Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 352

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The Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll for Monday, Dec. 22, 2014

The Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll for Monday, Dec. 22, 2014

You might be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

Well, it isn’t exactly a poll. It’s more of a constantly evolving (devolving?), somewhat random list of questions I’ve been putting out to readers every Monday morning for the past seven years. (It’s like a kickstart for your brain.) I’ve always enjoyed reading your answers in the comments, and I hope you enjoy reading mine.

  1. My signature makeup look?
    A smokey something-or-other with a cat eye of some sort — some version of a smokey cat eye combination, usually with nude lips because they’re easy. Or, plain lids, big lashes and bright lips.
  2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…
    I cannot stand it when the person who uses the bathroom before me doesn’t change the toilet paper, when there’s clearly not enough toilet paper for the next person. They’ll leave one square or an empty roll. Really? You have to — the toilet paper’s gotta get changed! You’re already sitting on the pot, so you might as well change it. It takes like 2 seconds! 🙂
  3. My secret beauty weapons are…
    Getting as much sleep as possible (if I could, I’d sleep nine hours per night) and drinking obscene amounts of water.
  4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:
    Some kind of stinky cheese (the stinkier the better) and half-eaten cans of cat food.
  5. I will never care about…
    Lamb chops.

    I just really don’t like the sound of those two words together.

Le List

Your turn. 🙂 Just copy and paste the following questions into a comment with your answers. I look forward to reading ’em!

1. My signature makeup look?
2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…
3. My secret beauty weapons are…
4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:
5. I will never care about…

I sure hope it doesn’t rain on Christmas, but it looks like it might.


That reminds me — when I was young, I was terrified of it raining on Christmas because my grandma once told me that when it rains on Christmas…Jesus is crying, and when you’re in the third grade, and you hear that, and it’s pouring outside, you’re like, “What did I do to make Jesus cry!?”


My friend Cindy’s birthday party yesterday was a lot of fun. I feel like we were just celebrating her thirtieth, but this was her fortieth, and it was carb city! We had spaghetti and meatballs and yummy grilled potatoes, some grilled cheeses. It was awesome.

The Hillside Supper Club in San Francisco

The Hillside Supper Club in San Francisco

And we all gave her gifts that fit our personalities, like her friend Bernadette, who loves to cook, gave her a fancy imported French pâté, and then I, of course, gave her something beauty-related, a Bvlgari perfume. Her other friend, Grace, who’s kind of a jokester, got her a Hot Guys & Baby Animals calendar, also known as “the gift that keeps on giving.” 🙂

This week, per my feline employer’s demands, we have to leave the premises so that he can hang out with his favorite petsitter, so we’re heading to my parents’ house in the East Bay, and then up to see my in-laws in Redding.

Are you ready for Christmas? Are all the presents wrapped?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Agata says:

    1. My signature makeup look?
    A smokey brown eye look with a lot of shimmer, pink cheeks and pink lips.

    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…
    People walking into a place or someone’s house and not saying hello. It’s a common problem, especially with children nowadays.

    3. My secret beauty weapons are…
    I don’t know if it’s so secret but a foundation with a perfect coverage and yes, sleep is the best beauty tool.

    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:
    Milk. I need milk for my coffee. And eggs, a must have staple.

    5. I will never care about…
    Bungee jumping and other extreme sports. I am a real wuss!

    Happy Monday, Karen. Have fun visiting the family. I just wrapped most of the gifts. I still have a few small things to buy and me and hubby have to make personalized gift tags for everyone.
    Agata recently posted … Holiday Makeup Look

    • Karen says:

      Hi Agata,

      Happy Monday to you too! I hope you had a nice weekend. Are you going to have some time off for the holidays?

      • Agata says:

        I feel like I haven’t talked to you in forever, Karen. I did have a good weekend. Yesterday we went to see our niece perform (sing and dance) in a group Christmas performance. It was really cute.

        I am off on Christmas Eve because that’s my regular day off and unfortunately I have to work on Christmas Day 🙁
        Agata recently posted … Holiday Makeup Look

        • Karen says:

          I know! It’s been kind of crazy with the holidays and El Hub’s trip to the hospital kind of messed me up, to be honest. I’m doing better this week though.

          How fun to see your niece perform! Was it for a talent show? What kind of dancing does she do.

          Bummer that you have to work on Christmas Day, but on the flip side, maybe you can treat yourself with a beauty gift? 🙂

  2. Twyla Munden says:

    1. My signature makeup look? – Mon thru Friday its foundation w/ mascara & blush. Wknds I do a little eyeshadow…

    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves… when you wave someone ahead of you in traffic and they don’t ‘wave back a thankyou’.

    3. My secret beauty weapons are… Josie Maran! Been using her cleanser & oils for about a month and my whole face feels like baby soft skin. I’m beyond thrilled & impressed.

    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge: Chocolate treats & yogurt in a variety of flavors.

    5. I will never care about… what other people think of my life choices. I choose what I want, when I want and I love it. 🙂

    Merry Christmas!!!! Hope your visit with the family is fabulous!! Its going to be a green Christmas on the East Coast of Canada, with rain but highs of +13C which normally its -5/10C and snowing. 🙁

    One of my furrballs is in love with Christmas, he lounges in the chair next to the tree in the evenings when its lit up, staring at it. And as a normal crazy cat lady, I have my stocking with one for each of the 2 cats. Cynder brings me all 3 of the christmas stockings from the tree to the bedroom every night for me to reset every morning. Its like he’s asking for them to be filled. lol Obsessed with it he is!!

    Hope you & Tabs (and El Hub) have a wonder Christmas Holiday

    • Karen says:

      Hi Twyla,

      How sweet of Cynder! He’s definitely feeling the Christmas spirit, LOL! I wake up every morning expecting the tree to be knocked over but so for Tabs has decided to leave it be. We’ll see how long that lasts, though. 🙂

      What are your kitty kids getting for Christmas? Tabs will be getting extra gravy and a couple catnip toys.

      • Twyla Munden says:

        Maybe not knocking over the tree is Tabs gift to you? lol. As for the monsters, I’ll fill the stockings with expensive cat food they won’t eat, treats, and new toys but nothing with catnip as they would destroy the stockings. I just bought them each a catnip sleeve with organic nip. 🙂 My mom is catsitting them along with my sisters 3, and her 2, so a total of 7 cats in one house who all get along… I might have to get mom an extra gift.. lol

  3. Estefania says:

    1. My signature makeup look?
    Big lashes, winged liner, and some outrageously bright lipstick (La Vie En Rouge, No Faux Pas, and Mrs. Mia Wallace, to name a few!)

    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…
    When people chew with their mouth open/talk while chewing/ shove a whole item in their mouth (dinner roll, huge spoonful, etc). I think it’s sooooo disgusting. I will wait for your answer, finish chewing. No one will even hear what you’re saying when you’re flashing your half-eaten food at them. Gross.

    3. My secret beauty weapons are…
    Eyelash curlers and invisible lip liners. Big lashes and bright lips are part of my signature makeup look (see above!) so curling the lashes helps a ton. The milani invisible lip liner has helped out of many a jam. I no longer have to go out an buy lip liners for every single shade I own.

    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:
    Hummus and Coca Cola. I know, I know, it’s terrible. I can’t help it! It’s just so good! It also reminds me of my late grandma, so I haven’t been able to kick the soda habit quite yet.

    5. I will never care about…
    Football. I just don’t see the point… Give me some soccer!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Estefania,

      I have to say… a cold Coca Cola is something special. Especially cold Cokes in a bottle, OMG! The difference in flavor is remarkable. I have it a few times a year and it is one of my favorite things.

      Anywho! Do you make your own hummus, or buy it at the store? I always intend to do the homemade kind but it’s so much easier to pick up a tub at TJ’s.

      • Estefania says:

        The only one with that kind of patience is the boyfriend! Haha I just buy the store kind and nom it anyway!

        I thought about Tabs recently! My bff got me some sephora goodies for Xmas, so I put them under the tree. The next morning, Phoebe was chewing on the little Sephora bag and the tissue paper was everywhere. Boxes and bows don’t seem to tempt her, but that tissue paper was asking for it! 😀

        • Karen says:

          The store kind is so easy and good. I love the different flavors they have at Trader Joes! That way I never get stuck with just one type of hummus.

          Naughty Phoebe!! Tissue paper = the ultimate holiday temptation. LOL! At least it wasn’t those thin paper strips. You know, the crinkly kind that they use in gift boxes? I made the mistake of leaving an open box with paper stuffing and within hours there were strips all over the house. Tabs can’t resist the stuff!

          Hey, isn’t the countdown to see your boy on? He’s coming soon, yes?

          • Estefania says:

            We make an attempt at avoiding stringy decorations because of the elves that lost braids to Phoebe last year (RIP, braids…).

            The countdown is ON. Eight days until I see that handsome face!
            Kind of related; I’m psyched that he’ll be here. Our anniversary is in mid-January and we’ll probably be apart for it, so I’m making an appointment at MAC to get glammed up sometime next week so we can have our anniversary date while he’s in town. Yay! Romance and MAC!! 😀

  4. Ruchita says:

    1. My signature makeup look?
    Neutral eyes, a little bit of bronzer and a pinkish gloss.

    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…
    Simple things like not saying “Please” or “Thank you”. It doesn’t take much effort!

    3. My secret beauty weapons are…
    Sunscreen. I try to wear it every day, especially on my face.

    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:
    Bacon. It’s a must for weekend breakfasts. 🙂 Several sticks of butter, because I need to be prepared in case the baking urge strikes! In the interest of health, I try to stock up on fresh fruit and veggies too. 🙂

    5. I will never care about…
    Peanut butter. I know, I know. I should probably get my American citizenship revoked for saying this. 🙂 For some reason, I’ve just never cared for the flavor.

    Finished the Christmas Shopping this weekend. The cats loved the ribbon I got out when wrapping gifts. 🙂 Happy Monday!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ruchita!

      LOL about having butter on hand. I have to show you a pic of my new butter dish… I bought it mostly because of the font on the front, haha! It’s really cute though.

      Are you baking anything for the holidays? I really wanted to make a blueberry and peach crumble but between all the other things I have to do I may not have the time.

      • Ruchita says:

        I have a million different recipes saved that I want to try, so I need to narrow down the list. I think I’m going to make some raspberry almond thumbprint cookies and maybe gingerbread cookies. Oh, I also have this recipe for homemade cat treats! 🙂 I have some time off work, so I’ll have to work those into the schedule.

        • Karen says:

          Oh yummy! If you ever need an official cookie taste tester based on the West Coast you know where to find me! 🙂

          Let me know how the kitty treats turn out. If they get paws up maybe I’ll try to make some for Tabs? He’s been a very good cat this year and deserves special Christmas treats.

  5. Sarah says:

    1. My signature makeup look? Either a bold eye or a bold lip. I do not mix the two.

    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves… When people do not use please or thank you

    3. My secret beauty weapons are… Threading, I get my entire face done and it makes my makeup lay smooth and my eyebrows look on point!

    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge: Water and Feta Cheese

    5. I will never care about… Negative People

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sarah!

      How are you, Vinny and kitties? Will the cats be getting gifts this year? Tabs has his own stocking!

      • Sarah says:

        Hi Karen,

        I always feel so special you remember me, my husband, and the kitties. You must come in contact with a TON of people in your line of work. Thank you for remembering the details.
        I am loving all the pictures of Tabs. He is such a little kitty model.
        Vinny is great! I got lucky in the husband department (plus he loves cats as much as me!)
        The cats will be getting a new cat tree for Xmas. The fatty (Homer) broke the last one.
        I hope you post what Tab got in his stocking.

        Happy Holidays!


        • Karen says:

          Hi Sarah,

          Aww, of course I remember you, Vinny and the kitties. 🙂 Thank you for reading the blog even after all of these years! 🙂

          Funny that you should mention Tabs and his modeling… He’s about to do a photo session out on the deck right now in a Christmas outfit. LOL!

          So, how in the world did Homer break the tree?!

          • Sarah says:

            I may not always comment, but I read every blog you post. I think you have so much personality and I love her humor.

            Homer would dive from a high area onto the cat tree and took one of the towers out. The bolts weren’t tight enough. Then he did it to the 2nd and 3rd tower. That was all the towers we had. I need to get something in concret. LOL

            I look forward to seeing Tabs Christmas Outfit!

            Meowry Christmas!

          • Karen says:

            Thank you for sticking around for so long, seriously! It feels like only yesterday you and Vinny were just getting engaged. The time goes by so fast.

            So, Homer… what a naughty kitty! Why is it that cats think that Christmas trees exist solely for their entertainment? I’m still waiting for Tabs to knock over the tree. He’s done it once and it’s only a matter of time before it happens again. His new thing is swatting at the shiniest ornaments. I bought a set of brightly colored spheres from Target and unfortunately they have the tendency to swing back and forth on the branches. One swat from a chubby tabby paw and it’s over.

            Meowry Chrismtas to you guys too! 🙂

  6. Rachel R. says:

    Hello, and Happy Holidays to you and all your other readers!

    1. My signature makeup look?

    I’m not sure I have one. I usually wear bright colors, but not always. I almost always have lined eyes, and major mascara.

    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…

    People who talk during movies at the theater.

    3. My secret beauty weapons are…

    Eslor firming cream; NuSkin fine line corrector.

    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:

    Nothing is always in my fridge. I have two teenage boys that devour everything in sight.

    5. I will never care about…

    Reality TV

    • Karen says:

      Hello Rachel R., happy holidays to you and your family too!

      Will your sons be spending the holidays with you and your hubby?

      As usual, we’ll be doing a ton of driving! We’ll be hanging out with my family on Christmas Eve (my parents celebrate the night before) and with El Hub’s fam on Christmas Day.

      • Rachel R. says:

        Yes, both boys will be spending Christmas with us.

        Wishing you safe trips for the holidays. We visited my hubby’s family earlier this month. I don’t have family nearby, so it’ll be just us four.

  7. Remi says:

    1. My signature makeup look?
    Nude/Barelypink eyeshadow. Olive liner. Bold lipstain.

    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…
    Being rude to servers/staff. When someone is yelling at the grocery checker about something completely out of their control.. Things like that.

    3. My secret beauty weapons are…
    Sleep. Water. MOISTURIZER.

    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:
    Almond milk. 7 kinds of mustard.

    5. I will never care about…
    Having children. (

    • Karen says:

      Hi Remi,

      Tell me about your olive liner! I’m always on the hunt for shades like that (especially for spring/summer).

      Happy holidays!

      • Remi says:

        My day to day liner is Ulta gel liner (or automatic liner, depending on which one is closest) in Moss. Urban Decay has Mildew (why would they name it that?) and Stash. Stash is probably my favorite of them, because I love the way UD liners glide on.. and I have a weakness for that olive khaki color with shimmer.

        • Karen says:

          Me too! I have both Stash and Mildew and enjoy wearing them both with gold and warm browns.

          Will have to check out that Ulta Gel Liner; thank you for the rec! I need to go there soon to grab some more false lashes so now that Moss is on my list. 🙂

          Happy holidays to you!

  8. fancie says:

    1. My signature makeup look?

    Brows, Cat eye, falsies, mascara on bottom lashes, lipstick, face powder.

    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…

    Not saying please, thank you, or excuse me. I feel like it’s so simple to do. Why be rude?

    3. My secret beauty weapons are…

    The same lol. Lots of sleep and water. Water is pretty much all I drink (okay wine too lol) and I need at least 7 hours of sleep. I’m very cranky if I don’t.

    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:

    Wine and cheese. Essentials lol!

    5. I will never care about…

    Sports. I don’t care to watch, play or talk about them lol
    fancie recently posted … Maybelline Divine Wine Color Sensational Matte Lipstick Review

  9. Shannon says:

    1. My signature makeup look?
    These days, it’s a bold brow, a single shadow (usually from the UD Naked palette) and some mascara – eyeliner and bold lips are optional.

    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…
    People holding open doors BEFORE they should, requiring me to run to the door so they don’t have to hold it open for a ridiculously long time. If I’m right behind you, cool. But if I’m not, I have hands just like you and am perfectly capable of opening doors on my own, thank you very much.

    3. My secret beauty weapons are…
    Number one is definitely avocado oil – I was just thinking about how I love not buying any other “facial care” products. All I use is oil and a washcloth to cleanse, and oil & water to moisturize, and my skin has been so much happier in the last 2+ years than it was before.
    Number two… filling in my brows. If I want to look put together, I can literally skip everything else as long as my brows are filled. #magic

    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:
    hmm… simple syrup, and some type of shrub (which is a vinegar drinking syrup, which you can use to make sodas or cocktails). Oh, and usually beer. We’re not always healthy, but we’re always into our drinks. 🙂

    5. I will never care about…
    Chess. Apologies to my brother and hubby… but just no. Any game that doesn’t involve chance is NOT my thing.

    Presents are ALMOST all wrapped, Karen! My hubby’s are done, and we just need to wrap a couple more together and we’ll be all set.
    We made a gift for EVERYBODY we know, though, with this song – if you feel like you need some inspiration to finish decking the halls, give it a listen! 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Shannon,

      I love the new song. Thank you for sharing it! Now I gotta turn on my Christmas lights…

      So, can we talk brows? What are you currently using to fill in yours? Mine have been crazy lately.

      • Shannon says:

        Mine have been crazy too! I feel like they just got all patchy in certain spots, for absolutely no reason. sigh. I’ve been using the hourglass sculpting pencil in dark brunette (matches my brows well, even though the hair on my head is a medium brown). When I was on the market, it seemed to hit closest to the mark of “easy-to-use-but-affordable.” I love that I can stick it in my purse to apply on the subway, but still don’t really heart the price tag. It’s also just a TOUCH more difficult to use than I’d like – it can look overdone if I’m not careful.
        I used to ADORE the bareMinerals brow powder, which I used in dark blonde/medium brown. Perf color, and the price tag was so freakin reasonable. They discontinued them a while back, sad face… but it looks like they’ve brought them back, according to their website, which is exciting!

        • Karen says:

          That happens to me too! Like, in some areas they get REALLY dark and in others it looks like I don’t have any product in there at all. Last weekend I trimmed them and that seemed to help a lot. They’re still a little fussy but now at least the product seems to go on smoother.

          I really like that Hourglass pencil, too. It’s one of my go-tos when I can find it (it went MIA in the process of reorganizing my office).

          Do you ever use brow gel? I find that it helps to mellow out the patchiness when it occurs and it just makes everything look that much more natural.

          Anywho, yay for getting your fave brow powder back!! You’ll have to stock up enough to last you through the zombie apocalypse. Because clearly the utmost priority after the collapse of civilization as we know it is having decent brows.

          • Shannon says:

            re: patchiness – exactly! I’m totes due to trim my brows, so thanks for the reminder that it’s useful 🙂
            I’ve used brow gel before, but don’t like how it usually makes my brows feel stiff and/or heavy, so it’s not usually a go-to for me. Maybe I’ll experiment with it a bit more, though… any recommendations?
            And I like the way you order your priorities, young lady! lol.

  10. Icequeen81 says:

    1. My signature makeup look
    Side parted hair,wavy hair, moisturized face, a hint of blush, by day nothing on my lips by night Rebel lipstick
    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…
    Umm I have a few, I cant stop telling my students those
    Thank you , no thank you you can always be polite and grateful with out being rude, and also not talking while chewing
    is not so hard to do.
    3. My secret beauty weapons are…
    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:
    My steam cream (not eatable), maggie, and vitamins
    5. I will never care about…
    Selfies, Real tV, life of stars

    • Karen says:

      Hi Icequeen81!

      Tell me about steam cream. Is it a face moisturizer? I’ve tried something with the same name here that’s a body moisturizer.

      Happy holidays!

  11. Sylirael says:

    1. My signature makeup look?
    Probably: curled and lightly mascara’d lashes, UD Demolition liner, gently filled brows, not much in the way of foundation, a touch of Chanel Affinite blush, and a peachy/pinky/goldsparkle lipstick along the lines of Revlon Peach Parfait, Marc Jacobs Have We Met, etc etc.

    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…
    Is when people do stuff on their phones while you’re supposed to be talking/having coffee/actually paying attention to each other etc. Especially if that person invited me for a ‘catch up’, and then kind of ‘uh-huh’s their way through it while obviously communicating with another person on their phone T_T

    3. My secret beauty weapons are…
    Eyelash curler and a good concealer!

    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:
    Yoghurt and fruit! (We do have a fruit bowl, but my city is so obnoxiously humid that stuff goes bad impossibly quickly if you leave it out) At the moment, the fruit is strawberries and blueberries and mangoes! ^_^

    5. I will never care about…
    Pleasing everybody. T_T I feel like if I tell myself this often enough, I will start actually doing it!

    Christmas-wise…I’m a little behind >_< I asked Santa for a finished thesis, and he wrote back saying 'LOL! Your problem, honey!', which is fair enough I guess. 😉
    Sylirael recently posted … Tales of Adventure from the Beauty Spotlight Team! New YSL Treasure, Lush Environments and Epic Giveaways!!

  12. Efrain says:

    1. My signature makeup look?
    It’s a hard one since I makeup myself depending of how many time I have but in a perfect day will be foundation (high coverage powder), brows (right now I looking to buy a NYX eyeshadow for that), cheeks (blush or bronzer) and some highlighter.

    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…
    When you’re talking and someone doesn’t let you finish.

    3. My secret beauty weapons are…
    Right now I’m using a mix of mild retinol (retinyl palmitate) and glicolic acid in the nights and my skin is glowing the next day and my pimples are getting less. Also use sunscreen and reapply as possible.

    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:
    Soy milk and ham.

    5. I will never care about…
    People watching me using makeup it’s my face not theirs.

  13. Stephanie Smith says:

    1. My signature makeup look? Verrrrrry simple, a little eyeliner, any color but black, mascara, blush, and a nude pink lipgloss. Easy peasy! Oh, and I start with a BB cream.
    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…. Wussy hand shakes.
    3. My secret beauty weapons are…sleep, water, moisturizer!
    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge: coffee creamer and eggs.
    5. I will never care about…designer purses, thousands of dollars for a purse? No way!

  14. Erin says:

    Sorry I’m late to the party!

    1. My signature makeup look?

    Pretty much what I’m wearing right now. NARS TM and Concealer, Stila Kitten, Armani’s #2 Blush, 1-2 coats of Voluminous mascara and a brighter lip. Todays lips was Revlon’s Balm Stain in Smitten.

    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…

    Cutting in line! Or just as bad and similar raising their hand when a clerk asks who is next when it clearly was not them! That sense of self importance at the expense of others MAKES ME SO MAD I COULD EXPLODE!

    3. My secret beauty weapons are…

    Sleep, ACV, and using concealer as highlighter that’s half a step lighter than my skin. It’s hard to find but since I got a massive tan for the first time in 20 years, NARS Chantilly is just slightly too light. It’s ultra natural and no sparkle. I also like to contour with a powder that’s one to two shades darker but rarely do this unless I know I will photographed with flash.

    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:

    Kerrygold butter, veggies, and some sheep feta from Israel.

    5. I will never care about…

    Not sure what I can say here. I’m a firm believer that I could care about just about anything depending on my life at any given time. I can go out on a limb and say Crocs and purses that cost more than one year of mortgage payments.
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  15. Jennifer says:

    1. My signature makeup look? Sad to say just a pink or coral lip, tinted moisturizer and a bit of Smashbox brow powder. However I did wear gold eyeliner to the office Christmas party last week. It went great with my green cat eyes.
    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…People who don’t return phone calls, especially when it’s for my dayjob and I want to do a feature story on them aka free publicity. It’s really rude
    3. My secret beauty weapons are…Vaseline, Karuna face masks (make me look ten years younger), Deborah Lippman Gel Lab Kit for keeping my polish on.
    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge: salsa, Coca-Cola
    5. I will never care about…the Paleo diet

  16. 1. My signature makeup look?
    Neutral-brown-bronze smokey eye, liner with a little wing and a neutral/peachy blush. My lips change depending on the season/my mood, but the liner is always there.

    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…
    Not greeting when entering a room or when greeting. When did it get out of fashion to acknowledge other peoples existence?

    3. My secret beauty weapons are…
    Acid toning and concealer. Takes years off.

    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge:
    Diet Coke (*hangs her head in shame*) and my mothers homemade marmalade.

    5. I will never care about…
    Expensive cars. I mean, I need and use my car, but I couldn’t care less what brand it is or if it has a little dent somewhere.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Save some space with this beauty

  17. 1. My signature makeup look? Shimmery metallic lids (usually browns), blush and pink or rosy-brown lips.
    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves…speaking of toilets, mine is when you sit down to pee and realize it’s WET. You’re sitting in the pee of a squatter. UGHHHH! I mean, hover/squat all you want, but WIPE your wiz off the seat so the next person doesn’t sit in it! GROSS!! I mean, I always try to look first but sometimes you’re in a hurry and you don’t think about these things.
    3. My secret beauty weapons are…after years of fighting it, I’m finally starting to realize my oily skin has been a blessing.
    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge: Claussen Kosher Dill Halves (ALWAYS) and “yellow” Gatorade.
    5. I will never care about…Real Housewives of Anywheres. I’ve tried watching a few different ones and they just don’t thrill me!

    Merry Christmas Eve, my little peanut panda! <3
    kristen @ glambunctious recently posted … Review + GIVEAWAY! | 10 Reasons Why You Need the Glossier Phase 1 Set ❤

  18. jess says:

    1. My signature makeup look? Winged liner and bold lips!
    2. One of my etiquette pet peeves… people not saying excuse me when they bump into you
    3. My secret beauty weapons are… Clinique skincare and expensive lipstick!
    4. One or two things that are always in my fridge: cheese and Greek yogurt
    5. I will never care about… football and politics

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