Skin Survey Says: What Are the 3 Biggest No-Nos for Your Skin?

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Oh hai, bare skin!

Oh, hai, bare skin!

Mine are 1) not drinking enough water, 2) not getting enough sleep, and 3) eating too much junk food, and the two that really do me in are not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep.

When I forget to drink water throughout the day, or when I just don’t have a taste for it, my lips definitely pay the price. They get all flaky and dry, and my skin feels tight and doesn’t look as…plump as usual (I can really see it around my mouth, especially around the smile line area).


Sleep is the other big one for me. My dark circles look darker (UGH!), and I can see a general look of dull tiredness around my eyes.

I didn’t start putting these things together and realizing the consequences of my actions on my skin until I reached my 30s, where I also started to realize how food played a part. Like, when I’ve been eating a lot of salty foods, my face will look puffy the next day, or if I haven’t been eating my leafy greens and fruit, my skin starts to look duller and more…congested? For lack of a better word.

Nowadays, garbage in, garbage out. When I eat too much junk food, whether it’s too much fried food or not enough veg, I definitely see it in my skin, but it wasn’t always that way! I can’t lie, I kinda miss the days when I could have a huge mound of French fries with a vanilla shake at 3 o’clock in the morning after a night out clubbing and not even notice any difference at all in my skin.

Enjoy it while you can, kids!

How about you? What are your three biggest skin no-nos?

What Are the 3 Biggest No-Nos for Your Skin?

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  1. Eileen says:

    I can’t tolerate chemical sunscreens because they cause my skin to redden and appear pebbly and the pebble like texture can last for several days. It’s not allergy. It’s because they play havoc with my rosacea. I have to scrutinize the label of everything that goes on my face.

  2. Fun type of poll 🙂 My biggest no-nos are too little sleep, too much partying and drinking and not moisturizing enough.
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  3. Ruchita says:

    I am definitely bad about taking care of my skin before bed. I use a makeup remover wipe, but I need to actually wash my face. I got plenty of sleep on vacation, but it’s more difficult during the work week!

  4. Vanessa says:

    Changes in weather drive my skin nuts.

  5. Kirstin says:

    I have a terrible habit of “overtreating” my skin with too-harsh products & far too-frequent applications. Intellectually, I realize that I am doing nothing more than aggravating my skin & wasting products, but there’s always a bit of hope that an unwanted line, bump, spot, sag or otherwise heinous intruder will quickly disappear!

  6. Kristina Toto says:

    The top 2 for me are definitely not enough water ( tight, dull, and no glow) along with not enough sleep( yes Karen the dark circles and spots look darker!!! Awful. Although on you I can’t imagine not looking good you are so pretty and have beautiful skin) and my
    #3 other is the changing hormones since I turned 40!!! Damn hormones!!! My wonderful changr of hormones have caused me to get a nice cysts every other month which is totally new for me and I don’t like it! oh well bye bye 30s and great skin hello 40s and oh so many changes!!!

  7. Chelsea says:

    1. Using too harsh products! When I have a breakout, my initial instinct is a more foamy cleanser, acne treatments, acids, and lighter moisturizer, which all backfire on my delicate skin (especially benzoyl peroxide, AHAs in any strength, scrubs, alcohol). My skin likes ultra hydrating, soothing, gentle products without too many ingredients or actives. Which leads us to…

    2. Products that trigger allergies! Especially ~botanical~ type ingredients mess me up and cause bumps, hives, etc. “Natural” doesn’t mean good or beneficial for skin! You know what else is a botanical? Poison Ivy. I’m somewhat allergic to chamomile, which is in a bunch of things.

    3. Picking at my skin. It’s terrible, and not just at my face – I struggle with dermatillomania and OCD.

    Also, for the first two, I’m also prone to trying new products which is nearly always a bad idea. I need to stick to what works, because my skin is almost perfect when I do.

  8. Shannon says:

    I figured out last spring that I’m allergic to chemical sunscreens. Sigh! Goodbye, most BB creams and tinted moisturizers – hello, white cast of titanium dioxide (oh well, I guess I should be glad there are SOME sunscreens I can use). However, I’m glad that I finally figured it out. For YEARS I thought I had some weird-@ss allergy to the sun… until one wintery day I used some random spf 15 lotion on my legs and they broke out, just like my chest would in the summertime! Lightbulb moment 🙂 Stopping the use of products with chemical sunscreen helped clear up some of the more random breakouts I would have, so ultimately it’s a win.

  9. Christine says:

    1) The east coast winter. EXTREME COLD + DRY HEAT = dull, bleh, painful skin (on the rest of my body, especially my back where it’s hard to reach with moisturizer).

    2) Too much cleansing & washing. 1 deep cleanse in the evening with coconut oil to remove makeup followed by goat milk soap & wash cloth is it.

    I cannot tell how else my skin reacts to food or lack of sleep/water. But I can tell you my definite “yes-yeses”:

    1) Humidity. My skin glows and is spot-free in humidity (although such did not use to be the case; I was very acneic until my late 30s, then suddenly, NO SPOTS at all on face/back/chest).
    2) Exercise. My skin gets “pumped up” in the good way; it must be the respiration and blood circulation that gives it a good, glowing flush.

  10. Wearing too little /no sunscreen, eating junk food and hormones! They are what disrupts my skin the most, once a month and throughout the whole pregnancy.
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  11. Erin says:

    Not getting rest, not enough moisture, and I have a TON of allergies on my skin as well as internally! They all make my skin look like shite!
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  12. Chloe says:

    It’s sugar for me…
    If I eat chocolate or candy my skin breaks out :-‘(

  13. Heather L says:

    1. I’m an insomniac. Definitely don’t get enough sleep for my skin or overall health.
    2. Not taking the time for cleansing. Sometimes I’m so tired I just use a makeup wipe at night, and the morning I often skip doing anything. Some experts say washing the face 2 times a day dries it out too much, but I should at least rinse or use toner on it in the morning.
    3. No taking the time to take care of myself. I buy all kinds of serums, masks, and exfoliators but I don’t utilize them as much as I should. I’m good about moisturizer but I’d like to use these other products more often too. It feels so good when I do take the time, and it really seems to make a difference.

    AND bonus answer: I need to pet my kitty more! His soft fur makes my skin feel so good!

  14. breyerchic04 says:

    My other is spending too much time in an environment I’m not used to, like 3+ hours in the car with A/C or heat blasting at me, my skin is wrecked. I’m pretty good with sunscreen, and I moisturize religiously (i have a 4 day product rotation right now…) so it’s all about hydration and being careful with environment.

  15. Efrain says:

    I chose:

    1) Not drinking enough water

    2) Too much junk food (dairy and sugar)

    3) Too much partying/alcohol

    I didn’t choose not sleeping well but now I think I should. Also for me this kind of stuff comes in pairs specially at parties, because I drink alcohol, eat junk food and don’t sleep so probably one or two days after the party I end up with more pimples.

    I didn’t comment on yesterday poll 🙁 but it was first day at college and I came home at 8 pm when I got out at 7am.

  16. Lulle says:

    Junk food is clearly my enemy too… My other two biggest no-nos are:

    – facial scrubs. Just no, no, NO! I haven’t used a scrub since 2010 or so, and my skin thanks me every day. There are other, much more efficient and less harsh ways to exfoliate. Plus the micro-particles are bad for the environment.

    – this is a new one: clay masks. I used to be able to use them without any problem, but for the past year or so I’ve noticed that they suck the moisture out of my skin so badly that I end up with flaky areas on my forehead and nose, and it takes me weeks to get my skin back to normal. And I don’t have dry skin. Mud is okay but clay doesn’t work for me anymore!
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  17. Tracey E. says:

    1) Not geting enough sleep is the biggest one for me. My dark circles are darker, my eyes get puffy and red;
    2) The changing seasons – My face can breakout in high humidity and gets quite dry in very cold temps. I need to shift products to anticipate the seasons vs. reacting to the weather when it arrives;
    3) Wearing scented makeup or skincare products, or products/cosmetic lines new to me and not sampled first can cause my skin to break out at times.

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