A Night at the Opera

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Greetings from a currently very uncomfortable pregnant lady, yay! 🙂 How’s it going, my friend? I hope you’re having a chill (as in easy) December week.


I’ve been a little distracted lately, but in a good way, because my in-laws drove down from Redding the other day for a visit, and last night we all went to San Francisco to go to the opera.

Instead of giving each other stuff for Christmas, this year we decided to just treat each other to an evening in the city, so we went to see “The Barber of Seville.”

It’s probably been 15 years since the last time I went to an opera, and I feel like I’m into music — like I’m a musical person, or at least I was at one time — and the opera is pretty much exactly the way I remember it… A little confusing and kind of long, but still very enjoyable.

I knew a little bit about this one beforehand because it’s also the basis of one of my favorite Looney Tunes cartoons of all time, The Rabbit of Seville, which is a really funny one with Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs Bunny all over a big theater, and the music is the same music the orchestra plays during the prologue in the actual opera.

So when they were playing it, I just kept thinking of Bugs Bunny massaging Elmer J. Fudd’s head!












Yup, good times… 🙂

How are things going out yonder way? What have you been up to?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Rachel S. says:

    Love this! I’ve been to the Portland Opera (Oregon) about 16 times and it’s just such a delight! I love that feeling of becoming involved in the story and being almost transported into the scenes by the music. It can be so magical! Opera is under appreciated these days, in my ever so humble opinion! Glad you had a lovely evening, Karen! What a wonderful way to enjoy the holidays! Cheers! 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Hilarious! Those Bugs Bunny cartoons were so funny when you think about it! Glad you had a good time!

  3. Kalli says:

    I always loved the Bugs Bunny version! That theater is so beautiful. I’ve never seen an opera all the way through (and never seen on in the theater) but I did take myself on a solo date last month to see Phantom of the Opera for the 8th(!) time. Its my favorite thing in the world! Besides makeup, haha.
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  4. Lulle says:

    I have to admit that I just don’t like opera… I love ballet and symphony orchestra concerts, but there’s something about opera that makes me think of chalk on blackboard – I guess human voice is just not my favorite musical instrument, lol! I’ve seen a bunch (my family was into that) and there’s only one that I ever enjoyed. A classical music concert though? I’d go any day.
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  5. It has been ages since I have been to the Opera, but I did enjoy it whenever I went. Entertaining, long and a little confusing are excellent ways to describe it.
    And it is a great thing to do before Baby Girl arrives, it will most likely not be up too high on the priority list afterwards.
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  6. anusha says:

    Hiii karen..nice pics! Please let us know which eyeshadow were u wearing that night??

  7. I’ve never been to the opera. But I think I’d enjoy it! It looks so magical.
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  8. Rachel R. says:

    I love the “Rabbit of Seville.” 😀 I also love “What’s Opera, Doc?” That has to be one of the funniest cartoons ever made. Elmer Fudd singing, “Kill the wabbit, kill the Wabbit…” to “Ride of the Valkyries” never fails to crack me up. I wonder how many kids had their first exposures to opera and classical music through cartoons?

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to any major operas. I like ballet, but rarely get to go. I went to the Nutcracker last year in Portland (OR) and it was so beautiful. I’m hoping to go again this year. When I get paid, I’ll have to see what kind of seats are left.

  9. jessica says:

    What a FUN evening!

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  10. Jane says:

    Although I am not a big Opera fan, I love classical music. When we lived in the City, we had subscriptions to Mostly Mozart and a series at Carnegie Hall. I remember going to a concert in my eighth month and people and thinking that the music is good for the baby. We have been to a few things since moving to the “burbs” . Kean University which is not to far from us has a wonderful theater and we recently saw Josh Bell perform. He was wonderful. It was such a treat. BTW, my favorite Looney Tunes is the one where Bugs gets kidnapped by gangsters and he pretends to be the police. He tells the gangsetrs to hide in the oven and lights it. The police actualy do show up and they go through the whole routine again. It cracks me up all the time.

  11. Kim says:

    Kill the Wabbit! Now, I’ll be singing that all day. I also love the massaging scene. 🙂 The opera house is beautiful and I love how the outside has been lit. What a nice way to treat each other! I’m a music lover, as well, but have (strangely) never been a fan of live performances of any kind. Except sporting events and Cirque de Soleil. HAHA!

  12. Ruchita says:

    That’s a great idea to do an “experience” type gift with the family. I have never been to the opera before, but it seems like it would be a very cool experience!

    I love that Bugs Bunny cartoon! Looney Tunes is the best. Once Baby Girl is old enough you’ll have to introduce her to those cartoons. They just don’t make ’em like they used to. 🙂

    Happy Friday to you and Tabs!

  13. Allison C says:

    I was a long time opera fanatic and Met Opera subscriber when I lived in NYC, and I really really miss it. I’ve seen Barber of Seville a number of times, and altho it’s not my favorite, it is funny and yes, the Bugs Bunny memories are front and center. I went to the San Francisco Opera while I was there on a biz trip several years ago, and it is a lovely house. Sad to see so many empty seats in your pix. But so glad you got to go and do something a little out of the ordinary.
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    • Karen says:

      Hi Allison,

      We got there early so the place hadn’t filled up yet. The show was actually sold out! We were lucky to get tickets. 🙂 What is your favorite opera, by the way, and why?

      • Allison C says:

        I’m glad to hear that the opera was sold out! Who was singing that night?? I have a lot of favorites: almost anything by Puccini coz the music is so darn gorgeous, La Traviata by Verdi – again gorgeous music and the tragic story of Camille/Violetta, The Dialogue of the Carmelites by Poulenc – an amazing story of faith & bravery and beautiful music, Rusalka by Dvorak – gorgeous music and sort of a “little mermaid” story, Boris Godunov – great story, fabulous role for a bass baritone. I could probably go on, but that’s enough. I adore the opera. Moving to Massachusetts was a mistake since the opera scene in Boston is lousy.

  14. Georgia says:

    Ah! I see you were up in Balcony Circle! I used to have season tickets in that section – best sound in the house! Love that opera too

  15. Barbara says:

    Now you can tell the baby he/she was one of the youngest ones in the audience at the opera. Moms go through so much for their babies. Well I just know you will be a very dedicated Mom. Congratulations, and just rest and take good care of yourself. I know you are excited to become a Mama and all your readers are excited too.
    Happy Holidays!!

  16. Ashleigh says:

    The Barber of Seville was my first Opera and I LOVED it! A tip a friend gave me for Operas is to always read about the story ahead of time- unlike a traditional play, and it helps your enjoyment a little more out of the music and theatrics when you’re not lost on the story. When I was in college my town had a deal where students could get $10 tickets a couple hours before the show for any unsold seats in the house- we took full advantage of that and saw many, always in great seats. Fond memories!

  17. Erin says:

    I have a love-hate relationship with Opera, I go through stages. I love the production of it all. I often find that it’s hard to keep up with the translation of the words when they do that at certain operas. I usually have a side seat so it makes it hard to read. I just try read up on the story before hand so I’m not missing anything.
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  18. Tatiana says:

    How wonderful that baby girl got to hear this opera. How much did she kick during the performance?
    I’ve never been to the opera. Dear Husband does not like it, so I doubt I’ll ever get a chance, unless Dear Daughter decides she wants to try it some time.
    Did you eat dinner before hand at Jardiniere? If you ever get to do a splurge dinner, I highly recommend it.

  19. Lena says:

    I have not been to an opera, I think. Used to go see a lot of classical music performances, but somehow never an opera. Good to hear you enjoyed it.
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  20. denise S says:

    Beautiful theater!Great idea for a holiday gift ! When I was in elementary school they took us to see the opera Rigoletto . It was a take the poor kids to some culture type trip. I felt so elegant and happy. It actually made me long for a better life. And to this day I think it influenced me to want a more sophisticated life style!

  21. Giulia says:

    Hey Karen,

    I love your youtube and your blog! I also love that you went to see the opera and blogged about it! I am an opera singer, and makeup lover, love to see the two combined! My friend is actually singing with the SanFran Opera! Glad to see people still going to the opera!

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