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You might be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

Well, it isn’t exactly a poll. It’s more of a constantly evolving (devolving?), somewhat random list of questions I’ve been putting out to readers every Monday morning for the past NINE (!) years. (It’s like a kickstart for your brain.) I’ve always enjoyed reading your answers in the comments, and I hope you enjoy reading mine. 🙂

Lists within a list! Thought we’d try something a little different today…


List three pieces of makeup you used this morning

List three things you’d do if you had three full days to yourself in Paris

  • Eat ALL OF THE CARBS with reckless abandon (and then burn them off walking all over the city)
  • I’d also wake up early to get a jump on my day wandering through shops and neighborhoods with my camera and my curiosity. 🙂
  • Buy a perfume (one I couldn’t by in the U.S.) to remind myself of the trip

Speaking of perfumes…list three perfumes that you currently wear (or wore at one time)

  • YSL Yves Saint Laurent Paris — My first “grownup” perfume. I wore it all through my senior year in high school.
  • Byredo Gypsy Water — Current go-to favorite for the last couple years
  • Clinique Happy — This one reminds me of my first job out of college tutoring 5-12 year olds in math and reading.

Three things that drive you absolutely nuts

  • By no means am I a grammar guru, because I know I make mistakes ALL THE TIME, but when I go on social media and see people who seemingly don’t care that there’s a difference between which/witch (OMG!), they’re/their and you’re/your, I want to bite down on my fist.
  • Grown-@ss adults who cut in line. Like, really?
  • Core exercises…but that’s mostly because I have no core muscles, LOL!

Three small joys for which you’re grateful

  • Moisturizer — My skin is hella dry, yo!
  • Water bottles — Otherwise, I’d just be walking around thirsty all day long.
  • This song by Charli XCX, which is currently stuck in my head…

Good morning, sunshine! Here, I brought you a treat, ’cause it’s Monday, and Mondays are good days for treats. *hands you a chocolate croissant* How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

I stuck close to home because after the trip to Tahoe last week, I wanted to just chill in my cave in my PJs.

Isn’t that funny about vacation? When you get back from a trip, all you want to do is relax and recover from the trip? (I’ve found that this is doubly true when you travel with a baby.)

It’s gonna be a hot one here today, so I’m trying to get as much done as I can done before noon.

Here’s a funny thing about living in the Bay Area: It usually gets really, really hot here in early fall. Today is supposed to be one of the hottest days of the year (100 degrees, OMG!), and we don’t have air conditioning, so if you need me…I’ll be sitting a foot away from a very large fan with a Starbucks Pink Drink in my hand.

Have a good one, my friend. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Ooooh this is fun, I love lists 🙂

    List three pieces of makeup you used this morning: MAC Quite Yummy Soft Serve Shadow, Sephora Lip Balm and NYX HD Finishing Powder.

    List three things you’d do if you had three full days to yourself in Paris: Stealing you first two ideas and adding hit Sephora to the list.

    Speaking of perfumes…list three perfumes that you currently wear (or wore at one time): Missoni, Zadig & Voltaire This is Her and Tommy Hilfiger The Girl.

    Three things that drive you absolutely nuts: Traffic jams/slow traffic, lines (as in waiting lines) and people or appointments running late.

    Three small joys for which you’re grateful: Chocolate, long weekends and pizza. Preferable all at the same time.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | A-DERMA Exomega Emollient Cream, Dermalibour+ Repairing Cream and Epitheliale A.H Ultra-Repairing Cream

  2. Chris25 says:

    Three makeup items: Colourpop Lost lipstick, Buxom mascara, Revlon Berry Rich blush.

    Three things I would do in Paris: visit pharmacies and stock up on French skincare and Bourjois makeup, visit Cathedral of Notre Dame, visit Versailles Palace.

    Three perfumes I have worn: Nest Indigo, Miss Dior, Lancome Tresor.

    Three things that drive you nuts: arrogance, people who block the doors on subway trains, people who walk shoulder to shoulder with their friend and take up the whole sidewalk.

    Three small joys you’re grateful for: my tablet, this blog (and Karen and Tabs by default!), Ting grapefruit soda.
    Chris25 recently posted … Review: Ciate London Liquid Velvet Moisturizing Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Chatterbox and Pin Up

  3. Jennifer says:

    List three pieces of makeup you used this morning: Dior Capture Totale Dream Skin, Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Blissful and Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine. (I woke up feeling really beautiful and wanted a super minimal look, pretty rare for me). I credit God, Sunday Riley and yoga.

    List three things you’d do if you had three full days to yourself in Paris: go to museums and beauty shops, take photographs and eat pastries!

    Speaking of perfumes…list three perfumes that you currently wear (or wore at one time):
    Currently wearing Nirvana (white) by Elizabeth and James.
    In my teens I wore Liz Claiborne,
    In my early 30’s I wore Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

    Three things that drive you absolutely nuts:
    Typos on the internet. If it’s a blog or a company I love, I always email them to let them know, because I would want to know. It irks me even more when I get no response. Or, if they fix it and I still get no response.
    Store clerks who can’t deal with my RBF (resting bitch face) I’ve got it and I’m not going to apologize for it. I’m not going to paste on a fake smile while I’m focused on perusing store shelves/aisles. If you can’t deal, take a Valium or don’t look at me.
    People who text while driving. It’s so incredibly dangerous. No one should have to lose a loved one because you can’t pull over to use your phone.

    Three small joys for which you’re grateful: espresso right on my way to work, nail polish, my phone. (these are small joys to me. I thought of more but they were biggies)
    Jennifer recently posted … My 3 Most Useful Kitchen Appliances + Tell Me Yours!

  4. kiwikiwidragon says:

    Oi, don’t know how you do it with out AC. I detest being inside and sweaty. Then again I live in Florida where we only get “winter” for 2 months at most.

  5. Jaclyn levy says:

    You forgot the copy paste list, Karen! Haha. I copied the questions from another commenter.

    Three makeup items:
    1. Avon brow powder
    2. NYX eyeliner
    3. Mabeline mascara

    Three things I would do in Paris: 1.visit all the art museums.
    2. Buy bread, wine, cheese, olives, and those fancy deli meats to picnic in an open space with lots of people watching.
    3. Go clubbing.

    Three perfumes I have worn:
    1. Blue by Dolce and Gabbaba
    2. All the magazine samples I rip out and save including men’s. I like wearing men’s cologne best.
    3. Deodorant. Haha

    Three things that drive you nuts:
    1. Willful ignorance and hypocrisy.
    2. Advertising to women using “negging.” I find it extremely damaging and demeaning.
    3. Being misunderstood.

    Three small joys you’re grateful for:
    1. My children’s laughter
    2. Going braless in public.
    3. Irish black tea

  6. Efrain says:

    List three pieces of makeup you used this morning: In fact I only used four products so I’ll list them, Bissú face powder, Bissú eyeshadow as brow powder, ELF blush in Flushed (it’s the first one I hit pan on a blush) and L.A. Colors Chunky lip pencil in Créme brûlée.

    List three things you’d do if you had three full days to yourself in Paris: buy all the French pharmacy products I want/need, eat all the French food I can and make out with some handsome French guys.

    Speaking of perfumes…list three perfumes that you currently wear (or wore at one time): I currently wear Zara Denim (in normal and intense version) and I used to use Guerlain Vetiver.

    Three things that drive you absolutely nuts: when bus drivers go slow to get more passengers, when my sister acts like a typical teenager and classes where you don’t really learn a lot but asked you a lot of stuff.

    Three small joys for which you’re grateful: my family (I may fight with them but they’re there for me), sunshine (summer and fall are so rainy here) and dancing (I’m practicing my twerking).

    This weekend I went to Fortin de las Flores a little city where part of my family lives, it was for an ill relative but at least I ate a lot.

    Also on Friday I went to a job interview and now I’ll do all the paperwork.

    Have a nice Monday Karen!

  7. Erin says:

    Morning Makeup: Nothing today!


    I’d go to the Musee d’Orsay one day

    I’d go to The Rodin Musee another day

    I’d go back to the Louvre to see the things I missed the first time that were out for restoration.

    Of course food and walking would be at the top of my list. I like going during fashion week as there is lots of opportunity to see celebs and great street style. You can even catch an impromptu show or some of the smaller designers that do outdoor shows.

    Perfumes: Tom Ford Vert d’Ecenes, Commodity Gold, and oddly enough a perfume I picked up in Paris on my last trip there that you can’t get in the USA 🙂

    Drive me nuts: People wanting something for nothing, lack of spellcheck or grammar check before sending something electronic, and lipgloss my hair gets stuck in. Obvs the list is longer than that but that’s the last 24 hours for me, lol.

    Little Blessings: The coral sunrise I saw this morning, my cup of Tazo Joy tea this morning, and the medication I’m about to ingest!

    My weekend was not good starting on Friday morning all the way through, lots of little things, personal struggles, illness, and car trouble. I’m trying to put it behind me and hopefully this flu clears up today or at least lightens up enough for me to get some housework done.
    Erin recently posted … Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream

  8. Chelsea says:

    Three makeup items:
    1. Glossier Boy Brow in blond
    2. NYX BB cream recommended by a burlesque friend
    3. CoverGirl Lashblast Fusion mascara in brown

    Three things I would do in Paris:
    1. go to the Musée d’Orsay (never made it there in my previous trips)
    2. Go to the Musée Kluny (my favorite museum)
    3. Speak French

    Three perfumes I have worn:
    1. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet
    2. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre
    3. Dior Addict Shine (purchased during my first trip to Paris)

    Three things that drive you nuts:
    1. People practicing aerial arts unsafely
    2. Screeching
    3. When your sock rolls down your foot into the arch

    Three small joys you’re grateful for:
    1. Bunny kisses
    2. Chocolate
    3. Sheet masks

  9. Tatiana says:

    Three makeup pieces. Nothing. Went for an early run/walk (to avoid that 100 heat today), so I had on 1.)Shiseido SPF50. 2)Used Tatcha Camellia cleansing oil to remove it, then 3) Pixi Glow Tonic. Proceeded with normal serums and moisturizers.
    Three things in Paris.
    1) Get a facial
    2) Walk every street in every arrondissement, taking photos of stuff I like.
    3) Visit la Musée d’Orsay, Musée Marmottan Monet, and Musée de l’Orangerie.
    Three perfumes.
    1)Guerlain Mitsouko, 2)Amouage Jubilation 25, 3)Parfumerie General Bois Naufrage. I could go on. I love perfume even more than makeup.
    Three Things Drive Me Nuts.
    You don’t want to get me going on this list. But seriously, self absorbed, texting, on their phones, so they don’t pay attention bay area drivers. Grrrr.
    Three Small Joys
    1) Nora kitty when she’s on me, purring and kneading.
    2) Giving Dear Husband a hug and kiss every time he’s about to leave the house and every time he comes home.
    3) Color. I know it’s weird, but I love color. Eyeshadow, lipstick, paints, pencils, crayons, pastels, fabric, flowers in bloom, the sky, etc. I marvel at all the colors in the world.
    Not looking forward to another hot day today. At least I have A/C. Hoping it cools down by the weekend because I really want to drive out past Sacramento to check on my horse. And I’m just ready for fall weather. Sweaters, scarves. Colorful trees, cool crisp breezes. Kids getting dressed up for Halloween. Yup. Autumn is my favorite season.

  10. Michelle ComesLast says:

    Let’s see,
    Chanel’s Bonheur, Coppertone oil free faces sunscreen, and PTR’s Sleeping Mask (getting over a bug and I look like it, lol).
    In Paris, I would definitely site see, there are a lot of Jewish sites that survived WW2. I’d have a field day shopping, and I would have to go to Chanel and Dior.
    Now that I realize I love Chanel No5 (the Parfum) and it’s the eau toilette that I don’t care for (smells like Pepe LePew), I love it and am saving up for the spray. I also love Dior’s Miss Dior (smells like baby powder and roses). When I was stationed in Italy (decades ago) we could get perfume cheap on base, duty-free. So I wore the original Dior Poison. I had no idea who Dior was back then but loved it. I have the Pure Poison now, and it’s probably a better match, lol.
    People that don’t pay attention while driving!
    Yes, adults that cut in line.
    and Grown ups that act like teenagers in general. Get a clue.

    Baked veggie sandwiches. Veggies disguised as junk food. Love!
    Version of Rockstar used in this NCIS fan montage. Loved it so much I had to track it down in iTunes. Causes me to overdue it on the treadmill every time!
    Retinol! stopping adult breakouts, yeah!

    Back to studying!

  11. Melissa says:

    Three pieces of makeup used this morning: Hourglass brow pencil and blush in diffused heat, and Kat Von D tattoo liner. Other than my base, that’s all I typically wear during the work week.

    Three things to do in Paris: This is hard since I’ve never been there, so I’d definitely research before hand…but so far I’d love to see the Eiffel Tower, sit in a cafe and sip coffee while people watching, and rent a bike and a tour guide to take me around town.

    Three perfumes: I’m loving Clean Reserve Skin right now. Last year, I was very much into Elizabeth and James Nirvana White (I get tired of perfumes pretty quickly). I was also into a strawberry scented body spray from The Body Shop this summer.

    Three things that drive me nuts: video of someone squeezing blackheads (don’t ask, I’m cringing right now!!), the ants in my house (I think there is a nest underneath), and similar to you Karen, I cannot stand that short hand text type of speech that is all over social media along with misspelled words and the lack of periods or commas.

    Three small joys which I am grateful for: My morning coffee and toast spread with PB&J, walks with my daughter, and watching my kitty Lucky running around the house when he plays.

  12. Suzanne C says:

    List three pieces of makeup you used this morning:
    I used zero makeup today. I was budgeting and packing today, so no one was going to see me.

    List three things you’d do if you had three full days to yourself in Paris:
    ~ Visit the Louvre, every single painting.
    ~ Eat all the pastries, then all the bread and cheese.
    ~ If we’re really dreaming big today, I would complete one of the courses at Le Cordon Bleu.

    Speaking of perfumes… list three perfumes that you currently wear (or wore at one time):
    ~ Currently, I’m wearing Lavanilla Vanilla-Grapefruit a lot.
    ~ I wore Escada’s Limited Edition Cherry in the Air right down to the last drop in the bottle.
    ~ Back in the day, I was heavily into Electric Youth. (Y’all know you wore it , too!)

    Three things that drive you absolutely nuts:
    ~ My neighbors. One is a drunk who sits in his ‘racecar’ (that can barely make it up our street) all day revving the engine. Another is a drug dealer and his sister who, on any given day, have between 2-6 kids outside screaming from about 9am to dark. Thus the packing and moving.
    ~ People who can’t live without constant drama. Especially those who try to pull me into it. (In other words, my family.)
    ~ The ‘experts’ constantly being interviewed on CNN. You know nothing about the situation. Just shut up.

    Three small joys for which you’re grateful:
    ~ The bingewatch mom & I are having when the Gilmore Girls reunion comes on.
    ~ My great niece’s smile. It could light up the eastern seaboard.
    ~ Finding my favorite notebook on sale for 20 cents each.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Suzanne,

      GIRL. You know I loved me some Electric Youth! Wow, you just took me back. Want to know something funny? The other day I randomly heard Debbie Gibson’s Shake Your Love on the radio and was beyond moved. It’s a really good pop song!

  13. tulipthecat says:

    Three makeup items: Lancome stick foundation, tarte blush, mac loose banana powder
    Three things I would do in Paris: walk around and eat cheese and pasteries, visit museums, and eat some more
    Three perfumes I have worn: Juliette has a gun not a perfume, Nest Dahlia and vines, and Elizabeth and James Nirvana white
    Three things that drive you nuts: people who jaywalk really slowly across the street, people who cut you off on the road because they just want to get 1 car ahead, and arrogant people.
    Three small joys you’re grateful for: my nieces and nephew, the time I had with Tulip the cat, and of course my family and friends.

    • Karen says:

      Wait… Did I miss something? What happened to Tulip? OMG…

      • Tulipthecat says:

        The vet diagnosed Tulip with lymphoma 2.5 weeks ago and she passed away last Thursday. Her intestinal wall thickened and she had a hard time pooping. She had an appointment with the oncologist last Friday but she didn’t make it. She died at home in her basket. She is now buried in the area of the backyard that she use to hide in.

  14. Rachel R. says:

    Three makeup items: Tarte Amazonian Blush in Deco; Medusa’s Makeup Eye Dust in Lemonade; Manic Panic Lethal Lipstick in Vampire Red.

    Three things I’d do in Paris: Visit the Eiffel Tower; visit the Louvre; go shopping.

    Three perfumes I currently wear: Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black, Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid, Pacifica Mexican Cocoa.

    Three things that drive me nuts: Drivers not using turn signals; rude people; people borrowing my things without asking and/or putting them back.

    Three small joys I’m grateful for: my hubby & kids, our pets, beautiful makeup.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Rachel,

      I’m a fan of Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black, too. Did you know that there’s a dry shampoo version of the scent? I use it all the time and love it.

      • Rachel R. says:

        No, I didn’t. I don’t use dry shampoos. I hate how they make my hair feel.

        • Karen says:

          Totally understand. I’m picky about the ones I use and the Nirvana Black one is very comfy! Doesn’t leave my scalp feeling itchy.

          I hope you had a nice Monday. Hard to believe September is almost over and Halloween is around the corner!

  15. Mel. B. says:

    Three makeup items: Laura Mercier caviar eye shadow stick in Moonlight, Benefit Are They Real mascara in black, and Two-faced baked blush in Candy Glow.

    Three things I’d do in Paris: shopping, speak French, & go to see the Eiffel Tower.

    Three perfumes I wear: Philosophy Fresh Cream, Philosophy Falling in Love, and MAC cosmetics Turquatic.

    Three things that drive me nuts: waiting in line, traffic, and rude people.

    Three small joys I’m grateful for: my hubby, cats, and yoga.

  16. Stephanie Smith says:

    Three makeup items:
    1. Urban Decay One and Done! Amazeballs! I love it too!
    2. Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Burbon
    3. Benefit Benetint
    Three things I would do in Paris:
    1. Chocolate Croissants, 24/7
    2. Eiffel Tower
    3. All the wine!
    Three perfumes I have worn:
    1. Citrine by Nest, my current obsession! If I could bathe in it, I would.
    2. Chanel No 5
    3. Tresor
    Three things that drive you nuts:
    1. Anything that is anti-woman
    2. Mom wars, all moms rule!
    3. Pet hair, I have a pug and 3 cats. It’s a lot of pet hair
    Three small joys you’re grateful for:
    1. Coffee
    2. Frappuccinos
    3. The male baristas at Starbucks that wear tight pants and make me Frappuccinos!

  17. Lulle says:

    – List three pieces of makeup you used this morning:
    bareMinerals BB cream eyeshadow in Soft Linen, Clarins Instant something concealer, Lancôme Lip Lover in Corail Lover.

    – List three things you’d do if you had three full days to yourself in Paris:
    Sit at the “terrasse” of a cafe in the sun and have a Monaco (beer+grenadine syrup+lemon-y soda); visit my bro’ and my nephew; eat all the things I could find. I miss French food, for real.

    – Speaking of perfumes…list three perfumes that you currently wear (or wore at one time):
    Let’s do wore at one time, it’s more fun: Trésor by Lancôme in high school, Stella by Stella McCartney in my mid 20s, Baiser Volé by Cartier in the past 5 years.

    – Three things that drive you absolutely nuts:
    People who drive as if they were alone on the road, no signals, not keeping safe distances, tailgating, etc… There’s a lot of that down here so I get nuts a lot! People who hurt animals. It makes me very, very mad. People who try to guilty trip others, manipulators in general.

    – Three small joys for which you’re grateful:
    Earl gray tea, obviously; cats; living by the ocean.

    I hope your week started well Karen! I had a pretty bad case of “the Mondays”, I couldn’t find my words today, and I had 5 different conf calls so it was a bit tough, lol! “Hmmm hmmm” is probably what I said most…
    Todays was also ridiculously hot here (thankful for the AC at work…), even hotter than the weekend. We went to see the annual airshow at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar on Saturday, and it was really fun but I got badly dehydrated. Standing on concrete with no shade at all was like being in a furnace all day! I was actually getting dizzy from overheating, but luckily they had vendors so I got Gatorade to replenish the electrolytes a bit. I think I would have passed out without it!
    Lulle recently posted … #FrenchFriday: Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Color – 1st Impressions

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