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connor claire with mom hair

I was filling out Connor Claire’s baby book the other day when I suddenly burst into tears as I thought about her growing up.




She just turned one month old, but I can’t even deal with the idea of her turning one year old, or five years old, or 15! Or 25!

I dunno… I just get so emotional. She’s such a tiny little person, and this can be such a big, scary world.

connor claire with mom hair 2

I worry…

Do you think this will ever go away, or will I be carrying around this worry for the rest of my life?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Rachel says:

    You will always be worried, lol! I know this not because I’m a mother (except to my cat, Natalia) but because my mom and grandma are huge worriers! I don’t know how many times I have to tell them I’m in my 30’s, I can handle it! But worrying means you’re a great mom!

  2. Tara says:

    I have two boys, 3 and 6. And you will always worry. My mom tells me that too. But you won’t always have the crazy hormones running amok making you all teary 24/7. It will get better. And it’s so worth it. πŸ™‚ hang in there.

  3. Stephanie Smith says:

    My girls are 10 and 13. It doesn’t go away. ❀️

  4. Agata says:

    I think this constant worry is part of being a parent. The world is scary but it’s also a very beautiful place.

  5. Luv Jaime says:

    My oldest is turning 21, my youngest just turned 1… I love them equally, worry about them equally and never felt any differently about my oldest even as a grown up.. he’s always gonna be my baby. It’s the most wonderful and magical thing about motherhood.. your babies will be your first and last love, and you thought you have already fallen head over heels with your significant other. You’re gonna be an amazing momma, Karen!

  6. Barb says:

    Karen, the worry does not go away. I have two sons. They are 16 and 29. I worry about them every day. Even the 29 year old. I need to hear from him at least once a day and even then I’m still worrying. Driving, texting, drinking, make it to work on time…all thoughts going through my head.

  7. Lorraine says:

    What a sweet pic! The journey of parenthood is ever evolving. There is always some degree of worry and anxiety attached, because of your promise not to let anything happen to them. But on the other hand, it’s like Dory says in Finding Nemo…”that’s a funny thing to promise. Doesn’t sound like much fun for little Elmo.” The amazing thing about them growing up, is they surprise you all the time. Each age has its glorious moments- you will find it is worth it because you won’t want to miss a single one! hugs to you and to that pretty, tiny baby

  8. Sylvia Lee says:

    You will; it will never go away! My little one turns 18 years old in exactly 24 more days. We had our first college visit last weekend, get this, SIX hours away from ME!! My heart is breaking but at the same time, I am so very excited for her and for what’s ahead of her. spend all the time you can with your daughter, today and always πŸ™‚

  9. Chelsea says:

    I love this pictures, so sweet to see the bonding. I love her and you.

    I am not a parent, so I can’t answer that question!

  10. Jae says:

    Aw i love these updates! No kids of my own, but going by the closest thing I have to daughter (my one and only niece) JUST turned 18 on Sunday, Im gonna say no πŸ™‚

  11. Tatiana says:

    They cut the umbilical cord and the worrying starts. It doesn’t go completely away, but there are times when it subsides to a great degree. You realize that you teach them to be good citizens of this world, to care for themselves and you have to let them explore the world. My daughter will text me when she gets to her apartment late at night after work because in her words, “I know you worry about me.” All it takes is one line and I feel better knowing she is safe. Funny thing, despite the worrying, I let her go off to summer camp all the way across the country when she was in middle school, I happily helped her move to NYC for a summer internship, I encouraged her to go to university out of state and I’m encouraging her to follow her dream to live overseas while she is still young and hasn’t settled down. When I find myself worrying too much, I remind myself that as scary as the world can be sometimes, it is still filled with many good people who are trying to help others and do the right thing.

  12. Jenn says:

    You will always worry, but I find the worry ebbs and flows. They are always on your mind, but if you can engross yourself in other things, the worry settles to the back of your mind. But it can pop up at random times too, and you will worry about random things. But the love is so great! Enjoy every minute of her, and the wonderful things she will do at every stage!

  13. Michou says:

    I may not be a mom but I’ll never forget the quote “To be a mother is to have your heart forever walking outside of your body”. You are always going to worry and be scared but you’ll also be in awe and overjoyed. She’ll make you angry and proud, serene and crazed and you’ll love her for the rest of your life.

    All I can say is enjoy the moment you are in when you are in it. It’s easy to start thinking of the future but when that gets carried away, try to ground yourself in the here and now. :hugs:

    She’s cuter and sweeter looking by the day. πŸ™‚

  14. andrea says:

    Man, those postpartum hormones are no joke! It doesn’t go away, but it gets better, as you realize what a capable and amazing tiny human your baby is growing into.

  15. Kwmechelle says:

    I don’t have any kids but I have a niece & nephews (and plenty of other kids) that I love. I don’t think the worry/anxiety ever go away. But you will teach her to make smart decisions & wise choices. And maybe your worry will diminish πŸ™‚

  16. Lulle says:

    These pictures are so beautiful!
    Obviously I haven’t experienced the worry myself, not being a mother. But women around me tend to say it stays with you, although it can evolve and affect you in different ways. I know some very anxious mums who are very protective and prefer to control everything in their kid’s life, and others who push their children to be very independent so they’re better equipped to face the problems they worry about on their own. In the end, everybody just does their best!
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  17. Susan says:

    Rest of your life. It’s important not to let that fear overwhelm you, and to NOT become a overprotective parent. As hard as it is, children need to be able to test boundaries as they grow so they develop as healthy, independent people. It is very hard, and I think back to the things my parents let me do when I was growing up and understand how they felt πŸ™‚ Beautiful pictures!

  18. Sherry P says:

    You will always worry but it gets different! Because you have already been there done that, you have the most awesome knowledge to give and protect her. You got this Karen!

  19. MonicaP says:

    Ask your mom <3

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  20. Alexis says:

    Get use to it…the feeling will never go away. I almost cried the first time Gabi didn’t want me to stand in line with her at school!

  21. Rachel R. says:

    My sons recently turned 21 years and 19 years. The worrying never stops.

  22. Metta says:

    I don’t think it goes away, maybe it gets a teeny tiny bit easier at times. But then again I cry still at any little milestone. My daughter wears my shoe size now as of last week, I had a breakdown in Nordstrom’s shoe department, my husband had to peel me off the floor, I think I may have embarrassed him. *shrugs

  23. Jennifer says:

    The worry won’t go away. But it will all be okay because Connor Claire has you and El Hub as her parents and she has Tabs as a supervisor/kitty uncle. She has the best possible start in life.

    Michael is turning 13 in a few days and I keep having bad dreams. I know it’s because of the transition into the teen years that I’m questioning some of the decisions I made during his childhood. It’s still so hard. One of the more light-hearted dreams I had was that he dumped a horrible can of chicken noodle soup all over my laptop. If that isn’t symbol of guilt about being a working mother I don’t know what is.

    Hang in there gurrrl, you got this πŸ™‚
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  24. Mimibelle says:

    Different ages bring different worries. You will never be the same person you were. You will feel fear and vulnerability at the realisation that your happiness is now wrapped up in someone else’s well being. You will feel crushed and bruised and want to slap the hell out of someone who upsets your baby (no matter how old she is at the time). You will feel pain so deep you wonder how people who have children that go through terrible things manage to go on. But you will feel your heart sing sings sweeter than you have ever experienced and you will feel pride and joy and all those other wonderful things you thought you knew about but now you really understand. And you will never lose the awe that you made this little person. And they will love you (although even that will be questionable in later years!!). But they will love you and you will love them and you will know that your existence was worthwhile if only because you brought the little being into the world.

  25. Melissa L. says:

    Oh Karen, I constantly worry for my 11 yr old daughter. It’s scary because they cannot wait to grow up, and to make matters worse, she’s entering that stage where she thinks she knows more then me. The worry and stress never end. I still get tears in my eyes during her award assembly’s at her school, realizing how much she’s grown. All we can do is teach them, guide them, and let be who they are. Embrace it all Karen, and don’t go a day without telling her you love her.

  26. Fran says:

    You never do get to stop worrying. You do get past the hormonal fluctuations and eventually start being able to get some sleep, though.

    Plus, she grows to become a strong, capable person who can take good care of herself πŸ™‚

    But you never stop worrying on some level. It just comes with the territory. It’s good to have something that matters this much!

  27. Aw hormones, lol… πŸ™‚ But I can see why the thought of her growing up freaks you out and gets you all emotional! I think a lot of new moms would love for their babies to stay all little and newborn forever.
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  28. I read somewhere that becoming a mother is taking your heart outside your chest and having it run around in the world, and that is exactly how it feels. Everything that happens to them is hurting you way more than you ever thought possible.
    But seeing them grow up is so beautiful. The way they develop, the personality they are showing… It is so worth it.
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  29. Daniela says:

    My Baby just turned 18… I remember crying about the same thing, as she was as small as your Little Girl. The worries will become a little less over time, but they will never go away… she will always always be your Baby!
    But you will see, as she grows, how she is able to face the world on your own. You will trust her to stand and fight for herself because you have toght her to do it. Enjoy the Baby days… they go so fast.

  30. Kim says:

    First of all, great job on filling out the baby book. You will be SO glad you did. Not “getting around to it” is one of my big regrets from that time. I know you will take lots of pics but I’d suggest also doing lots of video. It’s adorable to look back on those (and, yes, emotional). πŸ™‚

    You’ll always worry, but I think things like that hit everyone differently. Since the boys have been born, whenever someone asks what my favorite age (for them) is, I always say “right now!”. Keep in mind that they just became official teenagers so that sentiment may change in a few years. HAHA! But I think that, even though Connor is growing and changing, you’ll always find so much to love about her at that exact moment, that you won’t miss a younger age or dread an older one. πŸ™‚

  31. Jen says:

    Ah, congratulations again, Karen- she is absolutely beautiful! I’ve become an auntie for the first time over the past year and even that role has made me extra emotional! ox
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  32. Jessica Revitte says:

    You will always worry. <3 My whole worldview changed when I became a mom. Scary news, politics, everything that I viewed with annoyance before became a source of fear for my children. I don't want the big scary world to damage the very good, genuine little people that they are.


  33. Erin says:

    Awww, she’s so cute! Sorry about all the hormonal stuff.
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  34. Amy says:

    Yes, worry is there. But what I’ve seen that works is to identify their strengths and weaknesses as they grow, and position them for success. Provide opportunities where they can build strengths and flourish. Seeing them increasingly approach the world with smarts and confidence helps you have confidence in their choices when you aren’t there. And knowing God is their Father and Mother, always speaking directly to their hearts and thoughts, has made me feel they have a link to wise decisions even in my absence, even when young. It’s step by step for sure! But each month they grow, they become more capable and independent, and that’s reassuring for the future. Such beautiful pics, Mom!

  35. Jae says:

    My two boys are 9 (going on 16), 6 1/2 and my baby girl just turned 17 months a couple of days ago. The worry never stops, rather it evolves. You’ll worry about soothing methods, sleeping patterns, possible food allergies, etc when they’re babies. Then it moves into social acceptance with their peers, bullying, homework, sports (should he be in contact football at this age?). And while I’m not at the teenager phase quite yet, I feel like its just on the horizon with my eldest which means more peer pressure, whether he’ll be strong enough or smart enough to make those clutch good choices when all eyes are on him, how far he’ll drive to in the middle of the night when he sneaks off with one of our cars, will he get into college? Yeah, never goes away…just morphs into its own entity as the child grows. But you’re not alone. Those of us who have kiddos are going through it alongside with you. πŸ˜‰ And chocolate heals all emotional breakdowns…at least it does for me!

  36. Natalie says:

    It’s a Mother’s nature to worry, we all do. You will be great and baby will too! God bless and congrats!!

  37. Beth says:

    My daughter turns 45 this summer and, no, you never completely stop worrying. As one person said it ebbs and flows depending… You learn to live with it. Remember that right now is when you’ll have the most influence on her without her resisting you. Enjoy it & get in all the lessons of life that you can while she still thinks you’re infallible. It’s worth it. Also remember when you’re going through the teen years that y’all will survive & she’ll make a wonderful friend.

  38. Michelle says:

    I absolutely loved the Newborn stage (even with the sleep deprivation). I cried each time my babies outgrew a size in clothes. I remember just wanting to freeze time! Sounds like you are treasuring each moment with your lil one!
    I now have a 16,13, and 10 year old — I always worry about them — ugh, boys add a new annoying dimension when they are teens. Don’t get me started on phones and social media! I just keep the communication open and give my girls lots of love and affection. I try to teach them morals and help them to be kind hearted and good people. It’s hard letting them make their own choices. We have happy and sad times, but I hang onto the happy moments πŸ™‚

  39. Angela Whipple says:

    I’m not a mother so have nothing to add. Unless mother of four kitties count! 😁😺 speaking of kitties, hope Tabs is well!

    I do know if I was a mom I would drive myself nuts with worry. Being the worry wart that I am.😱

  40. We’ll always worry. As you put together your book of “firsts” and you burst into tears to think of your daughter growing up…I burst into tears when I see my kids all grown up now (high school and college). Don’t even mention baby pictures! Karen, the trick is….enjoy everyday with your baby, make memories for you both, enjoy your mommy moments even thru the worries. Xo

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