Dear New York: Love the Makeup, Hate the Boys

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Dear New York,

You know how much I enjoy your show. I always look forward to seeing your over-the-top makeup looks.


I’m guessing you’re a MAC girl


I know it’s hard to look for love in all the wrong places (shoo’, if you thought finding it on reality TV is difficult, try finding it in San Francisco). Even though you realized that you and Chance can never be, please, for the sake of reality television man and woman kind, stop trying to date guys like him! It’s a recipe for a broken heart.


It’s obvious that the only reason why Chance isn’t locked up is because his brother, Real, keeps him in check.

Has it ever occured to you that Real frickin’ rules? He seems nice, yet still has the edge you like so much. Plus, he’s got some fierce hair (I had the same haircut circa 2005-2006).


He seems like such a cool guy. I always thought you should’ve ended up with him.

Godspeed, New York. May you find true love someday, somehow, somewhere.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. nilla cookie says:

    Ms. New York is always one I can count on to come up with a different look (or many looks for that matter) on every episode. But what I was really diggin’ about Monday’s show was her outfit! The white and gold top with the wide-leg jean and gold belt – it was so fun and disco and classier than the NY we all know and love. Although… I didn’t enjoy her muffin top boobs over her top when she was running after Pretty. I was thinking, “Oooo girl, just let him run! He ain’t even all that; I’d rather have a bag of chips!”

  2. Vanessa says:

    LOL at Nilla…I can’t believe Chance was back..even for a brief moment! If she isn’t going to take punk or buddha, i’ll gladly take them! And someone tell me why Tailormade is still on the show!???

  3. Karen says:

    If NY has to choose from this season’s crop of guys, I think she should get with Punk. I nearly cried on the episode when he offered up his dad’s gold watch.

    Plus, he could totally kick some ass! I like how he flipped that table over during the Chance/Real interrogation!

  4. Lipglossme says:

    I was diggin’ Buddha in the beginning but dude has a violent streak in him. You’d think he wouldn’t with that girlie tank top he has on all the time but don’t be fooled.

    Tailor Made, he’s such a wuss. I think even I could kick his ass. All that time fussing with his face and putting face mask after face mask when he should really be concentrating on all that hair he’s losing on the top of his head.

    Real, I just want to stroke my fingers through his hair.

  5. Karen says:

    Seriously Lipglossme, somebody needs to kick Tailor Made’s ass ((again)). I was watching one of the episodes and noticed that he had a clear coat of polish on his nails, ha!

    OMG, Real has the BEST HAIR on reality TV! I wonder if he uses a T3 flatiron. It’s so shiny!

  6. nilla cookie says:

    OMG, clear nail polish! I have NO clue why Tailor Made is still on the show, he gives me hives every time I see him. I really don’t think that any of the guys this season are that great. But if I had to choose, I’d have to agree with you ladies – Punk or Buddha. I was seriously impressed with how Punk flipped the table with NO effort at all!

  7. Karen says:

    I know! He was like He Man Punk/Master of the Universe, when he flipped that table over! I wanted to give him a sword or something.

    I think the final three will boil down to Punk, Tailor Made and Buddha. And the final two will be Tailor Made and Buddha because the producers will want some drama for your mamma at the end.

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