Retro Roundup: One Year Ago on Makeup and Beauty Blog

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My Halloween Costume — Amy Winehouse

“I haven’t done big hair in about 15 years so I hope this massive bird’s nest on the top of my head stays put for the rest of the day…”


Makeup Tips from LA Fashion Week

“This year Smashbox sponsored the makeup. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, the flawless skin trend we saw at the San Francisco and New York shows was a big theme this year on the LA runways, too.”

Boots No. 7 Restore and Renew Beauty Serum

“Women all over the UK went buck wild after a program on the BBC, Professor Regan’s Beauty Handbook, showed scientifically that No. 7 Restore and Renew (known as ‘Protect & Perfect’ in the UK) repaired photo-aged skin and improved the fine wrinkles associated with photo aging. After the show aired, sales increased by nearly 2000%, with 13 bottles being sold every minute.”

MAC Artist Louise Zizzo Gives Tips for Working With Matte2 and Mattene

“The key is to make sure whenever you are using these shadows or any matte shadows is you need to make sure you have a nice powdery base to put them on, otherwise they will grab patchy. I really recommend using softer brushes to apply these like the #224 and gradually building up to the intensity you desire. Don’t press hard, use a light touch and these look absolutely amazing.”

Product Reviews: Bliss Snow Wonder Body Butter; Thinny Thin Chin; Jingle Bell Socks

“Bliss has got your turkey neck covered, gobble-gobble (totally kidding!), with Thinny Thin Chin, a light lotion designed to improve the appearance of neck lines and cleavage creases.”

Face of the Day with Mac Matte2, aka When Purple Doesn’t Reign

“Try as I might, I can’t seem to get it together when it comes to MAC’s Matte2 shadows. I’ve tried to do a full on matte eye a few times, but it’s just too hard for me in terms of blending. Plus, I need a lil’ sparkle and some shine, ya know?”

Makeup and Beauty Tips for Breast Cancer Patients: Staying Beautiful Inside and Out!

“Remember, life is worth every minute. You can choose your thoughts. Keep a positive attitude, and if there is any time to erase negativity in your life, it’s NOW. Choose to LOVE LIFE and never lose HOPE. Plus, when your kids see you love life and do good for others, they will be happier and will contribute more to this beautiful world in their lifetimes. As you go through this challenge, you will be amazed by your strength, courage, and stamina. You will also be amazed by the resilience of your body.”

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Gina says:

    you are too cute! love the lipcolor on you 🙂

    Gina´s last blog post..What I’ve Learned Today

  2. Ellery says:

    Aw, this means it’s almost been a year since I found your blog!

  3. Miss QQ says:

    Hi Karen. That picture is so funny and cute! 🙂 The big hair reminds me that I have a function this Saturday and the theme is Retro. I’ll be wearing a baby doll black dress with a big white plastic necklace. Any ideas how I can do my makeup?

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Gina,

    Thanks! That’s MAC Red Enriched Cremestick liner and MAC Dubonnet lipstick. 🙂

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Ellery,

    Awww… time goes by so fast, doesn’t it? Next thing ya know it’ll be Christmas and then New Year’s!

    How are things with you? Is your brother doing okay? And is Babycake still an only “child”?

  6. Karen says:

    Hi Miss QQ,

    I’m thinking a 60’s look would be cute. Thick cat liner, pale cheeks, and a pale, frosty lip!

  7. Linda says:

    Hi Karen,

    Just a quick question that doesn’t relate to this post, but I couldn’t find an ans for. What do you use or how do you clean your makeup brushes? Also, how do you store them? Thanks so much! I love your blog!! =)

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Katee,


  9. Karen says:

    Hi Linda,

    I like to use the MAC brush cleaner because it works quickly and easily to remove all the grime off my brushes:

    MAC Brush Cleaner

    You can also use a mix of Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo and water to clean them for a cheaper option.

    My brush storage is very unsexy, LOL. I just put them in old Bonne Maman jam/jelly jars. I like the shape of the jar and the font on label.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  10. Dao says:

    Hi Karen,

    Everytime I go to Target, I pick up Restore and Renew then put it down. Does it work for you? I think I need to jump into the anti-aging bandwagon before it’s too late.

  11. Sylvie says:

    Seriously I’ve really been reading your blog for more than a year?! Oh wow what happened between then and now?

  12. Glosslizard says:

    I remember that!

    What are you being this year? I’m just throwing on a black dress with a cheap-o spiderweb cape that I found at Long’s and then drawing a spiderweb across my face with MUFE eye pencil! Good enough for an appearance at the elementary school! 😀

  13. Almira says:

    Hey you look just like her! Except darker and less drug-addicted =3

    Almira´s last blog post..Beauty tip No. 8: Goth Edition!

  14. Amanda says:

    I remember these! 🙂

    just catching up on comments–thanks for so much asking about Maggie. She is actually doing better this week, and seems happy overall. So *I’ve* (mostly) had a better week. I still have bouts of super sadness/freak-outs/question if I’m doing the right thing, etc. It’s just hard having a “senior” pet (if you are like me and treat them like children, LOL).

  15. Laura B says:

    That almost-Matte2 eye look is super sweet. Think I may crack some mattes out for what’s left of fall…feels suspiciously like winter here in the UK. Sigh.

  16. Ellery says:

    I know, right?

    I’m doing well, I’m excited to do my alien makeup for Halloween! My brother’s fine, the crash didn’t hurt him or his friend, and unfortunately yes, my dad keeps saying he’s too busy to take me. :[

    How about you?

  17. jessica says:

    You look like pre-crack Amy Winehouse– in order to look like the current one, you’d need to smudge your liner all over, draw dark shadows under your eyes, be deathly pale, make your hair ginormous, draw tracks on your forearms, draw a tattoo on your bicep, and stumble around, babbling crazy things in an English accent. Wow–I just realized how over the top Amy is…

  18. Marisol says:

    You make a great Amy Winehouse!

    Marisol´s last blog post..TILT 10.30.08

  19. Karen says:

    Hi Dao,

    I used the Boots serum but didn’t notice any significant changes. It’s never to early to start an anti-aging program. I’m a huge fan of sunscreen (OMG, on your neck, too!) and of BHA’s so far. I think I’m going to start a retinol soon, just because in the past six months I feel like I’ve aged like five years!

  20. Karen says:

    Hi Sylvie,

    Glad to say we’ve known each other for a year… wow, time flies!

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Glosslizard,

    LOL! 🙂 I think I’m just going to throw on some crazy makeup and wear all black. If I can find my butterfly wings I’ll throw those on, too. Shoot, maybe if I can also find my cat ears I’ll put those on as well! I had a feather boa sitting around here… hmmm!

    What are Les Imps dressing up as this year?

  22. Karen says:

    Hi Almira,

    Ha! I really think she’s talented. I just hope she gets back on track and starts taking care of herself!

  23. Karen says:

    Hi Amanda,

    🙂 Gosh, I can’t believe it’s already been a year. I still remember *writing* those posts!

    I’m glad to hear Maggie is doing better. It’s very frightening to have a sick pet, especially when they are getting older and you know that there are decisions to be made. Big hugs to you both.

  24. Karen says:

    Hi Laura B.,

    Oh thanks! It’s feeling suspiciously like winter here, too. Where did my fall sunshine go?

  25. Karen says:

    Hi Ellery,

    Nice! I hope your alien makeup turns out flawless! Glad to hear that your brother is okay. I guess Babycake will have to wait for her new friend!

    Things are okay on this end. Today I’m feeling quite relaxed (first time in like a month), although I’m still pretty sad/worried/stressed about some family stuff. Tonight should be fun though. I’m not doing anything big, just going to dinner with a friend, but it’ll be nice to just get out of the house, you know?

    Do you have any Halloween plans?

  26. Karen says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Yeah, she’s way OTT. I hope she goes to rehab!

  27. Karen says:

    Hi Marisol,

    Aww, thanks! What are you doing for Halloween?

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