Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Nov. 2

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  1. Mood:
  2. The time change is playing tricks on my internal clock, so I’m a little sleepy, but otherwise peachy. 🙂

  3. Do you consider yourself a good cook?
  4. When I have enough time and the help of a good recipe to follow, I think I’m decent, but I’ve never made a dish that made anyone’s eyes roll back in their head.

  5. Are you a spender or a saver?
  6. A little bit of both! Makeup and shoes are my weaknesses…

  7. What do you think about black lipstick?
  8. With the right outfit, accessories and attitude to go with ’em, an opaque black lip could look super hot.

  9. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
  10. I haven’t finished getting ready yet, so for now just some basics: MAC Eyeshadow in Concrete in my brows, Dior Sculpt Concealer on my lovely dark circles and Dior HydrAction Tinted Moisturizer all over my face.

  11. Last movie you loved?
  12. Management, starring Steve Zahn and Jennifer Aniston. As weird as he is in it, Steve Zahn cracked me up. It’s a quirky romantic comedy with some great unexpected twists.

  13. Spiders?
  14. I can deal, as long as they aren’t too big or too furry.

  15. What’s the weather like out your way?
  16. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs! Okay, not really. It’s clear and bright this morning. Temps up around 65 right now.

  17. Outfit:
  18. Dark skinny jeans (a big fat YAY for stretchy denim), white t-shirt and a tan blazer.

  19. Weekly goals:
  20. Get to bed before midnight every night, squeeze some push-ups and sit-ups into my workout routine, stay loose while writing, and give Tabs a good brushing.

Yikes, when did November happen? I can’t believe it’s almost 2010!


Before you start tackling your responsibilities today, take a second to check in. To fill out the Monday Poll, just copy the following list, and paste it with your answers in the comments.

Le list

1. Mood:
2. Are you a good cook?
3. Are you a spender or a saver?
4. Black lipstick?
5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
6. Last movie you loved?
7. Spiders?
8. What’s the weather like out your way?
9. Outfit:
10. Weekly goals:

I hope your Monday’s being good to you. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Christina says:

    Le list

    1. Mood: So happy! Michael Buble on repeat might have something to do with that.

    2. Are you a good cook? I’m fairly good when I try. Don’t do it often so I can surprise people when I do. 😉

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? It all depends. I’d rather spend than save.

    4. Black lipstick? I can’t do it, but I admire those who pull it off!

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Maybelline Volume mascara, chapstick

    6. Last movie you loved? “Brothers Bloom” was really good in a quirky way.

    7. Spiders? Oh HELL no!

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Sunny and cold. It’s beautiful.

    9. Outfit: Dark grey slacks, black patent leather kitten heels, blue collared shirt, black diamond-shaped earrings.

    10. Weekly goals: Same thing as every week, Pinkie… to take over the world.
    .-= Christina’s last blog post… Three Pretty Things : 11/1 =-.

  2. keerthamina says:

    1. Mood: awesome, because it’s my birthday today! 😀 my bf says he has some amazing surprise planned for me and i can’t wait to finish at work and find out what it is!

    2. Are you a good cook? i can throw together tasty basics without a recipe, and with recipes can make more complicated dishes well – but i’m not a particularly amazing natural cook or anything.

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? saver, definitely – i get more of a thrill from watching my bank account grow than from shopping. pretty much my only spending weakness is nail polish.

    4. Black lipstick? not for me!

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: l’oreal hip color chrome eyeliner in black shock + maybelline the colossal mascara in glam black / nothing / nothing. i suck!

    6. Last movie you loved? i was suuuper into zombieland. so funny!

    7. Spiders? i’m with you – they don’t really bother me (as long as they’re not tarantulas), and i try not to kill them.

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? mid-50s, clear sky… not bad.

    9. Outfit: white sheer tee, huge olive drapey scarf, leather hoodie, gray jeans, black frye motorcycle boots. aka, my default.

    10. Weekly goals: oh gosh… figure out wth my plan is for grad school apps, organize my nail polish stash (for real this time!), plan a mini-meetup with a few nail board friends.

    have a great day! 🙂
    .-= keerthamina’s last blog post… notd: zoya lael =-.

  3. Jacks says:

    1. Mood: Scatterbrained. This weekend, I couldn’t focus on anything for longer than an hour!

    2. Are you a good cook? I seem to have a knack for cooking/following recipes; I worked as a baker a few summers ago.

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Right now I’m in Poor-College-Kid mode, so I’m a saver.

    4. Black lipstick? Not for me! My lips are too rounded. However I think it looks marvelous on fairer girls, only if the lips are precisely lined and the rest of the face is kept minimal.

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Just a little MAC concealer + pressed powder, Soft & Slow lipglass

    6. Last movie you loved? Wow, I haven’t watched a movie in a while! Maybe Todo Sobre mi Madre, an Almodovar flick.

    7. Spiders? NO NO NO GET THEM AWAY!

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Cloudy and grey. Sweater and hot cocoa weather.

    9. Outfit: Red plaid button-down shirt, brown beater, black jeans, black leather boots, brown pleather jacket. I love fall!

    10. Weekly goals: Rock my midterm on Thursday, get on top of my homework tasks, go for a walk every day
    .-= Jacks’s last blog post… Review: YSL Parisienne =-.

  4. yadiq says:

    1. Mood: lacking concentration just came back from vacation!!!

    2. Are you a good cook? yes i can confidently and proudly say that i am

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? saver my only splurges are on makeup

    4. Black lipstick? i think worn correctly its fab on me it will never work lol

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: i have a neutral eye today using my beiges de chanel black cat- eye liner, 2 coats mascara and some concealer with bronzer to even out my sunglass marks from my uneven tan

    6. Last movie you loved? apocalypto

    7. Spiders? no way terrified

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? clear sunny day chilly at 50 degrees or so

    9. Outfit: anne taylor loft boot cut jeans, brown blouse and black coach sneakies

    10. Weekly goals: stay in vacation mode lol i wish iw as still in cancun! stay relaxed and be productive, remember the good things in life outweigh the bad

    • Karen says:

      Hi Yadi,

      Hey girl, I’ve missed you! I hope your vacation was fun.

      BTW, I watched that movie late one night and it I couldn’t fall asleep after watching it. I was quite traumatized.

  5. Rachel says:

    1. Mood: Good. Trying to be productive.
    2. Are you a good cook? If it’s microwaveable and/ pre-made 😉
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? I’m more of a saver actually, but I always want to spend.
    4. Black lipstick? No, not really in my day-to-day. I did do a look with an almost black lip to get into the Halloween spirit though.
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: everything is naked when I do these polls lol.
    6. Last movie you loved? Y Tu Mama Tambien. I saw it way waaaaay after it came out (Downloaded it) & it sticks out in my mind. I love very few movies, but it was memorable.
    7. Spiders? Not a fan
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? It’s cold and sunny today
    9. Outfit: Hoodie, thermal, orange socks & pjs
    10. Weekly goals: keep at it & try not to pull all nighters every night
    .-= Rachel’s last blog post… Recent Haul – CVS & Hallmark =-.

  6. Marina says:

    Oh, WOW! I want all those candies 😛
    1. Mood: sick. I am staying at home for the 5th day.
    2. Are you a good cook? Not the best one but I really love cooking.
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? I will not answer that question, ok 😀
    4. Black lipstick? yes. But just for a creative look, I never wore it outside.
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: nothing, only Revitalash on my lashes. We’ll see about the result in 2 months! Can’t wait!
    6. Last movie you loved? I am watching movies with Audrey Hepburn . So far I loved all 6. More Audrey movies are waiting for me
    7. Spiders? I am ok with them
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? I am not sure. I stayed at home for 5 days. It seems to be ok
    9. Outfit:black trousers and grey t-shirt
    10. Weekly goals:write a lot of reviews and try not to be upset because of this sickness
    .-= Marina’s last blog post… Art Deco Collection by Armani for Holiday 2009 =-.

  7. Stephie says:

    1. Mood: Frustrated, my congested cough hasn’t gone away yet
    2. Are you a good cook? Yes
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Spend Spend Spend
    4. Black lipstick? I love it for editorial shoots, something where you get the look real sharp and crazy but for everyday not so much
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Nothing
    6. Last movie you loved? Zombieland. haha.
    7. Spiders? HECK NO. I was even scared when they came up in the second Harry Potter movie
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? sunny
    9. Outfit: pjs
    10. Weekly goals: get better, study for geology, find an exercise routine
    .-= Stephie’s last blog post… 2 Great Things About Having a Job =-.

  8. nai says:

    1. Mood: cranky, bcs last week’s vog caused a scratchy throat & hot nose that have now developed into a lovely stuffed & runny nose plus chest cough.
    2. Are you a good cook? yes. I’m really good at pork adobo, green thai curry, risotto, and breakfast.
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? right now, a saver. the economy is causing me to pull back drastically on extraneous purchases. my big splurge this past weekend was OPI you don’t know jacques! and lincoln park in the dark–both in the suede versions.
    4. Black lipstick? the closest I’ll get is lancome piha black gloss over mac kirsch mattene…which i actually wore on halloween, but not as part of a costume.
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: nothing. i’m sick, in bed! but if i had gine to work today, i probably would have done a smokey eye with mac club & vex, cheeks in mac strada, revlon colorstay base with benefit boing concealer and laura mercier loose powder. lips would be mac midimauve lipstick or nars sweet revenge gloss.
    6. Last movie you loved? we don’t go to the movie theatre much (nor do we netflix) but we saw star trek this summer and i completely adored it.
    7. Spiders? I’d rather have them than roaches.
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? quite nice here in honolulu at the moment. i’m glad the tradewinds are back to banish the vog!
    9. Outfit: white cotton tank and black cotton shorts. i’m literally in bed, tapping this out on my iphone, and will spend most of my day in bed or in couch.
    10. Weekly goals: 1) get well; 2) get two short papers and other school assignments done; 3) eat lots of korean spicy soups– the garlicky heat always helps me feel better when i’m ill.

  9. gio says:

    1. Mood: tired

    2. Are you a good cook? not really, but I try.

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Saver. Makeup is my only weakness.

    4. Black lipstick? I like it but I don’t think I can pull it off.

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: nothing yet.

    6. Last movie you loved? The Corpse Bride.

    7. Spiders? I’m terrified of them!

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? cold and rainy

    9. Outfit: long pink sweater and red trousers.

    10. Weekly goals: go to bed earlier and read more
    .-= gio’s last blog post… Product Review: Pupa Lipstylo Extreme Lipstick =-.

  10. Grace says:

    1. Mood: Solid; pretty good.
    2. Are you a good cook? I’m not insanely creative, but if I have a recipe to follow, I’m pretty competent. I really enjoy cooking (and reading cookbooks & food blogs is one of my favorite pastimes—lame, right?).
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Well…lately it’s been spender. But I have a budget that I’m trying to start implementing…things (like makeup and an iPod replacement) have been getting in the way.
    4. Black lipstick? Hell no, except on Halloween! I like more natural looks.
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Two different Rimmel eyeshadow quads (brown shades & grey shades), Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm, and Benefit Benetint.
    6. Last movie you loved? Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas! I watched it for the first time yesterday, and loved it.
    7. Spiders? Big spiders = yuck. Small spiders = no big deal.
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Beautiful, crisp fall day!
    9. Outfit: Boot cut dark wash Old Navy jeans, grey Converse low top sneakers, a black long sleeve t-shirt, a green fitted hoodie, and my favorite pair of dangly silver and green earrings.
    10. Weekly goals:

  11. Grace says:

    Oops, forgot number 10. Weekly goals: Go to the gym 3 times, make a recipe involving squash, and make progress in my post-graduation job search.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Grace,

      What a coincidence — I have make something with squash this week too. I bought a Spaghetti squash at the market the other day. I can’t wait to dig into it. 🙂

  12. bagaela says:

    1. Mood: tired and struggling with headache
    2. Are you a good cook? i think so. I love to try new tastes and things
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? I like to spend on things that really worth it. It’s not my fault that there are a lot of them…:)
    4. Black lipstick? no, not for my face, my upper lip is too thin, I prefer the black eyes!
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: nothing, just some sunscreen. one of my 3 makeup free days in the year 🙂
    6. Last movie you loved? district 9 and the chanel movie-not the one with Audrey Tatou, but the one with Shirley McLane
    7. Spiders? Love ’em! I used to live together with 3 tarantulas, all of em is different (one liked to bungee jum into her little feeder, so funny) They were big, but hand-lover kind. I’m planning to get one myself, one of the best pets, silent, rarly eats, and beautiful.
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? bad, bad, bad. I have to wear my wool coat.
    9. Outfit: black jans, boots, 3 layers (tanktop, turtleneck, waistcoat) and a waist-wasrmer under them…
    10. Weekly goals: surviving this week-i’m goint to work all weekend! Ouch…:(

  13. Tiffany says:

    Le list

    1. Mood: Chipper! I am actually more awake than usual!
    2. Are you a good cook? When I have a good recipe to follow!
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? spender, for sure
    4. Black lipstick? leave it on the runway!
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: stila kitten eyeshadow and lash blast mascara / kiehl’s vanilla lip balm / stila bronzer and illamasqua blush in beg
    6. Last movie you loved? couple’s retreat was funnier than I expected
    7. Spiders? freak me out!!!
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? brisk and sunny!
    9. Outfit: jeans and a short-sleeve argyle sweater
    10. Weekly goals: work on thesis, go grocery shopping, clean my house…. all boring stuff 🙁

  14. Kelly says:

    1. Mood: Ok considering it’s Monday and I have to be AT work 5 days this week, UGH!

    2. Are you a good cook? Yes. My lasagna is out of this world

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Both but I spend way too much on makeup and clothes. And I have a thing about buying new technology also, which is REALLY expensive sometimes!

    4. Black lipstick? Love it in print and on the runway, but not so sure most people can pull it off in real life

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: MAC Photo Realism quad with MAC Tarnish liner, YSL pink #19 lipstick and Illamasqua blush in Katie

    6. Last movie you loved? Just watched Sweeney Todd again on video, I LOVE it so much. Bought the soundtrack also so I can practice my fake British accent 🙂

    7. Spiders? Not a fan, but small ones don’t bother me

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Gonna be in the upper 70’s to low 80’s in Bay Area today, yay!

    9. Outfit: 7 jeans, ruffly white lace top with black bow ties, black cardigan and Franco Sarto heels

    10. Weekly goals: Somehow make it to work 5 days in a row, get back in the gym at least twice and stop eating every card in sight!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kelly,

      Ha! I love pretending I have a British accent. I’m awful at it though…

      Anyway, you and I are both on the some carb mission. I’ve been eating with abandon lately. 🙁

  15. Imelda says:

    1. Mood: Cheerful
    2. Are you a good cook?: Sometimes!
    3. Are you a spender or a saver?: A Spender, and worse off for it.
    4. Black lipstick?: I like it alot- it’s very high fashion and out of the box.
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: MAC Emerald Green Pigment, UD Absinthe, Protest, Mildew and Misdemeanor/ Cargo Purse Gloss in London/ MAC Melba with NARS Copacobana to highlight
    6. Last movie you loved?: Where the Wild Things Are
    7. Spiders?: Absolutely petrified by them.
    8. What’s the weather like out your way?: Sunny and 75 degrees! It’s finally spring out here!
    9. Outfit: Grey minidress, black and white polka dot cardigan, black flats
    10. Weekly goals: Organize my schedule and work hard.

  16. Tania says:

    Le list
    1. Mood: dazed
    2. Are you a good cook? I’m decent I’m more of a baker. I wish I had that skill where I could just throw stuff together and it works out…like my mom does.
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? A bit of both.
    4. Black lipstick? Not for me but I like it on other people.
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: no makeup yet
    6. Last movie you loved? X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    7. Spiders? If I see one it must die.
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? really nice it’s a perfect Kansas fall day
    9. Outfit: PJ’s for now
    10. Weekly goals: uggh I have so much to do the list is long.

  17. Kate says:

    1. Mood: Sluggish. Shouldn’t have stayed up so late.

    2. Are you a good cook? Nothing out of the ordinary.

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? More of a saver than spender, but I do my share of spending, especially on cosmetics, books and CDs.

    4. Black lipstick? I love that Morticia look, but would never wear it unless I’m in costume.

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: MAC’s Sorceress Palette, MAC Holiday Neutral Lip Palette, Px’s gel liner in Eggplant, nothing on cheeks.

    6. Last movie you loved? Michael Jackson’s This Is It

    7. Spiders? Not one of my favorite things. The bigger they are, the scarier they get.

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Upper 40’s, cloudy and grey with the sun trying to break through.

    9. Outfit: Charcoal v-neck pullover, black jeans, black high-heeled Mary Jane’s.

    10. Weekly goals: Go to bed earlier, practice EVERY day(I’m a musician), go one day w/o eating something sweet.

    Have a great week, Karen. Pet Tabs for me! 🙂

  18. Toni says:

    1. Mood: Happy (got my Sephora F&F stuff ordered today, found MAC Hello Kitty Beauty Powder at Bloomies, and had a bath with Lush bath bomb last night!)

    2. Are you a good cook? I’m an OK cook. Following recipes is hit or miss with me, so we eat a lot of the same old standbys.

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? I was a saver for a while, but lately, I’ve been spending on me.

    4. Black lipstick? Not for me, but I think it looks fine on others.

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Eyes- MAC Smoke and Mirror palette with Feline Kohl pencil, Lips- Vanilla Soft Lips, MAC Dream lipstick, Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks, Cheeks- MAC Hello Kitty Beauty Powder

    6. Last movie you loved? Prince Caspian!

    7. Spiders? Big ones scare me, but little ones area nuisance.

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Sunny (finally) and chilly

    9. Outfit: Teal tunic top, boot cut jeans, and brown ankle boots.

    10. Weekly goals: Organize my son’s playroom and our family room, catch up on laundry, and look for all of the library books scattered around the house!
    .-= Toni’s last blog post… Downsizing My Stuff =-.

  19. Steph B says:

    Le list
    1. Mood: pretty mellow
    2. Are you a good cook? Good cook and an excellent baker. People like it better when you bring cookies into work than when you bring a chicken!
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? A bit of both. I save a lot but a little retail therapy every now and then is a very good thing.
    4. Black lipstick? I’ll pass.
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Just got done with a 5 hour drive home so its pretty minimal today — Laura Mercier tinted SPF moisturizer & L’Oreal Voluminous Naturale on lashes.
    6. Last movie you loved? Questions like this always make my mind go blank. Do movies on tv count? I saw Like Water for Chocolate the other day and it is a fav.
    7. Spiders? I respect their space and think they should respect mine.
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Sunny, some clouds, and about 62 degrees. I should probably step away from the keyboard and go enjoy it!
    9. Outfit: Jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, hiking boots
    10. Weekly goals: Switch my drivers license and car registration — way overdue.

  20. Jessica says:

    1. Mood: Good for a Monday! I actually got to work on time today
    2. Are you a good cook? I have been told that I am, but I think I’m just average. Like Karen, I need a recipe and TIME
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Definitely a spender, unfortunately
    4. Black lipstick? not on me, nope
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Eyes:Estee Lauder eyeshadow duo that was a GWP, Lips: tender taupe liner, spiced apple lipstick, glamour- full lip gloss all by Clinique, Cheeks: Clinique mocha pink blush
    6. Last movie you loved? This is a hard one… I get so many movies on Netflix I can’t keep up
    7. Spiders? Hell naw!
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Cold, frosty morning but sunny and nice now
    9. Outfit: black sleeveless sheath dress, black tights, black faux suede slouchy knee boots, and an apple green faux sued blazer
    10. Weekly goals: Get to bed by 11:30, read for an hour each night,little to no procrastinating at the office!!

  21. E.D. says:

    1. Mood:

    2. Are you a good cook?
    Yeah, but chemistry and cooking aren’t that different.

    3. Are you a spender or a saver?
    Saver all the way, which is good because DH is currently unemployed.

    4. Black lipstick?
    Not for me, but it’s not automatically bad.

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
    Nothing today – skin still adjusting to the colder weather.

    6. Last movie you loved?
    Just saw Benjamin Button – that was good.

    7. Spiders?
    Sure, as long as the bite won’t disfigure or kill me.

    8. What’s the weather like out your way?
    Same as it has been for the past two months, overcast and raining.

    9. Outfit:
    Red wool l/s sweater with tie neck, medium brown wool flannel pants, black ribbed socks, black loafers

    10. Weekly goals:

    -get caught up from last work trip out of town
    -start ordering Xmas gifts
    -finish 25% of the blanket I am knitting my father for Xmas
    -exercise at least 3 times
    -avoid eating at restaurants/cafeteria (save $$)

  22. Jocelynn says:

    1. Mood:Fabulous 🙂
    2. Are you a good cook? when I have to be
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? spender
    4. Black lipstick? nope I dont think I can pull it off
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: just voluminous mascara loreal and clear gloss… its Monday 🙂
    6. Last movie you loved? sex and the city
    7. Spiders? there suppose to be good luck I try to sweep them out though when I see them
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? sunny
    9. Outfit: express black pinstripe pants blank tank with white shirt
    10. Weekly goals: get to emy sons daycare on time everyday…dollar a minute is no joke

  23. Madeleine says:

    1. Mood:Frustrated
    2. Are you a good cook? Yes,and no.My Mum hated me in the kitchen,she is an amazing cook,and according to her I was only useful in her kitchen as a dish washer!I can cook only thanks to her sister 🙂
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Both,I spend big if I feel like it,and I can be cheap – big time if nessesary;
    4. Black lipstick? Forget it.
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:MAC mascara/MAC Rubia/MAC Springsheen
    6. Last movie you loved? Women by Diane English 🙂
    7. Spiders? Have no mercy for them;
    8. What’s the weather like out your way?Lots of rain plus I saw some unfrindly flurries on the way 🙁
    9. Outfit:black bell bottom jeans,black striped shirt,
    10. Weekly goals:to find somebody that is going to clean my driveway in winter (remove the snow);

  24. Lmia says:

    Hurray for Mondays!
    1. Mood: kinda freaked out… presentation looming over head, and no work done O.O
    2. Are you a good cook? When I try. I like baking better though.
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? I’m a mix of both. I can be a measly saver and save and save for years, then go and buy something huge on a whim. Very impulsive.
    4. Black lipstick? um, no thank you. Too Halloween-y.
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Sunscreen all over. Brown liner, mascara/ pink gloss that wore off/ –
    6. Last movie you loved? The Dark Knight. *dies*
    7. Spiders? uhhh… i can deal with them. As long as they are not on ME.
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Cold. Windy. Grey. Perfect for cozying up to a book, but that’s not gonna happen now is it? Nope!
    9. Outfit: Blue shirtdress, black skinnys, biker boots.
    10. Weekly goals: Chill. Like really.

  25. Jasmine says:

    Hi Karen! 🙂

    1. Mood:
    Stressed. 6 more days to A-levels! It’s 3:50 am here and I’m doing integral calculus.

    2. Are you a good cook?
    Not really, I’ve never had a chance to cook.

    3. Are you a spender or a saver?
    Spender …

    4. Black lipstick?
    Hell yeah!

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
    Oops, I have nothing much on at this time … some Olay moisturiser and Ardell’s eyelash accelerator! (I hope it works, my fingers are crossed). I have some Burt’s Bees Honey Lip balm on too.

    6. Last movie you loved?
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    7. Spiders?
    No thank you. Watching? OK though 🙂

    8. What’s the weather like out your way?
    The monsoon season is here! It’s been storming all day.

    9. Outfit:
    My high school gym attire …

    10. Weekly goals:
    Finish studying math and physical geography, in time for my papers. 🙂

  26. Jamie says:

    1. Mood:disappointed and irritated…grrr…
    2. Are you a good cook? yes.
    3. Are you a spender or a saver?spender. saving is my curse
    4. Black lipstick? yes….
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:I can’t even remember I’m so irritated. maybe i should do this later.:(
    6. Last movie you loved? wow.none. its been that kinda year.
    7. Spiders? hells no
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? warm but breezy. a dirty south fall.
    9. Outfit:
    10. Weekly goals:
    .-= Jamie’s last blog post… Revisted: MAC Royal Assets:6 Cool Eyes…. =-.

  27. Louise Gray says:

    Happy First Monday in November!

    Le list
    1. Mood: Not too bad.
    2. Are you a good cook? DH is vegetarian and I am vegan. For as long as we have been veggers, I had to learn how to cook well because back in the 1970’s, there was no other alternative.
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? I am in the middle.
    4. Black lipstick? Not for me
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Eyes and Cheeks are from Chanel’s Neutral palette and lips are my newest purchase-YSL’s Nude Beige
    6. Last movie you loved? hahah get a good laugh-Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects
    7. Spiders? No thank you
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Balmy and sunny
    9. Outfit: all black
    10. Weekly goals: Finish my library book before it is due at the end of the week

  28. Emily says:

    1. Mood: Getting more relaxed: it’s been a long day and now im winding down with a neck massage from my new Lush bar (LOVE IT) and music. (I actually bought the massage bar for me and my boyfriend to share…but by the time he comes back for thanksgiving I may have used it up!)
    2. Are you a good cook? Actually yes, though I rarely do.
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Saver…hough when it comes to makeup I have to exercise a little more self-control (I’m getting better!)
    4. Black lipstick? I like it! Not for everyday, but I’m waiting on that special occasion to whip out a glamorous black lippie. Maybe prom! (I’ve been hoarding the black lip gloss that YSL came out with last winter, maybe worn it less than ten times…and that’s mostly experimenting in the house…)
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Liner in Sequins, UD e/s in midnight cowboy rides again, perversion, sellout and twice baked, theBalm bronzer in Bahama Mama, Minted Rosebud Salve earlier but I just used the tip from the Lush massage bar article from a while ago on its other uses and used the Wiccy bar as a lip balm.
    6. Last movie you loved? Blue Velvet
    7. Spiders? Freak me out.
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Cloudy, cold.
    9. Outfit: Purple t-shirt that says LGBTerrific with a rainbow, black skirt with yellow stars, sheer black houndstooth stockings.
    10. Weekly goals: Clean turtle tank, basically get as much college stuff out of the way as possible, and stabilize my sleeping/eating schedule.

  29. Jen says:

    1. Mood: Groggy. I’m down with the sickness 🙁

    2. Are you a good cook? Not particularly. I make mean desserts, that’s about it.

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Definitely a spender. But once I get out of college and start living in the real world, I hope that’ll change.

    4. Black lipstick? I’ve never tried it, but I want to one day! I think I could rock a sheer wash of color.

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: None. I look as terrible as I feel.

    6. Last movie you loved? White on Rice! It’s on the film festival circuit and limited release nationwide.

    7. Spiders? I like ’em!
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Cloudy, maybe some rain later. At least the vog is finally gone.

    9. Outfit: Still wearing the clothes I slept in! T-shirt and sweat pants.

    10. Weekly goals: Get over this danged cold!, exercise, clean up my desk.

  30. Kate & Zena says:

    1. Mood:
    Okay. A little bitchy from pain but I’m fine.

    2. Are you a good cook?
    Depends on what I’m cooking. 🙂

    3. Are you a spender or a saver?
    Both. I tend to save for big things but when I see something that I like, I HAVE to get it. It’s a paradox.

    4. Black lipstick?
    Too stark for my uber pale skin. Would look lovely on black skin.

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
    Slight cat eye, standard cheeks, berry lips.

    6. Last movie you loved?
    The newest one I’ve seen? Wall-E (yep, I’m sad. I hate theatres)

    7. Spiders?
    Terrified of them. My dad kills them.

    8. What’s the weather like out your way?
    Very dry cold and windy here in ol’ Midwest.

    9. Outfit:
    Dark denim jeans, violet thermal henley, cobalt spaghetti strap t-shirt under henley and my Tribeca embroidered shoes.

    10. Weekly goals:
    See the doctor and brush Zena out. She’s shedding.

  31. suri says:

    Le list

    1. Mood: I’m a little blah today.

    2. Are you a good cook? I think I am pretty good actually.

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Heyyyy big spender!

    4. Black lipstick? Not my thing I’m not that adventurous.

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Nothing now I took all my makeup off when I got home. Too tired to remember what i have on today! :0

    6. Last movie you loved? I’m a sucker for all the cheessy action flicks, I really enjoyed Transformers

    7. Spiders? I’m stomping them out

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Cloudy and cool..55 I think..Good sweater weather.

    9. Outfit: Now i have on a gray tank and sweats. For work I had a purple H&M v-neck sweater with a white tank underneath, dark jeans, and yellow flats.

    10. Weekly goals: Oh the usual, work out, finish work stuff and get more motivated.


  32. Trude says:

    1. Mood: A little tired from the weekend, but otherwise okay.

    2. Are you a good cook? I’m a better baker. I’m still trying to understand how to improvise in cooking. Not very good at it, I’m afraid!

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Spender, unless I have something specific in my head that I’m saving for. But that’s just preparing me to spend! So bad.

    4. Black lipstick? Still can’t get over the goth association, so I’m gonna go with no. 😉

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Mix of brown-pinks from Nars and Stila on the eyes, Aveda lip gloss, Bobbi Brown pink blush.

    6. Last movie you loved? Boondock Saints 2. Saw it last night, only a few slightly cheesy bits. Totally made for the fans! 🙂

    7. Spiders? Ew ew ew. Nothing should have that many legs. Period.

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Drrrrrryyyyy. And warm. How I loathe the Santa Ana winds!

    9. Outfit: Black scoopneck jersey top, tan pants, black patent flats.

    10. Weekly goals: Catch up on photos, finally make it to a possible new gym, attend a small business lecture.
    .-= Trude’s last blog post… October Roundup =-.

  33. meimei says:

    1. Mood: Optimistic. I already went through Halloween all week last week, so might as well look forward.

    2. Are you a good cook? Considering that I sometimes deviate from recipes when I feel like it, I’d say I’m decent. But first I need more time…

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Bit of both, but more of a spender.

    4. Black lipstick? I adore Clinique Black Honey, and my first big-ticket purchase was Christian Dior Plastic Shine in black, so I’d say – only if it’s very, very sheer.

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: None yet. Would love to get some new eyeliner, though.

    6. Last movie you loved? Star Trek was pretty cool. Also, I just re-watched Michael Clayton on TV the other day, and was pleased to enjoy it a lot.

    7. Spiders? NEVER.

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? There’s another typhoon brewing in Philippine waters. Skies are dark right now; here’s hoping it’s not a violent one.

    9. Outfit: Shorts and a tee. And flip-flops.

    10. Weekly goals: Choose to be happy. Put more effort into my appearance. Get as much done as possible. 🙂
    .-= meimei’s last blog post… When Every Day is Halloween =-.

  34. Stef says:

    1. Mood: A little sleepy today, but good every other way!

    2. Are you a good cook? Honey, I tear it up in the kitchen!

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? A spender, but I really really need to learn to be a saver.

    4. Black lipstick? I’m a little fair for black lipstick, but black lip gloss is great!

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: I’ve been lazy today, just moisturizer and Benefit Bo-ing in the dark circles and Lemon-Aid on the lids.

    6. Last movie you loved? I just watched “Ice Age 3, Dawn of the Dinosaurs” with my kids and LOVED it!

    7. Spiders? I don’t want them on me, but they’re okay as long as they aren’t giant!

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? It’s gorgeous today, 75 degrees! Chilly at night with warm days, my favorite!

    9. Outfit: Exercise clothes, grey shorts and a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu t-shirt. (For the record, my husband trained at the Gracie Academy with Royce Gracie, so I don’t look like a doofus wearing it!)

    10. Weekly goals: Exercise every day! Eat right!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Stef,

      I need cooking tips from you! I want to tear up the kitchen too, LOL!

      Oh, El Hub did the Gracie as well back in the day. I gave up trying to beat him at wrestling a long time ago…

  35. penelopee says:

    1. Mood: happy/satisfied
    2. Are you a good cook? nope
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? saver
    4. Black lipstick? only for costumes
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: elf lip gloss
    6. Last movie you loved? The Notebook
    7. Spiders? ewww no matter how tiny or harm free they can be..i hate tehm and im scared of them. just thinking about them makes me shiver
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? cloudy/rainy/windy/cold
    9. Outfit: black tee, skinny jeans, and timbs
    10. Weekly goals:

  36. amy says:

    1. Mood: Not in the best of moods

    2. Are you a good cook? I hold my own, I am the best at appetizers but I am also a very slow cook

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? spender

    4. Black lipstick? I haven’t rocked yet, but I am going to try it one of these days

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Trying the U/D 24/7 Graffiti liner

    6. Last movie you loved? Coraline

    7. Spiders? Doesn’t bother me too much unless I walk through their web in a garden and I have no idea where the spider went or if it is on me or not

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? wet, gray and rainy

    9. Outfit: hoodie and lululemon pants

    10. Weekly goals:
    .-= amy’s last blog post… FOTD Shimmery Purple MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Devil May Care, MAC Greasepaint Sticks V and Black =-.

  37. Joey says:

    1. Mood: Very happy because I just had a yummy dinner, I’m almost done with work, and I got paid today! Oh, and I had a very lovely walk around Manhattan today.

    2. Are you a good cook? Yes I am, but I rarely have time for it =(

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Both. My big splurges are makeup, alcohol, and food. I find ways to save money though.

    4. Black lipstick? YES. I wear black lips pretty regularly.

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: NARS Cheyenne duo with Fyrinnae Polar Bear for highlight, Stila Pomegranite Smudge Pot to line. Everyday Minerals Favorite Hoodie blush, random Smashbox gloss.

    6. Last movie you loved? Zombieland!

    7. Spiders? Yes.

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Chilly and windy! I love it.

    9. Outfit: Dark blue Levis 231s. White tank top underneath a burgundy Uniqlo henley. Black and white Chucks.

    10. Weekly goals: See the Yankees take home the World Series! See my best friend on her birthday. Get a new facial exfoliant. Deep condition my hair. Get a pedicure.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Joey,

      LOL regarding the spiders. Were you a fan of Charlotte’s Web when you were little?

      Speaking of facial exfoliant, MAC’s Volcanic Ash is good if you can find it. Soap & Glory’s is decent, too.

  38. Corina says:

    1. Mood: Jovial 🙂 I got me a new job today
    2. Are you a good cook? I’d say I’m an excellent cook. If I wasn’t a nurse, I would have gone into culinary arts.
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Because I haven’t had a job, i’ve been a saver…but now that I do have a job, I can’t wait to be a spend
    4. Black lipstick? Just aint right for this gal…unless its for halloween and thats already passed.
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Very neutral with Bare Canvas paint, All that Glitters and a dark brown kohl for liner. Lips just have plain gloss and cheeks dusted in Peachy something or other
    6. Last movie you loved? Last night I watched Yes Man, with Jim Carey and I thought it was awesome
    7. Spiders? The vaccum works wonders for those big hairy indoor ones my kitties don’t get
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Cloudy and rainy all day
    9. Outfit: Navy slacks and muliple coloured blouse that ties at the waist. Real cute sequinced Nine West heels.
    10. Weekly goals: Review my assessment techniques for my new position

  39. Chris says:

    Better late than never, right?

    1. Mood: Happy – it’s my day off.
    2. Are you a good cook? Yes. And I’ve got the extra pounds to prove it.
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Lord help me, a spender. Big time.
    4. Black lipstick? Doesn’t work on me, but I’m not opposed to it on the right face.
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Milani silver-brown eyeshadow, Bare Minerals blush in Laughter and a Nix lipgloss that looks almost purple.
    6. Last movie you loved? Amelia, which I just saw today. 3 and a half stars.
    7. Spiders? Eh, I can deal w/ them better than other creepy crawlies.
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Right now: full moon. Earlier today: high of 85, but not as humid, thank God.
    9. Outfit: Khakis and a Life Is Good t-shirt.
    10. Weekly goals: Walks in the park for cardio, homemade pizzas for dinner on Saturday, laughing more at work, not taking it all so seriously.
    .-= Chris’s last blog post… Inspiration Avenue: Ghostly =-.

  40. Corina says:

    Don’t know when I start yet Karen, but they better hurry up and tell me (probably next week, the big wigs gotta call me)…I’m fixing for a spending spree @ my local MAC!

  41. Kate & Zena says:


    She’s been glued to me all day when I wasn’t in school. She’s either been snuggling with me or kissing me. She normally latches onto my mom so the fact she’s being my little shadow is a little weird but very cute. I have to keep looking down so I don’t step on her paws because you can’t really gauge how close she is to you by the sound of her paws. She can literally be right behind you and you’d never know until you turn around!

    How’s Tabs taking to being an inside kitty?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kate,

      Aw, maybe she knows you aren’t feeling well and wants to cheer you up. 🙂

      Tabs is okay… he only seems to get upset when I open the screen door to let the house air out. Smelling the outdoors and hearing all the sounds seems too much for him to bear; he mewls and cries. It’s actually really depressing. I just keep reminding myself that keeping him inside is better for him in the long run.

  42. Ashlee says:

    1. Mood: very tired! i had a long day at school, and the time change is just messing me up! but it’s better than losing an hour, i very much appreciate sleeping in till 7 instead of 6

    2. Are you a good cook? I am a teenager therefore i know how to use a microwave. That’s about it.

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Ahhhhhh spender unfortunatly!! i spend my money like THAT!

    4. Black lipstick? Umm…no.

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Urban decay zero eyeliner and covergirl mascara. And chapstick. Didn’t have much time this morning 🙂

    6. Last movie you loved? Changeling, I love it! Angelina Jolie is amazing in that movie! it’s so sad but really good.

    7. Spiders? AHHHHHHHH. nuff said.

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Sunny, but freezing. It was like 40 degrees this morning, and 50 in the afternoon. Sucky!!

    9. Outfit: skinny jeans, an oversized navy t-shirt, uggs and a northface.

    10. Weekly goals: Go to school, do homework and sleep. That is my life.

  43. Toni says:

    Karen, I was super excited to order my Laura Mercier lipglosses after trying a sample I got from Nordstrom. I didn’t realize until tonight when I was applying the sample that it was their lip plumper gloss, not the lip glace gloss that I ordered! Aaaargh! I hope I can exchange it at the store if I end up hating it. I also got my favorite mascara Lancome Definicils and my Clinique foundation too.
    .-= Toni’s last blog post… Downsizing My Stuff =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Toni,

      Lucky for you — the Lip Glace is pretty nice! I really like it. It’s pigmented and not sticky. I have Bellini and Rose. Love ’em both!

      Did you save all the paperwork that came with your package? You should be able to exchange or return it at the store.

  44. DonnaN says:

    1. Mood: Thankful–my hometown team, the Phillies won game 5 tonight, and are continuing the World Series!!

    2. Are you a good cook? Decent…as long as I don’t get distracted by the TV or the dog. I excel at desserts–much to my chagrin.

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Definately, a spender! I usually have a hard time with putting money away, unless I *can’t* get to it….

    4. Black lipstick? A bit too “avant garde” for my taste…

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Eyes–Sonia Kashuk Eye Shadow duo in COCKTAIL HOUR + Givenchy Effet Extension Mascara….Lips–Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in Pink Beach….Cheeks–Nars Orgasm blush

    6. Last movie you loved? The last one I saw in theaters was the new Star Trek movie, but we just watched the The Day The Earth Stood Still on DVD…not too bad.

    7. Spiders? WHERE?!?! I’m am INSANELY phobic of spiders. Ugh, I get the willies just THINKIN’ about them…..

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Cool and clear and 46 degrees….yep, it’s fall (or winter…..)

    9. Outfit: Today I wore a teal sweater and black knit pants.

    10. Weekly goals: Laundry, scrub my kitchen floor and sleep…..TONS of overtime at work (until early December) to get all of the holiday orders done in time!!!

  45. Kate & Zena says:

    Aw, poor Tabs. He’s just adjusting and trying to stress you out so you’ll weaken in your resolve. Zena went on a kibble strike when we first got her…for a month. We knew she’d go on a food strike but a whole entire month was not expected. We went psycho trying to get her to eat and one day out of the blue she was like, “Okay, I’m hungry for kibble.” I stood dumbstruck for ten minutes when I heard the distinct sound of jaws chewing up doggy kibble. The amount of stress we put ourselves through for her and there she was happily eating like the kibble strike never happened. I’m sure Tabs will give in once he realizes you’re serious. It may take a few months but it’s in his best kitty interest to be a spoiled INSIDE cat.

  46. Catherine says:

    Ooh, 33 minutes left!

    1. Mood: Surprisingly good considering I have a midterm in about 10 hours… lol.

    2. Are you a good cook? I would say I’m a pretty decent one? I can typically follow a good recipe and I’ve gotten to the stage where I can sort of embellish, cut or improvise as I see fit without totally ruining a dish.

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Hahaha, definitely a spender. I don’t overspend myself into debt… but I definitely need to learn how to save.

    4. Black lipstick? Not really my cup of tea, but I have seen it look downright amazing on some other ladies.

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Cocomotion & the dark brown from Shu Uemura’s Fleur de Source palette/LM Sugar Plum stickgloss/Paul & Joe Disney Face Color B

    6. Last movie you loved? Oh man, it’s been awhile since I’ve really loved one. Probably Ponyo, and Hot Fuzz before it.

    7. Spiders? ;______;

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Deceitful! Today they forcasted highs of 78 so I went out expecting skirt weather… then the clouds and fog rolled in and it was freezing!

    9. Outfit: My “which way to tokyo” ninja t-shirt with a calf-length VS brown linen skirt, lilac socks and black Chucks, accessorized with a pretty taupe flower-shaped zipper headband, Hello Kitty watch & oh hello friend (etsy) and MotoJewelry.

    10. Weekly goals: Survive! Finished 1 presentation and 1 group writing assignment today. Got two midterms, 1 individual lab report poster, 1 symposium presentation poster & another group writing assignment by the end of the week (which ends early for me as I’m flying out to said symposium Friday morning!). Pray for me… =)

    Next week I’m going to take a page out of your book and try to start squeezing in the exercise & get to sleep before midnight as well though. The whole no sleep thing is wreaking havoc on my face. =/
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… NOTW & Zoya Order 3 Swatches =-.

  47. Rita says:

    1. Mood: A little tired.
    2. Are you a good cook? Not really. I haven’t cooked properly for years.
    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Hmm, I spend everything I have except for my savings, basicly.
    4. Black lipstick? Not for me. I do not wear anything black (clothes included), only mascara and sometimes eyeliner. Black is a dirty colour to me, and I’m a dirtophobic!
    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: The Notoriety Quad / lip conditioner (now), High Def l/s later / So Ceylon MSF & The Perfect Cheek
    6. Last movie you loved? Oh, I can’t even remember what I’ve seen lately.
    7. Spiders? I won’t scream.
    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Cloudy, no rain. About 4 C = 39 F.
    9. Outfit: Cashmere pullover, t-shirt, jeans.
    10. Weekly goals: MAC Holiday is finaly coming out this week here in Europe, and I have an appointment with a MAC Artist. My first!

  48. Toni says:

    Hi, Karen! I just ordered it yesterday, so it should be here this week (I hope! 🙂 ). I will definitely keep the paperwork in case it doesn’t work out. I loved the sample lip plumper I got in Rose. You’re right, it wasn’t sticky and it lasted for a long time! I ordered the Lip Glace in Rose and Champagne.
    .-= Toni’s last blog post… Downsizing My Stuff =-.

  49. Chris says:

    Hi Karen! I got my shirt in St. Augustine, but I think they are all over the place. It is literally the softest T-shirt I’ve ever owned.
    .-= Chris’s last blog post… Inspiration Avenue: Ghostly =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Chris,

      I love soft t-shirts (soo lovely to sleep in!). Thank you for sending the link… I’ll hop on over and look around. Maybe I’ll find some cute Christmas presents!

  50. Sarah says:

    1. Mood: A little groggy, I’m still adjusting to the time change

    2. Are you a good cook? I can follow a recipe, but I have to say overall, I’m not a great cook

    3. Are you a spender or a saver? Spende for sure! Especially on makeup, perfume, and purses

    4. Black lipstick? Love it, wish I had the balls to sport it

    5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: MAC studio fix, Avon Blush, Avon glossom blossom lipgloss

    6. Last movie you loved? Zombieland

    7. Spiders? AHHH!!! No, hate them

    8. What’s the weather like out your way? Pretty, sunny

    9. Outfit: Polo shirt w/ my work logo on it, black slacks

    10. Weekly goals: I’m embarrased to write this yet again! But get my ring fixed.
    .-= Sarah’s last blog post… Amazingly Strange Handmade Dolls, Puppets & Sculpture =-.

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