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Dear Diary,


And a merry Christmas was had by all, especially me! I got so spoiled this year… Well, I get spoiled every year, but this year I got gifts I’ve never even seen before, things that go way beyond the usual catnip and play toys.

I’m a little confused as to what many of the items are, to be honest, and there are no pictures of cats on any the packaging, which strikes me as unusual… There are, however, lots of pictures of babies, which I’m assuming was a technical oversight. Perhaps I was booked that day, as were my kitty modeling colleagues, so the photographers had to settle for babies.




So many cool clothes! I guess my coworkers must know how much I love fashion. I think I may have some trouble with the fit, and the color palette seems unusually…pink. I mean, I’m not afraid of pink, but there’s just a lot of it.

I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to button up or zip these things, but I’ll figure it out.






I also received what appears to be a cat carrier, which I’m very excited about. Time will tell how it impacts the employer-employee pet assistant relationship, because it clearly blurs the lines a little, but if it improves my performance during company meetings, then sure, my assistant can carry me around. I’ll give it a go.




Lastly, this interesting safety contraption for what I’m assuming will be the new corporate limo (I haven’t checked out front yet, so it’s probably parked out there).

It has an interesting design… Lots of buckles.





I appreciate that my coworkers want to keep me safe. Obviously, they understand the importance of this body. It did, after all, build the Tabs the Cat Industries LLC empire, so we need to keep it safe at all times.

OK, Diary, I’m going to go play with my loot now. Talk to you later.

Love ya,



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  1. Chelsea says:

    Oooh, Tabs, so many good things! Love how a lot of your new clothing has pictures of kitties on it. So silly that babies are pictured on the packaging for some of the things though instead of kitties!

    I got some pink jammies with sheep on them for Christmas that I’m sporting right now.

  2. Tulipthecat says:

    Tulip loves sitting in the car seat. It’s one of her favorite napping places.

  3. Those strange human babies… They don’t make good models the way kitties – and especially Tabbies – do!
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  4. I bet the new clothing will look adorable on Tabs!
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  5. Kimmwc03 says:

    That was adorable. Thanks for sharing, Karen!

  6. kellly says:

    too adorable!

  7. Nikia says:

    Congratulations on the little mini me! I thought you were having a boy, you’re actually having a Girl!! Omg!! I am so happy for you.. awwwwww! I know she’s going to be spoiled! 🙂

  8. Mitzi says:

    Tabs would look fab in everything – carrier, clothes, and that new crib – I mean, catbed! Those little (paw) booties would be awesome to wear, too. Must keep the paws soft and protected, ya know. 🙂

  9. Rachel R. says:

    Tabs, I think you would absolutely rock those pink pajamas.

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