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1. an early-1990s glam metal band founded by long-lock’d brothers Matthew and Gunnar Nelson.

2. a hold in which pressure is applied to the head, back of the neck, and one or both arms of the opponent.

Talk about enviable hair… Imagine how much conditioner those boys must have gone through, oy!

This morning I was listening to the catchy but oh-so-cheesy After the Rain:

“After the rain washes away the tears and all the pain — only after the rain, you’ll love again.”

True, true…

Should I be embarrassed to admit how much that song moves me?

Or this one?

Or how about this one?

The last two were written by songwriter Diane Warren. On the surface they might seem like they’re about romantic love, but I’ve read where Diane says How Do I Live is actually about her relationship to her music, and Because You Loved Me was an ode to her dad and how he supported her artistic dreams.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this… πŸ™‚

So besides listening to a lot of music this weekend (it’s my therapy), I managed to also sneak in a movie that turned out to be amazing. Brothers? Starring Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman? LOVED IT SO MUCH! Tobey and Jake play brothers in the film. While Tobey’s character goes off to war, his brother, the troublemaker in the family, is left to live in his gigantic shadow.

I’d forgotten just how great an actor Tobey is. Guy’s got MAD acting chops. I can’t believe he wasn’t at least nominated for a statue.

If you’ve seen any films that you’ve really enjoyed lately, let me know, okay? I’m a total movie buff.

Now, on to the Open Thread! Basically, the Open Thread is a place to just chat and shoot the shizz in the comments. You can ask or answer questions — beauty or otherwise — or share whatever’s on your mind.

See you soon. πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. hey hon, I saw Robin Hood today with Russel Crowe, It’s long a, but I thought it was pretty good. I was supposed to go to the makeup show today but got sick as heck, and when you’re pregnant and sick it’s not a good combo, so I stayed in and watched this show basketball wives. It’s full of drama. Other than that, how are you? What new hair products are you loving?

    • Karen says:

      I was wondering if that was any good. Do you remember the Kevin Costner version from back in the day?

      Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. πŸ™ Hopefully you (and the little one) will feel better soon.

      Oooh, so tell me all about Basketball Wives! Is it a reality show?

      As for hair products, I bought a conditioner on Friday to use as “conditioner wash” by Burt’s Bees. It’s their Green Tea one and it smells so good. I need to give a few days before I can really make my mind up about it though. How about you? Have you found anything of note lately?

  2. sorry, saw robin hood yesterday, not today.
    .-= beautylogicblog’s last blog post… 33 Weeks Pregnant-What Are we dealing with? =-.

  3. Wendy says:

    Hey everyone – I’m looking for a dup of MAC Flourishing – any suggestions?

  4. P says:

    This is probably really obvious, but where is the open thread?

  5. Haley says:

    Hey karen! I saw brothers in theatres.. So dramatic, so good πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen any really good movies as of late, but I am watching the Survivor finale tonight, LOL.

    I bought NARS Roman Holiday today.. And I must say I am in love! I also bought Oscar Blandi dry shampoo.. I had been using baby powder but I got sick of the smell and such! Oscar’s has a fresh, lemony scent and feels silky smooth. Any new purchases for you Karen?

    • Karen says:

      Oscar Blandi, nice! I love the scent too. I haven’t been able to quite figure out how to control the powder though (still working on it). πŸ™‚

      Last week I picked up a conditioner from Burt’s Bees (Green Tea and Fennel)! I just started using it and I love how it smells.

      How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

      • Haley says:

        Trust me, Oscar Blandi’s powder is MUCH easier to work with than baby powder! Lol..
        Ooh that sounds nice! I’ve always wanted to try out burt’s bee’s hair products but have been unsure of their quality.

        I didn’t do anything too interesting, went shopping today and got a super cute simple gray dress and silver bangle from H&M for $15.OO (Canadian)! How about you Karen?

      • Karen says:

        H&M ROCKS! I get most of my accessories from that store. Gotta love the affordability. πŸ™‚

        Today I just puttered around the house! I slept in this morning, did some chores, wrote a little and now I’m watching Avatar again with El Hub and Tabs.

        Oh, and I’ll let you know if the Burt’s Bees conditioner is any good!

  6. Hyzenthlay says:

    I found a couple of fonts that you might like (I wish I needed them, so I could justify buying them):

    • Karen says:

      Hi Hyzenthlay,

      Thank you for sharing this site! I love both of them. πŸ™‚

      How have you been? Are you excited about summer break?

      • Hyzenthlay says:

        Hi Karen πŸ™‚ I’ve been incredibly busy. Swim season just ended yesterday (one of our kiddos won the consolation heat in her event at section finals!), so I am hoping to relax a bit. I don’t think that will happen though πŸ™‚ Just gotta keep pushing through – only about 3.5 weeks to go.

        I think I found that website through you, actually . . . and I’ve gone through and downloaded as many of the free ones as possible now.

        • Karen says:

          Nice! Sounds like you guys had a great season. πŸ™‚

          Oh, and those three weeks should go by quickly. Do you have plans yet for the break?

          And LOL… funny that I can’t keep track of my font websites. I swear the interwebz are giving me some serious ADD.

          • Hyzenthlay says:

            The first 4 weeks of my summer are cleared out for backpacking/climbing/hanging out with bf and friends. Then I have two weeks of professional development (my choice, but still kinda sucks), my bfs family is having their family reunion (rescheduled around MY professional development . . . bf better get on with our “next step :)”) then up to my parents, back home just in time to start next year (august 10th).

          • Karen says:

            I bet it’s only a matter of time before he does… soon we’ll be chatting about wedding looks, haaay! πŸ˜€

            Where are y’all going backpacking?Will you be staying in California or traveling out of state?

          • Hyzenthlay says:

            I’m sure we’ll do some Tahoe stuff, since that’s so easy to get to. The bf is planning to climb Rainier and some other real mountains with a friend of ours while I’m doing my prof. dev.

            And I’m definitely depending on you for with help those wedding looks! πŸ™‚

            We’ve been together 4.5 years, and all of the families have been waiting for the past 1.5-2 years. He’s now starting to get pressure from his mom and our friends. I’d be bothered by that, but I’m ready, and I feel like I’ve been ready for a while now . . . If he hasn’t asked by the family reunion his mom may sock him πŸ™‚ I already know the majority of responses we will get when we get to announce it will be along the lines of “IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!” πŸ™‚

          • Karen says:

            Tahoe is so beautiful in the summer. I love the color of the water… it’s one of those surreal shades of blue.

            It’s great that you get along with his family. That’s a huge deal! I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you and hope that it happens sooner than later.

            Oh, I don’t know what your wedding dress style is, but here’s where I got my dress, just for future reference. πŸ˜‰


          • Hyzenthlay says:

            I’ve heard of her! She does GORGEOUS wedding dresses πŸ™‚ I’m thinking I want a slim-A-line strapless lace gown. She has three that are making my heart pitty-pat right now! I am DROOLING over: Noe (my favorite), Astaire-Kaleidoscope, and Astaire-Nosegay. If it happens in the next few months, I will be searching out a place that carries her, and trying those on. Mom and FMIL will have to come down here (I want the two of them and my best friend, who already knows she’s my matron-of-honor when I’m shopping . . . BFF and I have already talked about going north, and she’s said she’ll take time off to go with me :))

          • Karen says:

            I love all of those dresses. My BFF wore something similar and it was so pretty.

            If you end up coming to the SF shop let me know! I would love to meet ya for coffee.

  7. noemii says:

    Some of the movie Brothers was actually filmed at my [former?] college’s soundstage and which is pretty cool. A couple of my friends also worked on the set .. it was quite an experience for them, i’m sure . I still haven’t seen it yet … I’m not too fond of Tobey Maguire or any of the other main actors though i do love several movies they’ve been in. I’m also kind of iffy on Iron Man 2 ..I can’t stand Scarlett Johansen for the life of me . I’m pretty damn picky with the movies I like …
    If you don’t mind me asking, what is a good brush to use with lose pigments and creamy eyeshadows?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Noemii,

      I like the MAC 239. The compact head gives me a lot of control of the pigments, is small enough for detail work and works great with cream shadows. Here’s a link: MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush.

      • noemii says:

        Thanks for the responding . And it’s only one brush . Multi-purpose things are always the best . Thanks again !

    • Trina says:

      ScarJo isn’t in Iron Man 2 very much. She’s there but not overwhelming. (I don’t like her much either, lol)
      If you enjoyed the first Iron Man movie, totally recommend seeing 2, it’s great.

      • noemii says:

        Thank god ! I’m not the only one . People always think I’m crazy for not liking her ..
        I loved the first one . Gywneth Paltrow’s shoes Ò€¦and I Love Robert Downey Jr. Ò€¦Those eyes .
        I digress .
        I’m definitely checking out then πŸ™‚
        Thanks for the assurance !

  8. Sonja says:

    I loved Brothers, and am totally amazed by Jake Gyllenhaal! Only saw Donnie Darko with him, but the boy has some wicked talents!

    Just came from my graduation party…don’t even ask what time is it here, but I’m still a bit too buzzed to sleep.
    On the beauty note I recently discovered a perfume I actually like (super picky with perfumes) and it’s J’adore by Dior. Got it as a gift but am absolutely loving it- a rarity for me!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sonja,

      Congrats on your graduation. Your party sounds like it was a lot of fun.

      I’m right there with you with J’adore. It’s one of my faves, too… totally reminds me of 2002! πŸ™‚

  9. Ashley says:

    Hi Karen! I was hoping there would be an open thread this week (I know some weeks are hectic)! I looove reading the comments the next day.

    Question: In the pictures you usually post with “Saturday Surfing” is that YOU surfing/on the beach? They are always the most awesome pics πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ashley,

      GURRRL, I wish that was me riding a shortboard! I’m a longboarder… well, that is when I manage to NOT fall off. πŸ˜€

      How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

      • Ashley says:

        haha i’m sure your skills are super fine anyway! I can’t even swim so you have me beat.

        My weekend was filled with lots of “I’m going on a diet on Monday” eating aka eating too much cake. Tomorrow I’m going to start a vegan/raw diet! I’m nerv bc I love cheese and don’t know how much I’ll dig raw :-/ but I’m trying bc it’s healthy!

        How was your weekend (besides full of awesome haircuts and Katy Perry songs)?

      • Karen says:

        Wow, that’s a big step! I hope that the transition goes easy for you. Do you live near a Trader Joe’s or a Whole Foods? You’ll probably be able to find some yummy stuff here that meets your new food requirements.

        As for my weekend… the hair was the highlight. The rest of it has been pretty chill! I’ve been relaxing at home for the most part. Now Tabs is on my lap and El Hub and I are watching Avatar.

  10. Steph B says:

    Was a beautiful weekend here. Met up with friends for a walk along the river and a picnic. So much fun.

    Picked up Essie’s Secret Affair — soft shimmery nude — to wear to an anniversary party last night. Am totalling digging this soft look. I don’t typically wear polish to the office but am definitely keeping this one on a few more days.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Steph!

      Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun. How was the food? Did y’all have a pot luck or something?

      I heart Secret Affair, BTW. πŸ™‚

      • Steph B says:

        We just picked up some stuff from a market down the road from the trail access point. Next weekend, however, will be a fabulous crazy potluck picnic with a bunch of my food friends. We’re talking pig roast, fresh breads, all sorts of veggie sides. I’m just bummed that I won’t be ready to eat all the good stuff.

        I’m not sure how I’ve gone this long without Secret Affair. Such a subtle beauty.

      • Karen says:

        So my stomach just rumbled after reading your comment! Dinner for me was microwave popcorn and a bowl of cherries…

        Are you wearing a base coat with your polish? It makes a difference in terms of durability.

        • Steph B says:

          Yeah, I pretty much always wear a base coat. I like how it helps smooth out any ridges and keeps my nails from getting stained. I don’t always wear polish so I hate when nails turn yellow. With the great quick drying topcoats out these days I don’t mind an extra coat. And I love the extra depth of color and gloss a good topcoat gives. I hate when polish looks too thin.

          This’ll be my first of these semi-annual picnics since I moved back. I’ve been dreaming of the food. We even have some local chefs stop by and pitch in.

  11. Alaina says:

    Brothers is on my list of movies to see! I looooooove Toby. I mean, come on, we’re on a first name basis.

    And hmm… what did I do this weekend. I had a mini Revlon shopping spree, and bought one too many lipsticks πŸ˜‰ I can’t help myself. I gotta have them all.

    I also set up my youtube beauty channel… ugh. It’s making me anxious πŸ™‚

    Well… I hope everyone has a great week!
    .-= Alaina’s last blog post… Foundation Routine =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Alaina,

      I think Tobey’s just as cute as button. I wish he’d do more films! πŸ™‚

      What lippies did you end up getting? Anything I need to try out?

  12. Pansy says:

    have you seen it’s complicated? i thought i’d wouldn’t like it because it seemed like a movie about old people but it was very entertaining!

    • Karen says:

      I have! I had to drag El Hub kicking and screaming to that one (he also thought it would be boring), but we both ended up really loving it.

      Wasn’t Meryl fantastic in that flick? The lady’s got some serious game.

  13. Lee says:

    Hey Karen and beauties πŸ™‚

    U ALL have 2 watch this!!!
    its a short clip but its sooooooooooooooooo funny i laughed so hard i cried lol the stupid noise he does makes it even funnier lol


  14. yiota says:

    oof..kinda late. was busy watching the hockey game!
    Im so excited for the To the beach collection!! I want to get: either firecracker/ sweet and punchy and hipness blush! Would the baby pink lipliner match the Lady Gaga lipstick? maybe i’ll get that also.

  15. Holly G says:

    Thinking of trying tinted moisturizer for the first time evvaahhh this summer… needing something with an SPF, because my skin is extremely fair. Which means the moisturizer would also need to come in a very fair shade. Suggestions for one that works really well??

    • Karen says:

      Hi Holly,

      I loooove Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer. It’s pricey, but totally worth it because it layers well and has great coverage. There’s a large range of shade options, too.

  16. Hana Berlin says:

    Okay I need to know if i’am the only one who feels like this… every time i buy a new nail polish i get super excited. Then i put it on, wear it a few days and get tired of it… then it goes in my nail polish bag never to be seen again!!! I really need to get over this…

    • Karen says:

      Hi Hana,

      Hmm, have you ever thought about purchasing mini sets of polish? Brands like Essie do smaller bottles of their season shades. It might be a way to get your color fix without having to buy a full bottle!

  17. Josie says:

    Hey Beautiful, I want to see Brothers but I don’t want to cry. I’ve been watching The Pacific and it’s so emotional. My husband and I are both former United States Marines and we got married after coming back from a 13 month deployment from Iraq. Sadly, I was deployed again shortly after our wedding. But I’ve seen Jarhead, pretty accurate movie. After getting out of the military last year I feel at a lost when it comes to make-up, your blogs help A LOT!

    • Karen says:

      Hey Josie,

      First off, thanks to both you and your hubby for your service.

      As for Brothers, it’s is a very emotional movie, but there’s a sense of redemption and hope and the end, if that makes a difference.

      Oh, I’m so glad to hear that the blog’s helped you out with your makeup routine. πŸ™‚ What are your favorite products these days?

      • Josie says:

        Well, I don’t wear much makeup right now. I’m addicted to skincare products like Paula’s choice and Clinque . I usually do a little bare minerals and some Blink Mascara and Burt Bee’s chap-stick. But I am aspiring to do more. Just a little hesitant on the whole execution process. I always end up looking like clown face. I never tried any Mac makeup before so I’m just trying to figure out what kind of basics I will need. I love your complexion similar to my Cambodian skin tone, everything looks so awesome on you.

      • Karen says:

        I totally know what you mean. When I first started wearing makeup I felt very clown faced. Practice makes a big diff… just keep at it and soon you’ll get the techniques down pat. Oh, and maybe start with something easy, like tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, liner and a single shadow shade on the lid. πŸ™‚

  18. I was originally going to go shopping with my friends, but ended up stuck in bed with killer cramps all day. I’m off to watch whatever light chick flick I can find right now, but I do remember hearing good things about that movie. Music is such good therapy, you should watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mPvqpVWxkQ I’ve been listening to it over and over again for the past 2 weeks πŸ™‚
    .-= makeup morsels’s last blog post… Who Likes Purple Lips? =-.

  19. yiota says:

    Oh yes! I just remembered.. I was wondering about buying a foundation/tinted moisturizer.. Which one is the best from the drugstore?
    Thank youu!

  20. Karen says:

    I’m brainstorming questions for tomorrow’s Monday Poll and am coming up with nada!

    Do you have a question (or questions) that you would work for the poll?!

  21. Doreen says:

    Oh man, I REALLY want to see brothers! I wanted to see it once it came out, but somehow I forgot. Those three are basically some of my favorite actors, ever.
    Right now I’m on a superhero movie kick—I can’t wait to rewatch The Dark Knight again with my next-door neighbor (literally; we live next to each other in our dorm), and I really want to watch Watchman. I’m unsure about watching Iron Man 2 (I never watched the first), since I’m not that excited about RD Jr…but I want to see Gwyneth in action, LOL.
    Oh! Today, I FINALLY bought Shiseido Provence eyeshadow (a shimmery reddish lilac), as I’ve been eyeing it for FOREVER. It’s super gorgeous. And I’m really glad I was able to find a yellow-based nude in MAC Freckleton lipstick, too. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      You’re so lucky you can wear reddish purples! I can’t always pull ’em off, but I want to because they’re so pretty.

      Ya know, I ended up really liking both of the Iron Man movies. Give ’em a try! They’re quite entertaining and RDJ does a fantastic job of bringing the character to life.

      • Doreen says:

        Ahaha thanks! I definitely consider myself lucky sometimes—especially because purple is my favorite color. I have a neutral-warm coloring, so overly warm or cool shades look pretty bad on me, but I can pull off warm purples pretty well.

        Wow, thanks for the rec, Karen! Right now, all the movies that I’ll willingly watch are action, animated, or comedy films, which closes me off from a lot of famous classics, like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or The Godfather. Although I definitely want to watch those sometime, I’m more concerned with catching Prince of Persia this summer!

  22. Kate & Zena says:

    Older movies or movies that are in theatres? I’m not much of a theatre person (too many people and you can’t press pause when you have to go pee) but I’m a big movie watcher too.

    Here are some of my favorite films (very incomplete obviously):
    1. My Neighbor Totoro (I have the ending song in my head.Then you’ll be with Totoro, totoro! Totoro, totoro…okay, I’m done)
    2. Any Miyazaki film for that matter (Ponyo is 10x cuter in it’s original language with the original Japanese to English translation aka, Subtitle 2 or the second English one. I hate Lasseter’s translations! He and I need a serious tete-a-tete)
    3. Pan’s Labyrinth (aka El Laberinto del Fauno)
    4. Moulin Rouge!
    5. Ice Age (SCRAT!!!!!)
    6. What about Bob?
    7. Marie Antoinette (the one with Kirsten Dunst)
    8, Confessions of a Shopaholic
    9. The Devil Wears Prada
    10. Memoirs of a Geisha
    11. The Red Violin (subtitles is a must)
    12. Roman Holiday (with the fabulous Audrey Hepburn)
    13. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

    and I’ve run out of titles in my brain. Where’s my DVD collection when I need it?

    And Zena says hello. She begged profusely from the floor when I made Italian herbed chicken, spaghetti and garlic bread (okay, I took a baguette and made a garlic sauce thing. My dad inhales them). She wasn’t satisfied with her bit o’ spaghetti.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Kate! I still haven’t seen 11, 10, 6, 2 and 1 so those are going on my list.

      Your dinner sounds delish, btw. Sooo hungry right now…

      Give Zena a snuggle for me. πŸ™‚

      • Kate & Zena says:

        Ohmigod, you haven’t seen What About Bob?? That is, like, my mom’s and my favorite disorder movie (A Beautiful Mind, while nice and a tear-jerker, cannot beat What About Bob). It’s so funny! We watch it maybe twice a year so it doesn’t lose it’s hilarity.

        I’ll have to send you the recipe for them tomorrow. Be warned–you may get hooked. I made it for the first time a month or two ago and I swear we have it weekly. My 12-inch skillet gets lots of abuse. πŸ™‚

        Zena sends a sneeze and two kisses in reply. It appears she has allergies. She also gave Mr. Sheep a complete lobotomy and heart extraction so she’ll be needing a Mr. Sheep Jr. I can’t sew his cranium back on; the edges are too ragged. She can’t ever just keep one two surgery free, can she?

      • noemii says:

        I read through these . Is that weird ? I feel really nosy but I have really bad insomnia . I hope you don’t mind ..
        But Hayao Miyazaki is freaking amazing. If you haven’t seen any of his films, you really must. Right now I’m actually watching one of his films “Kiki’s Delivery Service.”
        Watching foreign films in its original form with subtitles is a must ! My personal favorite by him is Howl’s Moving Castle followed by Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke and everything else . All of them are incredible except Castle In the Sky (for me it’s a bit boring).
        Elle and Dakota Fanning do the voice overs for the sisters in the movie My Neighbor Totoro and i think they did a great job at it . Elle is so adorable (have you seen Phoebe in Wonderland? not necessarily a cute movie but a good one nonetheless. She is so pretty !) and Dakota is an amazing actress . I always watch both dubbed and original versions of foreign films ..unless they’re really bad . Like in Howl’s Moving Castle ..you have to listen to Christian Bale for a line or two.. He sounds like a creeper ! But honestly, it’s Really bad.
        And the book Memoirs of Geisha is a good read if you haven’t read it. I also really liked the movie . I think you’ll like it ! But then, i have an affinity for Asian culture and films .
        I think a movie question is in order for tomorrow’s Monday Poll …

        • Doreen says:

          Oh man! I was scrolling down to the bottom of the page when Totoro caught my eye! Karen, Miyazaki films are complete must-see’s—I haven’t seen Ponyo yet (I WILL!), but I can say that Spirited Away and Totoro are simply amazing. I remember seeing them when I was young(er), and both films are just completely bursting with creativity and wonderful pastel-y colors. It really makes me thankful that I am able to witness such creativity and talent.

        • Kate & Zena says:

          I liked the dubbing for Howl’s actually; it’s spot on translation (go Pete Doctor!) and the actors actually gave emotion and weren’t just reading the lines or sounding deranged (coughSpirited Awaycough). If you ever read the book Howl is based off of (Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones), Howl is a) a creep and b) the biggest drama queen you’ll ever meet. Christian Bale hit the nail on the head with Howl.

          I have a personal ppeve towards Lasseter’s translations and his actor choices. The actors never sound like they’re in the moment and the translation stinks. For example, in the original voice overs in Ponyo, one of the cutest things is that Sosuke calls his mom “Lisa” and his dad “Koichi” and he’s hysterical and screams (whilst crying) when he finds his mom isn’t in the car. It’s completely heart breaking when you hear Sosuke cry. Lasseter translated it and Sosuke says “Mom” and “Dad” and does standard actor crying in that scene. It’s nowhere near as cute or real.

          In Spirited, Lasseter changed a word that completely changed the intensity and meaning of the film (gods vs. souls). In Totoro, Elle Fanning cannot cry like the Japanese actress so it sounded fake and again, words were changed that changed the meaning of the film. I cannot watch films translated by Lasseter in English. I’m a huge Japan fan (anime, manga, and Miyazaki fan!) and if Lasseter were the Japan loving and Miyazaki fan he says he is, he’d do what Pete Doctor did with Howl–nearly spot on translation (and the changes he made didn’t impact the meaning or impact of the film), fantastic voice actors (Jean Simmons and Billy Crystal, loooooooooooove) and keeping the integrity of the film. Howl is the only film I can watch in English without gagging. Fox did it so much better when they originally brought Kiki, Castle, Totoro, and Grave of the Fireflies over to the States.

          That’s just my two pence. I’ve heard a lot of bad dubbing of Japanese animated series (aka anime) and a lot of good dubbing. Pete Doctor, yes!; John Lasseter, no. Sorry for the extraordinarily long comment. I had to get onto my soapbox for a minute.

          • noemii says:

            John Lasseter doesn’t do the actual translations does he? He has a translator, right ? I don’t care who releases Miyaziki’s films as long as they do it. And yes, i have read the book Howl’s Moving Castle is based off of . I don’t have any problem with his character i actually think he’s hilarious . But Christian Bale sounded far too creepy and monotonous for my liking . Sitting for lectures is bad enough . But the movie is just phenomenal otherwise, dubbed or otherwise .
            Generally all dubs are horrible so they don’t bother me as long as the subtitles are done well in the original version . I mostly just listen to the dub version when I want to listen to the movie while I am doing something else . Oh and if you’ve watched Ponyo on DVD you may have noticed that they have two different English translations ! It’s ridiculous . I think they realized what you pointed out about the mistranslations . Check it out ! I’m not sure if they corrected what you pointed about Sosuke calling his mom and dad “Mom” and “Dad” instead of Lisa and Koichi, but i think they did . I hated hearing them say Sosuke in English ..it killed me . They should have just done it right the first time . I love it when kids are able to call their parents by their first name . It’s so liberating .
            Japanese anime generally has the most obnoxious voices to listen to but the dubs are so much worse ! Original versions are the way to go . I really wish they just released foreign films merely with subtitles ..but with bigger films like this being widely released around the country people are too lazy to read or can’t because of their age as with Ponyo being directed towards a younger audience . I didn’t go to the theatre to watch Ponyo because I really dreaded watching it dubbed .
            What makes Hayao Miyazaki even more amazing to me is how he can make a film based on a book and it turns out incredibly well ! Not many directors can do that anymore . His attention to detail blows me away . Not many are on par with his storytelling .
            I didn’t mind reading your comment [even if it wasn’t directed to me] but it was interesting to read .

  23. Lee says:

    Hey just wondering if anyone can help me, i need ideas 4 what 2 store my makeup in lol

    I have a medium size beauty case but it just doesnt fit everything πŸ™ so ive got all different bags full of makeup and beauty supplies lol and its hard 2 go through them all when im looking 4 something in particular lol
    I also have alot of shelves in my wardrobe stacked with beauty stuff, but i want something i can pretty much put everything in, apart from the things i use often which will stay on my shelves πŸ™‚

    Any ideas? what do u guys use 4 beauty cases? theyre pretty expensive here 2 buy the pro ones

    • yiota says:

      You can go on youtube and search Makeup Collection.. i know there are quite a few makeup gurus that have done a video on that and they have a lot of makeup so you can see how they store it
      I just store mine in a little storage box i got at walmart with 3 little drawers and sections at the top to hold my brushes !

  24. smAshley says:

    Aaack, I bought a really cute dress today: http://www.billabong.com/girls/global/files_blog/blog_219_img_4_md.jpg
    but I don’t have a strapless bra to go under it. I tried the chicken cutlet things but I sweat a lot so the I’m afraid the adhesive might melt! I’m extremely flat (32A) so this dress doesn’t really flatter my petite frame much but aside from that, are there any other ladies like me that have the same issue with strapless bras for small chests but have a solution?? I’m looking for a really really good strapless bra to go with any strapless dress! Heeeelp please ><!

    • Lee says:

      try a strapless bra that curves down in between the cups and doesnt go straight across the top of the cups, if u get what i mean lol and u can buy material chicken fillets lol not the plasticy ones, these ones r meant 2 sit inside the bra to fill out better, angle them inside the bra so theyre at the outer side of the boob and slanted at like 45 degrees ( ur boob not the chicken one lol ) this should make u look a bit bigger and give some nice cleavage πŸ™‚ and cos theyre just material pillow thingys theyre not heavy so they dont drop the strapless bra down and u still get lift

  25. pia says:

    Hi Karen,

    Reading your blog is one of my fave past activities (who am I kidding, I read your blog at work, when I seriously need to work :D), your posts always make me chuckle. I could definitely picture you signing off copies of your novels in the bookstore looking fabulous! I also admire all the pictures you had in your posts, like the one in this open thread. Where did you get all those lovely pictures? Did you purchase them from the sites that sell images or did you copy them off after browsing through pictures? How much time did it take you do Tab’s pictures on some of your posts? And what programs did you use? Thanks to your reply!
    .-= pia’s last blog post… Somekind of Safety Blanket =-.

  26. Amanda M says:

    HaHa…I knew both definitions of the word Nelson without even looking because 1) I lived through the whole early 90’s glam rock thing and 2)I have 2 younger brothers!

    Music is my therapy too! As for movies, my hubby and I don’t get out to the theatre all that often-the last movie we saw in the theatre was Alice in Wonderland, and we watched The Blind Side the other week on DVD. We are planning to see Iron Man 2 and Shrek 4 in the theatre though!

    I will now have Love and Affection and After the Rain running through my head all day!

  27. Chibu74 says:

    Hi Karen,

    First of, I love, love, love ur blog…..i love that you are so bubble and cheerful

    I am 4″11 in height, any tips on how to make me look a little tall (what kinda dresses should i wear)? I hate to wear heels.

    Hope you are doing good today :)…have a wonderful week ahead

  28. Nina says:

    Uh oh missed it again! πŸ™

  29. Ms. B says:

    I’m totally late to the party but just wanted to say that I LOVED “Brothers” as well. I swear.. you can’t go wrong with having Tobey, Natalie, and JAKE in one movie.

    Hope you have a lovely week Karen!

  30. Scientific Housewife says:

    I saw Brothers and thought it was pretty good. Tobey did a fantastic job of being totally insane but I wasn’t completely crazy about Jake’s character.

    I saw Nine and Sherlock Holmes this weekend and liked them both, I have so many movies to catch up on!

  31. Kat says:

    I pretty much pulled an all-nighter, and not on purpose. It totally sucks! There isn’t enough Laura Mercier concealer in the world to erase these dark circles today. I’m trying to power through because I have to work, but I think more caffeine may be needed! I have so much to do today! I wonder how long I can go before I start hallucinating?

    Do you ever have those nights where you just can’t shut off your thoughts? I need an off/on switch installed.

    I’m super excited to see Robin Hood. Gladiator is one of my all time favorite movies, so I’m really psyched to see another historical epic staring Mr Crowe. I LOVE historical epics.

    • lexi says:

      Russell Crowe is definitely one of my husband’s Man-Crushes (right before Brad Pitt) so I know he wants to see Robin Hood too but he’s got the tough decision btw picking that movie or Iron Man 2

      oh DECISIONS!!

  32. Em C says:

    Good Morning! Just a quick question. I recently bought a matte highlighting powder from Mary Kay. Where exactly are you supposed to use highlighter? I was putting it just above my cheekbones after I had already applied my blush, but the powder would turn my cheeks white!! What am I doing wrong?

  33. lexi says:

    Thank god for the open thread

    Okay what’s worse – having to listen to someone’s loud ass boombox on the Bart train or having to listen to someone sing really off-key while they are listening to their iPod?? If you can sing acapella like Alicia Keys fine otherwise please shut up!! Maybe it was because it’s a Monday morning and I didn’t have my coffee just yet!

    okay I got my highlights done over the weekend and now I’m obsessed with bronzer and lip glosses. I need to stop the madness! I guess I need to feel some light and warmth somewhere because it’s not going to be found here in the cold gloomy SF bay area!!

  34. Sara says:

    I’m looking for a good lipstain–any suggestions? I’ve tried Covergirl’s, but it was just okay. Oh, and the brand doesn’t matter (drugstore or high-end).

  35. DLA in OKC says:

    Question, Karen. As much as I’m loathe to admit it,. I usually put on eyeshadow with a sponge-tip applicator. It just feels like it pulls a bit much, though. Would I be happier using brushes? I do blend with a small, rounded brush. What would you recommend?

  36. styleezta says:

    karen: have you seen 500 days of summer???
    .-= styleezta’s last blog post… Weekly Update: London =-.

  37. Myra says:

    hi, karen
    i’m a “lurker” of ur blog (the good lurker)…

    anywho, i agree that u can’t go wrong with this triumvirate in a movie…saw The Other Boleyn Girl with Natalie Portman in it and I must say that this girl has great promises…

    good luck on ur blog and i will continue to lurk πŸ™‚

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