Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Feb. 2

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  1. Mood:
  2. Happy

  3. Outfit:
  4. Wide-leg Gap jeans, green empire waist shirt, gold necklace and BCBGirls heels

  5. Nail polish:
  6. Essie Eternal Optimist on my toes and fingers

  7. Makeup or beauty confession:
  8. There’s a long hair growing on top of my left knee right now… I forgot to hack it off the last time I shaved, LOL. It’s about an inch long, and now I’m tempted to see just how long it can grow.

  9. People say I look like (insert celebrity name here):
  10. I get Reese Witherspoon a lot.

  11. Body lotion:
  12. Mmm, Johnson’s 24-Hour Body Lotion

  13. Cheeks and Lips:
  14. Clinique Quick Blush in In-a-Rush Blush and Bobbi Brown’s Baby Glitter Lip Gloss and Blush Pink Creamy Lip Color from the Blushed Pink collection

  15. Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____.
  16. Patience

  17. Favorite snack:
  18. Cold, crisp and sweet green grapes

  19. Weekly goals:
  20. Remain open to possibility, devise a way to attend the US Open Tennis Championships this fall, eat hella fiber (LOL!) and go to dance class at least once

What’s up, ladies! Let me know how you’re doing this morning. Just copy the empty list and then paste it with your answers in the comments.


Le list

Nail polish:
Makeup or beauty confession:
People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here):
Body lotion:
Cheeks and Lips:
Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ .
Favorite snack:
Weekly goals:

Together, we WILL conquer Monday!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Alison says:

    Mood: Happy ‘cos it’s snowing!!!

    Outfit: Sweats, I got the day off!

    Nail polish: Chanel Angora

    Makeup or beauty confession: I am a nail polish addict and can’t stop buying more! Just ordered Chanel Django today!

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Dido

    Body lotion: Benefit touch me then try to leave cream

    Cheeks and Lips: Chanel Joues contrast rose petale and Chanel rouge allure in tender

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Energy!

    Favorite snack: Very diet unfriendly chocolate!

    Weekly goals: To begin a new fitness regime, try to resist the urge to buy even more nail polish LOL!

  2. Casey says:

    Mood:hungry – slept late skipped breakfast

    Outfit: Jeans and sweater – casual Monday?

    Nail polish: OPI Moon over Mumbai

    Makeup or beauty confession:I own a pair of ballet flat Crocs

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Mulan (my nephew)

    Body lotion: Cetaphil

    Cheeks and Lips: Tarte Cheek Stain in Blushing Bride and Cherry Chapstick

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Motivation

    Favorite snack: Salt and Vinegar Chips

    Weekly goals:Work out – work out – work out!

  3. Tania says:

    I’m loving your blog more and more! Did you and Tabs watch the Super Bowl? I’m so excited for the episode of The City cuz Kelly Cutrone is gonna be on there and she is just amazingly crazy!

    Le list
    Nail polish: none
    Makeup or beauty confession:my dermatitis is flaring up. NO!
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here):Hilary on Fresh Prince of Bel Aire
    Body lotion:Olay Age Defying in shower body lotion and Soap and Glory’s Righteous Butter.
    Cheeks and Lips:I’ll probably wear either Stark Naked or Desert Rose MAC blush. Then some fushia fix lip cond.
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ .TV. Heroes, The City, OMG I’m so excited!!!
    Favorite snack:Chips Ahoy peanut butter and chocolate chunk cookies with a glass of milk.
    Weekly goals:stay focused, plan my week out so I’m not so stressed, enjoy the moment.

  4. YadiQ says:

    Mood: exhausted

    Outfit: heather grey baby doll american apparel tee with flare legged jeans with navy blue nike shox

    Nail polish: none!!!

    Makeup or beauty confession: i am a slacker when it comes to moisturizing my body even though i need it bad i am just lazy

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): never got compared to a celebrity

    Body lotion: an agave lotion from palmilla resorts in los cabos was a gift from my boss – it smells super fresh and moisturizes nicely

    Cheeks and Lips: nothing yet on cheeks but i am wearing chapstick

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . energy

    Favorite snack: anything baked with lots of chocolatey goodness

    Weekly goals: keep on track with my workouts, practice some positive thinking, keep focused on all my projects for ultimate productivity

    hey K, if your pumping up the fiber in your diet look for some bars by gnu foods called flavor and fiber bars they are pretty good for an all natural and organic way to pack in 12 grams of fiber per bar ! they are pretty low cal too my faves are the peanut butter and banana nut but they also have chocolate, oatmeal cinnamon raisin and orange cranberry ( the orange cranberry not so good in my opinion) ALSO a side note smashbox halo powder sucks !!! it looks really heavy and cakey on skin i am sending that sucker back the muse palette is pretty gonna slap some shadow on in a few minutes !

  5. katee says:


    Outfit:Fuzzy Blue Robe

    Nail polish: Zoya Casey on tips/Laura Mercier Caviar Dreams o toes

    Makeup or beauty confession: On most days I am lucky to fill in my brows and wear mascara. I really don’t wear much makeup unless it’s in the evening.

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): No one.

    Body lotion: CND Almond SpaManicure lotion. It’s amazing – smells just like solar oil!!

    Cheeks and Lips: I am still in bed!

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of available jobs on the internet for me to apply to! I don’t really “need” a job but I “want” a job so badly!

    Favorite snack: potato chips!

    Weekly goals: find a job!

    katee´s last blog post..New Colors from BB Couture for Nails!

  6. Elle says:

    A little confused

    Black and gray houndstooth-print pants, black boots, black sweater, purple cami

    Nail polish:
    Nothing! I haven’t done my nails in weeks. 🙁

    Makeup or beauty confession:
    Hmm…I have at least 30 or so MAC eyeshadows, but I’ve used only one of them in the past 2 weeks…

    People say I look like (insert celebrity name here):
    I have gotten everyone from Christina Ricci to Robin Givens to Shakira to Judy Reyes (Carla on “Scrubs”) to Tila Tequila (my LEAST FAVORITE comparison, btw, since I really look nothing like her whatsoever, apart from being part Asian)…so who knows 🙂

    Body lotion:
    The Body Shop cranberry body butter

    Cheeks and Lips:
    MAC mineralized blush in Gleeful and MAC Lightly Ripe lipstick

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____.
    Patience (me too!)

    Favorite snack:
    Chips and good guacamole

    Weekly goals:
    To clean out my closet, get some reading and writing done, start my budget lockdown (it was supposed to start this past month, but then MAC had to come along and ruin it!), and get out at least one night this week for some fun 🙂

  7. Tali says:

    1. Mood: Ok… very tired though!!

    2. Outfit: Pink pijamas and fluffy bathrobe ( i actually hate pink..especially baby pink.. very ironic im covered haed to toe in it today!!)

    3. Nail polish: Buffed nails but bare!!

    4. Makeup or beauty confession: Im still laughing about the hair on the knee… heheheh
    Errr.. im half way through lazer hair removal on my bikini line and for some reason right half is permenantly gone but the left half is patchy so.. very odd looking!!

    5. People say I look like Liv Tyler:… to the point its a bit annoying…!

    6. Body lotion: Korres guava

    7. Cheeks and Lips: Just out the bath so its burts bees lip balm!

    8. Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of Inspiration…. need a few lifestyle changes!

    9. Favorite snack: Right now la dure macaroons!! I ate 16 in 2 days :/ not good about one million calories per macaroon!!

    10. Weekly goals:
    Not to spend all day on Facebook… to not pick fights over the phone whilst my boy is away on business… to be calm.. to not be lazy and to REVISE FOR FRIDAY!!! (and not wait till thursday night to do the revision!)

  8. Sylvie says:

    Hi Karen,

    I just received some excellent news and I thought I’d share it. MAC (in France) sent me a letter saying that since I’ve been such a great customer, I’m invited to an exclusive sale at a MAC Pro where I’ll get 50% on my purchase. 😀 I am so excited because who’s heard of a discount at MAC for us non-Pro mortals? The only discount I’d ever gotten was 20% off the Red She Said stuff two weeks ago because they were trying to clear their stock. I’m going to go crazy. I’ll have to start making a list!

  9. Medina says:

    Mood: Frustrated. It’s a snow day in London so all my meetings got cancelled, and I can’t seem to get hold of anyone or do anything productive at all
    Outfit: dark indigo high wasted straight leg jeans and cashmere silk blend black round neck sweater
    Nail polish: MAC Nightfall on my hands, nothing on my toes (shock horror! better fix that tonight!)
    Makeup or beauty confession: almost all my nail polishes are either dark, sparkly, bright, metalic or all of the above. I have around 40 bottles (after a recent clear out) and only 2 of them are nude colours and they barely get used.
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): I used to get Catherine Zeta Jones a lot when she was younger
    Body lotion: Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honey Drops, I adore this stuff
    Cheeks and Lips: Cheeks Nars Amour, lips Nars Dolce Vita
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . patience
    Favorite snack: Danish pastry
    Weekly goals: catch up on all the work I couldn’t do today

  10. Candice says:

    Mood: Content
    Outfit: 3/4 knee length burgndly a-line dress, black cardigan, belted at waist with chunky belt, layered gold necklace, plaid flats
    Nail polish: None on hands, on my feet is the defunct On The Hunt by China Glaze (if anyone can offer up an alternative I’ll be oh so grateful!!)
    Makeup or beauty confession: I would wear dramatic eye make up everywhere if it was appropriate.
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): No one
    Body lotion: Lay it on thick, B&BW
    Cheeks and Lips: Cheeks – nada, Lips – Carol’s Daughter Grown and Sexy
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of sleep.
    Favorite snack: Triscuits
    Weekly goals: Prep for my b’day

  11. Shefali says:

    Here goes!

    Mood: Combination of anxious, calm, stressed, and excited (part 1 of licensing exam is on Friday)

    Outfit: Joe’s Jeans, green Bitten SJP top, black flats

    Nail polish: Essie’s Jazz

    Makeup or beauty confession: I have these 3 random chin hairs that started growing a couple of years ago…it’s really bizarre and gross. I constantly pluck them

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Nobody

    Body lotion: B&BW Exotic Coconut

    Cheeks and Lips: Benefit Coralista, NARS Boogie Nights lipgloss…I’m OBSESSED with it

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of studying.

    Favorite snack: Cashews, or these pecans that are crusted with cranberries, black pepper, and orange zest (by Sahale snacks). They are divine!

    Weekly goals: PASS PART 1 OF MY LICENSING EXAM AND CELEBRATE!!! That’s seriously all I want to do this week. Don’t care a damn about anything else.

  12. Kelley says:

    Mood: Happy
    Outfit: Gap straight, skinny jeans and a warm fuzzy LLBean fleece – it’s c-c-c-cold here!!!
    Nail polish: Clear
    Makeup or beauty confession: I could stare in the mirror for hours and nitpick, pluck, inspect, etc.
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Sarah Palin
    Body lotion: Amlactin – a miracle in a bottle!!!!
    Cheeks and Lips: Cheeks – Bobbi Brown mauve blush from Mauve palette, lips are MAC Chai lipglass. It’s my new favorite neutral.
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of health – it seems like all the kiddos have been passing stuff back and forth and back again for an eternity!
    Favorite snack: What I love – Ruffles and french onion dip. What I eat – baby carrots and fat free italian dressing.
    Weekly goals: Organize my makeup, get all laundry done and put away for me and the 3 little girlies (hubby is in charge of his own!!!) and keep all the dirty dishes done.

  13. Marie says:

    Mood:relatively fine
    Outfit:dark green T-shirt, grey trousers
    Nail polish:OPI I only drink champagne
    Makeup or beauty confession:I haven ´t visited my haidresser for 7 months 🙁
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Britney Spears (sometimes)
    Body lotion:Body Shop Body Butter Spiced Vanilla (Yummy)
    Cheeks and Lips:Chanel Caprece+ Chanel Allure 40+Clarins tinted lip balm
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of having exams.
    Favorite snack:frosted corn flakes
    Weekly goals:I bought trip to London finally.

  14. Nessa says:

    Mood: Sleepy as always
    Outfit:Aero thernal blue shirt w/snowflakes, Old Navy Jeans, and klonker boots
    Nail polish: Nubar Indigo Illusion
    Makeup or beauty confession: I don’t wear foundation, just magic powder by prescriptives
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Helen Hunt, Leelee Sobieski
    Body lotion: Deep Hydrating 24 hour moisture, trying to find Bath & Body Works Red Currant & Thyme Tea lotion (if anyone knows where to find this please e-mail me @
    Cheeks and Lips: Bare Essentials Warmth on Cheeks, L’oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Lip Conditioner
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Energy
    Favorite snack: Guac & chips
    Weekly goals: To save up some $, so I have some by the time I get paid this Friday!

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  15. Gemma says:

    Mood : Pumped, thanks to Mariah Carey
    Outfit : a black Under Armour and jeans
    Nail polish : none =(
    Makeup or beauty confession: My bathroom looks like Sephora puked on it.
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Kimora Lee Simmons(omg I WISH)
    Body lotion : Walgreens 8% alpha hydroxy
    Cheeks and Lips : NARS Angelika and all of my MSFs swirled everywhere LOL + MAC Subculture with clear Victoria Secret gloss
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Non-procrastination
    Favorite snack: Golden Delicious Apples
    Weekly goals : Ace my exams, have fun at the nurses assoc. dinner party that I planned, and ask Karen about Oahu b/c I’m planning a December trip there!

    Gemma´s last blog post..Stalker update + HAUL

  16. Indian Girl says:

    Karen, I’ve wanted to tell you this for so long . You totally look like the dark hair version of Carrie Underwood. Everytime I drive towards downtown I see this huge billboard of Carrie and always think of you

    Indian Girl´s last blog post..Anniversary Giveaway : Pur Minerals Starter Kit

  17. Gena says:

    Mood: stressed

    Outfit: brown Jockey yoga pants and an orange T w/company logo and american flag design (from BF construction company)

    Nail Polish: Essie China Doll

    Makeup Confession: I have one of those long hairs on my chin (ah, the over-35 years…)And NO, I am NOT tempted to see just how long it will get!

    People say I look like: A young Teri Garr (think Tootsie or Mr Mom)

    Body Lotion: Avon Hollywood Pink

    Cheeks/Lips: Everyday Minerals Back to School blush, Lord & Berry Romantic Rose lipliner with Bare Escentuals Buxom Dolly l/g

    Today I am hoping to get a good dose of: Valium. Ha Ha. Seriously.

    Favorite Snack: Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. The whole box. In one sitting. Seriously.

    Weekly Goals: Do well on next Monday’s childhood development quiz. Eat less cereal.

  18. Rovie says:

    Mood: Chilly since my work area is cold!

    Outfit: boot leg blue jeans, white tank and black cardigan.

    Nail polish: OPI I’m Not Really a Waitress

    Makeup or beauty confession: I haven’t bought lipstick in years since I’m not a huge fan of lipsticks. When I am wearing lipstick, it’s usually one of the lipsticks in my MAC holiday lip palette or one of the ones I get as free gifts with purchase.

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Rosario Dawson

    Body lotion: Eucerin Original Lotion

    Cheeks and Lips: Nothing on my cheeks and Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Raspberry on my lips.

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of energy.

    Favorite snack: Golden Oreos since I love them more than the original ones.

    Weekly goals: Keep applying for full time jobs, do well on my interview this week and get my car serviced by the end of the week.

  19. Okami says:

    Mood: Happy, but wishing I was a wee bit less busy – it’s crunch time in my department!
    Outfit: Lee One True Fit dark blue jeans, black Redwing boots, pale pink boucle v-neck sweater
    Nail polish: None
    Makeup or beauty confession: I don’t wear sunscreen because I haven’t found one I’m not allergic to, other than my foundation. I do, however, avoid sunlight like the plauge and own (and use!) a parasol
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): The girl who played Electra King in some James Bond movie or other
    Body lotion: Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter
    Cheeks and Lips: Nothing on the cheeks, Tarte Inside Out lipgloss in Nirvana and MAC Lustreglass in Love Nectar on my lips. 🙂
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of good news! There are a few things I’m hoping to get answers to today, so hopefully it’s good news ahead!
    Favorite snack: Green apples and cheddar, teriyaki beef jerky, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream… it all depends on my mood. 🙂
    Weekly goals: Return a bad bottle of lotion, pick up a new bookcase, order the parts for a media center pc, and work out at least three days this week.

  20. Neena says:

    Mood: lazy, but content
    Outfit: brown & black houndstooth plaid Ann Taylor trousers with a v-neck black top; black, gold & tortoiseshell layered necklace w/ gold hoop earrings.
    Nail polish: none on fingers; party girl by susan lippmann on toes.
    Makeup or beauty confession: i fractured my foot about 8 months ago, but i’m still using it as an excuse to wear sneakers to work. terrible, but soooo comfy!
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): dana delany (think china beach, without all the gore).
    Body lotion: cerave.
    Cheeks and Lips: nars deep throat blush and mac full on lust lipglass.
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of sleep – didn’t get to bed last night til nearly 3am.
    Favorite snack: beaufort dark chocolate bar with grey salt.
    Weekly goals: stay away from the beaufort bar in my pantry and hit the gym at least 3 times for cardio.

  21. Chamayne says:

    Mood:joyous, hopeful
    Outfit:v-neck sweater, trouser dungarees, sneakers
    Nail polish:you don’t know jacques
    Makeup or beauty confession:….it’s more of regular confession although its slowly taking my teeth down(which has an effect on my beauty)….I’m a thumb sucker…sigh
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): hmmm–I don’t get look alike proclamations
    Body lotion:vaseline intensive care renewal
    Cheeks and Lips: cheeks – crushed bouganvillea, lips dior addict fushia poplin
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of laughter .
    Favorite snack:kettle brand sea salt and vinegar chips with seltzer and a splash of cran-grape juice
    Weekly goals:shredd, shredd,shredd and trying not to devour all of my cinnamon streusel bread

  22. Brittany says:

    Mood: I’m in that post lunch slump right now 😛
    Outfit: Right now, flannel pj pants and hoodie from my university.
    Nail polish: Butter London’s Chimney Sweep. My all time fav!
    Makeup or beauty confession: Hmm..I really, really enjoy popping pimples and picking at my black heads. I get weirdly obsessive about it sometimes.
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): According to I look like Jessica Simpson and Minnie Driver..LOL. I don’t know, I look like me 😛
    Body lotion: B&BW’s body cream in wild honeysuckle.
    Cheeks and Lips: Stila Rouge Pot in Lotus and I had on Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush in Petal Soft.
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of Ilan.
    Favorite snack: Popcorn.
    Weekly goals: Studying like crazy for my physics test, getting a project done, and working on my resume.

  23. Le list

    Mood: Feeling really good, just worked out and am happy I started the week off right!

    Outfit: Seven jeans, Aerosoles suede tan pointy toed pumps, green/white heart print retro shirt with a grey gap 3/4 sleeve cardigan

    Nail polish: Sephora for OPI in Metro Chic

    Makeup or beauty confession: I spent WAY too much on Saturday on makeup! Karen question related to this: I got the Smashbox Hybrid luminizer. Do you use it all over your face or only certain spots? I feel WAY to shiny today and I only used a little with the Laure Mercier illuminating moisturizer on top…

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Used to be Christina Applegate back in the Kelly Bundy day, LOL. Then Jenny Garth during 90210. Now no one really.

    Body lotion: Can’t remember at the moment

    Cheeks and Lips: Well Dressed by MAC on cheeks and Dior Ultragloss Reflect on lips

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Time travel so the day flies by haha!

    Favorite snack: In reality I would say cupcakes or frosting, but since I am trying to be healthy I will say almonds!

    Weekly goals: Work out two more times, work on some WordPress issues and make tax appointment

    Vampy Varnish´s last blog post..Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Polish

  24. Natasha says:

    Hey ladies!!!!
    Karen, I am smitten with your blog! I am supposed to be working right now!!

    Mood: Completely exhausted and ready to go home!

    Outfit: NY & Co Gray Wide leg slacks, Target black short sleeve turtleneck & my favorite red heels from Nine West

    Nail polish: Skinny Dip’n Lake Michg’n (I’m from Chicago!)

    Makeup or beauty confession: I have a “fall” on my hair today because I fell asleep with conditioner in my hair last night. But it looks “Hella Cute!”

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Never happened!

    Body lotion: Amlactin (hey Kelley!!!)

    Cheeks and Lips: Cheeks-Ocean Mist Minerals (I love there stuff!) Blush in Secret Treasure, Lips-Nivea A Kiss of Moisture

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of energy to complete my homework tonight & cook dinner for the hubs .

    Favorite snack: Popcorn!

    Weekly goals: Finish homework, finish my reports for my “paying” job, I need two hire two nurses ASAP (I’m a recruiter), get my eyebrows waxed, cook a healthy dinner at least 4 times this week, get our taxes completed & spend quality time with my husband before he leaves for deployment in two weeks. Is this enough????

  25. Michelle says:

    Le list
    Mood: Sick. I think I’m coming dowm with something 🙁
    Outfit: Black dress, white shirt underneath, black tights, grey oxford platforms
    Nail polish: French mani
    Makeup or beauty confession: I need to get my brows waxed ASAP! I was supposed to go yesterday but had a migrain so didn’t. That’s the best thing I could come up with he he.
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Holly from The Girls Next Store, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek and Winnie from the Wonder Years
    Body lotion: Hempz Cucumber and lavender (or was it jasmine?)
    Cheeks and Lips: Cheeks-Smashbox O-GLow, Revlon Beyond Natural liptint in Peach
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of _health!___ .
    Favorite snack: Funyuns
    Weekly goals:Work out three times on the treadmill, don’t come in late to work, that’s about it i guess. oh, and finish my novel.

  26. Outlaw says:

    Outfit: Black Forever 21 tee, Citizen jeans

    Nail polish: Essie Pachinko Pale

    Makeup or beauty confession: I purchase too many products and then horde them thus creating a HOT MESS at my sink area

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Kimora Lee Simmons without the obvious millions

    Body lotion: Neutrogena Sesame Oil, ladies, this is the hotness

    Cheeks and Lips: NARS Outlaw (I tell everyone it was made specifically for me)for cheeks and NARS Hindu for lips

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of good luck and confidence

    Favorite snack: Raspberries

    Weekly goals: Clean this house and do numerous loads of laundry

  27. Lucky says:

    Mood: Hungry
    Outfit: Bitten t-shirt, white hoodie, jeans and boots
    Nail polish: Milani’s “Milquetoast”-sparkly champagne color
    Makeup or beauty confession: I’m worried about my right ear: it looks all flaky after I got the cartilage pierced around Thanksgiving!
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Maxine from Living Single-not sure if that’s a good or bad thing…
    Body lotion: Bath and Body Works’ Sweet Pea
    Cheeks and Lips: ULTA raspberry-ish cream blush and no-name peachy powder blush
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Excitement-I feel like I’m just floating along
    Favorite snack: I’d love some grapes, but I just finished some peanuts.
    Weekly goals: stock the fridge, stay on top of my homework, fill up my gas tank!

  28. Jo says:


    Le list

    Mood:Good For a Monday Morning 🙂

    Outfit: Kenneth Cole White sheer top with nude tank, Ralph Straight leg Tan pants and Charles David Tan Wedge.

    Nail polish: Pink- Essie

    Makeup or beauty confession: Haven’t been wearing much makeup…. giving my face a breather …but one thing is always a must…my Chanel aqualumiere gloss 🙂

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Jessica Alba

    Body lotion: Bath & Body Works – Sweet Pea

    Cheeks and Lips:Usually Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Petale and Chanel aqualumiere gloss

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of cool weather, I feel like i’m menopausing …. LOL

    Favorite snack: Tostitos Crispy Rounds Corn Chips… YUM! 😛

    Weekly goals: To spend some time and take care of me!

  29. shana says:

    Mood: exhausted, stressed. 3 big exams this week 🙁
    Outfit: dark wide-leg jeans, black nc state tshirt, sperrys
    Nail polish: nothing, no time for manicures right now
    Makeup or beauty confession: my eyelashes are super long and i’m always getting asked if they’re fake lol
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): katherine heigl
    Body lotion: olay quench
    Cheeks and Lips: a clinique blush sample and chapstick
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . genius!!
    Favorite snack: chips and a coke
    Weekly goals: to be happier and less stressed; pass my physics, biochem, and micro exams; take better care of myself!

  30. Megan says:

    Mood: Sleepy and motivated…
    Outfit: gray slacks, a deep red sweater and black flats…I’ts monday I could ony muster so much effort
    Nail polish: Nailtiques formula 2 on the hands, nada on the toes…I keep telling myself it’s because it’s good for them to get more Oxygen…but really I’ve just been lazy…and the boyf cares not one bit…so 🙂
    Makeup or beauty confession: I own WAAAAYYYY too much mascara…I probably purchased at least 30 tubes last year alone…
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Oddly Enough I get Drew Barrymore…which I don’t understand…I’m thinking there must be one feature we have in common or something, because I don’t think we look alike.
    Body lotion: Aveeno
    Cheeks and Lips: Nars Sin/Casino duo and blistex silk and shine on the lips
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Sleep tonight… 🙂
    Favorite snack: Lately it has been veggies with light dip – light sour cream plus a fat free hidden valley ranch packet plus a couple extra seasonings…guilt free heaven.
    Weekly goals: Go to bed on time, get the bookshelves painted and stay on budget!

  31. Glosslizard says:

    Mood: Cheery and optimistic!
    Outfit: Purple striped long-sleeve shirt, DKNY jeans and black and pink Vans sneakers
    Nail polish: Chanel’s Rodeo Drive on my fingers… nuttin’ on my toes!
    Makeup or beauty confession: I neglect my toes dreadfully! 😛
    People say I look like: Sigourney Weaver (I don’t get it).
    Body lotion: Body Shop body butter in Vanilla Spice (although I’m seriously craving Bliss’ Blood Orange and White Pepper)!
    Cheeks and Lips: Blonde MSF and Strawberry Blonde lipglass, both from MAC
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of …Patience from those around me!
    Favorite snack: I love pita chips with cilantro and chive yogurt dip, both from TJ’s!
    Weekly goals: To send some current photos to my grandparents, hang some pictures and have nobody in my household get sick!

    Hope your week is starting off well! Hugs to Tabs! 🙂

  32. Holly says:

    Mood: tired but relieved after a very productive day at work!

    Outfit: Black dress trousers, black top with a wide frill around the neck line and black Zara heels

    Nail polish: OPI BubbleBath

    Makeup or beauty confession: I squeeze literally every spot I have and always have done yet have no real scars, im convinced that stuff about not squeezing is all a myth!

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): The only person people have likened me to a few times is a British ex pop band singer called Rachel Stephens but I cant see it at all!

    Body lotion: Biotherm anti drying body milk – amazing, even better than Clarins moisture rich!

    Cheeks and Lips: MAC pink swoon blush and YSL Rouge Volupte in number 10 – smoothest lipstick in the world!

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . tolerance so I dont lose my patience with colleagues and warmth because its snowing and bloody cold here!!

    Favorite snack: Crisps (U.S. translation Chips!)in particular anyting cheezy like Cheetos I devour them when im in the states they are amazing!

    Weekly goals: not crash my car in the super thick snow (we so dont deal with extremes of weather well in the UK, my trip to London on business tomorrow has been cancelled because all the public transport is down!!) and also to get everything sorted at work!

  33. Tami says:

    Mood: Mellow

    Outfit: Victoria’s Secret sleepshirt

    Nail polish: OPI Get Me to The Taj on Time on fingers nothing on toes

    Makeup or beauty confession:
    I get hair on my chin and it drives me crazy

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Faith Evans

    Body lotion: Vaseline Intensive Care

    Cheeks and Lips: Nothing. Gasp!

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Energy

    Favorite snack: Reese’s Pieces

    Weekly goals: Just to have a stres free one…hopefully

  34. Solé says:

    I just found this blog a few days ago so this is my first comment. I have to thank you Karen because this blog feeds my makeup obsession quite nicely since I can no longer shop after getting laid off a few months ago.

    Le List

    Mood: Anxious.
    Outfit: Dark rinse boot cut jeans, plum cable knit short sleeve sweater, and black suede sneakers. I’m a student so no heels. 🙁
    Nail polish: On fingers: Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus (clear treatment). On toes: OPI “I’m Fondue of You.”
    Makeup or beauty confession: My hair started going gray at 21 and now at 31, I think I’m over 50% gray but I wouldn’t know since I touch up my roots every three weeks. I do my own because I could never afford to get it done that frequently.
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): I haven’t been compared to anyone since my sisters used to make fun of me and say I looked like Candace Cameron in the 80s (it was the chubby cheeks and the bad perm I think). I uploaded some pictures onto to do that celebrity comparison thing and I kept getting Brenda Song and other Korean or Japanese celebrities. I’m not even Asian so I found that funny. My cousin Christina has actually been mistaken for Christina Applegate on more than one occasion (not sure why I found it necessary to add that).
    Body lotion: Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
    Cheeks and Lips: Cheeks: MAC Sheertones blush in Pinch o’ Peach. Lips: Makeup Forever Aqua Lip liner in 3C, and MAC Soft Spot (glaze) lipstick.
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of MOTIVATION!
    Favorite snack: I wish I could eat shortbread cookies and salt and pepper Kettle Chips, but instead I eat string cheese and roasted almonds (not a bad alternative).
    Weekly goals: To get all caught up on my reading since I’m only taking one class for intercession and I’ve become complacent. This is the last week and I need that A.

  35. Rachel says:

    Mood: overwhelmed…so much studying to do!
    Outfit: skinny jeans, teal tank, cream empire-waist knit sweater, uggs
    Nail polish: my fingers, nada. my toes, OPI bastille my heart [aahhh france..]
    Makeup or beauty confession: im in a constant battle between wearing foundation to cover up flaws, or not wearing anything to keep the flaws from popping up!
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): mandy moore
    Body lotion: i prefer oil, particularly kiehl’s superbly restorative body oil
    Cheeks and Lips: nars deep throat on cheeks, chapstick on lips :]
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . CAFFEINE!
    Favorite snack: plain ol’ cheerious
    Weekly goals: catch up with all my literature reading, finish the story i’ve been working on

  36. babyu21 says:

    Mood: motivated and keeping up with my new years resoultions
    Outfit: blue sweater and pants from Ann Taylor Loft
    Nail polish: none I am getting Essie – Eternal Optimist this week
    Makeup or beauty confession: I really need to keep up with the main/pedi’s
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Stacey Dash
    Body lotion: Jergens Natural (its just okay)
    Cheeks and Lips: VS craniberry
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Energy I didn’t get much rest this week and I have several projects to finish
    Favorite snack: right now its vanilla cookies
    Weekly goals: to go over bills and contact people about my credit scores (trying to get them as high as possible)

    Oh yeah and I got an extra cup of black beans today from Chiptole because I too must increase my fiber intake. I am also eating apples and strawberries so I should be good to go.


  37. Jess says:

    Mood: Tired from Super Bowl activities last night

    Outfit: Hot pink & navy DKNY blouse, gray wide leg pants, silver sandals (What? I live in Florida, sandals are ok year-round!)

    Nail polish: Essie Ballet Slippers on fingers, Rock Star Skinny on toes

    Makeup or beauty confession: I pick at my cuticles when I’m stressed. It’s awful!!

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Ew, people tell me I look like Shannon Elizabeth and I’m always vaguely offended – like they just called me a slut or something!

    Body lotion: Booth’s Apricot Firming Lotion

    Cheeks and Lips: Tarte flush and plain old Soft Lips

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Rain! My garden needs it.

    Favorite snack: Baked goods when I’m not watching my weight, yogurt when I am 🙂

    Weekly goals: Take a long walk with my dogs, help husband at his school’s open house without whining, be super-efficient at work

  38. MaryJane says:

    Mood: ill fitting
    Outfit: Leifsdottir sweater from anthropologie, black Michael Stars tee, hudson jeans and oh deer! Blair shoes.
    Nail polish: OPI glamour game
    Makeup or beauty confession: I finally bbought a shu uemura eyelash curler– worth every penny!
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): E!’s julianna ranic
    Body lotion:
    Cheeks and Lips: Posey Tint and some shade of Chanel lipgloss
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . shopaholic! amazon just sent me my series today!
    Favorite snack: granola bars… or sour candy!!
    Weekly goals: switching departments at work! YAY!!!

  39. Milan says:

    Mood: content
    Outfit: dark blue jeans, lavendar wrap shirt, purple lavendar tennish shoes (comfie!)
    Nail polish: Zoya Lulu
    Makeup or beauty confession: I neglect my toenails in the winter…shame!
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): I get Vivica Fox alot although I liked her better before all her plastic surgery
    Body lotion: Neutrogena Body Lotion
    Cheeks and Lips: Nars Albatross highlighter on my cheeks, MAC lush n lilac liner with MAC pervette l/s
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of exercise in my jazz class!
    Favorite snack: bbq sunflower seeds
    Weekly goals: to get State Farm to lower my car insurance premium

  40. Stef says:

    Mood: Happy
    Outfit: Exercise clothes, I’m a stay at home Mom and it’s just about time to pick up the 1st grader and hit the gym!
    Nail polish: China Glaze Black Diamond
    Makeup or beauty confession: I’m a nail polish fanatic! Love it! And I have a fabulously full make up drawer, even though I don’t wear a lot of it.
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Drew Barrymore
    Body lotion: Aveeno Creamy oil, I have sensitive skin and this stuff is amazing!
    Cheeks and Lips: Nars the Multiple in Orgasm cheeks and Benefit Benetint on the lips
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of energy to actually get my butt to the gym!
    Favorite snack: Raw almonds with a Babybel light cheese.
    Weekly goals: 10,000 steps a day, be active with the kids, make sure I stick to the diet and fool around with the husband as often as possible!

  41. MiMi says:

    Le list

    Outfit:wide legged jeans; taupe cowl neck capped sleeve sweater w/ tie waist joey O heels
    Nail polish: bare naked nails…lol
    Makeup or beauty confession: I tweeze at least once a day
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Amerie
    Body lotion: St. Ives 24 hour moisture…love it!! only $4; worth so much more
    Cheeks and Lips: no cheeks today; HIP lipcolor in reserved
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . restraint from spending
    Favorite snack: Smart Food white cheddar popcorn
    Weekly goals: Don’t take life too serious and enjoy the moments when nothings goin on

  42. Jana says:

    Mood: … i just woke up (it’s 10:16am on a tuesday)
    Outfit: my pink pj’s
    Nail polish: none! i can’t wear it cuz of my psoriasis =(
    Makeup or beauty confession: i spent half my pay on mac stuff last week -_-
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): no one! hehe
    Body lotion: good ‘ol aveeno! the soothing kind!
    Cheeks and Lips: .. au natural!
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . breakfast!
    Favorite snack: it really depends on my mood! right now my fave snack is …. hot chips with chicken salt MMMMMM
    Weekly goals: try to remember to put medicine every night and to stop sleeping in

    OOOH I FINALLY FIXED MY LAPTOP! you know what that means karen? i can log onto your blog everytime i wake up =] hehe have a good day!

    Jana´s last blog

  43. Kate says:

    La Liste

    Mood: Bored and Hungry

    Outfit: Old Navy Dark Denim Skinny Jeans, So white spaghetti strap cami, Thakoon for Target white short-sleeve button-down shirt, Stretchy black belt over the Thakoon for Target shirt, button-down heather gray boyfriend length cardigan because I’m cold, Axcess necklace, studs in my ears (2 in each ear), socks and slippers

    Nail polish: “Parlez-vous Opi?” on my toenails.

    Makeup or beauty confession: I really hate bronzer.

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): I get Anne Hathaway constantly.

    Body lotion: Aveeno Complete Moisture

    Cheeks and Lips: the middle shade in Covergirl TruShade in compact 1 on the apples of my cheeks and Maybeliine lip polish in Clearly Pink

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Coca-Cola. I’m unnaturally exhausted today.

    Favorite snack: Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Block Cheese

    Weekly goals: Make that psych appointment!

  44. Liz says:

    Mood: I’m procrastinating, so I’m anxious
    Outfit: tank top and sweats
    Nail polish: lime green
    Makeup or beauty confession: I love to squeeze out blackheads!!
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): anyone blond with blue-eyes
    Body lotion: Vaseline intensive care
    Cheeks and Lips: nada
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . MOTIVATION
    Favorite snack: wheat thins
    Weekly goals: to finish reading Machiavelli’s The Prince

  45. Sophia says:

    Mood: Nice 🙂

    Outfit: Workout clothes

    Nail polish: none 🙁

    Makeup or beauty confession: Total complete addiction to all things eye-make up, hinting at “Smokey eye” or “kajal” or “mysterious…smoldering…melds…exotic”

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): None

    Body lotion: B&B Midnight Jasmine

    Cheeks and Lips: MAC Springsheen – cheeks, Lips have worn off by now

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . EVERYTHING!!

    Favorite snack: popcorn

    Weekly goals: STUDY!

  46. YJ says:

    Mood: Bored and hopeful… it’s supposed to snow tomorrow!

    Outfit: My favorite Citizen jeans (they’re sooooo comfy!), black Target cardigan, white ‘wifebeater’ (tip: if you get them in a boy’s XXL, it’s like getting a size S or M in women’s, and they’re much cheaper!)

    Nail polish: Sephora by OPI in Caffeine Fix

    Makeup or beauty confession: I overabuse my bronzer sometimes and I know I shouldn’t, but I hate the way I look when I’m pale! (But I do even out my neck so I don’t look like one of those 80yr old women with makeup that doesn’t match their skin)

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): I don’t know, name any mainstream Asian actress!

    Body lotion: St. Ives Mineral Therapy

    Cheeks and Lips: NARS Orgasm and usually just Original Chapstick, but when I go out I put on MAC lipstick in Myth with a coat of NARS Turkish Delight on top.

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Inspiration!

    Favorite snack: Everything salty.

    Weekly goals: Don’t slack on my schoolwork!

    YJ´s last blog post..Fooddiction.

  47. Emma says:

    1. Mood: stressed out!

    2. Outfit: black yoga pants & a spice girls tshirt :p

    3. Nail polish: OPI I Don’t Know.. Beets Me (hot pink)

    4. Makeup or beauty confession: i pick my nail polish/eyeshadow/makeup in general based on the name of the color

    5. People say I look like: i get taylor swift alot.. but just cause of my hair and eyes i think lol

    6. Body lotion: bliss blood orange and white pepper

    7. Cheeks and Lips: nars orgasm blush and burts bees lip balm

    8. Today i’m hoping for a good dose of.. good luck!

    9. Favorite snack: icecream :[

    10. Weekly goals: don’t procrastinate and GET A JOB!!!!

  48. HoneyBrown1976 says:

    Mood: Tired/exhausted
    Outfit: boyshorts and a tank top
    Nail polish: au natural
    Makeup or beauty confession: I am still working on perfecting my eyelining
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Lisa Bonet
    Body lotion: Seriously, Vaseline (It has worked for me for more than 22 years)
    Cheeks and Lips: nothing on my cheeks (I detest blush, another makeup confession!); earlier today, I had on “Firefly” Cover Girl Wetslicks
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . sleep
    Favorite snack: Movie theater popcorn
    Weekly goals: To get through it in one piece : )

  49. Caro says:

    Better Late than Ever!

    Mood: Happy, since today I didn’t go to work today (it’s an observed holiday in Mexico).

    Outfit: Jeans, a purple Jem and the Holograms t-shirt and my trusty pink-silver-$12-Panam-sneakers.

    Nail polish: a local brand in a color named Fucsia Fidji.

    Makeup or beauty confession: I was one of the million women involved in a fraud with a laser depilatory company here in my country. They just ran away with our money, so I’m poor and hairy… ha ha ha, well, less hairy than I was before.

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Rachael Ray, although I always announce myself as the Region 4’s Beyoncé Knowles.

    Body lotion: St. Yves Collagen & Elastin and Victoria’s Secret Endless Love.

    Cheeks and Lips: cheeks, none… lips, Carmex. All natural! yay!

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Patience and water!

    Favorite snack: Ritz crackers

    Weekly goals: Eat more healthy food and happy vegetables, get my social security card and look for my dress for a wedding I have next March 21.

  50. Shana T says:

    Le list
    Mood:Happy! I have no classes to teach today and I get to make a nice dinner for my hubby!

    Outfit:Dark blue flare jeans by American Eagle, a black and white graphic print shirt by I.N.C

    Nail polish:nothing on my hands but bright cherry red from Face Shop on my toesies

    Makeup or beauty confession: I bite my nails when I watch scary movies and I also carry a parasol on sunny days to protect my skin. I’m terrified of getting premature wrinkles and sun damage.

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here):I get Jennifer Garner a lot ( Which is weird because I have pale skin and red hair! )

    Body lotion: Black Raspberry Vanilla body lotion from Bath and Body Works

    Cheeks and Lips: Bobbi Brown Pink blush mixed with Tawny bronzer on cheeks and MAC Blowdry on lips

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Inspiration I’m making Japanese curry and Thai salad for dinner tonight but I can’t think of a dessert…..

    Favorite snack: Geez… anything salty and gummi worms

    Weekly goals:It’s my first week back to work after Chinese New Year so I just wanna ease into it… no pressure..

    I hope you have a great week Karen!

  51. Ditte says:

    Nail polish: None.
    Makeup or beauty confession: My eyebrows grow at a scary pace 😮
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): A greenlandish singer named Julie.
    Body lotion: Body Shop coconut body butter.
    Cheeks and Lips: Clinique all-over blush in Peony.
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ fitness – hope that I’m in the mood, when I get home 🙂
    Favorite snack: Pistacios.
    Weekly goals: Train a lot, play with my cat, visit girlfriends and NOT miss my new boyfriend too much – he’s on vacation.

  52. Elle says:

    Mood: Happy as happy can get ;D
    Outfit: Pjs, dressing gown haha.
    Nail polish: Mini Orly – Je T’amie
    Makeup or beauty confession: Obsessed with wearing concealer on my lips.
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Isabel Lucas
    Body lotion: Good ol’ Vaseline moisturizer.
    Cheeks and Lips: Nothing and of course concealer hahah.
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . nice teachers!
    Favorite snack: KFC or McDonalds snack wraps.
    Weekly goals: Focus at school!

  53. cloudburst says:

    Mood: Tired, tired, tired.
    Outfit: Grey long sleeve t & grey jeans, black converse
    Nail polish: Nothing on fingers, but Chanel Vendetta on toes
    Makeup or beauty confession: Sometimes I don’t brush my hair
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Last comparison – Kristin Kreuk, another time someone said I looked like a Canadian TV personality
    Body lotion: St Ives Intense Repair (or something like that)
    Cheeks and Lips: Nothing
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of lactic acid leaving my super sore muscles
    Favorite snack: pita bread w/ tomatoes & melted cheese, yum!
    Weekly goals: Finish teaching my course, do one more application online & just generally survive until the weekend

  54. Diva Style says:

    Mood: Calm and somewhat pensive, productive-minded.
    Outfit: Navy blue dress with gray croco Charles David stilettos
    Nail polish: None
    Makeup or beauty confession: I never have enough time to do what I want to in the beauty dept. makeup-wise each morning. I like sleep too much. :-/
    People say I look like Vivica Fox.
    Body lotion: Right now, this Vaseline Intensive Care cocoa butter lotion or Olay Quench.
    Cheeks and Lips: MAC Brunette Mineralize Skinfinish Degrade, Mary Kay Rich Fig lipstick with MAC chestnut liner.
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of FUN on my date later, and a nice man willing to help me move my big-ass TV, lol!
    Favorite snack: Tostito bites covered in cheese and sour cream, deelish!
    Weekly goals: Finish my mom’s resume, register for a follow-up mediation or business development class

    Diva Style´s last blog post..Breaking News!!

  55. shier says:

    Mood: Tired & Happy
    Outfit: Grey scarf (with no ends), black cardigan, grey t-shirt, dark blue jeans.
    Nail polish: Hema (dutch company) red. LOVE
    Makeup or beauty confession: I wish I would live in the VS. Because than I could buy more make-up!
    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Alexis bledel
    Body lotion:-
    Cheeks and Lips: Bodyshop, lips nothing
    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of ____ . Good marks
    Favorite snack: Banana,white choco and brown with caramel
    Weekly goals: Destroy all the pimples (?) on my skin. and sleep a lot

    shier´s last blog post..Ik schrijf mijn leven

  56. foizzy says:

    Mood: Sleepy

    Outfit: Grey long sleeve t-shirt, black sweater, Grey wide leg trousers,polka dot flats <3

    Nail polish: Chipped midnight blue from Barry M

    Makeup or beauty confession: I take pictures every morning when I bother to do my makeup before work simply because I wonder at how pretty I look and ask myself why I don’t wear makeup to work everyday (that sounded less vain in my head…lol..)

    People say I look like (fill in celebrity name here): Dunno :shrug:

    Body lotion: The Body Shop Monoi body butter <3 <3 <3

    Cheeks and Lips: MAC Plum Foolery, MAC Pinkarat

    Today, I’m hoping for a good dose of TV! All the series I follow came back at the same time and so my evenings have been sold to the devil that is my television.

    Favorite snack: I don’t snack. I eat tooooo often for my own

    Weekly goals: Keep on top of my work, Finish cleaning up at least one room in my flat (it looks an absolute tip!!!)

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