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I know this sounds totally cheesy, but one thing I love to do when I’m in the shower is read aloud the phrases on the sides of Philosophy bottles. I always keep some of the body washes, shave gels and cleansers on hand (a girl’s gotta have choices) as food for thought when I’m shampooing or shaving my werewolf legs. πŸ™‚



Last night I was reading a bottle of Purity Made Simple (PMS?) for the umpteenth time. I can’t even count how many bottles of the stuff I’ve gone through over the years…

I love trying new face washes, but Purity Made Simple is the one I always come back to. It takes off everything, even waterproof mascara, and doesn’t strip my skin or cause breakouts. It’s probably my favorite Philosophy product, evah (have you seen Sephora’s cute $10 travel-sized sample bottle?).

Purity Made Simple isn’t the only Philosophy product I use on a regular basis. Their bath gels, scrubs and lotions have some of the best textures and scents around and leave my skin oh so soft and yummy. πŸ™‚

A few more fab Philosophies…

Ladies, I say we end the weekend on a high note. πŸ™‚ What a good philosophy, yah?

I think it’s time for a giveaway!

The prize

One lucky lady will win the following four great bath and body products from Philosophy (a $101 value):

philosophy cinnamon hot dots

philosophy she colors my day

philosophy hope is not enough replenishing body lotion

philosophy when hope is not enough hydrating body scrub

How to enter…

There are TWO different ways to enter the giveaway, and you can do both of them for TWO chances to win.

First, enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. In it, tell me your Philosophy on Love love.

My philosophy on love? Don’t be stingy with it.

Follow meSecond, enter by following me on Twitter if you havenÒ€ℒt already. You’ll be automatically entered to win future MBB giveaways and can keep up with all the weirdness that seems to follow me on a daily basis, ha! πŸ™‚
(NOTE: If youÒ€ℒre already following me on Twitter, youÒ€ℒre automatically entered to win.)


  1. Enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, and don’t forget to use a valid email address so I can reach you if you win.
  2. Follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already.

IÒ€ℒll choose the winner at random from among the people who enter by 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday, July 14.

Buona fortuna!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Gracie says:

    My philosophy on love? Don’t believe what you think until you know.

  2. joanne says:

    Keep an open mind and be generous.

  3. Shontay says:

    My philosophy on love is, don’t think about it too much, just go with your heart.

  4. Deanna says:

    I’ve never been in love so I don’t really have one.

  5. connie says:

    my philosophy is that we should act without expectation and accept that we are already loved!

  6. Catherine says:

    Hm. I’m going to sound old haha, but I think my philosophy on love is the same as my philosophy on life – balance in all things, and fight for what you believe in. =)
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… FOTD, NOTD, BOTD & Williams Sonoma Class =-.

  7. Angela says:

    my philosophy on love is don’t say it till you feel it.

  8. Cristina says:

    i love philosophy and it’s great that you’re finally on twitter!

  9. Ani says:

    my philosophy – be with someone who will appreciate you for who you are πŸ™‚

  10. Janet says:

    Don’t let the fear of getting hurt hold you back (:

  11. Hana says:

    Everything happens for a reason!

  12. Tanya says:

    Love conquers all! Seriously!!

  13. Nina says:

    Honestly I’ve never been in love but I would say that it is okay to love someone wholeheartedly just remember to also love yourself.
    I’m already following you on twitter as nina0205.

  14. mint says:

    mine’s simple, =P to be loved more than you love.

  15. Laura F. says:

    My philosophy on love is to live in the moment.

  16. Robyn says:

    My philosophy on love is that you should always do what feels right and go with your gut instinct, even if it goes against every ‘rule’ there is when it comes to love.

  17. stickles says:

    This contest is open to international readers right? If so, my philosophy is to cherish love when you have it, because you won’t always.

  18. Julienne says:

    Sounds cheesy, but always do what your heart tells you. :0)
    .-= Julienne’s last blog post… Philosophy Girl =-.

  19. Carol L says:

    My philosophy on love is follow your heart… even if it seems as if you think it’s taking you in the wrong direction. There’s a reason for everything.
    Twittername: cleung341

  20. MMT says:

    I hope international readers are eligible! This giveaway is AWESOME πŸ™‚

    My philosophy on love comes from a forum topic on another blog– Would you let your (future) daughter marry this sort of man? If not, then why are you wasting your time on him?

    I try to realize that breakups happen, that you can always learn something from them, and that real love still takes a little bit of work. πŸ™‚

  21. Jessica R says:

    My philosophy on love: share it with everyone. And I mean everyone; your best friend, or a stranger who might need a smile to brighten their day. Why wouldn’t you share something so great?!

  22. Martan says:

    My philosophy is : follow your heart

  23. Ida says:

    My philosophy on love, is to not hold back. Just love as much as you can! πŸ™‚
    .-= Ida’s last blog post… A non-makeup related, all about me blog =-.

  24. Yo says:

    My philosophy on love: Be willing to take risks…because sometimes it can be worth it.=)

  25. Rovie says:

    My philosophy on love is not to sweat the small stuff.

  26. Mira says:

    My philosophy on love is that it’s not a game. It’s all in just “being”. Being honest, natural, and understanding everything for what it is.

    Love isn’t hard work. Staying focused on all the positive stuff is. Falling in love, being in love, and staying in love is all a piece of pie after mastering the art of contentment. πŸ™‚
    .-= Mira’s last blog post… Go Giants Γ’β‚¬β€œ Woo! (My semi-encounter with Andres Torres) =-.

  27. eunice says:

    My philosophy on love is that you simply have to take and give in love and trust each other faithfully.
    .-= eunice’s last blog post… Eternal Moonwalk: A tribute to MJ =-.

  28. christa says:

    coming from a really bad breakup of a long relationship, what i’ve learned has become my philosophy on love. for me, love has always been a choice. but i only realized now that love is the choice not to forget. that despite how angry, hurt, tired, disappointed or whatever else you may be, you still choose not to forget how much the other person means to you. how much you love them. to be able to treat them with respect, with love, even when they’re being their worst, because you know deep down they’re what matters most. for me, that’s what love is. and that’s what i’m hoping for the next time around.

  29. Elle says:

    my philosopy on love is if you love something let it go, and if it comes back it’s your and that’s how you know..

  30. Tiffany says:

    my philosophy on love: don’t hold back!

  31. Just_Kelly says:

    Live and Love. Simple as that. They must go hand in hand to enjoy either fully!
    .-= Just_Kelly’s last blog post… Strawberries, Cherries, & the Glory of Summer Fruit! =-.

  32. jamie says:

    My Philosophy on love:
    as cliche as it is, whatever is meant to be is meant to be..

  33. sdpfeiffy says:

    Falling in love is easy, staying in love is a choice.

  34. Sandy Dibbell says:

    It’s easy to give love but not always easy to accept it — open your heart and allow the love to come in!

  35. Bisbee says:

    Beieve it or not, Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa) described her 40 year marriage to her husband as easy – he wants her to be happy, she wants him to be happy.

    My (2nd) husband and I subscribe to that philosophy – focus on that, leave the rest behind, and enjoy each other!

  36. pattie moore says:

    My philosophy on love: Wisdom to understand, and let love warm your heart and soul

  37. neha says:

    My philosphy on love is to keep it unconditional

  38. Philosophy Lover says:

    My philosophy on love is, “never having to say you’re sorry” is wrong. APOLOGIZE!!( Men, are you listening??)

  39. LauraJ says:

    spend what time you can together and be flexible

  40. RD says:

    My philosophy is to love as much as possible.

  41. Bitts says:

    Love is a verb: it’s not what you say or how you feel, it’s what you DO.


    Being kind and loving is ALWAYS more important than being right.

  42. Grace says:

    One of my main philosophies on love is to not expect or try to change your significant other. You will always be disappointed. You know you’re in it for the long haul when you’ve discovered all of his flaws and you accept and love him despite them. Also, my other philosophy is that you will never be able to fully love someone else until you accept and love yourself. This sounds corny, but it’s so true. Oh, and lastly, be willing to compromise…. Try to take into equal consideration both yours and your partner’s needs and wants.

  43. Kristen says:

    my philosophy is follow your heart, wherever it leads you.

  44. l says:

    my philosphy on love is smell every rose and watch every sunset

  45. Luciana Lima says:

    It´s like a plant, that needs to be watered daily.

  46. Josephine says:

    my philosophy on love is best said by Marianne Williamson, I remember these words as I enter any relationship, “if there isn’t fire then it isn’t love..if it doesn’t insist that you move to your next level, if it doesn’t take your heart and make it explode in a million pieces only to fall back together again in some moment of enlightened understanding, then you haven’t really loved”

  47. Marissa says:

    My philosophy on love? Be open to it.

  48. Saku says:

    I never had a true love yet(expect for chocolate, joking). But I would say, love yourself first. It’s sounds simple, but it’s not.

  49. Rachel says:

    Jump in with both feet and never look back.

  50. A-diddy says:

    Respect each other and have fun!

  51. Tisa says:

    Love yourself first.

  52. CC says:

    There’s enough of it for everyone :).

  53. Michelle says:

    I truly believe that if you give love freely, it will come back to you (in one form or another). Love isn’t just about romantic love — it is also about loving our parents, siblings, best friends, etc — if we love these people in our life we will be truly happy πŸ™‚

  54. never take love too seriously, never hold on too tight.
    .-= sparklingpinkgorilla’s last blog post… Beauty Blog Sale Directory! =-.

  55. Alexis says:

    My philosophy on love is to show respect and love toward each other. Also, don’t fight about the little things… it’s just a waste of time! πŸ™‚

  56. Saku says:

    Sorry typo I meant except.

  57. Denisa says:

    Mine is love and respect go hand in hand! You cant love until you love yourself!!

  58. marmar says:

    My philosophy on love = don’t look for it. Let it look for you!
    .-= marmar’s last blog post… 4th of July =-.

  59. Judy says:

    I’ve never tried Philosophy products but would love to!

  60. Jess says:

    Love, respect and care are not finite resources, give them to those that are deserving (and sometimes even to those that aren’t) freely! It will only make you feel better about yourself πŸ™‚

  61. Eunice says:

    hmm, tricky one. well, i suppose mine is that trust and respect are keys to a long-lasting relationship but crazy passion is always needed once in a while…to add that special oomph πŸ˜€

  62. Briana says:

    My philosophy on love: it is unconditionally accepting, kind and patient.
    .-= Briana’s last blog post… WOWIE I ACTUALLY POSTED STUFF!! =-.

  63. elisia says:

    love like you’ve never been hurt

  64. Amy says:

    My Philosophy on Love – complete honesty and true friendship. I met the love of my life when I least expected it. I gave up on searching for the “one” and he found me. πŸ™‚

  65. Mariah says:

    Yay! I love Philosophy’s Raspberry Sorbet Wash! It was the first Philosophy product I tried, and it’s always my fav!

    (I also already follow you on Twitter! I go by mariahgem!)

  66. Shana T says:

    Love is only good if you share it! Thanks Karen!

  67. KyaLyn says:

    Follow your heart.

  68. amanda says:

    Never take it for granted!

  69. ines says:

    love isn’t tit for tat. love doesn’t keep scores!
    .-= ines’s last blog post… Dance Photo Roundup – Winter 2008/Spring & Summer 2009 =-.

  70. Brittany says:

    Love is to cherish someones minor imperfections, rather than dote on their perfections. πŸ™‚

  71. My philosophy? Give love, not hate, and in return you too will receive love.
    .-= Kajal Couture’s last blog post… MAC Colour Craft Thoughts =-.

  72. Michelle says:

    My philosophy on love? Expect to be loved, because you deserve it. And don’t settle for anything less.
    .-= Michelle’s last blog post… Book #26-30: Emily Giffin books =-.

  73. Jenna says:

    Always keep an open mind about love, but at the same time be cautious and make sure you always keep your needs and wants a top priority.

  74. Cristina says:

    My philosophy? Follow your heart not your head.

  75. Eva says:

    Love shouldn’t be philosophized.

  76. Beth says:

    My philosophy on love is that your true love is always the one that got away. B/c that relationship was never tainted by life and the challenges that a “forever” relationship faces.
    That made sense in my head, I hope it does to everyone else!

  77. Sherry says:

    Not original but…
    love as if you have never been hurt

  78. Caitlin says:

    My philosophy on love is to stop looking for it because that’s when you’ll find it. And when you do, it’s the best surprise you could ever ask for πŸ™‚

  79. Patricia says:

    My philosophy on love is: love yourself deeply first. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else.
    .-= Patricia’s last blog post… My first Dell purchase and XPS M1530 review =-.

  80. jessica says:

    my philosophy on love is to give it generously and constantly find new ways to express it in thoughtful ways.

  81. KC says:

    Love yourself and love will come to you. To paraphrase a quote from Sex and the City: the greatest relationship you will ever have is with yourself.

  82. Anna Z says:

    My philosophy on love? You have to learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else..

  83. Tuhina says:

    Although love comes in many colors, shapes and sizes. It always makes life a little better.

  84. My philosophy on love is: don’t think it will be like it is in the movies or books, real life is never that easy!
    .-= Vampy Varnish’s last blog post… Illamasqua Nail Polish – Part 8,943 =-.

  85. PJ says:

    Do not beg for love. “Love” that is obtained from begging is an illusion and will not last long. Let it happen naturally.
    .-= PJ’s last blog post… Shopper Protection Γ’β‚¬β€œ The Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code =-.

  86. YadiQ says:

    love is at its strongest when friendship is the base root !

  87. Nicole15 says:

    My philosophy on love is to buckle your seat belt, be ready for all the roller coaster ups & downs & enjoy every minute of the ride!!

  88. Ash B says:

    Love yourself like you want someone to love you and your bathroom full of philosophy products!

  89. Jane says:

    I must be the last person to try Philosophy products. I need to get on the bandwagon.

  90. giselle says:

    my philosophy on love is simply if you find it, don’t let it go. πŸ™‚

  91. lipglossme says:

    Don’t just show your love with words but with action as well.

  92. redhead says:

    My philosophy on love is never give up on it!! πŸ˜€

  93. Kate says:

    My philosophy on love it is if you feel it, you should say it. You can’t count on being able to say it later, at “a better time”.

  94. Suri says:

    My philosophy on love: You can’t help who you love. People come in and out of our lives and each and every one serves a purpose that may last a day or years. Love each one fully and you will never go wrong..<3

  95. Sarah says:

    I share many of the philosphies already listed but it has taken me awhile to realize…it’s not always perfect, but it’s almost always worth it!

  96. Brittany says:

    My philosophy on love is that there is honestly and truly someone out there for everyone. No matter how long the wait, in the end your true love and soulmate is always worth it. God has a plan for everyone.

  97. Brianna says:

    Laugh together, and have fun, enjoy the small moments together these mean the most. ie. The quiet moment where you just enjoy eachother.

  98. June says:

    If you don’t learn how to love yourself first, you’ll never really love another person.

  99. Crystal says:

    My philosophy on love is that there is never enough in the world.

  100. Angel says:

    My philosophy on love is: there are many types of love in this world and not all stay forever but instead come and go.

  101. Vanessa H says:

    My philosophy on love is that you can’t take past heartbreaks into a new relationship, you have to give the new person a fair chance to show you who they are, because not all men are jerks πŸ˜€

  102. Jessica says:

    my philosophy on love is to alwasy show it! kisses, hugs, smiles and compliments – there can never be enough.
    .-= Jessica’s last blog post… Everyone’s Freaking Out About Illasmaqua’s Cosmetics . . . =-.

  103. Ellie says:

    My philosophy is that there’s always room for one more!

  104. G says:

    Love the one your with

  105. Rebecca says:

    Don’t let your circumstances dictate your relationship. So what if you’re too old, too young, too far away, or too different. Give it a shot!

  106. Diana Van says:

    My philosophy on love is: love, faith, honest, and share

  107. Laura B says:

    Don’t hide it. Never count on people knowing how you feel.

  108. p. potter says:

    Laughter is the glue that makes your love last.

  109. veedee says:

    Love unconditionally!

  110. imergo says:

    Relax and enjoy it already!

  111. cloudburst says:

    Love is never perfect!

  112. Gina G says:

    “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” – Nietzsche

  113. shivotra says:

    don’t beg for love, don’t suffer for love. Just love what you do and someone will love you for it one day πŸ™‚

  114. Bridget says:

    My philosophy, be open and listen! It’s amazing how often you need to remind yourself to just be open and listen.
    .-= Bridget’s last blog post… Flowery Slouch Hat – Bright Pink =-.

  115. Steph says:

    my philosophy on love is… true love is unconditional. you have to learn the values of respect, trust, honesty and acceptance to be able to truly love someone.
    .-= Steph’s last blog post… Yet another blogger giveaway! =-.

  116. Kendra says:

    My philosophy on love is keep going when it is hard, just keep going

  117. Janet says:

    You have to love yourself first before you can love anyone else πŸ™‚

  118. Lorraine says:

    My philosophy on love is to live and let live. You can’t change folks, so accept and be in the moment. Enjoy everything your parent is (even if some habits drive you crazy).

  119. Misti says:

    My philosophy on love: Love the one you’re with. πŸ™‚

    And I’m following you on twitter, for sure!

  120. Halifax says:

    Love, like almost everything in life, is something you have to work for, not something you could ask for

  121. secil says:


  122. Susie says:

    My philosophy is to allow yourself to feel worthy of love and believe you truly deserve it, because you do. Let yourself be loved. So many people don’t or won’t for unhealthy reasons.

  123. Leila says:

    Just follow your heart and be happy! πŸ˜‰

  124. rebecca says:

    make sure you tell someone you love that you LOVE them!

  125. crystal says:

    Philosophy on love huh? Well, when it comes down to it–let the person you love (significant other, bf, gf, son, daughter, friend, etc) be who they are. Don’t try to change anybody–love them for them!

  126. Theresa says:

    My philosophy of love is from Mother Teresa: The success of love is in the loving – it is not in the result of loving.

  127. Rachel says:

    My philosophy on love? “…in the end, the love we take is equal to the love we make.” ~The Beatles

  128. Susie says:

    My philosophy is that you must feel worthy of love to truly receive it. We all deserve love, so let it shine on you.

  129. K says:

    Alaways smile when life gets tough

  130. Deidre Weiss says:

    Always give your all. Love is renewable!

  131. anu says:

    as a divorce attorney my philosphy is stay away from love :). its really don’t forget to always be kind to each other.

  132. Ashley says:

    Take risks & love completely. The return is worth the risk.

  133. Raha says:

    don’t demand it but share it generously

  134. Josay says:

    My philosophy on love it’s following your heart without loosing your mind!!!
    Be yourself and always take care of the persons you love. Your husband, your mother, your children, your cat or your dog, every one must be feeling special.

  135. Rachel says:

    accept it wherever you can find it. all love is good love.

  136. Charlene says:

    Love isn’t blind. It sees but it doesn’t mind.

  137. Steph says:

    Be generous. Share.

  138. Kristen says:

    My Philosophy on love is: It’s the beginning of everything.

  139. Gail says:

    What the world needs now is love.

  140. Trude says:

    I’m now following you on the Twit! πŸ˜‰

    My philosophy: you get what you give. And always tell the people you love that you love them!
    .-= Trude’s last blog post… Friday Poll =-.

  141. Erin says:

    Don’t lose yourself in another person. πŸ™‚

  142. Elaine R says:

    Love will find you when you least expect it.

  143. Chanel says:

    my philosophy: always be truthful.

  144. amber says:

    My philosophy on love is to never ever regret it. Love openly, honestly, and don’t look back.

    Following you on Twitter now also! (Lipstickncandy)
    Thanks Karen!!

  145. Chanice says:

    May seem simple but for many it’s the hardest thing to do… ACCEPT LOVE.

  146. Austrian_Babe says:

    My philosophy on love: sometimes do things just to make the other person happy. It´ll pay back

  147. Hayley says:

    My philosophy on love is remember that you deserve as much love as anyone else.

  148. Samira Shaikh says:

    My philosophy on love: to love selflessly……without any expectation to be loved ….

  149. samantha says:

    there isn’t enough of it.

  150. Katy says:

    My philosopy on love is that we meet certain people in our lives that we have a connection with so that we are able to do two things: 1) heal past relationships through our current relationship with them and then 2) if we’re able to work through that with them with an open mind, we are able to move our love for that person to a higher, more spiratual and fufilling relationship that can face anything. πŸ™‚ Maybe it doesn’t sound too sweet, but it has sure opened my eye in my relationship with my husband and done nothing but strentghen our love for eachother.

  151. Ling says:

    I just love Philosophy products, they always smell like a slice of heaven.

  152. Sarah V says:

    I guess my Philosophy on love is just not to give up on it. When things really aren’t going well with it just stick it out if you can and sometimes you’ll be surprised at how much can change.

  153. Spiff says:

    My philosophy on love is love if beautiful and you should fight for it!

  154. N.J says:

    My philosophy on love is that love itself is often not enough. You need to put alot of time, effort and commitment into retaining feelings of love. If your willing to put the energy into it then love is a wonderful thing.

  155. Dao says:

    “Love is when you wake up and realize reality is better than your dream.” Don’t know who said it but it’s a good one!
    .-= Dao’s last blog post… Secret Charm: a New Scent from Victoria’s Secret =-.

  156. Kate & Zena says:

    Oh, philosophy! I’d like to try them out.

  157. Lou says:

    My philosophy on love is give it generously and accept it graciously.

  158. Tess says:

    My philosophy on love . . . Enjoy it! Really, really enjoy it!

    I’m also following you on Twitter!

  159. bomi says:

    i actually don’t know how to use this twitter thing… but i’ll try i suppose
    thanks u so much for this karen!

  160. Makeup Diary says:

    Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever.
    .-= Makeup Diary’s last blog post… Deneme bir kii =-.

  161. jane says:

    philosophy on love?
    hmm… i guess to try to give as much as you can so that you have no regrets later πŸ˜€

  162. Jenn says:

    Learn to love and accept yourself before craving acceptance and worth from someone else!

  163. wanda says:

    It comes to those who wait.

  164. Joanne says:

    You must love yourself before you can love someone else.

  165. Tami says:

    Love can be a crazy albeit worthwhile ride.

  166. JillyB says:

    The love you give will be returned to you. (Most of the time.)

    twitter: stitchymom

  167. Megan says:

    My philosophy on love is a very old one “4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (NIV)

  168. Rachel says:

    Never be afraid to let yourself love, and be loved.

  169. Mercedes says:

    The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return <3

  170. julia says:

    don’t let the prospect of getting hurt ruin ur chance for true love πŸ˜€

  171. Emma says:

    my philosophy on love is it comes from giving. putting love into everything you do and giving to the world is what will fill your life with love.
    .-= Emma’s last blog post… Clogs =-.

  172. SmT says:

    Most love is selfish! But that doens’t mean it can’t still be fun. =P

    twitter: smtac

  173. brittany says:

    Go big or go home! I don’t know how to play it cool, and I love FULLY.

  174. Suzette says:

    If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

  175. Maria says:

    Love represent care,attachment,and affection for the other person!
    Between Men and Women ,Respect, trust,flexibilty to go half way some times full way for the person you care for!
    Friendship,understanding! Two people can not be alike, it is the love and understanding and good communication that makes relationships work!
    Youtube: colorsglitters

  176. cutie_pie says:

    i would have to agree with sparklingpinkgorilla; never take love too seriously or hold on too tight. i just went through a rough breakup after 1 year and 3 months, and i think it was because i was holding on too tight

  177. Kerry says:

    My philosophy is that love is a verb. You have to show people how you feel about them. It’s no good just to tell them.

  178. Diana says:

    Love everyone and dont be afraid to show it. But also remember to love yourself.

  179. Nadine says:

    My philosophy on love: Be open and accepting. Don’t judge prematurely.

  180. tabby says:

    To love is the most important thing you will ever do. Love & respect go hand in hand. Be careful who you trust to love you, but not who you choose to love. Love should be given freely, unconditionally & undeservedly. You only have to answer for yourself in the end.

  181. A says:

    Love is about two people growing into one soul.

  182. Rani says:

    Hi Karen! My Love Philosophy is “Not to over analyze and to accept love for what it is”..this is especially helpful for us ladies who tend to do it more than we like to admit. We analyze and then over analyze and then micro analyze some more until we are super confused and then have to confer with our friends so they can analyze with us.

    It’s so much better to just let love happen and accept it for what it is..It’s like stopping and smelling the won’t see what you have, if you constantly are trying to find the bad.

    That’s just my two cents!

  183. Michelle says:

    Don’t ever settle for less than a person who you love with all your heart and who loves you back with all their heart. You deserve that, so hold out for it. It will happen one day.

  184. Kerry says:

    My philosophy on love is love like you want to be loved.

  185. Holly G says:

    Always say “I love you” if you feel it!

  186. Babybubblz says:

    Love is something you need to work at and it does not conquer all, but if you find it, consider yourself blessed and lucky!

  187. Thuy says:

    My philosophy would definitely be “Learn to love yourself before you can learn how to truely love someone else.”
    .-= Thuy’s last blog post… Oil & hair – My best find of the year =-.

  188. Julia says:

    My philosophy on love is treat one another as you would want to be treated!

  189. H. says:

    my philosophy on love is that if you love each other, always communicate and trust!


  190. Julia says:

    My philosophy on love is to let them know how much you love them.

  191. Amy says:

    You can’t find love with a treasure map or a metal detector. You find love when you’re not looking for it!

  192. Kessa Thea says:

    My PHILOSOPHY on LOVE is: “Love like there is no tomorrow.” and Ò€œWhen love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up high and gaze at the stars for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal!Ò€

    I’ve followed you on twitter… πŸ˜‰
    .-= Kessa Thea’s last blog post… Beauty Swatch Giveaway =-.

  193. Heather says:

    Karen?? Does it count if I am entering @ 10:06 am Australia time on the 14th?
    My Philosophy on love is to compromise.

  194. Hyzenthlay says:

    Be sure to give love. Be happy in the giving πŸ™‚

  195. misha says:

    It’s ok to be a fool in love, just don’t be in love with a fool.

  196. Marisol says:

    Already following you… gosh I sound like a stalker… hee hee

    My philosophy on love is to let yourself go with your heart.
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… Kindle me this… =-.

  197. Sandy says:

    My philosophy on love is that it is hard to find a good man, but good to find a hard man. lol.

  198. JB says:

    Philosophy of love:

    Love yourself first. Then you could give love to everyone else.

  199. MN says:

    …love with no regrets.

  200. Alli says:

    My philosophy on love is that you should take your time and really fall in love with a person. Too many people rush through the dating in order to be “in love” and married. I like to take my time and enjoy it.
    .-= Alli’s last blog post… Pass =-.

  201. Jenna says:

    My philosophy on love is that you shouldn’t let it completely control your life. Have other interests and spend time away from each other.

  202. Crystal Stubbs says:

    I believe that love is what you make of it there is all kind of love romantic love, sisterly/brotherly love, etc…

  203. Alyssaaa(: says:

    My Philosophy On Love: Love and you will be loved.

  204. Arshia Bhalla says:

    My philosophy is belivee in miracles, and they will come true!

  205. My new favorite (came from a Benefit lipstick): When life gives you lemons, buy more lipstick.
    I love this. πŸ˜‰
    .-= Michelle (Lipstick Rules)’s last blog post… Toronto Beauty Blogger Meet-up: August 23rd? =-.

  206. Cindyrela says:

    Express your love daily–to family, friends, & the world. A smile given to a stranger is love in action.

  207. Grace says:

    My philosophy on love is from Romeo and Juliet. Love moderately!

  208. Nicole says:

    Keeping things honest!

  209. Henri says:

    My philosophy on love is that you need to take risks and be honest – even if it all goes to hell. In the end, it`ll be worth it.

  210. Brittnie says:

    You know you’re in love when the other person annoys the hell out of you, but there’s so much more to them that you love that their annoyance is insignificant.

  211. Amber says:

    My philosophy on love is to not take it for granted and share it freely!

  212. thiamere says:

    what i believe in is
    ‘love is simply trust’
    you cannot love without trusting the person…for lack of trust can destroy any kind of relationship at all..
    .-= thiamere’s last blog post… Kiss Xtreme Growth In Depth Review =-.

  213. Patrice says:

    Love is the whole point of life. Love with all your heart!

  214. kathemc says:

    My philosophy on love: Be yourself, and love them for themselves.

  215. Apple says:

    Apple’s Philosophy on Love? Never to take for granted the person you’re sharing your love with. πŸ™‚

  216. hKimm says:

    Love is like mashed potatoes.. everyone wants some, so have a lot and give it out generously. Unless you don’t like mashed potatoes.. then substitute with chocolate. (every *sane* person loves chocolate. :D)

  217. Danielle L says:

    My philosophy on love is to Love freely and fully and do not be afraid of getting hurt! You have to put yourself out there in order to find the love that will sustain you!

  218. Danielle L says:


  219. Stacy Z says:

    My philosophy on love is to follow your heart. πŸ™‚

    (Also, I’m a follower on twitter! My sn is thelostlolli.)

  220. Ann says:

    to be really honest I haven’t tried anything philosophy but I’m dying to!!!

  221. Nikki says:

    My philosophy on love is to never lose your head, even when it seems like you should. I’m not saying you should let the head RULE but logic should never leave the premise.

  222. Ginger says:

    I believe that love is bountiful and that a person can fall in love more than once. I believe to truly love someone, you accept them and be there for them. Love forgives, encourages, and supports. Love can be a simple hug, a smile, or a cup of coffee given to you by someone who cares. Love doesn’t have limits…it should be given unconditionally and received whole heartedly.

  223. Tiffany says:

    Love is not like and the difference does show

  224. Nazia says:

    My philosophy.. love is unconditional.

  225. Sondra says:

    My philosophy on love is to just love all you can. Appreciate every delicious moment!

  226. Cindy says:

    Love is everything, you just have to find it…

  227. diana says:

    My philosophy on love is consider and be thankful for the sum of the love in your life. I see people who feel starved for romantic love and talk about how they wished they had love in their life. There is so much love to cherish from close friends, family, acquaintances, and pets. Love is really all around when we look for it. It’s beautiful and accessible.

  228. Lydia says:

    when you love a lot, you get a lot!

  229. Michelle says:

    I would love to win!!! My philosophy on love is to never hide it, even if you feel like the person doesn’t deserve it!!!

  230. Laura says:

    Love is an action word. Show it!

  231. dag888888 says:

    Love is patient!

  232. Claudia says:

    My philosophy on love is love will find you, you don’t need to go looking for it.

  233. My philosophy on love: love is worth fighting for…

  234. Lillian says:

    Be open and communicate!

  235. AAJ83 says:

    Love is when you give what you want to the other person! πŸ™‚

    twitter follower: aaj83

  236. Ellen says:

    Find your very best friend.
    .-= Ellen’s last blog post… Free food on Sunday 7/12 =-.

  237. knit_tgz says:

    My philosophy in love: it’s better to have loved and losed than to never have loved.

  238. Vanessa S says:

    My philosophy on love is “if it doesn’t fit, don’t force it”. If it was meant to be, it will be.

  239. mary says:

    my philosophy in love , never have expectations

  240. julia says:

    my philosophy on love is to be with someone who believes in you and brings out your inner beauty. love is accepting someone despite their flaws and making one another better people.

  241. Susan West says:

    I have been married for 25 years to the love of my life and through the years my philosophy on love has changed but looking back I would have to say it is Trust and Forgiveness,the later being the MOST important,of course I also still believe most of what I did at 17,which is Love can get us through anything!

  242. geekchic says:

    love generously and have no regrets!

  243. Mildred Mayo says:

    My philosophy on love is the more you share love the better you feel and like “casting bread on the water” you may be surprised at the results.

  244. Sherry B. says:

    Love is like matter. It never dies; it merely changes form.

  245. Rachael Williams says:

    I believe that Love Conquers Everything!

  246. Shefali says:

    My philosophy on love is that if you don’t have respect, trust, and companionship to go along with it, love won’t be enough.

  247. Tamara says:

    My philosophy on love is that you should trust your heart no matter what. Logic has nothing to do with love.

  248. TaMyra says:

    My philosophy on love is you must trust that person no matter what, and you must love them no matter how far you go or they go. Never put up with anything that you don’t want to or you’ll never be happy with your significant other.
    .-= TaMyra’s last blog post… Sorry…. =-.

  249. Kylie B. says:

    My philosophy is that your girlfriends are your soulmates, and guys are just for fun.

  250. Kat says:

    My philosophy on love is to always be true to yourself. If you lie to yourself you are lying to everyone who knows you. Never change yourself for someone else because you think they will love you better! Be loved for who you are and you can find true happiness!

    Rather fortune cookie-esque…

  251. Eve says:

    My philosophy on love is to live in the moment and stop overthinking and overanalyzing things. Remember, you are dealing with another person that means they might have another way of looking at things and react differently than you do.
    .-= Eve’s last blog post… Handbag obsessedÒ€ℒs Birthday Giveaway =-.

  252. Carol Wheat says:

    Wait for the right one. You will know!

  253. Heather says:

    My philosophy on love is that you should always go for the one who loves you just a little bit more than you love them! Sounds shallow but you know what I mean!!

  254. Janelle says:

    My philosophy on love is that you must first accept and love yourself before you can expect someone else to love you.

  255. Sarah says:

    Hmm… you should always feel better when you think of the people you love? Sorry, my philosophy kind of sucks. I just can’t help thinking of people I thought I loved, but when I thought of them I didn’t exactly feel better…

    And now I’m singing the song from Moulin Rouge, damn, not a good time for a meeting…

  256. Aimee W. says:

    My philosophy on love is quite simple, actually. Love with your whole heart. Period. Falling in love is the easy part — keeping that love alive and growing is the tough part. If you have the courage to share your love with someone, don’t do it halfway — love with your WHOLE heart.

  257. Andrea says:

    Always follow your heart: don’t allow the fear of getting hurt let you hold back your feelings.

  258. kit says:

    Love is not an investment – don’t expect any returns.

  259. Lulee says:

    My philosophy on love is to go with your heart and not what those around you say. And to give love but to definitely be open to receiving it too!

  260. Liza says:

    Give love without expectations.

  261. Give as much as you wish to recive
    .-= Allya Yourish’s last blog post… More Nails! =-.

  262. Love is like a broken bone…. if you’re in it you just know.
    .-= Makeup Minute’s last blog post… First EOTD! =-.

  263. Emma says:

    My philosophy on love is that if you feel it, say it and share it…life is too short to hold back.

  264. Emma says:

    Following you on Twitter (oceangirl621).

  265. Nami says:

    You shouldn’t ask for love, you should receive love because your partner wants to give you love not because you want it from your partner.

  266. Maddie says:

    My philosophy on love is “Let yourself be loved.”

  267. Lisa says:

    My philosophy in love is a little depressing?, but important nonetheless: Don’t dish it out if you can’t take the heat. You’ll know when you’re ready.

  268. Patty says:

    There is love enough in this world for everyone, if people would just look. (Borrowed from Kurt Vonnegut.)

  269. Marissa says:

    My philosophy on love is to let love conquer all. =)

    Twitter – Marissa0687

  270. Jasmine says:

    Please enter me. My philosophy on love is that love is an action word and that if the actions don’t match the sentiment than it’s not love. By remembering this you limit your chances of loving those who don’t truly love you.

  271. L says:

    Love is when the sum is greater than its parts. You can break it down into traits — intelligence, wit, generosity, etc. — but ultimately, there’s a little something that’s unexplainable. I’m usually insatiably curious, searching for any answer to any question I deem interesting or important, but when it comes to love, there are new rules. Yes, you determine what personality attributes make you care for the person and assess the practical factors that enter in a relationship to cover compatibility on all levels (mental, emotional, practical, physical). The little extra, however, is perhaps the one mystery in life that we should simply embrace rather than attempt to decipher.

  272. Sakura says:

    Love is unconditional.

  273. christi says:

    There will always be people that love you, when or whatever you are.

  274. michele says:

    my philosophy on love… be with the people you love, love what you do. πŸ™‚ so simple!

  275. Emme says:

    I quote “Age doesn’t protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.” by Jeanne Moreau.

  276. Dominique says:

    My philosophy on love…

    Love should come easy and not feel like a lot work.It should be fun and comfortable. It should be full of smiles and laughter. πŸ™‚

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