What Are Your Top Three Makeup Must-Haves for Hot Weather?

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Call me on my banana phone!

Hey, girl, haaay!


KAREN: Gurl, why you call me on your banana phone? You know it’s only for emergencies.

KAREN’S IMAGINARY FRIEND: Emergencies!? This is an emergency! This is a makeup emergency! A triple 9-1-1 orange alert makeup emergency of the utmost importance!

KAREN: I feel you, dog… What’s up?

KAREN’S IMAGINARY FRIEND: It is hot in hurr!

KAREN: No sh*t. I’m in the pool right now… A pool of my own sweat!

It smells like roses, of course…


KAREN: Does too.


KAREN: Does too.

KAREN’S IMAGINARY FRIEND: Anyway, the emergency I called you about?

KAREN: Shoot.

KAREN’S IMAGINARY FRIEND: Well, like, everything I put on my face keeps sliding off because it’s so hot. I’m freakin’ out! What can I do to stop my makeup from melting?

KAREN: Ah, I get it. I can totally help you with that. I’m gonna text you a list of products…

Wait — can you get texts on that banana phone?

LOL! Imagine having a conversation like that with yourself on a banana phone in public. People will think you’re cray. ๐Ÿ™‚

There was a point to this whole little story, though… I’m wondering about hot weather makeup product tips — hot as in shirtless Ryan Gosling in a chaise lounge. What are your top three?


Here are mine…

  1. Primer: I use this to anchor my face makeup. MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance is my favorite for hot weather.

    I’ve also started really liking Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer.

    I’m a BIG believer in primer.

  2. Foundation: In particular, MAC Face & Body. It evens out my skin tone, feels light, and, like a tired 20-pound tabby, it doesn’t move once it sets.
  3. Highlighting Lotion: Sometimes, when I’m not in the mood to wear foundation, I’ll apply a layer of highlighting lotion, just to give my skin a little extra lift.

    Favorites includes MAC Strobe Cream and MAC Strobe Lotion in Golden Elixir (discontinued… OH, THE HORROR!).

Hot weather makeup product tips — what are your top three?

Talk to me! (Banana phone optional.)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict



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  1. Only you can look completely normal posing with a banana phone, Karen ๐Ÿ™‚

    My three hot weather must haves? A longwearing yet lightweight foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear Light), waterproof eyeliner (Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner) and a hydrating mist to freshen up (Vichy Eau Thermale)
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … A Zoe Hart-inspired make-up look with wearable black smokey eyes and a soft natural lip

  2. Cristy says:

    In a 110-115ยฐ summer weather! First my Josie Maran Argan daily moisturizer spf.40, Too Faced Primed & Poreless and something to seal my makeup like natural Rose water, Lush breath of fresh air…. ;D

  3. Stephanie says:

    I just discovered Neat 3B Face Saver Antiperspirant Gel. It’s an anti-perspirant for the face, I don’t know how I didn’t know about this sooner. Amazon has it for $17. There is another one called Sweat Block, also for the face.

  4. Nina says:

    Karen, I really miss your youtube videos. I loved the whole Fab 5 series. Please don’t stop making videos. ๐Ÿ™

  5. MzCrafty1908 says:

    1. My Foundation concoction (Revlon Skinlights in Peach Light mixed with any of the favorite foundations)
    2. Lashes
    3. Coral lipstick

  6. Agata says:

    Hi Karen, funnily enough I just covered this topic on my blog. My top 3 products are a mattifying primer- I still stand by Becca’s primer. Product 2- a BB cream, my favorite one is Physician’s Formula, it matches my skin tone really well. And three- for your eyes- Maybelline Color Tattoos, they can survive anything, heat, sweat and pool water. And if I can sneak in a fourth product it’d be UD All Nighter, I think it works great setting your makeup.
    Agata recently posted … How to summer proof your makeup.

  7. Alison M says:

    Definitely UD All Nighter, Tarte Amazonian Clay Setting Powder, and Jack Black lip balm for the SPF. Banana phone it up!
    Alison M recently posted … Looking for a Muse

  8. Domestic Goblin says:

    1) Primer – either Blot Out Offensive by Nurturing Force or Nars Multi Protect Primer SPF30

    2) Mineral Powder – at the moment I am loving the Laura Mercier one with SPF15

    3) Waterproof mascara is a must! I love Maybelline’s Full n Soft in Waterproof.


  9. BB says:

    The Anastasia brow powder and waterproof sealer. Cream blush!

  10. breyerchic04 says:

    mac face and body
    l’oreal beauty tubes mascara
    lipstick queen mideval or perfect wave. That’s almost all I’ve worn in weeks, though I put tarte flushed cheek stain on the other day.

  11. Cindy KC says:

    Vichy Normaderm Pro Mat Ultra-Mattifying Oil-Free Lotion, Nars eye primer, and Urban Decay Deslick setting spray! Those three help leave my makeup in place all day!

    …looks like you are holding a platano in Sol Food! mmmm Tostones

  12. Rachel P. says:

    That golden Strobe cream looks amazing- too bad it’s discontinued! I’d say my top 3 are: mattifying primer under any foundation, a stain + powder blush combo (a stain beneath for longevity and a powder to set and intensify), and a facial spray to keep things fresh and perky up in the facial/decollete region! Mario Badescu’s I love for natural-makeup hot days, and UD De-Slick for heavy makeup hot days.

  13. Dee says:

    Nice banana (phone i.e) Karen lol. Funnily enough I just posted about something similar but if I had two pick top 3 products in general – Non greasy suncreen with an SPF of 30 ( love my IDC Integrale), a long wearing yet light-feeling foundation (currently loving the EL double wear active) and a setting powder ( loving the NARS translucent compact at the moment)!
    Dee recently posted … Suncare DEElights – My picks for having some fun in the sun!

  14. Majick says:

    HI Karen, love the nanaphone conversation LMAO!
    For hot weather I really like either too faced BB cream or IT cosmetics CC Cream spf 50. Just enough coverage and they stay put.

    I’d like to count the IT cosmetics vitality disk as one product please LOL even though it has bronzer, blush, and highlighter in it.

    and a lip protector – with or without color – but I gravitate to brights.

  15. Erin says:

    Fake tanning means that my face naturally looks a bit better with less makeup on, so I’ve just recently taken to just applying Andalou Naturals CC cream as my moisturizer and patting some mineral foundation lightly over top. I keep some MAC blot powder in my purse to keep things looking good throughout the day. t means I don’t have as much makeup on my face in general, and nothing wants to really slide off (the Andalou CC cream isn’t greasy in the slightest).

    I also really like having some more luminous finishing powder dusted around my face (avoiding my t-zone) to give a dewier look, and have been using DreamWorld Hermetica’s powder in Ghostly Glow for that. I really enjoy that one.
    Erin recently posted … Maybelline Volum’Express One-By-One mascara

  16. Divya says:

    Glad you asked!! ๐Ÿ˜€ No makeup is my mantra! only gel based moisturiser + gel based sunscreen + eye liner usually MAC Teddy! if I am feeling more adventurous then a powder blush like Tipsy from Tarte! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Divya recently posted … Howโ€™s June Been | Favorite Things From the Month

  17. Denise S. says:

    Since Florida is always relatively hot my routine doesn’t vary too much. A good spf in my moisturizer , Urbay Decay’s De-Slick and Alnighter setting spray if I really want my makeup to last,Cream blushes in Corals and Pinks

  18. Ericca says:

    My top 3 products 1. Makeup forever aqua brow, 2. MAC ruby Woo lipstick, 3.MAC face and body.

  19. NeenaJ says:

    Oh noes, Karen! My bananaphone got disconnected. Do you accept bananagrams?

    My 3 essentials would be:
    1. A good facial sunscreen. Right now, I’m testing the mini of Paula’s Choice new Clear Ultra-Light Daily Mattifying Fluid SPF 30+ and it’s really nice. Plays well with other makeup and no breakouts (knocks wood).
    2.. Holika Holika Essential Petit BB Cream – a thin, well-applied layer evens out all my redness and discolorations so I can skip concealer, additional foundation, etc.
    3. Waterproof mascara – Maybelline Full n Soft – Waterproof in Black

  20. Natalie says:

    1. Hourglass Veil Primer
    2. UD All Nighter Setting Spray
    3. MUFE Aqua Brow

    Nothing will move. Ever. Its a miracle.
    Natalie recently posted … Make Up For Ever 250 Extra Fine Eyeliner Brush Puts the Meow in Cat Liner

  21. Grace says:

    My 3 everyday essentials for summer are sunblock, loose powder and eyebrow pencil.. don’t like to put much face stuff on hot and humid days like today!

  22. Miriam says:

    Hilarious blog post. I can NOT get enough of this blog.

    For my sunny days I go with a bronzer, radiant blush and eyeliner. All it takes to look perfectly done without so much product. I love a gel liner for a clean look.

  23. Hello … over the banana phone.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I do not use primers.. thanks to my dry skin but yess the MAC FnB is the best pick for summers.. lightweight texture and the even tone glowing is just a brush away..

    I wanna try teh MAC strobe cream as highlighter but as of now I am liking the NYX illuminator in Chaotic.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Eye Makeup Tutorial: Gothic Green

  24. Chelsea says:

    I’m going to sound crazy, but the biggest thing for me is facial antiperspirant.

    I would not recommend this for everybody (talk to your doctor if you have excessive sweating!), but I have a heart condition that makes me sweat profusely and very easily – to the extent that I get heat rashes on my forehead if I don’t take this measure. The main facial antiperspirant I know if is Neat 3B Face Saver, which is a gel. I’ve also used liquid roll-ons that are fragrance-free. Again, please don’t do this unless you really have to, talk to your doctor, and patch test.

    I’m also currently loving Skinceuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50 tinted sunscreen. The tint is quite dark (or, I’m hella pale), but it’s quite neutral and really evens out redness so I don’t have to wear foundation. I still use concealer in certain areas that need some love, but this stuff makes my life easier.

    And waterproof something for my brows! I just got a discontinued waterproof brow product in a little jar like a gel liner by Smashbox at Nordstrom Rack and it’s quite lovely. I also love Anastasia Beauty Genius waterproofing gel over brows, but you can use that stuff on EVERYTHING.

  25. Astrild says:

    1) MUFE Face&Body.
    2) UD All nighter setting spray. Looove it.
    3) MAC brow gel liner

  26. ‘Naner phizzles FTW! My top 3 hot weather makeup must haves:
    1. A featherlight base: I’e been loving Lumene’s Time Freeze CC Cream (amazing coverage!), NARS PRTM, and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. All stay put all day without primer on my oily face.
    2. BLOTTING SHEETS! I really love the Clean & Clear ones. I find it’s better to blot off excess oil than to try to “powder it down”, which can cause a cakey look.
    3. Lip gloss: Light weight, easy to re-apply on the go, and absolutely zero chance of it melting in your purse like a lipstick might. This is especially good for when I go to the gym straight from work b/c I put my purse in the trunk before I drive to the gym. There’s no way a lipstick would survive on a 96 degree day in the trunk for an hour!
    Happy Summer! doesn’t summer always remind you of signing yearbooks? Especially those corny phrases like, “2 cool 2 be 4-gotten” and the classic, “HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!” As an adult, I can now appreciate the humor of a 3rd grader writing, “We made it!”, like their day to day stress level was so high, they almost didn’t survive the school year, LOL!
    kristen @ glambunctious recently posted … Maybelline Dream Pure BB 8-IN-1 Skin Clearing Perfector | Review + FOTD

  27. Sylirael says:


    1. Powder foundation (no sliding!)

    2. Waterproof mascara (no smudging!)

    3. Any awesome, favourite lipstick to help you feel more put together if you can’t wear a lot of the other makeup you normally might. (no hassle!)

    Sylirael recently posted … Why is the Rogue Turning Pink? Could Be That Laura Mercier Lipstick, Lip Pencil and Lip Glace Loot!

  28. Telma says:

    Where I live it’s almost always hot . Top three must haves:

    – Waterproof mascara
    – MAC Pro Longwear concealer
    – SPF lip balm

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