Scented Hairsprays Have Come a Looooong Way

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I’m not ashamed to admit that I was an ’80s hair bear. I still remember how the girls’ bathroom smelled after lunch… The air always hung heavy with Aqua Net, which was like a mix of burning Keds (worn without the laces, of course), freshly laid asphalt and kitty litter. Really, it’s a miracle we never passed out!

Hairspray scents have come a long way since those stanky chemical days. Now I bet the girls’ bathroom smells like a fancy spa. Sheesh… Kids today! 🙂

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Great Smelling Hairsprays

by Amber Katz, Daily Makeover


Let’s be real with each other: We all have Aquanet-soaked memories of 80s hairstyles.

Big, volumized hairstyles came at the price of massive flammability and a most unsexy scent.

There have been many advances in hair product technology and while they range from the surge of sulfate-free shampoos to nourishing treatments that restore health within the span of a single shower–none are so universally lauded and appreciated as the great smelling hairspray.

Here, a few of our fave olfactory delights.

Neil George Perfect Hold Hairspray

Coconut-scented, this flexible holding agent will transport you to a veritable vacay while it ensures your ‘do stays decidedly local.

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  1. I might try the Herbal Essences hairspray. I don’t use hairspray that often, and when I do I use whatever my husband has lying around. If I could have my own cheap one, for the once or twice a month I find myself needing hairspray, that would be fantastic!
    .-= Deconstruction’s last blog post… How I Wore It: The DVF Dress =-.

  2. Glosslizard says:

    Thanks the makeup & beauty angels for hairspray that doesn’t reek! I remember finding my first hairspray with a scent that I could tolerate when I was in high school… it came in a brushed silver can and I tracked that stuff from salon to salon for years!

    I’m currently using the Violet Splash (Herbal Essence) spray, and it is very pleasant! the hold isn’t the greatest, though. I’d love to try the Neil George, I love a good coconut scent as long as it isn’t too tenacious! 🙂

  3. hahaha….I was in a song and dance group and we had to have curly ringlet hair for competitions and shows……oh the memories of crunchy curls and aquanet smelling school buses. Now I don’t even own hair spray!
    .-= Kajal Couture’s last blog post… Benefit Velvet Eyeshadow Swatches and Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner Swatches – New Colors for Spring =-.

  4. NINA says:

    Since I cut my hair in January from down my back to a chin/shoulder length style, ive been so into styling products. While I find my current hair length a bit more versatile, it also means ive come to need more styling products.

    When I had super long hair, I just did a detangling cream that doubled which also served as a smoothing cream. I hardly blow dried my hair so I didnt need much more than that. But now, added to the detangling cream, I also use hair putty for my bangs (to mold them in place), hairspray (to fix my bangs in place) and a heat protectant serum (to prevent damage from blow drying/flat ironing).

    I like my current hairspray, Elnett. It holds really well but smells kinda …. “industrial”. Im for sure going to try one of those yummy smelling hairsprays, probably the Morrocanoil Luminous Hairspray. Gotta love the Argan oil!!!

    And yep, I used to have a pouf that was cemented in place using Aqua Net. My fave variant was the one in the purple can. 😀

  5. lexi says:

    Awww yes, I loved Aqua Net in the White bottle! I still love the scent of the Aussie hairspray. An older lady in my dept uses this daily and the ladies room smells of it early in the morning. Luckily it never bothers me.

    My favorite hairspray now? I like Elnett and also the Bumble versions. The Bed Head stuff actually smells good, too!

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