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If your eyes naturally sparkle like a Twilight vampire’s bare chest in direct sunlight, then you’re a lucky gal. Some of us, however, could use a little help in the bedazzlement department.


Glamour all who gaze upon your glistening eyes with Bobbi Brown’s Denim & Rose collection.

It’s giveaway time!


(Winner randomly selected)

One (1) pan of Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow in Denim. This limited edition blue glitter shadow comes in a creamy translucent base for maximum sparkle without any pesky glitter fallout (a $24 value).


Just answer the following in the comments (no worries; there are no right or wrong answers):

“How do you feel about denim? And dish about your favorite denim duds, be they jeans, jacket or skirt (or anything else).”

My answer: I lurve denim. Last month I treated myself to a birthday gift of J Brand 811 skinny stretch jeans, which I wear so often it’s like they’re surgically attached to my bottom. They’re made with just enough stretchy material to be both comfy AND stiff — stiff enough to keep my jiggly parts in place. I’m convinced they make me look 10 pounds lighter…


The giveaway is open to US and international readers. Please, one entry per person, and don’t forget to leave a valid email address in the comment form so I can reach you if you’ve won.

I’ll choose the winner at random from the entries received by 11:59 p.m. PST on Wednesday, July 14, 2010.

Good luck!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


  • The giveaway is now closed, and the winner is being contacted. Before you go, check the home page for ongoing giveaways.


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  1. Savannah says:

    I love denim! My favorite pair of jeans are a pair of Levis that are worn just enough so that they look cute and are extremely comfy!
    .-= Savannah’s last blog post… Extremely Late June Favorties =-.

  2. Katie says:

    I live in denim so I LOOOOVE it! My fave pair is actually from Walmart!!!! I’m only fond of it in jean form, not in shorts or jackets tho…This eyesahdow looks awesome!

  3. IowaGirl says:

    I live in jeans through the winter and love them! I finally gave in this past winter and invested in some expensive ones, and will never be able to go back to “cheap” ones again!

  4. Van says:

    Late this spring I was in the mood to get a cute pair of cut off dark denim shorts that hit mid thigh for the summer. I found the perfect pair at Abercrombie (I’m not an Abercrombie kinda gal, I’m an Urban Outfitters girl), they were not cheap but immediately I fell in love and found myself wearing them everywhere and with anything. I decided to go back to the store a few weeks later, fork over another pretty penny and get the destroyed version of the ones I got earlier. I love these shorts so much, they are so comfortable and have that worn in feel, the demin is so soft I can move in them so easily 🙂 I absolutely love my A&F shorts and will be wearing them all summer long 😀

  5. Adina says:

    Hi! I realy love denim! I have both jeans and skirts and my favourite are a pair of jeans from Mango!
    .-= Adina’s last blog post… My favourite looks =-.

  6. Haley says:

    GAP denim, I find, fits me the best! I buy the curvy pants, and have a boyfriend capri and a lighter bootcut pair. They’re lovely! I like that denim can go with pretty much anything–its easy to pair and accessorize!

  7. Sasha Concaugh says:

    I was born in Soviet Union so a pair of american jeans was an impossible dream! I still remember my first pair. I was 18 years old. It was Trussardi- an italian brand. Now I have more than one pair! I love my GAP jeans. I am 6 feet tall so I love that I can buy tall size at their store!

  8. Jody says:

    Denim = LIFE. Since my office has gone “casual” for the summer, I can wear denim as I please. Although I am still weary of denim-on-denim… despite the fact that it is so “in” right now.
    My fave denim is what I’m wearing right now – My uncle (very very small man)’s old Levi denim jacket. If I roll up the sleeves it fits perfectly!
    PS I want my eyes to *sparkle*.

  9. erin marie says:

    I love my Levi’s! They look great as casual wear. For dressy, I wear my Forever 21 dark wash denim.

  10. Martha Gellhorn says:

    I’ve been a tomboy since birth, so I can’t imagine my wardrobe without my beloved denim. My favorite pair right now is a deeply dark-washed, straight-legged version from Seven Jeans that’s long enough for me to cuff at the bottom so I can emulate one of my denim-wearing icons, Rosie the Riveter.

  11. Tara says:

    I have a thing about Levi’s 501 shrink to fit. I like that its takes months to work them in, but when you do you have your own custom pair just for your body.

  12. Gail says:

    Love Demin skirts – not a pant person.

  13. Tracy says:

    I’m a Gap jeans girl! I could not live without denim!
    .-= Tracy’s last blog post… Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer =-.

  14. Ika says:

    i really love denim especially my jeans. everyday i wore it, i have different colours. if i haven’t wearing’s just not me ^^

  15. lexi says:

    I am a firm believer of your radiance shines through when you are totally comfortable either in your own skin or clothes. Jeans does this for me.

  16. Glosslizard says:

    I love denim jeans and denim jackets, but ever since I heard the term “Texas Tuxedo” I can’t wear them at the same time (at least not blue on blue)! LOL!

    P.S. I’ve been lemming this shadow!

  17. Tiffany H says:

    I love denim! My favorite is comfy denim shorts on a lazy Sunday.

  18. Emma says:

    i LOVE denim!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i live in it hahaha. my favorite dud is probably my jeggings lol 🙂 i was so opposed to them in the beginning of the trend, but i found a really dark wash pair that has pockets and still feels like jeans but are nice and stretchy! i like to pair it with floaty, light tops and flats, plus some awesome makeup, obviously!!!

  19. happybadfish says:

    I have a pair of 7’s jeans I bought in 2007. I take really good care of them, and even though I wear them ALL the time, people still ask me if they are new. My favorite thing about them is the fancy brass fasteners on the back pockets. What will I ever do when they need replacing???

  20. ki says:

    I LOVE denim skirts 🙂

    paired with flats, they’re perfect for college and paired with sexy heels, they make my fiance fall in lust…err, love with me all over again 😉
    .-= ki’s last blog post… Quick tips =-.

  21. Lisa says:

    I live in jeans most of the year. In the summer, my slouchy denim mini is my BFF 🙂

  22. Lisa S. says:

    I live in Jeans! DH and I own a sign shop and denim is practical to wear for everyday but can still be stylish. I know it’s not a fancy expensive brand, but Old Navy Diva boot-cut are my absolute faves. They have a bit of spandex and come in tall, petite and average. I buy average for when I’m wearing heals and petite for flats. They just seem to fit me well and to be the most comfortable. Also there not pricey so I can have quite a few pairs and not feel guilty. ;0)

  23. Wendy K says:

    Denim and I have a love and hate relationship. Most look horrible on me! My favorite pair is a pair of black cigarette leg 7 For All Mankind jeans. They are so ridiculously flattering, and have really cool metal details, for a very edgy look! Love them!

  24. Nina says:

    Gap Jeans for me please – the cut, fabric and rise of their petite size are perfect for me!

  25. Deb says:

    When it comes to denim, I don’t go beyond jeans, but my favorite jeans are a pair of Levi’s straight legs in a dark wash. Let’s face it – who wants to wear skinny jeans every day? These jeans fit perfectly, not too tight, but not loose or sloppy. The dark wash makes them pretty versatile, too! They’re cute with heels or tennis shoes!
    .-= Deb’s last blog post… Mentos Fuji Apple =-.

  26. shonoiF says:

    I love denim jeans. My fave pair at the moment is a dark blue wide legged chinese laundry pair that i got in downtown Kingston for a steal. Truth be told, I think its surgically attached to me too!!

  27. Kayann says:

    I live in denim cut-off shorts during the summer! My favs have tons of holes, light blue, and extremely distressed!

  28. Lily says:

    I love Seven jeans! there is really no competition. J brand comes to a close second

  29. Karen B says:

    Love it to bits. I used to be really sceptical about skinny jeans though as I was convinced they’d make my wide hips and bum look even bigger but now I’ve seen the light: I look 5 pounds lighter if not even more because I have skinny calves 🙂
    .-= Karen B’s last blog post… Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture Collection =-.

  30. Cindy Moore says:

    I only wear denim! I find a pair of comfy jeans and buy multiple pairs so I won’t run out!

  31. Jenny says:

    I love denim. to an extent. jeans and shorts ans skirts = yes. jackets= NO

  32. Tabitha says:

    I love denim! I have a pair of jeans that I practically live in! I’ve worn them enough that they are quite broken in, and I love that feeling! 😀

  33. Megan says:

    Denim, its that moment of euphoria,when you’ve searched all day for the perfect pair of jeans, and suddenly…zip, button…could these be IT?! You check from the back–butt look good? Check! You turn around, the wash is perfect, the cut of the jeans make your already fabulous self look even better. Who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans. They go with absolutely everything. Great denim is iconic. My personal favorite, no fail pair of jeans is a dark wash skinny jean by Seven for all Mankind. Whenever I need a pick me up, I fire those bad boys on with some heels, and I feel I can conquer the world. That’s why I LOVE denim!

  34. Sarah says:

    LOVE denim; love fall so much bc its when I can rock it comfortably!!! My faves are from Lucky, but I also like Citizens!!

  35. Lynn says:

    I love denim. I live in jeans.

  36. Joanne says:

    I love denim favorite pair is from paige premium denim. I got it while I was still in college, and though it cost me a bit much, it’s worth every penny. I use it so much and still fits great..definitely recommend to those who don’t have enough lift in the butt

  37. laura says:

    I love my skinny jeans! z cavaricci makes my favorite pair!

  38. Ru says:

    I used love denim, and was a jeans & T kinda girl. But now that’ve I’ve grown up a bit, I wear denim occasionally. I like to dress it up with boots and a sweater… this shadow would go perfectly with that for that fall…..

  39. Yujin Chung says:

    denim is an absolute staple!
    a nice pair of dark slimming jeans makes an outfit for almost any occasion 🙂

  40. paulina says:

    I love denim only in jeans though I love it when there comfortable 🙂

  41. Ashley says:

    Denim and I have a love-hate relationship. If it makes my butt look nice I love it. And when it doesn’t fit right I hate it.

    My favorite denim lately are jeggings. I love how flexible I am in them, and how denim-y they look!
    .-= Ashley’s last blog post… twashley- -WAHNails I attempted the aztec leopard i love the look wish i was in the uk http-twitpiccom-24qj7k =-.

  42. Vonvon says:

    I like Denim bottoms – shorts, pants, capris.
    .-= Vonvon’s last blog post… EOTD Marathon- Vol 1- All Four LOreal Paris Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Palettes – Part 2 =-.

  43. Maria says:

    I like denim shorts and jeans 🙂

  44. marivel says:

    I love denim pants! especially the stretchy kind. it’s so practical, you don’t have to think much to dress up in the morning lol.

  45. Danielle F. says:

    Always the bargainista I was strolling through a second hand store and found a pair of jeans that were absolutely made for me. Never before have I found a pair that fit just right EVERYWHERE. They are by some unknown designer but I wish I could find more. I used to live in the Ralph Lauren Lasso jeans, but sadly they do not make them anymore.

  46. Jody says:

    I love denim jeans. Particularly, skinny dark wash jeans. Its hard to find a pair that will fit my short and tiny frame, but when they do – its love. They’re so easy to wear and pair with anything.

  47. Tamara says:

    I love denim! I have a lot (re: too many) pairs of jeans, but I’d have to say my favorite pairs are both my Rock & Republics and my A-pocket Seven’s – hemmed to perfection, of course. 😉

  48. Niika says:

    I love denim because u can dress it up or just be casual

  49. Aly says:

    I love denim!! They go with anything. I love my skinny dark wash jeans that make me look slim 🙂

  50. Maggie says:

    I love denim! I wear skinnies everyday when it’s not summer! Denim shorts are cute too! I love classic wash denim and black denim, oh and distressed jeans! Not a big fan of light-wash jeans though.
    .-= Maggie’s last blog post… EOTD- Electric Blue Bottom Liner =-.

  51. Audrey says:

    I love me my skinny jeans! I’m still trying to find a way to sneak my black ones into my work wardrobe! 😛

  52. Melissa says:

    love denim since pre-school…je je my mom had to fight to get me in a dress so there are only two of us girls in my pre-school class pictures with denim on…:)

  53. Makeup Diary says:

    I’m not a big fan of denim but i sometimes wear jeans.
    .-= Makeup Diary’s last blog post… TBS Baked-to-Last Colors =-.

  54. Jenny says:

    I love denim ever since junior high school. I remember those denim jackets, denim flare jeans, etc. Now there’s the denim leggings, denim skinny jeans, denim bags, denim this and that 😉

  55. Robella says:

    I love jeans! It’s my favorite part in wardrobe. I have 6 different pairs of jeans, 3 denim shorts 1 denim jacket and 1 denim shirt. I think that my best pair is white skinny jeans. They fit perfectly!
    .-= Robella’s last blog post… Помада Rouge Allure Super â„–167- летняя коллекция 2010 года от Chanel =-.

  56. Megan says:

    I love denim, but not so much for everyday wear. I usually wear jeans around just to go run errands or whatnot. I can’t stand skinny jeans though… they feel so constricting! Thanks for doing this giveaway 🙂
    .-= Megan’s last blog post… Time never waits =-.

  57. Aimee says:

    I love denim! My favorite items in my closet that are denim:

    – My True Religion Jeans! I need to get these tailored since I lost weight, though.
    – My JEGGINGS! These are so comfy.
    – My Hollister denim miniskirt is the perfect thing to wear with flip flops for a walk on the beach. 🙂

  58. numbah5 says:

    Denim is my BFF…it never goes out of style and you can dress it up or down. My favorite denim item was a Levi’s 501 denim jacket in the Original wash…I lived in that jacket, wore it with everthing and cried crocodile tears when I finally had to retire it due to unfixable holes in the elbows and ripped pockets…*tears*

  59. MimiG323 says:

    I love my denim jacket! I forget about it sometimes, but when I find it again I never take it off! And i wear jeans every day to work. My legs are always comfy!

  60. Elaine says:

    i absolutely LOVE my j brand jeans – i got my first pair 2 years ago on boxing day at aritzia. i have worn them at least twice a week for 2 years!! and then last week (after multiple patching the rips in the crotch) the ejans finally bit the dust (ripped horizontally across my bum, right under the back pocket. so i had to go get another pair. and i’m equaly in love with these j brand jeans!

  61. Yiota says:

    I love denim!! I don’t really buy expensive pairs of jeans.. usually just 25$ ones. I recently bought a pair of capris from Aeropostale and didn’t know they were boyfriend jeans.. i’m used to tight jeans! haha

  62. i have a love/hate relationship with denim.

    i love denim, but i hate the process of finding good fitting jeans. my body’s so particular that it takes forever and a day to find a good pair. but when i do, i WEAR IT DOWN. my current favourite pair are these cheap old navy boyfriend jeans. they’re super comfortable!
    .-= dani@callitbeauty’s last blog post… Boots Original Beauty Formula Cleansing Milk – Review =-.

  63. jenn says:

    I love denim jeans! My favorite pair is currently a pair of nicole miller jeans that I got on sale, that fit me perfectly 🙂

  64. Melodi says:

    I love denim! My favorite jeans are my boyfriend ripped jeans that are loose and comfy.. I swear I wear them every other day. Skinny dark wash jeans are perfect for a night out too; they are easily “glammed” up.


  65. AshBash says:

    denim is CLASSIC. my favorite is a pair of new york and company black skinny jeans

  66. I’ve refallen in love with denim in the past few years or so–I favor the darker colors of denim, though~ My absolute favorite pair of jeans is actually from Taiwan by a brand called TANK. It has studs lining the pockets 😉
    .-= Strawberry Cube’s last blog post… Fyrinnaaaaaae =-.

  67. Shannon says:

    Love denim in whatever form – pants, shirts, skirts. It’s unfortunate that I work in a business casual environment, so it’s only appropriate on Fridays.

  68. Katrina Brady says:

    My all-time favorite pair of denim jeans is my old (seriously old) pair of Gloria vaderbilts I bought about 8 years ago. I can’t seem to part with them, even though they are coming apart. There is something so comfy/sexy about good denim in any form!

    sweetpeg at gmail dot com

  69. Dini says:

    Denim didn’t use to be my thing. That was until I put on a pair of Guido and Mary’s my first year in university in Montreal. Those jeans lifted and tucked my bum like no other pant had EVER done. I have been a denim convert since 🙂

  70. Sarah says:

    I have two pairs of H&M skinny jeans each in a different wash. I like the darker wash better but both fit like a dream! I find myself liking denim jackets more and more but I really don’t like it when people wear a denim jacket with jeans!
    .-= Sarah’s last blog post… Do Baléa Sensitive Facial Wipes Take Off The Day =-.

  71. Michelle says:

    Love denim. I love Big Star jeans (I get mine from the Buckle). The only thing I don’t like is the price tag! 🙂

  72. Rachel says:

    After losing 30lbs I bought 7 For all Mankind Skinny jeans..girl….I LOVE them. I can’t get enough of them even if I do look a bit like a hussy in them. I love it.

  73. Morgan says:

    Denim is my life! I wear jeans 350/365 days a year! Lately, with the skinny jeans trend, my favorite pair is actually from Forever 21! They are the only “skinny jeans” that look skinny on my toothpick thin legs. The $9.50 price tag was such a bonus that I bought 4 pairs!
    .-= Morgan’s last blog post… Fletcher =-.

  74. Kelly says:

    I wish I could find a great pair of skinny jeans, but I’m a size 12 and nothing looks right. Oh, well, I still love my denim skirts and wear those all the time.

  75. Lisa says:

    I love my newly acquired COH Dita Petite jeans in Pacific Ocean wash…the perfect Summer wash, not to light nor to dark…the bootcut fit is super flattering and best of all, I didn’t have to have them hemmed! Best denim purchase yet!


  76. Ninni says:

    Ohhh…. that’s all I can say because I want it so much…..
    .-= Ninni’s last blog post… Dagens fynd =-.

  77. Julie-Kim says:

    I like denim. Right now i’m really into the trend of denim all over. I like to wear a really light oversize denim shirt with dark skinny jeans. It looks really good and jide what you want to hide if you know what i mean !

  78. Laura says:

    I can now wear jeans to work everyday, so my jean wardrobe has tripled in the last year. I love jeans 🙂

  79. T says:

    My favorite jeans are from Old Navy and no, they’re not mommy jeans. :-}

  80. Betty says:

    Denims are a must!! If I could wear jeans to work everyday…I would. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. But on the weekends, I rock my denim skinny jeans, like MJ used to rock that thrust of his (RIP). My skinny jeans have just a bit of stretchyness to them, so i can fit all my junk in there and still be able to breathe. Nothing like a great pair of skinny jeans to go with every outfit. Whether it’s to the mall, to the club, or to a casual dinner. Pair it with an occasion appropriate top and look amazing!

  81. Lauren Sutherland says:

    I’m obsessed with this pair of Seven boyfriend jeans I have. They’re the prefect amount of destruction so they’re worn in, but not worn out and they look great with everything.

  82. Tuhina says:

    I’m pretty much in denim 7 days a week – whether they are cute boot cut jeans for work or a skirt on the weekend! I think they are the perfect outfit item – you can dress them up or down and a style can be found to flatter just about any figure!

  83. Joan says:

    I love denim. My favorite standby will always be Levis.

  84. Shiny says:

    I have been spending less time in denim lately.. I think I need to invest in a new pair of jeans!!

  85. E says:

    I love denim. My favorite denim is great fitting jeans. I rarely see anything more flattering than that!!

  86. Megan says:

    I love my jean jacket!

  87. Suji says:

    I like denim, but I find that they are not really that comfortable! Maybe it’s just me, but many styles (for women) are really tight and hard to really move around in unless you get stretchy kinds. But I must say, I had one pair of 7 for all mankind jeans a few years ago, and those were great! the fabric is softer/higher quality – which you would hopefully expect from an expensive designer brand! eventually I’ll get another pair…

  88. Katelyn says:

    I love denim mainly dark denim, but I do have the exception of white denim in my closet. I like denim in the form of jeans or shorts, but I feel that denim jackets always look weird; so I opt for a denim button down or a fake denim button down.

  89. JULIE says:

    I love denim, love my jeans to death, literally I wear them until the bottoms are frayed and they wear out. I have one jacket that I love, unfortunately I need to lose about 10 pounds before I can get back into it but luckily its summer. Fingers crossed I get that going before fall.

  90. Amanda says:

    i’m a major denim enthusiast. i have my fair shair of jeans ranging from cheap to pricy. seven for all mankind is definitely my favorite brand, dojo being my favorite style. they make my flat booty look shapely and they hit me high enough to nip my tummy but low enough that they don’t look like mom jeans. just like your j brand, there’s enough stretch for them to be comfy and enough stiffness to keep my legs looking toned! i love buying cheap jeans from abercrombie (i’d NEVER take a razor blade to my sevens) and tearing them up. i’m also in love with wearing my old, ripped up and lived in denim jacket over cute, girly dresses. shabby chic!
    .-= Amanda’s last blog post… well hello there =-.

  91. sillylilacs says:

    I actually didn’t use to like denim. *gasps all around* Now I live in jeans, all the time. I don’t really know what happened, I just converted. Don’t really have a specific brand that I swear by, but I just love jeans =D

  92. Steffi says:

    I love denim but my favorite piece are my Tommy Hilfiger Denim sneakers. They are so light and comfy and totally perfect for the summer 😀

  93. DonnaN says:

    as a former PLUS-size gal, I can honestly admit, denim was not friendly to me. But now that I’m like 4 sizes smaller and shrinking by the day, I cannot wait for FALL and shopping for some cute jeans!! I just bought a cute denim mini for summer, and I love it!!!

  94. Basak says:

    I love jeans. I prefer boyfriend fits at work; I like it comfy during the day. I like tighter fits in darker colors for evening and i like to combine denim for my evening outfits.

  95. Kristen says:

    I’ve been dyyyying for this!!! When I first saw it, I thought of all the smoky combinations I could make with it.
    .-= Kristen’s last blog post… Brief Hiatus =-.

  96. Judy says:

    I just bought a pair of denim shorts from Target that go down to my knees…I thought I couldn’t pull off such a long pair of shorts, but it turns out I can!! 🙂 I love them and they are super comfy!

  97. Harpreet says:

    I love denim. In the summer i like to wear my cropped denim jacket with cute dresses and I also love to wear skinny denim jeans with some cute high heels!

  98. Anna says:

    I think that denim is the most practical and versatile thing fashion ever invented:) My personal favourite are dark skinny jeans – they’re figure-flattering and suitable for plenty of occasions.

  99. Halifax says:

    I like denim jackets, they are so easy to pair with everything

  100. Ana V says:

    Skinny Jeans are my favorite although I really like the look of a light denim jacket.

  101. Clara says:

    Although I like the look of denim, I have a hard time wearing denim jeans in the summer. They’re usually much too heavy and constricting, not to mention hot (and not in a good way). So in the summer, I get my denim fix via slim denim skirts. They’re flirty, fun, and cool (and in a good way). Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Liliana says:

    I love blue jeans, so casual and easy to wear in almost every occasion. My fave is a stretch St John’s Bay pair.

  103. Lindsey says:

    I love denim, but I have to say I don”t think I like denim skirts. I bought one last year and it made me look odd and did the same thing for my bum. So I’ll just stick to jeans ^_^

  104. evo says:

    i love my citizens skinny jeans. i live in them! now to find a nice jean jacket that fits me right

  105. HC says:

    I love denim! My favorite brand is 7 for all mankind. Love!

  106. eileen says:

    i loveeeeee my denim. they go soo good with everything, especially kicks <3 i love random detailing on denim jeans, like the rivets, zippers or pockets. i totally wana get a cropped denim jacket because i love how casual they look!

  107. Liz Lo says:

    Denim is required to have in your wardrobe. I wear the same skinny jeans over and over again. I wear it in the summer too (when it’s not too hot). So far I love the pair I got from Free People but I have been saving up to invest in a pair of J Brand’s.

  108. Julia C. says:

    I practically live in denim. Right now my favorite pair of jeans is from Kut, which is a line carried at Nordies. Not too expensive… I just can’t bring myself to spend above $100 for a pair of jeans yet… but want to so badly! 😉

  109. Maple says:

    I love denim! I’d buy a gazillion pairs of designer jeans if I could afford it, but I’m just a student right now, so I have to limit my purchases 🙁 Denim goes with everything and you can create so many different looks with it. My fave pair is one that I’ve had for about 3 years now.. skinnies from Express. They fit perfectly with no alterations and I’ve worn them so many times that the fading is actually real ^_^

  110. Melanie says:

    My best denim is in the form of my Silver jeans. I got them from the Buckle and I just love them, they’re dark wash with a lot of distress and the best part….extra long length! When you have super long legs it is so hard to find jeans that are long enough. =]

  111. Jade says:

    I have a pair from boathouse – their house brand – and I have worn them out just perfectly. They fit so well, I have pretty much forgotten about amything else in my closet lately. lol

  112. Hpnotiqz says:

    I love denim! I live in jeans even when summer hits and it’s as hot as vampire Eric… i still can’t leave my jeans alone!.
    .-= Hpnotiqz’s last blog post… FOTD MAC Smooth Merge MSF =-.

  113. Nancy says:

    found a new favorite in terms of denim capris this summer: American Eagle Artist Crop. love them, so much so talked my sis into ’em as well!!

  114. Lucy says:

    Please enter me in the giveaway. Love this shade to wear on my eyes. I found a pair of old jeans from the 1950’s when I was a teenager. They fit perfectly. That’s when I didn’t have so much in the hip department! They were in my parents attic. I believe they were a pair of my Aunts. I wore those to death. Wish I still had them and could fit into them!

  115. Mandy says:

    LOOOOVE denim – live in jeans! i have a pair of aeropastles that are fab!

  116. Heather W. says:

    I love jeans! They’re pretty much all I wear for bottoms. I can’t get enough of my Hollister jean shorts, they pretty much go with any top I have.

  117. Jenn says:

    Everyone looks good in denim, in my opinion. It’s so easy to dress up or down–casual or chic. And I really think this collection reflects Bobbi Brown’s natural makeup style.

  118. Brenda says:

    Denim is just a part of me, my favourite brand is Seven For All Mankind!

  119. Deirdre says:

    I love my skinny jeans! I wear skinnies all the time because the look great with flats or gladiator sandals and look equally amazing with a pair of heels!
    I love jeggings too because they have an elasticated waste so need for a belt! handy 🙂

  120. cloudburst says:

    I live in jeans, my faves right now are gray,

  121. Elysha says:

    Denim is just something everyone needs to have. I know so many people who reffuse to wear it because they think it’s not classy or something….I guess some people don’t realize what a super cute pair of dark skinny jeans can do for your wardrobe. Personally, I have too many pairs (I use most for work though). I have the ones I wear when I want to look nice and the ones I wear (like right now) when I want comfort while lazing around on a rainy day. I love denim! I tried the jean jacket thing many times, but I don’t think I can pull it off!

    This BB colour looks so pretty.

  122. gio says:

    I love denim jeans and jackets. They’re casual and comfy.
    .-= gio’s last blog post… Product Review- Eyeko Nail Polishes in Tea Rose- Petite -amp Vampira =-.

  123. Mary007 says:

    Who doesn’t luv jeans?!?! I luv jeans, you can dress them up or down!! I actually am in need of a new pair!

  124. Molly says:

    I’ve had denim in all it’s forms- overalls (eek), jacket, shirt, jeans and their cutoffs… even a pair of demin keds. Oh yes. Not entirely proud of all the styles, but I love me some denim!

  125. Vanessa says:

    First if all I have to say that I’ve been dying to get this eye shadow but because I’m on a budget, I haven’t! I’d looooove to have it!!!
    Anyhoo, I am definitely a jeans girl. Skinny and dark or those comfy faded jeans that hug your booty in just the right places, yet ignore all the wrong ones-those are the jeans for me. I could live in them.
    Actually today I bought a pair of cute undies with a denim like design.

  126. Malaka says:

    I love denim! My favorite pair of jeans are a pair of Levi’s I got a few years ago. They’re a little worn out and they have holes from dragging the ground a little too much but they are super comfy on lazy days.

  127. Erin says:

    I am addicted to denim. The great thing about it is that you can dress it up or down. Bum it up or causal. I love this eyeshadow color! It has the perfect amount of sparkle that I like.

  128. Luciana Lima says:

    I love denim jeans, especially the darker ones.

  129. Gina G says:

    I don’t own any denim, not even a pair of jeans. But I think that eyeshadow is lovely!

  130. PeeChee says:

    LOVE Denim!!!! Who doesn’t!? LOL JEANS, JEANS, JEANS. I always go back to an old pair of Blue Cult jeans I got awhile back. Never lets me down and goes with everything.

  131. Trisha says:

    Holy crap, that’s some sparkly eye shadow.

    I like denim only in pants. And then only sometimes. I find it very hard to tolerate other stuff made out of jeans, like jackets and hats and purses. My favorite jeans are these loose capris I got at Old Navy. I happen to be wearing them right now!
    .-= Trisha’s last blog post… Urban Decay Makeup for 5 Yes- Please- =-.

  132. Shannon says:

    I love denim, but not when it’s over done. A pair of jeans + a denim jacket= SO late 90’s! But you can pair as much denim you desire with this fabulous shadow 🙂

  133. Denim is my best friend and when I find a pair that fits me right, I buy like three of them! My fav pairs (I have two of the same kind!) are my bootcut stretch jeans from New York and Company. I always have issues with buyng pants and I can go right in there and pull my size off the shelf without trying them on!

  134. Kerry says:

    I love denim, but not when it comes pre-distressed. If I’m going to wear distressed denim, it’ll be because I did it over time, by accident.

    My favorite jeans come from the “curvy” line at Eddie Bauer.

  135. I love denim pants when I can find a good pair. I have a short torso and they are usually above my belly button and if I buy the low rise they show my cloin slot as my hubby calls it. But I do have a Guess jean jacket I bought in 9th grade that I LOVE! I still wear it and I have been out of high school for 10 years. 🙂 I do though live in Florida so I can only wear it a couple times a year which is why it still looks so good. 🙂

  136. Nelly says:

    I love skinny denim by rich and skinny ,they make the butt and legs look gorgeous.i hope to win the eyeshadow to go with my white shirt and my skinny jeans 🙂

  137. Lowelli says:

    Love love love denim! I love how its timeless, I love how it can be any article of clothing be it pant, skirt, shorts or shirt and it can still be amaaazzing! I particularly love that all a girl really needs is a great fitting pair of jeans to make her day……even though finding that great pair of denim may make you want to rip your hair out.

    I’m actually surprised that you’re loving your JBrands. We sold J Brands at the retail store I used to work at and even though they fit like a glove, a loooot of girls came back (even the employees) with tears in the thighs. They were the very thin, light denim J Brands though…maybe that makes a difference. Maybe I should give them a try in a thicker style.

    Thanks for throwing a giveaway!

  138. Shannon says:

    I love jeans! A straight denim pencil skirt can also look pretty kickin’.
    My favorite brand is Citizens of Humanity because they’re long enough and can fit all of the junk in my trunk! My favorite pair just got a hole in the knee…but it actually makes them look cooler.

  139. Laura says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I love jeans and I think jean jackets can look cute worn over dresses.

  140. Julie says:

    denim is basically an essential to my life. nothing beats american eagle jeans, super comfy and not to pricey =]

  141. K says:

    I love denim. There is a line from the Gap that I absolutely love (Long & Lean) which is not available in Japan, where I live. Last time I was in the US, I bought two pairs of backups. Interestingly, in the 2 years since i bought my first pair, they’ve changed the sizing! I fit into a size 2, which is crazy, because everything else I bought in the US was a size 6!

  142. Sharon says:

    I really like denim, but don’t wear jeans much in the summer at all… and still searching for the perfect comfy pair of jeans that looks good on me (I’m 4’11” tall, so practically everything has to be altered, making clothing more expensive to buy).

    The eyeshadow looks awesome, and there’s nowhere locally to get Bobbi Brown cosmetics so I’ve never tried them. Thank you for the giveaway!

  143. Anna says:

    Well, you know I grew up with denim all around me, so I had no other choice but to love it and I SO DO 😀

  144. Kerry says:

    It took me a long time to warm to denim. Now the only denim I can abide by is jeans. I’m quite curvy, so finding jeans is a MISSION! But once I do – LOVE them 🙂

  145. jind says:

    I luv my denim skirts so much!!
    and thank you for giveaway!!

  146. jag says:

    denim is such a staple…i think every person, kid, animal and plant should have one…atleast.
    that eyeshadow is really pretty.

  147. Yao says:

    I love denim, too. Or rather, I *would* love it if trying to find a pair of jeans that fit weren’t such a thankless task. 🙂

  148. JillyB says:

    I love my stretch jeans that suck it all in. I even wear jeans in the summertime in Florida.

  149. knownever says:

    black denim is the way to go!
    .-= knownever’s last blog post… Street Style for Idiots =-.

  150. lily says:

    Denim is my go to casuals!! but finding a great pair of fitted jeans is hard 🙁
    though I won’t give up!
    .-= lily’s last blog post… Day of Hot Weather EOTD =-.

  151. lo says:

    I probably wear jeans 80% of the time… even in Florida summers like JillyB haha! My favorites are straight leg, dark wash, because they make my legs look longer, but aren’t super tight like skinnies.

  152. Taylor says:

    I actually used to hate denim then I got a pair of jeans with glitter in eight grade so I think this is fate! I have a pair of joe brand skinny jeans and I LOVE THEM.

  153. Michelle C. says:

    I have the new denim diapers for my son so he can match his mommy! =)
    .-= Michelle C.’s last blog post… MakeUp Remover Baby Wipes =-.

  154. Jenna says:

    I love denim but of the jean pants variety only. No jean jackets for me, please. I’m also a big fan of J Brand jeans, I recently bought 2 at a discount price (one from Anthropologie and from a J outlet store).

  155. jan says:

    I love denim..but I am yet to find a jean that is my holy grail 🙁

  156. Kelly says:

    I’m a giant denim fan, wear jeans almost every single day. Also love denim jackets but not while wearing denim jeans 🙂
    .-= Kelly’s last blog post… NYX Cosmetics Mega Shine Lip Gloss Swatches -amp Review =-.

  157. Jessie B says:

    I don’t what I’d do without denim. I am currently a student so jeans are always my choice, I love to wear skinny jeans because I think they make my booty look delicious. I also adore ripped jeans because I’m a sweet girl but ripped jeans always make you look badass. So really I would be lost and probably die without jeans.

  158. Alison says:

    Who doesn’t love denim?! My best denim find was a really cute denim jacket from a second-hand store once (from Gap, looks like it was never worn), but I’m a firm believer in not wearing a denim jacket with jeans, so that really limits when I can wear it!

  159. Natasha says:

    I love denim. BDG makes the perfect pair of skinny jeans.

  160. Jian says:

    I love denim too! I am DYING for a pair of seven for all mankind jeans. My boyfriend has a pair of skinny ones. Luckily we’re the same waist size. He often catches me wiggling into his when I think he’s not looking! Tee hee!

    I’ve also been really loving the denim skirts, dresses and little waistcoats that are in a lot of high street shops at the moment. It’s very gyaru! But my boyfriend thinks it screams 90s. Pah, What does he know about fashion.
    .-= Jian’s last blog post… Ive stolen your family jewels =-.

  161. Vita says:

    I pretty much stick to jean jackets and jean pants of course. They are so comfy and easy to wear! I like to wear a nice blouse and pair it with a dark wash denim. I look polished but not too overdressed,

  162. Amanda says:

    i looooveee skinny jeans. i am waiting for my birthday to splurge on a truly nice pair!

  163. Sandy says:

    I have a pair of Calvin Kleins that I have been wearing forever. Even though I have other jeans, this pair is always my go to one.

  164. amy says:

    I love wearing jeggings, actually haha (jean leggings!). I feel like they give me more mobility but an even tighter fit than actual jeans =). I feel more comfortable in the softer and more stretchy material too… but I still have about 5 to 10 pairs of skinny jeans in my closet for just in case haha.

  165. Jen says:

    I live in denim jeans (but not during the summer because it’s too hot). My favorite pair are these boot cut jeans from Levi. They fit me perfectly.

  166. Mary Thi says:

    Denim is worn at least once a week! I can’t help it. I don’t really have a favorite pair of jeans but there’s one pair that makes my bum and gam look really nice. The only problem is that I have a hard time breathing in them, haha. I got them on sale at Forever21 for $5!!

  167. Phyrra says:

    I like denim jeans. My favorite are petite length, straight leg with a slight flare.
    .-= Phyrra’s last blog post… Partylicious Pink =-.

  168. Melissa says:

    I love denin! You could dress them up or down. My favorite — Jcrew!

  169. Mary O. says:

    I ADORE denim! From September to April, I only wear jeans 🙂 I don’t know what I consider to be so great about denim, but I love how its so comfortable, and a pair of jeans of denim shorts, capris, etc can be easily dressed up or down

  170. Allison says:

    I can’t live without my denim. As soon as I get home I put on my comfy jeans and a t-shirt. My favorite jeans are a pair of well broken in pair of Angel AG jeans.

  171. Janet says:

    I love denim! How could you not? Classic. 🙂

  172. Chrissy says:

    I loooooovvvveeeee denim! My favorite “denim” item is my newest pair of riding jeans – I finally found some long enough in the leg that DON’T gap when I’m in the saddle! Hot diggity!!!
    .-= Chrissy’s last blog post… The Horse Summer Riding- When the Rider is Hot- the Horse is Hotter =-.

  173. Lauren says:

    I LIVE in denim. I have so many pairs of jeans and denim jackets. I have 1 denim jacket that I got from Motto that is my faaavorite jacket! I wear it all the time!!!!

  174. Judy says:

    Denim is an essential part of my life for sure! My absolute favourite pair is from Parasuco in a medium wash with a slight flare. I love them even more now because I think it’s harder to find a pair of jeans that fit really well, a lot of the low rise jeans that are so popular now cut into my *cough*fat*cough* hahaha

  175. cinthya says:

    I love jeans! and i like 7 jeans or the ones from Express.

  176. Meg says:

    I’m a poor student so naturally I live in jeans, but I have such a difficult time finding a decent pair that I usually only have one pair of skinnies that gets thrashed and wears out really quickly. Even when I’ve worn a pair to death they get cut down to live a second life as a pair of shorts! At the moment I’m on the lookout for a denim mini but not having much luck so far sadly 🙁

  177. Katie says:

    love the denim at a&f. i’ve been wearing it since high school and for some crazy reason their denim just really fits me well.

  178. Julbra says:

    Of course i love denim, but I only wear dark wash know (it’s supposedly more flattering on shorter people like myself). However I think you have to be careful not to overdo it (e.g. wearing denim jeans with a denim jacket) or else you could look like you belong in 1984 lol
    .-= Julbra’s last blog post… My Holy Grail Products-a Poll from Temptalia =-.

  179. Crystal S. says:

    I love denim especially skirts.

  180. Allie says:

    I absolutely adore denim. Perfect for almost any casual occasion at any point in the year. My favorites are Tripp skinny jeans. They fit me perfectly and I think they’re flattering on me.
    .-= Allie’s last blog post… bossbattle-Wolverine needs to GTFO but otherwise i love =-.

  181. Amanda says:

    Denim and I are long time BFFs! I’m your typical “jeans and teeshirt” girl, I own at least 10 pairs of jeans!

  182. angie says:

    i LOVE denim, as long as it’s not in the form of a canadian tuxedo…

  183. Marie says:

    I love denim! I ‘d love to wear skinny jeans, but it doesn’t fit my body type at all. So I stick to my bootcut jeans. 🙂

  184. Ashley says:

    I hated denim as a kid but I love it now. Denim jeans are a yes, denim jackets are a no!

  185. Yuki says:

    I love denim! All I wear is denim, really. My favorite pair is my stretch black skinny jeans ^^
    .-= Yuki’s last blog post… Review- Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Lilac Pastelle =-.

  186. marcy says:

    I love denim! have always loved them – so easy to both dress up and down. I used to have a gorgeous pair of Levi’s… but I put on a lot of weight after uni 🙁 They’re sitting at home still, waiting for the day I shed the 10 comfort kg’s… sigh

  187. Cassandra says:

    I hated denim when I was a kid and sometimes hate it now. It gets so itchy! Feels like a llama.

  188. Sus says:

    I love the pair of J Brand jeans I picked up at Nordstrom Rack! 😀

    Not only is it super comfortable and makes me feel oh-so-luxurious, but the price was great too! 🙂

  189. Rosie says:

    my first thought when i saw the picture was “glitter fall out!” but then you said “no glitter fallout” and i am now wanting this!!! My favorite denim is the jeans i am wearing right now. Levis bought at my favorite store Target! They always fit. love love love

  190. Lizbeth says:

    Hey Karen!
    Denim and me go together like macaroni & cheese!! I can live in jeans! That shadow looks amazing!!!

  191. Mrs. Kinne says:

    My favorite pair of jeans is a dark wash, straight-legged pair from the Banana Republic outlet. They work for casual Friday or a day of shopping or eating “breakfast for dinner” with friends. 🙂
    .-= Mrs. Kinne’s last blog post… Make-Up Monday- Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set =-.

  192. Liz says:

    My local BB counter wassold out when I went looking for this last week. 🙁

    My fave demim is actually Lee jeans – I live in them when I’m not at work. The boot cut ones fit juuuust right.

  193. Saku says:

    I like denim especially the dark wash and vintage style. I used to have this old cute a-line denim dress from Banana Republic. But give it away, I really like it. 🙁

  194. Rachel says:

    I love denim! I especially like my older ones after they get soft, comfy and fit just right!!

  195. Maria says:

    LOOOOOOVE my jean skorts – but not a fan of regular jeans. I really, really want to be – but just can’t do it!

  196. Hannah says:

    I’m not a huge denim fan, but I love my dark wash denim pencil skirt (from J.Crew!)

  197. Leanne says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE denim. I wear it all the time. My favorite jeans are my denim leggings by J Brand. Soo comfy and they fit amazingly.

  198. Kelly says:

    I love denim jeans, but I’m not a fan of denim skirts, jackets, etc. I like dark wash skinny jeans because I like wearing boots. My favorite pair of jeans, however, is not a skinny pair. I like my super-flared and comfortable jeans that I throw on when I just want to be comfortable. 😀

  199. Christina says:

    I lived in denim throughout high school and the first years of college. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m glad that the chambray and denim trend has embraced skirts and dresses since it’s an easy way for me to get my denim fix without resorting to jeans and a tee!

  200. Indoorkitty says:

    Oh my goodness, I love denim, but a lot of denim don’t love me. I once bought a pair of 7 jeans off the internet and when they arrived here, it was a Pandora’s box of horrors. The husband thought they looked okay, but dude, it was a hideous hideous fit. Those ones are my jean version of the one-that-got-away, much like the ubiquitous tall, dark, svelte handsome dude who ends up being much too dumb to date. Sigh.

    My tried-and-trues are a pair of Silvers I picked up on the fly from a thrift store. They are worn into to perfection and work my boot-ay like beyonce. I just hope to find another pair that works it like this one before I wear holes into it.

    happy summer Karen! muuuuuah!

  201. Kate says:

    I love denim – I love Old Navy jeans and Gap Jeans. Right now I’m wearing a pair of white denim Gap jeans – so summery!

  202. Karen says:

    I love denim !! I can even wear them to sleep =D (as long as they’re stretchy & not stiff of course). But I have to buy denim in person. Every pair of jeans fit differently.

  203. Christina says:

    Denim is one of my favorite fabrics for pants! Especially some minimally stretchy skinnies because those make your legs look amazing! Plus they go good with just about everything I own 😛

  204. Lopa says:

    I love denim. My favorite pair is one style called ‘Zelda’ from Express

  205. Alexandra says:

    Im not really a big denim fan. Although i do love my bootcut abercrombie & fitch jeans my sister bought my years ago.

  206. melissa says:

    i LOVE denim! i wear jeans practically everyday, and now that’s it’s summer, i wear cutoffs everyday. i love going thru my closet and re-inventing my old jeans that either don’t fit, went out of style, or are just ugly. i’ll bleach them, cut them up, destroy them, etc.! but i especially love making denim shorts and skirts. ahhh…denim <3

  207. Shelley says:

    Denim is great and can be very comfy. I’ve been wearing denim capris this summer. The brand is Vigoss and I got them at Ross.

  208. Esz says:

    Ooh I’d love to win this 😀
    I used to be a denim junky with over 10 pairs of jeans at one point…but now – I’m more into dresses and not jeans. I love jeans still but I think dresses look better on me. The boyfriend always complains “Why can’t you just go casual for once?” hehee
    .-= Esz’s last blog post… This is not a food blog – Macarons by Duncan =-.

  209. Mary says:

    I only like my denim in the form of jeans, shorts, and the occasionally skirt. But I do love my jeans, especially my torn jeans that lift my saggy butt!

  210. Lauren says:

    J Brand and Citizens of Humanity. Love white denim in summer!

  211. Kathleen says:

    I love denim! I’ve tried a bunch of times to buy a super nice, expensive pair of jeans but they never fit me. I look my best in a $40 pair from American Eagle!

  212. Jessica W says:

    Did someone just say denim? This word is o-so-magical for me, I feel sexy in em, comfy in em, feel like I could just conquer the world….my world that is. I have this comfy yet edgy denim jacket from Levi’s years ago and it’s still keeping up, making it my go-to clothing in whatever situation 😀

  213. Victoria says:

    Gosh, denim will NEVER go out of style. I only wish that it was a bit more breathable in hot weather, but hey, that’s what denim short shorts are for! My favorite denim is this pair of jeans I got from Express that just fit PERFECTLY and don’t give me that like squish of the hips that other jeans do. cmon, i know other ladies know about this. Like that dent in your hips from where your lowrise jeans sit that is sometimes accentuated by too tight jeans and then it looks like a chunk of your hips was cut out

  214. Styrch says:

    I wear denim nearly every day. But I must confess I am still looking for that perfect pair of jeans. Right now I’m trying to figure out which jean is more durable: Old Navy vs. Gap. When I get skinnier, I’m going to invest in some non-Gap denim and see how the other half lives. 😉

  215. Agnes says:

    i loveee denim 🙂 My favourite pair of jeans are a pair of rocks given to me by my bf for my birthday 🙂 they’re a pair of skinny jeans with a dark wash and a slight fade in the front. Loveeeeeee them! 🙂
    .-= Agnes’s last blog post… Lippie Swatches from my Haul =-.

  216. Leopard Lady says:

    Denim is an essential part of a classic wardrobe. It’s one of those garments you can where with anything and transition from day to nite! I love this stuff it’s like the most perfect ever. Plus, you can taylor it to make your butt look soooo good! Lol!

  217. Daria F. says:

    To me, there are no other pants aside from denim. My favorite pair i recently grew out of (the good kind of “growing”), and i’m still on the hunt to find my next perfect pair. Hopefully hitting up some outlet shops will do the trick!

  218. VANESSA "DA FOO" FOO says:

    Denim is necessary in any closet, but not in excess! I love me some boot cut jeans and denim shorts; but what I’ve been lusting over is a cropped denim jacket with puff sleeve detailing (for the appearance of stronger shoulders) to balance out some flowy summer dresses to transition into fall!

  219. Laura says:

    I love love love love denim. My favorite are a pair of medium wash levis that I use to LIVE in. I’ve sadly retired them, but I broke them in so perfectly. They were so soft, kinda like a shirt if that’s possible lol. They had holes in both knees and below each butt cheek, but I loved them anyways 🙂

  220. Pearl says:

    Denim shopping has always been a slight nightmare for my short and curvy body until I discovered American Eagle jeans! I love that they come in short lengths and how they have a straight leg jean that is less intense than the skinny jean but still looks incredibly cool without giving me weird chicken-like tapered legs! Also, can we all just take a moment to acknowledge how FANTASTIC our men look in dark washed denim and a button down shirt?? yum!

  221. Jasmine says:

    I love denim. I wear it constantly. I like denim with a little stretch for comfort and I like it with 100% cotton for shape. I luh-oooov denim. I love it so much I’m putting in an order for a pair of Citizen of Humanity white ankle length jeans right now. Viva la denim.

  222. Heather says:

    I’m always on the lookout for a classic straight-leg, low cut, dark wash pair of denim jeans that are stretchy and slimming. I love Express jeans – they seem to fit the bill the best. I’m also obsessed with this denim dress I bought w/ a zipper down the front – my favorite summer dress b/c it has just a bit of attitude 🙂

  223. firefly says:

    Straight-leg jeans are the best for me-but it’s so hard to find! Vigoss has some good jeans though.
    I used to have a denim jacket that matched a pair of jeans, but now that I think about it, it probably wasn’t a good idea (I didn’t buy it though). Denim jackets are okay, shirts are mildly acceptable, but I’m still partial to chambray skirts/dress as well as other kinds of denim dresses/skirts (as long as it isn’t too long).

  224. P. Cruz says:

    I love denim. They’re perfect for any day an virtually any top. Being a student, it’s something that no teacher can send me out of class for. Right now, I’m looking for more skinny jeans. Also, I’m looking for great boots that will go well with most of my jeans. XD

  225. Alex says:

    Skinny jeans are my favorite. I only buy skinny jeans. I usually get them from VINCE or Abercrombie in dark washes. But recently, I bought a pair of grey Prada jeans with little zippers at the end, and I think it’s the best investment I made in a while. They’re so versatile!
    .-= Alex’s last blog post… How Awesome Would it be to Make a =-.

  226. Apple says:

    I love dark skinny jeans that almost look like black tights. I look so long and fit wearing them. 🙂

  227. chibu74 says:

    omg, i love, love, love denim….especially mini skirts and jackets…..they look HAWT

  228. Diana s. says:

    I love my Forever 21 denim jacket! Gets me through the fall!

  229. brittany says:

    i live for designer jeans. i hate to be stuckup, but they do miracles for me!

  230. AmyVA says:

    I love denim jeans or leggings – super soft stretchy fabric and having at least 4 pockets are they critical criteria for me. My favorite denim item at the moment though (given it is summer) are the cute, perfectly shaped pair of Esprit denim shorts that I got back in 8th grade that I still wear. Please be aware this means I bought them back in the spring of 1988, and I am now 36. I have no idea how they have held up so well, but I will just keep on wearing them!

  231. Kahani says:

    My love for denim has to fight with our outrageously hot weather in sunny Malaysia. So right now I’m digging my vintage inspired denim shorts. Comfy, cool, cute and sexy. 😉
    .-= Kahani’s last blog post… Review- Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On =-.

  232. Angela says:

    my favorite has got to be jeans.
    .-= Angela’s last blog post… Lush Sunny Side Bubble Bar – Get Ready For Some Glamorous Chaos =-.

  233. Brittany says:

    Denim is definitely essential to your wardrobe. It sometimes is a bit exhausting to go jeans shopping, but maybe that’s because I prefer to by jeans that fit perfect without a belt. I love a good pair of dark wash jeans and denim skirts that hit right above or at the knee.

  234. Rozae says:

    Denim, who doesn’t love it! A nice fitted white tee shirt with smokey eyes, curly hair and hoop earrings. Its a perfect match, I’m not a fan of skinny but bootcut or flares are the best with espadrilles. Luv!

  235. layla says:

    I love denim! (But I only love it as jeans, not exactly a jacket/skirt type of gal) Its practically all I wear ever since the dress code at work has become more casual 🙂 Its the most versatile item of clothing ever invented!

  236. Amanda says:

    I love denim.. it’s so comfortable and my fav is a pair of jeans. I can wear it both casual or in a nice sassy style with a pair of heels. it’s great.. i feel more comfortable in a pair of jeans instead of trousers!!

  237. Bekaloves says:

    I LIVE in denim – it goes with everything – dress it up, dress it down, so many possibilities!
    My favorite pair/experience with denim? The pair of skinnies I found at JC Pennys for $1.97 (kid you not!) that turn out to be a perfect fit. Score!!
    .-= Bekaloves’s last blog post… Yikes- Stripes- OOTD- 6-29-10 =-.

  238. Wafah says:

    denim is an absolute staple for casual wear!


  239. Ann says:

    I love denim! It goes with everything from dressing up to down. It matches everything! My favorites are from Citizens because it gives me a bubble butt. 😀

  240. Ellen says:

    This summer I’m living in a pair of my husband’s old jeans that I cropped off at the thigh. So comfy and they go with everything.

    Thanks for another great contest!

  241. Natalie says:

    I love my boyfriend jeans. They’re a grey-ish blue wash, they taper in, and I usually peg them up. They can look good very causal with just a T-shirt or more dressed up with a dressier top and maybe a cardigan/heels. I love how comfy they are!

  242. o0Stacey0o says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve only worn denim, and ONLY denim, since I was 14. I cannot get enough of jeans! I don’t have a favorite PAIR, but a favorite style: wide leg or flare only! None of that skinny nonsense. Those skinnies make me look like a sausage in a natural casing. Wide leg and a super high heel, thats the way to go! =)

  243. Natalie Velazquez says:

    Denim is one of the things that I always wear! I am actually known among my friends for only wearing jeans. I remember one time in high school my friends and I were going to have a beach day and my friends were so excited to see me out of my jeans. Needless to say I have tons and tons of jeans and whether they don’t fit me, have holes in them, or are downright awful (smiley face patches, extremely hole-y, bleach overload) I cannot part with them. Out of the collection of jeans I have amassed I find myself reaching for a pair of Hudson skinny jeans that I bought for $35!!! Oh how I love bargain shopping AND cheap jeans that make the booty look gooooood! 🙂

  244. Christy says:

    Started wearing jeans at 18. Even today I just own two pairs. I guess I’d rather have the denim on my lids than my rear.

  245. Kell says:

    Love denim…wish it could be “casual Friday” everyday. So, I look forward to Fridays when I can wear my jeans.

  246. iLyma says:

    Holy glitteroni, that is GORGEOUS. must. have.

    Denim is a staple! I still haven’t found a “perfect” pair of jeans though, the search continues. I am in want some white denim at present.

  247. Nika says:

    100% of my denim jeans are skinny jeans. After they got popular, all other types of jeans became unknown to me. I dunno, they just seem to match with everything, plus it helps with my legs being so short. (I think..) However, it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to find those perfect ones that make my butt look less bigger. TMI? 😛 Anyways, I’m on the search for some denim leggings. I need me a pair of those!

  248. Bonnie says:

    I do so love denim! I’d wear it everyday, if I could! I got some cheap jeans (about US $10 each) in China last winter that I think are made for little people like me!

    Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  249. mint says:

    I love denim in blues and blacks! I’ve had denim jackets, bags, jeans, shorts, shirts and they are great and comfortable. I favorite is denim shorts of course, they’re just so easy to match and can go with anything 🙂
    .-= mint’s last blog post… SPÖKA Night light- CLEO Mag Scan- Winged Eye May’s beauty blog giveaway =-.

  250. Simmi says:

    I love jeans…………………i think it suits me d best ………….

  251. Kylie says:

    My favorite jeans are a magic pair that fit me, my emo friend, my sporty friend, and my Gilmore Girls friend. We trade them by mail only and never wash them. Heh. Just kidding. Um, my favortie jeans are the only ones that fit – some dark rinse trouser style homies complete with a hole on the inner thigh from chaf-age. If only I didn’t spend all my extra money on makeup, I could afford some new jeans!

  252. Sarrell says:

    I love denim! In jean and short form, not so much skirt and jackets. I live in my jeans, it is rare to find me without a pair. I have always been a jeans and t-shirt girl, it’s just so easy! I

  253. Cindy says:

    I love denim jeans. I have around 50 pairs!

  254. bisbee says:

    I am an old gal (59 – eeek!!!) and I STILL live in denim! I am lucky enough to work where I can wear jeans…and I do most days. I have “dressy” jeans and casual jeans – to work, I always pair my jeans with nice shoes and a jacket or sweater to “dress” it up a bit. There are many women where I work who do t-shirts and tennis shoes with their jeans…but I prefer to be a bit more polished.

    When I went to high school (back in the olden days), girls weren’t even allowed to wear pants to school…and boys were sent home if they wore jeans! We’ve come a LONG way, baby!

  255. steph says:

    I love denim! My favorite pair of jeans is from vanity, they have some bamboo fibers or something in the fabric. It keeps the jeans super, super soft (all others feel like sandpaper now!) And also keeps them feeling nice and cool no matter how hot it gets outside!

  256. Lara says:

    My fave brand of jeans is H&M. Super affordable (15€ when in sale. Bargain!) and with enough space in the booty area. I’m a fan!!

  257. Evelyn says:

    I love denim. My favourites are Rock & Republic, Joe’s Jeans, and 7 for all Mankind — though I am going to have to lay off the chips for a while to fit back into many of my best pairs! :S

  258. Ilyana says:

    Denim is the best weight loss motivator I believe! You know it’s time to hit the gym when your fave pair of jeans are getting a wee bit snug than usual and the satisfaction of being able to fit into a pair of jeans you never thought you’d get into is just an amazing feeling! I love jeans, they’re extremely versatile and I will never tire of it!
    .-= Ilyana’s last blog post… What I spent my birthday money on =-.

  259. Y. says:

    denim is extremely versatile and can be worn with just abt anything, the trick though is to finding that perfect pair of jeans that you can just throw a plain t-shirt on and head on out! everyone has their own special pair I think…
    my fav denim item that I own?
    got to be this awesome denim pencil skirt, dark wash, with simple cute pockets:)
    and best of all? I got it at old navy reduced from $30 to $15!! ha now that’s what i’m talking:)
    oh and it helps to make me look thinner – always a bonus;)

  260. Samantha says:

    I love denim. My favorite pair of jeans is forever 21. they are boot cut and fit me perfectly!

  261. Shereen says:

    I love denim jeans!! I could live in them =) I have so many pairs, but recently I gained some weight (after having a baby!!) and none of them fit. I had to restart my collection and now I have two pairs of Joe’s jeans! This eyeshadow would look great with those jeans! THANKS!

  262. Yatee says:

    Denim is best in the form of shorts and jeans (:
    My favorite pair of jeans came from American Eagle, and they were dark wash and kind of like skinny jeans, except they clung just enough. I wore them alll the time until I grew out of them … and even then I would try and convince myself I could still wear them when I obviously couldn’t.

  263. CristinaG says:

    What i love about Denin is that i works with everything … and i use it mos of the times .. really!
    I’ve bought a dark dennin skirt and i really love it and wear it everywhere. It’s so chic and cool.

  264. RLW says:

    I LIVE in jeans! Thank goodness I have a job where I can wear them every day.
    Throw on some black heels and a cute top and it’s perfect!
    My favorite pair are my Vigoss dark denim flared bottoms.

  265. Eva says:

    I love Jeans but don´t own many since I can´t wear them to work (too casual) and I don´t have the money to buy items I can only wear in my free time… :o/
    I prefer dark washes and think the boot cut style is the most flattering and comfy one.

  266. MEl says:

    I love demin jeans – any colours really but i’m especially digging stone wash grey and deep indigo jeans as it creates the illusion of long sexy legs.

  267. Ada says:

    Denim is so versatile, you can dress it up or down. I love it on the weekends, but can’t wear them to work.

  268. Julia says:

    I love my jeans! My favorite pair is about 5 years old and is totally comfortable.

  269. Sarah says:

    I’ve been looking for denim jeans–from higher-end brands to cheaper pairs, and surprisingly my favorite denim is a dark blue pair from Forever 21! I was initially skeptical because they were only nine bucks, but they look like some nice denim threads and feel comfy like yoga pants or leggings–awesome.

  270. Sandy says:

    I love dressing up a pair of jeans! I recently found a brand that is light and fits just right in all the right places, thank goodness for stretch! Just bought my second pair for my birthday as a treat and had them hemmed professionally. They’re hanging in the closet ready to wear. The brand is Lois and they’re around $80 CA

  271. Ditte K. says:

    I really don’t like denim – nor pants nor vests. But I do like the colour of this eyeshadow 🙂

  272. Katie says:

    I love jeans, preferably MEK Jeans!
    .-= Katie’s last blog post… Perricone MD Giveaway! =-.

  273. Ilene says:

    I love wearing denim after work, I am going out, weekends, really any time I can. You can dress it up and still feel very comfortable. I have a pair of jeans from Wet Seal that I have had for years. They are the only jeans that give me a butt.

  274. Tess says:

    Denim is a great wardrobe staple. A pair of jeans that fit well or a denim skirt can the be the basis of a outfit in any season.

  275. Storm says:

    I’m a huge fan of jeans and denim jackets–not together! I love jeans with everything and I’m on the hunt, yet again, for the magic pair. I’m in love with skinny jeans and they love me back! I also *love* a good denim jacket with something frilly and girly (my cheaper version of the leather jacket, dontcha know). It adds that edge.

  276. Jakara says:

    For the summer I have a cute pair of denim bermuda shorts that fits me perfectly. They show off my curves, which I love. I also have an short denim jacket that I rock with it.

  277. Meg says:

    I love dark denim, not a huge fan of acid wash. I love the hunt for a good pair of jeans that just fits and feels great.

  278. Jolie says:

    Denim is a staple in any wardrobe! It helps shape an outfit together as well as making a statement on its own!! My favourite denim would be my denim short shorts because they show off my legs as well as allowing me to wear less makeup as I have most of the attention on my legs ;D

  279. Francesca says:

    I love the look of denim, but I haven’t found a great pair- either they fit me awkwardly or the crotch area is way too high. I also love the looking of layered denim though, with different textures! Shorts are also my favorites, as they’re perfect for the summer time.
    .-= Francesca’s last blog post… he may be gone- but well remember him always =-.

  280. Rose Anna says:

    i love denim. they are durable and look great destroyed too, very versatile.
    .-= Rose Anna’s last blog post… Summer! =-.

  281. rachel says:

    My favorite denim right now is jeggings!! I have a dark wash pair from Levi. Mmmmm. I’ve about worn then out! They are just so comfortable and create and instant cool factor.

  282. Stephie says:

    rock and republic jeans are the greatest, I love them and they fit so well 😀

  283. Crystal says:

    If I’m not at work, I wear jeans. I don’t have a ton of jeans like a lot of other girls seem to have but I have a couple that fit well. I’ve always wanted a denim jacket but my tiny frame is hard to fit. I finally got one though, it’s a black motorcycle style jacket with a subtle shiny croc-print. Now I’m really happy!

  284. Hanna says:

    i always wear jeans, they are my go-to pants. i also think denim jackets can be chic, if it’s cut and styled just the right way. 🙂

  285. Petra says:

    I love denim jeans! I love how you can match them with so many things and creat a very casual or a very outgoing outfit. I also love my denim jacket, though I only wear one denim clothing at a time. I adore a denim jacket with a plain black outfit and some statement jewelry.

  286. Pinch says:

    I’m actually not a very big fan of denim, I prefer a less casual style. I do have some dark, prettier jeans and like them. My favourite denim item is an old, ragged denim jacket from CK Jeans I bought in Paris ten years ago – I find it a very interesting contrast to smarter-looking outfits.
    .-= Pinch’s last blog post… Peachy with Urban Decay =-.

  287. chibicheeks says:

    I like denim jeans… when they fit!

  288. Kim says:

    I am a denim junkie! Designer denim is my weakness. I recently got a pair of william rast jeans that have stud detailing along the pockets, and soft glitter embellishment on the back pockets. They make me look so good, haha!

  289. Shannon G. says:

    Denim jeans are a must have! Lately all the denim jackets and distressed jeans take me back to the 80’s!!! Not sure that is a good thing, ha!!!

  290. Kristin says:

    I love my jeans shorts:)
    .-= Kristin’s last blog post… MAKeUP INSPIRASJON! MAC Graphic Garden Look! =-.

  291. tiffany says:

    i love jeans! i have enough pairs to last me a month without doing laundry (not counting skirts or shorts)

  292. Carolina says:

    Especially dark Denim skinny jeans, uh, they make me just almost howl at myself in the mirror “HOT MAMA ON THE WAY YO!”. Totally awful but better confidence booster than that glass of red!

    It can be worn for classic look, that rave night party animal look and the real badass chic. Now in shade of eyeshadow to match – love it even more.
    Perhaps even more than be baggy jeans on ma bf!

  293. Lisa says:

    I love denim, in every shape!
    A pair of jeans is something you can wear everyday, looking good and feeling comfy!
    This year I am totally into double denim!

  294. hope says:

    i love jeans! charlotte russe’s line of refuge jeans are awesome. I like the opal ones best =)

  295. Natalie says:

    jean shorts! pants! they can do with anything i especially loved picking outfits for my ex based on the jeans he would wear.
    I love this brand robins jeans. I have this small round butt that they just make look delicious! they have the cutest pocket design!

  296. Patti says:

    I Love Denim…especially DARK WASH DENIM! My favorite pair of jeans are from GAP! I have jean skirts, jean shorts, jean jackets, boyfriend jeans, straight leg jens, bootcut jeans. Loving Jeans. xoxoxo <3 Patti

  297. Eve says:

    I love denim! who doesnt. Dark wash for formal events, and lighter for everyday. I love how you can dress it up or dress it down without being too much. I m a tall gal so I love the long 36 inch inseams.

  298. Citrine says:

    I like denim jacket with a little floral dress underneath.
    .-= Citrine’s last blog post… ULTA Eyeshadow Swatch – Blue- Black and Purple =-.

  299. Hokkyokusei says:

    Denim is my bff. I love jeans. Love, love, love, love them! I’m currently rocking the skinny trend to death.. jean jackets are timeless and jean vests go with absolutely everything. GAP has some of the best quality jeans for your buck, to add. (Although Old Navy’s Rockstar “jennings” have been kickin it with me since Jan.)

  300. Kat says:

    I love a really good pair of dark-wash boot cut jeans. Makes you look tall, slim and sophisticated. Really, what more could a girl want!

  301. Zeni says:

    I love denim and never get rid of a pair until they’re torn apart… and then I still keep them around for paint/cleaning/gardening days.

  302. kels says:

    i absolutely love denim. i’m so obsessed with denim, in fact, that i have to do everything in my power to stay away from designer jeans because once i buy one, i just can’t stop.
    and, as you can guess, my favorite kind of denim is denim jeans. 🙂

  303. MAUI says:

    sooo, denim is such a universal item of clothing! i luuuuvvv them all! i love wearing those think denim shirts (preferably darker shade) and pair it with denim skinny jeans (either white or lighter shade).

  304. Instant Karma (formerly L) says:

    Oh man, I live in skinny jeans in the fall and winter! I own a million pairs, LOL.

  305. Hannah says:

    I never really had a pair of denims until I was 15! My mother never really wanted me to wear denims (conservative and all) so I was stuck with khaki capris and swooshy skirts when I was a kid. You can imagine me now that I am 21 and I wear jeans all the time! I will have to swear off wearing girly feminine skirts for now. I don’t own gajiliion pairs of jeans (because I’m picky), but I buy 2 pairs at a time and wear them ’til they die (they last about a year!) Right now, I am mad for jean leggings because they’re just a thicker version of leggings!

  306. Sherry B. says:

    I love denim ANYTHING! My personal favorite is my original vintage Woodstock jeans. I may own the only pair still in existance and they look GREAT!

  307. Tatiana says:

    I love denim! Especially in a darker blue colors similar to that of Bobby’s eyeshadow, and also in black. My favorite jeans are those from Mango because they always have my size and the fit is great. I wear them all the time.

  308. Myranda says:

    Denim vest over a summery floral dress. Add some leather and voila!

  309. Susan Young says:

    Denim is my #1 neutral. I love the feel and the look of denim. I f there were a fashion pyramid (like a food pyramid) denim would be the base!

  310. Courtney L says:

    I love denim. I have two favorite denim things- one being my niceee jeans, that i wear all the time, and the other being my slightly uncomfortable high waisted, short denim skirt, because it always turns heads!

  311. Joy says:

    Since rice is our staple food, then I daresay that denim is part of our basic clothing. Almost every Filipino (if not all hehehe) has a denim in their closet, even if it’s only denim jeans basically. We have clothes used only at home (“pambahay”) and another set when we go out (“pang-alis”). Denim jeans are must-haves whenever we go out to malls, schools, and even to church and anywhere else you can think of. In Manila, everywhere you turn, your eyes will be saturated with denim jeans and even jackets. From this cultural “phenomenon”, I developed my love for anything denim… denim jackets, denim skirts, denim shorts, and above all denim jeans!!! Denim jeans gives off a very casual look and still classic at the same time. Plus I love wearing heels with my denim jeans 🙂 My favorite denim jeans from way back in high school are still kept in my closet (while I hope and wait in vain for the time I could wear them again! hahaha) Even if I have newer pairs, I can’t bear to throw it out ‘çoz ‘they’re like old friends y’know. I love my denim jeans soft, stretchy and low-rise. My favorite styles are skinny and boot-cut.

  312. Hailey says:

    I love denim. I wear jeans 90% of the time. My favourite pair are from Rock and Republic.

  313. Gabriella says:

    I really like denim. My favorite jeans have to be a skinny from rainbow. They are super cute and super comfortable. I also really like my denim jacket that I had from when I was ten and now fits so that it’s cute ; )

  314. HasinaHORROR says:

    I love denim. I think I wear it 80% of the time. I really love the Cheap Monday jeans! I bouhgt my first pair 3 years ago, and I still have them. A skinny jeans in washed out grey (L). And for the rest I have jeans in only the colour demin.

  315. Rochelle says:

    I love dark blue denim skinny jeans! I like the ones that just fits snuggly. My favorite skinny jeans are from Forever21. They’re so cheap but comfortable too.
    .-= Rochelle’s last blog post… bby-Rochelle- I think I might go watch some movies =-.

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