in a triangle) Downward Facing Moron. The reason why I call it this is from a page in a book called Bad Dog and it has a photo of a dog that looks like Zena and it has its head on the floor. Zena does this a lot and proceeds to sweep, twist, and scratch her head on the floor; she looks rather moronic doing it (hence the title.) I also feel like a moron doing it, so I just call it Downward Facing Moron (considering I can’t do it without my face hitting the floor) to keep myself entertained if I ever tempt myself with yoga. My legs are far too long and my torso a wee too short!

  164. Rebecca says:

    Chick Fil A waffle fries dipped in Chick Fil A sauce. To die for.
    I’m liking the L’Oreal False Fiber in Waterproof, and I’m liking that they didn’t make me wait 6 months for the waterproof version when they brought out the mascara. I have some DiorShow Iconic WP on the way from Sephora as well.

  165. Katie says:

    Naked2 just arrived on my doorstep and I’m really excited to try it out πŸ™‚

  166. Ceci says:

    The last skincare item I applied was a cleanser from L’Oreal.

  167. Mandy Whetsell says:

    My favorite fries (and fries are my favorite junk food) come from a teeny, tiny BBQ place about a mile from my home. It is called Broad Street BBQ and they are amazingly crunchy, crinkle cut fries! They use this fab seasoning and one order is enough for two or three people! Yum!!!

  168. Reema says:

    I practically live at Sephora!

  169. Elizabeth says:

    IÒ€ℒve always wanted to try Absinthe, now I know a place so close in the city I just might have to go!

  170. Kim says:

    Love the new hairstyle! I have some blue in my hair and I love it, except for the fact it fades so fast

  171. Rita Zwicker says:

    I have been using Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizer for years .. It’s the best!

  172. Alisha says:

    yuckkk i don’t like french fries.. but i love sweet potato fries! haha

  173. Tiffanie says:

    I won’t use any mascara but Chanel Inimitable Intense. I’ve perfected the application; I’m just working on the pronunciation!

  174. Sara Elisabeth says:

    Oaxaca is hotter than hell! I can’t wait to get home to Cali’. I’m goin’ back to back to Cali’, Cali’ . . .

  175. Maria santodonato says:

    I just bought maybelline color tattoo in bad to the bronze reminds me of mac paint pot love it !

  176. Lynn says:

    The only beauty item I didn’t get for Christmas was glass nail file, I bet sephora would have that…

  177. Kay says:

    You can’t go wrong with Mickey D’s french fries.

  178. LauraA says:

    I still love me some Benefit Bad Gal mascara. It’s a decent, “everyday” product.

    Thanks for another great giveaway opportunity, Karen! πŸ™‚

  179. Kyunghee says:

    i just got the naked palette for christmas from my best friend! this is my first high end product so i am scared to use it lol. i want to keep it in pristine condition haha

  180. Vanessa says:

    My hair is auburn, with a red tint; bobbed in the front, and short in the back.

  181. Yuri says:

    Carl’s jr has the best fries for me

  182. Kimi says:

    I’m trying to put myself on a beauty buying ban, but it’s rough when I read beauty blogs and am perpetually on the quest for the next great product.

  183. Gans says:

    The best fries is from McDonald’s

  184. Nina says:

    I love McDonald’s fries!

  185. onegreatsmile says:

    some day my prince will come, and maybe some day I will win a Sephora card!!

  186. auroragyps says:

    The last skincare product I used was Target’s Up & Up Maximum Strength Acne Medication Benzoyl Peroxide Gel on this huge pimple i have right under the left side of my lip. Right before that, was Queene Helene’s 100% Cocoa Butter stick on the dry parts of my face, especially around my eyes. I have super sensitive skin around my eyes, plus my eyes are sensitive too, and this is the only thing I can find that doesn’t bug either of them.

  187. Eva says:

    Hi everybody!
    My favourite mascara: YSL Effet Faux Cils is great for me, but I´m still looking for a perfect one! I´ll try a Hourglass one once I´m back in the USA I´d say. Last cosmetic product I used: a Cosmetic Catastrophe fresh mask from Lush. Colour of my hair: brown/red, now with a Chocolate shade from L´Oreal.

  188. Susan G says:

    There’s a restaurant in Los Angeles called BLD and they’re fries are amaze! On an unrelated note, I was wondering if you’ve ever tried Josie Maran lip and cheek stains. Thanks for another cool giveaway!

  189. SarahW says:

    I love Persian kitties so cute! And my fave mascara is Dior Diorshow waterproof mascara

  190. Caitlin says:

    Macdonalds makes my favorite French fries; however, I am proud to say I haven’t eaten at macdonalds in four months!

  191. Amanda A. says:

    I love Mcdonald’s fries!

  192. Amber says:

    I love thick cut french fries, though lately I’m daydreaming about In N Out Burgers and Fries. I’m a mid-western girl, so we don’t have it here, though I am secretly memorizing the menu so that when I take my Cali trip in the summer I know how to order like a regular πŸ˜‰

  193. Lisa says:

    Mmmm, french fries from Dick’s in the Seattle area are the best. They still have a bit of skin left on and they always come the ways fries should be; hot, perfectly salted, and just a little bit greasy. Yum!

  194. Lucy says:

    My favorite mascara right now is Tarte’s Gifted. Makes my lashes thicker & longer. Does a great job.

  195. kathe says:

    Totally readdicted to Sephora right now, so could totally use this to feed my habit. Or call it a birthday gift (11 days early). πŸ˜‰

  196. laura says:

    as far as mascara goes, i’ve been layering revlon grow luscious and maybelline the falsies. i’d use diorshow extase more often if it wasn’t so expensive..

  197. Harshleen says:

    I started yoga recently and loving it so far. My yoga teacher is really good with a great sense of humor so that makes the class even more fun!
    Harshleen recently posted … Episencial Soothing Cream Comforts Bothered Skin

  198. Darlene says:

    Light’s, Camera, Lashes by Tarte is my fav…

  199. MMM says:

    Enter me! I want to try that Smashbox BB cream.

  200. Mandy says:

    My hair is more like Kim K’s, dark, long, straight and silky. Maybe I should get bangs like hers!

  201. Karen says:

    There’s a whole wishlist from Sephora on my account ..

  202. Erin says:

    I don’t care where the fries are from, as long as they have cheese on them. Real cheese, nacho cheese, synthetic orange cheese-like substance- delicious!

  203. Heidi says:

    Another vote here for Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes. It’s the only one I’ve tried that actually leaves my lashes with a bit of a curl.

  204. Jessica says:

    went to the snow village today! it was so beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  205. ola says:

    Favourite – of course my mother πŸ˜‰

  206. Amber says:

    Feeling blah today….taking down Christmas stuff. Here’s to a better Sunday than Saturday.

  207. Donna says:

    Just introduced to MAC Satin Taupe and I just love it.

  208. Mylie says:

    Lately I’ve been using Josie Maran argan oil… Works wonder for my winter dry skin! πŸ™‚

  209. Hannah says:

    I’m in love with urban decay BTDubs..

  210. Dee says:

    on the search for a great highlighter – can you recommend one?

  211. Step says:

    I think it’s funny that the same pose in yoga is called either “happy baby” or “dead bug”

  212. Ada says:

    I’m really loving the mineralize blushes and nude lipsticks from the MAC, Naturally line!

  213. Christine says:

    I like making my own sweet potato fries.

  214. Karla says:

    I love your blog. I also love McDonalds French fries. Also – your hair looks ah-mazing in the Urban Decay post from today!

  215. christina says:

    I love Tarte Lights Camera Lashes! It’s fabulous!

  216. Grace says:

    Relaxing on my mom’s couch watching a movie πŸ™‚

  217. PS says:

    My favorite mascara is Maybelline lash stilleto. Makes my lashes super long.

  218. Katie says:

    I rarely eat fries, but when my brother goes to In-N-Out, I’d be lying if I said I could resist a handful of their fries!

    Happy Saturday!

  219. Ue says:

    I chanced onto your blog by typing in google ‘makeup blog’ ANNNNNDDDDD I am loving every entry! You’re a wonderful blogger =D

  220. Theresa says:

    My fave French fries are the steak fries at red robin- yum! An honorable mention to burger king’s new fries, they’re pretty good too! Happy Saturday!

  221. Kaley says:

    I had such a great birthday yesterday-a massage a facial after school, then dinner at John Holly’s Asian Bistro. Such a fantastic day!

  222. My favorite mascara of the moment is the Tarte one in the bamboo bottle- Amazing! And I love Arby’s curly fries!

  223. Regina S says:

    I have really been wanting to buy Algenist after I got a sample from Sephora – this e-gift would put a good dent in the price!

  224. Verónica says:

    Purple monkey dishwasher.
    On a side note: sweet potato fries with a sprinkle of raw sugar…! Mmm.

  225. Adia says:

    The last skincare product I applied is Skinfood caviar cream ^^
    Adia recently posted … Christmas makeup tutorial (gold,red,green)

  226. MC says:

    My hair is quite long, wavy, and brown with some reg glow in the light. But with the summer sun of the french riviera it turns to light brown . Thanks for the giveaway!

  227. Terri B says:

    l’oreal telescopic carbon black mascara

  228. Inga says:

    My favorite beauty product is a MAC tinted lip conditioner. I love Petting Pink and Gentle Coral.

  229. jasmyne says:

    Love your blog Karen…as a newly.addicted makeup addict your blog has guided me into the right.direction lol πŸ™‚

  230. Amandalee says:

    I love almay get up and grow mascara!

  231. Nora says:

    cant wait for spring

  232. Chelsey says:

    I’ve been LOVING Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara! πŸ™‚

  233. BreeAnn says:

    Lately I’ve been layering my mascaras, I start with a volumizer and finish with a lengthener. I’m currently in the midst of a beauty spending ban (until I use up a bunch of stuff) and it’s getting me through these tubes quicker.

  234. Catanya says:

    The most recent product I have been trying is Bioderma Pore Refiner and so far, so good!

  235. eight says:

    I love fresh-cut fries!!!!

  236. Ami says:

    I don’t like potatoes very much… Unless they have garlic!

  237. Steph says:

    Recently tried Illamasqua’s intense lipgloss in Belladonna. I love the color, the texture- basically everything about it!

  238. Rosie says:

    My hair is blue-black…it used to be dark brown, but the lack of sun in London made it super dark.

  239. sara says:

    loving the new Loreal infallible eyeshadows and maybeline tattoo cream shadows!

  240. daniela says:

    I can not wait for the new maybelline blushes to arrive to a drugstore near me!!!
    thank you
    dani Γ’β„’Β₯

  241. katie says:

    i had to go maternaty clothes shopping with my little sister today. now i have baby fever. i’ll have to babysit my nephew for a day.. that always cures it.

  242. tabby says:

    I fry my potatoes in olive oil before I put them in my veggie soup. Adds great flavor & keeps them from falling apart!!.

  243. Carissa says:

    awesome giveaway, enjoy the french fries!

  244. Dora says:

    I’m on the hunt for a HG status mascara that is sold in the states. I don’t like having to order off the internet and having it shipped from Asia anymore.

  245. Hailey says:

    I tried the Clinique High Impact Curling mascara after you recommended it, but it didn’t work very well for me. The formula was to wet and made my thin lashes droop and clump together. My favorite ascara is the d.j.v. Fiberwig mascara! I do wish it was less expensive; $31 in Canada!

  246. Liene says:

    My natural hair colour is very dark ash blond and in light my hair has gingery reflection.

  247. Kat says:

    I’ve been breaking out a LOT lately, so I’m switching to natural cleansing methods and bought organic safflower oil and rosewater today. I just tried for the first time and it felt and smelled so luxurious!

  248. Nar says:

    I had pancakes for breakfast. I love Saturday.

  249. Grace says:

    Have reaally been loving Lashblast fusion as a drugstore replacement for my HG Fiberwig. Lengthens lashes really well and got a lot of compliments from my friends. When I told them what I was using my friend said, and I quote, “are you freaking kidding me?” πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! fingers crossed* ^w^

  250. Naomi says:

    I’ve tried three new skincare products from Beautyfix; IQ Derma’s Clear Remedy Purifiying Cleanser and Hydrating Lotion and Bio-elements Pumice Peel. The IQ Derma products have really helped with my acne!

  251. Danielle F says:

    My favorite mascara lately has been Lancome Hypnose Drama. I can’t get over how BAM-POW it is for my lashes! Happy Saturday, Karen!

  252. Tiffany says:

    I’m in love with Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

  253. Jaime says:

    One of these days I am gonna win one of these….. right? lol

  254. Wynell says:

    McDonald makes my fav fries

  255. Nicole says:

    Happy Saturday!! I am just happy to be relaxing for the day. Also, planning a great night with my honey. I cannot wait for him to come home tonight, so we can hang out and have some fun together!

  256. Liz says:

    I love fries from this poutine restaurant downtown. I always thought downward dog was an interesting name. I have been using the Fairydrops mascara for the last year or so, :).

  257. Che says:

    I love your site! I’m one of your new readers!

  258. Molly B says:

    I have an obsession with nail polish. @.@

  259. Marivel says:

    I’m in the mood of Starbucks!

  260. CJ says:

    There’s this Phyllis cheesesteak place that makes a mean bowl of fries!

  261. I think the very best fries are the skinny Belgian frites dippen in mayonaisse. Though I won’t say no to anything fried, and have a terrible secret addiction to McDonald’s fries. I get my animal style grilled cheese at In n Out, but then go find a McDonald’s for the fries – it’s ridiculous.

    I will need this giftcard to spend on my skincare if I keep eating all this greasy food!
    The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog recently posted … Friday Frock

  262. Michaela says:

    Your site is wonderful and fun, and you are adorable πŸ™‚
    Michaela recently posted … Review: MAC Cremesheen Glass

  263. Virginia says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I always thought child’s pose was a misnomer, because I rarely see children so calm and relaxed like that, unless asleep.

  264. Adrienne says:

    Just bought NYC Sparkle Eye Dust in Pink Champagne on a whim…then was pleased to find out it has great reviews!

  265. Diana says:

    Wow it’s finally Saturday. What a relief! Sooo… who else has had a craving for some classic rock music?

  266. Fatimah says:

    My favorite french fries have to be from Burger King….they have a lot of crunch to them and have the perfect amount of taste πŸ™‚

  267. Jessica says:

    I am way overdue for a Sephora shopping trip to re-stock my beauty supplies! I hope you’re having a fabulous new year so far, Karen! =)

  268. tina says:

    i wish we had sephora in the UK πŸ™

  269. Powell says:

    Today was a lovely day. So lovely I didn’t get to my favorite cosmetics store Sephora to do some damage for Spring makeup.

  270. Jane says:

    My favorite french fries are curly fries with honey mustard.

  271. Sophie says:

    I love chocolate frozen bananas

  272. Dhavi says:

    I love fries and hot chilli sauce! Yumm!

  273. Airess says:

    My favorite french fries are from Bojangles!! I love them when they are fresh and hot and perfectly seasoned. Also, the mascara that I am actually loving right now… well theres 2 of them from the same brand but they give different looks; the first one is Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes and the second is Loreal False Fiber Lash Mascara they are both outstanding! πŸ˜‰

  274. Maria says:

    Hmmm…best french fries are my mom’s. She makes them from scratch so they’re uber delicious!

  275. Katie says:

    Today I got to talk with my boyfriend for the first time in a month! He is deployed and is finally in port in Thailand!

  276. Valerie says:

    Hi, Karen!!

    Glad you’re enjoying yoga.

    Lately I’ve been using Maybelliene (sp?) Falsies mascara but I want to try Benefits Are They Real?

    My hair is very dark. It’s expresso colored. Sooo dark.

  277. Elin LLB says:

    I need a great waterproof mascara. Any suggestions?

  278. Jaa Maurer says:

    I love the l’oreal double extend mascara !!!! =D

  279. Janelle says:

    Le sigh. Hope your weekend is going well! Thanks for the giveaway, Karen!

  280. Nou says:

    i love the snow!

  281. sweeks1980 says:

    I’ve been having a hard time getting motivated today. I need to write an article and work on some student recommendations, but I’ve just had a lazy Saturday.

  282. Iris says:

    I am not ready to go back to school! I hope your weekend is good πŸ™‚

  283. Kathleen says:

    My favorite mascara of the moment is Maybelline’s One by One mascara! I have really short lashes and the wand does such a great job of separating and lengthening each lash!

  284. Cyra says:

    I LOVE FRENCH FRIES! way too much…especially since it’s all the fast food restaurants that make my favorites. I love wendy’s sea salt fries, mcdonalds fries, and chic fil a.

  285. Lilly says:

    I am loving my work right now πŸ™‚

  286. Molly SC says:

    YAM FRIES with cilantro sour cream. If I could, I would live off of them.

  287. Carolyn says:

    Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara is my current favorite.
    Carolyn recently posted … Bargain fragrance sets? Sign me up!

  288. Meredith says:

    I wish I could find Revlon Whimsical nail polish somewhere! πŸ™

  289. Veneeta says:

    For me it’s between McDonald’s and A&W’s fries

  290. Kristy says:

    Pizza is my absolute favorite food. If you’ve never tried Jet’s Pizza, see if there’s one near you and get into it.

  291. Emily says:

    McDonald’s makes some pretty good fries.

  292. jenn s. says:

    My hubby makes the best homemade french fries in the world! As a matter of fact, we’re having them tonight with homemade french dip sandwiches! El yummo!!! πŸ™‚

  293. Ashley H. says:

    I love the Almay one coat mascara.

  294. Kate says:

    Oh french fries are deadly! I love waffle fries. And curly fries. For whatever reason, novelty fries do it for me!

  295. Jennifer says:

    One day I will win right? oh I went to Delaware today to buy cubicles for an office!

  296. Shana says:

    Love McDonald’s fries!

  297. Malinda says:

    maybe one day i’ll win!

  298. Eda says:

    For the past year I’ve been hooked on my Covergirl Lashblast Length mascara<3
    I can't wait to try out the They're Real mascara from Benefit, though–perhaps you could do a review~? :]

  299. I have been a hardcore fan of MB Full and Soft for eons, but on a whim, I recently tried CG Lash Blast Volume and it’s AMAZING. Consider me converted!

  300. Shani says:

    I just found your site and think its fantastic!

  301. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    best french fries are the texas cheese fries from Chilis!

  302. HT says:

    Dear T-Money and K-Dawg,
    I have done absolutely nothing all day and am incredibly bored.


  303. Rebecca says:

    Just got my Sephora birthday gift! I’ve always wanted to try the fresh Sugar lip products and now I get to for free! πŸ™‚

  304. saku says:

    My hair natural hair shade is like a rusty red brown, don’t like it much. Now with henna it changing to a dark cherry color with some copper.

  305. My fav french fries come from McDonalds!! MMMMMM

  306. Courtney says:

    Well, my hair color is my natural color. Light brown with lots of gold and red. Annnndddd my mascara of choice? Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition. πŸ™‚

  307. breyerchic04 says:

    Woo love sephora!

  308. I want some Wendy’s fries now!

  309. ashleigh says:

    I really want to get some clinique products.
    Last product I applied in the morning was avene thermal spring water

  310. Jasmine says:

    Started using Marini Lash to fill in sparse eyebrows….I swear I’m seeing results already!

  311. Tina says:

    Love your photography!!! Beautiful warm day on the Jersey Shore today!

  312. Ginelle says:

    Today was a beautiful day on the east coast πŸ™‚

  313. Anna says:

    Arby’s curly fries… nom

  314. Emily says:

    Just had all the millea removed from my face today! Hurt like hell but totally worth it πŸ™‚

  315. nekosan says:

    I’ve been using a few of Tarte’s mascaras recently, and they seem not bad!

  316. jasmine says:

    I love whataburger fries! Yum. i love Texas. lol

  317. Argeleen says:

    Ur the bomb diggity!

  318. Danielle says:

    I am in love with Maybelline Falsies mascara. It goes on good and has a nice smell. The smell is what impresses me the most. Most mascara has a smell that I do not like but this one has a sweet sort of smell. Love it! I sure hope I win one of these sometime. Love Sephora!

  319. supriya says:

    My hubby and I started a juice fast yesterday after watching fat sick and nearly dead! So eye opening….

  320. Desiree Miranda says:

    My favorite food is french fries!

  321. Jennifer says:

    Hi Karen-
    Did you get your hair cut? It looked a bit shorter in your last pics–AND it looked great!

    I am currently under-the-weather with the COLD from H-E-Double-Toothpicks. But, I still had to “get ready” and drag me arse down to the bank for a 3.5 REFI–the third REFI in 3.5 years!!!! “Get ready” means I had to shower, wash and “do” hair, and do makeup–this was all complicated by the fact that not only does my face hurt (sinuses) but my hair and scalp actually ache, too, with this cold. All I really wanted to do was lay on the sofa and do crosswork puzzles–of course, they are harder than usual with all this “snot” clogging up my head!

    Kiss Kiss to The Tabsmeister.

  322. Dovey says:

    I could use some Wendy’s fast food right now πŸ™‚

  323. Lindsay says:

    My favorite french fry is from Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I swear that every good intention I have of staying on a diet for the new year flys right out of the window when I drive by there restaurant. The fry is crispy, favorful, and perfect for dipping in ketchup!

    Addicted to French Fries!!!

  324. Bridget says:

    I didn’t get really any makeup for Christmas!!! : (

  325. Carly says:

    I hauled so much over my winter break. I also fulfilled some major lemmings B]

  326. Ingrid says:

    I love oven baked fries! Nothing quite compares to soft, wide potato wedges- especially when they come from my oven! That, and a serving of mayo and ketchup. Mmm, it’s making me hungry! Love you, Karen!

  327. Elisa says:

    No makeup for me, since we just bought a car!

  328. Jenn says:

    favorite fries- in ‘n’ out!

  329. Joy says:

    Head cold. Thank goodness for Tivo.

  330. Libby says:

    My mother-in-law says my hair is the exact color of Mary Jane candy – the peanut butter flavored, taffy-consistency candy in the yellow and red wrapper. But in the Florida sun it gets much lighter.

  331. JT says:

    Happy weekend Karen! I’m spending this weekend sitting in front of the telly and watching the NFL playoffs! Go NY Giants! xoxo

  332. Alanna says:

    I think “dead bug” is my favorite yoga position name!!

  333. Toni says:

    I am sooo addicted to Deborah Lippmann polishes right now! I absolutely love them and I just got 4 new ones in the mail yesterday and all I want to do is my nails. πŸ™‚ Happy weekend!

  334. Amanda says:

    I love McDonald’s fries–and now you’ve made me want some! πŸ˜‰

  335. Catherine says:

    Kinda liking Buxom mascara right now!

  336. Jennifer says:

    You are great and your posts always make me smile

  337. Erika says:

    I’m 21 and just starting to get into makeup; it’s doing wonders for my self esteem. Anyway, I have really oily skin and I have recently discovered the most amazing face powder. Mattify! Ultra powder by Mattify! Cosmetics. I almost splurged on a high end foundation that’s gotten highly recommended for oily skin, but I’ve found that I can use my drugstore foundation (that usually leaves my face looking like an oil slick after a few hours) with this powder and not have any problems with shine or anything.
    I’m excited to get started on my makeup journey. Wish me luck!

  338. senia nicole says:

    Korres provitamin B mascara in Black and their black eyeliner is what I’m wearing at the moment, but it’s pretty much my go to for an easy natural look πŸ™‚

  339. Nina says:

    i dont want the weekend to end pls!

  340. Elizabeth says:

    I think I need to read posts more carefully. I initially read that you were going to meet your friends at “Brassiers and Bras” and I thought that was strange!

  341. BooBooNinja says:

    I’ve just spent 25mins looking at online reviews and swatches of NARS blushes. *sigh*

  342. Barbara says:

    Another contest, yes!! Thanks, Karen! Love your blog. Love L’Oreal and YSL mascaras, NARS and MAC lip glosses and Kate Somerville skin care.

  343. Shelly says:

    The color of my hair is dark brown. Thank you for the giveaway Karen! =)
    Shelly recently posted … Victoria Secret Fantasies: Pure Seduction

  344. happyhubbs says:

    Fave mascara is mac Opulash

  345. sadia tariq says:

    dunno why, but i want to eat bagel and cream cheese from tim hortons :p

  346. Bridget says:

    Lately I’ve been using Lancome’s Hypnose Drama topped off with Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara…I have tried SO MANY mascaras & have NEVER had so many people ask me if my lashes are real as with that duo πŸ˜‰ LOVE THEM TOGETHER!!!

  347. layla chan says:

    My hair colour is dark black but under the sun, it has shades of reddish-brown. I tried cutting my own bangs… but I look so foolish right now!

  348. Janet says:

    Fries sound so good right now…

  349. Katie-Jean says:

    My favorite french fry is from Wendy’s! I love their new fries!!

  350. steph says:

    i’m liking the new loreal mascara lately! thanks!!

  351. mn says:

    Happy new years to you & Tabs.

  352. Elora says:

    gift card! yesss!!!!

  353. Thea Dwelle says:

    ohhhh Absinthe is excellent ! Hope you had nice fries!

  354. lulu wang says:

    awww, thank you so much karen! this means a lot to me! i’m broke and i can’t use my make up because they are either too shimery or have expired. better start saving now.

  355. madison james says:

    I’m current trying Clearasil, but I honestly don’t like it. It’s amazing at gettiing rid off huge, juicy pimples, but leaves small tiny pimples for those people who have dry skin. Sigh. Can someone recommand me a really good acne wash?

  356. Sharon S says:

    I really like Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara lately. Glad to find a good inexpensive one that works much better for me than high-end ones.

  357. Janis Hou says:

    I love lipsticks from Revlon because they aren’t soo shiny. I got it from Walmart for $8 something cents, but because I’m in Canada, it costed me up to $10 once tax was included.

  358. Kristie Win says:

    Today feels like a target store browsing kind of day πŸ™‚

  359. Alisa a says:

    i really want to eat apple pie… ummm (*drool) pie

  360. Paula says:

    I LOVE sweet potato fries!!!!

  361. Bebe Jam says:

    oh gosh, i was shopping at Ardenes for underwear and bumped into my crush who was shopping with his little sister!

  362. Aimey says:

    This is my last weekend of winter break and I’m starting college again Monday! Urgh! Such bittersweet anticipation! (I don’t know if that even made sense lol)

  363. Callie Holl says:

    i spent too much on christmas presents πŸ™ i totally agree danielle that the Lancome Hypnose mascara are awesome!

  364. Elena says:

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  365. sandi says:

    I loveee the nail polish by opi that saphora sells! Just got some in nyc! πŸ™‚

  366. dan j says:

    My mom got a lipstick from MAC which contains vitamin C. Anyways, that lipstick it super cool! The lipstick is actually yellow and i thought that it wouldn’t stain, but it changed my lip colour from my normal colour to red after a minute. πŸ˜€

  367. Sadya says:

    i bought this cheap lotion from Walmart called Equate, and I must tell you that it’s great! my fingers aren’t so chapped anymore

  368. Katie says:

    My drugstore mascara addiction is L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black. So much oomph and chutzpah!

  369. Lauren Sutherland says:

    can’t wait for my new naked 2 palette

  370. Alejandra S. says:

    People in the U.S. should totally try our IM aceite de hueso de mamey mascara, it is hands down the best mascara you’ll ever try. Much love to Karen and Tabs.

  371. Nina says:

    I’m loving the Smashbox Hyperlash mascara. It keeps my curl and doesn’t flake although I’d still prefer it if was waterproof.

  372. steph b says:

    Nathan’s french fries are my absolute favorite.

  373. Rachalle baquiran says:

    I live for creativity both in dance and fashion. Hopefully i get to win for the first time πŸ˜€

  374. kprice says:

    I think the “awkward chair pose” is fairly funny and descriptive. But I do love the high from my yoga class too. Thanks for a chance at a giveaway!

  375. Tania says:

    I am currently loving 2 mascaras – Dior Blackout and Maybelline Full n Soft. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I am really hoping to win one of these days.

  376. Margo says:

    A friend of mine gave me a tube of Blinc Mascara and it is awesome!
    I love what it does to my lashes and it never smudges!

  377. Christine says:

    Of course “downward facing dog” isn’t a funny name, but it’s so funny to me because everytime I do yoga at home & pull that pose, my cat thinks it’s an invitation to come rub his head on my face.

  378. Maddie says:

    This website is my absolute go-to for anything about beauty!!!! Its the reason why i get up in the morning and put makeup on!!! <3 thank you so much!!

  379. Holly says:

    There’s very few fries that I don’t like πŸ™‚
    What I dip them in varies wildly. Ranch, mayo, sour cream, ketchup… Yum!

  380. Emma says:

    Husband and I painted our bedroom
    today, thankful it was so nice out and we could have the windows open to get rid of the smell!

  381. Krista says:

    I’m heading back for my last semester at uni tomorrow! But I want it to stay the holiday break forever! *sigh*

  382. elyse says:

    I had truffle fries today. They were delicious.

  383. Chelsea says:

    For fast food, Wendy’s is best. Otherwise, Red Robin has really good fries. I last applied Johnson’s Baby Daily Face and Body Lotion with SPF 40. It’s the only sunscreen that won’t break me out.

    My hair is naturally red – a pretty traditional ginger hue, darker than strawberry blond. I’ve been using the original DiorShow because my favorite Dior ladies gave me samples before I quit Lancome. It smells like roses though, which is kinda weird.

  384. Cindy says:

    I just got the Clarisonic Mia, worth the money!

  385. Anjali says:

    Lately I really like sweet potato fries πŸ™‚ and I’m using Bobbi Brown’s lash glamour mascara …not my fave but something about the name keeps me interested πŸ˜‰

  386. Makeupandbeautyjunkie says:

    mcdonalds has the best fries and that’s all folks!

  387. Christina says:

    Recently my skin has gotten really dry from the cold here on the east coast, which is strange since it’s never happened before.

  388. esther says:

    i’m actually heading to sephora soon, so i’ll know what i want to buy online!

  389. Jill says:

    Sweet potato fries for me! Also, since you mentioned mascara… I found a GRAY eyelash yesterday! Is that a THING??? Like, I’ll be 30 this year… but no one prepared me for eyelashes that give away my age. Yikes.

  390. Lindsay says:

    My favorite french fry is from McDonalds, oh so good tasting but probably not so good for you!

  391. Cyn Uehara says:

    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  392. Candice Barr says:

    I love Saturday nights!

  393. Alanna says:

    Last skincare product I applied was the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation cream. It’s only day 1, but I’m hoping for great results!

  394. shellie says:

    cool giveaway!!

    my favorite skincare product right now is face mask sheets!! my favorite brands so far are my scheming, face q, simply sexy, and my beauty diary. love love them!!

  395. Lauren says:

    French fries. Yum! I have been digging sweet potato fries lately, from about anywhere I can get them πŸ™‚

  396. mrsshukra says:

    Had excellent Thai food for lunch today!

  397. Gwendolyn says:

    I’ve been trying out Maybelline’s one by one mascara lately and I’m in love ^_^

  398. Quinctia says:

    Can I talk about what mascara I haven’t been liking? I got a tube of Maybelline Great Lash on promo for like $1, and it’s very mediocre.

  399. Megan says:

    I love those maybelline tatto color eyeshadows! Amazing

  400. Nat says:

    loving urban decay 24/7 liquid liners right now! smog is so perfect.

  401. Carla says:

    What a great contest

  402. Esther says:

    In desperate need for a good new foundation!

  403. Mairyn says:

    Favourite mascara at the moment? Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash, but I have been going back and forth between different mascaras lately, because I got that Sephora set ‘Lashstash’ which has all the little sample size mascaras πŸ˜‰

  404. Amie F says:

    I had a quiet day full of housework.

  405. C.M. says:

    You should see my cat with his Christmas toys. I really think he’s magic – he can do backflips and fly through the air to catch toys!

  406. Yao says:

    I think there’s a consensus that McD’s makes the best French fries. The worst, in my opinion, actually comes from my beloved In-N-Out.

  407. Ris says:

    T-Money and K-Dawg,
    My favorite french fries are made at my local bowling alley. Shh, don’t tell!

  408. Emily says:

    The last product I put on my face was a homemade yogurt and honey mask. It was very soothing on my very sensitive skin πŸ™‚

  409. Rozae says:

    Thanks for the giveaway Karen, a few weeks ago I threw away all my mascara. Don’t know how I accumulated 4! Now I’m just using 1, Inglot waterproof black mascara.

  410. Karen M. says:

    I like Mcdonalds fries the best.

  411. sara says:

    Just picked up Smashbox’s Be Legendary l/s in Pink Petal today! it’s lovely πŸ™‚

  412. kaitlinanne says:

    i made a brown sugar and olive oil scrub for my body.. my skin came out so smooth i love it

  413. Amy S. says:

    I really need some new mascara and eye shadows but I am trying to be a good girl.

  414. Anne Wadzinski says:

    My kitten, Kitty Perry, would love to meet Tabs the Cat!

  415. Solangel says:

    My favorite right now is Benefit’s They’re Real πŸ˜€ I redeemed Sephora points for a deluxe sample a few months ago and fell in love. Now I have the full size and it’s my go-to mascara for every look :3

  416. Valerie says:

    Ok, so I finally got yoga pants AND actually did some yoga in them. I felt so centered, full of positive energy. My fave pose is warrior.

  417. Roxanna Harris says:

    Aww, French fries! McDonalds are good though I probably shouldn’t be eating their food! But hands down, any hole in the wall burger joint has amazing fries πŸ™‚ great, just talking about them makes me want some!!

  418. The last skincare product I applied was MAC Fix+, but I’m also loving this oil-based makeup remover I picked up yesterday from Etude House!

  419. Zoey says:

    I just got a Buxom mascara in my Sephora Favorites kit and I’m really liking it!

  420. Mai says:

    I’ve been liking Maybelline’s The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara!
    Mai recently posted … Urban Decay Naked Palette Swatches and Review

  421. Samantha says:

    Burger King makes my favorite french fry because even when I’m vegetarian, I can eat them. πŸ™‚

  422. Freddie says:

    I wish I had a mascara I really liked lately! And now I’m hungry…

  423. irishkicks says:

    I have been loving the victoria secret beauty rush mascara . It has a great formula

  424. Ashley says:

    Just found out MAC is DC’ing most of my go-to foundations and powders…so sad!

  425. nabel says:

    Only 2 quarters of school left before I graduate from UCSD πŸ™‚

  426. Bennie martins says:

    I love sephora, I’ve been dresming about a store opening up here in Australia since I have my breathtaking experience in one. I remember returning back home with the huggest haul ever custom questioned me why and don’t we have this stuff here (in Sydney), I answered no way I would die and go to beauty heaven if they did! He looked at me like I must of been on day release from an institution and he just ushered me through abd shook his head. Phew I thought I might of been over and attract tax but the customs officer must have sisters or wife to understand or he was just plain nice!

  427. Rosiejosie says:

    definitely the fiberwig mascaras. the fibers elongate your lashes like no other. but the trick to applying it is to apply one coat, let it dry, then apply the second and so on. using a heated lash curler AFTER helps even more to hold the curl! the best part, it comes off with warm water!

  428. Barbara says:

    Just had some yummy McDonald’s fries tonight!!

  429. Hyzenthlay says:

    I had some last night at Claimjumpers that were really good! Thin, but not real shoestrings, and they put salt AND pepper on them! Yum!!

  430. jessica says:

    I love Wendys fries!

  431. Stephanie C. says:

    Recently I’ve really been into sweet potato fries!!

  432. Sara P. says:

    I love sweet potato french fries!

  433. Marianne says:

    I think the funniest name for a yoga pose is actually one that’s already being used: The Wind Relieving Pose (Pavanamuktasana). Seriously, who wants to be downwind from that? LOL!

  434. Sara says:

    Karen I am new to following your blog and I love it! Being a fellow cat lover and owner (I have a very spoiled tuxedo cat)- do you have any “beauty” products/accessories that are a must have for Tabs? I’m always looking for a good brush to keep my cat’s coat smooth and silky. Suggestions?

  435. Michi says:

    My favourite fries have to be the “native fries” from native foods. They make them with the perfect seasoning of spices! So addicted to them.

  436. pearl says:

    My go to Mascara is Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Volume πŸ™‚

  437. Halifax says:

    Been trying out L’Occitane Very Precious cream, so far so good

  438. maria says:

    Best fries are poutine!!

  439. Becky says:

    Hello… Today was a good day!

  440. Kai says:

    Going back to school tomorrow, booo

  441. Susan says:

    Best fries are from In-n-Out…soooo good!

  442. Vy says:

    I love reading your website and staying updated with your daily makeup news!

  443. Jenny says:

    I couldn’t sleep at all so I gave up at around 3am and caught up on my Grey’s Anatomy, then went back to bed at 8. haha xx

  444. Madelynn says:

    I still want that dang NARS blush palette.

  445. Denniesha says:

    I love Applebee’s french fries they’re awesome!!!
    Plus I’m wearing OPI- Dulce De Leche is the perfect nude pink!

  446. Monique says:

    Hands down, McDonald’s makes the best fries.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  447. Kristy G. says:

    Loving NYX Doll Eye Mascara!

  448. Lauren says:

    I have tried all kinds of high end mascaras, but I always come back to CoverGirl Lash Blast.. It really is amazing!

  449. Angela says:

    i bought new flakie nail polishes today. the finger paints flakies are pretty awesome!

  450. Newsha says:

    It used to be McDonald’s, but their fries have been stale the last few times I’ve ordered them. Time for a new favorite.

  451. julie says:

    i love sephora

  452. Joy says:

    I super love mascaras from Maybelline πŸ™‚

  453. Amy says:

    My favorite fries are good old McDonalds.

  454. Pam says:

    I’m liking the Cover Girl Last Blast mascara in the purple container.

  455. Janelly says:

    Disco fries for the win!

  456. FadBurger says:

    McDonalds makes my favorite french fries :).

  457. Bee. says:

    Hi! Really awesome blog!
    I think I like Maybelline’s Stiletto Mascara, by the way!
    HAppy New Year! ^_^

  458. Bernadette says:

    The last skincare product I applied on my face was Olay Complete – all day UV moisturizer! I love it. Also, my hair is magenta and I absolutely love it as well. It’s a bit faded now, but I should be re-dying it soon. By the way, your blog is awesome! πŸ™‚ Have a blessed day!

  459. Esperanza says:

    I passed by Sephora today to buy my sister a perfume for her birtgday. Now i want a lot of things from there. almost didnt buy the gift lol:)

  460. Esperanza says:

    I passed by Sephora today to buy my sister a perfume for her birthday. Now i want a lot of things from there. almost didnt buy the gift lol:)

  461. Kath says:

    So sleepy but still got dishes to do!

  462. Swati Agarwal says:

    In n Out fries are my fave!!
    PS i love your blog!!

  463. Jenn says:

    I recently tried a sample of Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask from Sephora. Wow! Let me tell you, it’s worth the hype! My skin was glowing and was brighter than before, absolutely amazing. And the best part, it didn’t sting at all. Love it!

  464. Anna says:

    I want fries!

  465. Diana K. says:

    Happy new year to you, el Hub, and Tabs! πŸ™‚

  466. Miso says:

    Do u know of any good photography classes online?? I really want to learn to take better photos

  467. Jenn says:

    I love u Karen ur so sweet and amazingly funny!!

  468. Hannah R. says:

    This is the first time in as long as i can remember that we made it to January with out getting any rain. I miss the rain πŸ™

  469. Jen says:

    I’ve been obsessed with cleaning out my stash and getting new products lately. Currently on a ‘get new lipgloss’ kick and am surprised how much I like Clinque’s!

  470. Stephanie Fabian says:

    Mickey D’s all the way!!! Lol

  471. Soo says:

    I went to Walgreens yesterday with the intent of looking for something else, but ended up walking out with four new nail polishes. I was hoping to find some of those Revlon lip butters everyone’s talking about, but I haven’t seen them in person as of yet πŸ™

  472. Nina says:

    I’m sick again:/

  473. Sue C. says:

    I like steak fries the best and my favorites are at Red Robin.

  474. Amanda says:

    I love McDonald’s french fries but there’s a place called Kua Aina here that makes awesome home-made tasting fries, too. πŸ™‚

  475. kristina says:


  476. khairulnisaR says:

    Favorite food channel on YouTube: foodwishes

  477. Karen says:

    McDonald’s fries will always have a special place in my heart.

  478. Mary Knoll Main says:

    Out of all the giveaways I’ve been entering hopefully this will be it! Haven’t had any luck for awhile! :/

    To describe the color of my hair…my roots are showing black/brown. I also have a caramel.based color with some.blonde high lights! ^_^

  479. urfinjuc says:

    Marmalade is the best!

  480. Lily says:

    Best fries are in Belgium πŸ™‚

  481. Liz says:

    Hm, I may have to check out those fries myself since I recently moved to the Bay Area!

  482. Saira says:

    I’m also reading Mindy Kaling’s book and am enjoying it!

  483. Jasmine says:

    Dang everyone’s talking about Mcdonald’s fries and all I’m lusting over is a nice sunday to laze around and read a book .

  484. Tina says:

    I’ll have to go with McDonald’s french fries as my favorite fry.

  485. Kristi says:

    Happy New Year! Currently reading The River of Doubt. It chronicles Teddy Roosevelt’s expedition down an uncharted tributary of the Amazon River after he lost the election in 1912. Oh my goodness, I should not have clicked on the link for the Absinthe. Their food looks absolutely divine. I’m sure you had a wonderful meal & an even better time catching up!

  486. Kelly says:

    I’m obsessed with sweet potato fries!

  487. Christine says:

    I’ve been really into the foundation brush lately.

  488. Jackie says:

    I want to get new nail polishes and a dry shampoo!

  489. Sarah C says:

    My favorite mascara combination right now is the Covergirl Lash Blast, in its orange packaging, and the L’oreal Voluminous False Lashes as a second coat. It makes my lashes miles long!

  490. Jessica W says:

    Heyo Karen. Am currently stressing over finals now, just can’t seem to get those effing info into my brain. πŸ™ Just need a break and so I went…shopping! I tell you, retail therapy is just a feel good therapy! Yipee!

  491. Sole says:

    I usually use the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara, but it seems to dry out kinda quick and at $19 a tube thats not cool. I just opened the Bare Essentials mascara that came with the holiday kit at Ulta. Hopefully this one works just as good without drying out within a month.

  492. Evelyn says:

    My favourite mascara was Benefit They’re Real, but then I got a sample of Chanel mascara and I think we may have a new winner…

  493. Brenda says:

    McDonald’s or Chik-fil-A curry fries.

  494. jaimie says:

    I am loving Pangea Organics balancing oil right now- 100% organic!

  495. Rachel says:

    Lately i’ve been loving all things lush, their products are great!

  496. Domi says:

    This is the 4th time in just one month that I get the flu…fever went up to 104! Something is definitely wrong with me…!

  497. b.s. says:

    i luv french fries prepared by my dear mom at home.


  498. Nicole says:

    Maybelline “the Falsies Flared” makes my lashes so long and luscious, I can hardly see the screen on my iPhone to type this !

  499. It’s really sunny out, and the weather is supposed to be pretty mild for the next few days. Looking forward to prolonging the dipping temperature that winter usually brings.

    Happy Sunday, Karen! (Thanks for yet another opportunity to win!) πŸ™‚
    Swatch And Learn recently posted … Smorgasbord Sundays: From Mary’s Desk – Pictures & Swatches (Part 2)

  500. Jessica says:

    Mmmmmm! French fries! That made me hungry.
    I have been using Cover Girl lash blast lately but once its used up I’m on the hunt for something new.

  501. Kathryn says:

    I love sweet potato fries! I make a dip out of cajun seasoning and mayo and the combo with the sweet potato fries is amazing!

  502. lesleyk says:

    Loving the new UD lip gloss pencil in Apocolaypse! Thanks for the swatch and review; gonna add it to my Sephora birthday order next week!

  503. danielle dias says:

    Thanks for the awesome promotion. Loving your blog!!!!! 2 products I recently tried and LOVED! 1) Guerlain Noir G mascara – works so well at separating lashes it’s amazing, formula was ok, packaging is beautiful & easy to use and it’s refillable!!
    2) miracle skin transformer – all in one beauty balm makes my skin look and feel FLAWLESS!
    Thanks again I will be on this site daily now πŸ™‚

  504. nuriz says:

    Fries with a pinch of salt is just enough for me!

  505. Amber says:

    I always hear you talking about that beautiful Russian Blue cat who eats your (Tabs’) catnip plant. I actually have one and he loves catnip!

    He’s a funny one. He loves rolling on the floor and getting his tummy rubbed. If he doesn’t get his wet food right at 6pm he starts yowling like no tomorrow. Is Tabs like that?

  506. Kacey says:

    Here in New Jersey, the state notorious for Snooki and its 24/7 hole-in-the-wall diners, we have “dirty fries” (a.k.a., “disco fries”). It’s simply a heaping mound of french fries slathered in cheese and brown gravy. Trust, it’s delicious. DELICIOUS!

  507. Dominique D says:

    I’m really liking Benefit They’re Real mascara, but I will always love L’oreal Voluminous.

  508. LuvJaime says:

    Oh SoCal and its confused weather system! Won’t complain about the warm temps, but I would definitely want to see snow.. once in a while.. where it does’t. It is, Winter, after all!

  509. Angela says:

    Happy Sunday! I absolutely love your blog

  510. Alyza says:

    There’s no on your gift card, but no snow in southwestern Ohio!

  511. Vnssa906 says:

    I’m kinda sick of this insane winter. Yesterday wa 60 in NYC and today’s just over 35 degrees. Make up your mind Mother Nature! Lol

  512. eli says:

    recently have been using fairy drops but looking for something better, speaking of french fries, id love some! hope your weekends going great1

  513. tierra says:

    New mascara — Lashblast 24 hr, which really lives up to it’s name!
    Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  514. Julie says:

    Waiting for my Urban Decay Naked2 from Sephora to arrive… So excited!!! Love the first UD Naked soooo much! Also ordered some UD 24/7 liners, and the primer potions from the UD site…. Just recently discovered URBAN DECAY and I am hooked!!!

  515. NeenaJ says:

    Mmmm! Duck fat fries. 2 places in charleston serve them and they are to fie for.

  516. Melissa says:

    Love fries! Love your blog! Thank you!

  517. Lisa says:

    I guess I’ve never had amazing french fries, but I’m a huge fan of sweet potato fries!

  518. Melissa W. says:

    I have not eaten any fries since December 2nd! I’ve been low carb dieting and it has been driving me nuts. πŸ˜‰

  519. Sara says:

    I love french fries that are really crispy on the outside, and soft in the middle. Add some slightly peppery/spicy seasonings….om nom nom!

  520. Lola says:

    I can’t WAIT to get my hands on Party Parrot, the new bright coral-y pink lipstick. It’s such an amazing shade πŸ˜€

  521. Liz says:

    Lately I’ve really been loving Buxom Lash mascara. Length like nobody’s business plus no clumping? I’m in!

    Liz recently posted … Laura Mercier Stickgloss: Courtesane

  522. Cloudburst says:

    I don’t eat French fries much anymore, but I love the thick wedge cut ones and yam fries!

  523. ashley says:

    hungover at work! pick me!

  524. irini says:

    My ex bf’s mom makes the best.fries.ever. That alone is a good reason to keep on good terms with my ex.

  525. Lolalynn says:

    I really like Burger King French fries! πŸ™‚ Is it wrong I let my kids watch movies while I troll for latest makeup trends?

  526. Suzie says:

    mmmm. french fries, that sounds good, I think I’ll go get some now!

  527. Nikki says:

    I’m partial to fast food fries, especially McDonald’s and my new fave, poutine (fries with cheese curds and gravy) from Burger King. I’m sure there’s better out there, but I’m on a budget!

  528. Jasmine says:

    I love the skinny fries at Steak and Shake (sad but true). I also love Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara! But what I’d love to get is the gift card because the Naked2 palette costs $50 πŸ™‚

  529. JenJ says:

    I picked up Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer for dry skin and I’m LOVING it! Oh and I don’t have dry skin lol! I have a sample of Perricone’s Face Finishing Moisturizer which surprisingly I like but not the price. I’m like Bare Minerals’ one more.

  530. kalcedon says:

    My hair color is a dark coffee brown (like a darkest brown, which seems black from a distance, and which is not the warmest brown ever), and natural :P.

  531. monika says:

    Nothing better on a dreary winter day than french fries………..and then some yoga:) Talk about feeding your body and soul………..and then top it off with YSL faux cils shocking mascara!

  532. Christy O says:

    It has been so eerily sunny in WA this winter. Perfect for a bright pinkish coral pout.

  533. Mai says:

    Had a great meal with family and some some bubble tea – feeling super full!

  534. Mindy says:

    I am really loving the new Maybelline color tattoo gel cream shadows πŸ™‚

  535. colleen b says:

    My favorite fries are from Checker’s.

  536. Tinuke says:

    i love L’Oreals Voluminous lashes mascara and my birthday is on wednesday. wooop woop!!

  537. gia says:

    i got my wisdom teeth taken out wednesday. still swollen! :[

  538. Luciana Diniz Lima says:

    Great prize!

  539. quimerula says:

    I’d like to buy the full size Perversion UD liner!
    Mwa ha haaaaa!

  540. bruna louise says:

    fries? really? i’m on a diet, karen!!! haha

  541. Jess says:

    Don’t wear mascara πŸ™‚

  542. PinkGlitter says:

    The last skincare product I applied was Clinique moisturizer. I received a small sample and have been using it for 1.5 weeks and like it so far. Very light and not greasy.
    PinkGlitter recently posted … Handmade Love Vol. VI: Jewelry Edition

  543. Lisa Brown says:

    The talk of french fries is making me hungry. I haven’t had french fries in years. πŸ™‚

  544. Carolyn says:

    I’m currently trying out Vanishing Cream from Lush. Hope it works out for me!

  545. Lauren says:

    french fries from Five Guys are to die for πŸ™‚ my guilty pleasure

  546. Kelsey says:

    Who makes your favorite french fry?
    No specific place, but I really like steak cut fries.

    Funniest name for a yoga pose?
    Downward Dog.

    WhatÒ€ℒs the last skincare product you applied?

    Getting as specific as possible, how would you describe the color of your hair?
    Literally, I recently dyed it a shade called “Medium Chocolate Brown”, so I’m going to go with that. πŸ™‚

    What mascara have you been liking lately?
    Clinique High Impact. I got a sample tube with one of my Sephora orders and liked it so much that I just bought a full-sized tube. It’s the first mascara I’ve found that doesn’t make my eyeballs ache (I know, it’s a really weird side effect. I swear, though, all other mascaras do this to me!)

  547. Ana says:

    Back to school tomorrow πŸ™

  548. Ariana says:

    My natural hair color is chestnutty, dark caramelly, with golden undertones that only show up in bright light

  549. elia says:

    Fries are my fave but I have to cut down but I still love

  550. Gina G says:

    The best french fry in my town is at a little restaurant called Turtles! Even better when dipped in the garlic ranch dressing.

  551. Sylwia says:

    french fries <3 can't never say no to it haha

  552. Bons says:

    Great contest to start the year 2012 – hope to win this!

  553. Mireya says:

    My favorite fries were always Wendy’s fries, but they changed them and they’re just not as good to me. I’m more of a potato wedge girl, anyway.

  554. Paula says:

    I like McDonald’s & Zaxby’s french fries.

  555. Joanna says:

    absolutely dreading school tmr! πŸ™

  556. Amanda G says:

    Pick me!

  557. Megan McCaffrey says:

    Mcdonlds makes my favorite fries. Nice and salty.
    The weeping willow… I just created it!
    Bare minerals primer!…just put on!
    My hair is specifically dark african cocoa
    I’m a classic green and pink maybelline tube kinda girl! πŸ™‚

  558. Teigh says:

    I can’t believe how hard it’s to lay down contact paper on shelving!


  559. Lauren says:

    nom, nom, nom, nom nom

  560. Amy D. says:

    I love reading through all of the random comments on these giveaways each week. πŸ™‚

  561. Ash G says:

    My favorite fries are from New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood company. They’re steak fries, uber-crispy, and tossed in garlic aioli. So good!

  562. jane says:

    happy new year t money and k dawg! ive been using covergirl lash blast and its great!

  563. Cara says:

    Please review bobbi brown neons &nudes! I’m saving up to buy something from the collection.

  564. BeckBeck says:

    Mmm… friiiiies.

  565. Christine says:

    Me, me!

  566. Hufsah says:

    I love the new Benefit mascara πŸ™‚

  567. Carol says:

    Homemade fries are always the best but for fast food I like Burger King’s (more so than McDonald’s). I think BK fries have more of a starchy, crispy crust which I like. They don’t wilt and get soft the way McD’s do when they start cooling off.

  568. Becca says:

    The last skincare product I applied was my Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum-it’s the serum I use when I am just going to be hanging out all day at my house (because it’s not my favorite and definitely not as precious to me as my Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance serum that I wear on every other day). I am, however, about to put on a face mask. I think I’m doing my own colloidal oatmeal and honey mask. I have a few pimples and this mask always helps to get rid of them!

  569. Eliza says:

    I’ve been liking the new L’oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes.

  570. alison c says:

    wendy’s fries alksfalkwjfalksf

  571. peach_ says:

    Getting as specific as possible, my hair color is…black. πŸ˜€ It’s so dark that Asian hairstylists ask me if I’ve dyed it black. I know it’s more common to dye it brown, so I like mine au natural!

  572. magda says:

    love the deal on zoya web πŸ™‚

  573. Emma R says:

    Ahh I love Sephora and I’m craving lip pencils! And I make a pretty mean french fry from scratch. As awful as it may sound, I like to put some Williams Sonoma turkey gravy on them. Horribly delicious!

  574. Missy M says:

    I really want most of Clinique’s new Almost lipstick colors

  575. Cindy says:

    Why is it that when you cut your hair short, all you want is long hair? what a no win situation

  576. Cha Cha says:

    I’ve been using Maybelline’s Lots of Lashes Mascara. I’m still getting used to makeup so this is about the third mascara I’ve ever tried.. I’d say it is the best among the three!

    As for my hair color, I honestly don’t know. I was born with dark brown hair. The dark brown is still there but I have gotten so many different color highlights (red, orange, honey, red-orange) that my hair has combined those colors and this rinse I got a few months back to create a really nice color. It’s unexplainable, but it works for me :). I would like to do something different with my hair. Your pink highlights look fun!

  577. Melissa says:

    Thanks to you, I’m going on the hunt for the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows tomorrow!

  578. Allie says:

    Well… I never win any-thang. Worth a shot πŸ™‚

  579. amber says:

    I’ve been known to go out, get a whopper and then head to Mc donalds just
    for the french fries. Sad but true. lol.

  580. Emily says:

    I don’t really care for french fries. I do love poutine though.

  581. Lauren says:

    skiing in a few weeks!

  582. vonnie says:

    i just ate an amazing cinnabon…nom nom
    vonnie recently posted … Laura Geller Inkwell Gel Liners Review

  583. Marisa Payne says:

    I’ve recently rediscovered Maybelline Full n Soft and I’m really impressed!

  584. Christine says:

    I love sweet potato fries at any restaurant !

  585. Nancy says:

    Garlic fries are the best! Yum!

  586. Kath says:

    Homeade fries are the jam – and uhhh, yes – I fryyy them.

  587. Kim says:

    My favorite mascara right now is a re-discovered love…L’oreal Voluminoud Million Lashes <3 in love…

  588. Kate says:

    Fav mascara for awhile is FairyDrops. It’s pretty perfect.

  589. Jennifer says:

    I am currently loving Tarte mascara right now.

  590. morrigan says:

    My hair is cinnamon colored. πŸ™‚ pain in the patootie to keep it that way too -___-

  591. Shusheshe (@shusheshe) says:

    I have been using a sample tube of Estee Lauder’s mascara. It’s about dried up now, so time to try out another mascara!

  592. Dilara says:

    mmmm french fries! that’s making me hungry now… I think McDonald’s fries are my all time favorites

  593. ann says:

    Love your blog, thanks for sharing your finding!

  594. Heather says:

    I LOVE taking yoga classes! My favorite position is standing splits. Funny names? Hm…pigeon?

  595. elisia says:

    i love fresh supernova

  596. Robin says:

    Victorias Gastro Pub fries theirs in duck fat and tosses them in rosemary sea salt, yum!

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