Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, April 27

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  1. Mood:
  2. Hopeful and optimistic. Yes, I have a million things on my to-do list, but I swear I *will* be organized and meet all of my writing deadlines.

  3. _____ makes me happy:
  4. Tabs makes me happy.

  5. _____ makes me b*tchy:
  6. Having to rush through tasks makes me b*tchy.

  7. Makeup or beauty confession:
  8. I can’t remember the last time I got a haircut, and my hair has pushed me to the brink of critical mass. My mane is always unruly, but now a sprinkling of white hair has appeared at the roots. So not cute…

  9. Book I’m reading:
  10. Painless Grammar, by Rebecca Elliott

  11. Three ways to learn from my mistakes:
  12. Put sunscreen on your feet, brush your chompers with ADA approved toothpaste, and speak your mind because people aren’t mind readers (I’m still working on this one).

  13. Three makeup products I can’t live without:
  14. Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer, Stila Sun SPF 15 Bronzer, MAC Lychee Luxe Lipglass

  15. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
  16. I’m wearing a bunch of stuff from the Smashbox Untamed Summer 2009 collection, like Waterproof Shadow Liner Trio in Exotic ($29) and the Double-Ended Eye Brightener ($22) on my eyes, Creamy Cheek Color in Untamed ($24) on my cheeks and a mix of the Raw and Flesh Lip Glosses on my lips ($18 each). Yep, expect reviews of these soon.

  17. Outfit:
  18. Dark skinny jeans, a green, floral Hawaiian print button-up shirt and yellow sandals

  19. Weekly goals:
  20. Same as usual… Organize all of the crap that’s piled up around my desk, because if I don’t, it just might bury me alive. Also, I have to start flossing my teeth after every meal and getting better about doing my core exercises.

Hiya, homies. It’s mornin’ time here in Nor Cal and looks like it’s going to be a nice and sunny day.


I hope I get everything off my plate today. My plan is to abide by this quote from my man Hugh Jackman: “You just have to stay positive, because if you worry too much about things, madness lies therein.”

Sage advice, right?

Let me know what’s going on with you. If you haven’t done the Monday Poll before, it’s easy and just takes a minute. All you do is copy the following list and paste it with your answers in the comments. 🙂

Le list

_____ makes me happy:
_____ makes me b*tchy:
Makeup or beauty confession:
Book I’m reading:
Three ways to learn from my mistakes:
Three makeup products I can’t live without:
Weekly goals:

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Those of you who’ve emailed about guest blogging, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve received your messages and will touch base with you about them as soon as I can. You rock!


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  1. YadiQ says:

    Mood: i got the monday blues yo!

    _____ makes me happy: makeup and cupcakes

    _____ makes me b*tchy: inconsiderate, selfish morons who are incapable of understanding and or digesting and retaining information ( can you tell how this aggravates me )

    Makeup or beauty confession: i make sure my hair is cut in a way that i can go for a few days without having to “style” it cause its a curly mess – these dyas i just dont go against nature loll!

    Book I’m reading: how to handle your erroneous zones – trying to work on my positive thinking whoa have i got a looooong way to go

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: FLOSS EVERYDAY, don’t let work consume your life – family first, and wear undereye cream as young as possible

    Three makeup products I can’t live without: chanel inimitable mascara, chanel concealer, smashbox lipgoss in spark

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: chapstick on the lips, cheeks bare, eyes chanel lumiere facettes in oasis (not my favorite but i am being lazy today)

    Outfit: cable and gauge turquoise cotton top, dark denim jeans skinny legs, and brown minnetonka moccasin loafers

    Weekly goals: be super productive during my work hours so i can have me time after work!

  2. Tatiana says:

    Mood: Agitated
    _____ makes me happy: a chocolate chip waffle
    _____ makes me b*tchy: current living situation
    Makeup or beauty confession: since I have bangs now, I haven’t plucked my eyebrows for 2 weeks!
    Book I’m reading: “Control Your Inner Brat”
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: take a breather, don’t be a brat, don’t make promises you can’t keep
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow, See-Thru lip color in Secret Crush, blush (any kind!)
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: improv eye look on the bart train, UD 24/7 eyeliner in Rockstar smudged out, a little of eyeshadow from Stila Convertible Eye color in Slate, UD 24/7 eyeliner in Stash on lower lid (fiesta of colors); lips See Thru color in Secret Crush (LOVE IT LOVE IT) and BE buxom lip gloss in Dolly, Tippy on cheeks
    Outfit: lavender scoopneck sweater, khakis, black flats
    Weekly goals: don’t cry too much, get it together

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tatiana,

      Crappy living situations suck. I hope it gets worked out for you soon.

      Oh, I think I need to read that book!

      And isn’t Secret Crush the best? 🙂

  3. Bj says:

    Mood: Pretty good, hoping it doesn’t rain

    _____ makes me happy: those days when you’re makeup looks totally flawless and you didn’t even use that much, my dogs, and the first cup of coffee in the a.m.

    _____ makes me b*tchy: when my oily skin overpowers me!

    Makeup or beauty confession: I can be obsessive about blotting sometimes. I love dry spray shampoos!

    Book I’m reading: Don’t go to the cosmetic counter without me ( A review of tons of makeup items? and Style A to Zoe by Rachel Zoe

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Do not rely on the color of the model on the box if you’re doing your color at home, it’s never to early for anti-aging products, and do not use baby oil to lay out (pre-mature aging is not fly)

    Three makeup products I can’t live without: MAC c-thru lipglass, Wet n Wild sheer tinted moisturizer (cheap but pretty great), and diorshow mascara

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: cream and powder gold shadow, victoria’s secret nude glow in the inner corners and as highlight, deep gold shimmer brown smudged at lash line, loads of l’oreal voluminous mascara with a little lash stiletto, sephora sun disk bronzer for an allover sunkissed effect, apricot shimmer blush, and nivea a kiss of shimmer pink chapstick

    Outfit:black deep v-neck tee, and dark blue silver brand jeans

    Weekly goals: Start getting up earlier so I dont have to freak out when school starts, also for school find a way to make black scrubs look cute, organize my makeup

    • Karen says:

      Hi BJ,

      I used to do volunteer work in the ER and I had to wear seafoam green scrubs and they looked AWFUL. And I tried everything I could to be cute in them, LOL! At least yours are black and in a classic color!

  4. Mood: Chipper and feelin’ alright

    ______ make me happy: Cupcakes

    ______ make me b*tchy: Clueless co-workers

    Makeup or beauty confession: I rub my eyes A LOT when taking off eyeliner, I can’t help it, it feels so good!

    Book I’m reading: Slash (Slash from GnR’s autobiography)

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Wear sunscreen on your NECK as well as face, drink lots and lots of water to avoid kidney stones and just because the cupcake is calling your name, doesn’t mean you have to answer it 🙂

    Three makeup products I can’t live without: MAC Omega eye shadow for my eye brows, Smith’s Rosebud Salve & Cetaphil

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: MAC Moth ES & MAC Ebony liner, Calvin Klein gloss in Knockout and MAC Well Dressed on cheeks (AGAIN Karen, break me from my rut hahaha)!

    Outfit: David Kahn jeans, short sleeved army shirt/jacket with tangerine tank under and army green Nine West wedges

    Weekly goals: Only two days of work then two days of Photoshop classes, which I am very excited about. My goal is to stay alert in class as much as possible. Other goals are to eat Cheerio’s or oatmeal for Bfast every day and eat red meat only twice this week. Oh and don’t catch Swine flu. 🙂

    Vampy Varnish´s last blog post..China Glaze Kicks for Summer 2009 – Part I

    • Karen says:

      Hi Vampy Varnish,

      Hmm… have you checked out Rose Romance? Maybe one of the new Gel Blush will bust you out of your rut.

      Oh yah — I’m with you on the whole don’t catch the Swine flu thing.

  5. Jacks says:

    Mood: Awake and sunny
    _____ makes me happy: Blooming flowers, lip gloss, and sleeping in
    _____ makes me b*tchy: Not getting at least 6 hrs of sleep, impatient drivers
    Makeup or beauty confession: I wear jeans pretty much 7 days a week, so I haven’t felt the need to shave my legs in a VERY long time (TMI? haha)
    Book I’m reading: The Timewaster Letters by Robin Cooper. It’s so funny if you like British humour!
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Don’t do makeup in overly-yellow light, don’t use an exfoliator EVERY day, and ask for help if you need it!
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Eyebrow powder (Benefit Brow-Zing), any coral/peach lipgloss, and black gel eyeliner
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: just darkened my brows, Shiseido powder foundation, MAC Blush of Youth beauty powder, Blistex raspberry-lemonade lip balm
    Outfit: black cardigan, yellow silky blouse, dark-wash jeans, Adidas shoes
    Weekly goals: enjoy the sunshine, make plans to see the BFF’s, start planning my birthday party

    Hey Karen I finally got Humid on a mini-haul…how would you pair it with Club? Happy Monday!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jacks,

      Oh, two of my favorite colors. 🙂 You could…

      1. line your eyes with a dark brown liner, smudge Club on top of that and then draw the color up onto the lid. Finish by applying Humid on top of Club from the lid and into the crease.
      2. apply Humid to the inner half of the lid and crease and then Club on the outer half
      3. apply Club to the lid and then line your lower lash line with Humid.

      If you have Soft Brown or Saddle you can throw that up in the mix, too, by popping that in the crease for any of these looks. 🙂

  6. Wenvers says:

    _____ makes me happy:my hubie, children, new make up collections, books and rock music
    _____ makes me b*tchy: my allergy
    Makeup or beauty confession:when Im really tired sometimes I only remove my eye make up (BLUSH)
    Book I’m reading:ac ouple of dutch books, Im sure they are not available in the USA
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes:I never learn from my mistakes!
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: my springsheen blush, lipbalms and mascara (dazzlelash)
    Eyes/lips/cheeks:BBR collection 100 strokes, henna, teddy kohl and redhead msf, lipbalm from Hawaiian bath & body
    Outfit: Brown dress with v neck
    Weekly goals: go to the efteling at the end of the week

    • Karen says:

      Hi Wenvers,

      OH no, allergies! I hope yours calm down soon.

      How are you liking the Dazzle Lash mascara? The small brush is kinda cool, isn’t it?

  7. Annalise says:

    Mood: pretty relaxed/mellow
    _____ makes me happy: my kitty cats
    _____ makes me b*tchy: people whining & b*tching at me
    Makeup or beauty confession: I do not usually fill in my brows and I usually leave out lip liner too
    Book I’m reading: not reading anything right now:(
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!!!!
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Chanel Eye Quads, Dior Spray Fdn, Chanel Aqualumiere l/s
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Chanel Influences Eye Quad, Lips – Chanel Aqualumiere Montegro, Cheeks BB Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick
    Outfit: black exercise capris, sea foam green tank top
    Weekly goals: pay some bills, get some cleaning done

    • Karen says:

      Hi Annalise,

      Girl, I hear that about sunscreen. I wish I could turn back time and tell my younger self to cover up my neck with the stuff! AGH!

  8. Kim says:

    Mood: somewhat annoyed at coworkers for not using their brains
    _____ makes me happy: dark chocolate on those ‘blah’ days
    _____ makes me b*tchy: not having enough sleep or coffee in the morning, LOL
    Makeup or beauty confession: i hate lipstick. big lips = crazy looking lipsticky face lol hard to explain.
    Book I’m reading: nothing right now.
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: stop doing them lol thats pretty much it. oh, and writing things down so i dont forget things (one of my biggest mistakes)
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: eyeliner, illuminating moisturizer, and carmex
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: stila convertible eyeliner in blue, carmex, and nothing
    Outfit: white v-neck tee, blue cardigan, jeans
    Weekly goals: buy my textbooks!

  9. Catherine says:

    Mood: Pretty awful. Bad night’s sleep + sore throat = irritable, headache-y me.
    _____ makes me happy: Sleep, honestly.
    _____ makes me b*tchy: Lack of sleep.
    Makeup or beauty confession: I’ve gotten very lax with washing my face brushes, and I think that’s contributing to the small annoying blemishes I’ve been having.
    Book I’m reading: Textbooks… you know you’re really an engineering major when Amazon sends you recommendations filled with engineering titles.
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Speak up and ask for help if you need it, going to lecture without glasses/contacts is a waste of time, and always, always, always turn the stove off, or set yourself a timer to remind you to.
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: EDM-semi-matte mineral foundation, Anastasia brow powder, Shiseido mascara base
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Butternutty shadestick w/ Kat von D Downtown in the outer corner, C. O. Bigelow balm, MAC Nuance
    Outfit: Long grey short-sleeved cardigan over a black tank top, olive green tiered skirt, brown leggings, grey argyle socks & brown flats. With my leather jacket and cream scarf over it all b/c it’s chilly today!
    Weekly goals: All the usual, plus jump start my new jewelry blog shop!

    Catherine´s last blog post..butterflies and shooting stars

    • Karen says:

      Hi Catherine,

      Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling so well. I hope you get some good sleep tonight! Hang in there… the day is almost over. 🙂

  10. Rachel says:

    Mood: Relaxed. Not too tired, at the moment. Comfortable.
    _____ makes me happy: when my cat (Fate) jumps up on the bed and lays really close next to me and falls asleep.
    _____ makes me b*tchy: that yappy dog next door I nicknamed Squeaker
    Makeup or beauty confession: I could read beauty blogs for hours. Um… Now I feel creepy! Also, I have blackheads! They are so hard to get rid of. B*stards.
    Book I’m reading: I started reading Solemate by Lauren Mackler
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: 1) making them – the only way to learn from a mistake is to make one or to see someone make the mistake and learn from them, I guess 2) recognizing them while you do them 3) avoid remaking them in the future
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: I think I may be more into skincare, so Neutrogena Healthy Skin SPF 30 sunblock – I can be obsessive about sun exposure. Also my eye cream one because when I try to put the Healthy Skin by my eyes it burns because it’s a chem. block. I use the Dove Pro Age Spf 8. Also, I use prescription skin wash and treatment and without those I can breakout: Prascion and Differin. I wouldn’t want to go without either lip balms Rosebud Salve and Nivea Touch of Rejuvenation SPF 4. I should really get a higher SPF lip balm. Can’t go without hand cream either like CO Bigelow Lemon hand treatment or my dollar store cocoa butter. Other than that, I think I can live without my shadows, eyelash curler, liners, lipstick.. but… I don’t think I would want to, bc it sparks my creativity, and I love to collect.
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Right now, I just have my SPF and lip balm on from earlier when I went to the post office and when I went to go run an errand.
    Outfit: I was wearing a white shirt, jeans and sandals. Now I’m wearing slippers (yea!) and pj pants and a t-shirt!
    Weekly goals: do stuff around the house, try to enjoy work (bleh), work out situation with TrendMicro, hang out with my family, hang out outside, try to work out some.

  11. Caro says:

    Mood: I am in a permanent state of shock… swine flu alert since last Friday and an earthquake 2 hours ago… this is how my Monday rolls!

    _____ makes me happy: Sunshine

    _____ makes me b*tchy: Swine flu.

    Makeup or beauty confession: Right now my mouth is surrounded with blemishes… buy since I must keep my mouth covered, no one notices it. BTW, I draw bright pinkn lips to my surgical mask.

    Book I’m reading: Planet Simpson!

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Think before you act / speak. Raise your hand when you have a doubt. Always say what you feel / think.

    Three makeup products I can’t live without: does Carmex count as makeup? Lip gloss. Mascara.

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: I am only wearing eyeshadow… some pink shade from Clinique.

    Outfit: Striped pants, pink blouse.

    Weekly goals: survive swine flu!

  12. E.D. says:

    _____ makes me happy: Quiet

    _____ makes me b*tchy: Last-minute, high priority patent reading

    Makeup or beauty confession: I haven’t shaved my legs for a month

    Book I’m reading: None right now

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Keep my mouth shut, wear sunscreen, write more things down to use for reference later

    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Bareminerals foundation, Bi-facil makeup remover, Lancome Beach Plum lip gloss

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Nothing today

    Outfit: light blue V-neck cotton sweater, medium olive green twill pants, argyle socks

    Weekly goals: Not kill my husband during PMS

  13. EV says:

    Mood: disappointed to be stuck at work. I want to plaaaaaaaay.
    _____ makes me happy: carb safe chocolate!
    _____ makes me b*tchy: cold weather at the end of April
    Makeup or beauty confession: When my friends ask me how long my makeup takes in the morning, I knock 10 minutes off the real time before I tell them.
    Book I’m reading: I pick up and put down Eiger Dreams, by Jon Krakauer. I just started The Shark God this morning, and it’s really good!
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Pay attention to what your body is telling you, don’t change carriers in LAX, and remember that your youth is short; don’t spend it all being boring and “responsible!”.
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: MAC VGV lipstick, Dior mascara, Shu lash curler
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: MAC naked lunch and mothbrown/MAC VGV/UD score
    Outfit: Gap hipslung flare leg pants (ladies, you NEED these pants), green short sleeved sweater, green patent leather flats
    Weekly goals: Figure out if I’m lactose intolerant, and finish drawing up face charts for a costume event I’m doing makeup for this weekend.

  14. Lauren says:

    Mood: Happy and excited.

    _____ makes me happy: The warm weather, and getting out of class!

    _____ makes me b*tchy: Having to work in groups where everyone else is very lazy. This is for a grade, people!

    Makeup or beauty confession: I’m not wearing any makeup today.

    Book I’m reading: I just finished Something Borrowed. Love that one.

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Do the readings. Sunscreen even if you don’t think you’ll burn. Think before you say things.

    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Maybelline Waterproof Lash Discovery. Black pencil eyeliner. Undereye concealer.

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: I’m not wearing any today. I’m too lazy.

    Outfit: White tank top, jean skirt, brown cardigan, sanuk flipflops.

    Weekly goals: Oh lord. I want to get my second (and possibly third?) tattoo this week, and I have a paper to write, and a group presentation to present. Thankfully both assignments are due on Thursday so I have plenty of time to work on them. 🙂

  15. Rose says:

    Mood: Sunny like the day today
    _____ makes me happy: All my new goodies
    _____ makes me b*tchy: no coffee in the AM
    Makeup or beauty confession: I shampoo everyday. YES everyday. If not my hair gets oily so much! yuck!
    Book I’m reading: The Host by Stephanie Meyer
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Drink lots of water. Eat slower or else you get a tummy ache, moisturize those feet!
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: MAC studio fix, Fix+, Earth to Earth mineralized blush.
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Just Loreal Voluminous on the lashes, Money Honey Dazzleglass on the lips, CS blush.
    Outfit: navy blue bermuda shorts, yellow babydoll top, brown flip flops
    Weekly goals: get as mush laundry out in this sun as possible. I love clothes dried on the line, they smell so yummy.

    Rose´s last blog post..Haulin’, Haulin’, Haulin!

  16. Dao says:

    _____ makes me happy: Bibi the Bear, aka America’s Next Teddy Bear Top Model (see my new post for detail ;))

    _____ makes me b*tchy: the weather, it’s been so hot!

    Makeup or beauty confession: I just made a mousse mineral foundation for myself. It works!

    Book I’m reading: The Revenge of the Spellmans. It’s book 3 of the Spellmans series, the setting is in SF. Everyone should read it, it’s LOL funny!
    I also have Painless Grammar, bought it for my lil’ bro but he did not want it.

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: write them down, talk about them with my close friends, and ask myself how I felt when they happened to me.

    Three makeup products I can’t live without: mascara, lip gloss, and Everyday Minerals natural reflections powder.

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: I use only mascara today 🙂

    Outfit: yoga pants and t-shirt that has the word “Pitt” across the chest (it has nothing to do with Brad but more to do with a town in Philly)

    Weekly goals: to finish entering data from the surveys. I have the biggest writer’s/statistician’s block ever!

    Dao´s last blog post..Bodycology Sparkling Grapefruit Body Butter: Affordable Moisturizer

  17. christine says:

    Mood: wanting to take a nap
    _____ makes me happy: my new mirror with lights!
    _____ makes me b*tchy: houston traffic in the mornings
    Makeup or beauty confession: i haven’t washed my brushes in like 3 weeks!
    Book I’m reading: “dear john” by nicholas sparks
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes:
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: think before you say something; always wear sunscreen–your skin will thank you for it later!; make sure your nail salon properly sanitizes their tools
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: no eyeshadow, bobbi brown gel liner, shiseido eyelash curler, shiseido mascara base, shiseido lasting lift mascara
    Outfit: gray dress slacks, black flats, dark purple button down
    Weekly goals: get my filing done, clean my desk, pick up dry cleaning

  18. cloudburst says:

    _____ makes me happy: Chocolate chip cookie + black coffee
    _____ makes me b*tchy: Waiting for 2 hours in the Dr’s office & then having to leave without seeing the Dr. because I had to go back to work!!!
    Makeup or beauty confession: I bought practically everything in the Rose Romance collection. Yikes!
    Book I’m reading: None (embarassed shrug), does may’s Vogue count?
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Think about what I could have done better in a situation and remind myself not to get lazy or expect other people to think what I am thinking.
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Concealer, mattifying primer, lip balm
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Concealer/Loving Touch See Thru lip stain/Blush of Youth BP
    Outfit: Grey long sleeve t, grey jeans, hiking shoes
    Weekly goals: Get started on my print, get to the gym 3x, bake cupcakes for a potluck. Start figuring out how I can afford Style Warriors LOL!

  19. Barbara says:


    _____ makes me happy: Warm weather in New England!
    _____ makes me b*tchy: Broken coffee maker at work today
    Makeup or beauty confession: I have bags of “back stock” stuffed under my bed and in my closet. In the event of a national emergency I will have enough to look good for a least 5 years.
    Book I’m reading: Back Bay (Boston historical novel). It’s OK but taking WAY too long to finish. Maybe need to read something else for a few days to cleanse my palate before picking it up again.
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Getting older naturaly takes care of a lot of that :). be kind to everyone, start taking care of your skin as early as possible.
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Armani Fluid Foundation, Chanel Glossimer in Spark, Nars Eye Liner pencil in Black Moon.
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Benfit Creaseless eyeshadow in RSVP, Nars blush in Desire, Bare Escentuals buxom lip gloss in Clare.
    Outfit: Gap wide leg khakis, white Banana Republic button down, Ann Taylor orange sweater/jacket, Bronze t-strap high heels.
    Weekly goals: Empty my work email inbox. It’s an elusive goal! I haven’t been down to zero in months.

  20. Michelle says:

    Le list

    Mood: Happy

    _____ makes me happy: My family (pets too).

    _____ makes me b*tchy: Lazy co-workers.

    Makeup or beauty confession: I haven’t cleaned my makeup brushes in, hmmm, three weeks? I know gross 🙁

    Book I’m reading: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer & Middlemarch by George Eliot (this one’s a toughie but i’m determined to get through it).

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Speak up! or no one will know what’s bothering me.

    Three makeup products I can’t live without: lip balm (any), concealer (Stila) & mascara (any, vlengthening preferably)

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Bobbi Brown cream shadow in Heather, Avon lipstick in Rosewine, BE minral blush in glee.

    Outfit: Express editor shorts in black, black top w/purple flowers, Steve Madden peep toe wedge espadrilles.

    Weekly goals: Same ol’ same ol’, work out 3x @ least (cardio), continue eating healthy (no fast food!), catch up on HW. Oh, and do some housecleaning.

  21. Nicole15 says:

    Mood: Was pissy this morning when i woke up, but am happier this afternoon after a lunchtime trip to Sephora
    _____ makes me happy: Makeup makes me happy
    _____ makes me b*tchy: Lack of sleep makes me b*tchy
    Makeup or beauty confession: I can’t let a week go by without making at least one small beauty/makeup purchase. Even if it’s a 99 cent lipliner, I will buy it.
    Book I’m reading: Sad to say, i’m not reading any. However, i did take out my Kevyn Aucoin “Making Faces” book from years ago recently to get some inspiration.
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Mascara, Concealer & Blush
    Eyes: MAC Greenstroke Paint Pot as base, MAC Steel Blue pigment over lid to crease, MAC Moon’s Reflection e/s as overlay, UD Goddess shadow in crease & outer V & under lower lash line. Lined upper lash line & water line with Revlon Colorstay liner in Navy.
    Lips: MAC Soar lipliner, MAC Viva Glam VI SE lipstick, MAC Love Nectar Lustreglass
    Cheeks: Maybelline Mineral Power Blush in Gently Pink & Sonia Kashuk Lily Powder Blush
    Outfit: Khaki Capri Pants & Navy Blue Peasant blouse w/ Navy blue heels
    Weekly goals: Finish online driving course, pack for family trip to Disney, clean house.

  22. Tanya says:

    _____ makes me happy: Cinnamon (my dog) sleeping by my legs, she keeps me warm!!

    _____ makes me b*tchy: Dangerous drivers.

    Makeup or beauty confession: I don’t clean my brushes as often as I should. Okay, I hardley EVER clean my brushes as often as I should.

    Book I’m reading: Just finished “The Queens Fool” probably going to start “The Virgin’s Lover” (Both my Philippa Gregory – part of the “Boleyn” series. SO GOOD!!!)

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Be true to yourself, get things out in the open before others twist the truth around.

    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer, Crazy Rumors Lip Balm, Mark eyeshadows.

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: My own special neutral palette from Mark eyeshadows, Nothing on my lips right now (if you count Hummus, haha), MAC Pinch o Peach blush.

    Outfit: Black sweater thingy, grey skirt, black maryjanes with a bit of a heal. The usual office look.

    Weekly goals: Install my new printer/scanner/copier combo 😀

    Tanya´s last blog post..Newsflash! The elusive skunk (brush) has come out of hiding!

  23. Kate & Zena says:

    _____ makes me happy:
    Zena makes me happy.

    _____ makes me b*tchy:
    Having everyone destroy my dreams makes me bitchy and plain depressed.

    Makeup or beauty confession:
    I accidentally overtweezed my brows last week and I’m trying very hard to avoid the tweezers. I have a slight tweezer addiction.

    Book I’m reading:
    Still reading “The Complete Sherlock Holmes.” This book is going to take awhile as Sherlock demands to be read slowly.

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes:
    Learn to stand up for myself, express my emotions clearly and never scream at Zena. I’m working at the first two as I’m very shy.

    Three makeup products I can’t live without:
    Almay Triple Effect Nourishing Mascara, HiP duo in “Shady” and the new Revlon Creme Gloss in Fiercely Fushsia. I actually look good in bright fuchsia.

    I will be wearing Covergirl Eye trio in Firecracker, Covergirl TruCheeks in 1 and the Revlon Creme Gloss in Fiercely Fuchsia.

    Still figuring that out. Still in jammies.

    Weekly goals:
    Walk Zena and Ally if weather permits. It’s cloudy again so it may rain again.

  24. AnneMarieB says:

    Le list
    Mood: Irritated. Must be Monday.
    _____ makes me happy: A good workout!

    _____ makes me b*tchy: My mother being sarcastic.

    Makeup or beauty confession: I didn’t put on sunscreen yesterday & my arms and shoulders are a not-so-nice shade of pink… and I shop eBay auctions for makeup when I’ve had a bad day.
    Book I’m reading: “Organize your Corpses” by Mary Jane Maffini – light mystery, and so far good!
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Read things through, don’t procrastinate, write down dates.
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Concealer, foundation & mascara; runners up; Too Faced shadow insurance & MAC Paint Pot in Painterly… they keep my eye makeup looking good even after a hard work out.

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Smashbox: Eye shadow duo Smashing Golden/Eggplant with MAC Technakohl in brownboarder; Maybelline Stilleto mascara. Lips: Sephora “Round a Kiss” lipgloss; cheeks- Too Faced blush, can’t remember the shade.

    Outfit: Brown short sleeve dress w/brown and maroon print camisole; brown pumps.

    Weekly goals: Complete an item on my to-do list around the house every day after work. Call a gardener to cut my hedge, hire a carpet cleaner to clean my carpets; get the oil changed in my car.

  25. Jonni says:

    Mood: Perkey and optomistic

    Makes me happy: talking w/ friends and doing my makeup

    Makes me b*tchy: not having my morning Starbucks

    Makeup or beauty confession: i wasn’t born this beautiful

    Book I’m reading: Into the Darkness by Delilah Devlin

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: take my time, put evrything into it, and don’t take no for an answer

    Three makeup products I can’t live without:
    MAC SPF full coverage, MAC Zoomlash(luv this stuff), MAC Tinted Lustre Glass…

    Nylon Eye Shadow
    Smoke Eye Shadow
    Ash Eye Shadow
    Zoomblack Zoomlash Mascara
    #3 lashes
    Vino Lip Pencil
    Dubonnet Lipstick
    Springbean Lustreglass

    Outfit: Skinny jeans, white top, cute multi coloured sandals

    Weekly goals: To start exercisng more frequently, get my nails done, and finish my book

  26. Suri says:

    Le list

    Mood: tired and a bit cranky

    _____ makes me happy:my hubby

    _____ makes me b*tchy:undecisive people

    Makeup or beauty confession: I only wash my 2xs a week

    Book I’m reading: Mary Higgins Clark-It Only Takes a Moment

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: ask questions for everything, don’t be a rollover, go with your gut

    Three makeup products I can’t live without: lip gloss, blush, mascara-which ones I don’t know!

    Eyes/lips/cheeks:champagne and purple colors on eyes (Boots), Lips-MAC Embraceable & Viva Glam IV LipGlass and LA Girl blush a coral color

    Outfit: seafoam green blouse, jeans, flats and a beige cardigan

    Weekly goals: finish packing, move in, work out everyday and stop worrying about money!

  27. Heidi Zeigler says:

    My marriage makes me happy:
    Loudness when I first wake up makes me b*tchy:
    Makeup or beauty confession: I do my face, even when I am not leaving the house…makes me feel good!
    Book I’m reading: The Perricone Perscription
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Don’t repeat the same action, find the positive in my mistake and listen to wise people!
    Three makeup products I can’t live without:Alba Hibiscus toner, Lancome UV Expert spf 20 ( I love this and bought it at TJ Max on a whim…hope I can find more of it when I run out!! It’s so nice, I don’t even need foundation over it!

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Benefit Color
    Outfit: Nothing yet…sitting here in my towel lol.
    Weekly goals: To do all the things I need to do, to launch my new business Outre Beauty Bistro!

  28. penelope says:

    _____the sun makes me happy:
    _____ rain / cloudy days makes me b*tchy:
    Makeup or beauty confession: i dont wash my hair every day or every other day. i wash it about once a week and sometimes i dont wash my hair for up to 2 weeks lol
    Book I’m reading: chicken soup for the soul
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes:
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: my face lotion, mascara, and lip blam
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: lip balm
    Outfit: black spaghetti strap, plaid capris and black flip flops
    Weekly goals: ?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Penelope,

      I’ve read that it’s good to not wash hair so much. I try to go for as long as I can so it doesn’t dry out. Four days is probably my max, though…

  29. Kristen says:

    Mood: stressed, big ap test coming up in a week
    _____ makes me happy: freedom, no work lol
    _____ makes me b*tchy: tests
    Makeup or beauty confession: im wearing none today for once, cept for a little aveeno tinted moisturizer
    Book I’m reading: 4th twilights
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: dont burn bridges, think before you speak, dont let little arguments end up bigger than they should be
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: stila smudgepot, bareminerals, fekkai hair gloss
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: um none lol, little bit of benefit mascara
    Outfit: plaid shorts and tshirt
    Weekly goals:

  30. Redhead says:

    Mood: Happy.. busy with extracurricular stuff like the Math Team and Show Choir.. craving mac & cheese 😉
    _____ makes me happy: Getting applause after a performance, chocolate anything, my best friend.
    _____ makes me b*tchy: HUNGER! Man, when I’m hungry, I am HUNGRY.
    Makeup or beauty confession: I used to do my eyebrows so heavily and caked on that this boy in my grade came up behind me and expressed his opinion on my makeup: *cheesy cough* “Fake eyebrows!” *cheesy cough* I gave him a stern look, and he replies: “Sorry, I sneezed”.
    Book I’m reading: “Love, Stargir”l by Jerry Spinelli.
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes:
    1. Do the opposite of your mistake and see how that works. If that turns out to be a mistake too, then you should learn from THAT. 😉
    2. Warn anybody thinking of doing that mistake that it’s a no-no, and what to do to solve whatever problem you were going to solve with that mistake.
    3. Try a variation of the same thing you did and see how it works out. As I said earlier, I used to overdo my eyebrows – now, instead of scrapping my brow pencil altogether, I lightly shade the hairs.
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Almay Intensify Eye Color Trio for Hazels (plus any random soft blush brush), Maybelline Full ‘n’ Soft Mascara, MAC Powerpoint Pencil in Engraved.
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: MAC Electra all over the lid, Carbon in the crease, w/ a light dusting of Shroom for a silver smokey eye. Maybelline Full ‘n’ Soft Mascara on top lashes, Prescriptives Blue Grotto Kohl on lower lashline (then smudged) and MAC Point Black Liquidlast on top lashline. Lingering Eye Brows LIGHTLY on brows. I have the shimmery pink shade from the Almay Intensify Ee Color Trio for Hazels on the apples of cheeks with a dab of The Body Shop Strawberry Born Lippy balm on my lips.
    Outfit: Baby blue “Battle of the Bands” tee, white lace tank under, blue skinny jeans, flip flops.
    Weekly goals: Call Maggie (my bestie!), perfect my monologue for Drama 3 auditions, figure out a way to get perfect smokey eyeliner. 🙂

  31. cloudburst says:


    I loved Rose Romance a little too much! LOL, I think my favourite thing is Summer Rose BP and Loving Touch See Thru colour w/ Vrigin Kiss l/g on top.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Cloudburst,

      Holy crap! I still haven’t picked up Loving Touch! My brain’s been in fool around mode so I completely forgot this weekend… DOH!

      Is it very pearly on your lips?

  32. e. smith says:

    Mood: Sleepy

    _____ makes me happy: Phone coversations

    _____ makes me b*tchy: Walking in London

    Makeup or beauty confession: I sometimes am too lazy to take off my makeup before bed.

    Book I’m reading: Financial Management text

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: …

    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Blot powder, UDPP,lipgloss

    -Left half of face (lol…I was trying out looks for tomorrow):
    Eyes – Penny shadestick, coppering e/s, cranberry e/s, seedy pearl e/s, sketch e/s, carbon e/s, bitter e/s
    Cheeks – Joyous bp, Petticoat MSF

    -Right half of face:
    Eyes – Beigeing shadestick, UD polyester bride e/s, Electric eel e/s, folie e/s, carbon e/s, arena e/s, amberlights e/s
    Cheeks – Breezy, Petticoat MSF

    Lips- Hollywood nights l/g, Glamour OD d/g

    Outfit: Pajamas

    Weekly goals: Stick to my study plan.

    • Karen says:

      Hi E. Smith,

      Your eye looks sound so pretty! 🙂

      Sometimes I am too lazy to take off my makeup before bed. I keep some MAC wipes by the couch and by my bed… it gives me no excuse to remove whatever I can before I fall asleep.

  33. Jana says:

    _____ makes me happy: makeUP? / candy / naptime
    _____ makes me b*tchy: waking up early / having no moolah / disgusting bugs
    Makeup or beauty confession: one time … i spent my entire pay at m.a.c -_- whooops!!
    Book I’m reading: bobbi brown’s make up manual
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: try try TRY again
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: gel liner , lipgloss & blush
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: au natural cuz i jus woke up hehe
    Outfit: my PJ’s ! hahahah
    Weekly goals: start thinking of idea for ur blog! and stop using so much moolah -_-

    gahh it’s too cold ! i don’t wanna get out of bed!!!!!!!! hehehe take care karen =]

  34. S says:

    Mood: tired, insomniac, worried about upcoming exams…

    Good book, loads of free time and my cat sleeping: makes me happy:

    _____ makes me b*tchy: People not using their brains- it’s happens so often…And when they assure you that you didn’t say something to them when you know you did. People when…well, people in general really!

    Makeup or beauty confession: Sometimes when I’m in rush and have no time to wash my hair I just put some nice smelling mousse on it. How very European of me.

    Book I’m reading: ‘The end of Mr Y’ & ‘Slaughterhouse 5’

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes:
    Never put a banana into a cotton tote bag during summer, wearing heals may look good but you can end up falling of the bus, never drink blueberry juice in a room with all white furniture if you are insanely accident prone -if you don’t want to repaint the walls…

    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Lancome Kohl in Black, Burts bees pomegranate lip balm, under eye concealer…

    Eyes/lips/cheeks:Lancome kohl and a dash of shimmery rose eyeshadow, iconic Diorshow mascara on the eyes, lips burt’s bees balm, cheeks bourjous Rose D’or blush

    Outfit: dark jeans, white printed T, dark hoodie from Nike, Converse shoes,

    Weekly goals: start preparing for a new boring exam, finish a book or 2, sleep more, work out more, eat more, same old…

  35. Stephie says:

    _____ makes me happy: chocolate
    _____ makes me b*tchy: being pressed for time
    Makeup or beauty confession: Sometimes I let my eye brows get bushy and then just cover them w/ my bangs..
    Book I’m reading: … Do school text books count? [even though I know I don’t read those enough?!]
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: sunblock ALL OVER, wash off all my make up before I am too tired too, stick to a hair routine to repair damage…
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Foundation [haven’t really found one I partculary like the most, blush [right now its Stila Convertible Color in Fuschia] and chapstick
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: my usual, Clinique gold chapagne on the lid w/ NP brown and UD Oil Slick in the crease and outer corner, NP lipstick in SMP & Clinique glosswear in Tenderheart, Stila CC in Fuschia
    Outfit: Black V neck, dark blue jeans, and a brown leather belt.
    Weekly goals: Get ready for finals, [post it my books, coordinate all my notes…]

  36. Lydia says:

    1. Mood: Totally freakin exhausted.
    2. _____ makes me happy: My cat makes me happy too :).
    3. _____ makes me b*tchy: When my phone rings to much.
    4. Makeup confession: I’m about to run out of mascara and I don’t have another tube on hand lol.
    5. Book I’m reading: The Book of Dahlia.
    6. Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Yeah I learned to put sunscreen on my feet too lol, put sunscreen on my armpits, and put sunscreen on my lips hahaha.
    7. Three makeup products I can’t live without: Mascara, concealer, and lipgloss.
    8. Eyes/lips/cheeks: I just washed it all off but I had some yellow covergirl shadow on my lids, victorias secret lipgloss, and some msf on my cheeks.
    9. Outfit: Now im in my pajamas haha.
    10. Weekly goals: To make it to my spinning class every day for the rest of this week.

    Lydia´s last blog post..Avon…TODAY ONLY: UP TO 70% SAVINGS + FREE SHIPPING

  37. Nikki says:

    Mood: relaxed and a little tired
    _____ makes me happy: feeling loved by those you love
    _____ makes me b*tchy: given demands from someone who has no right to demand anything of you
    Makeup or beauty confession: I shave my upper lip XP
    Book I’m reading: none atm
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: 1) learn to branch out on your own. Do something you REALLY want to do even if no one else thinks you can do it. 2) Be open minded–consider options you once refused to do.
    3) Take time to relax!
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: MAC Blot Powder, Carmex, AND my CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in Pretty Peach
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Maybelline New York Quad Set on eyes, nothing anymore on lips and CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in Pretty Peach with Lancome Star Bronzer and MAC Blot Powder 😉 to get rid of the shine
    Outfit: gray t-shirt w/ tinkerbell that says “Fearless Flirt” in bold red letters and blue jean shorts with a gold bracelet that I always wear (was given to me from my Grandmother)
    Weekly goals: to shave off minutes from my runs, to increase the amount of push-ups I can do, to let my boss know I cannot work Saturday, to wear more eyeshadow, to study more, and to sign up for orientation, classes, and a test at school. Also, to finish some scholarship apps.

  38. Jay says:

    Mood: relieved that work is over
    _____ makes me happy: my fiance made me coffee
    _____ makes me b*tchy: not being able to find a projector at work
    Makeup or beauty confession: just got my 1st pedi this year
    Book I’m reading: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: put face cream and s/s on your face,neck and chest (my face is now way paler than my neck), use face cream on eyes (no need to buy a separate eye cream), do not buy any cream or lotion in a jar, everytime you open the jar the efficacy of the antioxidants deteriorate.
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Clinique All About Eyes Concealer, L’oreal Volumious WP Mascara and Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Stila Borealis Duo light blue side with L’oreal Volumious WP, nothing on lips or cheeks
    Outfit: Black lite wool sweater, tan slacks and black patent leather peep toe wedge
    Weekly goals: get through the week in one piece so I can enjoy the weekend 🙂

  39. ines says:

    hey karen!

    hope everything is well!
    this weekend two new additions joined my desktop aquarium… hansel the betta (named after owen wilson in zoolander) has two new froggy friends, yogi (looks like he’s doing sun salutations, suspended in the water) and ninja (he’s the big, black, badass one). hansel pokes them a little and he frogs run for cover… but he hasn’t tried to kill them yet!

    Le list
    hopeful. SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE… and my last exam is tomorrow.

    _____ makes me happy: it being 30 degrees celsius today.

    _____ makes me b*tchy: having to write an exam while others are out in the sun.

    Makeup or beauty confession: i really really like it, and kind of feel like it’s some kind of addcition or dependency!

    Book I’m reading: economics of the environment and natural resources: theory and applications… in preparation for tomorrow’ exam 🙁

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: 1 – don’t procrastinate; 2 – don’t overdo anything; 3 – no pain, no gain

    Three makeup products I can’t live without: l’oreal lineur intense in noir mica, NARS the multiple in copacabana, NARS lipstick in funny face

    Eyes/lips/cheeks: i.d. bareminerals in fairly light, guerlain terracotta bronze bronzant legere in brunette, NARS lip gloss in chihuahua with multiple in orgasm layered under it.

    Outfit: khaki shorts, white backless t-shirt, coral flip flops, yellow cardigan, black lululemon active bag, oversize burberry sunglasses.

    Weekly goals: get back into exercising & stretching now that exams are over. i have no excuse after this!

  40. Kate & Zena says:


    The rain managed to remain on hold until eight pm so I did manage to take the dogs on a walk. Ally gave me a big ol’ Husky kiss before the walk before she was so excited. I went walking with a big ol’ wet spot on my face. Cute but mildly disgusting as Ally drools. Ew.

    And now, it’s back to drizzling. It’s alternating really between really warm days and plain ol’ rainy days and nights. In other words, the rain has caused a series of flood warnings in the state of IL. Thankfully, I live in the hilly part of town and away from the watershed so no flood warnings for me.

    Zena sends a kiss on the forehead. She doesn’t do kisses on the cheeks for some reason.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kate & Zena,

      Awww… that’s cute! I’ll take a forehead kiss from your pup.

      Anyway, I hope it dries out soon. Hang in there… spring is right around the corner.

  41. Christina says:

    talkative… Just woke up this way… No one to talk to thought. Kids at school friends all at work

    _____ makes me happy:
    see people happy

    _____ makes me b*tchy:
    Bitchy people Liars, pms, too much to do with not enough time to do it.

    Makeup or beauty confession: \
    I tattooed fake eyebrows on myself one because I bascially have NO eyebrows. I used these eyebrow stencils and I totally messed it up. I look angry all the time!!!

    Book I’m reading:
    The Secret

    Three ways to learn from my mistakes:
    Keep your feet in your mouth at all times so you cant put any more in …(think ing about what you say and how it effects others)

    Three makeup products I can’t live without:
    Pure Minerals cover up! WOW that stuff is great!

    Still Looking and Taking the good suggustions I just found from reading these comments! Thanks previous posters.


    Weekly goals:
    Wake up!!! Stay postive even If when surronded by Toxic people.

  42. Nicole15 says:


    We are going to Disney World. Never been before. Grew up in NY & moved to Florida with hubby & kids 3 years ago for my job. After living here for awhile now, it just seems time to make a trip to the Magic Kingdom. My kids are going to go bananas and i think am i too!!!

  43. Rachel says:


    Fate is black and white and has a sort of backwards question mark on her face with really long whiskers. She is a tuxedo cat with little white boots. 😀

  44. Martha says:

    Chocolate makes me happy
    My sister makes me b*tchy
    Makeup or beauty confession: I didn’t know where my crease was until three days ago. And I have been wearing makeup for 7 years.
    Book I’m reading: Anna Karenina
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes: 1. Write it down. 2. Consider others. 2. Laugh at yourself.
    Three makeup products I can’t live without: Revlon colorsay foundation, Jane Blush in blushing petal, and cherry chapticks.
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Revlon tan creme eyeshadow, L’Oreal Double extend mascara, Maybelline dark brown eye shadow, Almay for brown eyes eyeshadow, Cherry chapstick, and L’Oreal true match powder foundation in a shade three shades darker than me that I use as a bronzer.
    Outfit: Yellow long sleeved v-neck over orange tank with a red and gold necklace, jeans, and my trusty red chucks.
    Weekly goals: Finish homework, make car payment, and renew license.

  45. Tania says:

    Hey Karen!
    I know this is late but Happy Belated Hills Day! Uggh Spencer was a douche bag as always. Did you hear that they actually got married. Why oh why? I hope someone knocks me out if I’m interested in a guy who wears any of the following: a mullet, mesh shirt, and/or flesh colored beard. Any of those three are a BUZZ KILL!!!

    Le list
    Mood: excited I get to leave my 8:30-12:30 job on Friday and I get to do what I REALLY love.
    _____ makes me happy:
    Doing the best that I can with my life.
    _____ makes me b*tchy:
    Being late or people that are late when I’ve scheduled an appointment. Uggh!!
    Makeup or beauty confession:
    My hair grows super fast. Good when the hair is on the head bad everywhere else!
    Book I’m reading:
    I’m reading some back issues of magazines. I buy them used for like 50 cents max at the library. I save ’em to make collages.
    Three ways to learn from my mistakes:
    Remove makeup before bed, wear your glasses/contacts, humidifers are a lifesaver

    Three makeup products I can’t live without:
    MAC Studio Fix, My clinique wand that has lipgloss on one end and an In Bloom Roller fragrance on the other, MAC Blushes.
    Eyes/lips/cheeks: Nothing on the eyes but glasses, mac lip gelee, and clinique rosy glow cream blush stick.
    Outfit: Black pants, black shoes, and a button front shirt for work. Right now I’m rocking my dark jeans, a purple hello kitty top, bright pink chenille hoodie, and converse sneakers that have skulls and hearts on them.
    Weekly goals:
    Get my calendar in order so I can manage two churches without going nuts, finish the newsletter and get it to the printer, hang out with my dad cuz he’s a sweetheart.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tania,

      Spencer was so rude to Heidi’s friends (big surprise). Oh, I read about their wedding. Heidi looked pretty… but her mom didn’t look too happy. I also read that the show is gonna continue without LC! I dunno if I can bear to watch it if it’s gonna be all about Speidi, honestly. I think it’s on its last legs.

  46. Kim says:

    Unfortch, I’m taking awful (aka lame) classes during the summer. I’ll be taking Fundamentals of Communications and American National Government (okay, not so lame). I have yet to sign up for fall courses but I’m trying for Crime Scene Investigation and Intro to Criminal Justice. Much better than summer!

    How are you? I’ve been enjoying the summery weather around these parts but dreading putting any heavy makeup on in the morning (oily faces are NOT cute). Actually, dreading anything past tinted moisturizer! LOL.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kim,

      At least you’ll have something to do during the summer. I always liked summer courses. It’s less crowded on campus, the weather is nice… plus when you get out of class you can always treat yourself to an ice cream!

      I’m doing well on this end, thanks for asking. 🙂 It’s been kinda chilly here (I’m wearing a turtle neck right now). I’ll totally trade you for some summer weather.

  47. Kim says:

    Yeah, I’ll be getting back into the groove of school stuff. Yes, I’m pretty excited about the small classes and better parking but I’ll have night classes. This means no warm weather enjoying for me!

    I definitely don’t want to trade my 70s+ weather right now. I’m done with ice storms and 40 degree weather! You go away with that horrible weather! GO AWAY LOL… Don’t worry, it’ll be warm for you soon enough 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kim,

      Night classes have their perks! At least you won’t have to be trucking across campus in the heat, right?

      I am really hoping it warms up soon. I’m so ready to give up my turtleneck sweaters, you don’t even know!

  48. Sarah says:

    1. Mood: Entertained and happy
    2. Vinny and my kitty Duff makes me happy
    3. High maintenance people makes me b*tchy:
    4. Makeup or beauty confession: I am sprouting gray hairs
    5. Book I’m reading: A self help book for women and having more self esteem
    6. Three ways to learn from my mistakes: Acknowledge my mistake, notice the patterns, and try not to repeat them
    7. Three makeup products I can’t live without: MAC studio fix powder, MAC viva la glam lip gloss, and Avon Bronzer
    8. Eyes/lips/cheeks: MAC studio fix foundation w/ some powder (light coat), MAC viva la glam lip gloss, and Avon Bronzer
    9. Outfit: Black slacks, black boots, blue turtle neck
    10. Weekly goals: Do my deskercises so my neck doesn’t hurt. Look good for work. Remind Vinny and Duff how much I love them

  49. Kate says:

    Tabby is just too cute for words!

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