First Impressions of the Cheap and Chic H&M Beauty Line

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h&m beauty

h&m beauty face


With tons of luxury fashion brands already in the beauty market, H&M is mixing it up with their own huge and affordable makeup line — H&M Beauty. It’s available online and in certain stores, but shopping at H&M is like a retail black hole… What did I come here looking for?? When did it get so dark outside?? The Beauty Line is no different. There are hundreds of products to look through! Luckily enough, I have an eyeshadow palette, blush, and lipstick to try out and share for you.

hm aubergine dream eyeshadow palette

H&M Aubergine Dream Eyeshadow Palette ($9.99)

hm rambling rose lipstick

H&M Cream Lipstick in Rambling Rose ($9.99)

hm golden peach blush

H&M Pressed Powder Blush in Golden Peach ($9.99)

hm aubergine dream eyeshadow palette

hm aubergine dream eyeshadow palette

I’m mostly an online shopper, which is tough for makeup, so I’ll get straight to the nitty-gritty… Prepare your carts!

I think the best product is a tie between the Cream Lipstick and the Pressed Powder Blush (both $9.99). The Cream Lipstick in Rambling Rose is gorgeoussssss. It has a sweet strawberry scent, a moisturizing texture, and a bright, opaque pink color. And it’s perfectly named.

The blush, Golden Peach, is a classic coral with gold shift, and it looks like the famous NARS Orgasm blush but without glitters. The gold shift is very prominent, too, and it takes a few layers to build up. I’m not sure why, but the packaging on this one was the most disappointing… It’s a thin plastic, and I have trouble opening it without digging my fingernail in.

Finally, I am sad to say that I was not impressed with the Eyeshadow Palette, Aubergine Dream. While it’s also only $9.99, the formula is dry and stiff, and the powders blend away too easily.

Oh, but the potential! The colors in this arrangement are to-die-for, and the bottom left eyeshadow has really unique crystal glitter that catches my eye every time. It swatched fairly well, but as you can see in my full-face wearing the collection, it’s hardly noticeable. 


People really seem to like the Single Eyeshadows ($6.99 each), but I don’t think these eyeshadows are of the same quality.

Swatch time

hm aubergine dream eyeshadow palette swatches

Swatches of the H&M Aubergine Dream Palette

hm rambling rose lipstick swatch

Swatch of H&M Rambling Rose Lipstick

hm golden peach blush swatch

Swatch of H&M Golden Peach Blush

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at H&M Beauty! Do you have anything from the line? I’d love to know what you think about it.

See you in the next,


Anna Oh

Anna is an illustrator and designer from Atlanta, GA. Her work focuses on fashion, beauty, and awesome women. A former tomboy, Anna now happily embraces all things pink, glittery, and floral scented. You can see her illustration work at and on Instagram.


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  1. Erin says:

    Too bad about the palette!
    Erin recently posted … Play! by Sephora April 2016

  2. Adia says:

    I have a few of the cream eyeshadows and one cream blush and LOVE everything that I tried.

  3. sarahc says:

    I don’t know with h&m quality, I’m skeptical. Do you think the quality is up to nyx and rimmel? How is a palette the same as lipstick for $10??

    • Anna Oh says:

      Right! I do think the single eyeshadows will be more up to par with NYX and Rimmel from what I’ve heard. But the lipsticks and blush are just as good or better 😉

  4. Jenni says:

    I really love all the cream products in the range! I have one of the lippies, a cream blush and a cream eyeshadow and they’re all really good quality for the price. Not to mention that the packaging is gorgeous! xx

  5. Aw, pity about the eyeshadow palette. But I do like the look of that lippie!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Video | The Blush Tag

  6. Kelly B. says:

    Total bummer about that palette! I nwvwr have truly high expectations for “cheap chic” lines like this, but rhat blush does seen promising!
    Kelly B. recently posted … The Big List of Places to Buy Cheap Prom Dresses

    • Anna Oh says:

      The color choices are REALLY nice and show a high-level of color direction…if only it didn’t blend away! I have also heard amazing things about the cream blushes 🙂

  7. Rachel R, says:

    I saw that purple palette and got excited. Pity about the quality. The blush looks great, though.

  8. I havent gotten round to trying anything myself as it isn’t available anywhere close to me and I don’t like shopping for makeup online.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Lacura face Hydro Multi-Intensiv Serum – Beauty on a budget

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