Highlights from Last Weekend’s Tabby Cat Comic Challenge

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Do you remember Choose Your Own Adventure books? I loved those blasted things so much… I’d always exhaust every conceivable permutation of every single one!

The books are kinda what I had in mind with last weekend’s Sundays with Tabs when I posted this comic template with blank speech bubbles. I think the idea could still use some refinement (I’ll keep working on it), but here are your reader generated results.


Rinnie, the man-panties line? SO FUNNY!

A tabby cat comic by MBB reader Rinnie

A tabby cat comic by MBB reader sarahc
I can’t wait to give these another try!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Nina says:

    So funny, great comics ladies!

    Tabs is so dashing & debonaire!!!!

  2. pinksoysauce says:

    Aww! Tabs must have met Rhett Butler on his adventures; so charming! That means he stole somebody’s time machine…but hey, at least he made it back to the future, right? 😉

    Witty comics! I love them – great idea, Karen!

  3. Jen says:

    Cute. I used to have this software on my computer, but when I upgraded to the new OS, it disappeared… oh well.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Rinnie says:

    Yayyyy! I got a shout out! My day is complete… and I think I pulled a muscle doing my happy dance. Sucks getting older.

  5. Haley says:

    Hi Karen, just wanted to wish you the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY!!
    I read your blog everyday (no joking!) .. I love the fact that when I read your articles, it feels like you’re talking right beside me. And did I mention that I think you’re gorgeous?! You have a beautiful face, hair, skin tone, and I love that all the make up looks that you feature are WEARABLE, unlike other blogs! Anyways, you’re like a mentor and friend to me; someone I can look up to.
    Don’t stop what you’re doing, you inspire me!
    Have an amazing birthday!

    Your gurl Haley (from Canada!)
    … and a obsessed dog lady! (I have a shih-poo named Lily)

  6. Nina says:

    Hey Karen!
    Thank you! 😀 I’m as red as Fluffy right now and a grinning red Fluffy, hahah 🙂 I literally ran to my fiance and was all like “look! look! so you did a good job when forcing me to watch that movie!” 😀 have a great birthday!..

  7. Amber says:

    Too cute! oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY darling!! 🙂

  8. hahaha love the comics! esp the last one, that just cracked me up
    .-= makeup morsels’s last blog post… Last of the Lumene Lineup =-.

  9. JMD says:

    LOVE IT! Instead of dogs sitting around playing poker you have cats! Puuuuuurrrrrrrfect (corny I know .. had to throw that in)

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