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21 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Fabulous Feline

A carefully curated collection of fine gifts for your favorite feline overloard!

Dear Friends, Feline Fans and Pet Assistants,

Love is in the air, and I’m fee-line the spirit (haha)! love


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I presume you’ve already given much careful thought to the gifts (note the plural use of the word) you intend to bestow upon your favorite feline.

But if you haven’t, well, I’m sure you have a good reason. Maybe your furry, feline overlord has been keeping you busy. It happens…and that’s where I can help.

I’ve carefully curated the following list of feline gift ideas. With a wide variety of cards, clothing, home decor, toys, accessories and jewelry here for almost any budget, there should be something to please even the most discriminating kitties.

As always, all my love,


1. Valentine’s Day Cat Glasses, $10

15 Heart Shaped Sunglasses for Cats

For when the future’s so bright, your cat’s gotta wear shades. Available now at the NotsoKittyShop Etsy Shop.

2. Valentine Catnip Wool Cat Toy, $8

19 Valentine Catnip Wool Cat Toy
These colorful felted organic balls come packed with premium catnip. Available now at the Three Sassy Sisters Etsy Shop.

3. Because I Love You! Cat and Heart Valentine Note Card, $3.50

5 Because I Love You Cat and Heart Note Card
For kitties with a sense of humour! Available now at the Geri Shields Etsy Shop.

4. You’re Purr-fect Card, $3.50

6 Youre Purr fect
Is your feline the cat’s meow? Let him or her know with this purr-fect card made with recycled paper. Available now at the MAN vs. George Etsy Shop.

5. Cat With a Heart Book Page Art, $10

4 CAT WITH A HEART Valentine Day Gift Valentine Art Book
Literary types may appreciate this up-cycled vintage dictionary page printed with a charming tabby cat playing with a heart. Available now at the Dog-Ear Prints Etsy Shop.

6. Handmade Cat Heart Valentine’s Day Pendant, $5

2 Cat Heart Pendant Valentines Day
A whimsical, glittery pendant that both you AND your kitty can wear. Available now at the Artsy Clay Etsy Shop.

7. Kittens V-neck T-shirt, $25

14 Kitties Love Heart Red Vneck Charcoal Black
A well-dressed, stylish assistant is a gift that keeps on giving. Show the world how devoted you are to your cat with this cute tee. Available now at the GNOME Enterprises Etsy Shop.

8. Cat With Heart iPhone 5 Case, $22

1 Cat With Heart iphone 5 Case
For the technologically advanced feline who loves fun style. Available now at the 2SmartCats Etsy Shop.

9. Catnip Toy Cat Heart Toy, $6.75

10 Catnip toy cat heart toy
A heart-shaped toy made with organic catnip, genius! Available now at the Bax Cat & Co Etsy Shop.

10. Custom Pink, Tan and Brown Hearts Cat Hoodie, $25

11 Custom Pink Tan and Brown Hearts Cat hoodie
This stylin’ hoodie keeps cold-climate kitties looking stylishly casual. Available now at the Gypsy Eyes Clothing Etsy Shop.

11. Cat Nap Pillow case Set, $32

20 Cat Nap Pillow case Set
Because really, we all know that it’s the cats, and not the humans, who really own the bed. Available now at the Xenoteex Etsy Shop.

12. Cute Tabby Cat Journal, $10

16 Cute Tabby Cat Journal
Give your cat a keepsake in which to share his deepest dreams and thoughts with this adorable journal. Available now at the Little Lark Etsy Shop.

13. My Cat Is My Valentine Cute Kitty Cat Stamped Cuff Bracelet, $18

Your feline will be tickled pink when you declare to the world that he/she is your Valentine with this made-to-order cuff bracelet. Available now at the Delicious Yoshi Etsy Shop.

14. Love My Cat Heart Charms in Silver Tone, $4.50

3 TierraCast Love My Cat Heart Charms in Silver Tone
For cats into PDA (public displays of adoration)! Available now at the Charm Emporium Etsy Shop.

15. Black Cats with Hearts Padded Laptop Case, $32.90

7 Laptop Case Black Cats with Hearts
This stylish and padded laptop case looks fabulously fetching against black fur. Available now at the Pink Oasis Etsy Shop.

16. Yellow Cat in Heart Pierced Dangle Earrings, $8.99

8 Yellow Cat in Heart Pierced Dangle earrings
Because it pleases your cat to see a picture of himself or herself dangling from your ears. Available now at the Tracy’s Needlework and Jewelry Etsy Shop.

17. Pottery Cat Heart Bowl, $15

9 Pottery Cat Heart Bowl
This one-of-a-kind heart-shape kitty bowl that’s dishwasher, microwave and food safe would be a lovely way to serve your cat his or her daily gravy. Available now at the Virginia Rose Studio Etsy Shop.

18. Cat Lady Word Heart Wooden Collar Clips, $16

12 Cat Lady Word Heart Wooden Collar Clips
Some kitties prefer their assistants to dress formally; upgrade your outfit with these collar clips. Available now at the Ladybird Likes Etsy Shop.

19. Cat Candy Hearts Valentine’s Day Card, $4

13 Cat Candy Hearts
The most purr-fect way to pampurr your cool cat! Available now at the PetScribbles Etsy Shop.

20. Cute Crochet Brown Shoulder Bag With Cross Stitch Cat Applique, $47

18 Cute crochet brown shoulder bag
A handmade crocheted bag to carry your cat’s gravy and snacks when you’re out on the go. Available now at the Craftasta Etsy Shop.

21. Cat Love Paper Garland, $10

21 Cat Love Paper Garland
Spice up your cat’s annual Valentine’s Day party with this paper garland. Available now at the HookedonArtsNCrafts Etsy shop.


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  1. Belle says:

    Hey Karen,
    I just wanted to say how much I love your blog, you have an amazing personality that really shines through in your posts. Love it!
    Love, Belle
    PS: I also think it’s fab that you post so often, I always look forward to reading your blog posts!

  2. Vali says:

    When I read your blog, I realise how much I miss my cat…

  3. Sarah says:

    Awww these are the cutest things ever!


    Sarah recently posted … The Versatile Blogger Award!

  4. Michelle says:

    Those are all great! You and Tabs are great at finding cool stuff that I don’t need but I want.

  5. Marla says:

    Ha! Hysterical. Love those kitty pics!

  6. Marina says:

    Those pillow cases!!! And pretty much everything else, you just gotta love kitties.
    Marina recently posted … Favourite Beauty Products of 2012: Body Care

  7. Sunny says:

    Ahhh I love it when you do posts like this one! I’m totally going to get the bracelet just to look even more like a crazy cat lady (as if the cat hair on my clothes doesn’t count)!
    Sunny recently posted … Beat the Monday Blues with Chanel Fascination Les 4 Ombres!

  8. isabella says:

    who is going to try to put their cat in the adorable hoodie, mine would run away, but she would be so cute

  9. NeenaJ says:

    Loved #2 so I went to the shop and fell in love with their “Birds of a Sweater”! Ordered them for my kitties’ birthday. Thanks, Karen, for authoring the most fun blog on the interwebs!

  10. BeckBeck says:

    Oh my goodness, the hoodie. My cat would absolutely refuse to wear it, but it’s ADORABLE.

  11. Meghan says:

    These are so cute! I want that bracelet so badly. I think I’m going to be looking on all of these sites for the rest of the day!
    Meghan recently posted … Face of the Night

  12. Those collar clips!! I’m not even a catlady, but I love them!
    Antonia at Swedish Love Affair recently posted … 39 weeks

  13. Steph says:

    That cat hoodie is so adorable! I think only a select few cats would tolerate it though!
    Steph recently posted … Life in Pictures vol. 01

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